The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 11, 1903, Image 3

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    Elkins (! King,
Ofuveryoilc nt Hcnd and iti vicinity, nnri tire willing to meet you nil
inure tlintl half way to cl It,
We know that after trading with u once there will be no rouble
iilxmt securing your mibse(iicnt ordera,
Wc will give your
The same intention tiuri prompt .ihipmcnt that we would were you pres
ent In cron,
We will .tell you uothiuK but first-clnn goods nt a low n price as it is
possible to iniikc, iiuality being considered.
.Send us n trial order.
Yours for business,
The Winnek Drug Co.
Carries n Complete Line of Fishing Tackle, Toilet
Articles, Stationery nnd Patent Medicines.
, You Cnn't Miss
Stonewall, Monogram and Kentucky
Olympia Beer and Fine Cigars.
Graduate of University of Wisconsin
"School to Start Monday.
Patrick Rowan was elected by the
school lxarri Thursday night to
tench the Henri school the coming
year. The term is to begin next
Monday and continue nine mouths.
The pay Is 55 u month.
Directors Wiest, Cottor and Trip
Ictt attended the meeting, which
Was adjourned from Tuesday eve
ning because of the lack of n quor
um there. Five applications were
receivcri from Miss Ida Oincg, of
1'riucvillc, Miia Martha Roberts, of
Henri, Miss Kiuuia Hall, of Mon
mouth, T. J. IvriwanK of Sisters,
and I. Rowan, of Henri. It was
deemed lcst to have a man teach
the school and upon rollcnll Direc
tor Cottor and Chairman Wiest
voted for Mr. Rowan. Director
Triplett tcfraincri from voting, be
cause his sent is in contest ami, the
other members agreeing, there was
no necessity for him to act in the
matter. Thus the election Is by
the undisputed majority of the
.board nnd cannot be disturbed by
the decision of the court in the elec
tion contest, no matter what the
decision inny be.
It was voted that the term should
be uiiiO mouths from next Monday,
with one week ullowcd for vacation
nt the Christmas holidays. Any
further loss of time would be the
teacher's loss; that is, he would not
be permitted to make up at the end
of the year any time lost through
illness or otherwise within the term.
The time thus lost will be deducted
from his pay.
The reason for this nctioti was
that the nine months term would
carry the school ns late into next
year as it is wise to go, the warm
weather then coming 011 and the
children losing interest in the school
work. Any extension beyond that
time under present conditions was
regarded as a waste of time and
Mr, Rowan is a graduate of the
Btnte University of Wisconsin,
where in 1H94 he completed n full
four years course, in the literary de
partment. Hefore going to the uni
versity he was graduated from the
Heaver Dam high school, After
finishing at the university he was
principal of the Stockbridge high
school for n year and then removeri
to Texas, teaching at Mission Val
ley two years. Returning to Wis
consin he engaged in the title ab
stract business until coming to
Oregon last spring. For the past
few months he has been employed
on work of (he Pilot Huttc Devel
opment Company under Chief lin
gntecr Wiest.
As evidence of his fitness to teach
Mr. Rowan presented his certificate
of graduation from the university,
showing n high range of scholar
ship, and letters from his former
high school principal at Heaver
Dam and the professor under whom
he took Hngllslt literature. These
gentlemen commended him ns a
diligent student of excellent repu
tation, disposed to investigate to
the bottom of things nnd qualified
particularly for educational work.
His college diploma is n life certifi
cate for teaching in Wisconsin. To
what extent this will be recognized
in Oregon is not yet clear. Mr.
Rowan will go to Priueville tomor
row to get a permit from County
Superintendent Hocgli. The next
regular county examination will not
take place until February.
The proposal of Fred A. I.ucns to
do janitor work for 35 cents a day
was rejected. This matter will bo
left to rest until after the school is
in operation.
In order to nvoiri nny possibility
of tainting the official proceedings
of the board with irregularity by
reason of the contest over the elec
tion of clerk. Director Cottor moved
that J. M. Lawrence be elected
clerk to serve Until the OlcctiOn con
test shall be decided by the court,
and the motion was duly carried.
The board will meet hgain Mon
day night to ertecute the contract
with the teacher
Wcntliei' for August.
Dale Mix Mill Dale Mix Mlu
10 ,,
Mean I 8-1.7
Maximum, 95; 1 8th.
Minimum, 28; 3d.
No. partly cloudy days, 7.
No. clear days, 24,
Precipitation 0,20 inch.
Hut More ImproveineHWTA e Now In
Progress Thnninvwiucforo,
G, .Sc.i.cahtfcfipl assertion
that ,,Heu(iTsa;jleSaiwwn" doesn't
seem to squurcjvjth?the facts. To
people who cntrficjj'nothingbut Um
ber booming there has, of course,
conic u marked decline of activity.
However, Henri is not tied ton tem
porary boom, in timber or anything
else, and the subsidence or the tini
lcr laud boom by no means kills
Henri. This is 11 central point for
a vast scope of country that is rich
in other resources, ns well ns in
timber, Homesteaders are settling
011 numerous claims, desert laud
claimants arc making their proofs
and there is 11 erfectly healthy and
well-balanced industrial develop
ment in progrcsn nt Bend nnri in
the country it serves.
Thirty thousand acrci of arid
laud arc to be made amble this full
bv irrigation works now well along
toward completion. This will give
homes to a lot of people, in the
Tumcllo valley and oa the desert,
and give the town of Henri an ade
quate water supply. Two sawmills
are busy turning out building ma
terials. All the stores have a Inrgc
trade. One new general store is
under construction. The Hcnd
Mercantile Company today did the
largest business of uuy day since it
began in June.
Dr. Charles S. Edwards has de
cided to build a frame store 34x40
feet on the corner neat south of the
store of the Henri Mercantile Com
pany. It will accommodate, be
sides the drug store and the doc
tor's private offices, the Hcnd Hullc
tin uuri the office of United States
Commissioner Lawrence, also
school clerk and notary public.
The building will be heated by n
furnace in the basement. It will be
first-class in all its appointments.
Work will be begun within todays,
or as soon ns builders can be ob
tained. John Stcidl has a neat full frame
5-room cottage well along toward
completion at Lytic. It is nil one
floor, 26x26 feet. H. C. Low has
under way a box store .building
22x30 feet. II. W. Reed is also
preparing for the erection of a
dwelling house. All these build
ings nrc to be on thej Iytle street
known as Hrondway, reaching east
from the sawmill.
Miss Laura Handle has now in
course of construction a frame
building next door to the postoffice.
The structure is to be 16x30 feet.
Miss Handle expects to move into
her new quarters in about two
Richard King has taken n lease
of John Sisemorc's Farewell ncud
Hotel for 15 months. Siscmore is
making n uumlicr of improvements
in the building in order better to fit
it for the accommodation of guests.
Mr. King took possession Wednes
day, moving up from his house
near Stuats's, which is now for rent.
The William Marshes go with the
King family.
Charles Hrock has the contract
for constructing the new store build
ing for John Siscmore and the foun
dation is already laid nnd part of
the lumber for the superstructure is
on the ground.
Naming the UaNdS
The bass drum for tlw bnnrt iir
rived on Saturday's stage, miMls
the harness nnd cyiuballt). Thtf
baud has been reorganized, with A.
H, Grant, W. H. Staats and John
Stcidl ns trustees and Harry W.
Urokcr as director and instructor.
All is sweet, seductive haimouy
in the band now ui that direction,
but the process of christening the
new organization is a hitherto un
seen stumbling block in ItM path'
way. Still init3 earliest period of
incubation, this hatching Of n name
that will at once fill nil tile require
ments caused very grave delibera
tion nt the meeting held Tuesday
night in the huildlntf familiarly re
ferred to as Slmw's Shack, located
comfortably nnd pleasantly about a
quarter of a mile northeast of the
postoffice, and even after n spirited
discussion lasting until nearly mid
night, the meeting was unable to
arrive at n conclusion.
With several years of band ex
perience weighting otfr shoulders
it is to be inferred that our advice
is worth something, and bo we
append the following list of suitable
names for the band's consideration
good-naturedly metitionilig that do
bill will be presented if one bf them
is used:
Lyric Bards of Farewell Bend.
Pilot Huttc Hand.
Ncvcrquit Hand.
Mount Jefferson Hand.
Alfalfa Muiieal Assassination.
Harmony Hrnss Hand.
Pumpkin Blossom Hand,
Central Oregon Hand.
Cmleiin Benders.
Sweet Concord Mowers.
Tripartite Cornet Hand.
The Huzzy Hummers.
Twilight Symphony Cornet Band.
Three Cities Band.
Throbbing Trillcrs.
Fair Heart 'footers.
ct cetera Silver Band.
Mrs. Ora Poindexter left this
morning for u visit to Priueville.
A. M. Drake left Thursday morn
ing for n business trip to Portland.
A. II. Grant was a visitor to
Priueville yesterday, to attend a
stockholders' meeting of the Bend
Mercantile Company.
Hon. Anne M. Lang, receiver of
the United States laud office at The
Dalles, and her sister, Miss Elisa
beth Lang, will arrive in Bend Sun
day for a vacation visit.
Charles J. Cottor, while working
on the Stcidl cottage at Lytle Tues
day, fell through nn imperfectly
covered opening in the floor and re
ceived quite painfull though not
serious injury.
A. C. Lucas left for the Quimby
place 18 miles up the river at the
Meadows, yesterdny. Booth &
Coructt had purchased the hay on
the Quimby place and Mr. Lucas
went up to measure it. The bay
is to be stored at Bend for winter
use. Mr. Lucas returned today.
Kx-State Engineer McCune, of
Colorado, an authority on irriga
tion matters, spent two days in
Bend this week. He left yesterday
to return East. While here he saw
the work done by the Pilot Butte
Development Company and ex
pressed surprise at the thoroughness
of the work nnd the prospect for
complete success.
C. A. Stanburrough had the
misfortune to run a sliver into the
second finger of bis right hand on
Saturdav last, and by Tuesday the
wound had developed into a case of
blood poisoning. Prompt me.ncal
attendance saved him the loss of a
finger nnd possibly a baud. The
sliver once removed and the wound
cleansed, a day or two sufficed to
effect a healing.
The Wiest traps caught their
third coyote this week. Monday
the children went out to see the
traps nnri found a turkey buzzard
held fast in two traps. He had
been caught by the leg in one and
in his struggles to get free had
sprung another trap with his wing.
Miss Marion Wiest ended the bird's
troubles with a gunshot. The buz
zard measured six feet from tip to
Viewers G. Springer and J. W.
Elliott arc out with County Sur
veyor C. A. Graves this week look
ing over the proposed change in the
county road where there is conflict
with the ditch line of the Pilot
Butte Development Co. They say
there will be no difficulty about
getting ct satisfactory line, now that
thep have liberty to deviate from
the stipulation to which they con
fined themselves for the previous
The firm oj King, Hunter &
Marsh has been changed by the
withdrawal of the junior member,
tileimi Marsh, who, with Richard
King, jr., has gone to the Willam
ette Valley. They have their own
horses and will work along down
the Valley nnd over to Puget sound,
thence going back to Wisconsin.
MatSh was in Bend a yenr, but the
Withdrawn! of so much government
lalul from entry made the country
UnnttractiVe to him. Mrs. Marsh
will go East lit a few months.
W. H. Vanrievcrt nnd T. S.
Hamilton were down from the for
mer's ranch nt the Meadows yester
day afternoon laying in supplies for
n sheep Cann. Mr. Hamilton is n
substantial sucepman from the An
telope coUntry and has 700 bucks
feeding nt VatideVert's. He nnri
W. H. Vatidevert were schoolboys
in the Willamette valley together
ahd together they made their first
trip into Central Oregon ncross the
Cascades. Both settled, one at the
Meadows, the other near Antelope,
and one went iuto stockraisiug, the
other into growing feed for stock.
Both have prospered.
Miss Jennie Dano attri her broth
er Mair came down from Kosland"
today with Mr. Turney, on their
way out to the railroad. They are
going to Bozcman, Mont., to spend
the winter. Mr. Turney will re
turn with supplies for the Roslaiiri
camp of the Turneys and elder
A party of timber men passed
through Bend Wednesday, with
Prince Glaze in charge. Among
them was Horace G. Mckinley, who
figured prominently in the timber
land scaudal at Eugene this sum
mer, wherein United States Com
missioner Marie Ware wns the
principal defendant. The others
were D. W. Tarpley, of Portland,
and J. 0. Story, of Hood River.
The party was bound for Klamath
Falls. The men had been exam-
Ining the timber in the Paulina
mountain country nnd were on their
way to inspect the timber district to
the southward of Bend.
Timber Ijiml, Act June j. 1A78.
V K. Land Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
September . I93.
Notice ! hereby glrcn that In com pi finer with
the prorUlotii ofthe Act of Con ere of June J,
l;A, tntittid, "An art for the aale of timber landa
in the attrt of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," extended to ill the
public land atate by Act of Auguit 4. l9,
Im Clerk
of I'rlnerlllr. count of Cruuk, tte of Oregon,
hi on June 7, line, filed In Ihd office Ma worn
atatrmcnl No 4s. for the purthaae of the n!,'
ftrcij, tp ryi, r me. w m.
And will offer proof to ahow that the laud
ought It more valuable for Ita timber or atone
thin for agricultural purjoe, and to eUlll!i
hi claim to aald land before W. A. Ilell, V. K.
Conuulujoner, at I'mterille, Oregon, on Mon
day. the 16th day of NoremteT, ijoj.
lie name oa witneawa Jainea Sharp, Champ
Hmllli, Thomat II. Ifollctt, laom Ctcck.Charlc
Smith, of lrinerille. Or.
Any and all peraon claiming adrcraely the
alioreleacrlbed land are requested to file their
claima In thla office on or before the aald 16th
day of November, 1903
linij MICHAKL T NOI.AN, XegUter. ,
City Meat Market.
J, I. WK3T, Prop.
Butter,. Eggs, Poultry,
Potatoes, Vegetables In Season..
Opposite P. B. D. Co.'a Store, BENB-
Attorney and
Will practice lo all
court in the jUU.
U. S. CoramUaioner.
raiNsviLLK ontcoff.
Land filing and pioofi at all kinda. Offlec 1
aircet leading to lourtbouae.
Notary Public, Insurance, Township
Plats for Upper Deschutes VaHey.
All kinds of wagon work done.
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Shop Opposite Sehoolhouse.
Chas. S. Edwards, M. D.
Dont forget to
drop into the
We carry only the
finest lines of
Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.