The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 07, 1903, Image 6

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    VT ) f I" S
Timber Land, Act June t, J-
ir. 8. Land Office, The Italic, Oregon,
amy u. ioaj
Nnllce l herrUy Riven that III eutuplknce with
it tm)vlmt afthe Act of Cmigrea of Jwne 1.
BJ, ciilitlnl. "Ati net for tlir aafcof timber land
In thtatiofCllfcriiU, Oregtw. Nevada, and
WhhlRUn Territory," extended to nil Ihe
imWtetumlMnteihy act of AngtMl 4, ie, the
mMwHeiMiu.ed Mrti have on Nov I. iyt,
filed in thi office their awotn MutetueMt. lo-wlt
Jie A Atelier
uf tiat Intrant l. n. Mtnurapull. enmity of
Iletinepta, Male of Mlnnetot. aworn statement
N 1447, for the mtrehe of the mcM sec , Ip i
, t ij i w m
Wnttant A Carrie
trf4 Ktfllttlt ve, tlrund Pock, cmtnlyaif Oraml
Patl, Mute of Nnrth Dakota awexm Matement
! MiS. far the purchase of the ewff ec u. t it
, r ij c, w m.
CliavfM It KohlHtun
cfflnutit fork, county of Oram! Pxfc. atatr of
.NWtB latkouv. aworu tuitntui .o , roe tne
prte of the K ec a?, tp it , r u e, w m
Vvancr M Currw
" fttumt lntk, county of tinnd Pock. lUte of
.Nana tMUOta: eworu acaiemcni .o ujo, me ine
prjmc of the w Kg ao. l it , r kl e, w in.
Ma rfKoblnwti
of Rraad Itocka, county of tirwnd IVki tbtte m
NtHth Itokoiai awotn aMtcmcat No iJI. fee the
purtVatc of the kK me i, tp it r ij e, w m.
Martha C Willi un
if (Irand Puck. cooHly of Grand Peek. Mate of
North Dakota: aworn Matement No tt$a, foe the
pretMc at the k H' iec ti tp it , r ij w m
Maltha H Luke
W Orand fork, county of lira ml Pork. Male of
Nttth Dakota: vrntti MatemrMt No 1454. for the
purchai of the netf tec ti. tp it , r ij c, w m
TtMt Ihev nut otfer umof to thoiv that the hi ltd
Maagat V More valuable for it timber or Mom
than for agricultural purpotc. aitd to eotablMi
their chlnM to mMUwI before the Hegtaer awl
Keeerecr (t The Dottc. Orefoti, on Tuexiay.
the ilh day of October, iaj
, ThcyMMWM wltacMe lfratw M Cuttle.
Staithw II UVe. W A Cnrrtc, C H RoMnwn, W II
Hmr.J H CHfliinl, llartha C WltlUm.. 1U
KaWflHW. ofOmml lOrLi. N tlaVou. Iixtte A
Areer, of MhiHeaiwtK Mlttn. JohH StekW, of
llewt, flieaan
Any ana au penmni naimiar wtretcly the
alwie ilaxiHwJ aMnt are reaaeaM to AW Ihetr
MalaH In tMt am on or before the uM tjthaay
w uiaaii, !.
Timber Laml, Act Jane J, 11.
U. S. Laml Otaee. The tiaU. Oregon.
Mat n. MM1
, Nottee ht hcretHr Rirea that la eompiautee trith
the; pjgelalom oftac Act of Coaarra of jamt J.
fiyt, CHtttled, "Aa art for the ale of Umber Uao
UJtac Mate arcambrnte. iertoa
naoamaiaei remiory, a ext
to alt the
tvtabbe kad Kate b Act of Aao 4, lN.
anrnia ! jniwh aave oa rtoe
1. ma.
filed In IM oe their on atatemetiU. to-wit
Loaia Moe
f Harvey, eoanty of Pierce. 4ale of North
kM; twh 4ateaent No 1471 for the purehaec
f the eK "-tp . r ije. w m
Laofor, eoaaty of Hettrami. tate ot Mlane
a: awoea Halcment No ur. for the purchase
f Ihe lota 1, i, j and 4 aec it, tp a a, r 14 e. w m
Robert PoralaNd
f Hemtdil. couiri) of tteltrami Hale of Mmne
Vota; Meora ttatcmeat No im. tor Ihe purcmue
f the mK ec If, tp a a, r 1 j e. w m
That taey win oOVr proof to buw thai the land
ockt la mote valaabic for iu timber or toac
than for atricMtural purvmea. and to eUUMi
theJr daiaM to aakt land before the Kccittcraad
teeeiver at The Dalle. Oregon, on I'tUay, the
rtth day of October, iooj
Taay aame m wrtnnea Loot Moe, of liar
Hy, X Dak. Kobert Poratuad, of PemWH. MIbb,
llan. Kvenon. of PfclttlM, Wk, Lowi UTlwi. of
fiend. On ThataM T LarVoa.ofLanaor. Mmn
Any and all pen on dalminc. aivenely the
abevcMleaertbed land arc rnutted to file their
rjliaata IM omee on or before the ulj iOi
tMrafoctaticr. um
NOLAN. Rrsitter.
Timber Iml. Act June J. 17.
V. S. Laad Offiec, The ItaUee, Orrsen,
May at, iom
Xeriee b hereby gteea that in complwitec vtth
the praeMaaa oflhe Act of Conaret of Jaae j.
tML eutWed. "An act for the aaleoflimber taada
in the tat of California, oreaon, Nevada, and
WathlMtoti Territory," aa eatemled to aU the
poMte land aula by Act of Aagtwt 4. ifoa, the
Wterin.HMd berooa have on Nov 1. laoa.
MtA la IM oMcc their tttora aUtemeat. to-wit
Moo Oton
of Neathtjl. oouHty of Hettrami. 4ate of Mlane
ota; worn tutemeat No 1447. for the purctMMc
of the k K. aejf aeK aad lot 1 aec , tp 17 , r
la c. w m.
. . AaBa O Hroken
of Hemldr, county of Beltrami. Mate of Mlnne
Mtat aworn Matet No itja, for Ihe iMtrchate
bftheeawKaMlwMeKMC.tpt7a, r w c.
w ra.
A"? Woen
ol llcMltlJI, county of Deitrami. itle of Mlnse
aoUi tworn autataent Mo mm, for Ihe purehe
ofthclM4,.tand7ec. tpi7, r m c. w m.
Thai they whtt ofler proof to ih that the land
oojiht I more valnabte for iu Hmber or turnc
than for KtMlturaIpunKMe, and to ettabltth
ineir cwim 10 uu una Mlore the Kevitter and
Keotteer at The ItaUea, Oregon, on Wednesday,
the 14th day of October, lyij
They name a witneae Aiifin O Kroken,
Auautt Wetden, l A imther, Moiw obon, of Ite
mktri, Minn, and MlVe IPagc, of licml, Or
Any and aU momi dalmiuic adverwly the
abo4crild laml are regoutrd to file their
claim bi thl office on or before the taid 14th day
jfOaietW, yn
jy4-J MICIIAHI, T. NOLAN. Register.
Timber Ij&d,
Act June x 1-
V. 8. Land Office, The Oatlea. Otrgoo,
...... . May 11. ion.
.. W,f.h liereiiy Ken that In comptUpcewith
the prMonorihe Act of Congre ofjunc x,
i7 eHttUed. "An act for the tale oftimUrland
',?. V. MU of Califoriifa, Oregon. Nevada, and
Washington Territory." a txtemted te all the
PhUm; hud tutra by Act of AnifuM 4, itot. ne
fonowine-iHimed (xrwui have flVed In thi omcc
their worn tatemHla, to-wit
CharlMl A U.ttlrrnunl,
of Iltod. eojjHty of Crook, Male of OrrKon: .worn
tUttnMvi .No 1144, filed Oct 11, lyw, for the ur.
clnjeuftheMjinwJtandnwfc ne arc j and
vt wf e J4, tp 17 , r 11 e. w in.
,, . CWve A WeM
ofllrml. eminty of Crook, Male of Oregon; iwern
Matement Mo ijjli, nled Oct 14. ifroe. 6r the pur
cbaac af the MX mc n, tp it a, r to r. w m.
Ilrary l Ikhneitlcr
offipooner. eounty of Wathlmrn, Mate f Wit
eoHtljj; wmu Matement No ijaj. filed Oct ,
iyw, for the pureha oflhe w$?tec j6. tp 16 a,
r 1 e, w in. r '
Af UluI ' - - &... t n
Matemeut No mj. OUd Oct i. kj. for the pur
chase oflhe ej HtH. and b tU aec n, tp 17 a,
rue, wm. !
... . Maxera LTagc
oriiand. county of Crook, Mate of Oregou: aworn
Matement Ho 144a. filed Oct, for the pur
cliaje of the wt ne, ej( nwtf and lot a and 3
ec,tpi7.roc, trm
That they will offer proof to abowthat the land
toughl it more valuaUe fur ita timber or atone
1 i" 1 ,at 'leuMnral purtioe. and to c.latlltli
.. i" """ '" . " Miore j si. uwrrncc,
I b Couimiwioiier, at Oetchutr. Oregon, on
baturday, the ut day of AuguM. km.
V?e.y,.,"me Mwltneaaea llorcnce W Drake,
,vld.R.i15c'ioh" , Wtt. Prank Clata, Prank
Weat. T O Haraliman, Kran U'l, UcorgeCleu
ilcniilng c;irim, Klcliaid King, O J r.ray,
t A btanUirrough, Lliarlea J Cotlor, Ora Poin
,Sl!r' 0, ". Jie Alexandtr, JJdward
Whitnry. John Ho., all ofliend, Oregon.
Any aud all Mraou claiming adveratly the
?m,VT,if1T'.UdJ'""1rc.rt'luck,wl file their
claluia In thla office 011 or Ufyre the ald lat day
bfAuguM. ia. '
J3I MICIIAia T. NOLAN, Reglatcr.
Tlmler I.ihI, Act June a, tS;i.
t'. 8, l,ml Offlce, The IVille, tHegon,
Mn) it, IV1
Notice l hereby Riven that In cnmplhiitee with
the imtetaktiMorthc Act of Cuiirivm r June ,t.
ijtt, enlllletl, "An net for the wleof liiiihrrlainU
In the tate of CnHDiriiU, Dteyon. Neenila, anl
Wathiiixtiin Tertlloty," a enlemleil to nil the
ti itille laml tnle ty Aet of Aunt i, ty. tlic
fbllowliiR-namnt efon have Iileil In thl office
their nottt tateMient, to-wll
Cliatknt) Klinr
of WeotoH, roiinty of I'malltla, lte ivf ()rewi
trotn Malt meiit No 147?, filrl Nor 4, . fur the
purehAe if the ncj ami lott t ami a nee v l
13 . r 10 e, w n v
t.oui V Hacte
of We4oM, eoMHt) of I'mialllla, Mute of Oregon
mvotn ta irment No iw, (lira Nov tt, im, for
the pMtchate of the !? ee 1 1, t 1 1 , r to e.w 111
That they will offer Moof to flHiwr that the Un4
MiHgkt I KHwe vnlitb(e for It timber or Motie
than for agHcttltHtMt imnxwi, nwl to mtahlUh
their clalm to mM land before the Keatater ami
Keeviverat The IXIIe, Oiegon, oh I'rWa). the
iMh oay of tklober. ioj-
They name a nltnewe C Walter, J H
Walter, Henry Maatper. Charte KlNf, of v
ton. Ot, John Hlow ami Mktiael Cimner, of The
I Mike, or.
Any awl all peton efelmlHg adrtfaely the
Wee-leHl lami ate reoweIMl to file f heir
claim In thl 11 Wee on or before the Mid tth thy
of October, ion
lr4-ts MICIIAHI. T NOtN. Re4tr.
Timber Laml, Act Jnnr 1. 1,
V S I.aml ortlee, The Itle. trefon.
May u, it-J
Notice i hereby irtven that Ih eomplianee with
the proviatoH oflhe Aft of CoHjcte of Jane
of luoe 1.
I, enMtled, Ah aet for Ihe 6 of timber I mi
In the ttalet of California. Oreaxm. Nevada, and
WahtHKHHi Territory, a ettendetl to all the
public hind tlate by Act of Anmt 4. !. Ibe
followinR-naniftl ietoo have oh Nov j, nan.
filed Ih thl oMce their iwocn idatpiueftt. to-w it
Hdwanl A IHeketi
of ML, cottnt) of SjwVane, ttate of Waihlnaton,
Morn Matement No Ul. for the Hirclae of the
K e jo, tp it, r 10 e. w m.
I'mnV. Haley
of Chattato, county of Sr.iV.ane, lale of Wnth
ImrIom: tworn atatcment No 14I5, for the pur
chase of the neK we , tp ia, r lee, w M.
Kheratan A. KeM
of Mllaa.coaatyofslBoltaac. Male of Waal
too, wont Matement No 4440, for the prte
of the netf, ee jo, Ip v r 10 e, vr m
of Chattaroy. eouHly of Spokane, Mate of Va
luetoa. awota Mainn rat No lit, for the nor.
doweof tbeteK ee j. Ip h) , r m , w m.
Artamr Oeaham
of iji Colhrae are, Ppokanc. camaty of SpoktBe,
tale of WaMngto. awora Matemeut Ae taat.
for the parchate of the aefcj' tec aa. Ip m , r 10 ,
w m
Paul 8 Niched
of M Paal. count) of Ramey, Mate of Mlaartata,
wora Matement No 140, for the porchote of Ih
ex ec if, tp 19 1. rue, m
Theodore Gnat act
of Chattaroy. county of ftpofcaae. Male af Watti
lagloo aworn atatement No 1470, for Ihe pur
dUMeof therK tec 17. tp i , r ta e, w m
That they wilt offer proof to tttow thai thekad
ought more valuable for It timber or Mowe
taaa for aprtcultoral patpow aad to rMablHh
their claim to Mid laud before the Recittet and
Receiver at The Italic Oregon, on Taanday,
lac 13th day of October toaj.
They name a wtlaee Theodore Rauther.
Prank Matey Charte Rum. of Chattaroy , Wa1.
Kdwaid A frtckca. of Klk Wath. Hbefmaa A
Red. of Milan. Wath Mthur Oraaam. of Spo
kane. Wah. Paul 8 Mtchot. of m I'uut, MtUN
Aay and all perotx ctaiminc advettely Ihe
aboveHcribed lami are ropteMed to file their
claim In tkt office on or before Ike aaht 13th
nay 01 tJcnmer, !.
Timber Mnd, Aet June J. itl.
17. 8. Land Office, The DaUV. Oregon,
June . tyJ
Notice I hereby given that In ctHaptiaHce with
the proeition of the Art of Congreo uf June l
tp, entitled, "An act for Ihe wtcoUimber laud
ia the Mate of California. Oregon. Nevada, and
Watltlneton Tcrriiorr. ' a exteudMl la all IW
Bblic bind Mate by Aet of AuguM 4. IBM, the
lowlng-named perHm have oh Nov 14. Mat.
nled in thai owee their aworn MatemeMla, to-wit:
Oeorge W Rare
of rjj Harvard ave.n, heattle county of King,
Mate of Washington awnrn Matemeut Nu laai.
tor inepurcJtaacof UieaM ow aec at. Ipn. r
we, w m
Ilavid Murray
of Tacoma, (care Hotel Hrouklya). county af
lierce Mate of Watttinglon, aworn Matement
No ijo. for Ihe put chaw of tb H twf ec It
and wl nw) tee ij Ip ija. r 10 e wm
That they will offer proof to afcow that the land
aought i more valuable for II limber ur Mene
thaa for agricultural puttia, and tu eMabUah
their cUirn to aaid laud before the RegtMerand
Receiver at The Imlle. Oregon, on Waalneaday,
the UM day of Odober, !).
They HameaawilmiMea Oeorge W K lee, of
Seattle. Wath. tiavid Murray, of TVeoma, Wath.
I' W hmith. John Mot. Ml C A lMvtdton, of
hitr. Oregon ,
Any and all peraon claiming adverely Ihe
abwvr-decrtbei land arc rrrpmtad lu flic their
cUimt in thi office en or before the aaM it day
01 October, I'mi.
lyjl-oa MICIIAHL T
NOLAN. Regitter
Timber Imi, Ad June j. itpl.
r B Mnd Office. The Dalle. Oregon.
May 17, 194J
Notice la hartby given that In wmplMnce with
the nreviMoukorihc Ad uf Congre uf June 1,
7. entllleil. "An art fin- Ibe Mleof limber land
in the aute of California, trgon. Nevada, and
WahlMgtui Territory " a extended to ail the
public laml ttalr by Art of Aucuat 4, law, the
following-named lierson have file) In thi office
their aworu atdrmenta, to-wll
Chaite fl Helta
of The Dalle, county of U'auo, Male of Oregon;
aworn atatement No 140a. filed Nov 4,1. for the
purchase of the neK f, K nwhT and awV
nej arc jj, Ip ija, r lac, w ti .
Davkl Morri
of The Dallea, county of Wk. atatc efOraeou.
worn atatement No 14I1. Ateel Nov 4, uti, for
the purdMtc of the a) uw);, tie); nwjf and Hel
aw; arc jo, Ip ij a, r 10 e. w m.
Ilennle Johnaon
of The Dallea, county ol Watco, atatc of Oregon,
aworu itatemcnt No 141, film! Nov 4, tyaa, for
thcurehaeofthcw); avcu, Ip is a, r is e.
1'rnlerick A llrtta
of The Dallea, county of Watou, tlate nf Oregon;
auorn atatement No iftj. filed Nov 4. km, for
the purchate of the alt mwli. w.c uiiui ,wi
wf m jj. tp IS a, r 10 e, w m
William I. WrIU
of Independence, county of I'ulk, alate of Ore
gon aworn aiaiciuctil No 144, filed Nov 7, ion,
for the purchaee oflhe wK aef. ii w!f and
awjf ne! aec J4, tp 19 a, r 10 e, vr in.
I'lillllp I' Mont
of Wretilliam, county ofWaaco, tlate of Oregon (
aworn atatement No 1487, filed Nov , (, for
the purchate of the iiwK eec 4,tp i6a,rioc,wm
That they wilt offer proof to ahow thattliclaud
aought la more valuable for Ita tlmtwr or atone
than for agricultural purpotca, and to rttabllah
their ctaliiia to aaid land Ufute the Regitter aud
Receiver at The Dallea, Oregon, on Monday, the
They name a wltncuee Ilennle Johntoii,
Frederick A llettt, David Morria, Nathan llubba,
Clurlca II Helta, Wlllia M Huhha, William II
llubba, lien 8 Johntoii. of The Dalle. On Anio
llrailahaw, I'rcd C Whltteii. Allrt h Kholea, of
I'ottUiul, Or, Coiiiiuodorc V Wclla, of Indepen
dence, Or
.Any and all pcraona claiming adveraely the
abovcdracrihed luudar rr,itirtlH f. Itl il,lp
dahlia in thi office ou or before the aaid loth day
of October, lyot.
Tlmliet Itttihl, Act June s, iW
U. H, UqiiiI Om-e, The tMUe. treKn,
Miiy it, lyxj
Notice I ItrteUy Rlean that Ih ctTllHee with
the )nuvrhHHi of tlie ai of Conateji f June i,
i7t. entllleil, "All Ml for the Mhr of timber htiHl
lu the ulale of CallHitnla, ir-iun. Nevaila. Hint
Wellington Tertltmj , n, rxtenaoil to nil the
imUllc html ulnte Ity Act of AHutKt 4, '.
NIU JpIih haller.
of Walker. emtHly of Ohm ulf of Mlniirti,
hat on Jan . ion. flUt 1,, thi4 office liU orn
Maieiiirni nu im tor the n e 01 'nr wij
nett, nntf anil un( s " 'I' M ""1
r m, mi.l nlll uller trooftit hw that the land
hHteht I mure valHabte Ar tt limber ur atone
than for nKtteiiltnml lwij"" ,IM '" eatablUh
htaclatm toMhllatalVrfoiTM H Ht t' I
Cnttimlvtoinc at 1'iltitttllr iHegon, on file
daj, the iilliilayor.naiii it
fie name at wlliwurti M l.rpnae. Loot Nel
on, John Wuhiihi, Jn4m iwkkrn. of Hewl. tt
Any ami all liervomi alaimlni adreraely Ihe
above-deMcrlbed UtMatar requested to Ale their
claim in thl ottic on or Uf-ie the Mhliilhilay
m h;hi, lynj.
Ttmbet Mini,
Ael Jane , li
t' 8
linil time, The Halle, ttreiron,
ia) if, r'i
Notice It heteby give) that In compltenor with
Ihe ptivimH of tlie AM of Congreo of June j,
t7. entllkd "Am act for the uliul tlmb.r lamf
tu the Mate of California, iirvgun. Nevada, and
Wahlngtoa TerrHofy," a nl. nord tu alt the
public laud Mate ay Art of AuguM 4 !. the
following-mimed l'rtiu hare un Od 7, hpia Hied
In thl omee their mvutn Matement. to-wll
Palriek II. Catley
oflhlltlip. county of I'riee tr of WbwotitiM.
woth Matement taja, fur the purchate of the
nwV neh;. etc nwrf and Hf nu ec 1, tp a .
r lie, w m
ltitwartl Vandetwall
of Phillip county of I'tlc. Male of WIeowtlM,
worn tatement No IJit, for Ihe pntehate of the
eH ec jf. Ip 1 a. r 14 e. w at
Thai the) wttl offer proof totfcuw that the land
tooght I more valuable for ti limber or Moue
than for agricultural pwpum, awl to rMatdMi
their cUlui tu Mid html betnrr the RegtMrr aud
Receiver at The IKilte, tHvgoa " Tdy. Ihe
th day of ae4rmber, ia)
They aame a wtlne. Jacob Raniaien.
Kit Cnuttau. IMh ttallrvan. Haa Kvritun.itoren
Larwu aud Joha Wllaaot. I- U uf Phillip. Wl
any ana an nrraoai eianaiag oaverwiy tae
abovr-drorribed Uml are rroorMed to lie lactr
dalma la thl oaV ou or before Ihe uM 15th
oay w veptemorr, iau.
Und Odfoo at UVeview, Orrgon.
Jaae to. ioai
Natter t heteby etven that the foltinetag
named aeitbrr ha Mol mtUeaaf hi lulettrtoN to
make laat proof la tupaott at hi claim, aad
that mid proof will be mode before J J Mntth.
County Clerk, at Prrmrettte. Oregon, oa Botur
day AugvM 15. laaj, via
(.KOMI. It W HOOUK. of Laa. oeegvu'
M K No a. for the DU'V JTWV NWt, nVVU
M JO, 8KK NVh. XKK IIH rc 7 Ip tl a r Iu
He name the fottowinr wllaenn to prove I
contiauotM irahleaoa upon aad eultivalkm of
aui laml. via
William Vamtrrett. C M AOra. Jam Albru.
ofLava, Ougoa, atul Iteargc T My. of Rnotoad.
Ja7 K. M K,tTTAIN, MegiMer
Mud (Male at Lakcvtrw, UrrgoH,
June it, hVj.
Notice I hereby givm tail the following
named artthrr ha nled notice af hi Intcutkm to
make final proof ha aupttart af W ctalm, amt
imi mm proot win m maoe mum J M. Ww
V K. Comnaatiur. alfeoehuia. nun.
on Saturday. AuguM Ik, ajaj, Ti.
WILLIAM II lllLLlNltlfllll,arUra,OfaaMm.
II II No ?. for the HI NKK ee ai. It ra . r
te, and hW WH tec if aad WH NU'K ec it.
tp aa . r iu e, w m
He name the fatlowtnf Mneee to peovr hi
coulinuou ieiJrnte upua and cvtltivaUcm of aaid
land, via
J ft Rogue. W I' Vamlrvwt ami Jame MUck. af
Lava, Oregon, aud John giaanote. of Iewhutca.
It M M TTAIN, RegtMrr
Timber Laud. Ag Jumr J, i7.
V 8 Land Omca,The ImIIm, Oregoai,
My7. if)
Natter a hereby given aat In compllaBce with
lb ptoviMou uflae Act at Cottgrewt of Jua 1.
lajt. enlHlrd. ' Aa art for the 1 of limber Uada
ia the Mair of California, imtooh. Nevada aad
Waabingum Territory a extruded la all the
public laud aute by Act af AuguM 4. laaa. Ihe
foMcmlHH-aamcd peiautw have m Nor 11. taoa.
filed in thU omce their wih tUtemenl. to-wit
laac N vyMliaan
of liiOramlavr n. Potlhual, asunty of Multno
mah, atele of Oregon aworn utmnt Mo Ifav
for Ihe porcMMc ofthc eh) K, li eK )
ei wH aee ja. Ip jot, r lie, w Irt
Hugh Duvle
of llemldji. county of Hrltraml, ttalr 11I Mlnne
auta, aworn Matement Nuiayt, fr Ihe (w rebate
oflhe neK ecjj. tp ita. r lie, w m.
Ikctka A Kiwi
of Hemklji. county of Hrltraml, atatc of Mlnne
eta, aworn Matement No iter, far the puicba
oflhe Hwfc; ac j.i Ip it rue, wm
That they will offer proof 10 ataaw that the land
aought i more valuable for it timber or atone
than for agricultural purpowa.aHd b twUbltMi
their ctalm 10 aaid land before Ihe KegiMer and
Receiver at The Dalle, Oregon, on WrdHewtny,
,n ,n waj v, (KIWWF 'Wl
They name a witneate John LMliuylemaii,
of Lymleii Wath Lawreae I'ottltck. Anao
Hradahaw 1' C Whitlen of Portland, Or. Jotin
Htei.ll. Ilertha A Knoa c I, Knai, Thowa
Tweet, of The Dalle. Or Hugh fujle. of He
mklji, Minn
Any ami an perou claiming advriy the
abovr4leeritid laud arc .- ta fiu ihair
ctolmainlhiiolaeetmorbeforelhc wldaitt.Uy
nnaa.J. ..
of October, imm
lyjttat uriCHAKL T
NOLAN, Ragdlar
Timber Uml, Ad June i, t.
I h Land Office, The Datlra, Oregon.
Nolkc I hereby given that In oo4mikc with
Ihe provitloiia of ibe Act of Longreu of June 1,
l7. entitled, "An act for the tale of limber lainf
iutliealateaiifVallluriiia Oregon, Ifctadg. and
Wathluittuii Terrllorv ., iB,ul.l tu aft tli
mibllc Uml hlnl. by Act of Align! 4. Ir "
iiMiuwiug-iuiuini Kruii have su Nov 17, lit,
flleil In (hi office their awuru ataleinenta, Imwlt
WmoM Rmle
of i'erley, county of Norman, atatrof Mlnuctola,
aworn afatcuicnt No MM for tlir purchaae of Hie
ne( (, n hj acj and tw M) tec JJ, Ip 9 ', r
.... . rt,r J I'elerton
ol I'erley, county of Norman alaleof Mlriticila,
aworu alateiiieut Nu iji 1, for (ic purchaae uf the
eH nwjf nnd wM ncM arc 7 Ip 19 a, r 11 c, w III
, . J"''" N Kude
of I'erley, county of Norman atatc of Mlnnraola,
aworu alateiiieut Nu ijij. for the purchaae of the
wl( nt4. aK iiw(j and iiwm awW.acc j, Ip w a.
rue. wm
That thry wilt offer proof lo ahow that the land
aought la mure valuable for Ha limber or alone
lliau for agricultural purpo, and ta catabllah
their claim tu aaid laud ucfure the Regitter ami
Rrcelterat The Dalle irr,, nu Yliuradiiv.
the ml day of October lyj
.1, name k. niuiuKi jonri nunc, itwi j
I'elerton. hliuuu Rude, of Ivrlrv. Minn. Loui
Nclauu, f.onlt Wllaou, of fiend. 60 ilaua Hvtr
eon, of Phillip, Wla
Any ami all pet ton claiming adveraely the
buvc-decriucd laud are rruueated tu flic their
claim in Hila office uu or before the aaid d day
uf October, lyttt.
Jyjl-oi MICIIAIiL T NOLANi KcglMcn
Tlinlier l.ninl, Ait June 1, lrH
V H Uml omee, The IMIle, OrttiM
. Mav it. luoi
Nolle I hereby liven tint In eotHIHlitnee with
mulotntorthr Actor lonntea
17. riitlllrtl "An net Rif tlir Mle nfllmlift
tituii In Hie Mate of California, Otvaon, Nevwla
ami Wlilngton rntilnry, ' a ettriHlril In all
the tHiltllc laml talr li) Act nf Aiigitt 4, taaa,
the nillowlng-nanieil prin have nieil In Ini
mee llielr awwit ilalrinriit. U-ll
Jnrpll It CIIITim!
of 111 Reeve ae. (Kami t'otk, ommty nfllmml
riira taie 01 :ttin iKoia twnrn aiaiemeni
Nuiri filed Nov 1 igoi for the xiulwr of Hie
net arc , tp la, r ne wm
Mow C Ihlney
of Thinapaou rnunly uf ttrand Pntk. Male of
North iMkola, wtH MateraeHl Nu KM, Atetl
Nov 1, lani, for the mivhae of the eK e at, tp
W , r i.t e, w Ml
Maiali llnugvil
f Itrokine, county of Polk, Male of Mlnurtotu:
wow Matement No u. hied Nov I, luni, Km Ihe
pttrcao of Ihe twH ec 17. tp it . t it e, w m
William II Rutr
of ttrand Purk nmntv nftlttud PotIm, Male of
Notth IMkola. aworn Matruient Nu 14M, AIM
Nov 1, iai. for the purchase oflhe hK tee at,
Ip it, t ur, w m.
That thry wilt olfrr iimof to how that the
land ought I more valuable for II llmbar or
Moue than for arrieullural put pane, and tu ra
labtih their rbtlm In ld land before Ihe Reg
iMer and Kecriwr at The Halle niegou. o
MoihI, the irth day of iKtobef, loot
Thr name a wHuaaar W , Carrie, W II
Purr. I' II Rnbluann j l(Clilfo.,l.of (iraml PorW
n pak. jonm airt.ll, Jofin ibom, Winiara Mtaala,
ofHcuAiH, mu Hfadhaw . V C Vthittea. of
rortiami, or, aarah llouaeu, of l(rklue. Mlau,
Mow C (Mlnex. of Thumptuii N Imk
.ta; aaa an iietaow ctatmiug advrrtely Ibe
)v dcKrtbcd laud are teuurMrd to iht Iheit
claim; In IhU umee oi m before the aaid irth
a of udotarr, loo)
lM-M MlClf.
Timber Laud. Acl June j. it?
V. H
Umt OWrr, The HalbKt, Otrgow,
vtay 11, ioai
Nailer I hereby given thai Ih mmpllamt with
the provtMoH uflhe A.t ufCongrva of June l
i7. eMlillcl. taadfuellKaleufllmberUieda
la tar Male uf CaiiturMut Oeegoa. Nrvmta. and
Waahlaglati Territory. ' a r tended to all Ibe
CUlk html Mate by Aet uf AuguM 4. ia, Ihe
WwiHg named perwm have on ilct 17, ioai.
Mad In IM otarr (belt awueu Malemeut. to-wit
Aadrrw J llndgr
ot Albany, nmutynl l.ina.Mat of Oregon
Matrmmt No 1 tv- for the imrelwar uf I
be H
eK ami M kx vei a, tp 17 , r iu . w
William Alfred trlmble
of Albany, county of Llau, Mat of Oergoati rwwa
alateweal No ijaa, for lac purrtuttr ol la ah
o wn uwti vc ii, ip 17 , r lar. w m
HaVard M Muetlmorr
of Ataetw, canaaty of I matllU. Matr ol Oregon,
vworu Matement No 1 i for Ihe purchaae oTIhe
H aelt ami bat 1 ami iwi Ipn r ia e. w at.
Matt ha H Moettaaurr
uf Ataram, raualynf t'malllU, Mate of ntaajaai
awtara Matraaral Nu im for lav parcllaar oTthe
H aad bat) aad 4 uri tp 11 a. r ie. w m
That taey will ogrr proof tu w that Ihe Uad
ougbt ta more valuable for II umber or atmae
laaa for agricultural paupnora, aud lu eMablbm
their ctalaaa lu aaid laml before the Mrghaler and
Receivrral The laalte. iiregoai. oa Pridar, Ibr
litbday uf aVcptemHer, in
Thry aame a wltne WtllUm A Trtmbt.
Andrew J Hodge Karl C Mraadebrrry and JOttu
Lee. uf AllttHy. orrgim. John c Tm-ker. of The
Irnttr. Oeegoa. t'rauk If Church, MalllrO Hrutl,
Mr. L Lcbarrh. Martha h Mortimore, Kdward
M Moetiaaore. of Albcua. lirrgua.
Any amt all aervoa ctatmtag adveraely lar
above drwrtbed Ian I are requeied tu tie tlartr
rtaimalH thl oaVr uu or before the td ihdur
of Heptembtr. ijbu
Jyt7-it MICIIAKL T NOLAN, Hegtetar
Timber Mud. Ad juae i. ipl.
0 8 Land OMe. TW Haltr Oregtm,
Malar I 1 KaaTM
Notare w heteby given thai In ctimptuutre with
the pruvUtoa of ike Ad uf Cnugrr of June a.
m, entitled "Aa ad for the Mil of limber
laad la Ha Male of California. Ore.oa. Nevada
aad Waehiagtou Temiuey a ealeuded tu all
bmrlng aaaaed peraunt have oa lidoorr $1
ia. men in in
1 uaatr their twom MairmeHt,
flaorae W nmrkeit
of Caa Lake, eoauty of Cao. Mat of Minnesota,
warn MateaaraH No 1411, fot the purchaae of Ibe
H neK aad bU 1 aad a ee 1, tp It . r It r, w m
Oral a Mitch
of Om lake, county uf Cao Mat of Mtaacaota,
a Mabnaeat No 144. for lb purchase of llw
aK c a, Ip it , r 11 e. w m
Jtweph II Htrawbrtdge
of Cam Lake, count v uf caa Mat uf VtlHueauta
wora Matnuent No ii). foe lb purchaae of Hat
N hwh ana miiaw 4 c i. ip it , r u e.w m
Veal C P toman
of Duetetl'a Ran. earn at v af ilardlu. Male of Kan
lucky, aworn abatement No 1417, for the puaetia
of Ibe eh) neK and lot 1 and 1 e ). Ip m a, r la
r, w m
That they will offer proof lo uwe Ihat tlteUud
aought I mote valuable for It limber ur Moue
than fur agricultural purpnaa. and lu rMablUh
their dalmt la utul Uml befot the RegtMrr and
Receiver at The Dalle, Oregon, oh aalurday,
lb aath day uf Peptemtier iui
They name aa wllne l.eorge Hlltch, Jo
eph If gtrawbetdgc. i.cuig W Heckeil, of Caa
Irfike, Minn Juhn Meidl, Thimua Tweet, Hut
nam Kobetta, of The Dalle, Oregon
Any and all trou claiming adversely the
above dntcrtbwl lamlt ale iuiad lu AU their
cialiH Ih thlt omor ou or before the mM aath day
.Mil II
TlAHl, T NOLAN. Regiler
lmt Office at The Dallne, Otrgoti,
July 17, it
NotfoaU hereby given Ihut Ih following uamrd
aetllrr baa filed notlo of hi Intention (0 make
liiwl iwoor In umtft ur Ml culm.aml that aahl
urouf will be made Wwee J. J gtuiih, aminty
mm, hi i-rmeviii, ifrogvH, uu aaiuruay, f
ttmlr 5, raoj, via
Calllc M Oatdiier, uf MMeta, Oreguu;
II l No 7ii, for the iiwtf ml, Ip ij, r 11 e,
w m
He name the foUowliig itn lu pture ih
contliiuou tcaidauee iihhi ami culllvatlou of
Mid Uml, via
Oeorge I' Cru. Watren D CytiH, uf I'rlHr
vide, ("r, William I' Krjraar, M J Will, or Sta
ler, Oregon.
Jyji-M MICIIAKL T KDUX, Itagltler
if. H. Land offtcc, Lakcvlcw, Oregon,
July li, lj
A Mfficirnt content aflktovlt having been flhai
lu tlilt office by
Harry A Mill, CihiImUiiI,
agalutt liuiuealrad entry No as)7. made March 7,
lain, for 11)7 nwlt' ami iiwjj ueU aec it, tp H , r
8 e.w 111. Iiv Mark l( llurdiuaii. cnlitrtter. In
whlcli It l ulleged that aaid Mark l Hardniun
liHt ubumluuea aaid. claim for a period uf alx
inoiitliaiir mure laat putt, and that aild alleged
abwiiLe from Hie aalil laud wa nut line to hi rill-
plnytiieiil lu lite army, navy ur marine curp uf
ine Lfiiiini niaiea u n private oiuicr, uuiter,
aeumaii ur marine during the war with tiulli, ur
during any other war lu whUh the United Htate
may be engaged, aaid tuirllt arc hereby notified
tuapirar, reiiud ami offer evidence touching
aaid allegation at 10 o'clock a 111 oiiHeptemlieraj,
1003, before O H Wurdiveil, l 8 Cuiiiiiilaaluuvr
at bllver Ukc, Lake County, Oregon, ami that
final hearing will be held at jo o'clock 11 111 un
Ketitciiiber ih, iooj, liefore the RrgUter and Re
ceiver ut Hie United Htalra l.aud Office iu Luke
view, Oregon
The aulit cuuttataiit having, In a proiicr affi
davit, filed July 1$, loot, act furlli fid which
allow that after due tllllgence, pernoual acrvlec of
thi notice can not, be made, it la hereby urdcrcd
uud directed that audi notice he given liy due and
proper publication,
jyti'M li. M. IlilATTAIN, ItegUler.
1 liiihrr Land, Art June J, thrt,
U. H l.nml Oilier, The IMIIm, Oicgnti,
Ml) 17. taj
Nllee I linvlu' iilven llml In enuTi
jiw nltll
Die innvldon ofllie Act nf Con li ley.
t M tune 1.
ija, entllleil, "An art for the al ol Hntlwr lml
In the Male of CallfiKtiUi Oregon Nevada a all
Watliliigluti feitllitfy," a ettemlrd lu all the
lmlillv laml Male liy Art or AiiauM 4, iNuii tlir
following minint wioiH have flletl III Ihl oilier
lliflt (n ataleinenta, lo wit
Kdnanl R Tracy
of tMiM)htk, rminly nf Warn, Male of Not ill
IMkola, worn Mal tnrni Nu iM, filed Nnv a,
iuui fur the pureheuf Ihr U rc le, lp,
r li r, w at
lolm Matltath
of Notlh Vaklma, county of VahlHut, Male nf
Hainnigiuni avium Mairmeni No IWI, Hint Nov
ia. ibb. Tor Hie puremvt of the alt aK and Hwb
new mn ta ami awfj mH w I, li la t, r ij e,
William talbari
tf T)ler. rwuuty uf Hlchauaad, Matr of North
1 mama, vworn Maiemeni Nu laaa. HIM
oa mr tne putemtov at tar ml, rc
i e, w m
Charte o M alley
U. tp H '
of Phillip, eouuly of Price. Mat of WlaanaM
vworn Matenirnl No ins. tied Oct 10, isae.for II
purcnae in ine art ee 1, ip , r i)r, u m
of litlltlp. county of l-ricr. data af VWcMtetni
awuTM Matement Ito i)M, (led tart w, taaa.for lb
pHtvimie uf the M'H are I, tp a r I) e, w m
tleurge A tiuavel)
of Phillip., County nf Pure, dale uf Wlmalni
aworu Matrmeul Nu ir7, Ated Od 10. taat, br
tbr purchaw uf the mhK are i). Ip aa a, r ij r,
w m
John tt Hammirn
af Phillip, cmaatv uf Price. Matr ) WtaamaMai
aworn Malcmeal Tto iaallrr Ort m, aana, bar
thepurehaar of lhkK, awtj mH and wtf
HelfMcit, Ipaua, r i e, w m
,.-.... Haaihrl mjlllvag
of I'hflllp. rouult of 1-Ttr. Mair of Wlaeaimtu.
".oen Maiemeni Nv laaa, lied ltd la,
the pureha of Ih wt e( ,- a. Ip ig , r II e
and Vat 1 and 1 tec i. tp 11 , r I), w aa.
Ttwaaaa laaarv
of Phillip, raunl) uf Prior. Mat af WiKtWtetH,
arnara Matemenl Mo ijja, itrd IM ia, taaa, fo
Ihe putrhane of Ihe wjj Me M. tp it , r m r.
w m
Thai the) w III offer prbaf ba buw Ihat tbr laml
aought la niorr valuable for ita Umber or atoaat
thaa for agrtrallaral puieaye. and lu retablaall
Ibrir claim lu aaid laad btfote Ibe lugbner aad
Receiver at Tlw Halle. Oregon, uu Tared, lb
Mb day of ikrluhrt. ipa)
Tbey aame a wlluretr John Raamuaatti
Aataua Mara. Charte O Mallev.lhomaa Ikkn.
Oeueae A anavet. liana Kvrrauu. luha Wilaaai
jr. laaawl mjllivan. Ja. Haaauara, PatrwVTl
Vurley. Hit kmileaa. uf Pbllliin. Wla liahM
jteiaraia. ot worm raaime, W'aab, Wlltum
Lealbart. uf Ty tor. N Dak Luut Velanu ami
Kdward Muyd of Brad. tie. P L Huatua. af Van
camver. Waab
Aay ami all aerama eUlmlag adrerorly lb
bovWt-rltwd laad are reaurMed I Ibeif
etaiaa la that uaVce cm ur beforr tat td adh
any aeitcaonrr 111
MK'lfAKL T. NOLAN, RfgtaHl
Timber Laad, Art Jua jk itpt.
V a. Laud Maar. Tbr Ibjltra, Oregam.
Natice a brretay gtvru taut la nmfprmacIiiU
lb pmviatuat d the Act uf coagieaa of Jun a,
art. entUled. "Aa ad for tbr aaCuf timbre Umfi
la tao Mat of California, iHegou, Nevada, aad
Waabiaglug Tetrltm-) " a rxleadad to all tbr
oublK bind Mate If Ad of AuguM 4, laaa. Ilia
folbawtaa-aamed (irramiat bate na Nov.v,ttr,j
la Ibt utVw HaHt nan ataieuwaU. Uwtl.
Natbaa C llubba
of Tbr Halkr. enuata uf W.t, Mat mTtlraaua
twota atateaaeat i (ra for the purchaw of la
H H and at w V) r gi, Ip ii , r w . w m.
WUlat M MuhtM
of TV tkaiaaa, catauly of Wjhcu. Mai af Oeeaarii
ruorn Matoawtftt Wo itaV, Br Mt purrba atlla
w7S mp,ipgnraaH,
THal they wtll aflkr prnartu ataaw that Ibe html
aouggl bt more valuaMe fhe IU limber ur Mora
laaa for agricultural patpwtr. ami la aMkh
their ctalm lu mm! ud Ufoie lite NrgtMer aad
ftrcrtve at The latllr. thrgtm, am aalarday.lhe
tytbda) uf ikrtutvr fat
Tar) aame a wll f H HMt, Hartd
Moeri. W M llubba. I red JaaNa, NatbaN 0
HaMat. all of The IMIr. Ot
Aay and all prrasa eialmiug advrrtehr liar
above dewciibed Uada ar rnanM I tbr UtaH
ctalm la INI oaV am or bagarr IV aoid iTtbaUy
MICHANI Ti WtyaVAW. Mrattler.
Timber Load, Ad Jaae a, prat.
l' H Uud IHMer. Tbr DalUa, Orrgan.
May ft. luaa.
Nataa U hereby gtvea Ihat la cumptkaaoa with
lb pcoviaiaaa of la Ad uf Cuauiea of Jaae a,
17. eatltled. "Aa act fur laemleof HmbnlaMta
hata Maleabf ralutwHM. ormaaa, NtvaaW ami
WaahlagloM Teirliiic) ," a t traded to aU llaa
KMie tarn) Matra ny Ad of AuguM 4, lag
hawtug-Haated perauaM have glad In Ibt
I. tbr
taetr won waiement. au-wii
HHrr aailpr
of The iMlbj. county uf Waam, Male of Oirgam
worn Matement No 144). filed Nor 1, laat, fot Ihr
tmraba of Ibe nc c 17, tp aaa, r IJ. w m
l.uelU Y Muipe
uf The Dallea, rouuiy uf Waaru, Male af Ottgatii
aworn Matement No 1444. filed Nov 1, lunjbf Ibe
putchaac uf the H aec 17, Ip aa , r IJ , w n
Joph H lHdi
of The Dalle, county of Waaru. Male uf tlngiMll
awutn MaUmrnt Nu iVi, filed lire M, luna.fcrlhr
purdut uflhe Hwlf c II, Ip au, r IJ, w IH.
JameaP Moor
of The Hulle. cuuul) of Waaro, Male of Otgol
awotn Matement N 119a, filed od J, low. for lb
putchureof Ihr wtf arc 11, Ip ma, r ije, w Mt
That they will offer ptuuf tothuw that the laml
aoughl Umoir taluabw for IU limber or atone
Dun for agricultural purpuara, aad tu taiablbill
their dalma to ald laad befur tbr Reamer aad
Rreairrr at The Dulba, Oregon, oh galurday,
Ihe 17th day of October, itu)
Tbev name a wilnaaa Jamoa I' Mmmw.
Thoma J Driver, LuelU P foilue. TVuHutt 1
iutMiu, iiury Hi, jonm uartn, joaapH
Lamlera.ofTh Dalle, Or, Churl A Orawra, 0?
PtlnevilU, Or. Mike UPag. of HemJ, Or,
Anv and all itetMiua daianiBH adveturlv Om
aUtHeeribinlUmiair leuurSad to fikv tbair
cUlmt In Hit ulfk uu ur befot Hut nM ltli
aay 04 ticiouer, iou
lAIII. T NOLAN, Hegitler
Tlinlier Laml, Ad June J, 17.
If 8 Mud Ulnar, The Dalle, Oregon,
jMtl J. tuu.
June . IW).
minitlliiucc w
Nfltloe I lieieli) given that in enmiilUncc wllli
the triviiuuurthe Act or congteu of June 1,
IM. eutlllwl, "An Ad for Hie aaleof tlmlwrl
111 nut MJ.I 01 caiuorniH, ui egoii. ncvatut, nmt
Wotlilnglou Teitllory," a rxtemlril lu all the
public html UUt by Acl uf Augiltt 4, taji, the
rolluwlug-iiainril pvrmnt have ou Nov is, ipte,
fileil III I Id office their auorn Malewcut, lu-wlt
ltpltul M Htencer
of Hflwnll.i'oiiiilyof I.lurtilu, aule uf Wailtlug
ton, aworn alulrmeiil No iA4, fot Hit purcliatv
uf tile ae)( ate 30 tp ij a, r 10 , w m.
It. Trail bptlirer
of iMivoll, county of Lincoln, mult' bf Woililng
Ion. awuru alatcuiciil Nit imi fbr the purtliatv
nfliiccM uw)( miiiIcMnw) ar , tp Ija, r Inc.
That thry will offer proof tu lio that Ihe Inml
auuglit It mure uluiilie for Ha tlinlier ur tlliiir
lliau for agricultural purtHMc, ami tb mlalilltlt
their rUlma luatilil land liefurc Hie Hrgltler uml
Receiver at I'he Dalle, Oreguu, uu Thuradayj
Hie aid day uf October, ivy
They name na wltutaace II I'ldil 8tlicvrt
William H Hpcuier, Dellu M Hlwiivc'r, Lillian M
Hpciicet, Rutiliacl M hpeucer, nil of ltdwall,
Any mill all pcraona clulmliig aihcracly Ihlj
abuvcdca'crluetl lamia arurMjiiaalfil la flic then
cliilmi lu thla office uu ur btturt llic aaid id dtiy
urtxiulier, tvu
Jyjt-ua Ml
ICIIAUI, T, NOLAN, Reglatcr.