The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 12, 1903, Image 3

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Elkins Sb King,
Of everyone at Demi audita vicinity, nml are willing to meet you all
more tliun half way to get it.
We know Unit after trading with.(uAOMcSpljcrc Will be no trouble
ubout'securfng your subsequent orders. flW$ ', ''
We will give your
The name attention and prompt shipment tllrft we would wore you 'prat
cut in person.
We will ficll you nothing but first'class goods at as low a price as it is
possible to make, quality being coiuidercd.
Semi at a trial order.
The Winnek Co.; Druggists
Carries 'a Complete Line of Pishing Tackle, Toilet
Articles, Stationery and Patent Alcdicines.
local Events of (lie Week.
Wulter Vamicvert rc'iorts the
trniiKportatiou business very active,
both passenger and express. The
stage is loaded to its limit Ixitli
ways and cxtnrtcums arc running
every day.
"Dad" West has taken a partner
into lus market businuss, 15. M.
Miller of Haystack, who 1ms lccn
supplying meat ami green groceries
for the market all the soring. The
firm Myle hereafter will le Wast
It is as good as settled that on
the new plat of Hand the street that
runs along the stone wall enclosing
A. M. Drake's residence will be
called Wall street. That is whore
the present road runs and where the
first row of business structures is
going up.
C. I. Winnek, the Prineville
druggist, was in Doud Monday and
Tuesday. He arranged to take
over the drug business of Charles
S. Kdwards & Co., which willhere
aftor be conducted under the name
of The Winnek Company, but Dr.
Kdwards will continue to be man
ager. Mr. Winnek has decided to
erect a store building on Wall street
at the corner of the unnamed inter
.scctiug street just wast of the store
of the Demi Mercantile Company.
The new store will be feet.
With a full stock of General Merchandise of best quality at
Lowest Prices.
Bend Mercantile Company
All Goods at Prineville Prices.
New Building, - Complete, Fresh Stock,
The Largest and Best on the Deschutes River
Full Stock of Fireworks for Fourth of July.
Bond. Opposite Pilot Butte Inn.
for business,
The Winnek Company, drug
gists, carry a fine line of prescrip
tion supplies. 'Opposite the P. D.
D. Co.'s office, Demi, Oregon.
When you arc nt Shnniko, re
member the Pioneer Saloon is the
place to get fine liquors. The best
is none too good for you, and we
disensc the very best.
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson I.. Hun
ter, who recently moved over to
Demi from Hums, this week got a
locution on the flat where the Owl's
Koosuwas situated mid ' enclosed n
cosy cottKgu which they will occupy
this summer.
A. II. Kennedy, the local Izaak
Walton, Sunday pulled in 125 fine
trout varying from 7 to 17 inches
in length. About 50 little fellows
craved to be taken in out of the wet
but the fisherman was deaf to their
apcals and threw them back into
the stream to grow nearer his size.
Wednesday moriiinir work on an
other business structure on Wa'll
street was iK'gun. "Dad" West
started a two-story building 34X.18
feet a few doors easterly from the
storeof the Dcnd Mercantile Com
pany. 1 he market of West it Co.
will occupy the lower floor and the
tinner floor will be divided into lodg
ing rooms, about a dozen of them,
which will be furnished and rented
to those who have need of such accommodations.
A. II. Kennedy ha disused of
liiSHtockof fulling tackle to the
Winnek ComKiuy, which will here
after handle the btifllness,
Kzrn Ouile and family, of Spo
kane, have established camp on the
ridge just above the Stunts hotel and
will build a cottage there.
Daniel Heislug hat commenced
the erection of a cottage for his fam
ily, on the ridge u short distance
back of ",Dad" WoSt's place,
U. Dond whiskey is to be had at
the Pioneer hnloon, Slmuiko, J, J.
Wiley, proprietor. A good grate
ful drink, refreshing, invigorating.
Melting snow in the mountains
usually brings the Deschutes to lit
very highest stage at this season of
the your, but Uic sttenm is now not
more than four inches above the
low water mark.
Refreshing rains clwred the at
modphore on Tuesday and Wednes
day afternoons, ami incidentally
laid the dust in a first-class manner.
Such a mill as Wednesday's little
shower would be worth $10,000 to
the "desert" were it under cultiva
tion. The Reception Saloon, Shaniko,
offers the most tempting induce
ments to timber loqators going into
the woods. The very best brands
of whiskies, such as Cyrus Noble,
Old Pepper, Hunter Daltimorc Rye
and other standard goods, always
to be had here. Call ut the Recep
tion. A camp of Indians from the
Warm Springs ugency, on their
way to the Klamath reservation
stopped on the river bank nearly
ipH)site the Staat hotel a few days
the past week. They rcjwrt that
110 more smallpox coses arc at the
Warm Springs agency, the disease
having been entirely stamped out
II. J. Naitor, a former Minneap
olis bunker but more recently en
gaged in mihinass in Atlanta, Geor
gia, has been spending several days
111 Dcnd and is now examining the
country farther up the Deschutes.
He express himself as very favor
ably impressed with what he has
seen and he is likely to acquire sub
stantial interests here and take an
active jwrt in the development of
this section. lie isactuated largely
by considerations of health and he
finds the climate of the Deschutes
valley just to his liking.
Most of the land segregated by
the Columbia Southern Irrigation
Company hus been disposed of to
jHiople who will occupy it when the
water tor irrigation shall be
vided, which will be the coming
fall. It is sold at ?ip an acre on
contracts that require most of the
payments after the contract for re
clamation is Approved at Washing
ton and the water is actually deliv
ered for iue on the laud. It is ex
Iected that the whole 27,000 ucras
will lie under cultivation next year.
That is but seven miles westward
from Dcnd.
The last load of machinery con
nected with the Stcidl & Ueed tur
bine arrived Tuesday night and the
Work of installing it at the mill be
gan at once. The machinery was
not materially injured by the run
away accident at the foot of Grizzly
butte. A 6-inch cast iron shaft was
broken but that hus been spliced at
the mill, Neither wasa horse killed,
as the first re'iorts brought by stage
passengers said. t ne wagon was
smashed and Driver Tweet and a
horse were somewhat bruised. The
new turbine is capable of 150 horse
power, which will be ample to run
the mill. The plant will be in full
oiwration in u week or so the first
water mill on the Deschutes.
A scheme of street names is un
der consideration for Dcnd that
shall give a definite identity to ev
ery part of the town. This scheme
contemplates one set of streets to be
named after the old settlers of the
locality; another set of streets to be
named oiler well-known trees; 111
another part of the town the streets
would be called after the names 'of
flowers. In all these arrangements
the names would be run in alpha
betical order Awbrey, Drock, Cot
tor; Ash, Dcech, Cottonwood; As
ter, Duttcrcup, Crocus. Then an
other set of streets would bear
names of the ordinals. By this ar
rangement the vurious parts of the
town would be easily fixed in mind
and the stranger would soon learn
where the various classes of streets
are. Something of this sort is like
ly to Jte decided upon for naming
the Bend streets. "
A livery arid sale stable will be
established in Dcnd in about a week
possibly two of them.
Dick 'Vamicvert drove the stage
south loday, Walter being absent
on a trip to Silver J.ake.
D. K. Steffii is a visitor to Prine
ville today, havuig proceeded thith
ei yostefday for a load of hay.
You can obtain patent medicines
and toilet articles at the drug store,
opposite the P. D. I). Co.'s office,
Dcnd. n
.A sharp thunderstorm', tha, heav
iest of the season, visited this re
gion this forenoon and gave the soil
a good drenching. . .
The first load of merchandise 'for
the Ilend Mercantile Company will
lenve Prineville next Monday.
IJarly in July the stock vill bt com
plete .
II. J. Palmer lifts been visiting in
Portland this week. Miss M. D.
Roberts is editor, foreman. 'compos
itor, pressman and office boy during
his absence.
Ovid Riley made a trip to Prilic
villc this week, returning to Dcnd
at the unheard-of hour of 2 n, 111.
on Thursday. He,-had a big load
of household goods, and to add to
our .suspicions he hasn't been seen
since his Arrival.
Dr. Taggurt, of Prineville, will
be in Dcnd next Tuesday to treat
the eyes of Mist Pauline Wiest.
Any others who h'aye eye ailments
requiring attention may consult him
while here at a material saving of
time and money.
Ovid W. D. Riley and Prank
Glass, made final .proof on their
homestead claims before Commis
sioner Lawrence this morning.
Mr. Riley has hived on his claim
more than the necessary five years
but Mr. Glass commuted his.
School Director Cottor has told
the other members of the school
board that there might be a vacan
cy in that body to fill in the course
of a few mouths, ashccontcmplates
removal to Portland to live some
time this .summer or the coming
W. II. Ilollinshcad has leased
the Sizcmore barn and will manage
the same for the next year. He
wanted to be in closer touch with
progrcssivencss and prospective ir
rigation and railroad plans and has
changed his postofiice address ac
cordingly from I.ava to "Widow
Instead of a dance hall over the
Dcnd Mercantile -Company's store,
the space will be made into a lodge
room. The entrance will be by
means of a stairway leading up at
the rear from the side street. There
will be the usual ante rooms and
possibly a stagesuitablc fordramatic
Wednesday's rain storm, which
was ralhcHight at Dend, was a tor
rent at some places on the desert
between Dend and Prineville. W.
II. Staats, who was returning from
the county scat with a load of
freight, says the road was con verted
into little poml for hundreds of feet
at a stretch. It was quite unusual
for that section.
IJarly next .week the merchan
dise stock of the Pilot Dutte Devel
opment Company will be moved" to
the new store of the Dcnd Mercan
tile Company on Wall street, which
will then be sufficiently enclosed to
begin to accommodate the trade.
Max Wurzweiler will come out
from Prineville to assist Mr. Grant
in conducting the new store.
A uuml)cr of men who were hunt
ing for timber claims west of the
Cascades, in both Oregon and
Washington, have reached Dend in
the past week and report all the de
sirable land on the coast taken.
Though the trees are npt so large
on this side of the range, the ease
with which lumbering operations
can be conducted here appeals to
' The long freight team, of J, C.
Conn, of Silver Lake, stopped in
Dend Thursday night on the way
in with a Iqad of merchandise.
Three hea'y freight wagons were
drawn by five teams eight mules
and two On either side of
each wagon a big barrel of water
was carried, six in all, as n reserve
against a dry camp in the desert.
Another team followed with a load
of provender for the freight team.
.Freighting is expensive business
this season, but the scarcity of horse
feed cannot last much longer. The
new crop will soon begin to cut a
figure. '
Chas. S. Edwards, (VI. D,
IjriND .... OREGON.
Notary Public, Insurance, Township
I'lnU for Upper Deschutes Vnllcy.
tliwn, okAVioh.
Alte-n er
Win prttlee v all
Htrtt In (he Ute.
. V. 8. Gent-iMtenr.
' Ittd filing, hih! pftmfr ef all kind. Oflicc on
Dont forget to
drop into the
We carry only the
finest lines of
Wfnes, Liquors
and Cigars.
C. E. McDowell.
Electric Lights T&nwgfronrik
All White H&p.
City Meat Market.
J. I. WIJST, Prop.
Butter, Eggs, Poultry,
Potatoes, Vegetables in Season.
Opposite. P. D. D. Co.'s Store, DEND
1 r
Steady work. Apply by
letter to C. F. Smith, fore,
man, Deschutes, Or.; or per.
sonally at the camp on the.