The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 05, 1903, Image 3

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    Elkins (8h King,
Of everyone at Hand and it.H violnlty, and arc. willing to meet you all
more than linlf way to yet It. ' '
Wc know Hint nftur trntlltijf with ti.i once there Will be no trouble
tibout rsoeurlng your Mibsequeut orderH.
We will give your
The mime attention and prompt shipment that we would were you pres
ent In itcrsou. .
Wc will sell you nothing but first'CliiM goods nt h low a price an It is
possible to make, quality being considered.
Scud us a trial order..
Yours for business,
Druggists and Pharmacists
Vine new stock of Drugs and Chemicals on hand.
Local Events of (lie- Week.
W. II. Hollinshcad, of I.nva.wns
down on Monday, making prepara
tions to prove up on his homestead.
He was accouftuiuicd by" his son,
Two men have opened negotia
tions for a livery and sale stable nt
ltcud, excctiiig to use the large
barn at the Pilot Huttc Inn for the
puri)os, but it is not yet decided
which of these men will have the
now establishment. It is prac
tically certain that one of them will
come here.
Mrs. J. M. Lawrence nud little
daughter Marlon arrived from Port
land on today's stage and will take
n hand in straightening out the new
United States commissioner. The
family will occupy the easternmost
of the row of cottages in the garden
near the bridge, three rooms being
added to the present structure.
Mr. Ili.xou, of Douglas county,
came across the Cascades to the
Deschutes valley last week. He
is acquiring n considerable area of
grazing laud in the Deschutes val
ley and will establish extensive stock
interests here. He realizes that the
ojwi range is not to be depended
on for re-establishing the livestock
industry of this region, so he will
pursue another policy and cultivate
ills own feed farms.
With a full stock of General Merchandise of best quality at
Lowest Prices.
Bend Mercantile Company
New Building, Complete, Fresh Stock,
The Largest and Best on the Deschutes River
Dcnd. Opposite Pilot Butte Inn.
Chas. S. Kdwards & Co., drug
gists, carry a fine line of prescrip
tion supplies. Opposite the P. It.
D. Co.'s office, Vend, Oregon.
When you nrc at Slinniko, re
member the Pioneer- Saloon is the
place to get fine liquors. The best
is none too good for you, ami wc
discusc the very best.
Passengers on the stage last Sat
urday, Memorial Day, say Heud
was the only town on the line to
show the national colors in houorof
the day. "Dad" West had a fine
flag flying from the oak of the
City Meat Market. He has not for
gotten his service with the 2U19 In
diana through the long years of the
civil war, part of which time was
spent in the Southern prison pens
of Audcrsonville and T.ibbey. He
knows what the old flag means.
II. It. HuiTham, who was ranch
ing several years in the Condon sec
tion of Ciilliam county, with his
family of half a dozen and catupiug
outfit, passed through Bend Tues
day imeruoou ooituu lor some in
definite joint up the river. He was
looking to see what he could sec
with the hope of finding something
that would prove congenial to his
tastes, from fancy irrigation to saw
mill business. The party made
camp on the desert between llend
and Princvllle Monday night and
had n rather uncomfortably dry
time of it.
Kev. Mr. Altar, of Prineville,
conducted religious services at the
Hclioollioiiftc last Sunday,
Miss Jackie JJrook returned home
Tuesday from n WHok'ii vltit to
Miss Maude Vnndevert nt I.avu.
You can obtain patent medicine
and toilet article) at the drug store,
opKsile the P. 1). D. Cu.'s office,
Miss JUta Hunter, of Albany,
who has lwcn visiting rotative here
for a few wooks, left Tlmmday
morning to return to liar home.
H. Ildud whiskey is to be had at
the Pioneer Saloon, Shauiko, J, J.
Wiley, proprietor. A good grate
ful drink, refreshing, invigorating.
A baud of Jean Roberts's ran
gers and three bands of mutton
sheep sient Thursday night at
Jtciul, on their way to the moun
tains to the westward.
George Sehlceht left Wednesday
lor Prineville to make jjroor on his
timber claim Thursday. Prom
there he went to Portland. He will
return in ulout a week.
The population of Dcnd has in
creased by at least 50 people in the
last two weeks. Most (If these peo
ple intend to locate here nud are at
present camping in the vicinity.
The wife and three children of
Daniel Ilcisler. of "Dad" Went &
Co., arrived Tuesday from Kalis
pell, Mont., and the family is quar
tered at George Dates' s until a dwell
ing can be built.
W. A. I.aidlaw, of the Columbia
Southern Irrigation Coinjwny, left
Monday for Portland, having been
called home on account of the ill
ness of n little daughter. He ex
jHicts to return in two weeks.
Millard Triplctl, of Prineville,
has made arrangements to open a
wagon and blacksmith shopat llend.
He has put up a new building on
the corner opposite thcschoolhousc.
Custom work will Iwgin in a few
Miss Mary Uiley is now conva
lescent. She had n two-weeks'
seigc of ccrebro-spiual meningitis,
nud was a pretty sick girl for a
time, but is now brightening the
Inn with her presence, almost the
picture of health once more.
The last of the smallpox suspects
is out of quarantine nt ' Prfncville,
both hotels there arc doing business
again and people nrc rapidly forget
ting the lntc unpleasantness. Tim
bermcit arc coming into the country
again and business in all lines is
looking up.
uotu oanks 01 tlie river were oih
Sunday lined with auglo'ns, of both
sexes. Not less than 1000 trout
were taken from their liome that
day. At this rate, in a few years
the Deschutes will have a well de
served reputation of being a cele
brated "has been" trout stream.
The Reception Saloon, Shauiko,
oilers the most tciiiptiiitr induce
ments to timber locators going into
the woods. The very best brands
of whiskies, such as Cyrus Noble,
Old Pepper, Hunter llaltimoru Rye
nud other 'standard goods, always
lo be had here. Call nt the Recep
Labor trouble broke out at the
Columbia Southern ditch Monday
morning. A number ot the men
were not satisfied with the $2 a day
paid for a mnn or $4.50 for
and team, with $4.50 a week for
board and horse feed high, ami
started a demand for higher wages
coupled with threat to strike. Col
onel Smith, the foreman, .gave the
two leaders in the agitation their
time checks immediately. There
upon four others said they would
quit if that was to be the policy,
nud they were promptly paid off.
Matters then calmed down nud the
work proceeded as before.
The district school board held a
meeting Monday afternoon and au
thorized the legal notice of the an
nual school meeting to be iostcd.
The election will be held at the
schoolhousc, beginning at 3 o'clock
Monday afternoon, June 15. A
director to succeed Mr. Awbrey and
a clerk to succeed Mr. Stella arc to
be chosen, and other business to be
transacted. The clerk was in
structed to scud out bills for the
tuition of all non-resident pupils
who have been attending the Bend
school, at the rate of ;? 1 each per
month. There are four or five such
scholars. Mr. Wiest was directed
to see that a proper contract for the
schoolhousc site should be ready
for the annual school meeting,
George Untcs is the owner of n
film gun as the result of buying a
ticket for a raffle that cost him 13
cents on Sunday. The gun cost
him more than 13 cents, however.
It was 'raffled at the Minnesota
Duffel, and that institution holds a
small mortgage on it for liquid con
solation nerved to those who didn't
get the gun.
The turbine whoa that is to sup.
ply iKiwer from tiie JJofacJititcs lor
otKiratluK the Steldl & Reed saw
mill met with an accident a few days
ago near the foot of Grir-zly butle,
six or eight miles beyond Prfne
ville. Coming down tint mountain
the freight team ran away, one
horse was lulled, the driver, John
Tweet, was hurt, the wagon
smashed to smithereens and the
outfit miscellaneously scattered
along the road for .1 quarter of a
mile. It is supposed that the tur
bine, having fallen off at the begin
ning of the trouble, escaped injury.
The incorporators of the Hend
Mercantile Company, whose ar
ticles, after being filed in the office
of the secretary of state, were filed
with the county clerk at Prineville
this week, arc Alexander Thomson,
A. II. Grant, A. M. Drake, T. M.
llaldwin. The capital stack is io,
000. Mr. Grant is to Ik manager
of the enterprise. The other offi
cers have not yet been determined
on. The building site has been se
lected one block westerly and 011
the opposite side of the street from
the Pilot- Uutte Inn, where the work
of constructing n two-story store
30x60 feet was be); tin Thursday
morning. The- store is expected to
be ready for business about the first
of July and Manager Grant says it
will sell everything at Prineville
Alfalfa fur Cows.
Is is the opinion of the most ex
perienced in the matter that the
production of alfalfa is an essential
to the successful prosecution of the
dairy interests in California. The
days of the old-fashioned mountain
dairy arc gone. The market de
mand now is for the creamery but
ter, and the product of small travel
inn dairies is no longer sought by
dealers. The output of individuals
is too uncertain as to quality, and
generally stroking, ot too low a
grade to find favor with customers
111 competition with butter bearing
the stamp of n first-class creamery.
It is the uniform excellency of the
product of well-managed creamer
ies tiiut eives them the control of
the market, along with the tendency
in all lines of production to develop
the processes and methods that arc
most economical and scientific.
There has long been a prejudice
that alfalfa imparts a peculiar aim
unpleasant flavor to butter, but this
is not well founded. It is not at all
true where alfalfa is fed in connec
tion with other foods in suitable
proportions. There is no better
butler than that made in California
from cows fed upon alfalfa, but not
exclusively uixm that plant. It is
one of the best and most nutritious
of feeds, and with a certain amount
of grain or brnu it makes n well
balanced ration. bacramento Uec
Timber Land, Act June j, !&.
U. S. I,and Office. The Dalle. Orrgeu,
May 11, 1909.
Notice U h.rebjr given that In eewJtncc Willi
the ruvUiu otitic Act uf CwigtrM of June ,
iSj, entitled. "An urt for the Mleof timber lai4
In the Hate of California, Oregon , Nevada, oih1
W'athlntton Territory,' at extended to all (lie
public laud time li) Act of Angul4, iftje,
ihirnam Kotxrta
of IouIm, county of '.avrreHcV, etule of Kentucky,
hat on Oct 7. ), filed in till olTk lit .worn
ataletucnt No uS. A the nurrthttc of the H
uwt amllou j ami 4 ace , tb 19 a, r iit.w w
and will uttVr moqf to how thai the land MMichl
ia more valuable for IW timber or toe than for
agricultural tmrjicwea, and to e.tnUWIi hh claim
to uld Und licftirc M K. Hgg. V. S. CotuHtlt
tloucr, at 1'riiicvllU, Oregon, un I'rMay, the jut
day or July, it
lie name aa witneMca O Kretl Kolxrt. John
Steldl, SI II Roberta, of llend, ilrvson, and Obu
dlah llewwHi, of Oreen l.ate, WWi.
Any and all pcron cUlwInc advrly the
abnvctlcecrtbed land arc requested to rile their
claliut iu Ihla oinc oil or before the Mid jut day
of July, luot.
tnjyjji MICIIAKI, T. NO I, AN. Keglfter.
Timber Land, Act June j, 88.
V. 8. Land omce, The Italic, Orej;oii.
May u. 191
Notlcc U hereby stveu that Iu compliance with
the irovUloua ofthe Act of CoiigreM of June.
iSrS, vulitleU, "Au act fur the Mleof timber land
In the aUtcaof California, Oregon, Ncvnda, and
Waihinutnn Territory," a cxteudnl to all the
public Und ktaloa by Act of Auguit 4, ifJ,
(Iconic Milllcan
of Iriiicillc, couut of CiooV, ntutc of Oregon,
hnapil Oct j, 19m, tiled lu tlili oftice hta oni
atateutciii no 14M, lor me purcnaae 01 111c ncu
ac) and ac' nei tv M and h nw'f ec Ji, tji
19 a, r 15 e, w 111, and will off.T proof to show tliat
the laud noutiht I more valuable for ita timber or
atone thuu fur usrlcullurul imrpoaca, and to ca
tablith lib) chilm to aald Und before v A. Dell,
V. S. CoiumlMloucr, at frintville, Orruon. on
1'riday, the 31st day of July, ismj.
lie iiamca ua wltueaea. Chailea II IXtlly, Wit
Ham A lUvi. John Hlllott, George Kitchlns. nil
of I'riueWlle, OriKon.
Any and all iieraona clalmlne advemly the
alx)c-dckcrilictliandaBrcriuctetl to fit their
claims in thU ollkc oil or before the uld .111 (lay
of July, 190J.
HU'JJi .Aiiv.ii.Aiti. t. nui,An. ncgixcr.
Chas. S. Edwards, M. D.
Notary Public, Insurance, Township
Plats for Upper D&scliutcs Valley.
Attorney awl
WHI ptactlce l alt
eetitta In the iut.
J Notary.
V. S. CawmfMener.
lm) fiHfi j ami pref of alt k!nd.
treet bawling toumrthMtc.
Office on
JJout forget to
drop into the
Wc carry only the
finest lines of
Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
C. C. AtcDowell.
Electric Lights Throughout the
All White Help.
City Meat Market.
J. I. WltST, Prop.
n ma uix iy
Butter, figgs, Poultry,
Potatoes, Vegetables In Season.
Opposite P. B. D. Co.'s Store, BEND
Steady work. Apply by
letter to C. F. Smith, fore
man, Deschutes, Or.; or per
sonally at the camp on the