The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 29, 1903, Image 3

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tOO Doses
For One Dollar
Kconomy in incdlolno niUHt bo
inooHiired by two tlilngn cost 'and
f ffwt. It cannot bo iiummircd by
ulllior nlonn. It In f;rMitufst in Hint
iiiiullijliio Unit (Iouh tlio moHt for
tlio inoiioy llntl nullunlly and nor
inantmtly ourort at tlio luimt ox
iimao. Tliat modlolno 1
Hood's Sarsaparilla
It i ."Title and unrluboa tlio blood,
ourm iilnipli'rt, cozonm and all
ornpUoim, Ural, languid fcollngrt,
lotM of nppetltu and gunonil dublllty.
"I tiitvn Itfcan IloM'a Uarinpirllla mil
feiiml It rdllltt miiI Klrlnir trrfct latliftc
(Ion. It llf nnny llmt tlrnl frallnir. civet
rmettr ml niu llm Llooil In uochI condition,"
Mim (lrriKCtiuNNi. JM ICtli Uirtol, N. XV H
Wellington, I). V.
Hoort'o ttaranpnrllla promises t
euro nnd Koupu tho promlco.
I ' ' i
Strength Needed. I
'I don't r-wt why olllrer In tlio army
liuulil Ixi required to In) strong. They
don't linvu to ilo liny lilting."
"No, but they hntu to carry so mnay ,
Cental Indeed.
Ida -Mnbid i genius.
May In what nnyT
Iiln Why, flin never throws any
tltttiic nwny. Wtion lnr black glovs
ot 1(H) old sho tot thuin up and inado
beauty apots.
For linmrhlal iron Mm trr IMao's Cum
for Ciiiiiiniiiioii. It U a itihhI cough
uiedletMe. At drmarlm. prlaa ao teim.
No Delay.
Mamma, on hearing that lior ilsler
had rei-elvtd n new little girl, wld to
Lillian, bar little daughter:
"I.llllati, auntln ha it new babr,
and now mamma la the baby'a mint,
luipa U llm boby'a uncli, nnd yon ato
Iter little toualn." I
"Weill." nal.l Lillian, "wasn't llmt i
arranged qulckl" l.lltlo (Jluonlclo.
Lr Nicotine In Plpff.
A full rlnxl cigar contains much
a two grains at nicotine; a pipeful of
tobArrM, not more, ai a rule, than to
thlrda of n gtaiu.
CITS fanneMiinr i)w pa fat ;
rile) rurni.iJ (" KH't(Jr.iNni
(m. Kma.Ua.marriitu.rfaiUdiUBli.ra.
On a Oolden Plate.
President Hootovelt recently received
an Invitation on a gold plate. It wan
not political, but Itaiktxl blm to attrnd
the mining rotiRreM In Lead, 8. I).,
imxt Hoptombor. The plato was not big
noiib to cat a dinner from, aa It
measured two and thrtwfourthi by five
Indies, but it waa largo enough to rhow
what kind of gold the Ulack llilli pro
The Difference.
"What's tho dlffeienco Iwtwecn a
tramp's protoctlvo association mid a
golf flondT"
"Wby, ono links tho tramps and the
other tramps tho links." Prlnroton
TnnOnn (let Allen' feat FflKK.
Write Allen B. Olmitisl, Ulioy, N. Y., for a
fr fmti ol Allen! iol Km. It curct ehll.
i.lallie. iwesllnir, ilnnp, iwollrn, nchlne fret.
It inVianwortlFht oe wr. A frtln
euro lor Cnrm tmt liunlnni All druitstits toll
it. ato. un't ceept ny mUtltute,
Must Nt U Telephones.
Tho telophono can no longer bo le
tally noed by German pbyslulans In
dictating proscriptions to drugRlsts,
bocauso of tho chances of fatal misun
derstandings. Gold Production.
Tlio oatlmatod production of gold in
1002 was $80,853 070 anil of si Ivor
I .i.ffi-rr.l terrlhlv ltld WBS
.. tA ... ri.
tremeiy wen tor i ycn. u
dociors said my blood was all g
turning to water. At last I tried V
AVer's asrssnaniia. nnu w euuu y
feeling all rlelitaealn." , 4 fl
Mrs. J. W. Flala, Hsdlyme, Ct. 1
No matter how lone VOU
ex H
have been ill, nor how
poorly you may be today,
Aycr 8 Sarsaparilla Is the
best medicine you can
take for purifying and en
riching the blood.
Don't doubt it, put your
whole trust In It, throw
away everything else.
II.H s fwnlt. AlUfHjUU.
Aik toot doctor what fa tblnkt of Arr'f
ftiiJrtH. Mo sfJ
SatMullr ntdmint. rollow hli ?! ad
"j.' oVira. Co., la.all.aUM.
UlSfivvr?' fLf&yttytfar -
... T. -' r '.
Vtt J . :
i UV'M' '
Paul du Challlus, whoso explorations, covering thousands of miles of
Africa, added greatly to tho world's knowledge of the dark continent and
Its Inhabitants, died recently at Kt. Petersburg, where he was milking prep
aration to start on a tour of exploration In Siberia, lie was tbo tint to
toll tho world about the gorilla. Up was U5 yearn old, was bora In New
Orleans, and had tils liomo In Now York. On bla (text expedition ho sailed
from New York to tho Kronen wttlcmeiit at tho mouth, of the (laboou Hlver.
In wrst Africa. At his own cxpvnav he traveled 8.CO0 nilloi with only natlvo
companion, and rovcrvd much previously unexplored country. After soveral
subsequent trip to Africa, l)n Chnlllu turned his attention to (northern lands.
Lapland was explored from end to rnd, and ho embodied tils experiences In
a Iwok, "Tho Land of the Midnight Hun." Itcccntly bo bad tx-cn waking a
tudy of tho Muscovite races.
Tho portrait Is from n photograph Mr. Du Chnlllu sent to Mrs, Robert
I, (llflonl. '.77 lint -kith strwt, Chicago, who had known him for n number
of years, and at whoso homo he waa n guest whenever ho citmo to Chicago.
Mrs. Clifford last night confirmed tho statement cabled from Ht. Petersburg
that Mr. Dif Challln had no living relations.
AN oDlclal death map has beou prep.irisl under the direction of tho
Census llureau. It shows that valines of death are largely a matter of
geography, and tho twenty-ono districts Into which tho country Is
divided mark tho limits of dirfvrcut regions where various diseases are
most ravaging.
Tho most sensational deaths occur In tho Pacific coast district region.
In the Ktato of Washington. This Is tho only district In which gunshot
wounds are reported as n prevalent catiso of death. Heart disease, suicide,
and aiwplexy show there tho largest number of .victims, and the record Is
held for tho greatest number of deaths from alcoholism.
Lung troubles appear to be mott numerous along the Atlantic coast from
New York to Virginia and along the Mississippi Hlver from Now Orlcnua
to tho Ohio Illver.
Typhoid fever and malaria come far dbwn on the list In mountainous ills
trlcts, but appear at tho top In North Carolina, South Carolina, Ueorgla,
Alabama. MIsslMlppt, Arkansas, and Indian Territory.
Although only threo out of every 10O dlo of old nge, there arc a few
fortunate districts where old age rivals consumption and malaria as tho
ratiso of death. Among thefto favored sjwt's aro the Catnkllls, Adirondack,
Oreen Mountains, parta of Michigan and Wisconsin, aud tho region on either
side of tho Missouri Illver.
Croup nnd whooping cough appear to be most dangerous In tho districts
which havo tho least imputation aud where, presumably, medical aid Is mont
dtlllcult to obtain. Cnucer, heart disease, and apoplexy nro tuoro to bo
expected In mountainous parts of tbo country than In tho level districts.
In eight of tho twenty-ono districts rheumatism reaps a largo harvest of
death, noticeably In tho thinly settled Slates, where the Inhabitants aro most
exposed to the audden changes of the weather.
(leuerally speaking, It appears that tho majority of deaths In the country
nro caused by climatic conditions, whllo those in the cities are caused by
social conditions. Tho farmer on tho Dakota pnilrlo, for example, needs
to guard against rheumatism, but not against malaria or heart disease.
Joke Wat on tho Whiten.
A Wichita boy serving In tlw Phil
ippine ormy writes to his mother in
iia irrontoHt lurilcniitlon over u gignu-
tlc Joko played by n. colored regiment
In tho far-away isianna. inis regi
ment Is tho Forty-ninth Infantry. They
.trr.. stationed at Slim, ono of tbo in
terior provinces. They told tho nntlves
thnt tlio colored race preiiominateu in
America; that tho whites had been but
r,u.ontlv released from slavery: thnt
tho colored people ran tho United
Btatos government; thai rrcmaont mc
vininv waa descended from a pure-
blooded African chlof; that tbo whlto
folk In America wore low uown, laxy,
.iifnrtnir trash, much Riven to stealing
chickens; that tho whlto were not por
mtttod to own property, and that tho
nogroes wouldn't associate with them
on tonus of equality at an.
ltv and by tho colored regiment was
moved elsowhoro and tho regiment to
...' l.
; '' ' '
which tho Wichita boy bolonged took.
1U placo. Tho whlto soldiers found
that they were looked upou with con
tempt and that everything told by the
colored troops had boon believed.
Kansas City Journal.
A Now Ilronlcftast Kooit.
"Do you know tho 'Autocrat of tho
Hreakfast Table,' Sir. Tiukhatnr" aak
txl a lady of hor host at a rural dluncr
"Well, really, now, I don't know," ho
replied. "We've tried so many o thorn
breakfast foods I can't keep track of
em. Maria," he called to his wife
across tho table, "havo wo over tried
tho water-cracker of tho breakfast
"Do you think that wlrelcs telegra
phy will savo tlmor" "Yes, If thoy
can Invent some sort of a messenger
boylcss davlcw for delivering tho telo
' ffff.timi
"11 W3 'JTitfl"
Tho yellow utaln eatued by romovlnR tlio plato from tho hypo too aooi
can ho romovcI by pluclujc tho negatlvo (n the following nolotlon: Atutuv
CO porta; watur. 1.600 parta; blcbromato of potaaslura, 10 parts; hydro
chloric add. 10 part. After acvcral minutes the nesatlvo turna ycllovr.
It la waihcd thorouKhly, oxpoed to auullKht for acrcrnl minutes nnd de
veloped with tho ordinary oxntato-and-lron developer. Am, Pbotog.
In n recent lecure to nmatoura Mr. Gcorgo O. Rockwood, the well-known"
Now York photographer, aald: "There Is no paper tnndo on earth that will
print with all kinds of negatives, and the converso of that proposition li
true, that no negatives can bo made that will print on all klnda of paper
with satisfactory results. This Is n preliminary statement of the fact thnt
all developing papers require especially made negatives or negatives of a
particular quality In order to get tha best results. I have been making
experlmenta with developing papers, tho results of whtch lead mo to sayr
Negatives for all developing papers should be full (not over) time, nnd
developed with the utmost caution aa not to In tho slightest degrco block'"
tho high lights; In fact, a very thin but snnppy negative Is Just the thing-required-full
of detail, but clear In snadowa. There Is no danger of carry
ing thla caution to an extreme, for this particular paper will almost print
from an ambrotype. It wilt bo noticed that tho very best results obtained
from amateur fllras or negatives aro produced on tho various developlng
papcra. It Is because tbo amateur almost universally stops short of full
oevctopraent; hence, they havo almost exnetly the quality to produce Jhe best
reaulta on this grade of paper. Negative possessing thlt peculiarity will not
make the best Impressions on V. O. V paper, but If care Is taken In making:
tho negatives for tho developing paien, It would bo a skilled expert that
would dlstlugulHh prints on such paper from the best platinum photographs."
lluIlrluhU In I'ortimu! Mot Unnjtcr
1 on, taut Ifequlro Delicate Skill.
j "Hulls In boxing gloves, toreadors
with toy spears and lady-like little
dandles In patent leather dancing
shoes gracefully waving silken scarfs."
This Is the way an Kngllshman once
described a Portuguese bull tight.
And the sketch Is fairly correct. Tho
bull nghts In the realms of King Carlos
are humanitarian contests, not more
dangerous than a ltugby football match,
but requiring almost ns much delicate
skill as a game of billiards.
The bull U never killed and rarely
wounded. Tho bull Hghtcr Is mounted
ou a good horse, which he Is careful
to keep out of the way of attacking
horns. Consequently there Is nothing
offensive in tho sport, but plenty of
excitement and amusement, aud If ho
lias tbo truo sporting spirit tho bull
must enjoy tho game as heartily aa any
Xuventlnn that Majr Vo Away with 8lo
nf I'l-txtuct In Llqnt.t Form,
Soon you may havo milk delivered to
your homo In a paper or cloth sack
or In o package with a string around
It. Tho grocer will scoop It up from
a barrel as ho does flour, meal or
sugar. A now Invention called tho
exsiccator transforms skimmed milk
Into a highly solublo powder of flour,
which can bo transported for a long
tlmo without spoiling. Tho powdor
will readily dissolve la warm water,
00 to 70 degrees O., and tho solution
tastes, Btuolls and looks Just Uko fresh
milk, Tho invention comes from Swe
den and Is tho product of tho brain of
ono Martin Eckcnberg. A largo ex
siccator will evaporate 621 gallons of
skimmed milk In ten hours and costs
about 1,200
A man who can't keep bla clothes
clean has no business wearing a heavy
51 al e III Communication with Small
Hxiirn'llturo of llrcutli.
"Speech with him," saya a recent
clover writer, "was a convenience, Uko
a spoon; bo did not use It oftcner than
was necessary." Sho was speaking of
a taciturn Kngllshman. Yankees aro
usually readier with their tongues, yet
once In n while there Is a man among;
them of this same silent kind. Such a
one was Iteuben Jenka of flcntley.
Ono day, when ho was passing tho
farmhouso of a neighbor, ho saw
smoke and sparks rolllug upward Its
considerable volume. He knocked, and
walking unhurriedly Into tbo living'
room, where tho family were gathered,
remarked, in bla usual tranquil tone:.
They were rather flutter-brained peo
ple, and aa soon as they realized that
the alarm was genuine began to rash
about, collecting both valuable and
worthless objects with Impartial haste.
Only ono of them thought to ask where
the Are was.
"Chimney," said Iteuben. "Root."
Just then tho. eldest son, a lanky lad,
mshed by, carrying an armful of use
less things. Reuben's hand shot out
nnd soheed tho boy's collar. The trash
was thrown on tho sofa. "Bucket.''
said Iteuben. Then ho vanished.
The boy got a bucket and wont upr
to the acuttle, where ho found Iteuben
already on tho rklge-iole with an ax.
Tho girls passed up water, tbo mother
continued to gather her treasures, unci
tlio father ran down tbo road to get
In n quarter of an hour bo returned
with a dozen zealous farm-hands, bear
Ing palls; but ns they reached tho
houso n grimy flguro slipped from tho
low eaves to tho porch and thenco to
the ground, nodded, wiped tho pcrspN
ration from his eyes with a scorched
sleeve nnd remarked, briefly:
A DtHonorianttnir View.
It Is unsafo to Judge by nppearances.
oven tho moot agreeable ones. Tho
bachelor who Ik Interested in the ex
perieucca of his married friends was Id
a car with a couplo with whom he was
acquainted. It was a rainy morning.
Tho young wlfu had her umbrella
well out of tho way of those who
passed up and down tho car, but n
lumbering, overgrown boy, oa hla pas
sago to the door, managed to hit It
with ono foot, fall over It, and break It
before he regained his balance.
"Oh, I'm sorry I broke It!" stam
mered tho unfortunate, with a scarlet
face. "I I'd Uko to pay "
"Never mind. I'm sure It wusn't
your fault," and tho lady smiled up nt
him without n trace of anger or crcu
Irritation on her face.
"Well, I must say your wife is nr
angel!" exclaimed tho bacholor, warm
ly. "Most women would havo with
ered that clumsy boy with a look. If
they hadn't scorched him with words."
"Sho Is an angel," said tho married'
man, as ho picked up tho pieces of tho
umbrella and smiled quizzically nt his
wife, "but sho's wanted a new um
brella for a month, and now sho knows
I'll get It for her. It's a sad world.
isn't it? full of disappointments and
Somebody Would Benefit.
"Yes," remarked tho loud-volcec
man with tho diamond stud, "I am out
of polities for good."
"Ah," murmured tho sedate little fel
low la the corner, "May I ask for
whoso good?" Philadelphia Tlccord.