The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 29, 1903, Image 2

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70K7017RriexcttAblo ssople. Captain Tom and
ctac By A. E. RICE, Portland. wwa
(Continued (rum U't week)
Grndunlly tho "nt" moderated ami
nho bocnme horselt again. The sup
posed fit was qulto Involuutnry on her
part. Whon Captain Jim snld Mac
DonnUl took tho brandy, a. sudden de
Eire to buret out laughing overpowered
hor. and her efforts to dlsgulso It,
caused tho apparent fit.
" Twna only a chill. Jim." said she
In explanation. "It cornea over me at
tlmoe. ospocinlly whon I hear that
MacDonald mentioned."
"Annlo. bo you n-mlndln' of how 1
offorcd to put up for thorn divorce
cost?" said Jim sympathetically.
"Indeed I do. Jim." replied Annlo.
ns sho wiped a laughing tear from her
eye. "Your gonoroslty la noble."
"Annie." exclaimed he. aa ho again
placed his nrm about hor waist caress
ingly, "I'd wndo through occano of
brlrastono for you."
"Whist," cautioned Annie, "some
ono Is In tho shed." Stio sprang to her
feet. A moment of sllcnco was fol
lowed by gcntlo knocks on tho kitchen
door. ...
"Who can It boT" said sho, In an un
dertone. , . ,
Captain Jim Immediately replied m
n nhiiiimi vnlco ns ho stood un, I
Tcckon It bo thct Red MacDonald.
"Go Into tho front room. No, bet
tor go In tho bedroom. Ho may ro out
tho front door, and If It Is MacDonald
and ho sees you here, ho will kill you.
"All right." said Jim. o ho moved
toward tho bedroom door, "Jest as you
say, Annlo."
"Hurry. Jim." sho urged, taking up
his hat nnd following him, "ho shall
not stay long."
Captain Jim finally fetched up tho
pistol from his pocket, turned around
to Annlo, displayed It and said. "J
bought thct for solf protection." Then
he passed into the bedroom.
Annlo flung his hat after him, and
with tho admonition, "keep quiet.
Jim." closed tho door.
The knocks again sounded gently on
the kitchen door.
"Who's there?" Inquired Annie, ns
Bhe stood In tho center of tho room.
"Can I war-rum n bit. If yo plalse?
It's very could." These words were
uttered In a rich Irish accent, by some
one In the woodshed, and It wns evi
dent to Annlo tho volco was mascu
line. After a brief silence, sho Bald, "como
Tho door slowly opened and n short
thick set, elderly man entered and
carefully closed tho door behind him
II wore a. crov mackintosh that had
seen eomo wear, with tho capo collar
turned up about his cars. A darK cloth
cop, pulled well down at tho peak, left
but a small part of his face visible.
Tho Identity of the visitor was thus
practically concealed.
They stood looking at each other In
Gradually a thrill of mlsglvlnp ran
through Annie, and sho halt turned to
ward tho bedroom, when tho stranger
p.galn spoke.
"Shuro." said ho. In a soft appealing
tone, "this do bo Christmas Ave, and
yces aro not tho daisy to turn mo
away, befure I war-rum me hands. I
do bo could with tho walk flrnlnst tho
water." Ho slowly turned down the
collar of his mackintosh, then bowed
and took off his cap.
"Why Smith." exclaimed Annlo In
glad surprise, "you almost frightened
me, why didn't you como In at tho
front door?"
"Didn't know me," said smun.
laughing. "Shure. an It's tho fur-st
tolino In twlnty years" thrusting his
cap In his coat pocket. "Do yces know
mo now, my dear? An' be tho sarao
token, will yoes Ivor fcrglt me," he
continued, as he familiarly patted her
under tho chin. "I Just tnot in stnaio
In, an tako n look at yces an' tho chll
der this avo."
"Falln well, oh." laughed he, as In
great glee, bo gently poked her on the
sldo with his flngor.
"Why 8mith. you do act queer."
Bald Annlo smiling. "I thought you
were chilled with the cold?"
"Not for yees darllnt an tho grand
chlldcr of yees father, Ood rest his
bouI, ho was the best frint I Ivor lied.
Just tho tips ave mo fingers Annie,
wero numb with (Tie load an' tho walk
furnlnat tho water, but mo heart was
war-rum for yces, an' I didn't niolnd
it at all. nt all."
"What wero you loaded with.
Smith," eald Annlo, as sho looked
tcaslngly at him.
Ho leaned forward and said In a half
whisper. "I'vo sano him."
"You havo," aho quickly replied, and
burst Into soft laughter.
Smith looked at her a moment In
sllenco, as If affronted. Then ho said
seriously, "shuro, didn't ho como Into
tho sthoro an' buy things for yces an'
tho chllders' Christmas stockln's, an'
Maya ho, "now. Smith, yces tako thlm
up and lavo thlm In tho shld, without
her knowing it It'll bo a folno cur
prise this night." said ho, "Indado It
will," said I. "God bjess yees heart, a
folno Christmas box, on' they mado it
too so thoy do, yerself and chllders.
God bless yees for It" uald I. "And
do yees molnd," said he, "do it quiet
ly, Smith. Lavo Jt In tho shld an'
como away without seeing hor." "I
will, bo mo faith, I will do thot samo,
said I, an' hero I am, an' a merry
Christmas to yces an' tho chlldcr; God
blesB yee"
WJion ho concluded, sho laughed
and eald, "Just like you, you dear old
duck. You promised him not to see
me. or let mo know, yet here you are,
nnd telling mo everything but," alio
turned and flew to the kitchen door
and opened It wldo
"lie tho llock of Cnshol. you now
undo mo. May It plnlso yo dnrllnt.
don't look Into It," snld Smith, appeal
lngly. "Ho didn't want mo to let )
know nt nil. shuro, un' I'm telllu' tho
truth, dear."
"Do let me," anld sho ccmxlngly.
"Just ono little squint, now Smith, du."
Sho lnld hor hand on his nrm, nnd
looked bowltchlngly Into his eyes.
"God loves yooi. I'm nlwnys con-
quored by women. Don't sphnko wnn
wur-rud to any wnn." He wont Into
tho shed nnd brought a large pnrcul
and laid It on tho tabic Annlo closod
tho door and stood bos I do him, her
oyos fairly dancing with pleasure.
Smith commenced to untie tho par
cel, nt tho samo tlnio Baying, "not wan
bit mano, tho best of tho kind," snld
he. "Shure," said I, "an' It'll bo flttln
n quanc."
At that moment distinct raps wore
hoard on tho front door.
"Good Father," exclaimed tho Btar
tied Annlo.
"Bo tho power nv light, it Is ho.
otherwise It's an off night for callers."
Moro rapping on tho door.
"I can't lavo yces yet, darling, 1
must sco tho maatin. I'll go Into tho
shld un' wait." Smith hastily picked
up tho parcel and disappeared with It
through tho kitchen door.
Annlo stood with n puzzled look on
hor face. 'At length sho snld, In an
abstracted manner, "Old Captain Jim
Is not so miserly after all." Sho was
Mopped from further utterance, by
more impatient raps on tho door, and
thon It opened nnd In walked Captain
Tom Webb.. After slamming tho door
shut, ho said, "Hello, Annlo! It's a
dovlllsh cold night. Thought you
wero never goln' tow lot a follor In."
"You did not glvo me time. Is this
your first Christmas call?"
"Oh, Nan wud como over, but Kitty
stepped in an' they talked an'
laughed, thorn wlmcn air always talk
In' an' laughln'," Alnt they come
Annlo smiled and replied, "not yet."
"I Just snuntorcd on ahead, tow sco
OIo Cheoscbro, 'bout thct grocer bill,
nforo I como on," snld Captain Tom.
"Ho Jest bllod over 'bout It. but I
squolched him with a promlso tew
'squar up' right smart now. On my
way up hero I thought of thct Olo Jim
Smects' pllo a-ldlln' Itself lu thot First
"No doubt, somo of us could uso a
llttlo of It to advantago," said sho.
"Annlo," ho exclaimed In a half
whisper, "you Jest hit him for dome.
You kin git It easy."
Sho stood a pace or two from him.
and looked at him In a puzzled, half
angry, half amused manner. Ho did
not give her tlmo to think much about
It cither, for ho grasped her left arm,
drew her closo to htm, and in a sub
dued volco, almost u whisper, said,
"It wud tlcklo hlra all over, tow bo able
tew say bo was your benefactor.
Shore. Annlo! Ho tolo me so. You
kin git any amount from him to
At this instant Captain Jim silently
opened the bedroom door and looked
at Captain Tom. Annlo smiled anil
said, "well, if I had a hundred Just now
I should fcol rich."
"Only a hundred. Oh, pshaw An
nlo!" exclaimed Tom, disgusted.
"Flvo hundred Annlo, shore. Nuthln'
less 'nor five hundred. An' thon you
kin help mo a lectio, eh." And undor
tho Impulso of his prospectivo good
luck ho solzod her about tho waist and
gavo her a whirl.
Captain Jim shook his fist at blm.
"Why Captain Tom, what ail.i you?"
asked Annlo astonished. At tho samo
moment Annlo'a brothor Jbo entered
tho front door and quietly tip-toed
through tho front room.
Captain Jim caught a gllmpso of
Joo, as he passed tho kltchon thresh
old and promptly withdrew his head
and sllontly closod tho bedroom door.
Captain Tom's back was turned to
Joo, and ho was so Interested with his
subject nnd being a llttlo "thick" also,
was qulto oblivious of the presence of
n third person.
"Sh'oro, Annlo," said ho, whispering
in her ear, "you kin git it an' you'll
holn ma out'n a hard fix tow."
Thinking tho party r,nlserlng to
his sister was Captain Tin Smoots,
Joo at onco proceeded to executo his
purposo. Some threo or four months
past, Captain Jim had him put ashore
near Oswego, becauso ho was short
his faro, and In anger and disgust ho
had to walk to his homo In Portland.
Now his opportunity to get even had
como. Ho had determined to put a
stop to any fooling around his sister
by that old duffer. Ho did not seo
Captain Jim when ho entered tho
room. Tho light wbh not strong and
his Impetuous naturo would not por
uilt him to wait long enough to discov
er his error.
"I'll run him out from that clovor In
no time," said ho In an undertone Ho
thon stepped noiselessly closo to tho
unsuspecting Captain Tom, seized him
firmly by tho oar, turned him nbout
and pushed him at arm's length to
ward tho front door. "I'vo got you at
last," sold Joe, "right whero I want
Captain Tom was greatly surprised
and gavo vent to his feollngs, with tho
expresslvo exclamation, "Sufforin
Joo opened tho door with his left
hand, still holding tho suffering cap
tain's car with his right, "you put foot
Insido this houso again and I'll smash
every bono In your body, and here's
a taste of It. Go!" Joe applied his
boot and Captain Tom clcarod tho
threshold with a yell. It was a slmplo
caso If mistaken Identity, common to
boon for somo yearn pant. Tholr na
tures wero similar1 nnd each entertain
ed tho most kindly sentiment for tho
othor, hut In thin Instance Cnptnln
Tom hnd no chnnco to recognize Joe,
nnd Joo did not rocognlxo Captain
Hlnmmlug the door shut, Joo return
ed to his sister, who wns convulsed
with laughter. "Aunt, you'ro quit of
him now. tlmtV cortnln," nnld ho.
"I don't think so." replied sho.
"You don't, eh?" snld Jos. "Very
well, wo'll see. Lot mo lay my hands
on him onrc moro, nnd I'll fix him."
Jdo rushed out nnd pulled tho front
door shut nfter him,
Awmo of Joo's .mistake Annlo
would havo sot matters rlplit worn It
not that Cnptnln Jim was then In her
house. She knew right woll tho cause
nf Jon's nntlnathy to him nnd there
fore discreetly let events shape their
own course. It was tho way Jon
handled nnd mistook Captain Tom
that amused her.
Captnln Jim nrnln cautiously opened
tho bedroom door, nnd seeing Annie
nlone went over lo her. He did not for
get to take his hat, which ho gripped
In his left hand.
"I wns not nfeered Annie." snld he.
"only of holn' kotchod In thot bod
room." "I know Jim. but I don't want to see
you In trouble," which was literally
truo. for her opinion of Cnntnln Jim
hnd undergone qulto n change, alneo
sho helloved that ho hnd made the
nurchnse of Chrlstinns presonts which
Smith was thon guarding In tho wood
shed. Cnntaln 31m took n chair nnd sat br-
Mdo hor.
Smith felt the cold In the woodahsd
nnd hnvtng lieromo Impatient, nocped
through tho keyholo nnd partially saw
n tall man holding Annie's head In n
suspicious position. Ho saw Cnptnln
"Oh. the vllllnn." exclaimed Smith
undor his breelh. The clrctimslnnren
wan i"o Interesting that Smith kept tiTit
eve nt the keyhole, oblivious of com
fort or temperature.
Captain Tom being of a combative
disposition, on ejectment from tho
house, nt once sought n club "No mnn
can flro mo outn't a friend's houiw."
he Inwardly exclaimed, "without n set
tlement." He propeeded around to the
woodshed nnd found n billet of wood
near tho door. With n chuckle of sat
tsfartlon he grasped It nnd tho door
being njir ho would "Jest quietly slip
In nn gtt a glimpse of his enemy
through tbo keyhole" Bo he entered
tho woodshed nnd noiselessly closed
tho door. Ho groped his way slowlv
nlong step hv step. Holding his club
In front of him. ns a sort of feolor, ho
rtmck It against tho woodpile.
The noise attracted Smith's atten
tion. Kemnvlng his eyo from tho key
hole, ho looked straight back. Into the
darkness of tho shed nnd exclaimed
under his breath, "phwnt tho dlvll Is
thct?" Cnptnln Torn, seeing tho light
suddenly flash through the keyholo,
halted In n listening nttltudo.
Smith, however, became nervous
nnd mutte'rod. "thaves," nnd grasped
the kitchen door knob,
Cnptnln Tom. In his turn, became
alarmed. Ho had seen the suddon
gleam of light on somo moving oblect
nnd then heard n cllcklns sound. (Tho
click of tho door lock.) He stop
ped bnck to tho shed door nnd took
hold of Its edgo with his loft hand and
stood In n defensive attitude. "Illow
my whistle." snld ho In n whlspor, "If
thot air rurilnn ulnt a-lnyln' fer ma in
this shed "
Leaving Smith nnd Cnptnln Tom
straining their cyos at each other
through tho darkness of tho wood
shed nnd both on tho alert, fear
ing some unforseon attack, especially
Captain Tom, who beats the utr with
his club, wo must return to Contain
Jim and Annlo.
Whon ho sat bcsldo hor, It was with
''fopninntlon to know his fato forth
with. Ho did not Ilka these Intcrrup and ho was beginning to think
thoy wero a llttlo too many for a lone
wlddor. However, it being ChrUtmas
Evo, may havo uccounted for so many
callers, though ho remembered Har
bara'n words at Nan's surprise party.
"Annie, darlln'." ho began, "It's Jest
as you bo n-sayln" now, you promise
tow bo my wlfo as soon as you kin git
a divorce from Walkor nn' you kin
have all tbo monoy you want. You kin
go tow Solum, or anywhar you hnf a
mind tow an' stay thar. an' I'll Jlno you
as soon as my contract with thot nav
igation compuny expires. Now, It bo
all n-roBtln' with you. Do you answer
In' yes or no?"
"What shall I Bay to put him off,"
slfo thought, whan, ns If by somo spir
itual nld, sho was rolloved from Imme
diately answering by several smart
raps on the front door.
Sho sprang to hor feet nnd ex
claimed, "who can It bo, now!"
Captain Jim also arobo, ovldontly a
bit frightened, for ho ugnln bogan to
fumblo In his pocket, at tho samo time
nervously saying. "It bo thct dumnod
MacDonald. I'm sartln."
Annlo turnod hor back to smother a
At that moment Captain Jim passod
her. Haying, "I'll Joat wnlt In tho shod
'till ho bo a-goln'." Ho hurrlodly open
ed tho kitchen door and aa a conse
quent foil sprawling over Smith, who
wns at that moment directing hla
most earnest attention toward tho
flhed door.
It occurred to Jim, as ho unoxpoct
edly fell over Smith, that ho was be
ing waylaid nnd ho at onco shouted,
"robbers' help."
Captain Tom wna not prepared for
anything so nnlookod for cither, and
whon Jim suddenly tumbled out over
Smith It seemed that two mon worn
aftor him. so ho also set up a shout of
"holp! murder!" and Instantly bolted
through th shed door, out Into tbo
(To t Conllnutd.)
lllg Withdrawn! Msde In Wnrner Vitllcy
Section, Southern Oregon,
Tho Interior department linn decided
upon nuotltur forest reserve for Oregon,
this tlmo In Southern l.nku county,
lu tho Wnrnur mountain country. Ily
direction ol tiorrntiiry lllUhiock, the
vacant pulilli lauds In n tract ot over
01)0,000 nerot In Lake county, and I IK
townslilpi adjoining In Northern Cali
fornia, have lieon teuiormlly with
drawn from all entry, with n view to
their examination to determine tho ad
visibility of creating n furett iwmuvu
about the town of Uikovlow, The
Oregon lamia withdrawn nrn: Town
ships ill to It Inclusive, ranges HI, 17,
ami IK; township 117, JIH mul -11, rang"
lit; townrhlp Iltl nnd .17, range 20;
tovnlilpt ,1(1 to -II Inclusive, ranges 'J I
ami ... nil south anil entt. The town
ship In which l-nkovlow l located, nnd
the townships linuiedlatolr north,
south mid wont, are not Included In
tho withdrawal.
A forott reserve In the Wnrnor Moun
tain region N recommended by the
geological survey, not enly for tho pre
servation of the Umber, hut the con
servation of tho water su inly, Ooomi
laku lies in the center ot the withdraw
nl, nml a numlicrof itream whlih
liipply It with water have their head
waters within tlist region. Moreover,
the headwaters of Hprnguu rlvur, Prows
rreok, Wnrner creek, nnd n number of
other streams would nil be protected by
a Intent reiorvu In this region.
In vlow ol the development of Irrl
gallon oiitorprlros lu l-nko (utility nnd
lu Northern California, tho crest Ion ol
this forest reserve It conldorod moid
eeeentlal. Tho lauds withdrawn nrn to
In-examined this summer, suit sinh
traMs ns are found uimultdhlii (or re
servation will ultimately be lettered to
entry, Tho remainder, beyond n ques
tion of doubt, will Imi lormaucntly re
ltcttcr Catch of Pith.
HeporU from the mouth of tho river
are to tho effect thst the rati h ot llih
Is n trlllo belter, but as the ratch dur
ing tho ' sat week or ten days has iceii
ery small, this does not inemi much.
Tho tlmo Is last approaching, however,
when big runs are to Ik exported, pro
vided, ot coirso, that the w either mid
other conditions t-irn moru fuvorshlo.
Dlrd at (Ircst Age.
Joseph Ilanhsw, who, as near as can
1)0 figurod tut, Vissnt loait 115 years
old, was found (Uad in bed at the
homo ot hi stepson, near Hldney. Ho
was probably tho oldest man In Oregon,
Ho wss a Frenchman by birth ami
served In tho French wars ot 1800-16,
under Napoleon. He drove mi ox temn
to Orcgnn In IH47, and was then a gray
haired man,
I'rutt Outlook llrlght.
Prune growers from different parts ot
Marlon and Polk counties report that
their trees are in excellent condition
and promlso an enormous crop. Tho
rains did no dnmsgo during tho blos
soming twriod. The trims are now
bearing much more fruit than could be
matured, but, of course, much of this
will drop oft, aa usual.
Flro at Ashland.
Flro which broke out nt Ashland
Inst Monday In the middle ol tho busi
ness houses on the west side of Fourth
street, between A and il, near the
Southern Pacific dopot, gained mich
ho4ilwny and burned no fiercely that al
most the entire block was destroyed,
Involving a total lots of nearly $25,000,
upon which there wns un Insurance of
Cutting Down Debt.
Tho semi-annual financial statomont
of Wasco county, computed by County
Clerk Lako, shown a reduction in ti e
Indebtedness of the county of (4 1 ,7015.3-1
within tho last six months, (waving tho
total indobtodnora at this tlmo only
$68,11)1.11, which Is tho first time for
many years that thelndeb ednoasof tho
county has boon materially below
Utnly to Dig.
Ditch diguing implements and sup
piles for tho Columbia Southern irriga
tion company, on the Turnello, havo
boen going In for several days, and act
ive operations aro expected to bo In
prog, there soon, though no news
has yet como of thu approval of tho ro-
oinmation contract at WnBshlngton.
.. .-. . .
All Are Uusy at llcilx.
Tho prosperoiis'llttlevillaxoof Helix.
in tho very heart ot tbn groat wheat
bolt of Kastorn Orogon, enjoys tho dis
tinction of not having an idlo man, n
vacant storeroom or dwelling houso
within ItH limits. Kvoryono is busy,
and all aro prosperous.
Heavy Uuyer of Timber Lands,
Doeda have been filed for record con
veying tho titlo to nearly 3,000 acres of
timber land along tho Klatakanle rlvor
to W. W. Uoman, of Forrest, Pa., mak
ing a tract of about 7,000 acres that he
has rocontly purchased in that vicinity.
Contract Hat llcrn l.rt for nn Increase el
I'lfty MnnipK.
A contract lias been miule by tho
Lucky Hoy company In tho Jlluo river
district, (or tho machinery to luoroniti
the mill nt the mines l,o o() stamps,
ami other machinery for the operation
ot the mine. The ofllrers ol the coin
Hny havo been iiegetintliiK for mivoniI
days with the Union Iron works, nl
Han I'mnelwo, mid have let n largo con
thiol for machinery.
Tlioru will Ih nil electrlo power
plant, which will bo located on the
McKeiislo river, ulx miles troiii tho
mine, from which jMiwer will Imi trmm
mittod to the mine. The innnhlnery
will bo Increnceil to 1011 atauiHi next
sensoii, which will iimko It one ol the
limit extensive plant on the (oast,
Work mi the lliimos, buildings, eta,,
(or the power plant will begin nt once.
The Improvement now projected will
Involve mi outlay ot 11)0,000.
Stripped of limber,
W. II. It. Kent nnd II. I). LaiiccII,
ul tho department ot agriculture, nre In
linker City from Washington to exam
ine the lands ami roort In regard to
tlie establishment of tint llluo mountain
inrest remrto Already they havo
made a partial examination ol a por
tion o( tho land, which Il is prntxKl
to embrace In the reserve, and they
find that n sreat deal ot the marketable
timber has Ihoii cut tilt. They will to
main In that vicinity (or sunt time.
Activity In lllur Hlvcr.
Following tho contract for extenalvo
Improvements on the Lucky Hoy mine
In the lllue river dlitrlct, the news Is
now given out that tho Huntet mine, In
the rniiin district, will begin systematic
development. A stamp mill will Im
put In to teit the richness ot the ore In
n practical manner, and work will bo
prosecuted In tbo tunnels so a to open
up the lodge In a manner to work sys
tematically. Joining Two llrsnchcs.
Again It Is reported that the long
looked for link connrcilng tbo two
lines nt tbo Houtbern Pacltld between
Springfield and Kugene will soon bo
built, nnd the report reenis to como
from a retinitis source. A surveying
party Is to bo sent by tho company at.
ones to make final location of the route
for the conndctlon, which il Is the In
tention to construct during the present
Water Supply Palls.
There Is n sborlsgo ot water at the
Oregon agricultural college. The source
ot supply Is a large well, which for
merly altnrded sulllclent water, but tho
growth of the college and tbo largely
Increased amount ot water required ren
ders tbo output ot the woll Iniulllelent
to meet the needs, l.vrry day now the
woll la pumped dry. lu sidle of tho
fset that there Is careful husbanding of
water in all the departments. Ilects Need Main.
About 30 Japanese havo arrived in
Pendleton from Portland to work in
the leet Holds of tho Oregon sugar
company, am! 120 moro nre expected
to follow soon. The beets are growing
slowly, and almost at a standstill for
want ot rain. Grain, gardons and
orchards aro also suffering.
Whsat Walla Walla, 7071o; val
toy, 74c.
Ilsrley Fsed, J20.00 per ton; brew
ing. 121.
Ftoui Ifeat trades, 3.M(S 4.30 i Bra
ham, $3.4603.65.
Millituffs Ilran, )S3 per tout mid
dlings, 27j shorts, '.'3,00; chop,
Oats -No. 1 whits, fl.1091.15j
grar, 1 1,05 per cental.
Hay -i Timothy, 20(21 clover,
$10311; cheat, $1610 per ton.
Potatoes Ikit Ilurbanks, 60a psr
sacks ordinary, 26i0o por cental,
growers' prices; Merced aweota, $04
3,60 per cental.
Poultry Ohickons, mixed, 11012o;
young, lHQHoj hens, I2e turkeys,
live, 1017c; dressod, 2O022o ducks,
$7.00(37.60 por dozen; knw, $0(30.50.
Cheese Full proem, twins, lOK
17q Y,ng Ae?S 'l7 7o fU
.i... tau..,' " ","i ,ni,v
wsj iriiLvii iimi tdui man.
Hotter Fancy creamory, 20Q22o per
iiounu; extras, sjc; dairy, L'02aSot
store, 10618c,
Uggs 10Q17c per dozen.
Hops Choice, 1820o por pound.
Woll Valley 12i16 KsntWn Ore
gon, 814j mohair, 36Q80o.
Jteef Gross, oows, "33-44o per
pound: stoers, 4J6oj dressed, 7tfo.
Veal 8QBKc.
Mutton Grose, 77o por pound t
dressed, 89o.
Lambs Gross, 4o por pound jjdressed,
Hogs Gross.
7(3)b7o psr" .Voundj
dressed ,6m4.