The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 22, 1903, Image 5

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Dry, moist, Hcnly toller, nil forma
of oczomit or suit rheum, iltiijIe
nutl other culunuoiiH ertiptloiw pro.
coed from humors, olthur Inherited,
or acquired through dufccllvo d.
(;ohUoii mid iiKaltnlliitlon.
To tront Ihunn eruptions with
drying imidlolnrn Ih dangerous.
Tlio thing to do Ih to tko
Hood's Sarsaparllla
and Pills
Which thoroughlyclomiHO tho blood,
expelling all humors and building
up tho whole HyHtein. Thoy euro
Hwxl's 8rprlll ptnnanrnllr cun-d J.
(J, Illnoi, freak, lll.,of wit-tiia. from which
lift had aiitTi-rtd for unino timet Mil Mlit
AMna Wolttr, llox III, Aliform. Wit., of pirn'
rlt on hr turn and hack ami etiafol iVIu an
bar body. by whleh tho had l.nn rrrttlr
troubled Tiirro urn inorr tontlmonUU In
favor of Hwxl't llian rati Im t-ibll)iI.
Hood's Sarsnpnrllla promises to
euro and koops tho promloo.
Sf tiultct for llucllits.
A hariulona bullet, made o( a shell of
chalk, Iiai Um Invented by a Parisian
physician, and It will no doubt be ex
toutlvidy used by French dualist.
Whan it strikes a person It merely
mark tlio ot without doing tho lonnt
Injary. Willi a maik oyer tlio far,
men can practice rerolvor sIkmMiir at
acli other Jul as they now prsctloo
Tor Infant and Children.
Tli Kind You Have Always Bought
Dears tho
of C&&$ff&2a&.
Too Curious.
"Thcro la novor nny uncertainly
whnro I stand," said tho pompous
speaker nt tho ward meeting. 'Tin a
Wlmroupon tho llttlo man with a
xqurulcy volcn half rose and putting
hl Itaud to hbi car, Inquired: "What
kind -of a wartT" Kanaaa City Jour
nal. riw'f Curti U a good couth mrdlrlne.
Itliaacurnt roiicht and colda tax iotJ
ycart. At dniKid'f i M cent.
Not Appreciated
lIJortki it certainly seem to mo
that a man llko HJackson, Who linn
worked hard all hla llfn and brought up
a family of sixteen children, desorvca
a aroat deal or credit.
HJones No doubt. Hut he nn't got
It at tho stores. Hommonruio (Maea.)
ruOf imi At wii
XMlonr. fUB.HoPKKt.ll. OniiUIIHU.rJVU.
W, D.ll.ll.Kut-U4. lrrht.rulUUlhJ.r
Hit Oot Dlttlnctloa.
What nrakes that llttlo cad of a
Tommy Tuff nut limp oT"
"Jio only does it when ho want to
how off. Ho says there's a place on
hit tag whore John I. Hulllvan kicked
him onco when ho got In lilt war "
bbbbV - Jm aaftaiBW sIbV - -saiBr-TI V LI lilt 1 atajr-l "Z
ura 1 nL! ijmm xiih i
If st tbe your system fa ont of balance, aad
there is a flaw sotnovrutre In ysmr constitution,
and a possibility that you ore losing health, too.
Tucfalllngofl In weight may benllght, but Itmakea
a wonderful chance la one's looka and f ccllnea, and
unless the building up process is begun in time,
vitality and atreugth arc soon gone and health
quickly follows. If you are losing weight there is
n ranun for iL Your blood is dcterioratinr and
a a - A . 1 ...2..l
becoming top pejor 10 vvyj .n"u'"" V'",",7 "uu," rauwJ? ,PBnBCU
and enriched before lott weight Is retained. It requires something more
than an ordinary tonic to huilJup a feeble constitution, for unless tho poisons ,
and germs that are lurking in the blood are destroyed, they will furtTcr im-
povejiflh the Uoodd rkfn the t.dyottUnue to lose weight
In B. H. 8. will be found purifying
not only builds up weak constitutions,
but searches out and destroys germs
and poisons of every description and
cleanses the system of all impurities,
thus laying the foundation for a
liealthy, steady increase in weight
and future good health.
'Food may be bountiful and the
appetite good, but still the system
weakens and wo remain poor In flesh
unless what we cat Is properly digested
and turned Into rich, pure blood.
8. 9. S. re-lnforccs the Stomach and
aids tho digestion and assimilation of
food, and there is a rapid up-bulldlng
01 Jiealtu nnu strengin. 0, a, o.
promptly and beneficially upon the asrrowi system, strengthens and tones
it up, nud I'cllovcn tho atrain by producing sound, refreshing sleep. Yoa
can find no tonic so invigorating as 3. S. 8., and being composed exclusively
of roots and herbs its use is attended with no bad effects. Old people will
find that it braces them up, improves the circulation of the blood, and
Btrona or well, and who are growing thinner and falling below their usual
wclRht. should take a course of 8. 8. S, and build up again. S. 8. 8. is
r..i....i .,.r..u.fiiri aa the leading blood Duriflcr and tho safest and best
of all tonics. We cheerfully furnish
Wlu will write us. Ttf SWIFT
ShUMgliU en lllttory,
Yeaat WJion did tlio custom origin
ate of putting tlio iiiiibIo In tho roar of
tlio troop during a battle?
Urlmsonbonk Why tho Scotch start
od It.
"Ve tliuy uacuMlie bagpipes, you
know, and n fellow" would lather run
Into thn very huo of tho enemy than go
buck whuro that muiilo was. Yonkors
fliVwth of Cities,
During tho nlnctcmith century Ion
don grow from n city of 800.000 peoplo
to ono of O.COO.OOO that Ih, Increased
eightfold. Now York Incronnod from
CO.000 to 3,r00,000 nearly iilxtyfold.
Usually the Case.
"Daughter," anld tho mother who
wan Ionic on Holomoulo wisdom,
"whnlnvr-r you do, don't marry n man
with dreamy vyon."
"Why not, mar asked tho beauti
ful bud.
"Ilecnuso," replied tho tnalnr, "It's
dotiKhnuta to fttdgn ho'll also pos
sess n dreamy pockotbook." Chlcugo
Dally Now.
He Wsa AtovtNt,
"Old tho notcn of a bird orcr moTO
yuti?" naked th;i poo tic Klri.
"Ym" replied tho youni; mnn. "I
tnnsl to call on a young lady and ornry
timo thn cuckoo nnnounccd tho hour
of 10 I wont homo."
A Modern tleac.
Anxlotu Mother Toll me, doctor, Is
It a dangerous disease.
Physician I fear It Is. Ho has
breakfastfoodltla In na adroncefl
staue," JudKO.
An Obitrvatlwi.
"That woman has yet to bo born."
observed tho man who occasionally
thinks aloud.
"What woman has yet to bo bornT"
asked tho Inqulnltlvo ponton who over
heard thn remark.
"Tho ono who can look nt n hole in
n nowspapor without vrondorlng 1mt
was cut out," replied ho of tho noisy
Jlr Joral appllctttnnt, at tliey rannot ittahUi
dltcM(ilunolU ttr, ItltttllODlrOD
war loauntdfatiMii.atxi lint It r tmlllu
llontl tenifllri. latut It rautl br an h
d.in1 condition t Ilia wueuutlUf iiotth
KutttrbUli Tut. W'htn lil tuUr iUt In
fluinnt ToalitaiiimUln-;iMnii(l InrxT
lfflhffln, al Wbtn 11 It enllirlr clut4
riraf nrtt It ikn imbIi, and tmlnlt Hit iDltamTaa.
Hon ran l Ukrn ut amt OiW tutw r Mfr4 to
lit mil mal romllllbii. titarlatc wltlbt Onlrtn-M
lurtitri nlnaraart out .l UD aracauawlbr
ctlairh, which u voihlnc but an InOauma
WawilliiU oi. lluudrwl IKilUrt lornr
CawfOlllralnnafraatMibr tarrli) tlnlcu
noi t cured bf ilall't Catartb Curt. Mod tot
llroulara, f cnar -CO, TJX
Bold br!rui(lMa. 74a . .
Uall'a ruaUr ftlu art tbt tuart.
Thoufbt It Atlgbt Ac.
Mrs. Nowrocks I'm determined
that Cynthla'a debut stall paaa oR
with great eclnt.
Mr. Nowrocks What's -cleat, Maria
osponsoT 1'uck.
Kerosono oil Is an inerpefiatvo And
satisfactory furniture polish, especial
ly for tho old fashioned carved fur
niture, some of which la in possession
of almost every family that has been
housekeeping for any lenKth of time.
A camel's hair brush can ponctrato
tho crovlcea that defy tho dusting
cloth or brush of tho most careful
houiokccpcr. Kerosene la an excel
lent cleaner.
it. IW.J M S ... ft.. ulaCt I
and tonic properties combined.
KunUvlllt, Ala., Jaau 10, 1003.
Rome jraara as r Statral btalta
csvs wart sir strvona ayaUa was
abatttrtd, Bad X eoulA rtt nothlaa- to
do an amy sood till 1 baraa to uaa
B. B. B. Z oommano4 to improT at
oo. aty apptuw utcamo apitBOid
aad from ISO poaada X lnoraaatd t
180. X btcamo wall aa-ala by taktna;
8. B. B. and would taks ho amonat for
tha a-ood It did saa. Mr ktalth is
now parfaot, and X btllav If ovary
btdy would take a Dottle of B. B, B.
oooaaloBallr, thty would enjoy 11
ulua dolar. W. U W1M8TON.
aH J w B I
aaBBaaa! 1 VssV
H fiJhaWVaSM
stimulates an tne Douuy organs, ana
persons of delicate constitutions can
take S. S. S. with safety, as it docs not
ikrange the Stomach like the strong
mineral remedies, but acts gently and
without any shock to the system. Those
whose feellncs tell them they are not
medical advice, without charge, to all !
littlret After 04 Ycara Hptnt Anionir
Indiana of tlio Northwett.
Aflcr 'Ifty-four ycara of constant
and arduous labors Kev, I'ntlier Al
bert Lncombc, of tho Oblnto order, n
noted Catholic missionary among the
Indians, recently retired to n peaceful
retreat on I'luch creek in the llocfcy
Mountains of the Cunndlnti Northwest,
there to nwnlt in meditation mid
prayer tho end which aoouer or later
cornea o all men. He Is now 77 years
Ii'uthor Lacombo Is well known
throughout Cannda. The work bo has
accomplished In tho line of coloniza
tion and civilization of tho Canadian
.Northwest In enormous mid has made
his imino a household one In many
parts of tho Dominion, lie was born
In thn province of Quebec and In IbMD.
on his ordination to the priesthood,
was sent to do mlsstonnry work In
the Ited lllvcr region. In 1880 ho was
sent as a missionary to the Kaskatchc-
I V&flmfe
wan and a llttlo later became vlcar
general of the diocese of Kt. Albert. In
IbUS he obtained from the Ottawn gov
ernment a porpctnsl grant of land,
15,000 square miles In extent, as a
reservation for the halfbrceds and In
dians of the Canadian Northwest.
Kathrr I ji combe often appears dresa
ed as a chief of the Hlsckfeet Indians,
ninong whom for many years he has
lived and labored.
An Attachment for Uocklnar Chalra
Which Cool. 1'erann In tho Cbalr.
This device will discharge contin
uous Jet of air on the face, hands or
any part of the tody 'as' long as the
rnoitucna continuous am.
chair Is kupt in motion. lieneath the
1 chair will be seen the apparatus for
pumping and storing tho air, consist
ing of two pairs of bellows and an
expansion reservoir. At each motion
of the chair the bellows are alternate
ly expanded nud contracted, druwlug
the air from the room and passliiK it
inlo tho storage chamber. From here
two or more tubes lead to tho spray
. attached to the ends of the
LSabuT rod clam Jed to the cw lr
is tbPreisuro on th .tow
St.s eon nuS tZ flow S
through tho tubes will be maintained
as lone aa there Is any air In storage,
and smly a slight motion of tho chair
Is necessary to pump the air aa fast as
it Is exhausted.
Merely Hugiccttlon.
Miss Ousch "I'm sure something
nng happened to Clarence my fiance,
you know. He started for lloston two
daya ago and 1 haven't heard from
him since."
Miss llrutlo "Why not advertlso?"
Miss (lusch "Advertiser
Mr. llrutlo "Yes; say, 'Lost A
flanco; woro high collar; answers to
nnnio of Clarence,' or something like
that." Philadelphia Press.
The Inspired Idiot.
"Kvery cloud may have a silver
lining," said tho Inspired Idtot, "but
when n man la caught in a heavy
shower he can't help thinking thoy
are lined with tho poorest quality of
zluo or tin." Ualtlmoro llemld,
Kxplorlna; Tlioboa
Mr. Davis, tho American who has
expended considerable sums In explor
ing works near Thebes, Kgypt, has
fouod.a snlundtd chariot in tho tomb
; of lung Thothmea.
A L'htnti htock Hrale.
I have an ordinary platform scale
(hut I uv to weigh stock to note the
Knln. I first started weighing vegeta
bles and then to weigh pigs, so now 1
weigh feed and Iwgs every week noil
ciiii tell how much they gnln and how
much feed It takes to make that gain.
In weighing hogs I use u crate made
of Ixi slats, with a gate at each end.
I set tho crate with one end nt the
hog house door, balanced on a plat
form scale with blocks underneath to
prevent teetering, open gnto In hog
house end of crate and let In as many
as the crate will hold. After weighing
I let them out of the front end and I
mil ready to weigh again. In this way
two men can weigh forty hogs In about
' half nn hour, after everything Is ready.
tiAsnr mix ron wcioiiiho stock.
For weighing cattle, I take two pieces
2x10 Inches eight feet long and cleat
them together and lay across the scale
as In cut and lead the animal on to It.
If the animals are not gentle you can
set four posts In the ground, nail Sx4s
on them, no as to make a chute to lead
them through on to the scale. The cor
ner of frame, a a, must te made very
strong. The piece, b mny be made
morahtc at Iwth ends If desired. Kxtrn
welshts can be hail nt any scale house.
C -J. Davidson, In Farm and Home.
Tho Ilnatan Apple.
The trouble which comes from the
confusing of nnmes Is Illustrated In the
case of the Itoseau apple, which Is more
generally known by Its common name
of Canada Ited, yet which is entirely
distinct from the variety known as Ited
Canada. Tlio Itoseau apple fairly shown
In the Illustration as to form has more
than a local reputation, although It Is
tiik nosr.AU Ar-fLE.
moNt generally found In bearing in
Canada and New England. Thcro seems
to be no good reason why tho variety
should not be planted In all apple sec
tions, and particularly lu northern dis
tricts, for while It Is not to be classed
as n good variety for home we, It cer
tainly Is a good late-kecplug variety,
hence Is valuable for narket purposes.
The fruit Is slightly Irregular, oblate,
shallow baslu, calyx small. Color red
mottled and splashed, nearly covering
dull sreeu ground. Flnvor sub-acid.
quality good, season midwinter. Aa
a keeper, especially In cold storage, It
deserved attention, and If market grow
ers will look Into the merits of the va
riety they will find It at least worthy
of trial.
Poultry lMckliiR.
Keep the bens scratching.
A dark comb Indicates congestion of
some kind.
Turkeys nre my tender and weak
when young.
The poultryu'nu who would rlso to
highest fame must advertise.
Keep the grit boxes well supplied.
Without grit Indigestion Is certain.
Thcro Is no class of poultry that In
crease In weight as rapidly as gosllus.
Just turn tho hens over to tho "wlm
mlu folks" and theu watch tho results.
A smooth bird that is easily cleaned
Is a good arrangement lu feeding poul
try. Market the old fowls and keep tho
young ones on tho farm and lu tho poul
try yard.
Location Is much, but tho right kind
of a inau can raise poultry successfully
Feather pulling Is a vice that comes
from confinement and Idleness, and Is
dlfucult to euro.
sVw'ma .'"'slBaaM--
bKk L?r iff JSr
HL v 4)') i
(ieeso usually lay early. Tho eggw
should bo gathered ns noon as laid to
prevent chilling.
One advantage with poultry on tho
fnrtn Is twit they eat much which otli
crwlso would be wasted.
Plenty of feed does not mean profu
sion. Profits are lost by ovcrfecdlntc
as well ns by underfeeding.
Home chickens die because of the
toughening of the skin at the large end
of the egg. They cannot break through
HIiorMcggcd fowls fatten julckiyr
long legs nro hard to fatten. Thoso'
which are first hatched fatten quickest
In a brood.
Taking everything Into consideration
we believe n board or cement floor l
to be preferred to nn earthen one nluo
tlmea In ten.
Ctorer I.nnd for 1'ntntoe.
lu many sections wbcro farmers'
hove succeeded In growing crlmsor
clover, the crop rotation Is clover, po-
tntoes and corn. This has been found '
to glvo excellent results provided tho
clover Is turned under at just the prop
er time, and this time Is when thr
clover Is In the condition where tho-
greatest amount of nitrogen can be put
Inlo the soil. Experiments have prov
ed that, regnrdless of calendar date;.
this condition of the clover Is very soot
after It begins to bloom, for at tint
time the nitrogen the plant has gath
ered from the air Is In the plant, and
hence can be put Into tho soil by plow
lux under. It Is true that the grawtU
of clover may be quite heavy nt that,
time, and hard to plow under, but this
Is certainly offset by the added amount,
of nitrogen gained. It Is not meant to
Infer thnt this rotation of crops will
do nwny with the necessity for the use
of fertilizers, although if previous fer
tilizing has supplied phosphoric ncldv
In sufficient quantities and cultivation
has released the potash, so thnt only -nitrogen
Is needed, the use of crlimou
clover will, after all. render unnccee
sary the fertilizer. However, this Is a v
condltlon of affairs that can only be as
certained by demonstration.
Porcine Heavy Crop.
It Is a common practice among tenant
farmers and fruit growers, during the
last year they handle the ground, to
force the largest possible crops regard
less of the effect on the sou. Wactlier a'
tenant Is warranted In doing this Is not'
the point to be discussed. Unfortunate
ly many of these tenants go on to farms
of their own and, remembering the last
heavy crop, carry out the same plan In
apparent Ignorance of the effect on tho
so 1 1. Take the case of a strawberry
plantation ns an Illustration. On aver
age soil having a fair quantity of each
of the plant foods nitrate of soda used
to tho exclusion of other fertilizers
would produce n very large crop of ber
ries, but It would also use from the soil
a greater amount of fertility than one
Is Justified In taklug. If other plant
foods were used so ns to leave the soil
In fair condition, then the use of the
nitrate or soda would be Justifiable, but
this might bring the expense of gettfns
the crop to a ilgurv too gTent to-warrant
the outlay. This being the case, It
would bo far more sensible to handle
the soil with n view of getting the large
crop for successive years and retain
ing the fertility of the soil, rather than
to get an extraordinary crop oncyear
and exhaust the soil. x
Peedlnir Young Pin.
Tho cause of some of the failures ln
raising young pigs profitably Is duo to
the Improper methods of handling
them when young. There may bo dif
ferences of opinion as to methods of"
feeding, and undoubtedly some feeds
do better In the hans of soma feeder
than with others. On the other baud,
the fact remains that the usual plan
of letting the young pigs feed with tbe
old one Is wrong; It Is well enough to
do this, perhaps, while the pig Is learn
ing to eat, but when It Is weaned it
must have a better chance of getting;
Its share of tho food than Is possible
when fed with the mother. Trough
for tho young pigs should bo built low
nnd bo placed where the old hog can.
not get into it It tho usual ground
feeds nro given tho pigs, nny of then
will bo much Improved if the mixing"
of them Is tlono with warm skimmed.
milk. Give tho growlug pigs a chance
In tho 'manner suggested and the re
sults will bo added profit.
Vouns Ilroode.
It Is the cold damp days that cause
chicks to become chilled and droop,
nud the small coops and runs should
bo placed under a covered Bhed, so an
to permit the chicks to stroll outsider
the runs without being exposed to tho
weather. As they grow and becotne
strouger, the runs may bo placed on a
grass plot, using tho coops under tho
sheds for later broods.
Trouble with lice In the poultry house
Is caused by neglect every time, and
pure laziness a good many times.