The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 15, 1903, Image 1

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Coniprclictulve Review of tlio Import
ant Happenings of the Pant Week,
Presented In Condensed form, Mos
Likely to Prove Intercullnt to Ouf
Many Reader.
Wlltlii Hwent, of Idaho, tin Im'cii np
polnted attorney general of Porto Hlco,
KxMnyor Amen, of Mlnntapolli, linn
bean foil ml Kiillly of accepting n bribe.
Tlio TurkeyHulgarln war cloud linn
disappeared, iiirxoy Having wmiurawn.
Pecrotary of Wnr Hoot line purchased
n pint In Now York on which to uruot n
1160,000 renlduiico.
Mnrtlii K. Jitnn. (Iio well known
flnnnclor, lini Ikmhi elected president of
tlio Kow lork unnmiwr oi commerce.
Andrew Garnegln has been decorated
with thn Onlnrol Vonextielan
honor, second chtii, ni a benefactor to
Tim llrltliili.Aimirlcan tobacco com
pany will buy out tlio T. O. Williams
company, oi idciimouu, n., ono oi ua
trolTgoat rivnli.
James Haggln Iim filed imm for two
flvo-tory while ninrhla dwelling In
Now York. Ho will make ono of tlio
palncoa hi homo.
Twenty person woro injured, n few
erlotisly, In n Chicago atrent cur col
llilon duo to nn nccldont to tlio running
Hour of ono of tlio car.
Oinslin hnn ordered nil saloons cloM
tlurloK thohlg ntrlko now on.
All wnnhlp hut those of Austria
will ho withdrawn from Halonlcn.
Tlio moro serious fon-rt fire In th
Adirondack are now out nnd tho re
mainder under ccontrol.
Mr. 0. 1. Huntington lini purchased
tho now f 000,000 alx-tory mansion of
Mr. J. F. Carroll In Now York.
A French-Helglan nyndlcato hni Imxmi
formod In Kurope with rnpllnl of 3,
4)00,000 to work tho Ohllonn mine.
Thrco thousand dollar of tho inonoy
which wa atolon from Kxproan Agent
Peterson, of llrltt, In., Inat week, lm
bcon found hunoath tho company'
In n street-car runaway at Hochester,
Pa., the conductor wna probably fatally
Jiurt. tho motormnn badly bruised and
nix iinMaviiirora Injured. Wot rail
cnurod tho accldont.
Tho rlvora nnd hnrbora rommlllro of
tho houao of representative made n
tour of tho navigable watora alwut Now
York to wo what linprovomuuta nro
needed In shipping facilities.
Tho rcort thni Oonural Maton, tho
jovolullonnij Under, haa landed In
Venexuoln from Curacao, la oonflrniod.
An naeoclntlon for tho protoction of
-Gotmans In tho unforcemontof tho lawn
of Argentina haa boon formod at Ituonoa
Physician of Iin I). Bankey, tlio
alngor ovniiKollat, now acknowledge tho
(nlluro of tho oporutlou for tho roatorn
tlon of hla night.
Attempta to wreck two trains nt
fttainford, Conn., nro charged to
1ramp, and tho pollco aro now In pur
ult of lovon tnon.
Bobbers wrecked tho anfo of tho Hank
of Anuria, Kan., and escaped on a
Jiand car, It la not known how much
inonoy thoy aocurod.
Indiana haa had nnothor sovoro front
which It la bellovod will practically
Xc 1 1 1 tho atrawborry crop, plum and
othor tondor curly frultn.
Edwin O. Kolloy, treasurer nnd gen
oral niumigor of the Enamel Ilrlck coin
pnny, of Olovolnnd, O., la chnrgod with
tho ombozzlomont of $25,000 of tho f undn
of tho concorn. Kolloy declares he
will bo ablo to provo hla Innoconco.
Itlvnlry nmong tho associations of
onglnrors In thla country may nullify
an offer of Andrew Carnogio to glvn
$1,000,000 or moro to establish n
National contor for engineer in Now
York. A high oillcial in ono of tho
bodiua naya It la doubtful if all can llvo
in poaco in ono room.
Portland Inundrymon havo locked out
their omployen.
Nonrly 500 touantn woro ovlctod In
tho Now York tonumont district May 1.
Ruasla oxpoctu war with China and la
preparing for it.
Americana Win Big Victory In Mindanao
Sultan Among Captured.
Manila, May O.Cnptaln 1'ornhlng'n
column Iiah (lufcalcil tho nullan of Am
nnruuunon, a ntrong forco of Moroa in
tho Tarucn tnuntry, on tho taat nhore of
Ijtko Lnnao, Inland of Mlndanno. Tho
American rnpturc ten lorl. Unn
hundred nnd fllteen Moron woro killed,
lit woro wountlfd and (10 woro nindo
nrimimirn, Thu Moro captured Inrud
od tho nullan. Two Amorlcaua Mere
klllid ami aoven woro wounded.
Tho ten fort connlltutod rorioun and
atrctig oHitlon on tho baukn of tho
lumen river, and from lliem mo .'Moro
vlgorounly reilatod Captain rerihiug'a
ndvauoo. Tho Amorlcnn troon attack
od tho fortn Monday and captured eight
of them without nulXering any lomoa,
though tho 30 obsolete cannon mounted
on tho fortification were red with
tho bet of tho enemy' nblllty. Thu
garrlron of tho ninth fort roilntod florco
ly, nod Captlan IVrsliIng ordered tho
fort to Ihi iliolled ami captured by an
ault, which wan done, Lleulounuta
Hhaw and Qraclo, loading two compan
lea of tho Twoutyauventli infantry nnd
a detachment of cavalry, aurrounded
tho tenth fort, whoro the Riiltati hid
ought refugo and it aurrondorod Tuen
,av Tho fortn hnvo been dimnntlrL
Captain I'erihlng moved north Turn
day to compute tho exploration of tho
Thirty Men Thrown Down Precipice by
Train n Canadian Pacific.
I'ort Arthur, Out., May 0. Ily an
accident on tho main lino of tho Can
dlan I'aclfla near Hotter itntlon, 'Jt
aillua cast of thla place, IS laborora Irn
prleontxl In tho wreckago of a derailod
work train were either killed outright
or burned to death. Hlght other were
frightfully burmsl. and n number of
them will dlo. Tho men wero naloop
whon tho train left the track. Tlio
train wai running at a high apoed
when It wa derailed, presumably by
tho breaking of nn nxlu Kvery car
left tho track and plunge 1 down an
embankment into tho ditch. The men
who wero killed wero anloep In what in
known na tho " xMrdlng car " which
waa atUcluil to the roar of tho train.
Thoro were 30 mon In thu car. It waa
cruahed like nn eggtholl, killing aomo
of the men outright nnd pinning othorn
under the wreckago, ao that they could
not exlricato themanlvea. Flro added
Ha horror to the acono, tho epllntered
woodwork of tho car bulng Ignited ny
an ovorturnod atovo.
Tho mon who escaped Injury at onco
ret to work to liberate tin Imprlvoncd
workmen, but they wero driven back
by tbo llamoa, which aprend rapidly.
Ono of tho Imprisoned men nurcveded
In extricating hlmeelf, and annulling a
wlndtrw, crowUsi out from under tho
w,rocknge. Ho roported that aaveral
othera, aomo of them badly Injured
wero lying rear tho wlndnw. Tho re
cuora Biicccodod in getting ton or 12
men through tho ahattered window.
Tho flamen meanwhile wero growlni
florcei, nnd tho mon woro finally driven
from the work of rescue by tho Intent)
Piltccn Lives Lot In Wreck of a I'Uhlng
Cnnao, 1). O., May II. Tho Amor Iran
llalilng ochoouor Olorlana, Captain
George Stoddard, of Oloucoator, Main.,
ran aahoro lott night during n thbk
fog on tho rliffa nt Wale cove, nonr
White Point ludgoti, and 16 of tho
crow, including tho captain, woro
drowned, out of a total of 18. Whon
thoGlorlnua struck on the lodge alio
panned over tho outer ridges, but upon
the innor reef buttod against a (lift of
rock, and then foil oft Into tho soa,
Tho placo whoro tho Glorlana waa
wrecked in ono of tho moat dangerous
on tbo Nova Hcotia count. It Is loan
than a mllo from where tho steamer
Illammnnden was wrockod last year,
and only hnlf a mllo from the acono of
tho wreck of tho stoamor Tiber in Feb
ruary, 1003, whon S3 Uvea wero loat.
rho tbroo survivors woro brought boro
thla afternoon, and nro being cared tor
by tho United Btates consul, Thoy
any thnt tho voasol la In total wreck.
Nono oi tlio uouios navo boon re
' " ' " " '" '""
Leper Recaptured In n Laundry.
St. Ix)u1b. Mny 0. Dong Gong, tho
Chinese leper who escaped Monday
from tho isolation cottngo nt quaran
tine, was recaptured today, and will bo
returned to tho quarantine quartern oc
cupied bv him for moro than n year.
Ho was found in n uiunoso laundry,
mnny customers of which burned tliolr
linen whon thoy loarnodot tho capture.
Con it of the Pcralan qulf the lloila of It
L'ncroachment by Any foreign Power
Will II B Realtted Protection of St
. Route to India Ntcenaary to Predom
inance of Mrltlih interest.
London, May 8. Foreign Pocrotnry
Lantdoano ban proclaimed n Hrltlch
Monroe doctrino In tho Perlnti Gulf,
nnd ban practically notified the com
poling powers that any attompt on their
part to uktabllnh a navv bfe or forti
fied Knt in those water mean war
with Great Hrltuln.
"I nay without heallatlon," aaid tho
foreign eocrotarr, dealing with the sub
ject in the Iioum of lord, "that we
should regard tho establlthmont of a
naval bate or a fortified port in tho
Persian gulf by any other powera a n
very grave menace to HrltUh Intcrt-nt.
and wo nhould certainly ielt it with
all tho mean at our dd-ponal."
Iord Ijiimlowne preceded thin ex
plicit enunciation of ilrltlih policy by
a review of tho aituatlon tliero, a It
nffettod Hritlsh intrroatt, contending
that eo far a tho navigation of the
Perolan gull wan concerned Urttat Urlt
aln hold a position different from that
of other powe, lwth bocauo it waa
owing to Dritlab enterprise and ex
pvndlturo of llfo and money that tho
gulf waa now open to tbo commtrco of
tho world, nnd because the protection
of the eca routo to India Decoltatcd
Urltltih predominance la the gulf.
Lord JjnIownb'a .attitude in thla
mntlT sonorally meett with approval,
although the anawon thereto of the
other powera InturoMetV I(.Uio gulf are
awaited with omo Mnx.ety.
Tho newpM)'n here comment n
the analogy of tho prearnt proceeding,
which Captain Mehan so strongly
recommended, to tho United State
policy of Monroeism. Tho Wotmln
ator GareHo bolda that the Hritinh mo
tive, namely, tho protoction of tho rea
routo to India, correKnJe exactly with
tho American motlvo in excluding
Kuropean (towers from American water
becauio their territory Is thereby threat
President of Colombia Will Not Call Ilxtrn
Session of Congress.
Wathington, May 8. Tho Meet ad-
viro rocoivod indicate that Pronldont
Marroquln, of Colombia, has nlmott
decided not to call a tpeclnl soalon of
tho Colombian congres to act on the
canal treaty. In the election In pro
gress tho opposition continue to gain
nnd tho prospects for a government
majority aro eo doubtful that President
Marroquln reema indisposed to act.
Tho Colombian congress will, how
over, nnscmbln July i!0 Jn regular pen
sion, At thnt session thn caual treaty
might be taken up, but in view of tho
sentiment existing, much doubt in
folt hero as to whether it will be acted
' Tho outlook, however, -does not din
courngo tho ctllclals here. Tho United
State government haa gone eo far In
Its negotiations with Colombia that
confidence la folt here that President
Marroquln will feel himself bound to
carry out tho engagements into which
ho hna entered. Tho Colombian con
stitution contains a provision enlarging
tho power ol tho executive In tnco of
disturbed conditions, and if thorn la tho
sllghtont sign of tor. iblo opposition to
tho government or of revolutionary up
rlalng, each as nro hinted nt In tho
itorloc from Kingston, Jamaica, nnd
from iBthmtan points, Indicative of a
purKso to .over tho Isthmus from Co
lombian soverlgulty, tho pronldont may
arrogate to himself dictatorial power
and go to tho length of ratifying the
caual treaty without tho conr-ont of
congress. If ho does eo, tho United
Btatos government will sustain tho
title thus acquired.
Plague Increasing In China.
Washington, May 8. Tho state c!e
partment to lay melvod a cablegram
from UniteJ Btatos Consul General Mo
Wado, at Canton, saying that bubonic
plague is increasing in Canton, Ilonan,
Shuntak, Yokung nnd Yuengshan.
Famine is raging In Kwang 81, and nn
Amorlcan missionary reports that
tho body of n victim had beon eaten,
Ocean Liner Meet In a Dense fog, and
Twenty Live are Lost.
Norfolk, Vn., May 7. A collision at
sea that cost tbo lives of 20 or more
opla nnd tho sinking of tho Clyde
tleamihlp Haginaw by tho Old Domin
ion steamship Hamilton occurred be
tween Winter quarter lightship and
Fcnwicfe island HghUblp, on the Vir
ginia coast at 'I HO o'clock this morning.
A dcri'o fog settled along tho thoro
shortly after nightfall, and while going
through tho fog at reduced speed the
Hamilton crashed into the Saginaw'a
aide about SO feet from tho stern.
Tho fog whistles of both veisois wero
distinctly beard by each other for sev
eral mlnutea before tho collision oc
enrrcd. According (o Captain Hoaz, of
tho Hamilton, his ahlp was making
about nino miles an hour, and the Sag
inaw about ten. The fog was so thick
that objects a chip's length away wore
invisible, and when the two crafts hove
in sight of each othor, bow on, thoro
was but a moment's interim before they
The inrushlng wator canted the Sagi
naw to Kittle rapidly at tho atom, and
the Impetun of the Hamilton took ber
out of alght of the crippled vesnol.
The engines, already revorsod, wero
put fall steam to the rear, and the
Hamilton circled tboscenoof tbowrck,
at tho an mo time lowering two lifeboat.
There waa consternation among the pas
senger ol tbo Old Domlnoa ehip, and
tho first thought waa fcr their eafaty,
but aa noon as It waa discovered that
the ship waa uninjured save that some
bow plates were svovo In all efforts wero
directed to tho rescne of those on tbo
Work Also CoveraLaws, executive Or
dcra and ProcUmatloR.
Washington, May 0. The govern
ment printing office haa Juat Issued two
quarto volumes entitled, "Indian
Affairs, Law and Treaties," compiled
by direction of congress by Cbarlea L.
Kappler. a clerk in tho senate commit
tee on Indian affairs. Tho volumes
contain every treaty made by the Unit'
ed State with llio Indians, and all tho
laws, executive orders and proclama
tions relating to the Indians up to De
cember 1, 100. together with statistics
of tribes, trust funds, etc.
The commissioner of Indian affairs,
in his annual report, has urged tor
some years that such a compilation be
nindo for the reason that tho laws and
orders relating to the Indiana wero
scattered through a great number of
documents, making it exceedingly dlffi
cult to oe sure that one had beforo it
all legislation on any given question
ru'ati.e tho Indian. Tho present
compilation is Indexed carefully, and
in Its general arraugement follows the
form of the statutes at largo..
People Warned to Keep Away From Tur
tle Mountain.
Vancouver, B. C, May 0. A com
mittee of tho board of trade examined
Turtle mountain this morning and
decided to warn people to keep at a
safe distance for at least a week go
that the town will be absolutely do
rertcd for a time at least. Tho reason
for this conclusion Is that an immense
peak of Turtle mountain Is now, over
hanging tho southern part of tho town.
Its fall might destroy the remalniug
bulldlnv in the town, although exper
ienced mining mon bollove that another
slide would spread over tho valley, de
stroying tho buildings ot tho coal conn
pnny at the baso of tho mountain but
not overwhelming tho town proper.
Monitor Leaves St. Louis.
Washington. May 7. The navy de
partment was Informed today of the de
parture from St. Louis for Cairo, 111.,
of tho monitor Arkansas, which was
present at the exposition dedicatory ox
orclses. Tho vessel will raako fast time
down stream, nnd roports rocetyod nt
tho department show tho depth of tho
rlvor to bo entirely suflloiont for tho
City of Satenlca Plunged Into Darkneaa
by Explosion of Homo 100 Turkish
5oldlr Ullled-Clty fs Under Martial
Law Of rmany 5enda a Ounboat to
Watch Proceedings.
London, .May 0. Except as to tho
number killed, which Is now (aid to
exceed 100, tbo latest tolrgrams and
mall advices from Salonica folly con
firm the previous reports of the eerlons
nature ot tho outbreak there. Advant
age seems to have been taken ot tho
fact that the Turk bad relaxed their
precaution, and the garrison waa ser
iously depleted, amounting to only 400
soldiers. Tho first mino that waa ex
ploded cut tho principal gas main and
plunged tbe city In darknots. Then
the Ottoman bank and other buildings
were attacked with bombs, as already
has been described Boldlors were hur
ried up to the scene of tbe disorder.
They fired wild volleys, but many of
their attackers wero killed or wounded
by tho explosion of their own bombs.
Attempts at throwing bombs are now
being dealt with summarily. At noon
Sunday a roan disguised aa a Turkish
priest tried to throw a bomb into the
telegraph office at Ealonica. He waa
apprehended and execnted on the spot.
Tbe authorities continue to make
arrest, and many Bulgarian disguised
as Turkish officers are being seized.
Among those arrested are professors in
tho Bulgarian school, who are alleged
to have been at tho head of tho revo
lutionary movement.
Kdib Pasha, who arrived in Ealonica
last Saturday to carry out the decree of
martial law, baa issued a proclamation, ,
etatiae that tbe sultan has ordered him
to deal Sfl7ere)y with all persofis" guilty. 3$Sv
of outrages.
At Usknb, European Turkey, the po
lice have eeixed store of dynamite in
tbe bouses of tho Bulgarian settlers.
The iiowa that Germany ha tent a
warship to Salonica haa led tho Aus
trian newspapers to discuss tbe proba
bility of European intervention. In
both Berlin and Vienna, however, semi
official statement have In-en itwned ex
plaining that tho object of sending the
ships of war is solely the protection ot
foreign subjects, and that the veasels
will be withdrawn aa soon as the danger
is over.
Continuance In Hearing of Injunction la
Orantcd Western Union.
Bntte, May 0. A continuance haa
been granted by tbe Federal court to
tho American labor union in tho hear
Ing on the injunction granted to the
Western Unlou telegraph company, re
straining all members of tbe union
from interfering In any way with the
business of the company. The hearing
lino been continued until May 18, at
which timo thu court will decide
whether the order shall be allowed to
stand and be made permanent or with
drawn. Attorneys have been secured
by tho Trades aud Labor assombly to
fight the matter out In the courts.
It was announced at the offices of tbe
American Labor union today that no
further action is to be taken in the
affair until after the court has rendered
a decision. Since the injunction wa
IsFiied the messengers of the Western
Union company havo been unmolested
and there has been no attempt to in
timidate them or persuade them to quit
tho eerice.
Tho "unfair" banner which waa
placed in tho street in front ot tho
Western Unoln office for several weeks
has been taken away.
Colombians May Migrate to Mexico.
Kingston, Jamaica, May G.Senor
Caraach Uribo and several othor prom
inent Colombian Liberals arrived here
today from Bogotoon their way to Eur
ope. They ropcrt that I large numbers
of I olombian Llborals have decided to
emigrate to'Mexico, having no confi
dence in tho government of Colombia.
They say also that a majority of the
Conservatives havo determined noon
tlio rejection ol the canal treety unless
a great sum of monoy la forthcoming.
Chicago Fire Loas.
Chicago, May 0. Fire tonight de
stroyed the five-story building nt 151
153 Wabash avenuo, causing a loss ot
tl00,000. The building waa occupied
by several morcantlloJflrmB, wlioeo stock
waa completely dostroyed.