The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 03, 1903, Image 7

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My firKt morning In tlic blue
gims icglon os Ue nucht of fathcr'rt
old friend, Colonel Hertford, won a
nearly jicrfcct one, mtd I was corly
astir to get n Kllmiwcof tlic country
in natnrc'n reputed paradise.
Ah I ventured ii)on the vctnnrin
of the "old Kaintticky home,' 1
found my white-haired host walk
ing tip niitl down in a fever of rage.
.The moment lilycs fell upon me
he began to unburden himself:
"Mojoli When Ih a bawn fool,
mill, n bawn fool that's what he isl
Offe'cd me Jive htiud'cd dollah.i fob
my little Chetahl Mess Gawd, I
believe the man's addled, yes, I do,
mill! Come rldln' by hcah just
now, nil says to me: 'Cunncl lied
fahd, I'll Rive you five hund'ed dob
lab's fob that twoycnhold Wind-wiud-Ticklcfoot
"I lauRhcd in his facc,suh, that's
what I did! Then I got mad, an
I said to Majah Illlvcus: 'Sub, am
I a pawpah? Am I pinched fob a
measly little five hund'ed dollahs?
Why, you ourIiI to know bcttah,
iimjnbl Five hund'ed dollahs
wouldn't buy the glow on Chctab's
skin, sub! No, sub; I'll not sell
my dauglitali, nil' I'll not sell Che
tab!1 Mojah Hlivens couldn't look
me in the eye, sub, an' road away
with bis chin a-lia;iging on bis
"Why, mill, I'd ncvab dayub to
show my face at home aRain if I
sold little Chetah! That filly's been
raised hoab on this lawn, fin cod
dled by my wife an'' cbll'en, an'
she's one of 'cm. Yes, sub, Chc
tab's one of my family; an' I think
Majah Mivcns was Riiilty of a most
outlandish insult, that's what be
"My wife loves that filly's If she
was the only hois !ti the whole blue-
Rrnss rcRion. Kv'cy ntawnin' Moby-
rocs out an' feeds Clictnb n banful
ofsiiRar, an' then the puss'l follow
hull all ovah the fuwni, happy as a
kitten when Mahy rubs hub nose
ub pats hub neck.
"IMvc hund'ed dollahs, indeed!"
the coloual continued, bis atiRcr
baviiiR somewhat abated. "Why,
Chetah won twice that in huh fust
race, uiidab a pull, sub. Mahy was
liojvscotcliln' mad when I odahed
iiiRRab Tom to put the Ally in train
In'. Wc had bahd wuds, an' things
wtw iniRlity squally fob n time.
Hut I had my way, sub, as I always
do;" the colonel wuut on, lowerhiR
his voice and RlancitiR apprehen
sively toward the open door.
"Hut the tniinin' went on, an' at
last the day fob the race bad come.
No bcttah blood evijh cutabed fob a
five-eighths dash. Thcali was Mack
Sam by Honnlc Scotland, Moon
qIiIuc by Old Distlllab, Cyclone by
Tbuudahstawm, an' half u dozen
othalts, as fine colts asevabeutahed
n paddock.
"Mahy was in thcRrau'stau', an'
I noticed a dcucedly unpleasant
look in huh eyas. She had asked
me aRain a day ith two befo' to take
Chetah out, but I would it' lieah, to
it. Hut now that the time had ac
tually wine, I bcRttii to feel niiRhty
uncomfortable. If the filly losi I
knew Mahy would have the whip
hand on me fohuvah. An' that set
me to thiukiuR bahd. I thinks I
see my way out by puttiu' the blin
dabs on Mahy. I knew from Ioiir
expeahieuccthat I inns' let Mahy
think she had made the final decis
ion. An' so I went up to whcab
she was a-sittin' in the grau'stnu',
and whispe'd: "C(me to think of
it, Mahy, I don't believe Chctab's
good cuourIi strain to keep the pace
'lit this crowd. Thcah's mighty
fine blood in pi Is company. You
kiio'wV Clujtnh's motlmh was only a
half-sistab to Ashland Belle hot a
a f n ii ii i ..' w 111 m n mi i
full flistnh, Mahy. Don't you think
we'd bcttah pull huh name down
befo! 'she disRraccH us?' ,
"It wo'kcd like a chawnil" And
the colonel chuckled delightedly as
he recalled the success of his little
ruse. ' "Mahy's cyai snapped like
find as she said: "Chctab's blood's
as Rood as tiny boss's blood; let
huh R0.'
"An' I did let huh roj but befo'
the staht Mahy called me it) again
an' made me solemnly promise one
tbiiiR that Tom shouldn' cahy a
whip. If Chetah could win with
out u lick, all right, but no niggalt
should touch bub bide with a lash.
She was oud of the family, an' it
would have been a disgrace to say
she'd been whipped by a nlggah,
"If Cbctab'd los' that race I
think I'd have quit lickab mid join
ed the chu'eh. I wax so troubled
in my mind I couldu' bcab to watch
the rtinniu'. I just tti'ued my back
to the cou'sc and watched Mahy's
face. Talk about yob kinctoscopes
an' yob vltascopcs! I saw eve'y
phase of thnt contest Pom beginning
to end all In my wife' rapidly
cbangin' expression.
'Now the youngstahs leave the
paddock fob the post that's what
Mahy's face says as she takes down
bub glasses fob a second. Then I
sec Mahy sit up an' bub face take
pu a look oflnte' ait 'about ready,'
thinks I. In a minute bub expres
sion changes to otic of anxiety, an'
I know thcah's trouble about the
staht. The next moment thcah's
as fine a picttth of pain as cvab I
hope to sec, an' I Chctab's
got a bad staht. Then thcah's a
dead calm of tense stistrciise, an' I
feel that Chetah must be makiu' an
effobt to ketch up with the bunch.
A pallab ovahsprcads Mahy's love
ly face, an' I feel I mus' run up an'
ketch bub to keep huh from fallin'.
I'acc not so pale 'i'illy mils' be
comin' on,' thinks I. A blush o'
ctimsou an' a glad liRbt in my wife's
eyes hoorab fob Chetahl Wife's
eyes focussed on the bunch o' leap
In' squirrels. Wife on feet an'
sinilin' 'Wish I'd put iiuothab
hund'ed on that puss!' 'Chetah I
Chetah!' an' ban's g'oin' pitapat,
an' the han'somest woman In Knin
tucky in teahs, but lookiu' as sweet
as the day I led bub to the nltnli!
"Hut," said the colonel, Ixnving
apologetically, "pawdoti men thou
sau' times, sub! Honh I've been
n-blowiu' away, an' you've not bod
yoh inawuiu's inawniu' this mawti
in I" pril Century.
An Ideal Trout Stream..
There arc many fine trout
streams in Oregon which have be
come famous the world over for the
quantity, quality and gameuuss of
their scaly inhabitants. We have
read of the Williamson river in the
Klamath country, which has been
whipped by the most famous of our
incipient Iznak Waltous. Rogue
river has been threshed with silk
Hue and leader by many hundreds
of tourists on the way to Crater
I.uke. Our friend ttudyord Kip
liugttook a recessional) along the
banks of the Clackamas one day,
and recorded among his immortal
outpourings an account of bis day's
sport there. Hut the king of thim
all, the clear, cold, swift-flowing
Deschutes, has not received its due
proportion of fame.
Kvery sort of trout that grows in
Oregon waters Is found Jterc, and
some others that have not been
classified are occasionally lauded.
Grayling are a' common mtlsauco,
and of .salmon there is a plenitude.
The Deschutes is a very peculiar
stream, probably the only one of Us
kind in the .world. About fifteen
milts above Heud n lava flow of
comparative recent date has run
across the river and-dammed It up.
In breaking through the lavn tJo
river has evidently found an under
ground outlet which carries oil a
certain surplus water
olid lonvos thcUvcr below at always
the same level. Above the. lava
flow the river Is subject to seasonal
floods, and some forty miles below,1
after the confluence of the Matoles
and Crooked rivers.the people living
along the shores notice a rise when
the snow gods off. Hut at Heud the
river Is always the same, and a dif
ference in depth of six, inches is'uh
known. The stream is always cold
and clear, and flows with extreme
rapidity through a country covered
with open yellow pine timber.
There are few bushes along the
bank to obstruct the fisherman, and
the river contains tlic finest pools,
eddies and ripples in the workf, and
anyone who starts out with bis rod
and creel for a day's sport never
comes back dissatisfied or disappointed.
nf of
IlxcrcUo In Pronunciation.
Ail exercise in pronunciation was
placed on the blackboard of n teach
ers' institute, a prize being offered
to anyone who could rend and pro
nounce every word correctly. The
book offered ns a prize was not car
ried ofT, however, as twelve was the
lowest number of mistakes in the
pronunciation made. Can't .sonic
of our young scholars do better than
"A sacrcligioussou of Hclial, who
suffered from bronchitis, having ex
bausted lu's finances, in order to
make good the deficit, resolved to
ally himself to a comely, lenient
and docile young lady of the Malay
or Caucasian race. He according
ly purchased a calliope and coral
necklace of n chameleon hue; and,
securing a suite of rooms at a prin
cipal hotel, he engaged the head
waiter as bis coadjutor. He then
dispatched n letter of the most un
exceptionable calliRraphy " extant,
inviting the young lady to a mat
inee. She revolt ql at the idea, re
fused to considcrjicfjjelf saciificabh:
to his desires, and scut a polite note
of refusal, on receiving which he
procured a carbine and bowic knife,
said that he would not forge fetters
hymeneal with the queen, went to
an isolated spot, severed his jugular
vein, and then discharged tlic con
tents of the carbine into his abdo
men. The debris was removal by
the coroner." American Hoy.
Doofcd (0 the Interests of Eastern
' V
$1.00 per
Shaniko Warehouse Compa
Fireproof building, 90x600 feet,
fully equipped for forwarding
Wool, Pelts,
Lumber, Wood, Coal, Flour, Hay
and Grain.
Special attention given to wool; first-class baling and grading facilities.
All Modern Improvements for Handling Stock
A. Ii. L! PPM AN & CO.
Furniture and Undertaking
Stores, Wall Paper, Suifdig Materials, Etc
Oregon and Crook County in General and the lead Country in Particular.
Bend is the Coming City of Central
Oregon. In five years li will have a
teeming population of - five thousand.
If ybu don't believe this, ask, the best
posted men in the State on lumber
and agricultural matters, and abide
by their decision. The Bulletin is here
to STAY and keep its readers posted on
the improvements made from time to
time. Don't you want it? It may
give you a tip that will make you rich.
Grain, Etc.
W. I.OKI), The Daltrf.