The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 03, 1903, Image 6

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The Bern! Balletm
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If the referendum law is applied
to the appropriation net for the
Lewis nnd Chuk exposition, there
is not very much dungcr of its be
hi killed, although there are more
fools funning around loose in Ore
gon than n person would imagine;
nndthc smnll number of votes Mint
would be cnt against the bill
would have a tendency to give tine
project a black eye to a certain ex
tent The Lewis nnd Clark expo
sition will be the big event of Ore
yon's history for many years to
come, and it will build up and ad
vertise the resources of the state as
nothing else could. It will have to
be, a co-operative business invest
ment for the citizens of Oregon. mid
Is something that every man, wom
an and child enn help along.
There is a bunch of soreheads in
most of the smaller towns who think
that the exposition is a graft fee
the sole benefit of Portland. They
do not stop to consider that Port
land is the logical place for an event
of this kind. It is our mctropolkf
and is the terminus of four trans
continental railroad lines, to sa
nothing of the transportation ad
vantages offered by the Columbia
The only objection we can see in
the whole affair is the site chosen.
On a hot summer day in x
the cast wind blows, the exposition
will get the full benefit of the ma
larial, sewage-laden air from
flock's bottom and the Willamette
nvcrj which will contain all the
drainage of Portland and her 125,
000 people at this point. A north
wind will bring in the perfumed nit
from the city crematory, the manure-covered
Chinese gardens, and
the horse cannery, while the south
and west winds will carry all the
sounds nnd smells of a great city.
We trust that the crematories,
glue factories, etc., will be closed
down during President Roosevelt's
visit to the fair grounds.
construct n suitable fishwty nt this
point, nnd another nt Cline Palls,
about eight miles nbovo, then the
snlmon would have a clear .run to
the uttermost heads of the river, as
the falls above here are simply a
series of cascades which could eas
ily be surmounted by the fish. This
would open the finest atronui on the
coast to the salmon, and although
it may be a menace to the trout, it
will more than compensate by add
ing iiuothcr breading ground to the
great salmon industry of the state.
The fishways should bo easily
constructed and maintained, as the
river does not noticeably rise nor
('all at either of the falls, lloth falls
are owned by the Cline Falls Power
collapse at any time a heavy strain
is placed on it, without waiting" for
a flood tontart things.
The most important accomplish
ment of the Crook county irrigation
congress, which wns orgnniml ftt
Prineville lust fall, wtis the npjo!t
incut of n Committee of several of
the most brilliant minds of that
body to gather material and uiuliody
the ideas of Unit motugtuU aaMmi
lily rugurdiuK question of utmost
importance to the inhabitants of
Central Oregon The Iuhummiltyof
Dehorning Hydraulic Rama. Tim
committee has prejmied an tuuuM-,
ally exhaustive treatise on thus sub-
Co., and they would willingly take ijoct, and hoh copiously Mummied
charge of the ftshways nnd see that and annotated the body of thoJr
General Commission S Forwarding Merchant
Prompt attention xiid to those who favor me with thuir patronage.
no one disturbed the fish on their
travels up stream.
The matter of civic improvement
is taking a great deal more atten
tion these days than it did when
our fathers were young, nnd in all
the large cities Civic Improvement
clubs are formed, having for their
object the beautifying of the streets
and buildings, the establishment of
a park system, and the introduction
labors The committee docs not
feel that it can lie accused of plug
iari.Mti, as the famous uditor of the
l.nmniio Boomerang only dabbled
along tlic,sohtre of this momon
yOus question, white the C. C. I.
C.'s committee has explored uvtry
portion and fathomed every un
known depth of this great ocunu of
public interest. ,
This tctort is to be submitted to
the next convention of the Oregon
Irrigation Congress, whutu the prod
Shaniko-Prineville Stage Line
ui wri unu 111c puuiic uuiuiiUK. --' ..-....-
Bend is now iujts swaddling clothes Williamson and Muj.
and there will be no time like thoP"- A- 1J C. etc., 1
of art into the public buildings, '"mlcous will be (JiscuswU by Kp.
Alfred iT.
under Mar-
present for an agitation or this sort ' 1ute r CtMwberry rule, at forty
to commence. Itjuu been the us- i ! strangle hold, and hitting in
ual tliiiiif it buildim? mi WiMtiint ! the clinches barred.
towns, o allow the priuciul street
take the course of the more well-de-
It seems strange that a newspaper
of such undoubted high standing
and reputation as the Oregoniun
would allow its editorial columns to
Ix: used for the publication of an ar
ticle on the descendants of Alexan
der Hamilton which appeared in the
issue of March 28th. ' It is just
such needlessly published talas as
this which cause people to doubt
, that our great men were great. Ifc
it not much better to have the young
and growing generation read of the
good men brought to their
country than to hear of some half
cooked tale of intrigue and wrong
doing in which they were involved?
The Oregoniau has a great influence
over the thought uud opinion of the
people of the Northwest, and instead
of disseminating tides of this nature
it had better return to its good hab
its of forceful editorials upon cur
rent events and public needs.
We would call the attention of
the state fisheries commission, or
whoever has charge of such mat
ters,, to the condition of the Des
chutes river, as far as the propaga
tion of salmon is concerned. Dur
ing the season great quantities of
salmon run up the river and all its
branches, but they are stopped
nbout thirty miles' below Bend by a
thirty-footfall. The state should
fined cow trails, and for the build
ings to spraddle out all over the
country regardhs&e of natural loca
tion and f suitable environment.
Kcnd will grow up in the virgin
forest, and it would be a fine thing
to pick upon a suitable location
kioiit now for a permanent public
park, so that when we grow up and
become a large-sized spot on the
map we can invite distinguished
visitors to our beautiful little city
nd pointy with pride tOjOurpnrk
system anu streets.
We can take Portland ns n good
example of a very batlly planned
town. The city authorities there
have about twice as many streets to
look after ns there should be for
general convenience and comfprt.
The streets arc very narrow, and so
many more than necessary that
there is not money enough to kep
them clean and in repair. The few
main streets which are supposed to
be good arc a disgrace to the town,
but they nrc all omuch better than
the side streets that the Portlanders
do not complain.
Now is the time for the Haulers
to get in nnd pick out the pnrk site.
We don't need it now, because the,
country is all park; Jjut in a few
years from now we in our old age
will be very thankful that we had
foresight enough to plan a pleasant
place in which to spend a Sunday
afternoon with our grandchildren,
and we will lmvc good cause to in
troduce an ordinance in the liend
city council providing that our
names be inscribed on the walls of
the Bend hall of fame in large, bold
Let the board of trade take hold
of this matter.
A rumor wa started at Iloud
which may liave found iu way out
on the road, ami in juatk to all
concerned, and iu order that the
traveling public may be tcaMurwL
we deal re to state that the illnes at
Mr. Slaats' place was not atttalltmx,
noraiiythinglikeit. Sylvester StaaU
was confiuod to hi room with a se
vere attack of la gripjw, am! was
very ill for ti time. Medical aid
waa not available at tint, and ou
account of tiie smallpox scare at
ShanikQome o pwpto Jmjuail
Leave Shaniko 6 p. 111. Arrive Prineville 0 a. in.
" Prineville 1 p. 111, " tflmnlko 1 . m.
First-Class Accommodnlions for (lie Traveling Public
lOM CUlltK
Wholesale and Retail Liquor House
n, in r in Vh
1 a
I'lnost llrnndii of l.liiiorji mid Clittim.
Two Doors South of Hank.
pox hor.
a case of small-
That was a brilliant stroke of di
plomacy on the part of the citizens
of Prineville iu getting the city
limits ou the west reduced so ns to
exclude the New Crooked river
bridge. The last legislature passed
the act upon fietition of the citizens
of our county scat. The drinks are
on us. l lie county will rebuild the
bridge. There is one feature, just
as expensive, though, that they al
together overlooked, and that is,
they forgot to contract their area so
as to exclude the other bridge.
That one was an old bridge iu the
early eighties, and has been patched
arid re-patched until it is liable to
The board of engineers has de
clared Captain Harts' plan for bull
ing a canal at IMvemile rapids on
the Columbia river, impracticable.
It declares for a canal between Five
mile anil Ten mile rapids. The
board has raided the estimates above
the limit fixed by cougreM, and
there is a question whether the war
(lemrtment has' authority to pro
ceed with the work. It may be dij
cidod to proceed with the approved
parts of the Harts project and call
ou congrc) for a further appropria
tIo Crooked River's Antics.
We uuderKtand that ou last Sun
day afternoon, while Mr. Prank
Forrest was sited iu .his rwrlor
reading, he vaf arousod by a gun
tie tapping at the front door of his
dwelling. His hospitable nature
immediately asserted itself, so lie
opened the door uud prepared to
welcome his guot. You can imag
ine his Mir prise uud consternation
upon finding the bridge lately ucrom
New Crooked river at Prineville
neatly stacked up ou his front porch.
One of the trus rods, which had
cmue loose, was knocking ut the
door. The county can recover each
individual section of the bridge by
sending to Forrest's after the same
uud paying all costs.
We understand Jjmt the Crook
county irrigation convention will in
vestigate the cause of the flood; why
the government allowed all that wa
ter to be scattered about Prineville,
and why the bridge, washed away;
and will recommend that the gov
ernment take personal controlof that
part of the heavens which immed
iately overhangs Crook county, so
that (lie citizens who arc-discommoded
by such, unties of Mother
Nature may have something tangi
ble to kick at hereafter.
Carrying U. S. Mail and Passengers.
Lanves 1'rtnovillc Mondays, Wednesdays nnd Fridays. FnHht ami
Passengers waybillwl for Bend. I,av, Uoalaud. and Silver take. Good
Viga, careful drivers.
C. I. WIN'NKK. Agent.
ianford9$ mh Store
General Merchandise,
Groceries, Clothing,
, Furnishing Goods
Hamilton Si
& Redby Feed Barn
Stock boarded by the day, week or month
Fine Teams and Rigs, and Reasonable Rales.
First-class Facilities for Handling Locators and Commercial Travelers.
Quick Service and Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Columbia Southern Hotel.
Hot nnd cold water on bothiloors.
Unths for the use 0 guegts,
Kvcry modern convenience at hand,
The dining room, under the'direct supervision of Mr. Kcency, is a
very model of tasteful, spotless'clegance, and the service is equal to any
in the state, , ' - ,
All stages arrive at aud leave the Columbia Southern..,;
J. M. KEENCV, Proprietor.
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