The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 03, 1903, Image 5

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    Spring Humors
Como to inoit iiooplo nntl cauio many
trouble, pimples, bulls nud other
criipthum, besides loss of appetite,
tlmt llrod fooling, fits of biliousness,
liidltfoetlon nud hentlacfio.
Tlio sootier ono gets rlil of iliom tho
bailor, nml tlio way (o got rid of thum
mid (o Imlld up tlio lyitom that has
suffered from thorn U to (nko
Hood's Sarsaparllla
and Pills
Fornilnff In combination tho Bprlnj?
Modlcluo;ur excellence, of unequalled
ttroiurth In purifying; tlio blood m
ahown by unequalled, radical and per
manent curci of
Scrofula Salt FJhoum
8coltl Hond' Bolls, Plmplou
All Kinds of Humor Psoriasis
Blood Poisoning Rheumatism
Catarrh Dyspepsia, Kto
Accept no aubitltttto, but bo luro to
get Hood's, Mid got It today.
The Appreciation,
Tho Author (alter tho first perform
anco) Well, what do you think of tuy
l'omlnlno l'rlnnd It wn ut lorolyl
Who designed tho heavenly drowa7
Brooklyn 1,1 fo.
Pate'a Injustice.
Nocnsh (disconsolately) Tho rich
nrn getting rlclior mid tho poor pooror.
J'rlcnil What's wrong now7
Nocnsh Mis l'tillpurmi linx refused
mn nud In going to marry Mr, Coupon,
Now York Wwikly.
Will Smash Him Then.
"Ho ha chnllongml you," Mid hli
friend. "Why don't you fight him?"
"It Un't tho r!(ht tlmo of tho moon
yet," exclaimed tho enraged nir.ii,
grinding his tooth horribly. Chicago
A Dlfftrant Specie.
"I thought you anld Drown wn a
regular bibliomaniac."
( "Not on your Ufa. I wild ho wae n
blbuloua maniac." Baltimore Now.
BInfl'rrltlng fur tlio April Century
"ThoKvoloollon of American Census
Taking," which glvoa Interesting de
tatla of tho magnitude aid intrlcacloa
of tho "decennial snsp-shot of the na
tion," the Honorable W. 11. Merrlam
ha resigned tho oMen of director of
the ceo mi , to become vice president of
tho International mercantile agency.
tlarmteia InfaUiatlQn,
"Confound theae illterary clulm, I
ray. My wlfo'a craxy over Drowning."
"8o'a ml no. Hut I'm not tailing
any objections. Hrownlng'a dead."
Washington Tlrncn.
Mother will find Mrs. mnslott's Booth.
Ine flyrup the bait remedy to us for thtlr
Bhlkirvu Uurlug in teaming period.
Same 014 Complaint.
- Old Hindoo Well, how do you llko
your profrmlonT
loting I.mdr Profession's O. K.
Just Suited the Scorcher.
And tho soul of tho wlckrd ono wna
next rondemnod to fall through apace
nt tho rnto of a mile a minute for 10,
000 yearn. "Hay," ho shouted an he
panned tho 10,000th ghostly mile post,
"thl beat any rlilltifc I aver tried!"
Antomobilo Mngaxlp.0.
You (lax Out Allan'! Foal Kaea FIIKE.
Write Allan a Olmttfd, UUoy, N. Y, fur a
tree tampls at Allan's Koot llaae. It euro ehll.
Maine, wfllnir, damp, awollen, aclilrt fret.
It make new or tlrht ehiws t'j, A rerlaln
cure lor Conn and iitmloni All ilrureliteeeli
it. lie. Ilun'l accept aiirsuUlltute.
One Perm of Argument.
A Denver Juntlco cornea to the sup
port of the New York cruiado against
wheellug baby carriage on tho aide
walka by eaylng that if God meant
liable to go on wheels ho would have
put wheel on them,
PIT farsMaiaer hM f Pie ef mm annua
file) arUfflrti-lti'diMaf lr Ktla.'iOrMlNenrt
&Mtjr. aNutrvrrunitRj.oeirutuiuixiuM.
tie. ba.U.aUuae.Ue.uiAMriSU.t'BUWaleUa.ira.
Ocean Liners of IHH0.
Ily tho breaking up of tho Bervln and
tho Alaska there disappeared two of
tho three famous Atlantic linora whose
appearance twenty yuara ago waa re
garded aa tho oiwnlng up of a new and
moat important page In tho history of
Atlantic steaming,
Somewhat of a Dampencr.
Mr. Simpson Just see what mothoi
i. i , .. - , ... , , . . , ,
If tho predict) I'm kicking about. -":T" U,T7" 'Y"J u, mraeyiorour
Town and Country. oi rmiiiae million it caino uj oxprois
Bawara or Olntmrala rr Catarrl That
Cuiilaln 91 a roil r,
As mireurr "III lurelr daitror the n ol
mall ami completely ott ansa the whula aja.
urn whanantarli) llttiruiifli tbamueoiiaaur
iaeaa. Hueliartlelraalinuld nner ba uloi.
eil on Mftcrtplloni Irora itimtabla phyal
dim, aa lua daniaxa Ihar will do It ln (old to
the aon-l rouran NnlbIf darlra (torn than
llalPa Catarrh Curt, inanulariurad by r. 1
Cheney 4 Co.,Tolelo.O , enmalnt no mercury,
and la taken Internally, aelln itlractly upon
irta uioeq ana muroue eurraote 01 ma lyaiain
Cugiyinr natrt waiarrn cure u eur
a lennlne. It It taken lnternallr, an
In Toledo, Ohio, Xijr.i, Chanty A Co.
hoi.i by nrurtnu, pr lea 7 Jo. per bottle.
I thla morning.
Kimpaon (Joyfully) Hlcsa hor heart)
That's just llko her.
Mra, Hlmpton And alio aent ua a
noto raying sho would bo hero to holp
us cat it.
Blmpaon (not qtilto ao Joyfully) The
dickens! That' Just llko her, tool
Now York Time.
UaU'arataUy llllt era the Ivk
Woraf Thsa That.
"lie wroto a girl a lovo-tntler onco,
and it'a costing him a prtitty jK-tiny
"Urrach of promlao nult'
"No, alimony." Philadelphia Treta.
Kor forty year's I'lso'a Cure for Con
sumption has cured coughs and cold. At
druggists. Price 30 cants.
Her Plan.
"I've been two week trying to get
my husband to giro mo ISO to buy a
now drost," complained Mr. Oairam
, to Mra. Willie.
"I nover do that."
"What do you dot"
"I have my dress charged and leavo
my husband to fight It out with tho
collector." Harper'a Ilaxaar,
Our Aristocracy.
"film claim, I belle vo, to bo de
scended from a king." ,
"Yea. lleforo her grandfather atruck
It rich ho mbi known a the poker king
of White Hosa Flats."
Th ecclesiastical Tender.
Cashier In what denomination do
you want your monoy?
Undo Itubo Wa'al, I'm a Methodist
myeelf, eo y might a well make 'em
that. Princeton Tiger.
At the Horse Show.
Mcllrler Pld ye ever eoo a horse
Jump folvo feet over a fencu?
McHwatt Ol'vo seen 'cm Jump four
feet over. I didn't know that a horao
had folvo feet.
Wisdom of Age.
Ilea (aweet alxtveu) Did you not be
what a knightly air Mr. Dashing lias?
Aunt Mary Yea sort of an up-all
nightly air. aa it were. Chicago New.
Bxsxsxsxi sxtBlxsxtsxf ' BBBBBBBBBiaV sxsxsxsl saxtBBxl slBBBBBl axsxl Maxk BBSM aaasf aBtfl
'Xho JCIntl You Htivo Alwnya Itouffhc linn borne tlio nlffita-.
ttiro of GIuih, II Flotclicr, and lina been xundo under his
pcraonal nuiorvlnion for over UO yearn. Allow no one
to docolvo you in this. Counterfeits, Imltatlonn and
"JiiHt-aH-prood" nro but Experiments, nnd cndniifrcr Um
JioaUh of Chlldrou Kxporlenco ngalnst Kxporlmcut.
Cnstorln Is a harmless Htibstltuto for Castor Oil, Par
Korlc, Drops nud Huothlntr Syrups. It la lMcasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotlo
mibHtnnco. Its njro is its ctiarantco. It destroys "Wnrmi
and allays Foverlahneas. It cures Diarrhoea and AYlnd
ollc. It relieves Teothlnfr Troubles, cures Conatlpatloa
and riatulcncy. It assimilates tho Food, regulates the
fltomnch and Dowels, Klvlntr healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
The KM You fee Always Bought-
Bears the Signature) of
In Use For Over 30 Yeart.
rxa eenTv . rr aiuaaat araear. mwraaii airr.
I'erlla mtit Dunuera Wlilcli Man Courta
A in 111 the Itteriial Hnotva.
Tht'rti la aomi'tliliia; wonderfully ox-'
hlliirntliiK In tho HUggcatloii of tho
Imnd to hnntl conlllct with a motinliilii,
nays it writer In
Mimst'y'N In mi In
tcrcatliig nrlli'lu on
"Tho I'trlls of Al
plnel'lliiibliiK.,"J'l)o ronl ibiiigcr, the
trcmciitloiiH dllllcnl
tit) thill hcHH tin
way, nr iioti'iit fue
tors In ruiiMing men
tonctlon, Tin.' height
nml tho nppnrent
limceHKlblllty of thy
Miimmltnri'ln them
hcIvcn a coimtnut
clinllcngi1 In tho
daylight the pcitka
nre so grimly tremendous, mi aelr-auill
dent, Hint limn bitterly resenta the feel
lug that ho la it pitiful pigmy tumble to
fret their hugeness.
It I not tho great pntiorumle view
from the summit that oppenla to the
thoiiHuiidH who climb the high penka
every year. It la simply the game the
hand to bund atrugule with mivugc na
ture. Thu Hturlea of nccldenta thrill the
tourist with horror nnd make him long
to atnud on the very apot where aome
allocking disaster occurred. The tales
of tho frightful atorniH nt high alti
tude, of tho fearful nvahtiicliea, of tho
fulling rocks, of plunges Into crevasse,
of lalxirlou cutting of Ice step", of the
elltublng nrtund ledges with only n
linger nud too hold over a precipice
from which one can look down thou
sand of feet, Hie night spent on the
miow on the mountain aide, atorlta of
frost bite, of hour of Intense toll, theae
HilngH merely apur liliu on.
Borne of tho balr-breadtb escapes of
mountain climbers nre nluiost Incredi
ble. Men have managed 10 throw them
selves under n sheltering ledge while
a rock thundered over them. They have
lain so for nn hour or more, listening
to the mighty cannonading.
Ononwftil catastrophe mark tliefirat
nsceut of the Mntlerhorn In IKUTi. Tor
years the terrible peak had battled nil
effort to scale It. IMwnrd Whymper,
n noted climber, hnd made atx unstie
ceasful nttempts before he succeeded.
In hi party were Charles Hudson, tlio
most necoinpllaucd climber of lilt time;
Lord rrnucla Douglas, nnolher famous
climber; a Mr. Ilndow nml three guide
two TnugwnlderM and the great Mi
chael Crut. They reached the summit;
but early In the dcaccut Mr. Ilndow
became exhausted. Cruz bad to place
tho young KuglUliman' fret lit the Ico
steps. lie slipped, struck Croz In tho
back, nml both fell. The strain ou the
rope dislodged Lord iVtwcIk Douglas,
And Mr. Hudson was dragged after
him. Mr. Whymper and tho Taugwul
,!rxs braced themsdves, nnd the Jerk
eiimo ns ou one man. The rope parted
above old Peter Tnugwnlder, nnd the
four fell from precipice to precipice to
the Mnttcrhoni glacier below, n perpen
dicular distance of -I.OOO feet. The ter
ror nnd horror of the tragedy so pur
nlyxed the survivors that they barely
escaped being frozen to death."
lUaliolClectau VounuMon WlilloStudjr
I ar In Chlcavo UnUeraltr.
lltirtou It. l'n'iicb, the Congressman-
elect from Idaho, ettjoj tho unhitio
distinction of having heeit eleetedto thu
lower brunch nt
Washington w tillc
still a student. .Six
years ago he waa n
farmer'K boy with
out political ambi
tion nml with little
Idea of politic. In
IbUS ho entered the
Htnto Unlveralty,
and there IiIh tint
IHilltlcal honcr enmo
tit li 1 III when lu wna
1.1BTO.N L. VIICSCII Ilomhintednad
elected to the Statu Legislature, lie
eened acceptably and galtied ipilto n
reputation aa uu orator and nlso aa nu
advocate of the untlonul ndmlulstrn
tlou's policy In dealing with tho Phil
ippines, In 1001 ho was re-elected, uud
wits tho cntidldute of the minority for
Speaker of tho lower house. At the
close of tho legislative session, Kruicli
having been graduated from tho Uni
versity of Idaho meanwhile, went to
Chicago to work for n master's degree
In the university there. Ho hud little
menu nnd was compelled to work for
hi support while studying. Lat Juno
when ho returned homo It was to find
that ho hnd been nominated for Con
grchs. IIo Immediately entered Into tho
campaign and visited every county In
tho Statu except two, nnd these had no
towns. Mauy of the points nt which
ho apoko had to bo reached by stage or
horseback, and long drives over moun
tainous country had to bo taken. lie
was elected, however, defeating his op
jKinent by 8,000 votes.
lleoord fur Scotland.
Scotland shipped U,'JTi,-l2 tons of
coal Inst year, constituting a record.
Kleotrlolty In I'nrlm
Tarls Is supplied with electricity by
soveu different companies.
Nover Judgo a woman's mind by tbn
tlmo It takes hor to make ltip.
' "litm
rrpIIU harvesting of Ico for n city
II such ns Montreal Is no mean
proposition, even In tho obstruct,
but for n moment wo will .enter Into
figure and see Jimt what it means.
There have beon harvested In tho
city during tho present winter softie
thing like 11)0.000 tons of Ice. Multiply
this by y.000 nnd wo arrive nt a total
of 320,000,000 pound Divide this
Into thu population of the city nnd
otitlylug district, nllow for tho neces
sary waste, nnd It I found that every
man, woman nnd child consume In the
neighborhood of f3f0 pounds during tho
yenr. However, n great deal of this
consumption I Indirect, ns It were, for
In these figure come the restnurauts.
butcher nnd other Inrgo consumer of
Ice. Thu calculation Is a fair one. how
ever, for sooner or Inter the members
of tho community benefit thereby.
Tho Ice upon which Montreal de
pend I drawn from several source;
for Instance, the Hack Itlver f unilshes
ome. the St. Lawrence below St.
$?& j:3&'
Mary's current furnishes more, while
thu river opposite Nun's Island con
tribute by far the larger share. The
Ico in thl latter locality I beautifully
clear nnd 1 now being harvested ns
fast ns men can cut nnd teams can
Tho process proper of procuring tec
begin with tho removal of tho now,
thl being accomplished with horses
bitched to scrapers. Next comes a mn
chine termed n marker, which Is a
aerie of teeth set nt given Intervals.
The teeth nro ho adjusted that they cut
nt Interval of forty luetic nnd again
at twenty Inches, tho width nnd length
of nn onllunry eate. A cutter, consist
ing of a aeries of big teeth, set ono In
front of tho other, 1 then run over
theso marks byuneans of horses, mak
ing tho cuts sotiio live Inches deep.
Next tho saw comes Into play. In
tho old days each cake was sawn, but
experience ban proven that Ice, if prop
erly handled, enn bo broken very rend
lly with n sharp iron bar, thus saving n
sBBBBBBBlBBBBfefaTea? -M. Alat HpfWm pJIt "at ai
1I01BTINO ics nr STEAM vower.
great portion of tho necessarily slower
method of sawing.
Tho City Ico Company's mon In placo
of sawing tho Ico Into comparatively
Bmnll cakes content themselves with
gqlng through It with tho toothed In
strument nt lntorvals of sixty-four
feet, cutting through only tho short
tvny. This raft, sixteen cakes long
and-four wldo. Is then broken off tho
main body by means of bars nnd with
sharp Ico hook, act In long handlers
the men conduct It down toward tho
skid, ono end of which Is In tho wntor
nml the 'other ending in n long plat
form, set nt n convenient height lo load
the sleigh without nny lifting to apeak
of. At tho foot'of the skit' the men
tackle the Ico raft with barn again.
H I I T JLL1 aeaaaaBBacvXSM
JTVId K ssr"aaw
-wDV f (r-, tn3Prl Ma
rrri 7yfaS aaaii mm i ,
breaking off the cakes which go flying;
up tho skid propelled by a team of
horses, bitched to n long rope. ' Tlio
rest in all easy, for the sleighs stand
there waiting for their loads to take
over to the houses. -
Tho work of the Ico harvester Is not
unlike that ef tho lumberman, nnd on
share tho dangers ns well as the fas
cination of tho other. That it lmstts
fascinations la shown by tbo fact that
ono hongy old gray-beard told that he
had been cutting Ico every winter, for
twenty-tiro years, nnd ns he worked
the saw up nnd down through tho
blocks of blue crystal he renlly ap
peared to enjoy It, nnd that too Ire
spite of tho fact that tho wind wsi
blowing keen nnd strong over tbo St
Lawrence. making tho footing nny
Hflng but secure.
A cubic foot of Ice weighs flfty-scT-en
nnd one-half pounds. Cut that Into
quarters nnd the result is four Ycry
smnll pieces, hardly sufficient to fill
nn ordinary Derby hat four times over,
nnd still each will weigh upward of
fourteen pounds. Montreal Star. '.
Children Ilegln In Theae Dajra aa Boon
aa They Tulle
A group of flvo Brooklyn children,
cousins, were playing in tho nursery
a few mornings ago, tho eldest perhaps
10 years of ngo nnd the youngest, tb
only boy, nearly 5. Their mothers ro ?
club women, alert and Intelligent, and
theso youngsters had beard much dis
cussion of "tbo new woman" nnd of
"advanced" topics mentioned In ad
dresses before tho clubs. They bad
absorbed more of the information than
their parents reallxed, says tho Brook
lyn Eagle.
On tho morning In question the chtN
drcn were talking over what tbey bad
heard and tbo oldest said: "WelL ev
erybody's got to bo something now-'
a day. Mother says you can't be Just
humdrum and comfortable and sit
around home any more. Must hayo a
career. I shall bo a musician. Peoplo
wll come to bear mo play nnd will clap
nnd give mo lots of 'plaws.' "
"I," said Jeannette, "shall be n sculp
tress. I already make very nice things.
In cloy modeling at school."
"Prouflool" yelled the others.
"No, 1 nln't. "I know, my llmmut
tatlons,' as mother says when sho
rends a paper. Itut I know what I can,
do! So nowl"
Mario thought sho would bo an act
res or a teacher, she had not decided
which, only that sho "would know a
lot" and wear a long gold chain.
"I'll bo a p'leesman," piped up llttlo
brother. "Nen If you ain't good I'll
ketch you an' you'll bo sorry. 'N'at's.
Dear little MarJorle,! 0 years old. who
had many dolls to caro for, sat eouteut
cdly In her little chair rocking, hugging:
her baby doll and crooning a "byo-low"-to
it. Sho bad not spoken nnd was ask
ed to contribute her Idea of a career to
this symposium. Sho glanced up. n
puuled look on her contented llttlo
fnce. "Yes, I beard you all talkln',"
said she with a sigh. Then her usual:
happy expression returned, sho lifted
baby doll to her shoulder close under
her chin nnd said: "I'm Just goln to
bo a mother with n nlco fambly o
cblPron "
A Cerebral Handow.
Sharpo A Baltimore man Is busy or
ganising all the joko writers Into a
union; I wonder what kind of an em
blem they will use.
(And Immediately
replaced about his
Philadelphia Itccord.
a chestnut, of
tho Ico-pack was
fevered brow.V
Death Itate of St. lcterslitirfr.
St. Petersburg has tho highest dcaUt
rate of any European'cnpltaL
When n'toper stops drinking It may
bo cither to his credit or to his lack
of credit.