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Comprehensive Review of the Import
nnt Happenings o( the Past Week,
Presented In Condensed form, Mos
Likely to Prove Interesting to Our
Many Render.
n 0MMW WNMV5.. fvf WXS ft
S) leave Washington April I
3 In t'blraro . .itl 3
A In Yellow. tons l'rk . April stoJt
(V) In Nsbta-U, Iowa, llllnuli April to 3V
S InM liiiiu April W
It) In Kama City Wr t
(?) In liior May I
0!) InHaii Krnelei., ...May ll lo II
(i Arrive at Ashland, Or May 31
(S InHalem . Majriii
iSi Attire Portland (afternoon) Mar 31
m lre IVritand (rooming) .Mar'J
ni in i cum.
(J ArrlvaHsatlU ..
lu Malta Wall.
i In HiKikan.
Mar 11
Ma Vi
May II
Juno I
June 4
(ft In Hall !...
In ChfTti nnn
U,to fhejenna on return
Arrive In wiuhltiRtan
Forty million dollars' north of Ian f
And tenement In Orealor New York
on which taxes tiro In arrears will bo
old this full under nn order of tlio con
It U mII Hint In the event of no raw
of fovur occurring nt Tamia, Horlda
will not quarantlnoagalnst Culm, owing
to the agreement reached between Hur
Kon Oonoml Wyman and tlio Florida
Itoard of health.
As n Hock Island train wait entering
Guthrie, Okla., aonio rson lired a
ahot through a window, wounding
Mine. La Molho, an opera singer from
Paris, in tlio arm and catting hor face
and arms with hroken glass.
The Missouri sennto haa paswd n
resolution submitting an'smendmrnt lo
tha constitution for levying a tax of 4
cents for five years for building a nnw
capltol. It Is estimated that, If adopt
od, the levy will ml to $3,000,000.
Isaac Henry Btrntton, ron of tlio lato
V7. H. Ktratton, of Colorado Hprlngs,
says that If ho fa successful In breaking
hit father's will ho will build a poly
technlo school at Colorado Hprlngs to
coit from 1600,000 to (1,000,000.
Burgeons at Moray hospital, Pitts
bury, Pa., havoiiniputated tho complete
right upper extremity of a child II yearn
old. Amputation Included tlio col
lar bono and shoulder blade. It ll
thought that thu child will recover.
Tlio sonata will now tako up tlio
Cuban treaty,
Tlio Mississippi Hood haa caused tho
loss of a number of Uvea.
Tho Colorado atrlko haa oxtondud to
tho Crlpptu Crek mine.
Twolvo ilottha havo occurred in the
last six month Jn New York Olty from
PrisongsM on a tlrooklyn Rapid Trnn
tit company'a Myrtlo avonuo car found
themselves looked in a burning car.
Tho rnotorman did not atop until tho
und of tlio run wai reached, whore a
flro engine wan waiting to extinguish
tho flumes, and tho occupuita ot tho
car wore rollevod from a perilous situ
ation. Thq passage of n psckngo of diamonds
through tho custom houso at Now York
fins brought out tho fact that tho ro
tnnt of tlio Juwuln to Antworp was pre
vented only by tho stopping of tho Ifod
Star lino steamer Finland in tho lower
bay by means of n wlroloiui telegram
and tho Bonding to hor of a tug.
A now Arizona law provides that It
ehull bo unlawful for territorial c-fllclalH
to not as thu rosidunt agents of foreign
rorporationi', un appointment required
by law, and this branch of tho IhihIiio'h
will go to local corporation ngencies.
Tho territory rivals Now Jornoy In
cheapness lu tho matter of Incorpora
tion. Justice Day continues to improve
Thomas Upton's Shamrock III was
luunchcd .March 17.
KxCongressman John W. Candlor,
of MnHeachusutts, Is dead.
Tho two telegraphers' unions havo
consolidate! under one bond,
Colonel John A, Baldwin, of tho Hlx
teonth United Htatoa infantry, 1b doad,
Tho eenato has voted down eovenil
amondmontu to tho Panama canal
A rovolutlon against tho government
of Uruguay Iihb urckon out In two
LO.NU I'KlllT OVim.
Cuban Reciprocity Treaty I Untitled up
United .States Senate.
Washington, March SO. Alter rail
fylng tho Cuban reciprocity treaty the
tunnto adjourned slno dlo yestnnlay at
15 minutes pnt 6 uVlouk. Practically
tho entire day was sont Iwhlnd oloM'd
doors In uxeeutUu nesnlou, .Mont of tho
tliittt wai doiotod In tho eoiiHldorntlon
of the Cuban treaty, ('overnl upttcchea
worn Hindu In omtoRltlou jo tho treaty
and In favor of ft, and than, promptly
at tho agreed hour, .'I o'clock, voting
commenced, Itollcnlls wore had on a
number cf amendments, and tho trimly
ltolf uas msdo thn subject of an uyo
and no vole. Tho motion to ratify Mas
adopted by a ballot of 00 to III, some
what nioro than a threo-fourths vote,
whereas ryily a trothlrds volo was nee
esrary to securo ratification,
Immediately after thn diMrs viero
closed a few minutes past 11 o'clock,
Henator Foster, of Loulslnna, tmk thn
lloor in order to maku a set speech in
opposition to tho treaty, Ho sjtoku for
nixiut two and a half hours, ills ad
dres had !ecii prepannl rarefully, and
on Its conclusion Foster was very ueu
orally coinpllmontetl on tho manner of
his presentation of thn opiMisltlon view
to tho treaty. In tho main hi speech
was an aptieal for tho protection ol thn
Amorlran sugar producing Industry.
ilo spokn esmotally for tho ratio souarlmntlriiml bv tho tunntot fJaniiml I.
Interests of Iiulslarm, but id that,
while tho sugar Interest was of para -
mount Imtxirtanco In his own state, on
nccount of tho rand produced there, thn
twit sugar Industry had crown to such
proMirtlons that muny other portions ot
thu Union also were coming to havn i
ory pronounced Interest In thu mnklng
or sugar. Hit drew n prnplilc picture
of p to Mint conditions In 1-oulslaim, and
slid that if tho treaty should Im ratlflcxl
tho result was llabja to bo very disas
trous to many of his constlluonta.
Foster also mado tho point that there
was nothing to prevent tho Introduction
of Chinese coolie labor Into Culm, and
raid tlmt if such labor should ho Intro
durcd American labor could not coin
llu with it.
Other sjifeehrs in opposition to the
treaty wcru mado by lierry and Car
mark, and 8immons, of North Carolina,
soka lu support, lierry has d his op
position on tho amendment offered by
thn commltteo on frolgrt affairs provid
ing against any further reduction by
treaty of the duty on sugar whllo tho
treaty remains in form. Csrmsck op
posed the treaty on general principles,
declaring It wus contrary to our theory
of government.
A Precious Chunk Worth I2J.S00 Dlssp
pears from lltpress Office.
Detroit, March SI, -No arrests have
yet Wen mado in connection with thu
llsitpnearanco Inst night from thu depot
olllce of tho I'liolllo ami Dominion ox
prois companies of n bar of gold in
transit from Halt Lain City to tho Hast,
wlilcli Is valued At f 33,600. It Is Im
jh)hHiIo ti) learn the name of tho con
slgneo or slilor. Tho missing Ingot
was ono of four weighing about HO
pounds rach, that were In transit from
tho West, ptosumabty Halt J.ako City.
It is raid that tho Philadelphia mint
was tholr dustlnatlnn,
Tho four bars arrived from tho West
nn Wabash train No. I, nt 8 o'clock
last night, and were choeked out by tint
mestenger In charge. Thoy ucro'ro
celpted for by Foruman Miller, of thu
local deot olllce. All express matter
for tho Hast received on No. ! is held
In tho depot for an eastbound Wabash
train, which loaves at 10:50 nVloek.
Tho four Ingots wore taken Into tho do
pot ollho and placed In tho safe.
Shortly lmforo tho easlboiind train
was duo to leave tho Ingots werro re
moved from tho strong box to n truck
to 1mi wheeled out to tho oxprots cor.
Tho train was nn hour nnd a half lato,
however, and it is understood by thu
police that tho gold was not put Into tho
rafo again ponding tho time for tho
train to Jeavo, but ley on tho truck in
tho olllce, which Is on a level with tho
street, Cataln McDonnell says that ho
has found at least nlno porsons who
worn in tho ofllco at different tlmoH
whllo tho gold lay on tho truck oxpoeod
to view nnd that several of them linn
died It and commented on Its valuo.
When tho train was finally ready, It
was found that thoru wuro only three
ingots on the truck, A frantlo soared
of tho ofllco was mudo, hut no traco of
tho fourth bar was found. Tho train
was bold for a time, but finally tho
thrco Ingots woro dispatched on their
way nnd Foreman Miller notified tho
police of tho disappearance It watt nt
(list thought that tho bar might havo
boon left by mlstako In tho express car
oi train no. i, nnu tnocnr wassonrclioil
at liuffalo, but no gold bar was found,
Democratic Convention (lovernor Visits
Celllo-Mnny New I'ostmaatcra-I'rlco
of Slate Land to Us Increased Jade
Deposits Almost Unlimited Calendar
of House finished,
Democrats will- hold First district
convention at Albany April 11.
Uovernor Chamberlain and party
Irnve Just paid an tinoillclal visit to tho
Krtugo railway sito,
Tho setinto has confirm! tho ap
polntinoiit of Asa II. Thompson to 1m
receiver of public money at Iji utande.
Under tho new law all stato land
Mill he doubled lu pricn .May 31. This
fact Is causing groat demand for that
class cf propertr
Tho stato military board hold a spe
cial meeting In Halom last week and
decided tc mako no changes for the
proi-ont In tho organisation of tlio Ore
gon national guard.
Tho following 'fostmsstert havo boon
Train, Allwnyj John It. Cawy, Ash
1 land i James I,. Pao, Kugenej John tl.
Kckman, MeMlnnvllln;
i nomas r.
Itaudall, Oregon City.
It has now been ascertained for an
absolute certainty that the Jade discov
ered on Althnuso wild Indian creeks, of
Kouthern Jophlno county, and Indian
creek, Hlsklyou county, California, Is
to lw found in unlimited quantity.
HtAto Printer Whitney will In a day
or two Issue tho complete calendar of
tho hoii'o uf representatives of tho late
legislative sesrlon. It will bo thn mot
valuable pamphlet of tho kind over
printed in this statu, as It Is llnlshed
history of every measure coming before
tho houso. f
Assessor James F, Nelson, of Clsrkn
mas county, tins announced that the
valuation of prorty would bo doubled
all oer tho county. This has bren
urged for a long tlmo, ns the low valu
ation and tho oontfqttent high levy h
a tomlnitoy to depreciate the valuo of
real estate and alto discourage immi
gration, fiteps are being taken by tho employ
es of tho Wlllamulto pulp and paper
cotnany and tho Crown pajwr loin
party, of Oregon City, to demand short
or hour and mora pay. Tho initial
move will bo made at tho regular meet
lug of the Federal labor union April U.
Ibis union l composed of about 000
unclassified worklugmon, about -100 of
whom are employed In the paper mills.
Itovl-lon nnd correction of the senate
and house Journals has been completed,
Wheat Wall Walla, 74c:
atom, KlflHIo; valloy, 78c.
Uarlny Fk1, f 23,50 jnir tonj brow
Ing, 24.
Flonr dtat trrudo.f 4. 1094.00s grah
am, fa.46QB.86.
Millstuffa llran, flO per tons
middlings, f 24 s shorts, flU.6090,
chop, $18.
Oats No. 1 whllo, T1.15 Q 1.20;
gray, ll.lSfeil.U) or cental.
Hay Tlmot'jy, IllGJiaj clover,
f 8tt0 cheat, fb10 per ton.
Potatoes .Host lliirbnnks, (I070o itr
sack; ordlnnry, 40960c per cental,
growers' prices; Merced sweets, 29
2.26 per cental.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, 12913c;
young, llH12aj lions, 12o; turkovs,
live, 16910a; dressed, 1820o; ducks,
1797.60 per doton; gooso, (798.60.
Cheese Full cream, twins, 10K9
17o; Young America, 17i9l8ot
factory prices, 191 Ha less,
Hotter Fancy creamery, !10932Wo
per pound; extras, 30a; dairy, 209
?2Hoj store, JCQlfic.
Eggs 16o iwr dozon.
Hops Chotco, 23926a per pound,
. Wool Valloy, 12916o; Fjtstorn
Oregon, 8914a; mohair, 20928a.
Boof Gross, cows, 893JJ a per
pound; stoors, 4Ql?ot drussed, 7?4C
Voal 7K98Ko.
Mutton Gross, 4o per
dresHod, 7c,
Lumbs Gross, 4o per
urossed, 7fic
Hogs Gross,
0Ho per
Coal Strike Commission Decide for Afln
cra-Hepori With President.
Washington, March SO, Memlxtrs
of the Coal Htrlku Arbitration commis
sion, appointed by President Itoowvolt,
have filed with tho president unani
mous recommendations and n final re
port. Although the commission's re
port will not bo mado public until to
morrow, enough Is kniiwft of Its recom
mendations to permit a review of tho
materia! features.
Not outv Is an Increase of 10 per cent
In viages granted In tha miners, hut
new regulations In weighing coal, It Is
said, will roallv mako tho increaso
much larger, as the- will preclude inon
from being compelled to mine more
than n ton to got pay only for n ton,
as at proi-cnt.
Another point decided by tho com
mission Is that tho mlnooperutnrsmust
fix tho day's work at eight hours for
every minor.
Tho minors also gain another point
of their contention lu being recognised
with checker of tholr own for coal ns
mined, -fly the system of dockage
thu miners asnirt tho oorators hereto
fore havo overburdened thn workmen
with rebate, which materially re
duced their actual income.
Ho tho real issue raised by.tho miners
when they went on strike is grantod by
tho romm'ssion. Iass work, morn pay
and less Interference on tho part of tlio
mining oxrtors Hims up this feature
of the commission'! report.
Tho report also contains a provision,
It Is said, for the settlement of all fu
ture trouble between minors and
operator by adjudication by a commit
teo of tho two parties to the contro
versy, lly this provision, It Is under
stood, the Miners' union Is directly re
coguUod, and this again Is regarded as
a victory for President Mitchell and
organlrci labor. Tho commissioners
condemn tho lioycott.
mo ships rott I'ACinc.
Two Ureal Steamer llought by Pacific
Mall rtteamshlp Company,
Philadelphia, March 1'0. The two
largest steamships ever laid down on
the Delaware river havo been ltoiu'ht
from tho International marine com puny
by the Pacific Mall steamihlpcomiany.
Ihey are tho Mlunelora nnd tho Mlnne
kahta, each between 12.000 and 13,000
tons burden and 20,6(10 tons displace
ment. Thoy are sister ships of the
Mlnnetonkii and Minnehaha, of the
Atlantic trausport tomany.
They wero nrdoiud from tho Now
York shipbuilding company about a
year and a half ugo, before tho Allan
tic truusport uiiiipiiny's absorption by
thn marlno combine. Tho price nt
which thoy ero sold to tho Pacific
Mall steamship company bus not been
made public, butdt is undorlod to Ihi
an advauro over that paid for tho At
lantlc transport vessels, which Is lie
Moved to havo been (1,500,000. It Is
ex pooled tlmt one of tlio shltis will Jxi
launclied In Juno and thu other in Au
gust. Itolh v, bo ready for service
before tho end of tho year.
Thu now steamers will undoubtedly
ply between Han Frauclico and Hono
lulu, Manila and Japan. Irfnll proba
bility their names will bo changed
whuu they aro Inunuhed,
All Will Not lie Smooth for Canal Treaty
u Their Congress.
Colon, March 20. Tho ratification
of tho lluy-IIorrnn Panama canal con
vontlon by tho United Ktnloa sonata
has enured much Jubilation among tho
Isthmians supporting tho Famtmit
routo, Thorn nru, however, many cleat
Indications from tho department of Ho
llvar and othor points in tho Colombian
republic that tho ratification of tho
treaty will certainly moot with strong
opposition In thu Colombian cougrotui.
A memorial ndvorso to tho troaty,
uddrossed m congresa, which will meet
toward tho und of May, is now being
tilgnod by lulluontlnl men nt Carta
gonn. Decision on Coal Strike.
Wanhlugtou, March 10, Commis
sioner Carroll D. Wright, recorder of
tho coal strike commission, said, today
tlnH tho work of tho commission wuh
nearly concluded, and Hint tho report
would bo placed in tho hands nl tho
prosjjlunt In u few days,
Not a single Change In It All Amend
ments Were Voted Down-Now Keady
fur Ratification by Colombian Cor-
grcss, Then President Will Appoint a
Commission and llcgln Work.
Washington, .March 18. Without
dotting an "I" or crossing a "t," nnd
without clmnglng n ilnglo punctuation
mark, the senate yesterday voted to
ratify tha troaty with tlio republic of
Colombia for tho construction of an
Isthmian canal. Tho vote for ratifica
tion was 73 In tha afllrmatlve to 6 In
the negative.
Th'i sonata was In itxacutlvo eosslon
when tho result was annruncod, so
that only tho senators themsolvei and
a fow confldontal employes wero pros
cut. All the senators announced them
elves as gratified to have tho long
strugglu terminated, but none of them
umnliestod his appreciation by cheers
or handclapplng. On tho contrary, all
of tbom wero mora concerned about gut
ting away from thu chamber than any
thing else, so by thn time tho senate
could adjourn, which it did almost im
mediately after thu result was
nauncod, most of tho senators bad
thulr seats nnd soma of them
donned tholr hats anU overcoats.
The day was glton op almost entirely
to general debate on tho treaty, and, in
addition, to tho set speeches made under
tho agreement by Morgan and Culloni,
there sort many short addresses and a
rather long simoch by Daniel of Vir
ginia. Tho only party vote of the day
wan taken on thn substitute for article
IV, which was agreed topn by the
Democratic caucus, and had reference
to thu acquisition of territory In Cent
ral and booth America by tho United
Btntos. Theto wero a number of
siccheon this Amendment, but It was
voted down by an almost two-thirds
majority, the ballot footing up 61 ayes
and 25 noes. When tho senate ad
journed at 7 o'clock,, thero was a gen
oral belief that tho buslnotauf tho ms
slon would ,be completed In time to
ermit final adjournment today. Home,
however, placed thu dato 24 hours
I'cars the Effect of Cuban Treaty on Ills
foreign Trade.
London, March 10. In tho houso of
commons tonight Charles McArthur...
I. literal Unionist, moved n resolution
declaring that tho recent developments
in the financial and commercial policies
of foreign countries, Icullng to tho ex
elusion of llrltlsh trade whuro St was
previously established, tailed for tho
serious consideration of the government
In order to safeguard the trado of tho
Ho referred particularity to tho effect
of tho Cuban reciprocity treaty and
urged that n oclal tax Iki levied on
bount) -fed ships visiting llrltlsh porta
and that closer commercial relations bo
CHtftffllshed with tho colonics.
Tho resolution was being debated,
when It was found that thero was no
quorum and tho houso nroto.
flacking the Ladrones.
Manila, March 10. General Allen,
chief of the Philippine constabulary.
linn written to President Gomox, of tho
Nationalist party, charging that tho
party la assisting tho hulronos In Hlxal
nnd llulacnn provinces, and requesting
Gainer to produce tho records of tho
organisation und oxplalu tho collection
und ubu of duties, Gomes replied that
tho jiiuty was not guilty. Gonnral
Allen placed evidence in tho hands of
tho jprnsocutlng attorney, and ' it la ex
poet cd that thu government will proeo
cuto n number of Nationalists.
Red Desert Is Inundated,
Rock Springs, Wyo., March 10. Tho
Itod deport l Inundated for miles east
of Hock Springs, and tho Halt Wells
drilling station is completely under
water. Largo qunntltlea of ennnlioa
belonging to tho llelgn-Amorlcan drill
Ing company havo boon ruined or swept
nwny. 'iho water has bnekod up against
tho Union Pnolllo embankment tn u
depth of 20 feet In places, Tho om-
baukmont has not yet boon cut, but
thero 1b danger that thin will occur.