Newberg graphic. (Newberg, Or.) 1888-1993, December 28, 1922, Page THREE, Image 3

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W atch and Clock Repairing
Sunday school at 9:46 a. m.
Preaching service at 11 a. m.
Junior B. T. P. U. 6:30 p. m.
Senior B. T . P. Ü. 6:30 p. m.
Preaching at T:3o p. m.
aday School 16:00 a. m.
caching 11:00 a. m.
worth League 7:00 p. » .
lyer meeting Thursday I:
This should bs a great rally day1 for
the entire membership at all ser­
W atches, Clocks and Jewelry o f all Iririds. Chris!
Supplies, etc. A ll Repair W ork Guaranteed
E G .R E I D
At the Wednesday prayer meeting
hour next week Mr. Phllllpe will
commence a aeries of studies In the
book of Revelation. It la hoped that
many will avail themselves of this
opportunity to gain • deeper knowl­
edge of this most wonderful message
Of Jesus Christ to His church.
9 0 6 First S tre e t
The sermon hours for the next few
Sunday evening» will be devoted to
discussing and answering suggested
top lea and questions from the congre­
gation. The plan Is simple. Write ,
the topic you wish discussed, or the
question that you desire answered,
upon paper and hand or mall to Mr. ,
Phillips the previous week end It will
receive acknowledgement and form
the bads of part of the^ evening's
study. The only restriction is that
Prayer meeting the following
Wednesday ovening at 7:11 prompt­
ly; and choir rehearsal at 6:30
Sunday school at 6:46 a. m.
Classes tor all ages.
. -
Preaching 11:00 a. m.
Junior Epworth League 3:30 p. m.
Senior Epworth League 6:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wedneeday at 7:30
p. m.
A large and appreciative audience
sttended the Christmas exercises at
the Methodist church last Sunday
evening. The program waa made up
of songs, recitations and dialogues
by children of the Sunday school,
several beautiful selections by the
Sunday school orchestra, and three
special numbers by the choir. An'
offering for the starving people .in
the Near Bast waa taken.
After the Christmas exercises last
Sunday night about thirty members
of the Methodist choir went caroling.
They sang the Christmas songs for
fifteen families, among these were
sick ones and people shut In. About
10:30 after singing for the pastor
and bidding each other good night
and a Merry Christmas, the Crowd
broke up.
The members of the junior league
enjoyed a Christmas party last Sat­
urday in the church rooms. The
children played lively games and
late in the afternoon sacks of candy,
popcorn and nuts were passed. The
Chehalem Valley Mills
Flour and Feed
a l l k in d s
O regM -W ashngtM
. Track Service
m il l p u d
p o u l t x t su ppu m b
Betw. Portland and Newberg.
Local office Spivey’s Paint
S tan. .
Phone Blade 78
Sunday morning subject at Friends
“ Looking Through the
Portals Into the New Year." Fred
E. Carter.
Sunday evening at 7:30. a Near
Bast relief worker. Miss Mary A.
Rolfs, will speak.
at the
church next Sabbath as usual except
for the union evening service at the
Friends ohmrch, In interest of the
Near East rsltef. Warm and urgent
invitation to the public, especially
those not Identified with any o f the
other churehee, to attend theee set*
N e s t A m y 's C o n fe ctio
Tell your friends how much you
enjoy reading the Graphic.
H. E. Krelder. pastor, resides«
C06 Grant street; phone Blue TO.
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Preaching at 11 a. m.
Toung people’s meeting at 6: SO
There will be no preaching in the
evening, and the congregation will
Join In the anion service at the
Friends church.
Wishing you the Season’s Greetings
Portland office 40 Seoond S t
The Bible school entertainment
given at the Church of Christ on Fri­
day evening of last week, exceeded
the expectations aroused by the pub-
IIshed program, The house was fill-
ed to capacity, late-comers having to
stand. The children were at their
beat a n i evesyttiing went off with­
out a hitch. It would really be hard
to say which was the beet number-
rendered as all were good, yet some
deserve special mention. ■The little
play was splendid and the acting was
devoid of all stiffness, the Brownies
being especially good and creating a
wealth of amusement when they
brought In their Christmas pie,
which when opened revealed a beau­
tiful little fairy (Ruth Collins). A
fine drill by the intermediate girls
was well received and the pantomime
by the senior girls was really beau­
tiful. The stage effects were fine
and the decorations, chief o f which
was the- Christmas tree, were in
keepiqg with the season. A collec­
tion was received for -benevolent
work. Altogether It was a splendid
evening’ s entertainment and fully re­
paid the efforts of those reeponslble.
A vote of thanks is due the various
committees who made possible the
event and particularly the program
committee. Ethel Johnson, Freda
Parrish and Zells Hughes, who were
untiring In their work of training
the children.
The New Year begins precisely at
midnight and almost everyone now­
adays ssee the New Year in by gener­
al festivities and many good resolu­
tions, which are promptly forgotten
on January 3.
The festivities marking this oc­
casion, says Hereward Carrington,
scientist and author, are very ancient
and in old Saxon days It was the cus­
tom to partake o f a bowl of spiced
ale, which was passed around with,
the expression •‘Waashael,’’ which
meant “ to your health!” . Hence the
Thousands of people are wearing
false teeth today because of the
ravages of PYORRHEA.
— a newly discovered scientific
remedy is guaranteed to give per­
manent relief In any case of pyor­
rhea. Your druggist will refund
the purchase price if you are not
entirely satisfied with the results
W eft P in t Street
C. A. H0D80H
Calla promptly attended to, day
or night.
Courteous, sympathetic service.
Phone Green l i t .
Schob Track Service
Bill B e st, the Plumber
Bill, th e Plumber
(Mot a partner.
W orking interest only)
That’s what you want If you are a
walnut grower; and that’s what you
want to positively know about if
you are thinking of starting wal­
To help you in properly cultivating
the rich walnut soil in your section
and make it yield the greatest har­
vest at the least coat, we have illus­
trated literature prepared by wal-
without any obligation on your
part. Simply use the attached cou­
Regardless of how many trees you
want or of what variety (we have
anything you want). It la important
that you plant trees of the best
quality, healthy, vigorous and pro­
ductive. That’s the only kind we
Neuberg Transfer Go.
This hank issues interest bearing coupon certificates that
provide a safe, convenient and profitable form o f investm ent
Interest rates 4 per cent for twelve months, SVs per cent for
six months.
8. F. TTMBKBT.AKF., Proprietor
Residence phone Red 7*
Ottoe phone. White 187
Safety deposit boxes, protected by heavy reinforoed con­
crete vault, massive burglar proof door and complete electric
alarm system, $2.50 per year.
8. L. PARRETT, President
J. L. HOSKINS. Vice Pres.
J. C. COLCORD, Cashier
H. M. HOSKINS. Aset. Cashier
W. E. CROZER. Asst. Cashier
R. A. BUTT, Asst. Cashier
Oregon Nursery Co.,
Orenoo. Ore. Send me
to above without obli­
gation to me.
Name ........... ..............
Last week Mrs. Brown was in despair. For the third
tin e her laundress had failed her.
And the fam ily simply had to have clean things to
C. 0 . Cdllard, Prop.
C. H. Phillips, minister. Services:
Bible school 9:46; communion 11 a.
m .o r ; P. S. e . 1» . 6 and 6:36; song
service 7:80. Prayer service Wed­
needay 7:80 p.m. A cordial greet­
wifi thus be seen that the New Year,
ing for all who attend.
observed on January 1, is relatively
A number of eeqlpr Endeavorers new, though we are accustomed to
played Santa Claus to some needy think that It dates back from^tlme
people of the town ett Sunday eve­ Immemorial.
It was Julius Caauar, In the year
ning last. They collected groceries,
etc., and deposited them on the
steps of the bouses visited aa a pleas-'
sat surprise to those who were with­ tronomer Sosigenes. He made it a
in and anticipating a rather lean few minutes too long, and a second
Christmas. This is real Christmas correction was necessary. Pope Greg­
endeavor and we Should thank God ory made certain ehanges In 1008,
for the young people who, In the A. D. and additional minor ehanges
midst of festivities, are able to think were made later on, from the "old
of the needs of others and visit style” to the “ new style’’ calendar.
We now employ the new style.
them in the name ofi Christ.
After the French revtdntion France
Next Lord’s day la to he a busy decided to set up an entirely new or­
one for the church. The morning der of things. A new calendar was
session will commence with the Bi­ made. The Christian ora waa wiped
ble school, and Brother Phllllpe at
the worship hour of the church will
bring a massage appropriate to the
New Year celebration. “ The Price
of Program” Is the title. Following
the last two sermons sounding an op­
timistic note, this should be helpful
snd full of Inspiration. At 13:30 a
basket lunch will be served cafeteria
style in the basement. Church and
BIMe school officers are to be elected, __
s&gssRm: ssp&fissr'fti ansmxs
tor of the church at McMinnville. I verted Into a "Temple o f Reason.”
Since 1907
Stoves Lined
718 H ist S t
Phone Black 88
She had never tried our Family Laundry Service—
she was quite certain that it was terribly expensive. But
something had to be done, so she bundled, np her wash­
ing and called us.
“ Imagine my surprise,” she told us, “ to find that my
week’s washing had oest me no more than I had been
paying my laundress.”
“ And the work was so nioely done— everything was
so fresh and spotless. The littlsi hit o f ironing le ft flw
me took hardly any time at all.”
We w ill call for your bundle, and wash your clothes
in oceans of rainsoft water, with the mildest o f pure,
white soap. We ll iron all o f the heavy flat piooes, and
w iU return your washing promptly, with only a few gar­
ments left for you to iron. Just phone usf when your
bundle is ready.
Newberg Laundry