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A U V K R T IM n U
One Column
H alf Col uni u
Professional Cards
II 4 T K » «
.Twenty Hollars
Ton Hollar.
.One Hollar
N I IIK4 It I ■ » ■ ■ < > >
One Yesr ..............................
Six Mimths
Three Months......................
H e a d i n g . \ o t i e r a w i l l be l u s e r t c d ut
t h e i u t e o f T e n r e n t o p e r I.iu o .
A dvertising Bills Colle* ted Monthly.
Two Doll»™
One Dollar
r i t t y Cents
M u b s r r ip t lo n P r i c e P a y a b l e
a b l y In Ar tv au e e .
VOL. 1.
NO. 17.
I n v a r I-
Address, G raphic . Newberg. Oregon.
O F T H E M E K K IM A C .
S IO N O F T H E S E N A T E .
ON T H E G A L L O W S .
D e a th o f J u s t l c o S ta n le y M a tth e w s - O k ­ T he O k la h o m a B o o m e rs F l e e t e d fro m
I n d ia n T e r r i t o r y —T h e A m e r ic a n
la h o m a B o o m e rs F o re v e r B a rre d
F la g P u b lic ly I n s u l t e d b y a
fro m t h e P u b lic D o m a in - A
C a n a d i a n “ C h ip p y .”
L is t o f A p p o in tm e n ts .
P u b lic S e n tim e n t R e g a r d i n g t h e W a n - 1 B en efit t o b e D e riv e d by F a r m e r s In
C lo s e ly O b s e r v in g th e M a rk e t R e ­
to n K illin g o f O ld M a n S p r a g u e
p o rts R e m e d y fo r ch ap p ed
a t G a r v a n z a — T h e U b iq u i­
H a n d s — Recelp s.
t o u s T a s c o t t A g a in .
Stockton, Cal., vagrants, on convio-
To remove a sticky oil-cloth go over it
Mrs. Cleveland’s picture still sells.
lon, get fifty days in jail.
with a hot iron.
Germany is having built sixteen tor-
close.! th is w eek .
Three hundred men are now employed
Grain's do best on well cultivated
at the Vallejo navy yard.
Samuel K. Thayer has been named us ! pedo lioats.
ground—well drained.
Premier von Tiza has tendered his
minister to the Netherlands.
A one-eyed Mexican is the sheriff of
Beware how you get into debt. It is
I»8 Angeles county, Cal.
Frederick I>. Grant has been continued I resignation.
not so easy to get out.
minister to Austria-1 lungary.
Bronco Liz, the Spokane Falls murder­
An old Hour barrel, with the remains
ess, has been held without bail.
Kll«>rt D. Weed has lteen confirmed Salvationists^.
of flour on its sides to become musty, is
There are fourteen Indians in the Kan-
district attorney for Montana.
Joaquin Miller has been appointed a about the worst possible vessel to keep
mendier of the California forestry com­ apples iu.
The Cltae Chung 1’ing case is creating i sas penitentiary.
A fine of $100 will be imposed for sell­ mission.
much interest in Washington.
To feed sheep for flesh and lame is al­
Mr. Moody lias been practicing on the so to fee* 1 it for wool; '"it heavy grain-
Appropriations l.y the Fiftieth con­ ing a vote in Maine.
Nebraska pays a bounty of one cent a adamantine souls of San Diegans the feeding makes yelk add grease to au
gress amounted to $10,000,000.
amount disproportionate to gain in fleece.
past week.
on beet sugar.
The Republicans w ill have a majority
It is best, as a rule, to feed whole
of ten in the Fifty-first congress.
ville. Cal., last week, for passing coun­ grain at night, corn, oats, wheat or sor­
Henry N. Blase, of Montana, has been lamps and street-cars.
ghum, something that the gizzards can
The Pittsburg law and order society terfeit notes.
nominated chief justice of Montana.
work u)>on a |>ortion of the night at least
employs female detectives.
rather than some soft light food.
It is thought that Judge Gresham will
During the month of February 3000 ne­
be appointed to the supreme bench.
Fanners who raise sheep should hear
in California.
groes emigrated from North Carolina.
in mind that the wool of sheep, as well
O. C. White, of Payton, has been con­
Another attempt was made by rob­ as the mutton, depends on liberal feeding.
firmed secretary of Washington territory. I The Russian government will spend bers
to wreck a passenger train near Yu­ No poorly fed or poorly eared for sheep
j 120,000,000 roubles on her new navy. •
ma F'riday night.
A favorable rei>ort lias lteen made by
will produce w hat it is capable of in
Robert Sigel, son of General Sigel, lias
the naval ltoardon the gunboat Yorktown.
C. P. Huntington says the Southern quantity or quality.
| pleaded guilty of forgery in New York.
Pacific will not at present build north I As far as experiments have lieen con­
President Harrison is the fourteenth
lawyer to occupy the Presidential chair. j M iss Mary Anderson’s physician de­ of the Columbia.
ducted it has lieen demonstrated that
nies that his patient's mind is affected.
Right-of-way for the Puyallup Valley when wheat is (10 cents per bushel, it is
J. W. Mason, of Virginia, has been ap­
A Washington county, l’enn., man railroad has been refused by the Indians the cheapest grain that can lie used as
pointed commissioner of internal reve­
food for stock, being nuire nutricious
churns his butter by natural gas power. on the reservation.
than corn and I letter adapted for growing
Booth and Modjeska have signed a
Joseph Vivian, a fugitive Leadville, stock.
Miles C. Moore, of Walla Walla, has
been confirmed governor of Washington : contract for a thirty weeks’ starring tour. Col., murderer, was arrested at Amador |
A Now York dairyman says lie can get
Fix-President Cleveland and Mr. Vilas City, Cal., last week.
more milk from cows fed on beets, two
John K. McFee, of New Mexico, lias
bushel per day to the cow, than from en­
been nominated associate j turtle of that
Strawberries from the South made Clackamas, was found dead in a hotel at silage. The milk yield ran up to twenty
quarts. He asserts ha can produce beets
| their appearance in the Chicago market
The body of a female child was found at a cost of four cents a bushel, 1000
William W. Thomas, jr., of Maine, last week.
bushels to the aere.
will tie United States minister to Norway
King Alexander has written his 1110 th- packed in a valise and lloatiug in the
and Sweden.
The partridge coch is undoubtedly one
[ er, ex-Queen Natalie, to remain away
Charles Willard, a burglar at Santa of our most prominent breeds. They are
The senate siiecial committee on Pa­ from Servia.
well fitted for city or rural life. They ari*
cific railroads will shortly start on an in-
During the present year there have Barbara, is held on sixteen charges. His extremely quiet, hardy, healthy and
inspecting tour.
been fifteen duels and sixteen suicides at wife is also Held for burglary.
good layers. Their flesh is good and pre­
Ly Fung Su, a giant Chinaman, ar­ sentable in color—the color that suits
■The Shah of Persia was the first royal Monte Carlo.
ruler to send his congratulations to Pies-
the taste of tlu* American people. They
The storm which has been raging on
are handsome in plumage and (xissess a
ident Harrison.
! the Atlantic coast for several days past height is seven feet four indies.
The widow of Cyrus W. F'ield, 80 years good share of useful qualities.
Secretary Wimlom says the surplus i lias subsided.
revenue will not necessitate an extra ses­ John C. Klein, of Samoan fame, is of age, fell and broke her shoulder blade
Take two lemons and rasp them on su­
sion of congiess.
gar, the juice of six lemons and one
anxious to ap|ioar before the Berlin con­ at National City, Cal., Thursday.
The new gold fields near Holbrook, orange, half a pint of water, and onejiint
Corporal Tanner, of Brooklyn, it is be­ ference us a witness.
clarified sugar made as follows: Tijko
lieved, will be nominated commis­ The Ottawa government is considering Arizona, turns out to lie as much of a of
three pounds of sugar, two pints of wa­
sioner of pensions.
a measure excluding American lard by fraud as those of Lower California.
ter, half tlie white of an egg well beaten
The two men, Cuff and Stutzman, who up, boil for ten minutes and skim, strain
Tlie President has declared that under I an exorbitant duty.
no circumstances will he make any prom­ The “ Catholic Total Abstinence News” roblied tHe San Luis Obispo stage re­ the mixture through a hair sieve, and
freeze in the usual way. This makes a
ises to office seekers.
! of Philadelphia, has come out squarely cently, have acknowledged their guilt.
Albert F'ostrom was acquitted at Ta­ delicious lemon-water ice.
Quite a number of congressmen were j against prohibition.
laid up with pneumonia from exposure
Begin rigid in getting out as many of
Ex-President Cleveland celebrated his coma last week on the charge of having
on inauguration day.
the Asiatic chicks in February. March
I 52*1 birthday last week by embarking on a murdered one Carlson last September.
April. Then, before the show sea­
J. N. Tyner, of Indiana, has been se­ pleasure trip to Cuba.
Two Japanese girls are reported to and
son, they have nearly reached maturity,
lected assistant attorney general for the
John Adams, the $70,000 forger, died have fought a desperate and bloody duel and if they h«* ■ '
"L'U a thrifty,
postoffice department.
of self-imposed starvation in the Georgia with swords at Los Angeles last week.
‘Virt, and
Higway robbers earn a precarious liv­ are (as flit*}
Frank R. Aikens, of Pakota, has been penitentiary last week.
nred from large,
nominated associate justice of the su­ The great scheme of Henrv Villard to ing by preying upon returning Lower healthy stock, they will require very lit­
tle fattening to make them tip the scales
preme court of Pakota.
consolidate all of Edison’s electric com­ California gold miners near Tia Juana.
A commercial drummer declares that at from seven to twelve pounds.
For the first time in nearly fifty years panies lias fallen through.
To make a good toiled ham, scrape the
neither a Sanlshury or a Bayard is in
A lively skirmish occurred in Oklaho­ grass and jack-rabbits grow luxuriantly
outside of tlie Hum to remove any par­
public life at Washington.
ma last week between the soldiery ami on the principal streets o f I, oh Angeles.
may adhere to it and put it
A full list of immigrants to the Pacific ticles a which
The Samoan commissioners will prole the persistent “ boomers.”
large kettle partly filled with cold
ably not leave Wasiiington for Berlin be­ General Sherman’s Hon, Thomas Ewing Coast, of the vintage of ’4it, ¡ h lining com­ into
water; when it togins to toil move the
fore the middle of next month.
Sherman, will la* consecrated a Catholic piled by C. W. Haskins, of Oakland, Cal. kettle to the hack of the range and cook
Tlu* California legislature appropriated slowly until tender enough to have a fork
The California delegation at Wasiiing­ priest at Philadelphia in July.
ton does not appear to lie harmonious in
General Franz. Siegel’s son has been $30,000 for creosoting works at San F'ran- | run into it easily. Take it from tlu* wa­
regard to the selections to offices.
sentenced to six years in the penitentiary cisco for the protection of piles in wharf ter and when almost cold cut off tlie rind
and ornament the top with cloves.
Justice Stanley Matthews died at Wash­ for defrauding pension claimants.
All warm-blooded animals maintain
ington Friday ’morning of exhaustion
Hon. Enoch Hoult, twice senator from
of the iieart and conjestion of the kid­ Linn county, and author of the railroad detective, lias been sentenced to two their heat by a slow combustion within
vears’ imprisonment for attempting to their liodies, for which their fo*xl is the
law, died at Harrisburg last week.
fuel. Man supplements this natural sup­
levy blackmail.
Mrs. Harrison has given publicity to
Mrs. Langtry is reported quite sick
hv kindling a fire in his house. The
It is estimated that over 700,003 cases ply
the fact that she will pay no attention to with tonsilitis,’ ami in consequence all
animals make no fire; they have
solicitations to influence appointments to of lier engagements have been canceled. of Oregon, Britisli Columbia and Alaska lower
but their feed. It is true econo­
salmon, of the pack of 1880, have toen my, therefore,
for tlie owner to husband
A bill has been introduced in the In­ sold in advance.
Many complaints have reached the diana legislature to ascertain the relation
their supply of heat by providing shelters
President from the jh> of Arizona, con­ totween tlie ground hog and the weather.
Gov. Watterman lias signed the bill which will protect them from the cold
I prohibiting the sale of liquors in Califor­ winds and tlie chilling rains.
cerning tlu- appointment of Wolfley to be
The customs authorities of Toronto nia to persons addicted to the inordinate
governor of that territory.
To make |sitato snow, peel and wash
have seized and destroyed 100 copies of
The President has commuted the death Zola’s novels, for ¡icing of immoral char­ use of the same.
and tool in salted water until tender, one
sentence of Albert Green, colored, con­ acter.
Last week five bars of gold and silver dozen large potato*; pour off tlie water
victed of murder in the District of Col­
bullion, weighing 512 pounds, were and let them stand upon the hack of the
shipped to San Francisco from tlie Pal­ range for five minutes, then mash fine
umbia, to life imprisonment.
lieen systematically robbed of rolling
and season with one half cun of cream or
Governor Proctor is Vermont’s second stix'k for the last’ eight years by other isade mine, near Cahstoga.
milk, one tahlesjiooniul of butter,
A whale and its calf were thrown sweet
postmaster general. Jacob _ Collamer, roads.
pepper and salt to suit the taste.
on tlie beach at Santa Rosa during a and
w ho was postmaster general in Millard
By tlie closing down of the mines of storm last week. Tlie mother whale Pass tlu* |iotatos through a coarse sieve,
Fillmore’s cabinet, was the first.
or a patent jiotato masher, and heap
the Pennsylvania company at Scranton measured sixty feet in length.
It is te be hoped that the appointment last week 2000 inen will lie thrown out of
them liglitly into a hot vegetable dish.
of the new sui>erintendent of the employment.
A shoemaker by the name of John
F’or chapped hands take of pure hay
Cramer was murdered and His tody rum or glycerine each one part, quince
mail service will be an improvement on
Ex-Mayor Ilewitt, of New York, will thrown in tlie river by unknown parties, seed jelly two parts; mix. A few drops
the old, especially on the Pacific Coast.
remove his extensive steel and iron
of oil of rose or any other perfume may
The names of is-rsons entering upon the works from Trenton, N. J., to Chatta­ near Sjiokiine F’alls, Tuesday.
lands ceded to the Creek and Seminole nooga, Tenn.
James Dealy, a Napa county, Cal., Is* added to the hay rum tofore mixing.
farmer, has been sued by a Mr. Ruther­ When diluted with rain water it forms an
Indians, in violation of law, nr*- to to*
A hill introduced in the Indiana legis­ ford for $20,000 damages for having excellent dressing for tlu* hair. This jelly
listed and forever debarred from the pule
is made by addingtwo drachms of quince
lature provides tliat projierty purchased caused the death of the latter's child.
lie domain.
seed to two pints of water, toiled down
with jiension money shall to exempt
Tlu* mayor of Los Angeles lias vacated to one pint, filtered hot ami allowed to
The interior department has ruled from taxation.
the office and given way to his successor cool. For certain skin diseases a drachm
that a minor, who supports a mother,
Martin White, of Jackson, committed j under the new city charter, hut the audi­ of toracic acid may to dissolved in each
brother, or any other near relative, shall
Is- entitled to’ make entry u(>on the pub- suicide Friday night by placing the muz- tor refuses to let go, and will appeal to ounce of glycerine tofore mixing.
zle of a shut gun in Hi« mouth and spring- j the courts.
lie domain.
An old soil does not rot quickly, es­
The conservative press of the City of ing the trigger with his foot.
Malarkev, the young man who swin­ pecially after a dry season and on heavy
We have often sewn the furrow re­
dled several Portland merchants by means
Mexico is attacking President Harrison
an*i Secretary Blaine, * lainiing that they dents in dragging tlie statue of tlie late of forged checks recenty, was arrested at turned the following spring, lifter a crop
an* ambitious to have the I nited States Professor Stillman from its pedestal lias San Francisco Tuesday while working the of corn had toen grown on it the year la-
excited no little indignation.
fore, and the furrow was plainly defined
same game.
possess Mexico.
the roots and leaves of the old sod.
A man answering tlie description of bv
The President has withdrawn the nom­ Gen. Wade Hampton has returned two
Mice take advantage of this to make their
ination of Eugene Schuyler to Is* assist­ battle flags to the survivors of tlie »With i Tascott is said to have lieen working in winter burrows out of reach of crows,
ant secretary of state, on the ground Pennsylvania volunteers, which were ca|r i Senator Stanford’s vineyard, near Vina. cats anil owls. Almost every shock of
that he was an applicant for a high posi- tured by his troops in tlie late civil war. | Cal. Officers left from Sacramento and corn will have such a whole reaching un­
tion under Cleveland’s administration.
Sin Francisco to arrest him, hut the der the burrows. A mouse in this haven
The Pennsylvania toard of pardons
can run faster than anything can dig to
Senator Butler has offer.*.I a resolution has refused to commute the death sen­ I bird hail flown.
A large mass-meeting w as held at Med- get it out.
declaring that the tenure of offi.-e of the tence of Mrs. Sarah Jane Wliiteling, for
president pro tem. does nut expire at the poisoning her husband and two children. j ieal Hike, W. T., last week, ami resolu-
An evidently shrewd observer says
meeting of congress, and that the office
I tions were adopted and committees ap- that considerable of success on the part
shall continue at the pleasure of the sen­ The pope, according to a late speech of i pointed to notify the Chinese in that vi- of farmers depends upon keeping a close
Cardinal llarorchi. the pope's vicar, will , einity to leave.
eye to the market. The first of any new
seek refuge in the 1'nitcd States, if it to-
Five hundred Chicago lawyers signed came necessary for him to leave F3iroi>e.
There are now at the Santa Clara crop w ill almost always command a high
j mines, in tower California, 2Hl<l men, price, and soon after, when there is a
a |s*tition to the President last week,
rush for the market, prices rapidly de­
urging the ap]siintment of Stephen A.
Tlie West Virginia Republican sena­ the majority of whom have as much cline.
Unless one can Is* aiming the
Douglas, jr., to lie Vnitod States district tors have agreed to refuse the call for an Knowledge of practical mining as a hog
first, it is totter to held until prices have
attorney for the Northern district of Illi­ extra session, on the ground that Gov. I has of homeopathy.
the cost stage and come back to a
Wilson is not the legal executive of the
An eariy meeting of the Trans*-onti- passed
more normal condition. It is the forcing
Judge Gray, of the supremo court, the 1 state.
| nental association is announced, and tiie of
the market that brings low prices, and
veteran bachelor of that venerable tody
I railway managers will probaly accede to
A white man. engaged in promoting the demands of Pacific Coast cunners in for that reason a close watch should to
of wisdom, will shortly lie married to
kept of the rc|sirted supply and demand.
Miss Jeanette Matthews, daughter of negro emigration from North Carolina, a reduction of Fla*tern freight rate*.
An eminent microscopist finds that gen­
Judge Matthews, lately of the supreme was arrested Thursday on tlie charge of t'luiis Spreckle* promises to erect licet
• ■nticing hands to break their contracts
honey can to readily distinguished
sugar factories in every community uine
from manufactured honey by the micro­
Postmaster General Wanamaker has
j where 5000 acres are devoted to UntH. scope. Tlu* former has few or no sugar
issued an order dire<-ting all clerks in his
Excitement has lieen created in King­ ! H will take twelve factories alone to stt|e
department to begin work at H::10 a. in., ston. < )nt , over the a<*t of a young chipjq ply to* Angeles. The tow n claims a pr>p- crystals and aboun* 1* with pollen grains,
while the imitations have little else than
instead of !> o'clock, as heretofore, and stamping upon the Aineruwn flag while nlation or 80,000.
these crystals, with rarely a trace of
remain at their desks until « p. ni., in­ ¡personating the role of Victoria in a pub­
j Josiah and Elizabeth Potts, found pollen grains. The honeyed taste of the
stead of 4.
lic performance.
| guilty of murder in the first degree in manufactured article may come from
The President, it is said, has refrained
Joseph Mentor, a jilted lover of Ash- killing Miles Tanectt at Carlin. Nev., beeswax or honey comb being mashed
from making any nomination to the
Is, were sentenced to death by up in it. Flach class of plants has its
court of >t. James, because of the tact I land. »Vis., entered the room of Ellen 1 January,
The date of the execution was own specific form of pollen grain, ami a
that England has shown no disposition ' tong. Iff years of age, and cut her severe- hanging.
not fixed. Tlie woman betrayed no emir totanmt can readily tell in what part
to fill the vacancy caused by the recall of I lv atout the face ami head with a razor, i tion.
of the world the honey waa made.
| and then cut his own throat.
Minister West.
The present special session of congress
F O R 188H-80
TC m I
in 1885.
“ Live low and sparingly till my debts be paid ; h ut let the learning o
the children be liberal; spare no cost, for by such parsimony all ia lost that ia
saved.”— H'illium Penn to hi» wi/e.
H . W oodward , P
r e s i d e n t , ...............................................................Newberg
E dwards ,
J esse H odson .
G boeoe W. M it ch e l l , Secretary and Treasurer,
B. C. M il es .
E dw in M o r r is o n ,
M ary
M iles ,
B. S.,
A. B.,
A nna E . B ell ,
Fall Term begins
».li monili, 11, 1888
Fall Term elo-es
1 lth monili, 30, 1888
Winter Term begins
12th monili, 3, 1888
Winter Term closes
3*1 monili, 1, 188»
.Spring Term begins
.Spring Term olores
3d monili, 4, 188»
6 h month, » 188»
A nnouncem ent and Prosnectus.
Friends' Pacific Academy is located at Newberg, Yamhill county, Ore
got), on the Portland and Willamette Valley railroad, twenty-two m il s from
Portland, and one mile from Rogers’ Lai.ding on Willamette river.
It was opened for pupils September 28th, 1885, and had enrolled during
the first week nineteen pupils. The second school year began September
13th, 1886, with an enrollment of twenty-six, and the present school year
open* d .September 12th, 1887, with an enrollment of fifty-one, und the winter
term, December 3d, with an enrollment of 110.
At the time of the opening of the school only the Academy building was
erected, and only the lower story of it. was completed. During the summer
of 1886 tlie hoarding hall and three cottages for pupils boirding themselves
were constructed, and during the rummer ol 1887 the hall for gymnasium
and toys’ dormitories was crxnmencetl and the Academy building was com­
The trustees hope to be able to add other l inklings a* they are
needed. Fur Gatalogue or information address
E. H, WOODWARD, President of Board.
M IS C E L L A N E O U S .
—Tlio water is colder at the bottom
than at the surface. In many hays on
the coast of Norwny the water often
freezes at the bottom before it dim*
—Napa, Cal., recently exhibited a
curiosity in the shape of an apple in­
closed in a small-necked bottle. The
bottle was hanging In a tree ami a twtg
grew into it, blossomed and matured.
—A man was released from the Min­
nesota penitentiary the other day after
serving ten years for a murder which
his brother committed and recently
■onfeased on his death-bed.
— Among it pile of New York visiting
.ad invitation cards was one on which
was engraved "Miss Alice 1).. at home
Jund.iys, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednos-
o. vs, Thursdays, Fridays and Satur­
day* "
—Tne distance from ocean to ocean
by the Nicaragua Canal is 160.8 miles;
length of canal, 28.8 miles; length of
lake, river and basin navigation, 141
miles; length of summit level. 152
•nil* s; elevation ol summit level atove
sea, 110 feet; number of locks, six.
—A “gum matinee" was given at
one of the St. Patti theaters on New
Year's day, says the New York Sun.
A package of toiu was given each lady
at the door, and an eye witness report*
Dial "the fair creatures allowed their
agile jaws to reverberate to their
heiert’s content." Thus does the drama
gain new gaud* and deconalions in the
vasty Northwest
—Bud company is like a nail driven
— At a recent auction sale in London
into a post, which after the first or the great Hindoo Llngam god was
second blow may to drawn out with lit­ knocked down to a jeweler for thirteen
tle difficulty; but being once drivon up thousand dollars. This curious ralie
to Dio bead, tlie pincers can nut tuke stood two and a quarter Inches In
hold to draw it out but which can only height. It was preserved for more than
to done by the destruction of Die wood. a thousand years in an ancient temple
—St. Augustine.
at Delhi.
—Tiie little shop-girl In Wnshlngton
—The gold and silver plate which
who made sure that Mrs. Cleveland belongs to the Duke of Cumberland
was a “ real lady" by seeing her carry­ weighs some ten tom, and the jewels
ing a bundle on the street had not are valued at £400,000. The Duke’s
studied humanity in It Is only hereditary casket Includes tha famous
people who aie doubtful about them- * pearls of Queen Charlotte (worth
selves w w think it is not safe to carry j £150,000), which oattsed nearly twenty
a little package even fora few blocks.— years' litigation between the Queen and
N. Y. World.
the King of Hanover.
—The Springfield Union fell* this
— Rome is regarded chiefly as a city
story about President Dwight, of Yale: of antiquity, but remarkable material
On liecoming president of the univer­ progress has been made there in the
sity, he knew and presumably cared last twenty years. During that time
nothing whatever for athletic sports •ighty-two miles of new street* have
of any sort. He immediately put a been made, over3,000 houses have been
telephone in his residence, and when built or enlarged, about |27,000.000
his w ife a ked him fur the reason ol have been spent in public Improve­
the innovation he blandly replied: "I ments, and the population has increased
want, as pre-ddent of this university, from 244.000 to 379.000.
to bear the result of the hose ball, foot­
—The Etnperor of China lately pre­
ball and rowing contests just as soon sented his bride with two beautiful
as they arc over. Yale's success ii mirrors for her sitting-room. They are
nearest my heart.”
of massive foreign glass, over six feet
—A Now York woman makerfagood long and live feet broad, set In rose­
living as a guide to other women In wood, with frame olne feet high, with
visiting the city. She meet* them at carved flowers in relief, and pedestals
the train, takes them to their rooms, to flx them in. also beautifully adorned
shows all the sight* and performs all with foliage, animals, and bird*. Each
the duties which are undertaken by mirror and each frame took eight men
to carry it.
European guide*.