The Deschutes echo. (Bend, Or.) 1902-19??, May 16, 1903, Image 2

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able evening.
D E S C H U T E S fiC H O .
it a very enjoy-
No. 4 of Voi. d.**f tbe (Quarterly
of the Oregon Historical Soci* tv!
t im b e r
b a n d n o t ic e .
m: w > vkhtisk \ ii :\ t .
P. R. Davis of Sinter», who wan has reached our table. It contains a
¡»tates Land Office, Lakfeview '
¡’.*- ,.r. >.*• .<•»«>( the ...» uf
If. J. PALM ER, - * , P( im i.'iiut. recently released from quarantine . »d»«i|>ter ott the early Railroad Hi.— Oregon, April sft*. I * » » :_ Notice i.- here ...... .
at Prinevilie, is suffering consider- tory of Oregon by Jos.-pH Oaston, by given that in compliaiiee with the pro- um'.er
a . ( ’. P A L M E R ,............ E ditor .
able inconvenience from tbe effects »*» old newspaper man and at one '¡sinus of the net of June 3, 1*9 4, en- *r<x*-va«!* .m<i 'A.siiiniit.iu Territory,
i Used i in
• tiloe
t ‘ . Or..,r,
o <
»Utes ty e.-t of
of f an overdose
ot ; chemicals
111111 “ editor
‘ itoi oi to*
;* ,r
it*'- Mtlml “ All uet for tile sale of ^ Umher tereir.!
..... to . all
. . tlie putrite um.! .....
*i». •> -.m.!•<*.,
faltered May 31. R*02, Ht H i nd , Oregon
"> the disinfecting bath, that lie w.v- man, History of Hie p i t " of Or* ..on .
, . , u . .
T .. „ .
,,,UII,V ..i w
« uh - <> í Oregon, i;«* i, . t iu
h - second el *** h matter, under Act of ( nil-
, . .
. •
ir.iiri t voo
i r »•
‘ ’ '
' ^ '
iirntorv, this office lie ..worn da.•ment No. 1 TM for the
obliged to take before k in g releas- •*«•« -So.) to 1 i >0, b> Geor«.*- h as extandod to »II the publie land states ,.„r.a
, i lhesv.'4, of -salon « ¡,. r,, 21 ,
tress of Marcii 3, 1 ''71*.
ed from quarantine.
i Ernes jAti article on " 1 be Archives by act of August 4. 185*2, the following s run-. 11 . e. ,«-. m an.¡w-ni offer j.n . . i<.
P- Vandevert, his
o' i i i j
. Mi-s
’ ii
J »ri.i
i «
on W ill* 'd Oregon” by Prof. F G Voting.
’ iU
1 ,iilor of Ù - l - * l^uurU-rly; ; liocument^
i \ « au(U
u n i i l vi*rt
i l i
.......... *-
of Lava, carne down on Tm >davV r*-!iitir.g to the Organization of
stage. Mjss Maude and ber brother r»arly Imm:gi..t;<-n Parlies; Review
-'.‘...SO « ’ill remain here until tbe close of °* " i'be Conques:,” the True Story
school about Juuel-'t. Mr. V a i a i , '*f L« " is arc. Cu.rhj and a .'kiAidi of
1901. vert lia gone on the den rt after th e ‘‘ Historians of the -Northwest,”
I by Wiliium A*. Morris. E.erv article
O ne Y ear
S i i M on ì hs
T iikek iio.NTus
i < rwnis have this day tiled In this
o ,r
V t t
♦ ♦
•'«* >«»- n * a t!|lt 11 h- ‘ ,’ ul •
' ' a iter S. 11 Vil*
otli.-e tl* * '>>»<• ¡«n-i s..upiu is m-.rti .-.r in
timber or »tone thitu ÎOP Ugnlculturnl jFuridwe»
H» ‘i r** « * h ^¿>-n iiu * in m to v«itiinu«: l >»* *ne
M. K.
lT. s. roui’nic» 4 in!ti‘rat fniuvillt,
of I'rineville. i -ciity of Crook, state of On .-on. m» '«ninla., the is day of June, No;.
Oregon. sworn statement No. 45 *>, for 1I*‘ Ul,n i>
«• n-.-*s: ivm. it.,
the pur, base of the ne«4 see IS, tp 25 s. o ^ , ! l
à^’ nisimà’i j j o r è ^ m
r Id u w in.
Any «in1 ..Il persene rîa'.niii.g ».tu-rkely the
«l.rne-ilfM-rll rif I hic I- are reqiu-t. 1 to tile
I.izzic K. II v-le
n i i s ' -.1
-ti H
I> ■ -H
r . •
. their*
1 '••"ir • ! .inn
I IS . iti. e .in or 'before -lii!
>f I’ r.aevilie, county of t rook, state of ¡ in nay oí June, uhi ;.
I *r gun. s>«orn statement No. 4 4, f._.r
K. M. r.H .TTAis, in »i.-ier.
John Sizemore returned to his , has a distinct hi- orical value, and the | iin liasc nf t h - s w ’ ., nci4, nh, se'4.
iioiiie last v.eek after having nur. - l ‘ lt '¿uaiteriy deserves a place ii
l4 sec “ I, tp 25 r 10 e « in.
The I b i d « ' Ktcidl sawmill cut
its first lumber \ sterday.
If. A. Hill made a flying vis’ t to
Prim \ ill*-, during the w.-< k.
Mr. I?ai|di Cohvell *.f Eava. was
a visitor in our city the first of the
njt<**l states hand I >ffiee,
o i a case of smallpox, and for har every library in ine Stale.
tic lami soiuilii is more valuable è r its
G'.ke* iew.t »reg..a, Jai.. 2*>, l ' " 1;).
that there might atili lie dang» f of
, — enti e is liereov jiven that in coni­
ti.,c r or stone than lor agricultural plance sviti- the provisi..;.* ,,f the a.-t of
1 contagion be bought a tent miu \
purposes, and to establish their claim ! .lune 3. ¡s , s. eiitirled “ An act for the
has quarantined himself about j i
• to s-i.l land before M. Ih i'.i-js I.*. .s. sal.* of ti. («er 1. tais in the Sti*>.~* of
at t a (‘oconisiouer, at I’rineville, < i retro, i. on * ■ •1 i * •1 ••• ’ 'rciroii, Nevada, and t'.ish-
mile from bis hotel. This act on
President ft m-velt lias nu
i Y..m '1 hn-s.lsv the .....
. „ 1 *. tooa
>nKto.l h-YUory _ as i to all
on the pari of Mr. .Sizemore is sure- " ’arm w* icon:* in California from
T!iiirs*hiy the Hit 1» day of July
the 1‘ttb' I.aail Snitcs hy act of Ati-
Iv commendable and tbe public *11 cla.-re*.
" ttn,e HH « ’itiiiww: Jacob W. izusr 4. 1 -. • 2. the folio" ici; jiersoes lia ve
fids day filed in this ..ilice their sworn
will appreciate it.
Gam m er
Howland, general j , | ydCi L i, zi(. K 1Iy,,e| aM(1 Wltlt, rSi statements to-wit :
General News»
Mr. an*! Mrs. Ed Boyd, and their
Mr. and Mrs Win. Ft* phots are
little daughter Earn v. were relca.S-
once more n ¡dents of I •< -'chutes.
, ,,
d from quarantine at i'rin ev ille
A ll the member» of the Baseball
. .
- the first of tb*“ w* cK. and arrived
Association arc ri<iue 8 ted to meet
| here on Wedn* s.lav’s stage.
I hev
at tin* school-house tin- evening.
1 ■ , ,
1 will live m the Benham bouse for
M iss Gertie Sharp of I’ rineville,
* time aiul until tla-rc is no possi-j
Bolett L, ¡Mikkclson,
manager of the N u York Herald Hy.i • all of l'rii . villi*, Oregon.
' ‘ i**l at his lmiuein N. Y .o n M ay 9 .' Any ami all persons claiming adversely
the above-*! erihod lands are rvctti
iipti ated
Post-Office inspector M. C. Fognes
to Ml*, tlielr claims in this obice on or
nas been i accd in cnageof the fivt before -aid pith .lay o July, ÜM.I.
«n-hvery service, and fu n era l Fu­
E. M. Btt.vrr.ux.Register.
pcrintcndent Maciu-ii has been
relieved from duty.
of Stephen, county of Marshall, State of
orn statement No, 1,4c lor the
purch-t'*. of the s
*.-. 1 K X i : I 4
*v X L ‘ 4
, S e e 12 T. 22 s. h. w M.
! stlier M, Barnard,
of Bigla* d. county o il o'k. State of > inn
sworn statement No, 1747 for the pur­
chase of the SFA 4 Sw »4 Bee, lit X N V ,
is the guest of Miss Ivy West of
'»*«- danger of contagion although
Three p* rsons killed and several
N-.. 1 . 'ec. 80 T “ I
, I
this «-¡ty, tl is w* ek.
United states I. i . 1 Oflie«* I.akeview,
»■very precaution nas already iii'en | others soriortsly injured ¡c* ti result'
liosa ell A , Whitney,
Oregon, April 2», 1'iH:— Notice is here- of St pla n, county of Marscall State of
John Mi Tagg* ri arrived here on
taken and every thing thoroughly 0f a head-on-eoliision between two
b> ” *v *•: in compliance with the, Min;l. sworil statement No, 174S tor the
Tuesday, from i ’ rineville, with a
disinfeet* d.
! passenger trains on the N. V. C. *k
provision,, of he act of June 3, M7S. en- purchase of the X1*P 4 Sec, HO T. 21 S It
snudi party of timber men,
A. \\ . Mohr, a Civil and Meeiian- II. R. Railroad on .M.iv 9 ,
title'l, “ An act for the sale of timkr | q j ;
Rev. Triplett of P rin en ille will
c al Engineer, of I be Dalles, spent
John Simpson, of Hug* ne, Or*\g. a*,ds in the states of C'alifor.da, Ori- i
Hannah Bovce,
prea* h ¡it the scool-house here next Alonday in olir city, Air. Molo
is having a mil* 1 ease of smallpox ■on, N-vada and W ..ahington Ten i- ¡ 1)f otw Belmont Ave, < .rand Forks, coun-
, ,, , ,
. . ,,,r.v.” as extended to all the public ' ty 0f ( i rand Forks State oí N Dak. av. **ru
Sunday at 11. A .AI. everybody cur- has just return** i front a tour of . „
ioi tin SivUini 1 . 1111 *. lí¡.^ 1 h) Md- liiiHÎ Htatus '»y m*t ¡f Augr^t 4, 1892, the
diiillv invititi.
stiiU in ut No, i,4’l tor the pur» I gifc * of’
inspoction in tbe t ini iter belt south
ans ca ll it s m a llp o x ami he declares
'L. \\r. Triplett and
r* turned front
imve of ber., and
I’ rineville and will
is we]
plisas» »1 with
¡ be prospects of this country, l i e
Mcv.'ng persons i,av.« »his dav bled in
the S' H Xw1;,
sv.‘4. SwM
ihttt lie ha*l the same aftlietion t w o , 1*1' "H¡ *<* their ".vorn statements, towit ;
See, o<, Tp 21 S K 10 K. .... m .
Jaciib \\ . Btione
t>«.',rgc T, Hamery,
I of Brinavllle, county of »'rook, state of ; t
locate here in town for the summer. | ieft for his home on Tuc day and
j iiu
lit* aiunuir
Armour la i i. iiig
* P imhibimv Oreiri)ii,
»• I . r tortili»
*'vti‘pjipn, conn tv* ol ^»rirshnll, stnti* of 1
sworn f ttttcment No.
’l l m ■ I*. It. I). Co., have the tint-, will go by way of JJayslack ami is buying both creamery and cium- parcha• ■ of the ,nv• ; ,-cc is, tp 8.4 b ,
Mi».;, sworn statement No, l7-'*o -r the
purchase of the X w 1-.. : ec, 0 Tp 22 ¡S Ii
bers all on tbe ground for a new j Llio Warm Spring Agency,
try butter in tin- W illiamette Yulr ■ 10 e w »u
. t I 10 !.. w in.
bridg** iteross the river, near the
C. F. Smith of lain,onia, Oregon, icy, and it is r* ported that thev
America I. buone
l ai
; thev "i l l offer proof to show that
. .
• nt rrii.cvtlle, cúnate of C'ro'k, state of
bid bridge.
arrived here hist wtek and took will ,. pitrebas,
bait a mumm pounus ,
1 tbe
the la
I k * < I ! sought is a
more valuable for its
Oregon, sworn statement No. 412, lor ■
timber or stone
tor agricultural
E*1 Hill now holds the champion- > barge oi the work *m the C. S. I. luring the months of May and ,.
me purchase ot the s\\ 4 see 33, tp - I s ,
their claim
Mop among the local Knights *,f Go’s, canal. Tlie right of way Inis Ju te,
... .
„ , .,, ...
. .
j to said land before H. w. lieed f . S .
the Rod; he having caught 99 trout ill been cleared and the entir* tore,* j The New N'ork World, on Mav
1 oat thev will n*.er pnxif to show ,,
■ .
: tonnm.-snmer at Bead, Oregon, on
. .
. .
in one day.
i **f men began grading, at a point' 10 tlr, issued an »dition of ld<! pages hat tee lami sought ,s more vali,;,ole Friday,
the o, day of June, J!)03,
or us tun Iter or stone than tor agri-
A r. S Boston;».«* I- p«*etor, is
tlim* miles from the bead of the largest n* wspa
. m ¡ r r ever
1 hey name as witnesses:
pu da.i-
I ■ i 1 ‘ ever
' M pU'
.¡'.nevai pu|.]>*>ses, ami to esta uhsli tlielr
, . ,
. . .
, , .
Bole’ t I,. Mikkelson. Boswell A. W hit­
»xjH** ted lure soon t«. invest ¡gate lb»‘ canal, atnl tlu* work Will be •d, it was issu* 'd on : he .iti’ I. anni- chue, to
sud ¡and belare \\ . A. Bell,
,,, ,
• •
''ey, < sorge r, Hamery and Cbarlea K,
tbe rec' tit lu'ld-ttp of (lie mail.- be- !,l,sb»,«l with all toe energy p "-' bic versary under Mr
I’ ul i/»T s m -jn- ■ • **• » otnnitssiouer at l’rnievtlle. Ore- , ,
* 1,1 11
, , . ,
, ,
>t"el< end ol ¡'te p o is , Mmn. i sther M
con, on 1 lmrsday, the dav of Julv,
tween this place and Silver Hake. 1
11 bir)?e foire of men, teams ag('inent.
1 he paper
j.«*pe* mmt
* iruinnivu
o | ^,oj
. 1 , 0 ^
ni md a
“ baruard «vi Ingiunti, Afiati. *k Ilantiali
and tbe
i».'ievv of l¡ • pi's! aiul j ro levies of
They nume as vvitt»ess**s ; Edwin »1.
¡1 j ravti* nl knnw-
ton, w ill m ike he.nhpuit t"i s in this
ili,- futur*-, ami eoniaimal contribu- ' l y Y . Lizzie 17. Hyde, Walters. Hyde,
«•ledge of thif* kin«l of vvork and iloti' from * X Pn id. ut Gi* velami;
“ -E Devine, ami John Combs all
t i t y for some time
Mr. Wise
will luive tlieentire System of eanals
inter». t e l in the tin,!,* r bus i n
Arthur James Balfour, Prime Min-
b* ”
Any •" d all pers ii •» claiming adverse­
j i omph t« d witiiih a f« vv montlis. if
¡sti r of England; Jusiiee David ' ly the ulKive-deserilntd latuls are re-
W , II. Staut» Inis im p ro v'd tin-!
a sutlieient number oi nu n ean I»
>r«‘W*.| . of t a i . F. Fupieine t i '.;r l; (pit -:. I to file their claims in this otlice
'tppenrt tiee of iiis store v< rv u lieh
obta ined t * * do t la* Work.
Jat l ) Astia-, Fir (liarles na or i »efori* said lt'al, day of Julv, 11)03.
by erect it* a good »vid*> por. It in
17. M, B katt . u x , Register.
l'ib.e, M ! .; Gallinai Gil,'"
front and »revering it with a good
G. I>. W !-•«', **f Eva i*'tt, Wa l l i n g -
Boyce ol Clami F'orks, X ! ak.
At y ¡¡ad . ,1 p ■•■su, - claiming adverse­
ly *! ; h*,\e ! sen• *■ *d 'a 1 .is are ,< > u**st-
cd to tile r:,ei ,-Î î *in - m tía.- o !'(**• on or
before said 5th day of June, P'O.4.
d. M. B katt . w v. Register.
C.MTia» S tatus land okitce ,
i.ak'.' ievv, Oregon. F* b. 2, 12, 1.
W A N i ED.
Noti. «- is iieivbv given that in eon pii
»vith the provision* of ti e net >f
Men ei her with or vvitl.out l* an
t im b e r l a n d
n o t ic e .
•ime h 1 *7s. titt,*, 1 “ An act for tin­
Mr. G. Flinger *»f Prin'>ville, vvho iirt, WlVnU«l to work on tlie G. S. i.
ds in tbe Ft
- .
K, «i>v,a»risi:Mt:\T.
.‘trilla, Oregon. Xevaila nod W ,s|,i'.g:*>n
lias s peut ¡1 week in tbe iimh»-r C,,’s ditch. Th.» follovving vw
ex:ei dmi to ali tip- I’uo-
United State- Land Offici*, Lakevi**,« ret riiory,
b«dt sonili «>T here, pass*d througli will lx> pai»! $ 1 Ì .00 per day formali
Oregon. Jan. 2S, ltl»i3.—Notice is here­ :¡v Lami <ta;.-s ¡ y act of Al gasi I. ls:ig,
he- folloviog jM-rsoiis Rive day
town, last l'tie I iy, «ni lus wav tu $4.2’» per «lay for ma 11 and team.
by given that in compliance vvitli the ‘Me l in tiii- oliiee their sworn stnt»*-
I rov isions of tbe act o. June if, 1S7S. **,i- inents, to-vv it :
lortland t,» obtain meilical treat- liUardeanb* had for $4.ô() p* » w» ek.
titl d, “ \tt act for tlv* sale «»! timl«*r- ’
George ( ’ Jackman,
' » ‘•ut,
Cali on or mldress G. F. Fmith,
county of Baraga, state of
■Iohn Chainl 1 1 -■ and F l’> Wal- Ihsehutes, Oh-gmi, or »•»*{»ire a;
Nevada and Washington Territory,” as [ Mich, sworn statement ntuel er 1773 for
ker, jt:iss*'d througu t**vvn ont* day j this »»tffice.
xtended to all die public land states by tlie purchase ot tbe SB»4 Sl7'4, Sec, 12
Miss ''.ite lieifrich Dc:d.
tbis week, with a four nud tt six
c M v r t m i c v-r*xe
act of August 4. is:,2. the following per- I7la X!7*4, Sec, 13 Tp 24 .- R 12 F7. and
PRIflfcYlLLE uEdiS.
I orse load of tool, ami supplies tor
Miss Katherine Helfrieh of La- -»ns have li!»wl in this office their I Swl 4 \w '4 Sec, 18 To -4 S s 13 ll.w in
John B Haviland,
Tbe Barber sltoj* lut' opnud monta, dâ-d in Portland on Tues sworn statements, to-wit :
lit«' Columbia F itithern litigation
county of Baraga «tate of
gain and olir eitirens ome nmiv dav May nth. ltKKÎ, »>f a v. rv s«-
LoinpanyV fon**!ruction »amp.
V ear It el* in face
? Moro, county of Gherman, state of Or- ; Mich, sworn statement number 1774 foi
Mrs. G. Baldwin suffered from a
.«•to v.i*»* «'. sintllp *X. Mi's IE .
, -"ont statmetit No. 145« ». for the die pu rebus* of the S1.. Nv. - 4, N«„ Sw ’4
It is ferir» 1 Mint the late la avy t’rieh was staying ;.t ti <• Poind,■: t* r ¡une' -cof the 17'.. of i-7’ see 25, tp s'- see, 1 *» Tp 24 S B 13 1 „
very severe attack of heart trouble
Right II m. W . E. H. lackey.,
P> hop I'.-tter, A.lmiral Dewey.
> «■turai Miles. Julia Ward llowe,
\ ..;a nder G rah.. ta l»»dl. W hite! vv
*7« «I, Fd Clair AlcKelwnv, General
Oliarle.' ii. Taylor, cx-President
Krt vr, É ir R* Ia-ri Rail, Andrew
^ang, Senator.*. and Experts in al-
»,'» ‘*> lit 1*, ot emb avmr.
sliingle roof.
last Saturday night and was confili- 1
lui ve killed mont of the fruit If**tt*l when the «liseuse fi rst broke "• B-9 F7,, w. m.
ta llo ber room for u tiny, but b.ts in thiw seetion.
j out tb»*r**, but left f*»r Portland be-¡ . ..
W i.UwtJ. Martin
fully ree*»v* reti imi is abb* to re-
tJUtne her household d u t i e s .
llarnev Eewis, the poet and car-
toonSt t»f this eitv, walk*-*! fortv
tnil*-' in tw ci ve iumrt», last Momlay
»■»«verini» thè »listane»* froin a point
ubout *B |t*il* s bevotal Sist«*r.', (»re.
to tliis pian*.
IL C. l.*«vr. »vliti
wlm l
I , «d Mom, ciiuntv of Shernuin. stateci
|> 11 1¡* 1 .îs* are all f 'Y»re that place wus quarantino»
sworn statment No. 1470 for the
improving rapidly and no new Fit*' bad b*en in Portland so :il*‘ , arel,ase ol the n»v'4 see a, »p 25» « r lo*
l . e r o v il. M a r t i n
, »¡uect» Imv ■ appare»! for moro ¡ íu » 1' ‘ ltd was staying at tbe Hope-
\> .
nal Hotel wit* u sin* was taken sick »• Moro, county of S!icrn,;.:i, state of
a vv*« k.
* >r»*gi*n, sw*«rn statement Nn. 14'-,* for
Mr'. E. 11. Smith is ehi*! clerk 1,0 " " r,'moved from tbe hotel to ; t* pur*.lis** of the. s Y NF. ‘ 4 ,
V -d
t Mrs. S l a y t o n ’s Mi i ’ i mr v sto-* tb *1 i’est-houst* on Mond ay and s,-,. II. tp 25 s. r 10 ,*. w nt.
That they w ill ober pr*K>f to show
itiring Mrs. Slaytons t im po n uy while she re -cived the Ix'st of ear»'
tin e:.'Y Käs a very severe one 'hat the land song*,t w mort- valuable
l nun the start ami s i - only lived f‘ *r ¡-^ timlwr or stone '.ban for agricul-
Blu* smallpox
The smiling »ountenanve <*f .fiditi
¡tllev bridgi* acruss Combs is again seen on our *trc*
I h'sohtit»'* nv»*r abo*tt s* ven mib's after fili ill*st*lKT of M u m I »» * * k -,
known as thè
U»li»w hens l i iu-»il** ?i toll l»ritlrir >jnnt in iVrtlainl.
of it alni eharges tìò »*•■!»'• for wag «u
|)r. ,|. » . K,,>, nburg and fa*.il»
un.) team unii other »Tbirhs. or J#.ft f„ r portinoli th*
tirsi ,.f tià
' t*** k in |*r«»|wvrtion
we* k, tbey also exihs't t«>
sp* tid
A ■tinnii>»>t nf ttu- votine »tt**n ls some tino* at thè
se» eoast b»-foie
’*»f Mi-« 'la ri Hi lev, galli
nt tbeir nturt».
Benjamin Brink,
of Pcquaming county of Bamgn, stat» of
Mieli, sworn statement unmlvr 1775
or the piireluoe of the F ' . S w ' j , w
X i714 >*, . Is 1 p **t S R P3 k , " ni
Andrew Lnte:nlrv.->e,
lYcqnaaiing, county of ga state
1 of Mich, '«o r:, statement number 177(5
for the pun-lias«* of the N' S »., j¡,.,* ih
r,, 24 S. R, 13 F7, w
That they w ill offer proof to show that
the lai.-i sought is more valuable for its
tiln,H.r or sloPP than for n^ritMlllIlril,
1 few »lavs after taking siek. Aliss * .,ra 1 ‘
.' ’ '
' pnrjsises. and to establish their claim to
*1 *,* , ’ ,
• . ,
*‘ a»'i»tom.i.l land ts'fore J. J. Smith. laud Before . A Bell V < Com-
rlelfnoli has Is-en a r»sid«*nt hf v untv 4"!i»rk
at Brii eville (>r*-
at. » . . . t om
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» • rk. at
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Thev name as witnesmff* E. Martin. FlGa K. Martin. ,,ohll H. Ilavilaml. BenGm»» Brink
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1,. Martin ,*, Amlreiv Eitendn*-',* of Pe.-qf.ming,
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utgnam *»i 1 nneivlle, Oregon.
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