The Deschutes echo. (Bend, Or.) 1902-19??, March 07, 1903, Image 2

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i . i i - i i k k .
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iu to k .
Entered May 31, l'.K>2, ai R e n o , O re go n ,
a - second class mutter, uni le r A r t ni Con*
” rc>s ul Marcii 3, 1871J.
f 1 . 01 )
. .50
7, UKW.-
place s t a m i - to ila v in « n e a t-
t c l c p li o r u * c o n n e c t i o n
iici <1 o f
w ith
l ’ r m c v i l l e tlinii a n y o t h e r
ta in a b le
tilin g .
M any
tra n sa c tio n s c o u ld be
phone that
b u sin ess
over a
q u ire an e x p e n ­
s i v e t r i p a n d i n v o l v e a y r e a t hr- - o f
tim e .
S u c h a lin e w o u ld
p a y ¡.mod
i n t e r e s t o n tin*
in vestm en t
the even t of
railroa d
th is
taken d o w n
th is
bein y
poin t,
w ith
w ill
cou ld
lo s s .
l o n y a s I ’ r i n e v i l l e r e m a i n s l he c o u n ­
t y s e a t , w h i c h it w i l l fo r
years yet.
c liea p h
A lin e can
fe w
be b u ilt v e r y
by u -iu e b la ck
p ine
po les
if n u y h t to be d o n e a t o n c e .
Instead of
Ir v in .y
t o -enure
b u i l d i i y o f a f l o u r i n y m i l l h e r e fo r
w h i c h t h e r e i- a b s o l u t e l y
le t n s yet t o g e t h e r
t e l e p h o n e h u e o u t to c i v i l i z a t i o n .
t ailed Sta te- Lund Ollier.
tlrr.'oii, N iiv . 17 lt‘c_*:
Not ice i-- hereb y
given that in eoinpliaiiee witli
visions uf tlie act
titled *‘ \11
of .) him * ,’ t,
for the
sale of tim b er
la nd- in the state - of t \difoi n ia , Ore', on.
Nevada, ami
Unite»! States I an 1 Offlcc. Ijtkeview. Or*-
Kou, Ort. »30, 19. « 2 . Noti" i- Lerci*y «iven
timt in romplinnce with tin* nr«»vii»ion* oí 11 »*-
: R(*t oí June
IH7S. tiltil 'e** i •• *n nel lor tilt*
- if Ot til'll er It n»U ill t I.'- - at « •- 'if I'ali inrui«.
Oregon. N« vml». an»! WasLingt' n rerritory, a«
<*Xteij«te«i to all the j»u «lie lan»! slHt«** by art oí
i A il trust J, ivrj. tile tolhiwlutf persons have
hle<! in this otile** tlie'.r sworn Maternent*
I to-wit?
Mary L. I’ M! g
<»f Brouk vi rie. eouut y of J< fterxotl, state of
Beun- i . an.a, ►worn -tat«*i. vn* No. !' V.» lor
i tli* ptt r»*nase ol ihi-rfv.
- a • . -, ."Î, n«*4 t s**1^
j s».a se1, -er 9 ip :it s, r 12 e. w m.
establish their« laiin to s«hl land before A. u.
I aimer. Uinre i.state- Commissioner at Brine-
villi*. Oregon, *«n Tlinr-ilay, the ‘J.h «lay of
April, WU 8 .
Tiiey name as vit»»* -es: Fram isJ. Pevlne,
T’lnmias H. Watkin-. •: A Ihany. C reg«»n ; James
Fall, WiBiain lIo!» '-r, Arthur J.. Temple*
ton. of i*i inevi. !»* Oregon : Frank i> sliepar«!
of Shaniko, Or«•;.'•• m.
Any and all » ersons « ¡aiming adversely the
above describe ! lam!- are r» «jueate«l ic» file
their «1 dims in thia «»ffl«e oil «»r before said
inh «lay of A pri»,
J5 M. BftATT.viK, UegSster.
N O T IC E .
o f Brook '.’ lilt*, enn ui «if ot l «ff» i so n, - t s t p o f
I'« n n - v I van .a s *\ mi
*itcin«*iii V«». : '-*•»». for
O ne Y e a r . . . .
i*-1 \ .M o n t h s
Tiiitia-: M u m u s
A it . min ta B.O•<.r»*rs
W a sh ing ton i’i n i to r v ,” as
extended to all the public land -ta le s by
Unit«*«! Stat^« Land Oflfiee, Lakt*view. Oregon,
N»»v. ID, 1 W »2 Notice la hereby giVen that in
the i uf liase oí the ¿ uv. 11. s A *, ►W1», - 0 c • >. ! rouipiiunee witii tin* provision-of the act ol
fie' , u ». 1 k ►
!•*■ », lb .1 * r E »• »*. in.
1 June •*, 1 H 7 - entitled, “ An a. t f«»r tin* sale of
Sam nel A. c
II mt < r funds it* the slates of California, Ore­
<»f Brook vi! i", eoiiuty o! JeftYr t»n. state ot gon, Nwn«la. »in ! Wa-hihgtou Territory,” a>
I'en !'•'> ! van : a, sworn staternenl No. irai*, for «•xten«!ed to all t in* pnb!ie land states 1 «> mi t of
t he pur» I imm * oi l hr w 1 .> V,1 mm *. t p jl -, r 12 Atig ist 1, lairj, the hdlowillg tinmed }>« rsons
e. w. in
, have
nffh-e their sworn
T hat ihr will offer proni in -how that the -t a tern* nts. t«» wit:
lati'l s'» 0 {f!:t >s more vallino «• i«»r is Um!.er or
John U. Barnett
Ht»‘ tie t fiati ‘ or ngri« 'ili uim ¿ pi ¿¡‘«»«¡e-, a».«l t<» »>f (Ydfax,county < f W hitman, state of Wash­
estriLli-h thlori-laim to - • • 1 an I boñ.r»
('. ington, -worn -• atemeut No. loin, for the pur*
l'uliner, !
- C omuii • ■ m
al Br;p«*vi!:«* < na • ‘ if tfie n’ j In* , .-(•<* a, a mi i:1 li w >4 of si (
t he h h 'lay ot A pril, 1 . tp 2.5 s. r 9 e. w. in.
0 r , « ,m- ' ’n
I î »0; ï .
William A. Barnett
They name as witness« s: F. t\ Whltteïi. of u»'ifax, enmity «*f Whitman, -tale of Wash
of Heini, Oregon ; Auioa i»ra»t.»haw\ of Fortlaii «4 mgtoli. sworn-tatenii iit N«>. loll, for ihe pur
Oregon; Ma. y E. Oraig, Samuel A. Craig, Ara- chase of the in , ne1^ -♦*«• :>J, w E, nw'v nwl,
iniuta R'*(lg«*rs, of Brook ville, Pennsylvania. sw see 82, tp 22 s. r 9 e. w . in.
Any ami all pi -on- claiming a«lv«*rnely the
1 v «•!:•*> U. Bfddnsop.
above-'les'Tiheii laii'ls are re«|Ue*tel to tile oi’ Tne Dalles, < < limy of Waseo, tnte of Ore-
their claims in t his olTiee on or before sani *r**n sw«»rn sta'enient No. M2, f«»r the purchase
1th «lay of Apr., it'«»:;.
of the iiVj n v 1.. > 1 .'., n « 1, se«* I d , and n «'4
!.. M B ratta IX, Register. j in1., of see 9, tp 22 s. r D e. w. m.
That they w ill offer proof to show that the
laud .-«night is more valuable tor its timber «»r
: -tone than for agricultural purposes, and to
T I M B F .i
, A N I > N O T I C E .
»•-lufdi-li their «daim to said land before A. U.
Uiilt» 'I Siati • I. iti'l « >
) f f!i
î i • ♦
«« . hak« view, Oregon
Balmer, U. S u«»mniis-imier, at I’ rineviB.e,
o n . : a », Miri:- Noti» « is h •»••o’ given that in
Oregon, on We«!nes«lay, theHtli day of April
«•ouiplia n. «• w il h t Ite pr iviuriM of the act of ! I DOR.
1H7H « iitith l An art f«»r the sale :
They mimr as witness»»«: Joseph If. Hm ir ,
timber lumi* in In*-tat«*' of < alit'ornia, Ore
• i Ben«!, (itegoli ; K< *kcy u. Hoi 1ns«*n. of The
on, N« va»la, atei Wash In/.on Te rritory, m -
I »»‘.lie.-. »>i egoi,
William H. Hollii-b«*>«!, «»f
extemi« ' 1 to uM tin » u»li«' lain! stairs 1 »\ ¡n i "•
I \»». o: * g«»n \> i 11 tarn A . Bann-tt ami John lb
August I, lM'.rj, tin* ml lowing persons have this
Ibt; nett, of Colfax. Washington.
»lav lik'l in this oilier their my « rn statement.*
Any ami all persons claiming adversely the
t«» w it :
ahove-deseril ««1 lands are re»tnested to fil«
A la !.. Toles
their claims in this office on or before said
of Mo- ow. < onnty of l.atrth. -tati* of Idaho,
Mli «lay of April, 1902.
sworn -pileiiieiit N«>. 1 ô»'> 2 , forth«* pur lm-e of
I- \f Bit attain , Register.
tin* ne 1 , ,-e 1 s1^ iu*! t, tn
ne' , .-«*«* 1 , tp 21 s,
r Id e. w m.
Wallaee M. Toles
of Fairhnve’i, ««unity of Watcom, statt* ot
Wasliiugtou, sworn Maternent No. I'*; », lor the
purcliuo nt tin* in- ,, ir.v1,. h 1,, m*1.,, - «• j
EniU'd Stutcs 1 .:inil Office, bilkevicw.
-«•* ,.-«•', -«•<• I, t p 21 s, r Id ♦*. w. m
Oi'.“. mi, Nuv.
1SHI2.— Notice is hereby
< ieorge \V. T'o!«*s
of Mosfow, County of l.atali. stato of I laho, trivea that in complituice with the pro­
-worn statement No. I
for the pnrehnsO n visions ot the Aet of (Ama' ol Ju n e 3,
t in -«•' , i l « 1,, s•.. in*1 ,, in 1 , ,-e1 see 12, t p 21 -.
IH7S, entitled " A n act lor the sale of
r \ ‘ e. W. in
That they w ill <»ff«*r proof to show that tin tim b er lands in tin* states of ( 'alil'orMi i.
laint -«»iif lit is inore vaina'» e f«»r its timhor or O regon, Nevada, and W a s h i n g t o n , ” as
stoiH* tinnì i«»r agrn*iuturai purposes, and to : s ex ten de d to all t!ie jnihlie land states
th«*ir « 1 m i id to -aid laud ht»fore
Lv aet of A c a u s t 4. IS.'2, tl:e following
A. U Bai in Or, U. > (o iin iisio n .at Bri ut* vili« .
Oregon, oil Motnlay, the bili day of April, p m - ms have tiled in tliis office their
sworn s tatem en ts , t o - w i t :
They flam«' a-
w i i u « --« ’- :
<•'« or g e \v Tott*s,
I .c han Case
if Mos«’o\v, Main», Walla«*»* M.
persoti» bave Ibis dav lilt-d in tliis office j i '« »1« -, <>i in rloiM‘ 11 , Washington ; Ora Boin- of A l b a n y , c ou n ty of Linn, state of Ore-
dexter. I - r« n A I ling ham.« f B« ml, Oregon ; W.
sworn s tatem en t No. 572, for the
thclr sworn s la t c m c n ls , tu « i l :
W. U<diiu*, of Moscow, Idaho.
see 7.
80 4
Law rence là isdick, of Pori land, o n i n - | Any;.in! all person** «*ln m* t ng a«1versidy tin purchase
s,r 11 o.
ty of M u l t n o m a li . stale of Oregon sworn j h !*»» v «‘ « I «*s« • e 11 »«*« 1 lam's an* i«|iiest«*d t«» file
s la le m e n l N >. I i'C> l'or tli-‘ purchuse of i their « dii ms in this ofllei* on *»r before said Oth
I larlnn IV ( io«aiutati
«lay of Apr.. P.HKt.
I In - 1.. ni ' 1 |, ilo.' | seM
S, and sW 1 |
ot W h i t e w a t e r , c ou n ty «»t' W a lw o r th ,
K. M. B kattuk Kegipter.
n » 1 | h i t H, I p 21 S. lì, 12 E. » . in
-i .o* of W ist'onsiii. -»worn s tatem on t No.
Joh n !.. Sc lniv lc m an ,
l.v m lo n ,
1 I 'd, lor llu« purchase oi the s o 1.} m\ *4
Annusi I,
|v.' 2 ,
c o n n l y o i U’ hatcoin, stati* of
W ashing­
me it
l a n d n o t i c i :.
i ,
t'tliti-d Sia Ics lain -1 Otti,-c. I t kevit**l (trc/oll,
ibi. Is. 1 rl
\,»ii,c is hi-rctyi Kivi-Il timi -,n
ci>m|dlii!icc with tin- provision» of tin- le-t of
I’ tiiev
» i l l idler proni to show June I, |s.s. entitled “ An m-t for flip s«lc of
I >nit tln* Litui souitht is more vtiluulile tinitn-i' lands in the »'ale- of <'iitt-ornin. Ore
lor its 1 im hi'f or simu» tliuti l’or ; .a ieul- non. Nevada, timi Wuslilnnt-ni Territory,‘
turtil pii 1 1 «• 1 •-, ami tn c labli-di tlieir exlendeti to all tl.e |nd tic land slate» by aet of
Annnsl t, IMV, tl-e following
persons have
eluim to -ai.I lutei hefnre \\ . \. la-li, I .
tiled in ltd» ntflce their sworn atHli-inetits
S. C om m is s ion er , ;it l’ rim»\ ili»», «»n pon, to wit :
I’ere* H llouard
i ' ii «--:'1 11 r. la \ . t In» I 11 h - la v ni M a v, IHU.3.
I hev numi» ;is « it tie-ses :
J oh n !.. of I’ rlnevllti- i-.**,u(y of ( rook, stair of Oregon,
St illi> h»muti of I } mieli, W a s h i n g t o n , sworn statement No 1.7 . lor the purchase of
llie se 14 »tv -a lp 'Jt s. r It e.
I huui » N W i ll i a m s , L u » n - u e e Eosilìsk,
i.ranvll N i ' 1 i f t on
\mos' BraiUhit» uial I ( ’ W h i t t f l l , ni of I'rltie* ilio, county of Crook, siatr of <trogoli,
»»ora stati-nielli .No. tint. ' *r the purchase ot
l’iu tlu m i, t»logon
the II1, II«
Si -1 , i l» 1,, and n « 1, n«'t sl-i- 11,
A n v unii 1 , li petsous cliiiiuing itil- t p J - .», r m e.
vi»t's.»|y thè iil«ivea|esi rilii 'l la m i- un»
t-’rank K'klns
of- i of frinì ville, onnly o Crook, «talc of Oregon,
ri»i|tu steil to lile tlieir ciaim s in thi
lice 011 or h eim e .-ani l l t h ilny of M a y, sworn statement No. Un fortín- purchase , i
the « ' j n w ',. nw't sw >4 set- t, and ne ‘ 4 sc',
E . M. Briitftiin, lìi-gist«»r. : sec J. t p 2.1 V r til e.
That Uni » III offer proof to show that fin­
ta nd ». ms lit is more \ a Ina '-le i,-r ils tim her in­
T 1 M B E R L A N D N O VIC E;
siline I han for agricultural purposes. and to
iti: \ i>\ 1 itrisi-Mix 1
esiabp«h heir claim to said mini before \ c
l'aimer, t s Commissioner at l*riuevll!e. ore
l'NiTKi* S t a t e » l a u t i «» p e i i k ,
I .Il L u ­ «nil. on
Krnlay thi- tinti
day of Xprd.
v i e » , ('rt-ann, January lì, l!H'3.
1 Io \ a s
¡3 In-rid y
in K im -
t liât
pli.inee « itti tin- pro\ isiotis of tin- ai t of
lune .3, 1-78. cut it U-, I
■sull- oi
tim b er
«'alifornia.O rev.iii
"A u
re r rito r y ,"
for the
States of
Neva,la. atri
as i-\tciitló«l
the Public I .units --1 a t •
v-u-t !,
bv act
IS! 12, I n i i ' t I ' M a l t / ,
Ille,I in tins otlii-e bis Nuora
Vo. 17 IS for tin-
pu n-base
2 . 3 , t • ni»' 4 s » l 4 .see ,3t, t p 22 S, r 13 i* » ,
proof to show flint tlu»
la id
••!>■ valita’ I t.-r it-
timi . -
ttian for uurh-ultuh«l i>ur|s»se*.
W * V
-r «totii-
estahlis'i lo» eia to to »ani lami
I omiiiis«|otier
1 ‘ rinev ill«», «'regoli, on thun*ila v tiir 7 th
iluv of M a y, lih'3.
...................... ..
w i t n e s s * » * . H i lit ff l I M s - i
ter. Charles II Erickson, Raipli
J .tn U n ,
Vrlington Davi» of Rrinevllle, Ob-tjfBn
Vny and all )H»rsons ehtiuiitig a,lvers*-Iv
the a l s n e - d e « , n is-d lunds an-
»»I to tile tlieir claim» in this i-flii-e i-fi i*r
before said 7th dav of Mav, IthM.
I \S ¡< N o ! U E.
R*: *o* M i n » * >ik\T
s tatem en t
s*»i*. 22 tp
I dilli»
wit liesses :
Mditedii. i-, l i i . ' h c j . ( «ri-gnu, Ir a n r is J.
W atkins,
< ase, oi Alban v, « trogoli, ami H arla n 1*.
» ii’o biian, of Wliitevvator. Wis eon sin .
I'mir tlioy « i l i
that t i n - lami
for it.- li m b e r or stono than for agrioul-
tural purp'ises, anil
eia i - n to s.i i - i la m I I «elm e A l
s-. } o u i missioiu-r.
of i’ rhieville, < >re“ on.
That tiiey will offer proof to stiow that
the land sought is more valuable for
tim ber or st one
for agrieuitti." ii
purposes, and to establish
their claim
to said land before
\V. A .
C om m is ion er , at Prineville.
Saturdtiy the
Oregon, on
U) 0 . 3 .
day of M a y ,
A n y and all persons cla im in g adversely
Stilu s by act of Au g u st 4. 1802, the
l o « i n g persons
this da y
this office their sworn st atem en ts,
wit :
of Ta co m a,
count}’ of
W a s h i n g t o n , sworn st atem ent
the purchase of the » 'a e 1., sec
s, r 14 e.
Allierta R. Buck
i: I \ OVER ri -F.MFNT.
United Ptaits Land office. Lnkeview, oregori
Nov., 19 BD9. Notice i.- hereby given that ill
compliance with the provisi««ns oi the act of
state of
< ongrt > of June 3, IhbH, entitled, “ An a« t o»r
15S3 for tlu* sale of ttmlicr 1 stnda in the states of Cali­
. 23 tp 21 fornia. oreg oi, Nevada, and Washington Ter
I ritoryd as extiMi !ea io a!l tlu* public lain!
i states, by ju t of August i. 1892, «-eorge W. Whit-
j s«*tt, of Brinevillc, «•»".:tity of Crook, stale of
s h a d of M)r«*gni:. It.i- tiled in this office hi- sworn
o fT tico m a , c ou n tv of Pierce,
W a s h in g t o n , »Worn s i n t o m o » ! No.
J5S2 1
ih.» lots
I 9. It», 17, IS. « »! -cction No. 19, in towns!) « 1 » No.
e 1.,
range No.
s » ' 4 and s i v 'j s i v '4l see. 23 t p 21 s. r 14 iic! will «'iter
] r«"»i i.. sh«»w tln-t I lit*
I ¡«nid -ought is rn» re valuahie for its timber
or atone Unan for agricultura! pfirphtes, am!
Frank .T. W e s t
j i - «-ia!)!isli his «1,'iin î«> said land l>cú»ie A.
of St. P a u l, county of K u m s c r , stai I» of t\Palmer, U •*i. Uommissinner at Prineville»
Minrc.sota, sworn st atem ent No. 1AS0 i (>r«*gon, on Monday, the ‘»th day of April, 1903.
He names ns witnesses;
for tli«» purchase of tin* i n v ^ s w 14 sec. I O-t ar u. Hyde, .uren A. B»mth‘ John (’«»nibs.
14, n 1.» st *l 4 ami u e l 4 »sw1., sec 15 tp 21 : Harvey Duhham. all of Prineville, Oregon.
Any and all j osons claiming a»lwisely thd
s, r 14 e.
above de-« ribvd-lamls are requested tn filò
Lucy W e s t,
hi'dr claim** in this « » fr i * e on nr betöre sa ¡ «»th
K. M. H rattaix , Keg ster.
of St. Paul, county of L a in -e y state oi day «if Apr., líH'2.
for tin- puroliase of tilts s e ' 4
Xo. 15S1
23 in-1., si *«4 and P'o si -'4 see 22 t[ 2 1 s.
sworn statem en t
for tlu* purchase of the n w ' j
r 14 t».
,tas(H*r A . Martin,
of California, sworn st atem ent N ».
on Sa tun la y. tin- l l t h iluv ol April 11*0.3.
for tin- p u r e h a s e o f tin 1 s « '4 see. 11 tp 21
A n y ami all persons ola im ipo ailvorse-
ly th«-aliove ties ril*oii tan,ls are request-
s, r 14 t*.
in 'fore s a i l l l t h , l a v of Vptil 1003.
K. M. I» k atta i \ , Rogister.
Th at
th ey
« i l l offer proof to
that tiie land sought
is m ore
for its tinnier or st one than
purpose!« and
' HER L A N D NO H U E .
for a e r i m i -
to establish
V. s
C o m m is s io n e r at
I llitdii 8 tdti-s I.dilli Oliii-I- I dki-vil-«
" r i - .:o :i . > - p t . 2 . 1 !» - 2 .— Notici* is lu-rubv
viven that In eom pliaiu e witli the pr.i-
l ’ ha rie« II. Dalrymple
I’ rineville,
con, on Saturday the IXth da y
c la im to said hind Ix'fore A. C .
t o
U u IU m I Stales l Office. Lakevievv. Oregon
Nov. 19, B.*D 2 : Notice is liereby given that iri
vomi»lian«*e w »th tin* provisions of tiie act of
entitled An act tor tiie .-ale of
timln-r lainK in t i ' c 11 « s of Ualiiornif . ore
g»n, Nevada ami W ashington Territory,” as
e\tended to all ti * puMic laiel States by a *1 «»f
I ’a Imt-r, 1 . of 8 an Jose, cou n ty of Sauta A’ tara, state
nt I’ rinovilio. On-iron,
August 4. 1892, Ma Memlith of Brlneville
the above-described lands are reipti ste I county «
( r -'k
state of OL«*g >n,
to tile their cla im s in this olfiee on or tiled in tiiis »»diet her sWorn statement No. 922,
for tlu* j»urclia-i* «»f the e1.. -e 1 - w ' t -« !
se* 4
before said 2 nd da y of M a v ,
kw 14 of see. 2’'. in tp 2S s, r 9, e and will offer
E. M. hi: \TTAtN.Reaisti .
proof to show that the land sought is moore
valuable for timber or stone than for agri-
cuLural purposes, and t«» establish hi- «*laim
to aaid land before A. u. l'aliner, U. S. (’«»m
mis : nerat I’ rim--ville, Dreg * i. on Tuesday
T I M B E R L A N D N O T IC E .
the 7th day of April 19tt »
U n ited States b and Oltiee, bak ev iew.
She name* as witness: Joseph i*. Ilunsaker,
Oreijon, Nov. 10 l ! ;i)2: — N. lice is hereby of BrineviBe. Or«*.. F. J. Pevine, of Albany,
.jrivett tlie.t in com p lian ce » itii the pr<>- Ore.. Joseph Marceau, «»l Roslaml, Ore., John
visions of tin* act of J u n e 3, 1-78 , e n ­ Combs. ot‘ Prim ville, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
titled “ \n act for the sale of tim ber
ai)ove-dcs«*ril « ,1 lands are requested to tile
lands in the states of (.'aliiorntu, Oregon, tlieir claims iti tli A offi«*e on or before said
7th day of April, 1903.
Nevada and W a sli iu gtou T e r r i to r y ,”
l\ M. B kattmv Begi-ter.
as ex ten ded to all tin* Public
I-» 1 t<> lib» tlioir eia mis in this oftieo on or
-»'orn »tafeiueui No. I'svs. fur the puri'tiaw of
the W 12 II» ' 4 st*i* 21, t '1 j lie1, see
tji '.’ 1 >. r It e.
n o t ic e
A} nl
Ttiev n am e aa witnesses» ;
Tacom a.
W asiiiucton, Ftank J. W e s t , l.uey \\e«t
of St i’ aul. Min n esota , Jasja-r
in San Jose, California, L. E. Allinglium ,
of Sisters. ( b eg u n .
A n y and all |*ersoiiR elaim ing adverse-
t’ ttiti'.t Slim « 1 1 .tel Of|.d-. 1 akfvipw, OregoUi
Nov. If* 1> J. -Notice is hereby frlvi-n : n
complmil c wdth the provisions of the »- t of
June !, 1N7S, eu. I; led, “ An act for the -..te of
timber lands in the slates of California Ore«
-Joh N' \ a-la and Wasidiiifton Territory,” is ex­
tended Io all lid-public bind »tate» by act of
August 4.
Is'.r.'. Daniel Hunt, of Anti lope,
county of \1
stile of Oft-goii, has tiled ill
this office tc- sworn statement No. E»c for the
pnrehese of ihe »•*.. « » • ' s 'j sw> , of »eeiion
No. 'JA in tow l.slii|> No. VS « map, No.
will offer proof fo show flint the Intuì
«ought is mori- -, ihinlilè for its timber or stony
tluoi for iigriciiiturnl purp'-'i'«. nn.l to cstnb
Ir»h Ili1
- d a i m to snid laud bv-lorc A. C. i’nimer.
I . ». t'ommissiod, rnt Prineville. Oregon, on
Tnc«dny. the 7tli Inv of April, lini
Ite lutine« ns witnesses: John Combs of
Erinc, i ' O r e g o n ; I' J tb vine. Ed iiorgnn,
ol AH-Riiy. Wre/oii ; D F. Steffa. of };,. nd Ore-
Any «nil *11 persons dniming ndversdv tin-
itbovi te«'uil i'd I hiu ' s are requested lo tile
: th»tr t-lnims in thli office on or before said
7 1 Ii d-iy bf \|-r. psu.
E M. B rittain . Register.
; ly tb e a i a iv e desi-rit*e-i hinds are rei|Uest-
• *d to lile tlieir claim s in 111 i*> ofHcv on or
iiefore stiid IStii da v of April U«>3.
LAN t* NOTlt'fc.
of lakeview. coiiut.v of l.ake, state of
Ori-’j -i »«orti statement N<>. 7o'' *'or tl-.e
purchase of tlu* n !v n ' a »,-e. t> tp 25 s.
of Prin*»-
villi» count y n* « ' r- », »k -ta te of Oregon lias
12 ,
Vision.» of tlu* net of .lune .3. 18Tb. enfiti
ed "A n «et l'or thè sale of timber luuds
1 Clifloil. t'nutk Elkins. P It Howard, of |*rtne in thè state« of California, (1 gon, « 1 ■
¡ ville. t*r*-a--»» : P -tmld I steffa, William II a hi and \\ ashiiiRtou Territori*.” a» ex-
Hrm k ol llt-nd. «*re«oii.
tende I to all thè publie laiul state» bv
V*t> and all persans ctaiann« adversely fhe aet >t Angust ♦, lv«2, tlu» follo» ing per­
I a lu m -dès, nl-t-n lands are ri,|iiestt>d to hie so!.» bave tiled in tliis obice itieir sworn
iIteli* claim* It* Hits office on or la tore »aid statenients, to-wit :
le*h da* of \|-ri.. part.
K M ItRiTTUX R*-«»Mt»r.
to all
l a n d
En ited States La n d Office. LakovL w
Jesse A. Stone
Oregon, Sept. •«, lt*o2.— Notice is here­
of Lmah. sl«ie Main),
by streit that in eo mptianee » i tt i tiie
provisions of the act of J u n e 3, 1H7S. tm- sworn statement Xo. 1>| for the purelmse of
titleil, “ A n act for tiie sale of tim b er the u ' s u ' a *ec. 7. tf> J 1 s . r K i .
Ella C. Niles
lands in the states of C alifo rn ia. O re­
gon , N ev ad a, and WasliinjiTon Territory, of Moscow, county of Latah, state of hlaho.
as extended to till tiie public laud states >UOr„ statement No. 1>' tor the ).nr- 1 . - • ol
by act of August 4, 1V*2, the followhqf [he ......... . sw', »e „ <►', u e ', see. 7 tp 21 s,
persons have this day filed in this office r it e .
their sworn s t a t e m e n t s , t o - w i t ;
Hattie E. Bradley
«iustav Z e llm e r, of
Park Rapids,
of Spotcanc. ciunity of Spokane, state of
county af H u b b a r d , state o f M in n eso ta , iuifton, sworn statement No. l .s;> for the pur
sworn s t a t e m e n t ! no . i»Wi for the pur- . imsc of ti ,• i-c,
>, .«e», m v , s « 1,
chitse of the S E ' ^ S w 1 4, S L ..~ K '4 , N E l4 7. tp '-’1 <, r ] t r.
That they will offer pfoof to shew that the
S E ' 4> Sec. 13 T. 23. R 14 K. »•.».
hunt sought is mere valuable for its tin»i er or
Michael ( i Scltonebcr^cr, of P;irk Rap­ smile than for agricultural purposes, no t to
ids. county of H u b b a rd , state of M i n n e ­ c.-tablMi theirclaitu t. said land before A «'•
sota. sworn s tatem en t N o. It Wo for tin* Palmer, l'. - I'oniinlssloncr, at Prim ., c.
Oregon, t.n Wcdutsday the l'.th day oi April
purchase of the e 'g t i w M and \v! 2m *4 of
Soc. I f , T 23 S, R 14 E . » . m .
They tiamp as witnesses: Mae B. Proton,
Joh n i l Schuntan, of Park Rapids, AmandaM Stone, Jesse .V. Stone KllaC Niles,
county of H u b b a r d , state of Minnesota , of Moscow. Idaho; Hattie I:. Bradley of Spo-
KHUe, V» asitiugtou. Holla C. Stone, of Viola,
sworn st atem ent No. l'Wti for (lie piir-
Idaho; L. K. AlLmrham, of Bend, Ur..con;
cha.-o of the e ' o i i e M and n b j s e l4 , Sec I f W W. Collie ■ of Moscow. Idaho.
T 23, it 14 E . w. m .
Any and all i Arsons .. Piiniifisr ailverselv the
T h ey n am e as witnesses: Michael C. aliove d scrilied lands are requested to (tie
their el.- is in iicN office on or l.eiore said
Schoneiieroer, John 11 S c h u m a n , «ius­
17>[Ii day of April
tav Z e llm c r ,, of Park Rapids. Minn - .;a
!•:. M. H.¡ attain Register.
I.o » K .Vllinoliam and Ora Poindexter,
ah « i .
ton, sworn s tatem en t No. I d i l'or thè
p m v h as o of t ho
st , t '4 sec «> n ' M« •1 .
« 1 1, . 11
,*u c A i, 11
n \
» \ 1 1 i sue tí, tp 21 S, I.' 12 E.
N 1 «t ii*»*
t * *» i i »-.I s c o,-« 1 «ml * fit i I iikCvii'M Ort-ffeh
Ni.E pi "Vo N'-ff, hi« h'-rcliy « Ill'll Ihm tn
. a c t , ,,,
• .......
o mp
I l Mi n c w
II h t h t - r
p r .......
o * A t . o m
i o f ltd-
•• n
ttmt-cr latid» in Oil «tun - et I nhff-rhis *ir\
».•off N' «nil w«Jhit»!fi-n rl rrltoD
exieiideit to «II tiie public
AiiVit«i « •«-,-
«Mt» hd'oitfn*
by Sci
h»\ 1 -
'hvu«it''r** «»li^mehis to wit
Vrilinr 1 r*-mptk»toH
«»I I*: "I -etn' . hdti
r. -k Vhte oi t*> «-•
forth« pun haM- .-t
, h e » « ' , O l . . . »i. „ i , « w , « M t lii, ».E i 4 WE
•—> «r J4 ' tu')* » m,
Kraut I* ?'i« *iar»Í
of Shaffik
**umy ol «««*•
t-ttF I 1 I*’ * it
•worn «la i-ml-hl No w a t ' 1 ihr ptln hit«' ,-f
I» i-
p “ 9 a*
ihr e«j »w«, *>, B«*'». *ee 1*. ip 3a » r ií»
I fitteli Srate» Lmid Ottici , I.nkcvicw . Oregon
E. M. B uatta I n . Reaister.
Wh-èmbcr 12, IBS,- Notte* i« harel - gtvefl
•'"il in i ■— p'* -io witli thè | r o v i« :o n ---f Ito
Àct Of c-niir, »- of lune
l«7». cntitied " A n a d
r S e.
s»ie of timber land» in thè stati-» o f
T i m b e r l a n d n o t ic e .
William IL Dalrv ntple
California, O n « tu. Nevada, and Washington
of I asi'view. . eotlntv
of ^ _____
Uike. _ ____
_ of
. .
I'nittsi Stufe» lami! Office. Lnkeview, Oiegon. terrtti ry. a -e x te n d i d tr< hit t h f public land
O re go n , sw orn statem i • t S
• v
t*berabjr * . , . n timi ■ «tati by n' i of v-nruît t l«»o. Vrai; « » .
! «he p,irvhit»e of th e n a l 4 sec, 10 t p 25 --onipllance wrtth the provision» of th« » d of Ernest o f t'i -iia rd . confiti- nf Mnltn->mah.
Juni d. 1»7«. entitled \n aet f->r the ««!t- of «tali of Oregon, ha» ihi* day flint ¡h tlu» office
| *
I hat th ey w ill otTer proof to » i m « that ! tlmt«»r lands tn th* «tate« of C«'ifnrna. Ore
hi* sworn ataieindtt No l'«7 for Ihe pure ha««
of thè nw'7 «N- 1J tp 21 s r tt e. w. m and witl
the ltlntl bought is nu*r»» vai natile for it« gon. Nevada. »iMt"'»»hlngton Territory,” «n»x
t ' m l " - r or st on e than f»*r agricultural tended to all the public land state* by a d of offsr tins'l »<* «l-.ow thaï thè land « n ig h t Is
1 'MrfbAt»1*, am i t«* establis h their eiaiin to August «. tsw tie s-llowtng i-*r«..n« hav* more»-«
ble for H» itmtier ail-l Mone tharl
sworn «oragr.i Te urat fnirfsw «. atf.f u. e»ta i«h lit«
«¡h i lnii’ l lV f‘ *n» tiie Reg iste r ami Re- this-layrth-d ih ihi« --nice
■ ■
d a i m i»» faut land t-dore a r
Palmer, t*. «
ceivef *'t i M« ofliee at la tkerieW. O re g o n , statements, town
Commissioner 1- »tend i*iegon, on Mon-lay.
Bn SatuniiM the 1 Ith -;.i> of A p r i l, IHI ;
Tlu-E ii»*mi »1» w Itiies»e«
Charle» D.
j e ,„ i l» i
Joh n
WeMI 'H' \ le iH e í H . I*»»lrv, pie, and
(«idlFa-lliHt«; nf Iaikexiewi
all ^ ¡Vi-Son*
i, Any itili! nu
I.'viip M.i
itmih .o
n c iffc -
nf M-*sc“ w
p w o r n
c o u n t y o f ijt t an . »la te o f I d a h o ,
tof tlis pur rh «.«r ai
the **',. n t ' 4,
*»v« . ‘21 tp 31 • r 1* r
Rollìi f* st«>nr
«>^ V t o k . nMifltjr <»f U ta h . Mate
"T" ' "
-t-rtl, I H
ai ftaitiur
à* u
lia — ■ — i 1 Hêiiry M lfdm« of
Tacoma Was'» F i Whitn t* ,,f prb.i. Ore
g on ai*d ♦* v s*Eff» 4b d
Word „ f
ABy a«d <*l| b*r’«.»ris etltmlfig «dvf fifty the
atsirf d** ** 1 ,*- ' lands hré re.(ue*ted
li» til.
.... ..................
That thr* w Iti offe r pn-oi to «how th«‘ «h* U' tbe uls've de*criU»iJ la i f lï **ry re»iife.«t* su rti -tii!«»m«‘ nt No tv»-, for fhe purchase of
■ ralmk Ih this H f l l v ‘ »n ,»r
i* r - ,
tp r « r i t i iheirMltmf tfi thu ofhc« i«n b f Wlnf«- . , i . t
la<«,| »ought I» m»-rv \«loable for it» i „mhl't . or , «ri trtfl'.r-
I »i-.nv »hau for «*riculuitai pUrpn». »
»H.t p * , l*ef»»re sun) 1 Ith d u r *«f Apri ! « « hW-
F ' M. Hlt«Et|t\, H*tt«t er:
Ama n ts M Ston e
»I Mosehar. eoutiiA t*f laitah
a ia 'e o t
IRth dAy Hf A s t i l . IHM.
** M Rlsoais Ktg»«,a,