The Deschutes echo. (Bend, Or.) 1902-19??, December 20, 1902, Image 1

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The DesChutes Echo
VOL. 1.
l i n i irti HI lite» t a l l i i i iS ic f, I.aki-vit'« . orciMii.
(»i l. 17, liuti.—Xolii'i' i» I h ri-liy givi«ti t i m i in
(»ini|iliHm't' « i t h Hit- i>rovl»i»iii> u t i l » 1 «<« »1
Jtluie 3, Uffa, s i i l l t t a l , “ Ali m i lui' III.- « I r ni'
limimi* l i m i l i in llu* s t r t e 1* n i t ' a l i i n r i i i a , ort*-
, „ 11 . N n v aila a m i W iw h iiig to ii T s r r U u r y , ” a»
q x t e m ’.ttd li» a l l I I h * j>iil»ìii* l a m i *1 h ii ‘- 1 >v a r i n i
X iiri is I l. 1892, tln* f n l l n w i u g u a m m l imtkous
lì Imi
th ia
o ffice t h e i r » a n n i
sjiUcmcntK, t n - w i t :
Vjllios l l a r r i »
il( l'riiu*.ville., l 'i m u l y " i l 'i 'n n k . a l a l e n i O r e g o n ,
d i n rii s i a t e m i ni Nn. 92*1 i n r tini ji i i r e h a s e n i
t | i e n e 1, se,vii. t ]> a, r i o e., w. m.
\V. I.,mi limi llarri»
ol r r i n e v i l l e , e n u n l y n i t 'r n n k . a l a l e n i llre-
goii, s w n r n » t a l e i n e n t Nn. Iti"», t u r I Ile | iu r e lia a e
n i t h è ii*, n i a1, , see a, t p 2« . , r in e. « ■ m.
l i m i ll i e y « 'i li n lf e r p r u n i In aln i« t i m i t h è
l a m i s n u d i t i is m n r e v a l n a l i l e i n r ila t m i l - e r n r
n in n e Il im i i n r a « r i e i i l l n r a l p u r p n a e a aliti tu
e,«lalilisli l l i e i r e l a i n i In salii l a m i h e f n r e A. ('
P a l m e r J . I'. S. r n m m i s a i n t i e r a l l’r i n e v i l l e .
OrrR nii, ° n
T u e s i l a y , lite 21tli ilay ni
K elirn ary , 11M8.
Tlie.y n a i n e aa « ltn ess ss : IV. l a i i i t l m n ll n r-
lia, Alinea M a n i a . J o h n Cnintis n i l ’r i n e v i l l e ,
O reitnn ; F r a n c i s .1. l i e v i n e n i A l lia n y . O r e g o n ;
I luna hi F. Sleffa , n i Henri, O r e g o n .
A uy a m i a ll perseli» elaiin iiig ailverselv th è
a l a n e ileaerilieil l a m l s a r e r eiin eateii In file
t l i e i r e i a i m a i n I b i s offlee n n n r h e in re suiti
211 li d a y n i Peli., 100.1.
K. M. H r . v TT a IN. H e g i s l e r
I ’ n i t e i l S t a l e s I,a m l offiee. l.ak vie«'. O regon
Del., 17, 1902.—N o t i c e is h e r e b y g i v e n t h a t in
enm plinnee w ith
th e p r o ria lo n a nf th e
e<l, “ An n et i n r t h e sa le n i t i m b e r l a m i a i n t».€
sta te « of C a l i f o r n i a . O regon, N e v a d a a m i W a s h -
i n g t n l i T e r r i t o r y , as e x t e n i i e 'i In a ll t h e p u b l i e
hi m l s i a le a b y n et ni A u g u s t l, 1892, t h e fo llo w -
f u g p e r s o n a h a v e t h i s d a y liled i n lllia offiee
t h e i r sw n ru ataleinenta, tn -ttil:
I r w i n D. l’i k e
n f M orn, c o u n t y o f S h e r m a n , s t a t e o f O regon,
s w n r u s t a l e m e i i l Nn. W8o. i n r t h e p u r c h a s e nf
t h e b u s .*i, il, 11, 12, see .*>, t p 2« a, r 11 e. « . in.
A lice M. H o l d e r
o f Morn, c o u n t y o f S h e r m a n , s t a t e n f O r e g o n ,
s « o r n s t a t e m e n t No. UHi-. in r t h e p t i e h a s e nf
t h e s w ' 4 se e n , t p 2 ' i a, r 11 e. w. m.
N e lly /.. P i k e
n f M orn, c o u n t y nf S h e r m a n , s t a t e n f O r e g o n ,
s w o r n s t a t e m e n t Nn tl'.ni, fo r t h e p u r c h u s e nf
t lie lo ts 1, 2, S. 1. see i, t p 2« s. r 11 e. w. m.
T h a t t h e y w ill of fer p r o o f to s h o w t h a t t h e
l a n d s o u g h t is m o r e v a l u a b l e f o r i t s t i m b e r
o r s t o n e I l ia n for a g r l c u l i u r a l p u r p o s e s , a n d to
e s t a b l i s h t h e i r c l a i m t o s a i d h i n d b e f o r e V. C.
P a l m e r , 1*. S. C o m m i s s i o n e r , a t P r i n c v i l l e ,
O regon, n n T h u r s d a y t h e Jt'dli d a y nf F e b r u a r y ,
T h e y n a m e as w i t n e s s e s : J o h n C o m b s nf
P r i n c v i l l e , O r e g o n ; J o s e p h M a r e e a u , o f lios-
l a n d . O r e g o n ; I r w i n I>. P ik e . Alice M. H o l d e r ,
N e lly / . P i k e , of M orn, O r e g o n .
Any a n d a ll persons c la im in g ad v e rse ly th e
a b o v e - d e s c r i b e d l a n d s a r e r e q u e s t e d t o lile
t h e i r c l a i m s i n t h i s office n n o r b e f o r e s a i d
¿iltll d a y o f F e b ., l'.Hti.
K. M. B r i t t a i n , I t e g l s t e r .
Echoes Along the Deschutes.
Jo h n Illoss has ret 11 ruts 1 from a two
weeks business trip to The Dulles.
Charlie Willey lias liecn spemiing the
past week in Beml. lie s o ld his saw­
mill plant on Willow Creek recently
ami expects to spend tl e winter here.
Mr. Willey says the new tow n Pul-
m a ir on the line of th e Columbia Sou­
thern extension is witnessing consider­
able building activity. Over eight h u n ­
dred thousand feet 01 lum ber was sawed
at the Willow Creek mill du rin g the
past fall and disposed of before it could
be graded ami piled in the vard.
W. M. l’eall. Ililen H arrington and C.
i O. Jacobs were here from
W ashington, th e first of the week filing
on tim b e r claims.
The appropriation of half a million
dollars for the im provem ent of th e Co­
lumbia is likely to m ake tha t river open
i t ’s m outh.
W. T. Stevens is here from Albany
looking for a location.
lie expects to
make this place hi» pe rm a ne nt resi­
Jo h n McCormick was over from P rine­
ville the first of th e week to m ake final
proof on his tim b e r claim.
A country editor w riting on trusts
says the newspaper combine is th e big­
gest tr u s t on ea rth. It tru sts everybody,
gets cussed for trusting, m istrusted for
cussing, and if it busts for trusting, gets
cussed for busting.
A. W. Woodcock, 11. H. Farnhnm ,
8 . C. Neuman, F. F. Beem, C* A. Oakes,
Person a n d W. 1*. Chase were
he»e from P rinceton, Minnesota, the
first of th e week to tile on tim b e r claims.
W. E. Chase of Fort Benton, .Mon­
tana, was here Monday to tile on a tim ­
ber claim.
R alph Cold Well was a business visitor
from Lava W ednesday. He was mi his
way to Prineville to look after business
m atters there.
The Board of T rade held a lively
meeting W ednesday night. The a tte n ­
dance was large and th e interest m a n i­
fested showed the energy which is hack­
ing up th e growth and developm ent of
the Deschutes Yallley. It is expected
th a t several new enterprises w ill lie es­
ta b lish e d here in th e near future
I th ro u g h th e efforts of th e Board.
I next m eeting will be held S a tu rd a y ,
j December 27.
i'liitml States Liinil Offiee, Lnkeview ,
Oregon, Oet. 17, 1SHI2 :—Notice is here-
1 >v «riven th a t in compliance with the
lirnvisinns id’ the art id' .Line 3, 1M7S, en-
titleil. “ An act for th e sale of timlaw
ltuiils in th e states of California, Ore-
non, Neva«lit anil W ashington T erri­
to ry .” as extemleil to all th e public
lainl states hv aet of August 4, lH'.ig, th e
following persons have this ilay tileil in
tliis olfiee th e ir sworn sta te m e n ts, to-
w it:
Eva Peak
of I’rineville, enmity of Crook, sta te of
Oregon, sworn sta te m e n t No. 470, for
t!u* purehase of tl*« lots 3, 20. 21. 22, see
0 . tp 25 s. r 11 e w m.
Marie Spinning
o f Prineville, e ount' of Crook, sta te o f
Oregon, sworn sta te m e nt No. 074. for
the purehase of the u w 'j see IS. tl> 20 s,
r 13 e » m.
J . Frank ¡Spinning
of Prineville. enmity of Crook, state of
< iregon. sworn sta te m e n t No. 073, for
th e pnretiase of the »« *4 sec IS. tp 20 s.
r 13 e w m.
Tiiat they will offer proof to show
th a t the lainl sought is more valuable
for its timls-r or stone th a n for agri­
cultural purjinses, ami to establish the ir
claim to sai< l lainl lief ore A. C. Palmer,
C. S. Commissioner at Prineville. O re­
gon.nn Sntunl.iy. the 21sf ilay of Feh.,
Tliev nam e as w itnesses; Thomas
11. W atkins. F nm -is. J. fVvine. of Al­
bany. O r e g o n ; Donalil F. Stella. William
II. Brock, of Hen<I. O r e g o n ; Parker
l».«tk. Marie Spinning. .1 Frank Spin­
ning. •>’ P rin e v ille .»Iregon.
Any am i ail person* claiming »«Irerse-
lv the als>ve-«lescrilssl In mis are re-
qneste«l to til * th e ir claims in thi« offiee
tjii or before « n i 21st «lay of Fell., 1WJ.
K, M. B k attain , R egister.
U nited States Land Olfiee, Lakeview
Oregon, (let. 1H, P.M12:—Notice is here
by given tha t in compliance with th e pro­
visions of the aet of J u n e 3, 1S7S, e n ­
titled “ An aet for the sale of tim b e r
lands in th e states of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and W ashington T e rrito ry ,”
as extended to all the public land states
by aet of August 4, 181(2, the following
persons have this day tiled in this office
their sworn statem ents, to - w it:
America I. Boone
of Prineville, county of Crook, sta te of
Oregon, sworn sta te m e n t No. 412, for
the purehase of the sw ' 4 see 33, tp 24 s,
r l l r w in.
Lizzie E. Hyde
of Prineville, county of Crook, sta te of
Oregon, sworn statem ent No. 454, for
the purchase of the s w ' 4 lie'■4 . n l9 s e ' 4 .
sw ‘4 seV4 sec 13. t p 25 s, r HI e w in.
W alter S. Hyde
of Prineville. county of Crook, sta te of
Oregon, sworn sta te m e nt No. 45fi, for
th e purchase of the n e ' 4 sec 1H, tp 25 s,
r 10 e w ni.
Jacob W. Bis me
of Prineville, county of Crook, sta te of
Oregon, sworn s ta te m e n t No. 457 for the
purchase of the n w '-4 sec IS, tp 25 s. r
10 e w m
That th e y will offer nroof to show
th a t the land nought is more valuable
for its tiudie r or stone th a n for agricul­
tural- purposes, and to establish th e ir
claim to said laud U-fore A. C. Palmer.
C. S. Commissioner, at Prineville, O re­
Friday, tlie 27tb day of
F ebruary. 1003.
They nam e as witnesses: Ja c o b W.
Bo« me. Edwin O. Hyde, America I*
Boone. Lizzie K. Hyde. W alter S. Hyde,
all of Prineville. Oregon.
Any and all persons claim ing adverse­
ly theal>ove-describe»l lands are re q u e st­
ed to tile th e ir claims in this office on or
la-fore «aid 27th day of February. pni3.
E. M. B k a t t . v i n , Register.
NO. 30.
step to the front of Eastern Ore­
gon, a power both in wealth and
population, to ask for recognition
and the essentials of eonunoneivili-
Assistance Needed.
Hilt it needs assistanee. Natui-
ally it turns to Portland to receive
the assurance that rnilrqad com­
munication with that city in the
A Season of Activity and Growth Will Commence in near future is not outside the
of probability.
the Spring. Portland Urged to Secure Transpor­ hounds
The Deschutes Valley in its
first stage of development and the
tation Facilities with this District.
opening of it’s rcsouiees wants
. the assurance that it will ho in
touch with the outside world; that
B\ one of those strange muta- man wrote a short time ago that q market will he brought within a
tions, prevalent in a newly (level- he had a saw-mill with a capacity tew* hours travel from it’s doors;
oping country, tin* littlesage-hrush of tiO.OtX) feet a day. 11 is supply that it cun depend upon the same
tlat. called Bend, upon which two of timber was exhausted or nearly | agency to assist in its growth and
years ago stood a single log cabin, so and lit was easting about for a the marketing of it’s products and
ami post-ollice, has sprung sudden- lew location. “ What inducement manufactured material as is found
lv into lift— a living, struggling can you offer me,” he asked thej i«^,«where. The wealth of timber
community reaching forth for pro-- Board of 1 radc. And the roplv and groatlv to he incieasod pro-
tige, support and investment to do- went hack, “ t 01110 and don t wait, duction of agricultural products
velop the wealth of resources lying He is coming. The mill has saw - win rant the assumption that a
adjacent to it’s doors.
ed its last limber in Minnesota railroad must and will come, and
Change in Two Years.
and is loaded and on its way. and quickly, too.
Two years have wrought a mar­ another industrv will spring up on
Then the question naturally 11-
velous change in the community. the Ih liutcs.
rises, Where is Portland going to
The sage-brush 110 longer obscures
Not long before that another stand when that time comes? What
the postoftice. hut has given away lumberman 111 Kalispell, Montana, inducement will she offer? What
to broad fields of rye. clearings.— wrote to the Board “ 1 can put in a , master stroke of her’s in the nick
"slashings” as the Valley folk planer and a shingle-mill, what d o ; 0f time will draw to the state’s me-
wouhljeall them—here and there y°u say?
And the hoard with- tropolis the trade, trnllie, revenue
plowed fields, others under process mit „nv hesitation sa io .‘Tom.
and portion of wealth which is on
of cultivation, fences, barns ami
the verge of creation in the Des­
He came
other indications of growth. The wing-dams of his plant are already ' ^lU*' ‘s ^
lava ridges which a few months set and the terrific power of the
Railroad Question Urgent.
ago. laughed in derision at the Deschutes for the first time is to
Day dreams of twenty years
standing on the railroad question-
mere suggestion of buildings, have he utilized
ale generally relished when a full
fallen in line----uccumbed to the
Lumberman Sees Value in River.
realization comes, and the events
energy of the community which
the past vear have given the res-
M .J . Scanlon, the
stops not at piles of n .oks. blit
lilcnts of the Deschutes \ allcv ¡1
„ „ hojn.. Tll* Columbia
masters their crudeness find uses lumberman ol Minneapolis, looked m.w ^
has completed it’s per-
them for building supports and
to Bend, and the
go he tliroh-
For half a mile on either side of
the surface,
back 111 .Minnesota, he salt I ,,
, giv<
. A.
the post-oHice at Bend the Des­ river .........................
I resident Lvtle has given
out that
chutes river is dotted with houses.
construction work will
begin in
More are being built, two hotels» to myself in six month’s time,” the spring, hut will it? Can I’ort-
week after week, are crowded to and the estimate which he placed Lind make a definite answer?
The statements made by presi­
their fullest capacity and a third upon it’s value to any one individ­ dent Lvtle sound like business, and
is now under course of construc­ ual in it’s present location was not the skepticism usually attending
such declarations has been partial­
tion. Even at that Bend is a can­ much less.
vas town, and the dimensions of Wealth and Population to Intreuse. ly renam'd to the background.
Crook county has suffered from
that side of the place are likely to
And these are only a sample of them before. Nevertheless the eyes
he increased before another sum­ the inaiiv incidents which are tast of Crook county are watching ila«
mer has come. It is simply a ease bringing a tributary country of movements of this road, and with
of live under eight ounce duck- Portland to the front. Business one accord the voice of the people
ing or stay out doors. Houses are men from every section of the says “ Come.” It is not necessary
not to I k « had, and lumber now is Union declare that the Deschutes to add “ We’ve waited. Lvtle. wail­
ed long for you.” And as one res­
at a .premium. The million feet Valiev will increase it’s population ident has put it, “ Mr. Lytle has
which stood in the mill-yard in I>\- thousands in a few veurs time, promised the completion of the
early spring have slipped away in And a community which begins road by the 1 st of August, UMI.T,
the past three months like dew on to grow—rapidly, soundly.— which hut if it doesn't get here before the
a summer’s morning. At present establishes industries and reaches tenth of the month we won’t feel
there is a erving need for more forth and offers inducements for
The citizen is right. Days of
building material and the business more witl a railroad still BM) grace will he cheerfully granted to
energy which lately lias eneoin- miles distant is not established the promoters if they ate sincere
passed the whole Deschutes \ si 1 - upon n flimsy and pervious basis, in their purpose. If they’re not
then the humor of past exeats will
lev will not stand long in waiting. 1 .« is n ease in which the country is
hurst into a boisterous laugh.
The Bend Board of Trade.
developing and establishing busi-
Portland Must Act
Sixteen states out of the union ness and industry und reaching out
But 1 'ortland’s position in th«
are represented in the present pop- it’s tentacles for uiort— Alone and
does not change and she
illation of Beml, which bus grown without the powerful influence and
must I k * lip and doing. The opera­
rapidly during the past fall, and aid of a railroad or that vital e. m- tions of the roads smith of Bend and
¡11 that numlaT is the combined munieation with the outside world the Deschutes valley are well worthy
energy and push which brought which increases so rapidly the ol attention and I'ortlamt caiinoi
feel injured if the resident- of this
these people from their native wealth and the growth,
have divided their faith and
towns to grow* up with the west
Millions upon millions of pines
hope and are offering encourage­
and keep pace with the gigantic in this district stand waving their
ment to the construction of a south­
strides which the future is hound tops to the -kv. Horses, cattle, ern outlet. \\ ith the completion
to see it take. And that energy sheep there ate by the thousands of .-Hell amove they see tile fulfill-
Agri- oient of their wishc- whlcii tor two
and potent spirit of advancement with each year all inervus*
and progress finds expression in mien nil products, hut now a small ,1' t
have been ignoicd
WiMiurr now if thrv an* willing to
the weekly meetings of the Bend iiiirt of . tir*
vimh v ormi tire, uih rr .
» . •
, , , é.
• 1
m o lt' rlo M 'Jy n M ilin tc M l»oth
Board of Trade whom* infiuemi«, 1
irrigation, will be a thousand-fold politically and commercially with
efforts, and strides for future su­
premacy have already gained a greater in amount. Every indica- California than their own state, tin
| western portion . of which ail the-«
nearini. "Krrrv
sU*p forwaru: tion, every move, ...........
• industry
not one backward.” is the slogati which is in the process of starting ha-pa-sei
.'i" "V“.'
1V'’ “ ,H
unmindful of the latent ] i o w < i
which this organization shouts.
marks with a near white lini
” and Wealth which lias -llllnlicrcd
W liat It Mai [H>ne.
« -n with
mm which
n lot’ll 1 | fi
-tiessiV at the eastern I».,sc ut
solidity non
and iiiiih
Back in Minnesota a I iiiii I kt - the iJcschutv* Valley is about tojliic Cascades.