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Page Four
No Sports Except
Maybe a Red Hot
Horseshoe Game
Major Describes
Task of Moving
Hospital Cases
The sports page this week is
conspicuous by its absence. The
gentle truth is—there just ain’t
any sports. All week long, a con­
tinuous stream of GIs have been
observed lugging boxes and
crates and things out of the Rec
hall and placing them laborious­
ly onto trucks. Seems that rumor
is going to turn out to be true,
after all.
So there’s our sports story this
week: No softball, no volleyball,
no bowling, no boxing, no no­
Come to think of i t . . . there IS
a sports story. An unidentified
man, wearing the uniform of a
United States soldier, was seen
to defeat another unidentified
man, wearing the same kind of
suit, this week in back of Service
Company in a red hot game of
horseshoes. The score was not
available. Neither was the man
who saw it.
Army Overseas
(Continued from Page One)
I.t. Patricia E. Klwolt, commanding officer of the Camp Abbot
WAC unit, finds her days filled witli many responsibilities besides
keeping her company healthy, well ted and clothed, and in good
military form. Here she is comforting “ Grumpy,” six-weeks-old pet
kitten, whose leg is in splints because of a fracture sustained in
a fall.
overseas strength of the army in
World War I, and is only 400,000
men short of equalling the en­
tire strength of the army at the
close of World War I. A year
ago, 1,466,000 troops were over­
seas, 21 per cent of a r m y !
Activation of a separation cen­
strength at that time.
The United States Army A ir ter at Fort Dix, N. J., the pur­
Forces and Army Service Forces pose of which is to speed dis­
are almost completely deployed, charges and help in the readjust­
and the movement of Army ment from soldier to civilian,
Ground Forces is nearing the has been announced by the War
peak. The flow of ASF person­ Department. First unit of its
nel and A A F personnel now is j type activated in this country,
on the decline, having reached the new center is designed to
its peak during earlier phases serve as a model for others to be
o f the war, when Ground Forces j established as conditions war­
troops were r e t a i n e d in the rant.
United States, where they were
Men ordered to the centers
being welded into fighting divi­ from Army posts and ports will
there receive final pay, finish
As the period of decisive ac­ tl.eir military careers, and be of­
tion approached, the flow of fered vocational guidance intend­
ground personnel increased. The ed to facilitate adjustment to the
flow of AG F troops overseas, I civilian status. Only 48 hours
consequently, is on the increase are required for the new separa­
today, while the flow of ASF | tion process, as compared to
and A A F personnel already has three weeks or more, formerly
reached its peak.
Personnel of the Affairs Divis­
ion are available to assist the
soldier with problems such as
Hue to a not-too-hazy policy continuation of life insurance,
of this sheet, which frowns (with war bond allotments, personal
sound effects) on the telling of effects in post, and transporta­
any story dealing with an inebri- ’ tion of family and household
ated GI, the character who con-1 goods.
trived in some strange manner
to ease himself into the bedroom
of a respectable young lady, hap­
pened to be in some other line.
He stood glaring at the girl until
Attempts by the Navy to sal­
she awakened, then he brandish­
ed a pistol and order«! her to get vage the USS Lafayette (form ­
erly the Normandie) have been
out of bed.
The lady refused, illogically suspended, it was recently an­
we think, on the ground that she nounced by the Secretary of the
wasn't wearing any pajamas., Navy. From thorough tests it
The fact is, she wasn't wearing has been found that, tinder ex­
anything at all. But this made no isting conditions, it would be a
impression on the soused citizen monumental task to convert the
giant liner into a serviceable ves­
whatever. "Get up,” he said.
" I won’t,” she r e p l i e d . "I sel.
The Normandie burned and
haven't anything on.”
capsized at Pier 88, West 48th
"Get up.” he said.
Street and the Hudson River,
“ I won’t,” said she.
Well, that went on for some New York City, on February 9,
time, until the soak got pretty 1942. and was refloated in Oct­
threatening with the gun and ober. 1943.
Red Cross Sends
New Center Will Capture
Speed Discharges
Abbot Face!
Salvage of Huge
Liner Abandoned
the girl decided she would rather
he alive though immodest. Out
she got barefooted, as they cay,
up to her chin.
The drunk looked her up and
down, and slowly shook his head.
"Nope," said he, "you’re not the
babe that shot my mother." With
that he turned on his heel and
walked out of the room. Hasn't
been heard ol since, either.
W ill Somebody
Please Tell Us
What Happened?
Intone of those features which
The New Yorker magazine cre­
ates to point out the mistakes of
other publications, Camp Abbot
this week made the “ Most Fas­
cinating News Story of the
Week” department thus:
“ (The following item, re­
printed in its entirety, is from
the San Francisco Examiner)
“ Bend, Ore.—Camp Abbot
soldiers and visiting service­
men attending the annual ball
of the police department made
an embarrassing discovery.”
The delicate process of trans­
ferring bed ridden hospital pat­
ient ; some of whom suffer from
contac ms diseases, is being ac­
complished according to a care­
fully laid plan, with an eye to­
ward patient safety and comfort,
Ma|or Stanley F. Stockhammer,
acting post surgeon, said today.
For-the past ten days there has
b m a gradual dismissal of the
less serious eases, leaving only
b"d patients. With the exception
of con ngious cases, which will, of
com so, lie kept isolated, patients
h i vc been grouped, affording ad-
equate care by reduced medical
When “ moving day” comes,
bed patients will be transported
o a special hospital train in the: Personnel of the Women’s
station metropolitan ambulance, Army Corps, both officers and
a luxurious, automatically heat­ enlisted, may be released from
ed limousine, which accomodates the WAC for appointment in the
four patients and two atten­ Army Nurse Corps and in the
dants at one time. The conta-l Medical Department of the army
gious cases will occupy a special as dietitians or physical therapy
car in the train. All patients will aides, if found to be profession­
be put to bed on the train and ally and physically qualified for
travel to Fort Lewis under the such appointment by the Sur­
care of medical personnel. Pat­ geon General, the War Depart­
ients too seriously ill to be mov­ ment has announced.
I f accepted, women will be
ed to the new station will be
transferred to St. Charles Hos- honorably discharged from the
Women’s Army Corps the day
pital in Bend.
Henceforth, patients requir­ preceding entry upon duty with
ing general hospital care, Major the Medical Department so that
Stockhammer said, will be trans­ service may be continuous.
All interested persons wishing
ferred to Barnes General Hos­
pital. This is in accordance with to make application for the ap­
the requirement that such pat­ pointment should forward to the
ients be located at the general Adjutant General full informa­
hospital nearest their perman­ tion as to professional qualifica­
tions, as well as report of phys­
ent stations.
ical examination, final type, ren­
dered on Form 63.
A critical shortage of nurses,
dietitians, and physical therapy
aides was given as the reason
Enough women to fill approxi­ for making the appointment
mately 800 average size com­ available to members of the
panies now are serving in the Women's Arm y Corps.
armed f o r c e s of the United
Detroit (C N S)—Mrs. Dorothy
States, and new women recruits
are joining at the rate of 2,000 Malin won a divorce here after
per week, according to latest re­ she testifide that she had not
ports. Approximately 65,000 are protested w h e n her husband
members of the WAC, 56,000 the brought his former wife to live
WAVES, 15,500 the U n i t e d with them, but became fed up
States Marine Women’s Re­ when he insisted that she enter­
tain his girl friends, too.
serves, and 5,500 the SPARS.
To Release WACs
For Nurse Corps
Post Signal Photo Lab.
Camp Abbot, Ore., June 17, 1944
May Not Be Records, But
It's a Cinch They're Fit
In expectation of the invasion,
the American Red Cross shipped
26,000 “ capture parcels” to Eu­
rope for distribution to Amer­
ican prisoners of war in Italy
and Germany, and 24,000 more
parcels will be sent to Interna­
tional Red Cross headquarters
in Geneva, Switzerland within
thirty days, Red Cross officials
announced this week.
Capture parcels, it was ex­
plained, contain necessities and
comfort articles for servicemen
who are taken prisoner “ with
little in their possession except
the clothing they wear.” The
gifts are from people back home
through donations, and are is­
sued by the International Red
Cross Committee to American
prisoners of war as soon as pos­
sible after their capture.
W A C Still ¿¿ads
In Enlistments
RC Unit Here to
Serve Ft. Lewis
The Camp Abbot field office
of the American Red Cross will
be transferred to Fort Lewis to
serve personnel of the Engineer
section, Frank Dunning, field di­
rector, has announced.
Ten Red Cross workers now
at Camp Abbot will be on duty
at Fort Lewis, and additional
personnel will join the staff
there. John Butler, assistant
field director for Camp Abbot,
left earlier this week to make
preparations for the move to the
Washington station.
Morale, News, Problems
On Brass Hat Pew-Wow
Forum discussions by commis­
sioned officers on such subjects
as current events, missions of
the Army Service Forces, and
leadership problems and factors,
has been added to the Army ori­
entation program. Major Gen­
eral David McCoach, Jr., Com­
manding General of the Ninth
Service C o m m a n d , has an-
The discussions are designed
to emphasize the responsibilities
of officers in the maintenance
of morale of troops. The pro­
gram will continue weekly for
an indefinite period.
Pic. James Smith of Wend-
over Field. Utah, recently did
422 push ups during a physical
fitness session. Cpl. Herbert
Prewitt of Randolph Field. Tex .
welterweight boxing champion,
did 286 situps as part of a re­
If* your
cent physical fitness test.
SURE i t :
soldier— IN
T h e a rm y '* new "strato sph ere g un" In one of the m ost pow erful
of A m e ric a n weapons. T h is M r lit) m m . a n ti-a ircra ft blaster Is
capable of firin g a p ro je ctile itl.000 feet h igh er th an a n y other g un
of its type.