Abbot engineer. (Camp Abbot, Or.) 1943-1944, June 03, 1944, Page Page Four, Image 4

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'Thrill' Game
Sees 58th Slip
In Ball League
Sergeant Qets
Largest Trout
When Coleman (Tracy) Cock­
rell banged out a sizzler over
center field for a homerun in
Monday night’s softball fracus
between Service Company and
C-58, a game which had already
gone two extra innings in a
deadlock tie, he crossed the plate
to make it 3 to 2 against the
Cee Fifty • eighters, who, until
that moment had not tasted de­
feat in the current post softball
Earlier in the game, Cockrell
trekked to the m o u n d and
pitched the Service gang out of
a hole. They had been trailing
2 to 1. On a wild throw from
home to second base in the sev­
enth, Leo Frizzo of Service,
sauntered in to tie the thing up.
This week saw C-54 continued
its winning streak by taking
Supply Company, 6 to 5. C-54
now has six straight wins and
no losses.
Results of other contests: B-
57, S) -C-56, 0; C-57, 1 B-58, 5;
A 57, 5—B-56, 8; B-57, 7—B-56, 2;
B-56, 0 Service, 9; A-54, 3 C
55, 5; A 58, 11— A-57, 5; B-57, 0—
C-58, 1.
Here are the standings:
American League
C-58 .................... ............. 5
Service Co.............. ............. 4
A -5 8 .....................
B-68 .....................
..................... ............. 1
..................... .............1
.................... .............1
............. 0
National League
C-54 ..................... .............6
H-55 .................... ........... 4
A -54 .................... ............. 4
Supply Co..............
Camp Abbot, Ore., June 3, 1944
Page Four
. . .0
ILlijs. O fficers . . .
A-55 ..................... ............. 0
Ree Hall
Are you flabby in the biceps?
Do your friends snicker when
you pull o ff your shirt? Do you
want mighty masculine mus­
cles? Then, run, Bud, don’t walk
to the Rec hall. They have some
Sgt. Rupert E. Fenley of the
Training Division returned ta
his quarters at the Service Com­
pany Sunday dripping water
from the Deschutes but in pos­
session of perhaps the largest
fish caught on the reservation
this season.
Having lured the 2414-inch
German Brown, a l i a s Loch
Leven, into shallow water in the
twin bridge area, Sergeant Fen­
ley found the critter too heavy
to flip. The fish darted for deep
water, and the sergeant did the
only thing a sportsman with too
much integrity to report the one
that got away could do. He dived
in and came up with the prize
ensconced in his arms.
new pulley weights attached to
the wall.
There’s been quite a lot of
badmintoning around the hall
lately. Maybe GIs will soon be
giving each other the bird,
league style, provided sufficient
interest can be aroused.
Speaking of batting things
back and forth, that table tennis
tournament will get under way
Monday night at eight. The play
will continue through Tuesday
and Wednesday nights.
Fire Chief Warns
Soldiers' Wives
Operation of wood stoves by
army wives unfamiliar with
proper procedure has caused a
number of preventable fires in
Bend, Chief Leroy Fox of the
Bend Fire Department told mem­
bers of the fire prevention coun­
cil of the Bend Chamber of
Commerce at a recent meeting.
A list of preventive measures,
passed along by M. Ray Cooper,
council member and lieutenant
of the civilian guard at Camp
Abbot, includes: (1) Always use
a metal container for ashes,
never cardboard or wood boxes;
(2) Avoid hanging clothing too
near stoves or stove pipes.
Legal Softball
Pitch Defined;
Seek Base Rule
There’s been a lot of talk
around the post about certain
rules in softball. For example,
there are probably a dozen ways
to pitch a softball, and each one
of them has. been demonstrated
here at one time or other. But it
just happens that there is only
ONE way, according to the o ffi­
cial rules of the game. Here is
the straight dope, lifted intact
from the book:
“ A legal delivery shall be a
ball which is delivered to the
batter underhand and with a fol­
low through of the hand and
wrist past the straight line of
the body before the ball is re­
leased. The pitcher may use any
windup he desires providing that
in the final delivery of the ball
to the batter, the hand shall be
below the hip and the wrist not
farther from the body than the
That takes care of the pitch.
But what about the backstop
rule? On some Abbot diamonds
the player on third is not al­
lowed to steal home, even if he
has a chance. On others, the
steal is perfectly legal.
“ What is needed,” said Sgt.
Leo Frizzo, Athletic Coach, "is
a blanket rule which will apply
to every team on the post.” Sug­
gestions are welcome, he said,
from all teams. Send in your
ideas on this matter to the Rec
Saving Plan
(Continues.From Page One)
sonnel, and through that chan­
nel, your deposit may be made
with the finance branch.
Lt Crisman declared the fi­
nance branch will eventually be
operated entirely by civilian per­
sonnel, under the supervision of
the finance officer. The present
staff includes M/Sgt. Lawrence
T. Sinnott, who will retire from
the army in September after 30
years’ service, T/Sgt. John L.
Overman, and S/Sgt. Leo A.
Cooper, both of whom have been
Buy National War Bonds Now! with the finance branch since its
activation, Sgt. R. E. Laugh-
ridge, Fred Higginbotham, and
Pfc. Sam Rosenstock.
She's iReally A n'Aingeí
Tough Going Here,
Bud? Take a Look
# A C h i r ic o fa v o rite w h o c h a r m s p h o to g ra p h e rs as w ell as ra dio
'a u d ie n r e s is A n g e l C a se y (a n d w h at better nam e cou ld fit so fair
a C a s e y ?). S h e h a s been h e a rd on C B S 5 -tim e s-w e e kly B a c h e lo r's
L C h ild r r n " and "A m e r ie a n W o m e n p ro gra m s.
Trainees who after a four-
mile, cross-country hike in dou­
ble time feel that Uncle Sam
was getting near the bottom
of the barrel when he pick­
ed out their numbers, will
be interested in the following ex­
cerpt from an address by Ad­
miral Harold R. Stark before
the U. S. Chamber of Commerce,
reprinted in the current “ Read­
er’s Digest.” The items also will
appeal to men presently on KP,
and those who don't think the
service they get in the barracks
is all it should be.
“ When the Italians invaded
Abyssinia the following mobili­
zation order was promulgated by
Emperor Haile Selassie:
“ When this order is re­
ceived, all men and all boys
able to carry a spear will go
to Addis Ababa. Every mar­
ried man will bring his wife
to cook and wash for him.
Every unmarried man will
bring any unmarried woman
he can find to wash and cook
for him. Women with babies,
the blind, and these too aged
or infirm to carry a spear are
excused. Anyone f o u n d at
home after receiving this or­
der will be hanged."
Jap Given
Nice Funeral
Colorful Rites
Mark Memorial
Day Services
Clark Lee’s “They Call it Pa­
cific” reports the story of an of­
ficer who insisted on giving dead
Japs a funeral service, after
their bodies had been cleared
from a beachhead on Guadal­
An impressive Memorial day
Near the end of the service service, in which color guards,
one of the Japs who had feigned I buglers and a firing squad from
death suddenly stood up, clutch­ Camp Abbot participated, and
ing a g r e n a d e . The officer which was attended by post rep­
dropped his Bible and quickly resentatives, was held at the
put a slug through the Nip’s Bend cemetery last Tuesday im­
head. He calmly put down his mediately following a colorful
revolver and resumed the serv­ service at the high school audi­
ice thusly:
“ Lord, I promised I'd give
Fallen American h e r o e s —
these Japs a funeral, and that from Valley Forge to the lad
goes for every last one of them who died last week in Italy—
. . . Amen.”
were honored in the Memorial
'Conditions' Kill
Keglers' Tourney
A new tournament series in
the Post bowling league met an
untimely death this week when
league officials announced that
“ due to present conditions the
bowling league will be discon­
tinued for the present.”
Keglers managed to squeeze
a single set of games under the
wire in the new series. Wednes­
day night, the Quartermasters
won two games out of three
over the Medics, the Strikers
took three from the Wahee
Courts and the Wildcats defeat­
ed the Sad Sacks in three con­
tests. In games Tuesday night,
Personnel took three games
from the Eight-Balls, and the
Wood Choppers beat the Screw
Balls two out of three.
The first round robin series of
the summer drew to a close last
week with the Sad Sacks and
the Woodchoppers in top posi­
tions, with 24 and 16 points, re­
Houston, Tex. (C N S)—When
a couple of prisoners escaped
from the city jail, the warden
sent a guard and two blood­
hounds after them. He hasn’t
seen the prisoners, the guard or
the bloodhounds since.
Lincoln, Neb. (C N S )— Mrs.
Joe Reynolds didn't mind it
much when her husband started
spending most of his time clean­
ing his collection of shotguns,
but when he began taking fire­
arms to bed with him, she sued
for divorce. “ They scratched,”
she explained.
address by the Rev. G. R. V.
Bolster, minister of Trinity Epis­
copal Church, at the auditorium
service. The invocation was de­
livered by Chaplain Norman M.
Goldburg. Also re p re s e n tin g
Camp Abbot was Major Ernest
W. McNeil, who spoke briefly.
Music, provided by the 362nd
Army Service Forces band, in­
cluded a vocal number by Pvt.
James Stilwell. Chaplain Law­
rence A. Leonard delivered the
Post Chaplain William H. An­
drew presided at the cemetery
service. As a feature of this
service, a representative of each
veterans’ organization of Des­
chutes County, stood at a corner
of an especially prepared mound
representing a grave. With them
stood a WAC, a sailor, a WAVE,
and a nurse, representing vari­
ous military branches in this
war. Simultaneously from the
four c o r n e r s wreaths were
brought and placed upon the
“ grave.” At this point the firing
squad fired three rounds.
Meanwhile, at Camp Abbot
Memorial day was observed by
individual units. At Headquar­
ters Circle, military and civilian
personnel poured out of build­
ings just before noon to salute
as the garrison flag was raised
to full staff, signifying the re­
sponsibility of the living to car­
ry on. At this gathering the 12th
Group band, directed by Cpl.
John J. Tobias, played several
patriotic airs, including “ Amer­
Rochester, N. Y. (C N S )—A lo­
cal resident has appealed to his
ration board for a new set of
stamps. He said he inadvertent­
ly destroyed his red stamps
while discarding some unneeded
blue ones. "I'm color blind,” he