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    Camp Abbot, Ore., May 27, 1944
Page Seven
Notes From
Remember those singin’ Sams
in the mess hall the other eve­
ning? They represent the first
contribution to your musical
education. Frankly, if t h e i r
voices get any hoarser, w e’ll call
’em our “ donation” instead of
contribution. From left to right,
they are: Corporal Bollinger
(note the guitar), and Privates
Skeele, Harris, T r o x e 1 and
Pvt. McGuirt, the long Louisi-
anan, seems to rate top honors
fo r good luck these days . . . his
w ife's in Bend fo r a visit. How
about that!
AI h )V(> is a recent picture o f the W A C company at l amp aniKit. in e Iirst memoers o f this unit ar­
rived last May when Camp Abbot was beginning to be developed, sharing with the men the incon­
veniences of those early days. Since then more than thirty VVAC’s from Camp Abl>ot have gone over­
seas, and some replacements have come in, although not enough to fill the requests for VVACs by
branch heads. First Lt. Patricia E. Eltvell, company commander o f the unit, is seen to the right o f
her company.
Promising Song
Written By 61
A new song, “ Those Fighting
Abbot Engineers," written by
Pvt. Jerry Castro o f Company
B, 54th battalion, w ill be featur­
ed on the Camp Abbot w eekly
radio broadcast Wednesday eve­
ning at 8 o’clock' over station
KBND. This and other numbers
will be played by the 362nd
A rm y Service Forces band under
the direction of W arrant O fficer
Charles S. Spalding.
The new song has been well
received on the post, with indi­
cations that it might develop
into a marching song in the near
future. Here are the words:
Proudly acclaimed as the one
and only “ possible" shooter to W e’re engineers, the best in all
date Pvt. H o w a r d F o s t e r
the army.
cracked o ff a 45/45 the second W e’re < ut to fight and that is no
time out on the range.
W e’re going to win this war, just
The barracks has quieted
wait and see.
down a little o f late since Pvt. W e’re going to fight with all our
“ Big Tom ” W agner and his co­
might, no matter what the
hort, Pvt. “ Sunny” Summers,
odds may be.
have eased o ff on the tall tales
W e build the roads, the bridges
o f life in the woods. M atter of
and the air fields.
fact, the first day or so during
W e lead the way, no one w ill
T M A week, they had the boys in
make us yield.
stitches with dialect yarns of
W e’ll raise the flag o f everlast­
ing cheers—
W e are those Fighting Abbot En­
Pvt. Albert Rubalcava, the
short gent with the long punch,
claims someone is trying to
make him take up K P as a ca­
Post Cafeteria
Gets New Wing
A platoon o f Company A, 56th battalion, executes “ Quail Cadence,” fo r T/5 Cora
t pi. Kathleen Rogers, passing VVACs. A t the command, “ Quail Cadence— Count!”
Alton White, the unit took a half step backward and one forward, then bowing
helmets, at the same time pursing their lips for a shrill whist'/} on a rising and
They finished o ff with an approving “ M y, m y!”
pany. The men have been invited
Notes From
to submit pictures of their favor­
ites. Three girls are to be select­
By Privates Billings and .Shores
B Company is leading the 55th
battalion in training efficiency,
as shown by the plaques present-
de by Major Brook for the first
six weeks o f training. The
plaques will be re-awarded at
the end of the tenth week to the
company leading in each o f three
categories, the third one being
for Administration. The men of
B Company are showing a spirit
which makes them the odds-
favorites for winning the plaques
The company's softball team
is imbued with t\je same -spirit,
having won their first two games
and are all set to break the legs
of A Company in their third
game of the post softball tour­
nament. Manager Corporal Samp
is confident the boys will be in
on the trips to district contests
which will be sponsored by the
Ninth Service Command.
Another event taking place
which is proving interesting to
every man of B55 is the series
of murals being drawn on panels
of the mess hall Walls by Pvt.
Heisler, depicting operations of
Engineers in-the field. The mur­
als are being done in pastels with
a protective coating of transpar
ent fixitive. Pvt Heisler suggest­
ed the intriguing idea of placing
a glamour girl in a panel here
and there. The girls are to be
friends of the men o f B Com­
of having their picture done in
ed by popular vote for the honor
a color mural. When finished,
Nell Wilson and
delivered by Sgt.
low, doffed their
descending scale.
Laundry Workers
Win Bond Plaque
Employees o f the Camp Abbot
I laundry were presented a spe­
the mess hall, will make a beau­ cial award by Col. Frank S. Bes­
tiful and informative display to son last Thursday m o r n i n g ,
both, visitors and the men of the when he handed a plaque to
company. The work has the all- Ernest W. Rüden, laundry su­
important professional touch of perintendent, at a meeting of all
civilian personnel held to extoll
Pvt. Heisler.
The boys are still talking the employees fo r outstanding
about their party held in the achievements in the purchase of
war bonds.
company mess hall.
Proceedings o f the gathering
A ll in all, the boys o f B-55 are
revealed that the employees of
feeling pretty cocky these days!
the Abbot laundry bought 35 per
cent o f all bonds sold here for
Some vicious individual, in a cash. In addition, these same
particularly dastardly mood, tied people purchased bonds through
Pvt. (Louisiana) Black’s training payroll deduction in amounts ag
rope to the back of the seat in gegating 10 per cent or more of
the theatre. Black, completely their pay.
absorbed in the movie ( ? ) of
The meeting, w’hich was at­
course never noticed. The lights tended by Capt. Russell C. Az-
went on. leaving Black turning zara, director o f district 3, civil­
on his bench like an octopus ian personnel division o f the
ninth service command, was
shaking hands with himself.
opened with a brief statement
by Lt. Col. Russell D. Turrili,
Private Blick of the first pla­
who introduced Col. Besson. He
toon was a student o f ballet
in turn presented the plaque. It
dancing. Now he finds splendid
was immediately given to Mrs.
opportunities to practice while Daisy Hale, supervisor o f the
on our forced marches. On the marking department, who ac­
last m ile o f the ten miler his in cepted it on behalf o f the per­
terpretation of the last struggles sonnel.
of a wilted radish was superb.
In making the presentation,
Col. Besson remarked that such
Pass The E N G IN E E R To An accomplishments "show that ci­
other Abbotman—He’ll Appreci vilians are doing their part in
the war effort.”
ate It.
the murals covering the walls of
Qualifications fo r the para­
troopers are claimed by those
who have experienced Pvt. Jake
Wintrop's tank destroyer punch
fillin g a s o r e l y - f e l t need,
in the sawdust circle. One sock
kitchen facilities o f the cafeteria
and they just float through the
at the Service Club were ex ­
panded this week by addition o f
a new wing in which additional
“ Button, button, whose got the equipment was installed. The al­
button unbuttoned! Fourth pla­ terations were made necessary,
toon trainees and cadre must the announcement said, in view
pay a fine for each button not of an increased volume o f busi­
resting in its proper slot while ness.
in rank or drill. The assessments
Tw o new dressing rooms fo r
w ill fatten the platoon “ K itty” kitchen personnel were provided,
for Record Day “ Hot Shots.”
and space was made available
for a s e p a r a t e dishwashing
“ M aggies" undergarments on room. Additional baking facili­
the breeze means a dime per fan ties were also installed.
now when the fourth platoon is
These alterations constituted
on the firing line. Just more the second enlargement of the
“ K itty” cream for Record Day. Service Club kitchen, Post Engi­
neer Zack Beiser said.
Lieutenant Brooks, o f the
Chemical W arfare Department,
has really made good believers
out o f some o f the men here at
Abbot. Pvt. Hollis Gill o f Hq.
Barracks, B-57, is very much so,
It is now possible to stretch
as he has been seen fo r the past
that three-day pass into four
few days with his gas mask on,
days and legitim ately accord­
wherever he goes.
ing to a recent administrative
Our s o f t b a l l team really memorandum from post head­
looked good in our first League quarters.
Previously, it was impossible
Game with A-57. W e took them
into camp to the tune o f 3-1, to issue a three-day p a s»to begin
with our second team playing on Monday or Saturday, but that
most o f the time. A fte r a little provision has been amended to
more practice, our club shouldl read that one 3-day pass “ may be
be hard to beat by any team on issued to holder o f Class A pass
the post. The attendance in the to precede or follow Sunday or
bleachers for our first game was any single holiday.”
a little light, so how about a
little more support at our next
game fellows?
Speaking of athletics, why not
schedule a volleyball game be
tween the battalion officers'
Receipt o f a large shipment
team and our company team. o f books, including works on en­
The officers « r e reported to gineering and mathematics, as
have a smooth-working aggrega well as new fiction, is announced
tion, but with Pvt. Carl N ew of by Miss Alm a Halvorson, assist­
the 2nd platoon, who towers ant librarian and acting post li­
close to 7 feet, spiking them at brarian in the absence o f Miss
the net for our team, we should Caroline Paddock, who is on
be hard to beat.
leave. Am ong the fiction are
Lillian S m i t h ’ s controversial
“ Strange Fruit,” "Th e Fall o f
Parts,” by Ehrenberg, and "Good
raphy o f John Barrym ore by
“ Camp A b b o t on Parade," Gene Fowler.
Wednesday night radio feature
broadcast by the Public Rela ten by Sgt. Hayes, including
tions O ffice over station KBND, “ GI Jump” and “ Kicking It
this week presented the music Ligh tly” were heard on the pro­
o f S Sgt. Jack Hayes and his 15- gram. A special dance arrange­
ment. the Hayes version o f “ T o
piece orchestra.
Several original numbers writ- a W ild Rose,” was also featured.
G Is Benefit By
N ew Pass Rule
M ore N ew Books
A t Post Library
Hayes Orchestra
On G l Air Show