Abbot engineer. (Camp Abbot, Or.) 1943-1944, May 27, 1944, Page Page Eleven, Image 11

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    Camp Abbot, Ore., May 27, 1944
Page Eleven
Abbot Paper
Is Year Old
Editors Talk Shop to
Reveal ‘Inside
The first issue of the ABBOT ENGINEER was dated
May 21, 1943. An entire year has rolled by since then. We
are celebrating our first birthday with this issue.
The original ENGINEER carried a four-column headline
announcing the fact that Camp Abbot was 75 per cent com­
plete, and the lead story stated men were enroute to officially
activate the post. Two photographs adorned page one: a
portrait of Col. Frank S.
Besson, center commander,
N o te s Fro m
and an old print loaned by
the “Bend Bulletin” of Brig.
Gen. Henry Larcom Abbot,
for whom the camp was
Com pany B-59 started training
The present editors feel w ith
a new ro ster of trainees
that some progress has been
i • , l
. , , ..
from all over the United States,
m a d e ., in th
tio . n Five men in
. this
. . . cycle
. have
. :
. e , r i g h t , d ir e c T,
sin c e th , e s h e e t w a s b o rn . I . t . . is form er m ilitary service
• . to their
" ,
our aim to publish a paper which crecji(.
meets the approval of all, and:
Pvt. H a r o l d J. Donaldson
while we know th a t m ay be i m - _* " j
. . . . . .
served from May, 1929, to June,
possible of achievem ent
wo ----
. . _ yet ,we 1931, w ith the 129th Inf. at Rock-
shall continue to try. O ur policy
ford Field, 111., then a t Luke
is to w rite news and featu res of Field, Hawaii, and from May
general interest throughout the 1934 to M arch 1935, at Chunte
post. The EN GIN EER sta ff wel­ Field, Rantool, 111.
comes suggestions of any na­
Pvt. B r u n o R. M arkowski
ture. We know the only w ay in served from 1934 to 1937 at
which we can please is to be in­ Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.
formed of w hat is desired.
Pvt. F ran k W. Nolte had one
In order to understand fully year at Camp Carson, Colo., with
the activity.behind publication o f 1 the 607th Field A rtillery, and
the ABBOT ENGINEER, let us' four m onths at H unter Ligget
follow a single story from its R eservation in California.
source to the printed page:
Pvt. Donald L. W illiams has
An announcem ent comes, say, been in th e service for some
from the W ar D epartm ent, time, including three years with
which incorporates an im portant the C o a s t A rtillery a t F ort
change in the operation of a ' W arden, W ashington, and two
given Camp Abbot function. T h e ( and one-half years in Co. C,
Public Relations office is am ong 163rd In fantry, of the M ontant
the first to receive the news. N ational Guard.
The announcem ent is studied
Pvt. F ran k W. Cassinelli has
carefully, then the executive of- been in the service for two
ficer, or an officer directly in years. He w as w ith a tan k de-
charge of the departm ent affect­ stroyer unit at F ort Alix, New
ed, is consulted. The story is Jersey, and at F ort Lewis, W ash­
broken down and its local appli­ ington. He also spent 11 m onths
cation analyzed. Arm ed w ith the of this tim e in desert w arfare
facts, an EN GIN EER reporter training at Camp Young, Cali­
then w rites th e story. I t is fornia.
Pvt. Ewell P. Miller has a son
checked, then sent to the printer,
th e U. S. Marines, stationed
the “Bend Bulletin,” w h i c h
handles the publishing on a a t ^
Diego‘ Y 0 u n 8 MilIor
yearly contract basis w ith funds joined the M arine Corps on ,ho
provided through profits of the l 6,h
Post theater. Occasionally these drafted on the 6th day of March,
A ( Good
nr\H lnnl/ t o h n th r \f trnii
luck to both of you.
funds are supplem ented to a
Pvt. Felix B. Negri, of the sec­
minor degree w ith profits from
ond barracks, is bound and de­
the Post exchanges.
term ined to give the cam p bar­
Local features are handled
bers a good ru n for their money.
precisely as on city new spapers,
He has started a shop of his
through the Post Signal Corps
Laboratory in charge of Lt. Clif­
ford V. Eckhardt.
The Camp Abbot EN G IN EER
is published w eekly under the
supervision of Capt. V. G. Hen-
derson, Public Relations Officer.
The present sta ff is composed of
ing up" the ABBOT EN GI­
NEER, as ctpl. Kiehard Shearin
observes the set type being
placed In m etal fram es, which
will then be fitted on the press.
Mr. Rice, ad man for The Bend
Bulletin the past ten years. Is
w ell • known am ong new spaper
people on the W est Coast, where
he has been connected with
printing s h o p s for fourteen
» «
« «
—-Photo by Signal Corn* Photo Lab.
Charles Cotes, Bend Bulletin pressm an, stops press as ABBOT ENGINEER run is completed. Look­
ing over the paper are (left to rig h t): Opl. Richard Shearin, member of E ngineer sta ff until, his
tran sfe r to Camp W hite last week; Pvt. R. C. Marcus, present m em ber of staff; Robert W. Saw yer
and Henry N. Fowler, editor and publisher and associate editor, res|>ectively, of The Bend Bulletin,
and Lt. H arriett M. W hitem an and Sgt. C urt Forem an, of EN GIN EER staff.
N o te s Fro m
O ur th ird platoon has added
a fine q u arte t to the company.
At m any of our song sessions
they h ave'led us in some of the
well-known Abbot songs and—
are very good a t it!
The com pany’s softball team,
under the leadership of L ieuten­
ant Spradley, and Corporal T ay­
lor, is forging ahead w ith five
wins and only one defeat.
A volleyball team, and boxing
team, are being organized, and
other companies can e x p e c t
some stiff competion.
In the m usical departm ent,
the singers have been having
reg u lar m eetings, as have the
m em bers of the band.
As B-58 m arches tow ards com­
pletion of its third week of train ­
ing, the determ ination to be the
best in the cam p soars upward.
The com petition is running high
between the platoons to see
which will excel in firing, fisti­
cuffs, and other feats. To date,
the first platoon has m anaged to
hold th e fisticuffs plaque, and
hopes to continue to do so.
Many of the fellows looked
good in practice-firing, and the
company hopes to produce a
num ber of E xperts and Sharp­
luy N ational W ar Bonds Now
Trinidad, Colo. (CN S)—Eddie
Mantelli, 11, penned this plain­
tive note to the City Council:
“On March 16 I paid $1.10 for a
dog license. On M arch 22 m y
dog died. My m other w on’t let
me have another dog. Can I
have my money back?” The re­
fund was granted.
K ansas City (CN S)—"Look,”
the bus driver pleaded as pas­
sengers cram m ed into his ve­
hicle at a street corner, "please
don’t crowd me.” The passen­
gers paid him no heed, so th e
driver, slightly miffed, climbed
out the window, locked the bus
doors from th e outside and
walked aw ay—never to retu rn .
h air cuts he is putting out. They
sure a re Ultra.
Richmond, Va. (CNS)—A se­
rious shortage of grave diggers
is the latest manpower crisis
precipitated in Richmond by the
w ar
Lt. H arriett M. W hiteman, assist­
an t Public Relations Officer,
Sgt. C urt Forem an, and Pvt. R.
C. Marcus. In addition to its own
local reportorial staff, the news­
paper has several news service
connections. The Public Rela­
tions Branch of the W ar D epart­
m ent, Arm y News Services,
American Legion News Service,
and Camp Newspaper Service
are all news sources from which
m aterial may be drawn. The pa­
per is provided with pictorial
features, such as cartoons, etc.,,
through regular subscription.
Various publicity agencies fu rn ­
ish additional pictorial and a rt
m aterial upon request.
Only one member of the orig­
inal staff remained during the
year. But even he is not with us
now to share in the celebration
this week. L ast Friday. Cpl.
Richard Shearin was shipped
out. afte r having served on the Father Williams, above, ran swim as well as art. Previously, she was an squatIr star. Now, she
one of MGM’s lovely young starlets. We predirt you'll be seeing morr of her as time goes by.
EN GIN EER since its inception.