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    Friday, A u g u st 13, 1943
S po r ts
Ball Club Manager,
Star Pitcher Leave
For Work in Mines
• N ew s of All Sports Events Should
Be Reported to the Paper. Phone
Results to Ext. 8.
Return Game
With Medics
Set Sunday
Bob Graff Leads
Co. A to Victory
In 52nd Olympiad
By Pvt. Sheldon Flynn
<B-.»2 C o r r e s p o n d e n t )
Led by Pvt. Robert Graff, Co.
A swept aside all opposition to
win the finals of the 52nd Bn.
C a m p W h ite Team N oses track
Monday night.
, ut O _ u r Beavers
T , 8-6
Two of the most popular
and versatile ball players on
the post varsity team —Man­
ager John J. "Mac” M cGarry
and Sgt. Gus Zande, sta r
pitcher—were released from
the Army this week to w ork
in w estern mines.
M cGarry m anaged the
team for the past two
m onths and tu rn ed in a
bang-up record. Zande’s loss
will be keenly felt in the
hurling staff.
SportsProgram for
Vl/ocs Opens With
Many Activities
^ broad
Gr? £f
,he hiRh
p events
to iump
ln a ( g e n u in e I n r ille r
m ulate 10 points tow ard the com-
By Sift. Stanley Yavorski
pany’s victory and was anchor
Athletic activity soared to a
(Service Co. Correspondent)
m an on the 880-yard relay team new high this week in the Wac
Playing th eir last gam e for which broke the tape to take the T)et. area as softball and vol-
Coaeh "Mac” MacGrry, Camp final event. In the high jump, leyball diamonds were patterned
Abbot Beavers w-ere edged out G raff cieared the bar at five and action was In vogue immed­
by a Medical unit representing feej vvith inches to spare. His iately upon completion.
Camp W hite on the post dia- broad jum p record w as 17 feet,
A daily sports program has
mond Sunday afternoon. The 912 inches.
been draw n up calling for the
final figures showed the home-
The f i r s t event, a 100-yard participation of every W ac in
sters on the short end of an 8-6 dash, was captured by Pvt. Tal- camp. A recreational com mittee
score, but it w as anybody’s ball- madge of Co. C in the record is to be appointed soon to super-
game rig h t up to th e final put-i tim e of 13 seconds. Pvt. Dixon vise these activities.
The W ac’s softball team , re ­
I covered the 440-yard dash in 60
The two teams «411 clash I seconds to give Co. B its only puted to be a dazzling arra y of
again Sunday at 1330 on the post first place of the meet.
hitters and fielders, encounters
diamond, with a featured soft-
O ther members of the cham­ its first taste of league compe-
ball contest also on docket.
pion relay team are Pvts. Gil- tition this weekend against an
H o l d i n g the “Pill-rollers” bertson, Carey and Schumaker. i MP outfit. The skirted soldiers
scoreless in th eir half of the first
Final results: Co.A—21 points, also will engage in badminton,
innin, th e Abbotmen w ent to Go p —g_ Go. B—8, and Co. C—7. basketball, paddle tennis, horse
woi k on the opposing h u rler and The championship team now is shoes and swimm ing competi-
scored a brace of ru n s a fte r two aw aiting a chance to vie w ith , tions.
were out. The tallies came on ; winning tracksters of other bat-
----------------------------- -
Steve Pochek’s one-base knock, talions in the 11th Engr. Tng.
Lefty M aslan’s double, and Tom Gp.
^ R k e s ’ ground single to right. In
W e third, the sam e men figured Here's A Line-Up of
in the production of three more
runs. This tim e it w as successive ( Real Yank Warriors
Zwierzynski, Z u kow ski,
Eight talented leather-pushers
bingles by Pochek, Maslan, and
Petraszewski, Vermngallo,
of the 11th Engr. Tng. Gp. will
Chidichimo, Castelluccio, Bi-
trade blows w ith m itt-tossers a t­
tached to a Signal Corps outfit-
ondolillo . . . are names com­
A n n a w u s c h , I f - r f . ..........5
0 0 2 0 0
I 2 1 0 0
J ry d e n l u n d . c f - l f
camped near Lava Butte Aug.
parable to the roster of
Roy er, 2b
0 0 2 2 2
17 at 1900.
F'ordham University foot­
D e t t m a n . 3b . . . .
3 1 1 1 0
Kargamian. lb . . .
1 2 10 1 0
Lt. Louis M. Tierney, com pany
ball stars. Ctually, they’re
Z g a n j a r . ss
3 4 0
1 1 0 0 0
W oolev, r f
com mander of A-54 is in charge
last tags of rookies under­
R a lir h ,r .
0 3 8 3 0
of the Abbot jab a rtists who will
g o in g co m b a t Engineer
A c k e r m a n , P ..........
0 1 0 2 0
be selected from the 52nd, 53rd
training in B-56.
T o t a ls . .
8 11 27 13 2
and 54th battalions. The fighting
Engineers will w ork out over the
( ap asso, 2b
0 0 3 4 2
Seid. 3b ................................... 4
1 2
weekend in preparation for the
P o c h e k, ss ............................4
2 1
bouts. Plans are being arran g e d
M asl an , l b ............................4
3 13
Nokes, of .............................. 4
2 0
to tran sp o rt a sizable group of
W a r d , If ................................. 4
2 1
The Wacs of Camp Abbot will m j j Gp. fight fans to th e scene
PÌI7Ì. c .................................4
1 7
r f .....................3
o n
attem pt to brush aside Post min- of action
• n. ¡stiano,
o o
P ............................... 3
ions of the law Sunday when ;
o o
■arry, rf ......................1
o o
they vie w ith Military Police , i i , r
M assello
.............................. 1
A b b o t G o lfe s R e a c h
T o t a ls
37 6 17 27 15 3 players in a league softball game
V u a r ' e r '"•dal o r a g e
*— R a t te d f o r K e r n in 9 t h . S t o le n B a s e « : on the Post diamond Sunday at
Seid. P o c h e k . 2 : A n n a w u s h . Z g a n i a r .
jg 3Q
i Pvt. K ayser of B-52 scored an
Wrmley. R a l i r h . T w o B a s e H i t s : M a s l a n .
In contests with other units SI at the Bend Golf club Sunday
M a rd . 2 : T h r e e B a s e H i t s : F r y d e n l u n d .
Wnolcy, R a l i r h . D o ub le P l a y s : Po o h e k -
in the newly-organized six team f° take the lead in the qualifying
C a p a s s o - M a s l a n . B a *e s on
K e r n . 7: A c k e r m a n . 1. S t r u c k O u t : By league, members of the
W ac round of the u n it’s golf tourna-
Kern, 5;
A c k e r m a n . 11. W i l d P i t c h :
Det. will have but one conces- ment. O thers who qualified are
K e rn , 3.
s io n - o th e r team s m ust bat left Pvts. G ailbraith, McKay, Soares,
Nokes, and a ringing double by
handed. No concession will be Ogrin, Crist, F errario and Ron-
Ward th a t pushed the runs
chetto. Cpl. Luby directed the
for the MPs.
across th e platter.
play. Q u arter finals a re sched-
The Abbot fans w ere confident
uled on the Bend course Sunday.
of seeing an easy victory a t , begin Thursday night with a
this stage of the game, but the gam e between the Motor Co. and
visitors w ere fa r from discour-1 the Service Co.
Camp Abbot’s branch of the
aged. T aking advantage of a | The Medical Det. and the 06th
Cross has moved from Post
streak of wildness on the p a rt of j Engr. Tng. Bn. team, the other
headquarters into Annex “A” in
Kern Beaver h u rler thev scor- i two units in the league are
, ’ w d v e r n u n e i, iney acui ,
is tn to- Blag,
zuz, a affording
n o ra in g them
m em great-
Bldg. 202,
ed a duo of runs in the fourth, -
Medical Det field c r iloor space to house enlarged
added a single tally in the sixth, i night on the Medical Deb field.
nnp] .{ wag announCPfJ by
11th Gp. Fighters
Schedule Ring
Bouts on Tuesday
Three Sof+baii
Games on Docket
and two m ore in the seventh to
e 'e n the count. In the home half
of the seventh, Abbot forged
ahead when H erb Seid walked,
advanced to second on Royer’s
hoot, and scored on M aslan’s
third safety, a single.
The beginning of the ninth
proved to be disastrous for the
hom esters, as th e medics teed
off w ith four hits, am ong them
a double and a triple, to put the
gam e in the bag. A ckerm an, the
visitor's h u rler settled down
afte r a shaky sta rt, and finished
strong, having 11 strikeouts to
his credit.
Page Three
S e c u r ity '" W e with Mr. F ran k
lo r ^ecuru> .
Security! Buy BOND S._____________
C .O .
J. Dunning, cam p
-ill* II
W m S 0 OTT DO 11
Camp Abbot Bowling League
Formed for Action in Bend
Organized through the efforts Recreation Alleys at 744 Bond
of the ENGINEER and popular, St., is cooperating w hole-heart­
ten-pin-minded T/5 Carl 1.. Gos- edly in getting the league under­
selin. Service Co. SCU 1973, per­ way, reserving all eight alloys
sonnel for seven of an eight during the night of action.
Bowlers ready to "strik e” in­
team Camp Abbot bowling lea­
gue have been secured and GI clude these men from Service
maple-lane enthusiasts antici­ Co: M Sgt. "Bub” Shaffer. G qs - (
pate a bang-up time during the 1 selin, Cpl. C. Malone, Cpl. R ay
autumn months on Bend’s new­ Grosser, Cpl. Al Capone, Pvt. D.
ly-resurfaced howling alleys.
Montgomery, S Sgt. J. E arle
“Bowling w ithout a doubt is Peterson, Cpl. Leonard Bean,
the most popular indoor diver­ and Pvt. Ed Pock. O fficers a re
sion of soldiers in every camp Lt. J. R. Rodgers, B-57; Lt. D. A.
w here facilities are available,” Clobridge, A-57; Lt. R. \V. Liske,
the short, bespectacled Gosselin B-56; Lt. M. Burke, Hq 54; Lt.
avers. "The gam e lias a host of Shaak, B-54; Lt. C arter, A-54; Lt.
Skelton, A-54: Lt. Butz, B-54: Lt.
followers here at Abbot.”
Indeed, it h a s . Of the 35 Louis M. Tierney, A-54; Lt. Volz,
nam es, a dozen are officers and C-57; Lt. Bacigalupi, C-57; Lt.
the rest rank from m aster se r­ Kulbes, B57.
O ther kegline artists: S S gt.
geants to lowly-buck privates.
Bowling is tru ly the universal George G. Heine, C-51; Pvt. Con­
rad Lupo, Pfc. Glen Halloway,
gam e of equality ami skill.
A m eeting of all bowling de­ Cpl. R. C. Peachor, and Cpl.
votees will be called in the near Russ Flack, all of Supply Co.;
fu tu re to effect organization Sgt. George Hollander, B-55;
and outline plans for league Sgt. W. G. W ard, and Cpl. J. D.
play, averages and social affairs. Murphy, C-56; Cpl. F lan k N igra,
Bowlers will roll for three C-51; Cpl. George Pericieh an d
w eeks to determ ine individual Sgt. Ed B rothers, A-55; Pfc.
averages, Gosselin said. Mr. Bob Ralph M. Eggcsbo, Hq-55; and
Dowsett, operator of the Bend Cpl. Ed H. Basirne, 11th Gp. Hi).
A rm y Em ergency Relief
A im s C ited on Program
Based upon the principle that
a soldier free from w orry is a
b etter fighting man, an unob­
trusive, highly effective o rgan­
ization has cam paigned without
pause since before Pearl H arbor
to help m ake good the boast
"the Arm y takes care of its
This organization is the Army
Em ergency Relief, operated by
th e W ar D epartm ent. D etails of
the AER were explained by Lt.
V. G. Henderson, post special
service officer, and Chaplain N.
M. Goldburg, 11th Gp. chaplain,
on th e weekly Camp Abbot radio
program over station KBND
W ednesday night.
E R T C Rookies Untie M a n y
Knotty Problems at Ease
Red Cross A id
To Abbotmen
Is Impressive
The Camp Abbot field o.fiice
of the American Red Cross m ade
146 loans totaling 88,918.78 to
soldiers on m aneuvers in the
Bend area and to Camp Abbot
troops during July, Mr. Frank J.
Dunning, field director, reported
yesterday. Thirty-eight loans to­
taling 82,187 w ere to Camp Ab­
bot personnel. The office also
handled 394 cases for Abbotmen.
Of the entire am ount, $470
might well be considered an o u t­
rig h t grant, Mr. Dunning said.
"G ran ts” were made to 10 sol­
diers whose financial position
precludes the possibility of col­
lecting. One such loan of 830 w as
made to a Camp Abbot soldier.
Loans w ithin the cam p prob­
ably will be increased consider­
ably at the end of A ugust w hen
troops who have completed th e ir
training become eligible for lur-
loughs and m ay apply for Re»l
Cross funds, Mr. Dunning said.
Gas rationing has nothing to
do w ith the camp-wide construc­
tion of hitching posts in rea r of
train in g battalions.
T hey’re used for practice in
tying various knots combat en­
gineers are supposed to know
how to tie. Judging from the
feverish “jaw bone” splicing, the
trainees catch on very quickly. ABBOT WAC MARRIES
Pfc. June P. Altchison, W ac
Det., became the bride of S /S g t.
A m a n w a s s i t t i n g b e s id e t h e d e a t h b e d
of his p a r t n e r . T h e p a r t n e r k n e w h e w as
Gilmer S. M ustain, B-54, at a
d o o m e d a n d s a id w i t h a s ig h of r e p e n t ­
sim ple ceremony in Portland,
ance :
‘‘I ’ve a c o n f e s s io n to m a k e , p a r t n e r . I A ugust 2nd. Cpl.
Lois Sm ith,
ro bb ed t h e f i r m o f $.'»0.000, a n d sold th e
b l u e p r i n t s o f t h e se c r e t f o r m u l a f or $260.- W ac Rot. and T Sgt. Jam es Gil­
000. I st o l e t h e l e t t e r s f r o m ymmr desk
bert, Camp Abbot bandsman, a t­
t h a t got y o u r wi fe a d i v o rc e , a n d u m — ”
P a r t n e r : “ O h , d o n ’t w o r r y , old c h a p . I tended the couple.
po iso n e d y o u . ”
By Sansone
The W o lf at A b b o t
r o
f c
* ,
Crown Beating A-52 Team
mound, tried hard, hut couldn’t
overcome the pow erful clouts of
,he "Invineibles.
Boyer and
Proctor shone for the losers,
In fhe cham pionship canto,
(he w inners chalked up 10 hits,
producing five runs. Shevrin.
c h a m p io n s h ip la s t S u n d a y de- Guappone, Seid and Maslan
fe a tin g a p lu e k v A
o u tf it in were the big guns.
______________________ b r i g h t g a m e s. 4 lo 0 a n d
In a featured game last Tues-
Behind the
effective hurling
___ ___
f (
p „ i j p a b y s e n s a tio n a l
’ . . . .,
hmlnK ,,f c h r W ’
' ,n*
a n d M alo n e, a galaxy o f p la y e rs
re p re s e n tin g S e rv ic e Co. S< l
(973 r a p tu r e d th e p o st s o ftb a ll
Abbot M edics Routed 1 2-0 9 to 1
* * n,iphtJ nf
By Maneuver Q M O utfit
The icebreaking affair pro- Cn _aN h,,. a Ti*r»™
Socking out 15 hits, alm ost at
random , a m aneuver QM team,
trounced th e Abbot Medics. 12 to
0 in a gam e spotted w ith erro rs
and “tough luck.”
duced some of the finest field
ing and catching yet_seer> UI
ing the season here. The fourth
platoon trainees, m anag
vith Davis on the
P- Morris,
s trik r.t^ ser
catcher C’nl How
and Sihgleton, catcher. Cpl. How
ell F om off is m anager of the
pennant-winning squad.
0 ». a* T vuwyn ; W £>,*■.
f t 1CC1 A1, CC'-O - ;
- N
Make up your mind—what ¿fi you want ? "