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    Friday, Aug. 13, 1943
a b b o t e n g in e e r
Page T«o
ERTC Rookie Recalls Hegira Infiltration .*• a.
Course Trek
From Nazi Rats in Europe
When Pvt. Horst B. J. Meyer-
until the ascendency of Hitler,
Is Thriller
Trave, Service Co., received
he fled to Sweden in 1932 with
his first notice to report for mili­
Founded May 21, 1943
ticket for the trip, he headed for
other regions— but for a good
A weekly newspaper published by and fo r the military personnel of Camp
reason: The ticket read from
Abbot, Oregon, under supervision o f the Poet Special Service branch. A ll editorial
matter pertaining to Camp Abbot Is available for general release and reprint in
other publications. A ll articles represent personal opinions and are not official
news unless specifically credited to the War Department.
All editorial matter should be directed to the “ Abbot Engineer, Post Hqs.
Annex. Bldg. 202. Telephone Ext. 8.
Copies of this official post newspaper distributed free to camp personnel. Sub­
scription to the public, by m ail: 80 cents fo r three months; six months, $1; one
year, $1.50.
Thu ENGINEER receives material supplied by Camp Newspaper Service. War
Dep’ t , 20r, E. 42nd St.. N. Y. C. Credited material may not be republished without
permission from Camp Newspaper Service.
1st. Lieut. V. G. Henderson..... ............. Director, Special Services
1st. Lieut. Wayne B. Leitzell....12th Group, Special Service Officer
2nd Lt. S. D. Hopkins......... 11th Group, Special Service Officer
Sgt. Morrie C. Guss............................................. Editor in-Chief
T/4 George S. F l y .......................................... Editorial Associate
Pvt. Mary ( Iraham.......................................... Feature Activities
Pvt. Richard Shearin ....................................Editorial Associate
Sgt. Roy L. R id e r.......................................... Sports Coordinator
Cpl. Harlan L. Weeks..........................Hq. ERTC Correspondent
Photography and art work by Publications, Engineer Re­
placement Training Center, Camp Abbot, Oregon.
PVT. MEYER TRAVE . . . noted
artist escaped from Nazi clut­
Stockholm, Sweden, to Germany
and both it and the report notice
from the German W ar Office,
an organization with which
Meyer-Trave definitely was not
in sympathy.
Son of a captain in the Prus­
sian guards in World War I, and
a leader in the Social Democrat
Youth Movement in the Reich
'Front and Center'
is laying plans to be submitted
to the congress for action.”
For the immediate problems
of the demobilized service man
the president proposed:
1. Enough mustering-out pay
to cover "a reasonable period of
President Roosevelt’s post-war
time between his discharge and
plans, revealed recently in a
the finding of a new job.”
broadcast, should be of interest
| 2. Unemployment insurance if
to all servicemen in Camp Ab­
the individual registers with the
I'nited States employment serv­
The administration, coast-to- ice and "no job is found after
coasi radio listeners heard, was dilligent search.”
working out plans to keep sol­
3. Opportunity of further edu­
diers from being mustered out cation or trade training at gov­
after the war "to a place on a ernment expense.
dreadline or a corner selling ap­
1. Credit on unemployment
compensation and fe<leral old
He said that was only part of age and survivors’ insurance "as
the problem of demolibizing if they had continuc4l their em­
America, "but the members of ployment In private industry.”
the armed forces have been com­
5. Improved a n d liberalized
pelled to make greater economic provisions for hospitalization
sacrifice and every other kind of rehabilitation and medical care”
sacrifice than the rest of us, and for the disabled.
are entitled to definite action to
6. “Sufficient” pensions fo r
help take care of their special the disabled.”
Okay, let’s win the war first!
“ That larger objective of re­ The nation will not forget the
converting wartime America to men and women who went to bat
a peacetime basis,” he said, “ is to keep America the "arsenal of
one for which your government democracy.”
C a d re Strength
To Be Reduced
( amp Abbot has been directed
to reduce the enlisted cadre
strength, including Wac enlisted
women, more than 19 per cent,
>lu j. R. I). Tun-Ill. director of
the Personnel Division, announc­
Until a table of organization
can he drawn up and published,
replacements of losses In the
cadre of staff divisions or units
by trainees completing training
with ERT battalions will not be
authorized except in cases of
dire need and then only by ap­
proval of the director of person­
A thorough study of the per­
sonnel situation is being made
with a view to appealing to the
Ninth Service Command for ad­
ditional enlisted grades, Maj.
Turrill said. Promotion of en­
listed men and women at Camp
Abbot also has been suspended
until further notice.
A soldier went to the barber shop after
a gruelling 30-mile hike. He slumped down
into the chair.
“ Give nw* a shave.” he said.
The barber told him that he was too far
dowrn in the chair for a shave.
“ All rijrht.” said the soldier wearily,
“ fiv e me a haircut.”
The Abbot ENGINEER can be sent to the home front for
13 weeks at a cost of 50 cents, or 26 weeks for $1. I f you wish
the ENGINEER sent home, fill out this blank, enclose money
and forward via Messags Center or U. S. mails to: Abbot
ENGINEER, Public Relations Office, Camp Abbot, Oregon.
Send to
Address ...»..... ..... .
City ____ ___________
Chaplain Itrel T. Monroe
12th Gp.
“ Shall I not visit for these things?
saith the Lord: and shall not My Soul
he a\enK;ed on such a nation as this?”
Jeremiah 5:9-29.
God called Abraham out of
Ur of the Chaldees to go into
the Land of Canaan, and prom­
ised him all the land. He be­
came a great nation as God had
The above verse of scripture
was spoken by Jeremiah the
prophet when the nation had
forgotten and forsaken God. i
They failed to take the warning
and were overthrown and taken
into captivity.
The same warning is given to
every nation in history, to any
that lives in sin and forgets
God. Nations have vanished and
o t h e r s suffered because they
forgot God.
What of our nation? Our fore­
fathers came to this country to
have a place to worship God.
Ours is the land of freedom and
open Bibles. Our government en­
courages the worship of God
houses of worship and minis­
ters of His W o r d to all the
Officers, 51st Engr. Tng. Bn.
his father who had been a dom­
inant figure in the Wpimar Re­ rookies and a small dog crawled
public which was overthrown by beneath a canopy of machine
Hitler when he induced the aged gun fire, amid exploding mine
von Hindenberg to make him fields and barbed wire entangle-
' ments recently to negotiate a
chancellor of Germany.
A fter the episode of the air­ i new infiltration course introduc-
plane ticket, which he destroyed | ed at Camp Abbot as one of the
on receipt, Meyer-Trave fled to Ranger tactics which will be in­
America at the behest of his corporated in the training pro­
father. He used a German pass­ gram for soldiers of the Engin­
port issued five years earlier and eer Replacement Training Cen­
to forestall any attempts to halt ter.
Among the high ranking offi-
his flight obtained a visa from
; eers “ running’ 'the course were
Costa Rica.
Meyer - Trave travelled by Col. Frank S. Besson, Post com­
plane from Stockholm to Mos­ mander, and Col. L. H. Hall,
cow, by trans-Siberian railroad executive officer. Mr. Harold
to Vladivostok and then to Jap­ French, assistant camp Red
an where he was taken into “ pro­ Cross field director, also "cover­
tective custody” by Japanese ed” the course.
Designed in answer to recom­
authorities who questioned him
regarding his mission to Ameri­ mendations by officers in the
ca before allowing him to pro­ North African campaign, the
course is 65-yards long, laced
He arrived in San Francisco with wire entanglements and
four months after leaving Swe­ studded with land mines which
den and went to live with his send geysers of earth skyward
brother. Another brother forced on detonation by a control offi­
to serve in the German army cer. Eight machine guns keep a
had been killed while with Ger­ steady crossfire 40 inches above
man forces assisting Gen. Fran­ the rugged terrain.
cisco Franco in the Spanish
Civil War.
Meyer-Trave is an artist of
note. He studied art in Stock­
holm and previously had studied
Five enlisted men assigned to
in a Berlin conservatory. His
the Post Hospital have been sent
work has been exhibited in the
to various hospitals to pursue
DeYoung museum in Golden
advanced education.
Gate Park, San Francisco.
Pfc. Walter J. Rychman and
A fter his induction at the Pre­
Pvt. Manuel V. Silva are leq F *.
sidio of San Francisco six weeks ing techniques of a laboratJ../
ago, Meyer-Trave was sent to
and dental technicians, respec­
Boise Barracks, Boise, Ida. He tively at Fitzimmons General
was assigned here as a drafts­ Hospital, Denver, Colo. T/5 John
man with the Publications Sec­ M. Leys was assigned to William
Beaumont Hospital, El Paso,
Five EM's Pursue
Hospital Studies
Leonard W ood
Is Abbot Trainee
It would have indeed made
the top headlines if Pvt.
Leonard Wood had under­
gone his ERTC basic at Fort
Leonard Wood, Mo. . . . but
he’s here and rates a fea­
ture story.
The former B-51 soldier
was recently transferred to
Service Co. SCU 1973 and
assigned to the Weapons
Texas for study in X-ray tech­
nique, Cpl. Horace W. Buehlein
and Pfc. Charles K. Edwards are
| at Letterman General Hospital,
San Francisco, Calif. Upon com­
pletion of their studies, these
Abbotmen will return here.
Distributed recently by the Di­
rector of Administration was a
set of standard plans how camp
organizations may build a bar.
racks study table and comp4 )
paint shed with salvaged lumber,
obtainable from the Building
Material section.
Organization Is Completed
For Limited N C O Club Here
Membersliip in the NCO club and comforts of battalion rec
will be limited to the first four halls, figuratively, “ o ff limits'’
grades . . . adoption, with slight
to the G I’s in upper brackets.
revisions, of the club’s constitu­
Officers selected for the forth­
Post C h a p e l . Bldjr. 208; 11th Gp. tion and by-laws . . . election of
Chapel, Bldvr. 1255 ; 12th Gp. Chapel.
Bldvr. 754 ; Hospital Chapel in Red Cross new officers . . . and outlining coming year are: M Sgt. W. R.
Recreation hall.
of policies highlighted the first Shaffer, president; M Sgt. Larry
FRID AY. Aug. 13, at 1930 in general meeting last night in the Larsen, vice-president; Sgt. Mor-
11th Gp. Chapel.
SATURDAY. Aug. 14, Confes­
sions. Post Chapel. SUNDAY.
Aug. 15: Mass. 0900. (Mass daily
at 1830 e x c e p t Thursday in
Post Chapel.)
SUNDAY. Aug. 15, at 1000
and 1930 in Post Chapel.
SUNDAY, Aug. 15, 0745, Cath­
olic Mass: 1000, Protestant ser­
-and-rocker men provided the impetus resulting in formation of
the organization. S Sgt. Wilbur Hanson, left; M Sgt. W. R.
•'Bub'' Shaffer. T Sgt. Carl J. Ranta, 1 Sgt. David Holland,
M Sgt. Lew Henry, S Sgt. Alexander S. Hall. 1 Sgt. James G.
SUNDAY, Aug. 15 for the
Sawyer, 1 Sgt. Kenneth D. Hathaway, 1 Sgt. John L. Good-
56th Bn. in quarantine: at 1300.
ling, S Sgt. Bill L. Thompson, and M Sgt. David J. Moreland.
Protestant services in 12th Gp.
9SC 43-CAB-2S-SS»
Chapel: same time for Catholic
clubhouse, Bldg. T-205.
lie C. Guss. secretary; MSgt.
Mass in Post Chapel.
At the suggestion of Post David J. Moreland, treasurer.
The club, whose fountain is
(In Post t haptl I nlet* Otherwise Noted) Commander Frank S. Besson,
Monday, Aug. 16—Bible class, the club will he restricted to the now open, plans to install over­
1915: Tuesday. Aug. 17—Catho­ top non-com bracket. Member­ stuffed furniture in the lounge
lic choir rehearsal. 1915; Wed­ ship dues paid by corporals and room, provide varied facilities
nesday, Aug. 18 — Protestant T 5's, about 40 of the 200 chart­ for games and recreation in the
choir rehearsal. 1915. General er members will be refunded. play room, and improve appoint­
song service on Friday, Aug. 13, The latter N'CO's, as a result, ments throughout the spacious
in 12th Gp. Chapel, at 1915.
will share with trainees facilities haven of stripe-and-rocker men.
L e t's G o to C hu rch