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    Friday, June 25, 1943
Ask M e Another
A Sports Quiz
Saving Best Blows for the Axis
piston-like punches at opponents in circle rings, this group of
51st Bn. trainees display their eagerness in physical education
development— vital to combat Engineers. Officers and cadre-
men watched over the spirited battle royal to see that no one
w as hurt. Mass boxing develops individual combat technique.
Mass Slugfests
Introduced by
•Fighting 51st
Individual Combat Is
Stressed in Hectic
Battle Royal Fistics
Trainees in the Engineer Re­
placement Training Center here
began taking it on the chin re-
recntly with the introduction of
“ mass” boxing to the recreation
program. First unit to partici­
pate in group slugfests was the
51st Battalion commanded by I-t.
Col. Coke Matthews.
Using large circles in lieu of
regular rings, two opposing
squads donned 16-ounce gloves,
Joined up in a ring and at a given
iommand,starting slugging. Men
'" w h o stepped out of the circle or
were knocked down were elim­
inated. Rounds lasted three min­
utes, after which gloves were
given to another group, and the
program continued.
Recreation officers said box­
ing will be included in the re­
creation schedule of each battal­
ion. A program of this type not
only aids in physical condition­
ing but teaches the men self-
defense and coordination as well
as establishing esprit de corps,
they said.
A number of high ranking of­
ficers, including Col. Frank S.
Besson, Post Commander, Col.
L. H. Hall, executive officer, and
Col. Robert M. Copeland, 11th
Gp. commander, were on hand
to witness the initial program.
P h o lo by T
1 Ed P it r a )
Tell The Engineer
About Your Fish!
Attention, Camp Abbot Engi­
If you have made an unusual
catch— he it a 12-pound trout, a
girdle or the latter's occupant
alHiut it. Our phone is Exten­
sion 8.
We don't know whether this
is prompted by a touch of the
sun or just plain damn foolish­
ness, hut we’ll even attempt to
pacify doubters. Good photo­
graphs will he appreciated,
used and returned to the donor
in the same condition they ar­
rive here.
A mess of fish also will be ac­
cepted with open arms!
July 4 Baseball Game
Slated With Bend Team
A baseball game between Camp
Abbot and the Bend Eiks will
highlight Camp Abbot's observ­
ance of the Fourtii of July, the
Special Service Office announced
today. The contest is scheduled
for 1500 on the Bend diamond.
Camp Abbot suffered an 11 to
1 defeat at the hands of the Bend
aggregation in a season-opener
two weeks ago. Both teams arc
e n t e r e d in Central Oregon
League competition.
Training schedules preclude
Ihe possibility of any special cele­
bration of Independence Day on
Ihe post, officers in charge of
training said.
Son of Olympic
Champion Is N ow EM Pencil Pushers
An Abbot Officer Hurl Challenge to
Husky, good-natured, efficient
Abbot Softballers
Lt. H. Chester Kolehmainen,
12th Gp. Hqs. ass't adjutant, is
reticent to speak about his fam­
ous father, the all-time Olympic
champion runner, Hannes Kole­
hmainen, who resides in Finland.
However, a hasty reference in
the World Almanac reveals that
the Camp Abbot officer’s father
won the 1912 cross-country run,
the 5,000 meters run, the 10,000
meters run, and at the 1920
Olympiad, triumphed in the
gruelling marathon.
" I hear frequently from my
Dad,” Lt. Kolehmainen said. “ He
operates a sporting goods store
and is still active in athletic
Lt. Kolehmainen, who was
born in this country, graduated
from Fort Belvoir, Va., last Dec­
ember, and after five months at
Fort Leonard Wood, was trans­
ferred here.
W A A C Pin Busters
Roll High Games M cG arry Selected
Bowling — America’s m o s t
p o p u l a r indoor sport — has
caught fancy with Camp Abbot's To Ball Club Post
W AACS and the soldierettes
show improvement after every
practice session on the B e n d
Aux. Florence Schroeder walk­
ed off with top honors in last
Thursday night's competition,
scoring 1-19 for a three-game
average, which isn't bad for a
novice. Aux. Sara Stoddard
bowled 170-average for t w o
games. The W AAC officers, Lts.
Podzunas and Elwell, showed
promise on the alleys, averaging
94 and 72, respectively, for three-
games. The W AACKers perform
every Thursday and invite com­
petition from other feminine pin
Other high scorers included
Aux. Rose Schneller, Mary L.
Conway, Dora Puckett, Aux.
Ledener, Heble and Wheeler.
Some sporting figures, like
Johnny Vander Meer, who once
pitched two consecutive no-hit
ball games, seem predestined to
accomplish the un-aecomplish-
able. Such were the men who
hold the records listed below.
What were their names? This
athletic brain-racker, released by
Camp Newspaper Service, will
appeal to sports-minded Abbot-
1.. In m o d e r n baseball, six
pitchers have won 800 or more
games. Who won the most?
( ) Walter Johnson. ( ) Cy
Young. ( ) Christy Mathewson.
( ) Joe E. Brown.
2. Who holds t h e Olympic
record for the 100-meter dash?
( ) Charles Paddock. ( ) Jesse
Owens. ( ) Eddie Tolan. ( )
Ernie Lombardi.
3. Only one modern fighter
lui-s held three world titles sim­
ultaneously. Who Is he?
( ) Gene Tunney. ( ) Henry
Armstrong. ( ) Beau Jack. ( )
Tony Galento.
4. Four big league bull players
have hit four home runs in one
game. Who was the last to pull
this stunt?
( ) Chuck Klein. ( ) Lou
Gehrig. ( ) Babe Ruth, t ) Con­
nie Mack.
5. Only one race horse has
succeeded in winning the top
four rare.s for three-year-old
thoroughbreds. What was his
( ) Whirlaway. ( ) Man O’
War. ( ) Sir Barton. ( ) The
Black Stallion.
The Pencil Pushers softball
team of EM personnel are out
to challenge Ihe world and es­
pecially the softlmll teams of
Camp Abbot. Anyone earing to
pick up their challenge Is cor­
dially urged to contact CpI. I.ou
Ernst at extension 47.
The team is composed of some
of the top notch softballers of
Abbot and is in shape for the
coming season. Cpl. Ernst, man­
ager, said that they have been
practicing during spare time
every evening for the past
couple of weeks and are ready
for any challengers.
Fage Seven
Abbot Varsity Team Drubs
Independent Outfit, 12to1
Kern, Zande, Tagnetti Okay as Regular Hurlers;
Wainwright, Fitzpatrick and Ward Best Hitters;
The Camp Abbot baseball team won its first game of the
season Sunday when it gave an E R T C independent nine,
composed largely of Hq. Co. personnel, a 12 to 1 drubbing oil
the Camp Abbot diamond.
Biggest inning for the Camp
Abbot squad was the first wl ■ n
it scored four runs. Indept n-
dents, handicapped by a lack of
practice and spiked shoes, w* ie
held scare less until the eighth
frame. Ryan, short stop, scoied
the lone tally.
According to a recent poll of
Kern, leailoff liurler for Camp
members of the armed forces Abbot, gave up three hits,
the most popular sport is table /aude one aiul Tagnetti threo.
tennis, and in line with that
The contest was the second ior
idea, table tennis is springing up Camp Abbot, the squad having
in “rec” halls all over Camp Ab­ lost its opener to the Bend Eiks
in the Central Oregon League,
The biggest reason for the lt to 1, at Bend the preceding
popularity is the fact that it can Sunday.
be easily played in a small space
A trio of Ahbotmen who g i » o
and consequently many trainees c«l the pastures accounted or
and soldiers alike are enjoying the largest number of lids.
themselves over a hot game of YV’uhtw right, let t fielder, and
table tennis.
Fitzputrick, center, and Waul,
Among other sports offered or in right field each connected
going to be offered at Abbot are with two hingles out of Fiat
volley ball, basketball, badmin­ many times at hat. The fat .Vr
ton, soccer and possibly tennis also slammed a long three-bug-
and football. Golf can be played gcr.
at the Bend country club by
The varsity pitching staff
soldiers, while softball and base­ turned in a commendable p< r-
ball teams are mushrooming up lormance, displaying top foina
like hotcakes all over the place. in moments when strikes count­
For the Indies, Cpl. C. E.
Tucker arid Cpl. Mike Bark-y
proved most effective in (he hit­
ting dep’t, slamming three out
of four wallops. Sgt. I.arry Ryan
The All-Purpose ree hall was also hatted out a timely drives
Despite Inclement weather, a
the scene of several hectic "just
for fun" basketball games sev­ fair sized crowd watched the
eral nights last week when game on the camp diamond in
cadremen, trainees and several the Obstacle Course area.
officers displayed spirited com­
IN D K P E N D l N T S —
A H R II o A K
petition a rarity during the
1 1 1 2 1 tl
season when baseball and soft- 1 ucker, 3b ................
1 0 u 3 3 1
ball occupy the sports attention M ille r , o f ................... . 3 » 0 1 <j 8
I sacoumnnKON, rt
I! II II O 0
. .4
of GI’s at Camp Abbot.
M cC loud, 2 b
. . .3 1* II 0 1 ♦>
Regulation basketballs can bo H ark ey, If ................
4 0 3 1 «
checked out from the Special M a lon e, l b .............. . 4 1 (I M 0 7 0 2
k la n d , c f
0 4 1 1
Service office by any non-com S H tric
a llo ra n , p
1 0 0 0 1 0
desiring equipment for practice K e r r , c ......................... , . . 2 0 0 ♦> 0 1
2 0 0 0 1 •
games. Players, however, if ob­ (•resch ke, p ..............
tainable, arc urged to wear gym­ T o ta ls ....................... . .32 1 7 24 B 5
nasium shoes to prevent rough­
ing the maple-lined floor.
S h e rv in , 2b ..............
1 1 2 0 t>
1 t
1 1 3 1
A feature of the basketball Seid, 3b
I ’ochek, ss .....................
1 1 1 2 0
setup at the A P is a set of metal­ O r lo ff. r f
2 0 o 1 1) 4
lic hoops —- free from former W a in w r ig h t, If
4 2 2 2 l) 0
2 1 2 0 0 0
cage dressings enabling hoop- P 1 iz it/.palrick,
z i, c ...........................
1 0 1 13
1 1
sters to rifle the rim with un­ M aslam . lb
2 1 0 7 u !>
K ern , p .........................
1 0 1 It «1 u
canny aim.
Table TennisVoted
Popular Sport
By U.S. Servicemen
Abbot Hoop Fans
W orkout In Gym
Diediker Brothers on
Duty at Camp Abbot
Heading the list of brothers in
service at Camp Abbot is Maj.
Paul L. Diediker, director of ad­
ministration, and Pvt. Donald M.
Diediker, recent recruit in B-52.
Donald was a senior R.O.T.C.
student at Washington State Col­
lege w hen ho received his “ Greet­
ings” letter.
Commenting on his younger
brother’s presence here, Maj.
Diediker said, “ It'll go him good.
Camp Abbot is a rugged training
T h e team is com posed o f the fo llo w in g
p la y e r s : le ft fie ld . T 5 D uane W a rm a n :
H o w a rd
H u ck m a n ;
c e n te r
fie ld ,
T '•
sh ortstop , C pl. H ill C iu appon e; p itch er,
T / » D on ald T u c k e r : third basem an, T /5
f.e o r g e D a n s; fir s t basem an. T .» (»e o rg e
O a s e h e e r;
s h o rtfie ld ,
M anager
E r n s t;
seccn dbasem an . C pl. F r td K e e g a n ; righ t
fie ld . C p l. F ran k
A le s ; catch er. P F C .
(. « b e N o r c in i. O th ers on the stjuad who
a re
e lig ib le
C p l*.
L lo y d Johnson. John F r ig a . C h a rle y Hew,
H ill H a ck ett. M ich ael H ark ey and T .Vs
M ic k e y
S n eid er,
H ave*
M a v ity .
Z an de. p ..................
\\ ard , r f .......................
F icea , c f .....................
K ile . 2b
'la g n etti, p
< b ristia n o , If ............
T o ta ls
37 12 11 28
T h re e hare hilt*: W a rd . T w o base hit*»:
H arkey. liases on balls, o f f Zan de. 5 ; o f f
H a llo ra n , I. S tolen hasett: Shcvrigt. 2 ;
S eid , 3 : F itz p a tric k . 1 ; W a rd . 1. D ouble
p la y s : Seid, S h evrin and M aslam . D m -
pires, W a n n e r and l h ristin o..
Hey diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The bugler has left the pla­
The little boys laughed
When they heard the news.
And soundly slept until noejn.
O f 1Ç42
Answers to
Veteran of 15 years of semi-
pro hall playing. Pvt. Johnnie J.
"Ask Me Another" Quiz
McGarry, who gained fame for
his sterling eatehing ability in
1. D en ton Tecu m seh i y ) Y o u n g , p itc h ­
New Vork leagues, has lieen ap
g fo r B oston. St. Lou is and the C le v e ­
pointed non-playing manager of in
lan d
In d ia n s,
w on
S ll
m a jo r
leagu e
t amp Abbot's varsity (sail club. gam es in 22 years. W a lt e r Johnson was
second w ith 414. a ll won fo r W ash in gton .
Native of Flushing, N. Y.,
2. E ddie T o la n ran 100 m eters in 10.3
“ Mac" used to receive 'em for the in 1032 at l.o * A n g e le s , top m ark fo r
m p ic com p etition .
Springfield and Cedarhurst, N.
.3 H a m m e rin g H e n ry A r m s tr o n g once
Y., semi-pro outfits, and also put held the fe a th e rw e ig h t, lig h tw e ig h t and
in a couple of seasons behind the w e lte r w e ig h t c ro w n s a ll at once.
4. ( buck
K lein , o f the P h ila d elp h ia
home plate for the Jacksonville, P h illie s , was the last m an to hit fo u r
hom e runs in a s in g le ga m e O th ers to
(Fla.,i Tars.
plish this fe a t w ere l/m C e h rig .
He is a heavy-set soldier, at­ accom
B obby L o w e and Ed D e U h a n ty .
5. In 1919. S ir B a rto n w on the K en -
tached to Hqs. Co. ERTC and
c k y D erb y, the P rea k n evs. the W h h ? r «
well-liked by the gang perform­ ta
M ile and the B elm ont M a k e s
N o oth er
ing on the diamond for Abbot horse has e v e r d u p licated th is fe a t.
“ Mac" will assist Sgt. Roy
"What's wTong with »he guy
Rider, athletic director, Special asking you if you can dance?"
Service branch, in the manage­
“I was dancing with him when
he asked me.”
ment of the club.
NOW7 /
rea tu ry D tp o r tm in ê