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    Friday, June 25, 1943
Page Four
F ifty -Th ird Battalion to
Be Activated Next Monday
Uncle Sam’s newest recruits
began infiltering tin* 53nl Engr.
Tug. Bn. this weekend as (a m p
Aliliot's tliird training unit await­
ed activation with first phases of
training scheduled fo r Monday,
•lune '¡X.
"W e have a marvelous group
of officers and cadre,” said Ma­
jo r C. A. Looney, 53rd Bn. com­
manding officer. "Everything
will be in readiness by Monday.”
Like their buddies in the 51st
anti 52nd, trainees assigned to
this new battalion are from scat­
tered areas of the United States.
M ajority o f the boys with brand-
new fatigues expressed apprecia­
tion of the camp’s ideal location
and facilities.
The battalion will occupy its
row o f "theater of operation”
type of barracks fronting 53rd
Street which will be filled up as
fast as the balance o f men ar­
Lt. T. K. Weisman, battalion
adjutant, reported that these
traine« s are arriving in camp at
the most ideal time climatical­
ly, as well as for basic training,
since July, August and Septem­
ber are considered the "ideal
months” in Oregon.
O fficers in charge o f the com
panics consist o f (a p t. I). O.
Elliott, “ A " ; ( apt. H. A. Kidbe.
“ B"; (a p t. J. F. O’Grady, Jr.,
“ ( ” , and ( apt. C. \V. Weil, "O ".
Commissary Chief
Keeps G.I.'s Happy
T o keep foods seasonable to
the taste, good health and appe-
titute o f all Camp Abbot person­
nel is the job o f th^ Quarter­
master sales commissary, un­
der the direction o f Capt. Emil
I. Mosheim.
Balanced menus, vitamin con­
tent and the obtainment of best
products available to keep A'b-1
hot men
marching “ on their
.stomachs” makes Capt. Mo-
sheim’s detail one o f the most
important on the post.
The commissary has increased
its personnel since moving from
Bend and now employs seven
enlisted men, three W A A C s and
five civilians. It is located in the
Supply and Service Building.
Hospital Dietician
Arrives fo r Duty
To plan menus, diets and su­
pervise all meal planning for
Camp Abbot’s Station Hospital
is a pretty big job for the slight,
young shoulders o f Lt. Janet E.
Charters, who assumed her du­
ties as dietician.
Lt. Charters received her de­
gree in home economics at Ohio
University. On graduation, she
returned to her alma mater as
dietician in Residence Hall. She
spent a year internship at Henry
Ford hospital at Detroit. A mem­
ber of the American Dietetics
Association, she is a native of
Williamsfield, Ohio.
A t Station Hospital, she will
have charge of menu-planning
and food output fo r all officers,
patients and personnel of the
hospital mess halls.
Trainees Like Beautiful Post Chapel to
r Services
M Sgt. Likens; Open Tonight fo Camp
Abbot's new and beau­
Post chapel, located in a
Likes 'Em, Too Abbot Gl's Take tiful
peaceful setting surrounded by
By ( pi. Harlan L. Weeks
(E R T C M essage C en ter)
A seven letterman on the
gridiron and basketball courts
o f Kentucky is the athletic
background of the sergeant ma­
jo r o f the week, M/Sgt. Lloyd
W. I.ikens o f Enlisted Men's
Personnel Branch.
Likens has the largest group
o f enlisted men working under
him o f any section or branch in
the post with more than 60 re­
porting daily. The branch ser­
geant m ajor enlisted in the
arm y on September 17, 1940
from his home in BowlingGreen,
Ky., where he was an engineer
for a utility concern. However,
Senior hostesses of the USO in
Bend and their husbands saw so­
cial life from the soldier’s angle
last night when Camp Abbot
soldiers “ took over” the USO,
served refreshments and staged
an entertainment program to
show their appreciation for the
hospitality shown them by the
city's residents.
Refreshments were prepared
by camp cooks, and soldiers op­
erated the USO's snackbar. A r ­
rangements were in charge of
Cpl. Ralph Bloch,ERTC Enlisted
"The hostesses thoroughly en­
joyed the affair,” said charming
Ann McLoughlin, USO associate
Alaskan Highway
O fficially Named
Constructed by A rm y Engin­
eers, the controversial word
"Alcan” was officially discarded
recently and the famous 1630-
mile road from White HorSe,
Yukon Territory to Fairbank,
Alaska, will be known hence­
forth as the “ Alaska M ilitary
Brig. Gen. James A. O'Con­
nor, according to press dispatch­
es, said the road was rechristen­
ed because the name “ Alcan”
never was accepted by the press
of the U. S., Canada or Alaska.
A number o f trucks used in
construction of the highway are
currently undergoing repairs in
Camp Abbot by E RTC mechan­
Over USO for Fun
(Continued from Page Three)
M/Sgt. Likens
he now claims Raton. Texas as
his home. He won four athletic
awards in the Bowling Green
high school and three more at
Bowling Green College of Com­
Lloyd took his training at Fort
Bragg, with the 1.5th Engineer
Battalion. On April 26, 1941 Sgt-
Likens came to Fort Leonard
Wood as personnel clerk with the
rating o f corporal. His climb to
his present rating of master ser­
geant was done within eighteen
months after he was at Fort
Wood. In August, 1941 he made
sergeant, November o f the same
year, staff sergeant. He received
his technical sergeant's rating in
April o f 1942, ami master in N ov­
ember o f 1942.
A t Fort Wood he was attached
to Company A, 28th Engrs. and
became first sergeant o f Com­
pany B o f the same battalion.
He went into Personnel EM in
November, 1941 and left and
then returned in April, 1942
after serving his “ hitch” as first
sergeant. In November, 1942,
Likens was named sergeant ma­
jor and held that position until
his transfer to the Camp Abbot
The personable young ser­
geant m ajor said that his main
duties consisted o f seeing that
the trainees and their problems
confronting them were handled
as quickly as possible to make
them feel more at home es­
pecially in relation to their folks
back home.
He might be termed “ god­
father" fo the trainees, since in
finishing (he interview, Sgt.
Likens stated "I am the most
available o f availables for train­
He, with Mrs. Likens, resides
in Bond.
are set up in the recreation halls,
while toilet articles and other
items are handled only by the
Exchange No. 1, located in
building 755, open from 1500 to
2200 daily is the only place to
purchase bus tickets.
Other exchanges are in build­
ings 2756, a “ rec” hall; 1026, a
‘Tee” hall: the officers exchange
in building 215; another in build­
ing 1257; No. 6 at 1251. No. 7 is
located in the Station Hospital,
while N<>. 8 is located in building
1452. A ll o f the exchanges are
open from 1800 to 2200 daily
with file exception of the Station
Hospital which opens at 1300
and closes at 2000 and building
1257 which opens as dix-s No. 1
at 1500. The O fficers’ exchange
is not open on Sunday but the
■ others are for (he convenience of
Three civilian b a r b e r s are
' busy at the No. 1 exchange,
building 755 from 1100 until 2100
and are now planning to move to
larger quarters and to be assist­
ed by “ G.I.” barbers.
giant pine trees, w ill he occu­
pied by worshipping soldiers for
the first time tonight, it was an­
nounced by Maj. \\ illiam H. An­
drew, post chaplain. The chapel
is in Bldg. IilX, on Group Ave..
jusi o ff Center St.
Servicemen o f Jewish faith
will conduct services at 1900 un­
der the direction o f 1st. Lt. B.
Klabanoff, and assisted by Sgt.
Morris Staysky, Med. Det. SCU
On Sunday, June 27, six re­
ligious services are scheduled,
Chaplain Andrew said. At 0830,
Catholic soldiers will gather for
prayer, and at 0900 there will be
a Mass ritual.
Protestant services w ill be con­
ducted at 1000 and at 1930. Two
special services are also sched­
uled for the conveniene of re-
ccruits undergoing training in
the EngineerReplacement Train­
ing Center Services for men of
the 52nd Bn. w ill be conducted
in Chapel Bldg. 754 at 1830, while
soldiers o f the 53rd Bn. w ill as­
semble in Chapel Bldg. 1255 at
the same hour.
Chaplain Andrew announces
that any sgldier interested in
joining the chapel choir should
attend rehearsal next Wednes­
day at 1930 in Post Chapel.
Assisting the post chaplain in
providing religious guidance for
the personnel here are Lt. Ver­
non C. Cooley, assistant post
chaplain, and Lt. David Seger-
strom, who has been assigned
as Station Hospital chaplain.
Bend's Theaters
Slate Reel Fun
Bend’s two downtown cinem®|'
centers— Capitol and Tow er—
o ffer pleasant film fare during
the forthcoming week fo r the
convenience and recreation of
mi l i tary
personnel. Popular
Camp Awaits Branch Bank
prices prevail fo r G l’s.
A1 the Capitol: “ Amazing
Facility Opening July 1
Mrs. Holliday," short, and news,
N ext Thursday, July 1, has
June 27 to 29; “ Desperadoes” in
been set as the opening o f a
Technicolor, sports reel, Bob
limited banking facility fo r the
Benchley comedy and news,
convenience of Abbot personnel
•lune 30 to July 3.
in Post Hqs. Annex, Bldg. 202, it
At the Tow er: “ Good Morning,
was announced by Mr. J. B. Cus-
Judge,” "Sarong Girl,” news,
ick, assistant manager, Bend
•lune 27-28; “ The Ape 31 an,”
branch, First National Bank of
Trainee Jig on Tuesday;
“ Texas to Bataan," news, June
Portland, who will manage the
29-30; “ She Has What It Takes,”
Vocalists Invited to Join
Friday Night Dance O ff
camp branch.
A dance for trainees and cadre "Tarzan Triumphs,” news, July
Camp Choir Organization
A feature o f the bank w ill be
o f the 51st and 52nd Engineer 1-3.
Camp Abbot w ill have an ex­ facilities
Training Battalions will lx* held
cellent mixed choir if atten­ checks, as well as accept de­
at the All-Purpose Recreation Good Conduct Medals t o ^
dance figures fo r recent rehear­ posits. making loans and sale of
Hall, Center street and Group
sals are any indication. Lt. John W ar Bonds and stamps.
avenue, Tuesday night, the Post Be Awarded Abbotmen w *
li Stenmark, choir leader, said
In order to cash a personal
Good conduct medals w ill be
Special Service O ffice announc­
this week. Some 25 soldiers and check, a soldier must sign his
ed. .Music will be provided by fhe awarded Abbot enlisted men who
members of the W A A C section name, rank, ASN, and counter­
on or after Aug. 27, 194Q. shall
Camp Ahlxtt dance orchestra.
are attending rehearsals in the signed by any officer. Banking
The regular Friday night have completed three years of
new Post chapel held each Wed­ hours will lx* 1000 to 1500 week­
dance open to all men on fhe active service, or a fter Dec. 7,
nesday at 1930. Vocalists inter­ days and until noon on Satur-.
Post will not lx* held this week. 1941, completed one year o f con­
ested in joining the chorus are day. There will be four tellers'
tinuous active m ilitary service
invited to attend. Organ occom- cages, a modern vault installed
CADRE STUDY TASK PLANS while the United States is at
paniment is provided by S Sgt. in the camp bank and three civil­
To familiarize cadre of each war, according to a new A R
Frank A. Milder.
ians w ill be employed.
battalion with task plans, in­ just received at post headquar­
formal discussions w ill be held ters.
The medal is awarded only to
at least four nights weekly un­
der supervision o f group com­ those enlisted men who have
manders, a recent E RTC train- demonstrated fidelity, through
ing memorandum stated._______ faithful and exact performance
(Editor's Note: More about another
o f duty, efficiency, through cap­
sergeant major of the Camp Abbot or­
* Being a weekly calendar o f e\ents listing activities In Camp
ganization next week. The«e interviews
acity to produce desired results,
and Bend for Camp Abbot personnel.
and whose behavior has been
ing the enlisted men with the “ key”
such as to deserve emulation.
sergeant majors on the post.)
Recommendations w ill be sub­
BEND USD: Quiz and Game Night; refreshments.
mitted to headquarters by the
B A S E B A L L P R A C T IC E : Post Hqs.. 1S00.
enlisted man’s immediate com­
officer and w ill be re­
E L K S CLUB: Dance, Enlisted Men and Waacs; Hostesses in at­
One generation shall praise manding
ferred to the post commanding
thy works to another.
officer lo r approval or disappro­
BLDG. NO. 211: O fficers’ dance. Informal, in O fficers' Mess, 2100
Psalm 145:4 val.
to 2400.
Jewish Services will lx- held
In this short sentence God
sums up this program or plan of
A T T E N D CHURCH Three chapels on post or churches in Bend. Friday, June 25, at 1900.
Old Pals Stage Reunion
religious education. Each in its
B A S E B A L L G AM E: Camp Diamond. Baseball game between
Catholic Services will lx- held turn, the older generations are A t 51st Trainee Dance
tw o Abbot teams. 1400.
Tw o G. I. jitterbugs from Mis­
S U N D A Y D IN N E R : Register at USO for Home Hospitality: fam i­ at 0830, Sunday June 27. Confes­ to make known to the younger
sion will lie heard before Mass God's wonderful works. The souri had a joyful. Jubliant jit­
ly dinner.
i. WOO.
B EN D USO Hunkers Club. 1015 1100: Musical Gems (classical
mighty works in nature, in earth, terbug jubilee o f joviality and
recordings!, 1500; Buffet Lunch. 1500-1700: Snacks, 1900-
in sky and sea, revealed in beau­ jocularity when M ary Christie,
Protestant Services will he ty and power, in light and life, D. R. O., W A A C Det. SCU 1973
2200; Party Night-Games, refreshments, community sing-
held on Sunday, June 27 at 1000 are ail from His Creator hand. was spotted in the crowd at the
and 1930.
Each generation must make Trainees Dance Tuesday night
P IL O T B UTTE IN N A R M Y W IVE S USO Club Meeting, 200.
known to the next God’s good­ by Pvt. A1 Smith o f 51st Bn.
B E N D U S O "D o is you Please Night" Open Mouse
Special Services for 52nd Bn. ness and mercy. His redeeming
Au.x. Christie and Pvt. Smith
E RTC B A R R A C K S 919 String Ensemble Practice. 1830.
ERTC in Chapel 754 at 1830.
love in Christ. His saving, active are old friends from St. Louis
B A S E B A L L P R A C T IC E . Post Hqs 1S00.
Special Services for 53rd Bn. grace in the work of the Holy and had a jaunty evening re­
ERTC in Chapel 1255 at 1830.
events ’ and form er
A L L PU R PO SE B LD G .: Cadre and trainees dance. 51st and 52nd
\\ O h l r i l ) . June 30. 1930
Through long centuries God's dances attended together in
Bn USO Hostesses and Waacs.
Choir rehearsal In Post Chapel plan of education has been in op­ their home town.
B A S E B A L L P R A C T IC E Post Hqs 1800.
(Bldg. 208).
eration. Many generations have
functioned poorly, hut none has
S T A T IO N KBND: "Camp Abbot on Parade,” Studio in Pilot Rutte
ever failed c o m p l e t e l y . The
Inn. 1945-2000.
Civilians employed at Camp
HELD IN TH E POST C H A P E L great. God-given tradition goes Abbot desiring passes may se­
B A S F R A L L P R .U T T C F Post Hqs 1800
on. Our generation is much occu­ cure same at a new lo c a tio n -
CH O IR PR A C TIC E : Post Chapel. 1930
"W hat's the difference be­ pied in home, in church school, in building 337. Previously passes
B E N I) USO: Bingo Party Telephone call home to winner. 2000.
tween a girl and a horse?”
colleges, trying to make this were obtainable in building 327.
" I don't know.”
plan effective in the life o f the A ll civilians must have proper
B A S E B A L L P R A C T IC E P o s t Hqs 1800
"Gosh. I'll bet you have some next generation. The earth shall credentials, camp authorities an­
Learn to Dance" Class IStiO
B E N D B O W LIN G A L L E Y S Waac Tournament Night. 1930.
swell dates."
. be full of the knowledge of God. nounced.
Abbot n’ Around
The Chaplain’s