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    The following account of the attack the commander crazy.
“ Why,” said he, “ he ran her right
' along the lines of bubbles like a
American fleet which was transport­
hound following a trail.” 1 said, “ God
ing our army to France, was told by help ’em! The next one will get 'em
one of the gunners of the fleet to a for sure!”
correspondent of the New
But that young naval officer knew
what he was about. As he flashed
It was just past midnight.
The at nearly forty miles an hour across
flotilla was sweeping through a calm the spot where the
sea, miles from the point of debarka­ judged the submarine was hidden, he
tion, and tense nerves were beginning gave orders, and this one certainly
fulfilled expectations. A column of
to relax.
The sky was cloudy and the moon smoke and foam rose a hundred feet
obscured, but the phosphorescence of in the air, and in the waterspout that
water, common in those latitudes ut followed it the soldiers on the near­
this season, marked the prow and est transport (she had swung in a
wake of the advancing ships with headlong curve to the le ft) distin­
lines of smoky flame. It was this, guished clearly pieces of wood and
perhaps, that saved us from disaster steel, and some dark-blue fragments
— this and the keenness of American that a moment before had been liv ­
eyes and the straigtness of American ing men.
Any uncertainity was impossible.
From the high-flung superstructure
Transport after transport passed
of a big ship one o f the eager look­ through floating oil, streaked with
outs (the watch had just been changed slimy red and patched with wreckage.
and the newcomers were on the qui This submarine, at least had timed
vive for danger) noted an unwonted his hour too well. He had had met
shining foam <5n the port bow. In a the American flotilla as he was order­
second he realized that here at last ed, but never would he report his ac­
was the reality of peril. It could be hievement.
nothing else than the periscope of a
As in all tragedies, the note of com­
edy was not wanting. It was supplied
The Germans were not less sw ift in by a negro stevedore on one of the
action. Almost at the moment that largest transports. This darky had
the alarm was given a gleaming line been throughout the voyage especial­
o f bubbles, scarce twenty feet from ly apprehensive concerning submar­
the bow of one of the transports, ines, and when the supreme moment
wherein thousands-were sleeping un­ came he, at least, was determined to
conscious, announced the torpedo with miss no opportunity.
its fatal burden of explosive. Then,
As the cry of alarm rang out a
as my informant said:
black figure made one huge leap to
“ Hell broke loose.
Our (the big the mast and shinned up the rigging
ship’s) helm was jammed over. F ir­ as if the devil was at his heels. When
ing every gun available, we swung the excitement was over an officer
in a wide circle out of line to the left. called up: “ Hullo, there, you come
Asmaller ship slipt into our place and down. I t ’s all over now.”
from what the lookout told me I think
But the occupant of the masthead
one of her shells must have landed knew better. Said he:
almost right over the submarine. But
“ Me come down there?
Man, 1
they are impossible to hit when sub­ won’t never come down. You can be
merged and the periscope is no tar­ drowned if you likes, but I stays here.
get anyway.
1 tell you sah, I ’se going to save mah
“ They fired three, if not four torpe­ life, I is.”
does. It was God’s mercy that they
Americans should be glad, says the
all went estray among so many of Times account, that her soldiers and
our ships. One passed just astern. sailors were not found wanting when
As you see, our helm jamming was they met for the first time this cruel-
absolutely providential.
est of war’s alarms; and a French offi­
“ Naturally the old - — acted quite cer remarked when he heard the story
differently from what the Boches ex­ of the voyage o ' the transports:
pected; otherwise they might have
“ I f your boys can come through
got us. It was simply extraordinary. such experience without losing their
We drove right at them (really, I heads, we can be sure there will be
suppose, the safest thing to do, as the no panics in the American army.
bow gives the smallest mark to shoot This .var is terrible for new troops,
at) and it seemed to have rattled and I know it, but I would sooner
Brother Boche considerably.
A fter pass through a Verdun battle a sec­
all, we draw enough water to smash ond time than be waked from sleep
a submarine at a level of the peri­ by a submarine alarm on the Aatlan-
scope awash, and no doubt he did not tic.”
care to wait for us.
Or perhaps a
lucky shot disposed of him. We can’t BOON FOR S M A LL CREDITORS.
be certain either way. Anyhow, he
One of the most important acts of
disappeared, and we saw no more of
the last legislature, which has just
“ The whole business lasted only gone into effect is the Small Claims
about a minute and a half. I know,
Act, which renders it possible to col­
because one of those Easterners from
somewhere in Maine (the speaker lect accounts of .$20 or less through
boasted California origin) cooly timed Justices’ courts at a slight expense.
the mix-up, with a stop-watch. But, It does away with the usual court for­
believe me, it udded more than that malities and really creates a Small
to my life.
Claims department in all the Justices’
“ While the thing was happening 1
had no time for anything but to at­ courts of the state. The notice of the
made by German submarines on the
County Agent Smith has been go­
ing over the county with Dr. C. M.
Gardner, assistant state veterinarian,
during the past two weeks, and they
have in that time tested 27 herds of
cattle fo r tuberculosis, ten in the Co-
quille section, eight on the lower Co-
quille and nine in the Coos Bay sec­
tion. Only one animal out of 184 in
the latter section was found to be in­
fected. On this side of the county,
however, the returns were not so sat­
isfying. O f the 0*41 cattle examined,
61, or nearly ten per cent, were found
to be affected, and in one herd on the
lower river there were 21 out of 29.
In another there were 29 and in a
third ten.
O f the affected animals about forty
were in the early stages o f the dis­
ease which had only attacked some
glands,and the meat could be used for
canning, it is thought, without dan­
ger. The disease may manifest it­
self first in the glands, the joints or
the lungs. A cough is no criterion,
as sound animals will often cough
while some that are seriously affected
may not. When animals react to the
tuberculin test, however, the quarters
in which they have been kept must be
disinfected before any indemnity can
be obtained. The -tate and county to­
gether pay the owner of an infected
animal that is over two years old $25
when it is killed if it is a grade, and
$37.50 if it is a registered animal.
In this connection it may be noted
that two valuable registered bulls
were found victims of the disease in
herds that had become seriously in­
Often a single animal will
infect an entire herd.
This test was not compulsory and
only about one in ten of dairy cattle
of the county were examined. There
is a test coming soon, though, that
cannot be evaded. Under the provis­
ions of a state law enacted last win­
ter, every herd must be tested once a
year, and this law will be put into e f­
fect just as soon as the necessary
number o f veterinarians can be se­
Mr. Smith and Dr. Gardner found
many dairymen who were not willing
to have their herds tested now because
this is the height of the producing
season and butterfat commands an ab­
normally high price at this time. Of
course this is a very short sighted
view to take when the disease spreads
so rapidly once it is introduced in a
herd. It is like letting a little fire
grow to a big one because you are too
busy to stop to put it out.
It is said that the winter is the
worst season for the spread of this
disease, because then the cows being
dry are not kept in so good condition,
and with lowered vitality and stormy
weather they are much more suscep­
tible to it.
In a very large proportion of the
herds only a single infected cow was
found; but to allow that one cow to
innoculate the rest would be a ruin­
ous policy.
Another thing which goes farther
than any dollars and cents proposi­
tion is the fact tnat most cases of tu­
berculosis among men, women and
children are of the same type of the
disease that prevails among cattle.
For some reason infants are especial­
ly susceptible to it. Are you sure
that the milk you are feeding the baby
you love so well is not from a tubercu­
losis cow? You cannot be unless the
cow has been tested for tuberculin.
The only safe way is for the dairy­
men to test every year and know that
his animals are all right. Otherwise
he may wake up too late and find that
all his cattle are infected. Quite a
number of men in this county who
had been warned in time neglected
the warning and have had a very un­
pleasant awakening.
tend to my job. Afterwards I found claim is issued by the justice of the
myself sweating and my breast heav­ peace and the defendant is required to
ing as if I had run five miles. T,i pay a fee of only $1 for such proced­
other boys told me the same tiling,
ure. In courts where the justice of
but we got a compliment on the ra­
the peace is given no salary, the ex­
pidity with which the guns were
pense is met by the county court.
served, so I guess it didn’t interfere
An additional BO cents is paid to the
any with our action.”
officer who serves the notice, which
A second attack was made the next
is added to any judgment given the
Every one on the trans­
plaintiff. In case the defendant fails
ports was excitedly talking 01 i,
to appear before the court in not less
thrilling events of the night, says the
than 5 nor more than 10 days, de­
Times correspondent when—
cision will be made in favor of the
Suddenly there came a wild yell
plaintiff. Witnesses are not necess­
from one of the leading transports.
ary but will be allowed to give evi­
Coquille Red Cross Auxiliary.
Though the “ jackies” affect to dis­
dence, although the taking of testi­
pute it, I was assured that it was
mony will be informal. I f the de-
A meeting was called July 11, by
a far-sighted yungster from Arizona
(a “ blessed new-joined rookie,” as a fondant is dissatisfied with the deci- J. E. Norton, chairman of the Red
sion, the case may be taken to the Cir­ Cross Drive, at the Red Cross rooms.
comrade here who told me, termed
cuit court, providing the defendant
A Red Cross Auxiliary was organ­
him) who first descried and thus an­
pays an attorney fee of $10 extra, if ised and the following officers elected:
nounced the deadly line o f bubbles.
the judgment is not made in his favor.
Chairman— Miss Clare Sherwood.
No periscope was visible this time,
and for the first moments those on
the bridges o f the attendant destroy­
ers were incredulous. Then an unmis­
takable bubble line, clear across the
bows, put the certainity of danger be­
yond question.
Once again fortune favored us. The
submarine was in front instead of in
the deadliest position, on the flank
toward the rear.
Perhaps the U-
boat commander was rattled by the
magnitude of his opportunity. Per­
haps one o f his excited pirates let fly
toe soon. Anyway, it is agreed by
experts that he would have been far
more dangerous had he waited un­
seen until part at least of the flotilla
had passed beyond him.
Dearly did the Germans pay for
their error.
Like a striking ra ttle -'
snake one o f our destroyers darted
between a couple o f the transports.
Her nose was so deep in the sea as to
be almost buried, while a great w a v e ! Photo by American Press Association.
The Pennsylvania, one of the most powerful wursliii* »float, of 31,-00 tona,
at the stern threw a shower of spray
Itoeeedod the Wyoming as flagship of Hie Atlantic fleet. She carries twelve
on soldiers massed at the transport’s
fourteen-inch gum and coat more than S7.u0ii.ixk).
bow. One o f them told me he thought
Ua cd S a cs I la h p Pennsylvania
Vice Chairman— Mrs. Ruth Candliu.
Secretary— Mrs. Mamie Slagle.
Treasurer— Mrs. Marvin Lyons.
Chairman of M ilitary Relief Com­
mittee— J. E. Norton.
Chairman of Co-operation Commit­
tee— Mrs. Virginia Lamb.
Chairman o f Com. of Hospital Sup­
plies— Mrs. Mabel Hazard.
Chairman of Packing and Shipping
Committee— Mrs. Georgia Richmond.
Miss Sherwood visited the Red
Cross headquarters at Marshfield ard
conferred with Mrs. Kate Lando, ar 1
Dr. Mingus, chairman of the Military
Relief Committee.
Dr. Mingus suggested ways and
means of conducting the work, simi­
lar to the way it is being conducted
Mrs. Lando will come to Coquille to
complete the organization as soon as
samples of approved work are re­
turned from San Francisco.
iary headquarters will be established
where the work will he done under the
supervision of three each day.
It is to be hoped that everyone will
come forward and do his little “ bit”
in this great work.
Lost or Estrayed— Shepherd pup,
black with gray spots around head
$10.00 reward for return to Jap Y o a '-
That under and by virtue of an Exe­
cution and Order of Sale issued out
of the Circuit Court of the State <f
Oregon for the County of Coos on the
18th day of July, 1917, in a certain
cause in said Court pending wherein
C. T. Skeels is plaintiff, and J. V .
Rutledge, in person, and J. W. Rut­
ledge as Aministrator o f the esta e
of Clara E. Rutledge, deceased, are
defendants being case No. 478*4 of
the said Court and commanding me
to sell the hereinafter decrihed real
property to satisfy the sum of $270.' 0
with interest at 6"c from 25th day
of June, 1917, and taxes $2.58 and
attorney fee of $50.00 and costs and
disbursements $16.00, together wiih
accruing costs. I W IL L ON S A T U R ­
DAY, THE 1st D A Y OF September,
1917, at the hour of 10 o’clock in the
forenoon of said day at the Couniy
Court House in the City of Coquille.
Coos County. Oregon, offer for so/e
and sell at public auction to the hieu-
est and best bidder for cash in hand
all the right, title and interest of the
said Defendant in and to the follow­
ing described real property, to-w it:
Beginning at a post marked “ C. S.”
on the quarter section line 5.94 ehai s
east of the quarter section corner on
the west boundary of section 31, 'n
township 27 South o f range 12 west
of the Willamette Meridian in O re­
gon; and running thence east 5.02
chains along the said quarter section
line; thence north 9.72 chains to the
south boundary of a roadway 45 lin :s
wide; thence west 5.02 chains aloi g
the south boundary line of said road­
way; thence south 9.72 chains, mo;e
or less, to the place of beginning,
containing five acres o f land, more or
less, all in Coos County, Oregon.
Said sale being made subject to re­
demption in the manner provided by
W. W. Gage,
Sheriff of Coos County, Oregon.
Dated July 24th, 1917.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon in and for the County
of Coos.
Vesta Lewis, Plaintiff,
James B. Lewis, Defendant.
To James B. Lewis, the above nam­
ed defendant:
In the Name o f the State o f Oregon,
you are hereby notified that you are
required to appear and answer the
complaint filed against you in the
above entitled suit within six weeks
from the date of the first publication
of this summons, tow it: within six
weeks from the 17th day of July, 1917,
and i f you fail so to appear and an­
swer on or before the 28th day of Au­
gust, 1917, the same being the date of
the last publication of this summons,
for want thereof the plaintiff will ap­
ply to the court fo r the relief demand­
ed in her said complaint, a succinct
statement of which is as follows: That
the bonds of matrimony heretofore e .-
isting between the plaintiff and de­
fendant “be annulled, set aside and he'd
for naught; that plaintiff be awarded
the care ar.d custody of the two miner
children, Asa Lewis and Kathryn
Lewis; and for such other and further
relief in the premises as to the court
may seem meet and equitable.
Service o f this summons is made
upon you by publication thereof in tl e
Coquille Herald, a newspaper publish­
ed in Coquille, Coos County, Oregon,
for a period of six weeks beginning
with the 17th day o f July 1917, by or­
der of the Honorable James Watson,
County Judge of Coos County, Oregon,
dated the 17th day of July, 1917.
J. J. S T A N L E Y , __
Attorney fo r Plaintiff.
Address: Coquille, Oregon.
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Address F J. CHRNEY A CO.. Toledo.
cution and Order of Sale issued out
of the Circuit Court o f the State or Ohio. Sold by all Druggist. 75c.
Oregon for the County of Douglas on
the 25th day of June, 1917, in a cer­
The Celebrated
tain cause in said Court pending
wherein I. J. Reilly, as receiver, plain­
tiff, and Rogue Itiver Farm Products
Co., a corporation, James B. Young,
Mrs. James B. Young, F. C. N o lf and
Awarded Gold Medal
Clara N olf, defendants, and com­
manding me to sell the hereii of *.er P. P. I. E. San Francisco, 1915
described real property to satisfy the
sum of $2950.00 with interest a t 6% The strongest and nearest waterproof
from March 13th, 1917, less the sum Shoes made for Loggers, Cruisers,
of $1490.50 credited upon said judg­
Miners, Sportsmen and Workers.
ment on the 28th day of April, 1917,
the proceeds of the sale of the real
property in Douglas County, and
Men’s Comfort Dress Shoes
costs and disbursements $24.20, to­
gether with accruing costs. I W IL L
Strong Shoes for Boys
AUG U ST, 1917, at the hour o f 10
Manufactured by
o’clock in the forenoon of said day
at the County Court House in the
Theodore Bergman
City of Coquille, Coos County, Ore­
Shoe Manufacturing Co.
gon, offer for sale and sell at public
auction to the highest and best bidder 621 Thurman SI.
Portland, Oregon
for cash in hand all the right, title Ask fo r the Bergmann W aterproof
and interest of the said Defendants
Shoe Oil.
in and to the following described real
property, to-wit:
The southeast quarter o f section
eighteen, township twenty-nine south,
range ten west, W. M., Coos County,
A ti . t proparu tiou oZ m erit»
Oregon .
H olp s to e ra d ic a te d andruff, j
F o r R «s to rin g C o lo r and
Said sale being made subject to re-1
F e n u ty t o G r a y o r F ad ed H a ir J
demption in the manner provided by |
50c. and $1.00 a t D ru ggist«.
i l N D E R C O R N S It 9 m o v e8 C o m i, Cal-
W. W. Gage,
l0U8tH, e t c . .S t o p s a l l pain, eimurea c o m fo r t to the
feet, u a k e g w alk in g easy. 15c. by m a il or at D rue»
Sheriff of Coos County, Oregon.
Rl3tn. Ulscox C hem ical W o rk a, Fateh os tie. N. f .
Dated June 29th, 1917.
Bergmann Shoe
E. .Lumber—Si1
Wisconsin or Stave
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Prices on lumber and any informa­
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F I R S T N A T 10 N A L
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A. J. SHERWOOD, President
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R. E. SHINE. Vice President
O. C. SANFORD, Asst. Cashier
To Coos County Resorts?
Bandon Beaches
Bracing sea air and fine beaches.
hunting, surf-bathing, catching crabs and
digging clams are some of the diversions.
Good hotels provide ample accommodations
for all comers.
Located on Ten Mile Lake.
Fine fishing,
good hotels and camping places.
One of
the best localities to spend your summer va­
Low Week End Fares
are on sale between all points in the Coos Bay
Call on our agents for information re­
garding fares and train service, or write
JOHN M. SCOTT. General Passenger Agent