Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, June 05, 1917, Image 2

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The Coquille Herald
Published Every Tuesday.
J. C. Savage
Editor and Business Manager.
not pay cash then see your banker
and perhaps a solution of your prob­
lem can be arranged. Those who, be-
j cause o f infirmities or age, can do
their bit in this way better than any
other, should invest at once.
Entered as second-class matter
That the business college in this
May 8, 1905, at the post office at Co­ city, entirely aside from any commer-
quille, Oregon, under act of Congress cial basis, will be a success is con­
of March 1, 1879.
ceded by all our business and profes­
sional men. It will do much for the
Devoted to the material and social younger people of the town in fitting
upbuilding of the Coquille Valley, them for their future work in the
particularly and of Coos County gen­ community and the school work can
be taken while the students are at the
same time “ doing their bit” in other
Subscription $1.50 per year, in ad­
walks of life, owing to the night
Phone Main 381.
. school features.
--------------------------------- —
Do your bit and make arrangements
McNary for Senator
to take up at least one Liberty Loan
The appointment by Governor
Bond before June 15. It is your pat­
I Withycombe of Charles L. McNary to
riotic duty.
| the position of United States senator
Indications now are that the road ! to fill the vacancy caused by the death
bonds have carried and now the ac­ of Harry Lane was well received by
tual work of pulling Oregon out of [ the entire press as well as the politi­
cians of the state. Mr. McNary has
the mud will be begun.
j served in the capacity of Supreme
Those who have fuiled to make the court judge with honor and has had
enlistment when they went to Portland the necessary training to qualify him
need not be discouraged. Their work j as a worthy man in the high place to
may possibly be in another line but which he has been called. In accep
will do the same service for their | ting the appointment McNary pledged
“ To support the Nationed Admin­
Why don’t Koosevelt enlist in the istration in every legitimate effort i
ranks the same as any other patriotic may employ in ending the war to the
American if he is so anxious to aid in credit of America, and in bringing
the war? The probable answer is about a lasting and honorable peace
that if he cannot occupy the front of to all nations involved and to co-opei
I ate with any movement that has for
the stage he will not be there.
its purpose the suppression of gam­
Many who saw “ Civilisation” yes­ bling and speculation in the necessi-
terday have since expressed the ar­ | ties o f life, to the end that the con­
dent wish that the Kaiser could be suming public shall pay a fair profit
compelled to sit and see the entire to the producer only.”
It gives the writer great pleasure
film and then have a radio photo­
graph of the thoughts that passed to note the appointment for the rea­
son that McNary was an old school­
through his mind.
mate, graduating iri the same high
The younger element of our coun­ 1 school class at Salem twenty-five
Charley was always a
try are now in a position where they years ago.
will have but little choice as to their progressive student and soon after
service for their country, whereas, his graduation entered the law office
had they volunteered for service they of his brother and has since steadily
could virtually have chosen their own climbed the ladder to fame. We wish
field. Many of them will regret their him every success and all the best
that the future can possibly hold for
lack of foresight at a later date.
Koosevelt wr.s, and always will be,
Ladies Attention.
a “ grand stand player” and not even
his most ardent supporters can say
You are missing a good thing by
that he ever stepped into the rank
not looking over our stock of Oxford
and file of any movement unless he
shoes and getting prices. Lyons &
saw a good chance of getting into the
front rank, lie must ut least be file
leader or he will not be there.
To Trade
The presentation of the film pro­
duction “ Civilization” at this city yes­
terday has made many of our citizens
more thoughtful regarding the war
and its possible personal results, but
v/e have heurd no one say that they
would refuse to give their best to
their country in this crisis as a re­
sult of viewing the film.
Ten acre Base and Comice pear or­
chard in full bearing, on electric car
line, one mile from city limits of Med
ford, Oregon. Beautiful modern bun
Will trade for unimproved
land. Value $10,000. Address C. A.
Bird, Medford, Oregon, R 26.
Some fine second hand baby carts
at (juick’s.
Remember that all subscriptions to
the Liberty Loan Bonds must be made
Semi-folding Baby Sulkies— new—
not later thnn June 15. If you can- at Quick’s. They are beauties.
0 W
i ■ a o n a B
W ar Time Efficiency
In order to place in the fieltl and back up with
snpplies the immense armies which our Govern­
ment leaders are planning, this country must prac­
tice economy and attain efficiency as it has never
done before.
The telephone is the great economizer and
contributor to efficiency. Have you one? Have
you as many as you need? Get a telephone and
put the time saved into the garden.
Coos and Curry Telephone Co.
To Bo 3ui't by *“ • Fodorsl Govern
mont In th* Auacho National Forest.
The secretary "f agriculture bus au­
thorized the location survey of u sec
tton of the first project lit rond con-
structlon submit! 1 under the “ nation­
al forest section” of the federal aid
raid act. This section Is the only ouo
In the law which provides for actual
construction of roads by the federal
[loads built under au
tborlty o f tills ¡curt of the law are de­
signed primarily to proinoie economic
development und to serve public ton
voniciice hi localities where much of
the laud is In national forests. The
proposed road <fn which a'-tlon is taken
is in the Apucbe national forest. Green-
i lee county, Arbs.
The preliminary estimate of the cost
of construction o f the m vout.v one miles
of road to be surveyed is $3-12,500.
Greenlee comity pro| uses to hold a
bond election to raise the neces ary
funds to contribute 50 per cent of this
An additional twenty-nine
mile i o f n nil In Apac he county will be
necessary to complete (he project and,
according to the preliminary estimate,
will bring the total cost to $420,000.
Approval of the plans for survey was
based upon the industrial resources
w hich will be o|ieued up an I also upon
the offer of one-half co-opera I Ion by
the county. The construction of the
road will make possible ii north ami
south trunk line through a region now
inaccessible and will connect with ex­
isting east and west state highways.
In addition. It will. It is stated, make
possible the sale of large I idles o f tim­
ber for the use of copper mines in
southern Arizona and will afford
means o f travel fir settlers, besides
cheapening the cost of protecting and
administering the national forest. The
development of water p-uver In the
region will be assisted, and a beau ill'll)
recreation urea will be opened up for
tourist travel and for the residents of
the desert cities during the summer
In each ease under the tivmn i f the
law the read funds must he derived
partly from local sourer*«, and tin*
amount expendable in any county by
the government !:< Ilmlicd to ¡0 per
cent of the estimated value id tile tuii-
ls*r and forage resources of the nil
tionnl forests in ttint county.
Several other projects for wh'ch co­
op» ration has been offeree! arc | .'tilling
for roads in California. M loaaa and
Idaho. Where two projects have equal
claim for consideration the decision
will, it is stated, lie made in favor of
the one for which the best offer of co­
operation is made.
Elimination of Waste In Road
The Highwsy Construction Movement
Spreading Over the Entire Country,
Taxpayers Awake to the Value of It
and Bankers Ready to Furnish Nec­
essary Money.
Patriotic Celebration
Portland, Ore.
June 13, 14, 15, 1917
This annual event will be one o f Ihe greatest patriotic
cek* brat ions ever held in the Pacific Northwest
Come, jo in in and return home
a hap/jier and truer American
Low Round Trip Fares
On Sale June 12, 13, 14, 15
Return Limit June 18th
Ask voat I**, al agent (or infoi motion
JOHN M. SCOT r, General Passenger Agent
Portland, Ore
offer a few suggestions from our
large stock for your consideration
Try that splendid dried beef—W e slice it
for you. Pickles in bulk—sour,
sweet and dills
ICoud building rail and w ngou-h as
whipsawed an mid in lbe I’ nited States
until Ihe country re mil bus taken tbe
lead in the field of construction, writes
I Ilium line i in the New York liven
ing Sun. Where the linking together o f
■ilies and Imp* limit manufacturing
centers by steel rails w as once un uII
absorbing pie eiipatiou. railroad con­
struction Is eclipsed today by Ihe In­
tensified work of replacing ruts and
bog holes pel ween Antioch and Smith’s
Chapel with u -uiootli. clean, perma­
nent concrete highway.
Elimination oi waste In highway
management and prevention of loss of
I’ l RPOSE— I his loan is a bond issue authorized by Congress to pay
costs ot the war against Germany, to make advances to the Allies, and above
nil to bring about a speedy and successful end of ihe world conflict.
Phone 691 and 541
Front and C Streets
By so doing you serve your country.
Wisconsin or Stave
Any size from 8x20 ft., 15 tons to
16x36 ft., 155 tons
Prices on lumber and any informa­
tion on lumber and silos cheerfully
One side of your Pass Book will show all the money you have
received. The other side will show all you have paid out, and
ihe cancelled checks are your receipts.
This fine arrangement is yours if you will open your check ac­
count here.
Your account will be given careful and considerate attention.
You do not spend—you save— when
you buy a Liberty Bond.
CAPITAL and SURPLUS $60,000.00
A. J. SHERWOOD, President
L. H. HAZARD, Cashier
R. E. SHINE, Vice President
O. C. SANFORD, Asst. Cashier
Remember the Lusitania and
Buy a Liberty Loan Bond.
The Busy
can get rid of the hard­
est and most disagree­
able part of the week’s
w o r k by sending the
wash to us.
Our Saturday Night Special and the fact that this
store will be open every Saturday evening through­
out the summer. The Saturday Night Specials will
always be on view in our
Window Display
Every #1,000 invested will bring you $35 a year income.
6 The government guarantees to pay you more income it’ future loans
carry higher rates of interest.
If it can be washed we
can do it.
7—You can buy them on the installment plan.
.Lumber— Si 1 cs—Shingles
Democracy needs its dollars for defense, not tribute.
4 These bonds are backed by the credit of ihe whole United States, the
richest country in the world.
F 1 H S T N A T IO N A L . B A N K
These lionds are the safest investment known.
Coquille, Ore
Cough Remedy and it worked like a
IKKM O l BONDS—The bonds run for
years. The government re­
st rves the right to buy them buck at face value after 15 years.
C H S ) C 23?
BATE OP INTEREST-—3 1 a per cent per year.
T h e Bus j Conner G ro cery
AMOUNT OP LOAN—$2.000,000,000.
SIZE OF BONDS—$50, $100, $500, $1,000 and upward.
Deviled Olive Relish___________________ 10c
Peanut Butter in bulk, per pound__17 l-2c
Ripe Olives in tin
Oro Brand___________________ 2 for 25c
Veribest Brand___________________ 15c
Glenwood B ran d__________________ 20c
Silver Thistle______________________ 25c
In Bulk, pint_______________________ 20c
Stuffed Olives, large bottles____________ 25c
Stuffed Olives, small bottles___________ 15c
Queen O lives__________________________ 15c
Queen O lives__________________________ 20c
Queen O lives__________________________ 25c
Doles Pineapple Juice, pint bottles____ 50c
Red Wing Grape Juice_________________ 25c
Pork and Beans
Thelma Brand_____________________10c
Van Camp’s, small__________ 2 for 25c
Van Camp’s, medium_____________ 20c
Libby’s ____________________________ 15c
Silver Thistle, la rg e ______________ 15c
Genuine Deviled Ham__________________ 15c
Deviled Meat— Ham flavor_____________ 05c
Deviled Meat— Ham flavor_____________ 10c
Lunch T ongue__________________________ 25c
Veal Loaf___________________ 20c, 2 for 35c
Chicken L o a f___________________________ 25c
Sliced Beef in tin_______________________ 15c
Sliced B eef in glass_________ 15c, 2 for 25c
Sliced Beef in glass_____________________ 20c
Sliced Beef in glass_____________________ 30c
Corned B e e f____________________________ 20c
Corned B e e f____________________________ 25c
Corned B e e f____________________________ 30c
Sliced Bacon in glass___________________ 40c
Vienna style Sausage____________2 for 25c
Pink Salmon____________________________ 15c
Medium Red Salmon____________________20c
Alaska Red Salmon_____________________ 25c
Sockeye Blood Red Salmon____________ 20c
IXL Chicken Tamales_______20c, 2 for 35c
Sandwichola in g lass. ___ _______________ 15c
side capimi ami usliig It for Intentai
lliipruveineiits. sm li ns ioads. beco m e­
li solimi Investment fot Ila* community
for tbe very -liuple reason t luit the
rute puiil for thè lise o f outside capita!
so employed is mudi less tinnì thè gain
j time iu delivering farm products to It bri nix to thè community in tbe Vir­
Roads That “ 6tr.y."
market liecau: * of poorly constructed tual eliminatimi of higliway repafrs.
With tile recently nwukcned Interest I roads Is clearly I Heated iu the trend
A visit today to sections o liere [>er-
In the cause of good roads the ques \ of the titiles. This trend is appraised iiialietit rond building is under way re-
tloii o f financing road building Is of ' by students ol c nouiy as the prime venls a surprlsiiig eontrust to tbe old
first Importance
How roarl building reusou why country roads occupy a meihnds o f roud Work. W’ here in tìmes
cun be paid for is not the only serious leading position !u the field of con
posi a few farine!'« witli tennis were
question, however, but which one of structlon today. H was this trend that ocattere:! ui"Ug tbe lane, ongaged in
several possible methods of construe found expression iii the $7.000,000 bond Keraping ditello« and ulliiig up deprcs-
tlon will best suit the needs of the issue recently passed hi New Jersey siotis. legnini- eonalruetion ganga afe
community and give the people the under the term of the Egan "good now ut work. not merely mi mie lane.
licit rone’ s at us sniull r si as pc - s' • roads" bill. In the *15.000.000 highway
I b n ii io W i^ y it o *
within the limit of the available funds bond issue In t'nfifmnla and iii the suc­
BcisnvTW W ^W iW riiotlon begins lit­
The first cost may lie only
cess of sin blur (in.incluí propositions in tle narrow gauge railroads are usually
part of the total. Roads must be main other parts of the country.
built along the country road, and ma­
tallied In good condition, and Ike
Taxpayers are learning how easily terial, surli as cement, sand and crush­
cheapest road Is tin* one that costs capital may be had In a large volume ed stone, is ra| idly transported from
least per year to build and keep In ut low linen st rates to build roads the railway freight station to points
shape for travel. In New York stat
that will last and earn their own cost where the roadbed is being laid. Thin
it was found cheaper to expend h!.h In the reduction of hauling time and material, measured to right proportion,
IKK) n mile In tin* construe*!an o f lirk'i in the lessening of wear and tear on is loaded In lump ears and drawn by
highways than to pay from J7.5DO to vehicles. The old idea that borrowing donkey engines to machines, where It
$10.000 a mile for macadam because ¡ money to build hard roads meuus is mixed into a quaky mass am? there
■*f the difference In cost o f upkeep
greater tux* * without a sufficient tan­ spread over the road As construction
To save maintenance expense tin* gible value In return Is being dispelled extends oia into the county the dinky
idea o f present economy must not be by the experience of communities railways, ks they are railed, are ex­
illoweil to overall:: low tli • Importance where permanent highways have been tended until tli ■ entire system o f main
ef building permanent highways
As built. Rural communities are learning market roads has been covered Tbe
a rule, the roads which cos; ¡lie nnist that it Is cheaper to Issue bonds and county highway engineer or superin­
at first will be the cluapes; t> main borrow un...... on the outside In large tendent Is usually supplied hy the
lain.—It. \V tiny. Mississippi Agrieul amounts at I or 5 per cent to build a comity "vttn an automobile, und he
nctv road system and be done with it makes the rounds of the entire section
rural Station.
and ride ns you pay rather itnin use each (lay. visiting (listHits In which
their own money and dribble it along construction is under
Good Road Itflovomcnt In Texas
The construction o f good roods Is not In a pay us you go or pay us you ride
Buy a Liberty Bond today— do not
confined to the more populous sections ¡Kilicy. They are fust finding out that
of Texas, but lias s| rend to I1 e i mule the botid pltin, according to Its sup- put it off until tomorrow.
and newly settled par's of the vl.iv
more capital Into the county or com­
In t!ie Panhandle and Font!* Plains re
Whooping Cough.
gion. where road Improvements e l munity ami applying that capital to
In this disease it is important that
heretofore received llllle atleiition. Hi,
supplies during the period In which the cough be kept loose and expector­
different counties have become inter
ation easy, which can oe done by giv­
Is under way . And when ing Chamberlain’s Cough Remqdy.
(■steel iii the propaganda and much
progress Is being made III constructing
Mrs. P. H. Martin, Peru, Ind., writes,
Qiancnl basis, as iu the case of con "My two daughters had whooping
first class hlghwuvs
crete, tin* whole process of hiring out cough.
I gave them Chamberlain's
11th Annual
Facts About Liberty Loan
Rose Festival
cnic Season
Is Now Here
Your money will be spent wholly in America.
llttW TO BUY TBPSE BONDS—Every hank is authorized to take sub­
scription* for the government. You can subscribe now by paying to your
bank only 3 per cent of your purchase, and the hslanct as follows: 18 per
cent on June 28 20 per cent on July 30 30 per cent on August 15— 30 per
cent on August 30.
Have you bought a Liberty Bond?
t 's R i . l i f r f i
’-A I R b A L S A M
• t Irt )*rft^r»u..a o l mntt
H_ P» to t ^ fid lc M f d t i a d n l
F or R n t o r ia c C o l o r M ^
H . O . A n d e rs o n
Furniture a *.d h a rd w a re
Pnone 496
" Pwuty lo Gray orFad«d r itr j
h ÎN D E R G O R N S
Your Duty—Buy a Liberty Bond
Before the opening of the sale.
Sale will begin at
6:30. Look them over and be here on time before
they are all seid.
-n*un«* c o m fo r t to U fi
li«, hj n-.v] or at lana
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