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    S. P. Goes Fifty-Fifty
Pure Bred Stock
places the burden upon the automo­
Itoadmaster R. B. Murdock has re­
County Agent J. L. Smith informs
bile owners; they are a progressive
class and are willing to stand the gaff, turned from Portland where he took us that several of ihe pure bred dairy-
Published Every Tuesday.
because they want some good roads to up the matter of grade crossings in stock purchased by Coos county dai­
travel on and the saving in tires, wear the county with the Southern Pacific rymen have already arrived. Wed­
J . C. Savage
and tear, and gasoline will more than railroad officials. He was successful nesday evening a fine registered bull
Editor and Business Manager.
compensate them for the increased li­ in securing from the railroad men an was received for W. E. Cross, and
Entered as second-class matter censes. It does not increase direct agreement to pay one-half the cost cf last night the one for Albert and Fin-
May 8, 1905, at the post office at C o­ taxation.—La Grande Observer.
two overhead crossings, one at the ley Schroeder art wed. Bulls are al­
quille, Oregon, under act of Congress
North Fork this side of Myrtle Point, so expected soon for E. M. Clayton,
and one at Summit between Marsh A. O. Kjclland, John Fabry and a
of March \ 1879.
Remember the Lusitani» and
Buy a Liberty Loan Bond. field and Coquille, and one-third of heifer for Geo. Htnninger.
Devoted to the material and social
the cost of the crossing at the Myrtle
These animals were the pick of the
upbuilding of the Coquille Valley,
Point bridge. A change in the grade herds Mr. Smith visited when he wus
particularly and of Coos County gen­
items From the Hay.
betwejn Marshfield and Coquille will out last month and each one has an
eliminate two crossings and the rail­ excellent record for production behind
(brum the Goo# Bay News.)
road also agreed to stand a portion of film. The prices for the bulls ranged
Subscription $1.50 per year, in ad­
Our supply of CAN COFFEE is extra good and is very com­
at the Smith-Rowers camps the expense of this grade. The road rom $150 up to $300. And that is
Phone Main 381.
were recently advanced, similar to tile will keep to the west side of the track ,-heuper than they will be next year,
plete, but we give you spacial values in bulk.
at this point.
it is vei*y important that all farmers
increase offered at the mills.
Since the cost of these crossings contemplating the purchase of pure
At the Knights of Columbus con-
What Oregon Editors Think of th< .ention in Portland last week, Post­ had been figured in the original esti­ . red stock call on Mr. Smith at his
master Hugh McLain was elected mates, the county will save a consid­ >ffice here and see the pictures, pedi­
erable sum in having the railroad grees and records of the animals
If you are in doubt as to how to state warden of the order.
Word received frum A. K. Peck, company pay one-half. Credit for this listed. Good breeding stock is being
vote on the road bonds and have be­
come confused by fne arguments for Saturday, was to the effect that he saving goes to Mr. Murdock who was picked up rapidly and the prices will
Gallon Peaches, White Mountain brand, per can, 45c
and against, it will be a safe plan to was a member of the officers’ school successful in securing the railroad e higher.
Gallon Catsup, Del Monte brand, per can ......... 75c
eliminate everything else from con­ at the Presidio, San Francisco.
The overhead crossings will mini­
Capt. Britt, of the coast guard sta­
East Fork.
sideration and keep your mind on the
Gallon Pumpkin, Del Monte brand, per can
Plenty of rain for grass and p'-'nty
fact that the bill places the big as­ tion, has been authorized to have a mize the danger to traffic on the coun­
sessable valuation in Multnomah .rail cut from the station to Basten-
Fancy Maine Corn, Paris trand, per c a n ............ 15c
county and the tremendous fund from jortf beach, to facilitate moving ap­ guard in these days of heavy auto­ . r crops a rtart when the soil is dry
Mothers’ Wheat Hearts, per package ............. 20c
mobile traffic.
enough to work.
licenses on Portland owned automo­ paratus in case of shipwrecks.
Fred Baker took a load of folks
The minimum wage paid by E. C
biles at the disposal of the rest of the
Wheat Eats, per package....................................... 20c
from Brewster valley to Coquille in
state to meet the expense of the roads. Perham, who is engaged on county Remember the Lusitania and
Hominy, No. 3 cans, per can .............................. 15c
Buy a Liberty Loan Bond. his car.
There is a saying that it is not cour­ road contract, is $3 per day. He re­
W. T. Culbertson made a trip to
teous to look a gift horse in the cently raised the pay for a team and
Peaches, No. 2 ' 4 , fancy fruit, good syrup, 20c
What Good Roads Mean to Motorists Coquille for a load of supplies.
mouth, but in this instance this gift teamster from $6 to $7 per day.
While rounding the corner from the
Every motorist has observed how
can be examined very thoroughly and
That Pickled Pork is the cheapest thing in the meat line today.
all that will be discovered is that the Bunker Hill road to Broadway, Fri­ his car accelerates when he goes from ng at Caspar, Wyo. New oil wells,
At 25 cents per pound it is way below the market.
outside counties stand to get very day night, Dick Smith’s car with six an unimproved road to a stretch of .nd the town made a city of the first
All were hard-surfaced; but he may not real­
much the best of it. If the bill is de­ occupants, turned over.
feated Multnomah county keeps its more or less bruised, but fortunately ize how large a saving of power and iflice holders and all the other ex­
taxes. She is making no kick over were not seriously injured.
gasoline that acceleration represents. penses.
The amendment to amend the con
The retail price of halibut, caught If he were to travel over a hard, even
making the gift. Why should the rest
of the state kick?—Hillsboro Inde­ on the banks off Coos Bay, in the lo­ surface habitually instead of over the titution of the state of Oregon so
cal market last week was 18 cents I average country road, his gasoline hat it can not be amended again, on
Dealers say that the bill would be greatiy reduced. A mo- •vhich the voters of the state vote
Under the tax limitation law there per pound.
can only be 6 per cent increase in tax­ price is not exorbitant when com­ orist in Mississippi lias figured out June 4th, is a great scheme of the
es annually. As that increase will pared with Portland and Seattle hat hard-surfaced roads in his com­ tang to let you breathe only when
probably be made by the tax levying prices
munity save him $30 per year in the hey slack up on the rope they would
gut around your neck. Let the dogs
bodies whether any extensive road
W. I. Clarke, one of the new pro­ -asoline consumed by a single car.
building is done or not, the voters prietors of the box factory at North
In face of these facts, is there any nek a dry bone. Vote 307 No.
Coquille, Ore
Front and C Streets
Phone 691 and 541
R. A. Easton.
should certainly decide in favor of Bend, arrived from San Francisco, possible reason why every automobile
good roads. There need be no fear Thursday, and is putting the factory iwnor should not vote for the $6,000.
Remember the Lusitania and
of additional state bond issues, eith­ in shape with the intention of operat­ 000 good roads bond bill ?
Buy a Liberty Loan Bond.
er, unless the people of the state want ing it as soon as possible. H. O. Fry
them as such bonds can only be issued will be superintendent.
Proper Food for Weak Stomachs.
Remember the Lusitania and
Liberty Loan Bonds.
after the matter has been approved
W. C. Hinman, who was active in
Buy a Liberty Loan Bond.
Why “Liberty Loan?”
The proper food for one man may
by popular vote.
The present tax the organization of the Coast Artill­
The $5,000,000 bona issue of this e all wrong for another. Every one J
rate, with the annual 6 per cent in­ ery company here, and who lately
Marriage Licenses.
• ear is named “The Liberty Loan of hould adopt a diet suited to his age
crease, will provide the state with an was employed at the Kruse & Banks
May 14—Lester Yarbough and Viv­
1917” because it is to be a loan from a nd occupation. Those who have
excellent system of roads in a few shipyard, recently took the oath of ian Ward.
free people to be used in freeing the ■ -ak stomachs need to be especially
years. Since the taxes must be paid office as major in the reserve U. S.
May 14—Daniel B. Franson and
areful and should eat slowly and
anyway, let’s have good roads.—Rose- army. Mr. Hinman served eight years Hannah Nay.
lasticate their food thoroughly. It
burg Review.
in the Washington state militia, and
May 14—Frank Rover and Lena
people to be devoted to the establish­ i also important that they keep their
Are you aware that in the past ten held the commission of captain.
owels regular. When they become
years approximately $40,000,000 has
It is stated that the government
May 16—Lewis C. Smith and Em ment of liberty in Europe and on the
high seas.
onstipated or when they feel dull or
been spent in the state of Oregon on will adopt the plans of the new C. A. ily Josephine Gibbs.
It is the loan of the great democra- tupid after eating, they shoull take
roads, principally patch work, a load Smith vessel, the Johanna Smith, for
May 18—Percy Haslett and Pear!
:y of the New World to redress the hamberlain’s Tablets to strengthen
of gravel here and one there?
In the standard of wooden vessels that England.
wrongs and support the cause of the fie stomach and move the bowels.
view of this expenditure what about will be constructed on the Pacific
lemocracy of the Old.
'hey are easy to take and pleasant in
a bond issue of $6,000,000 for perma coast.
Plans will be submitted to Remember the Lusitania and
nent roads? Some people will not coast shipbuilders within a few days
Buy a Liberty Loan Bond.
believe these figures, but secure them and it said that bids will be asked for
Com m ercial Club
TRAPPERS—If you have Furs for
for yourselves. The figures can be by the government instead of guaran­
It was mostly a talkfest at the
For Engineer Corps.
sale let me make you a price before
secured from different state and coun­ teeing a 10 per cent profit, as pro­ Huggins
Henry Huggins, who spent several Commercial Club Wednesday evening. you ship.
ty officials.—Brownsville Times
posed at first.
months last year working at the court After hearing reports of committees
Geo. T. Moulton.
Here is a man who does not live on
W. S. Chandler is having a speed nouse here has made application for and allowing bills, the chair called
any of the main highways to be im­ boat built at San Francisco for use appointment in the U. S. Engineer upon the two newly elected council-
proved and yet he is enthusiastic for between his summer home on Coos Corps which is to go to France short­ men present for remarks of appreci­
the road bonds. It is C, S. Haynes, river and Marshfield. The boat will ly, we learn from the Times.
P. C. Levar, having given up the
of Sherwood, who writes the Hills­ be 36 feet long with 3% feet beam,
Huggins is beyond the age of enlist­ nalf.
lease of The Herald, with the end of
boro Independent in part as follows: and will be fitted with a 135-horse ment for regular service, although he
J. W. Miller responded with a dec­ the month of April, all subscription
“I am for good roads and for bonds to power engine. She is guaranteed a
ofied to surmount it, but it is believed laration of his intention to work accounts are payable to the new man­
make them at once.
Neither do I speed of 20 miles an hour with ten
chat his long rail and water traffic ex­ along progressive lines and for the agement of the paper. All accounts
live on the proposed route to be built, passengers, and when stripped for
perience coupled with six years’ ser­ jest interests of the city. He thought due up to the end of April for adver­
but if we never start to make road racing will make 28 or 30 miles an
vice in the National Guard will land two years hence he might talk more tising and job work are due and pay­
we never will have any. I drive one hour.
The boat is expected here a place in the Engineer Corps.
to the print on city affairs than he able to P. C. Levar only, who will set­
of those autos so I am not asking about the first of July.
could now.
tle all debts incurred by the paper
someone else to pay something for
Pat Hennessey, formerly superin­
M. O. Hawkins said the obligation under his management up to that
Liberty Loan Bonds.
me. No matter what road I go out tendent of the Libby mine, and who
resting on councilmen to make sacri­ time. Any one having such an ac­
on, I meet on an average about nine recently retired as manager of the C.
What are the terms of a Liberty fices for the common good was a duty
autos to one team. Therefore, the A. Smith mine at Henryville, returned Loan Bond ?
every citizen ouwed to the commun­
automobiles are the ones that are us­ st week from a visit to San Francis
Liberty Loan Bonds of the first is­ ity, and that he would do his part by ing it at once.
P. C. Levar,
ing the roads and should be the ones co, where he talked to prominent coal sue of $2,000,000,000 are to bear date making these sacrifices of personal
J. C. Savage.
R oseb u rg-M yrtle P oin t A u to Stage Line
to pay for them. If $6 (auto license) dealers concerning the outlook for the of June 15, 1917, and to run for thirty interests for another term.
will pay for $6,000,000 of roads and development of coal properties. They years, except that the Government
When asked about a city flag May­ Best Remedy for Whooping Cough.
then only the main roads, the only said that the prospects were good, reserves the right to pay them fifteen or Johnson replied that the city coun­
thing to do is to make it enough li­ principally owing to the fact that fuel years after date. If this right is not cil had overlooked the m atter but
Myrtle Point
“Last winter when my little boy
cense to fix the mail routes and that oil is getting scarce. There is plenty exercised by the Government fifteen that it would be attended to at once.
7:40 a. m.
would get us.”
of coal in Coos county, but capital is years from date, the bonds will run If the roof is suitable for the raising had the whooping cough I gave him
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy,’’writes
There are two things to bear in needed to open and properly develop the full thirty years.
6. a. m.
of a flag pole it will be set on top of
mind about the road bond plan: It the mines.
These bonds bear interest at 3% the city hall. If not Mr. McKenna Mrs. J. B. Roberts, E ast St. Louis,
Running Time
I per cent per annum, and the interest stated that the Oregon Power Co. 111. “It kept his cough loose and re­
is payable semiannually on the fif- would est the pole. Mr. Johnson of­
Connecting with Coquille Auto Lines
I teenth day of December and the fif- fered to furnish the pole and Mr. ing spells. It is the only cough med­
icine I keep in the house because I
J. L. Laird
I teenth day of June in each year.
M y rtle P oint
Norton said that when the time came have the most confidence in it.” This
the city should make a formal cere­ remedy is also good for colds and
.Southern Facitic Contes Across. mony of the event.
Wednesday morning J. E. Mont­
gomery, of the Coos-Curry Telephone
The following from the War Cen­
company received a telegram from sus Bureau of the Adjutant General’s
That the sole purpose of this school is to equip men
Roadmaster Murdock stating that he effice at Portland and is official:
and women for office positions. Only a small propor­
One side of your Pass Book will show all the money you have
had reached a tentative agreement
Every man between the ages of 21
received. The other side will show all you have paid out, and
tion of students who attend any commercial school
with the Southern Pacific by which and 30 years, inclusive, must register
the cancelled checks are your receipts.
actually go into the office or counting rooms.
that company will pay one-half of the oil thr day soon to be proclaimed by
This fine arrangement is yours if you will open your check ac­
count here.
cost of the overhead crossings to be President \\ ilson for the war census.
An education along business lines combined with a
ouilt at Myrtle Point, at the crossing
Your account will be given careful and considerate attention.
There will be no exceptions to this
thorough drill in academic branches will more properly
a mile this side of Myrtle Point and iule. Even if a man belongs to one
fit any one to meet the responsibilities of life regard­
at Overland; also a portion of the ex­ of the exempt classes, he neverthe­
can get rid of the hard­
pense of doing away with grade cross­ less must register if he is between
less of their chosen vocation.
CAPITAL and SURPLUS $60,000.00
and most disagree­
ings at Wall Slough, north of Coos 21 an l 30 years of age. The Gov­
A- J. SHERWOOD. President
L. H. HAZARD, Cashier
Our schools specializes in just this kind of education.
R. E. SHINE, Vice President
O. C. SANFORD. Asst. Cashier
Bay, where it is proposed to swing ernment will di termine who is ex­
Its instructors are modem business men and women.
west of the railroad track, instead of empt after its records are complete.
w o r k by sending the
crossing it twice.
They will train you in problems that you will meet in
Brigadier General George A.
every day life.
White, adjutant general of Oregon,
wash to us.
The Celebrated
HOUSE FOR RENT—With six lots, working under the direction of Gov­
When you complete your work in this school you can
chicken house and barn, all fenced. ernor James Withycombe, has put
Hill gaiden planted. Two lots in the machinery to work and his first I
face tne worid and have the assurance that you are
bottom not planted. Lots of fruit. request of every man affected by the
now able to adapt yourself to me business conditions
Regula r as t h e Cluck
Awarded Go d Medal
See K. Halvorsen.
ltp census is that he make a careful
that surround you and that you can take your place
study of its provisions to eliminate
P. P. I. E. San Francisco, 1915
in the every day life of a community.
San Francisco
Liberty l.oan Bonds.
all possible confusion at the polls.
What other special advantages do
T >e strongest and nearest water-proof
Registering for the war census
To those who have passed through the grammar school
a n d Bandon
£ oes made for L< ifgers, Cruisers,
these bonds possess ?
should be no more confusing than ) If it can be washed we
and who have neither time nor inclination for a uni­
iY .ners, Sportsmen anti Workers.
They are nontaxable. If your city, casting a vote.
fare or.. ......
The general plan | can do it.
versity training, we cordially invite an investigation of
county, and State taxes are three lor gathering the data for the Gov- i
Up freigh t, per t o n .........
.... 3.00
Men’s Comfort Dress Shoes
our various branches.
mills on the dollar, a not unusual tax, ernment is based on the ballot sys- j
these bonds are equivalent to ordin­ tern.
If every man is ready. War j
Strong Shoes for Boys
E. & E. T. Kruse
ary corporate bonds or other invest­ Census C.ty will pass like clockwork. !
ments bearing 6V4 per cent.
Manufactur. d by
24 California Street, San Francisco
The man who tries to evade the
In addition, no Federal tax which provision will 'ace a term in jail
A t o i le t p r e p a r a tio n o i m e rit.
Theodore Bsrgmann
H e lp s t o e r a d i c a te d a n d ru ff, i
war conditions may later make neces­ withou* the option of paying a fine.
For Rettoria» C olor and
For Reservation*
" Peauty to G ray or F a d ed H air J
Manufacluring Co.
sary will affect these bonds.
The In almo-t every case throughout the
_jH *N snd ti.o o a t D ru g g is t»
only tax these bonds are subject to is state the census will be taken in the I I N D E R C O R N S R em o re * C orna, Cal­
Day & Night Sessions.
Send for catalogue.
6.'1 Thurman St
Portland, Oregon
#. etc-, stops a li p a in , en su re* c o m fo r t t o U w
the inheritance tax. which applies to regular podir.g places used on elec­
tsk for the Bergm.nn Waterproof
ta k e* walkl
easy. 15a. b y m a il o r at Drag»
Agent, Coquille, Oregon
kcal W ork*, N t c h o c n * M. Y
all property of all kinds whatsoever. tion days.
■l.oe Gil.
The Coquille Herald
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