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    T he C oquille H erald
VOL. 35,
NO. 34
PER Y E A R $1.50
dollar with the district this year in
rough land recently logged off over
improving that road.
which cattle and goats might browse
About $0,000 will be spent this
isn't the kind of homesteads any one
year on the road from Empire to
is seeking; and even then it is prob­
South Slough. This will be perman­
able that nine tenths of these grazing
ent work such as grading, straighten­
lands, all of which lie east of a line
ing out the road and making fills.
drawn through Gravel Ford, are still
The Joe Nay bridge will be taken
covered with timber.
care of at the earliest possible mo­
As to the 19,840 acres “ more or less
ment as well as various other matters Oregon Agricultural Defense rocky,” if there is an eighty in it al­
which came up for consideration.
ready cleared and that any one could
Day Named by Gov.
Regarding the Coquille river bridge
possibly support himself upon, we are
j at this city the court has ordered $10,-
greatly mistaken.
j 000 a year to be set aside for this
In this connection, however, it
I purpose for a period of three years,
seems worth while to revert to the
' at the expiration of which time the
A nation-wide campaign of defense Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands,
bridge will be built. In the mean- has been planned by the Department which will, without doubt, be disposed
A delegation from the Powers Com­ between that place and Myrtle Point. time every effort will be made to of Agriculture since war with Ger- of under rules similar to those pro-
A boat accident, in which three when she went on the rocks at Ban­
mercial Club, consisting of Vice Pres-
E. E. Hampton, of Arago, presented complete the construction of a trestle many was declared, a,’ J the agricul- | vided for the O. & C. lands, but at a persons lost their lives, occurred just don a couple of years ago. He is an
idene Geo. P. Stewart, Secretary the needs of the Arago and Hall’s roadway to the foothills on the south tuial colleges and extension service later date.
expert swimmer and had his wife and
llackwood and Messrs. H. E. Collin, creek roads, where conditions are side of the river, without which a ' of every state in the union are pre­
These lands comprise 69,884 acres below the mouth of the North Fork sisters been able to keep afloat he
E. J. Loney, L. Cochran, B. F. Mat- such that the only way they can get bridge would be useless several paring to carry out the plans effec- running in a broad strip across the yesterday afternoon. Chauncey Car­
would no doubt have been able to res­
thes, J. T. Ross and W. E. Matthews through i- to pull down the fences months of the year.
county from the Doughlas county line penter, of Bandon, with his wife and cue the entire party.
called on the County Court Thursday and go through the farmers’ fields.
Referring to expenditures on roads
In this state a conference between to Coos Bay. They were all selected baby and his two sisters, aged 5 and
At the point of the accident the
morning. Their purpose was to pre
and bridges during the past few W. J Kerr, president o f O. A. C., and before the railroad lands, while the 7, were enroute to the circus in the current is very swift, caused by the
I .
• • w Clinton,
i r i i v o i i f r road
v / u u i foreman
o i e u i n i i n in
i that
n n i
M. i T.
sen to the court a petition signed by distnct> Kai(J the roads wero alm,)st year.,, the judge stated that about head of the Oregon unit, held a con- I picking was good and 33,870 acres gasoline launch Superior and had high water and the two jetties and
over 300 residents and taxpayers
impassable and mentioned various M,00U was expended on the Coffee i'erenee with all extension service practically half of them, are fit for nearly reached their destination. Just it is thought that this boiling current
praying for a wagon bridge between
places where the fences had been tak­ Cup hill above Myrtle Point, that J workers, county agents and assis- agricultural purposes after they h,.ve opposite the Lee Ray place the boat threw the boat out of her course and
Powers and North Powers. Follow­
- $3,000 was spent between Myrtle tants.a couple of weeks ago at Cor- been logged off. A larger proportion of struck the submerged end of the jet­ onto the jetty.
The Superior was
en down to go out in the fields.
ing is a copy of the petition pre­
Point and the Nort Fork bridge, in vallis, where the plans for the state these agricultural lands have been ty and turned turtle. Chauncey swam owned by “ Colonel” Drane and has
graveling the road, that over $2,000 campaign to increase the production partially cleared than of the O. & C. ashore with the baby but before he been operated by Carpenter for sev­
To the Honorable County Commis­ es on the Myrtle Point-Arago road U:LS spent in graveling roads within’ ! of food and supplies were fully ma- lands, but what percentage we have could return the boat with the other eral months.
He has been through
which were separated by a piece that I the limits of the city of Myrtle Point tured.
sioners of Coos County:
no means of knowing. Some of these passengers had disappeared.
this part of the river several times
Whereas, from time to time in the
and that in the neighborhood of $3,- ; The first step is the proclamation Wagon Road lands lie on the hills
Word was immediately phoned to and only some unexpected shift of the
Among the sixty present from Myr­ U00 has been spent on the«stretch of j by Gov. Withycombe naming Satur- which touch our city on the east and
past the property owners, residents
Myrtle Point and Tom Guerin gather­ current could have caused the dis­
and citizens of the towns of Powers tle Point and the surrounding country road this side of Johnson's Mill, all day, May 12, as “ Oregon Agricultur- most of the pipe line from Rink ed a crowd and rushed to the scene of aster.
and North Powers, have petitioned yesterday, in addition to those men­ of which has been of more direct ben- al Defense Day.” On that date the creek bringing water to our city res­ the accident in his car but up to a
H. A. Young this morning secured
your Honorable Body for the con­ tioned, we note the following names: efit to Myrtle Point that to any other county agents of Oregon must pre ervoir winds through lands of this late hour last evening no trace of the members of the Commercial Club and
struction of a suitable wagon bridge C. E. Huling, W. M. Weekly, William town or section.
pare for holding mfe»tings accessible grant which now bear no timber.
bodies had been found.
Grappling proceeded to the scene of the acci­
over the Coquille River, between the Stauff, J. D. Carl, L. Strong, O. H.
Against this Coquille has had the to every farmer in his county, and
Forty-five per cent more of these irons were sent up from this city and dent and will aid in the search for
said towns of Powers and North Pow­
advantage of $6,000 spent on the every producer is expected to attend. Wagon Road lands, or 31,854 acres, it is hoped the bodies will be recover­ the bodies of the victims.
R. A. Annin. 11. A. Schroeder, I. M. Marshfield road near Cedar Point, It is a patriotic duty, necessitated by will be fit for grazing after the tim­
ers, and
Up to the time of going to press
Weekly, J. D. Clinton, T. G. Summer- and a share of the benefit from the the spriousness of iootr conditions in ber is removed, and are presumably of
Whereas, such petitions and re
C. C. Carpenter, father of the two none of the three bodies had been re­
quests and the urgent needs of said bn> E. C. Roberts, E. C. Guerin, E. A. expenditure of the $3,000 on the road the United States and all over the very much the same character as the girls, passed through town last ev­ covered. The search has now extend­
locality have been entirely disre- l Dodge, J. H. Schroeder, R. M. Parrish, to Johnson’s Mill.
Also $1,000 was world, and while the government has O. & C. lands coming under the same ening on his way to the scene.
ed down the river as far as Norway
garded and ignored, with the excep- ¡George Mullen, J. II. Radabaugh, W. spent on „right of way and construct­ not gone to the length of compelling category, and also to a considerable
It will be remembered by some of but with an augmented force the riv­
tion that the County has defrayed j T. Brady, W. H. Widby, G. N. Par- ing the road where it enters the city compliance with the plans they have extent still in timber.
our readers that Chauncey Carpenter er will be thoroughly dragged from
one-third of the cost of a cable foot- , r*sb- *L D- Bright, George Kribs, Ole from Myrtle Point.
Only 4,160 acres, or less than five was the young man who swam ashore the scene of the accident down to that
outlined, if all producers do not vol­
bridge spanning said river, the re- | Iverson, Rev. J. F. Vernon, J. D. Ben-
This year-Coquille will get practi­ untarily
comply, more strenuous per cent of these lands is listed as from the wrecked schooner Randolph, point again.
maining cost being defrayed by pri- nett, Samuel Miller and G.
Round, cally none of the money from the measures will be taken.
“ rocky.”
vate contribution, and
Judge Watson said that on account general fund but will spend only dis­
To help arrange these meetings
Many home-hungry people no doubt
Whereas it is impossible to trans-
tbe decisive vote of 137 for to 31 trict money on the roads leading into County Agent Smith is appointing a have their eye on these public lands in
County Council of Defense, the mem­ Coos county, which Uncle Sam has
port by vehicle, merchandise or com- against given by Powers on the road the city.
The rights of way for the ap­ bers to have charge of the meetings now reclaimed to dispose of them in Important Vegetable Is Highly Val- E. G. Perham and Hagquiat & Bjork-
modities of any sort whatsoever be- 1 b° nd issae a year ago they felt very
ued as Food, Fresh or Canned.
quist Are Lowest Bidders.
tween said towns or from the railroad kindly to the people there; but the proaches and roads to the Myrtle May 12 in their respective districts. accordance with the terms of the or­
depot in the town of Powers to the ! matter had to be taken under advisc- Point bridge have been practically It is intended to hold a meeting in iginal grant at $2.50 an acre after
Beans are the most concentrated
E. G. Perham was awarded the con­
But in
town of North Powers except by ford- mcnt as it was n°t apparent where •secured and the plans and specifica­ every school house in the county at the timber has been sold.
ing the said Coquille River, and in so the $12,000 to $lf>,000 required to tions .for this as well as the Gravel which every man, who produces food view of the facts we have stated and food grown, yield well, and are in de­ tract for the construction of the Coal-
doing trespassing upon private prop- build the bridges asked was to come Ford and Cunningham bridges will or agricultural products of any kind, the entire uncertainity as to how long mand at high prices that are going edo-Cedar Point unit of the Marsh-
is expected to be present.
Census the purchasers to whom the govern­ higher. Grow all that can be har­ field-Myrtle Point road and Hagqvist
erty. That said river is impassable to from. Besides no roads have yet been be ready soon.
The court is in an adjourned session blanks will be on hand, to be filled ment will eventually sell the timoer vested and cared for properly. They & Bjorkquist were the successful bid­
even such primitive methods of trans- , 'a*d out to connect with such bridges
portation for over six months of the 1 and an expenditure of some hundreds today and will meet again to open out by the farmers showing what on them, will get through logging will grow on white lands—well drain­ ders on the Bandon- County Line unit
year, because of high water.
That °t dollars m u't be incurred immed- the bids on the Cunningham unit on they can prod uce this your, the acre- them off,—and also the certainity that ed—on sticky land, red hill land, gray at the Saturday session of the County
Both parties submitted unit
when logged off, they will not be fit land and river bottoms. Lady Wash­ court.
( Continued on fourth page.)
there are over one hundred families ¡ately t j remove the big slide on the the 19th.
for cultivation until a vast amount ingtons are good, and Mexican tree bids and the clerk informs the writer
affected by such condition living at wagon road up the east side of the
of labor has been expended in clearing beans on mellow soils. Red Mexicans that it would take a day and two
the present time in the town of North r‘ver near Powers.
The Honor Guard’3 Dance.
pages of the Herald to give the gist
them— the Sentinel would frankly ad­ are good on most soils.
Powers, and more than fifteen hun-
Commenting on the petitions and
No chance to plant beans should be of the bids. But two bids were sub­
vise such people to hunt some othc
The local Honor Guard has got out
dred people living in the vicinity of demands of the taxpayers of the up-
overlooked, as all kinds of early ma­ mitted on the first unit and only three
good job while they are waiting.
said proposed improvement vitally af- j per river Judge Watson stated yes- posters announcing a benefit dance at
As to the conditions which prevail turing beans will probably be in de­ contractors entered the contest for
fected, and
terday that no decision had been Heazlet Hall next Saturday. May 12.
in the O. & C. lands in the other west­ mand at high prices next fall. On the last named project.
Whereas, by reason of the absence 'eached relative to the Powers bridge, The girls have been to some expense
Oregon counties, the Sentinel is very warm soils, beans may be plant­
The various bids submitted on the
of a wagon bridge at said point great bu^ tbat as no rights of way for the
not fully informed, but they must cer­ ed as late as June 5, but on ordinary two projects are as follows: On the
and unusual hardship and expense approaching roads had been secured have decided on a benefit dance to
soils the planting should be complet­ Marshfield road, Perham bid $80,039.-
has been and will be inflicted upon the on e‘ ther side of the river it would be raise a fund for their treasury. Good Something About the Lands to tainly be in a large measure the same
ed hy May 25.
as in Coos county.
60 and the Elliott Contracting Com­
residents, property owners and mer- impractical to consider the construc- music will be had and a royal good
They may be used in many forms pany, of Portland, bid $87,772.50. On
Unless the reader of these lines
The patronesses
lie Opened for Settlement
chants of said community.
■tlon of a bridSe until tbese items had time is promised.
has had some experience in clearing and contain high percentage of heat the Bandon-county line road the Elli­
for the occasion will be Mesdames
Now Therefore, We the under-
bakan care of’ and tbat tbf e" ‘
in This County.
This vegetable will stand ott Contracting Company bid $65,-
logged off lands for the plow, and has calories.
Fred •Slagles J. A. Lamb, M. J. Hart-
signed, members of Powers Con,mer-
WaS Stl1 under
some money to put into that work, he much abuse and, like most plants, will 191.00, D. P. Plymale and Elbert Dy­
son, Leo J..Cary and G. Earl Low.
cial Club, property owners and citi-
Now that the United States Su­ ought not to try to get a home on give abundant returns for good care er, of Bandon, .bid $54,470.26 and Hag-
zens, in public meeting assembled, do
re,>aests ™ade by
and cultivation.
quist & Bjorkquist bid $49,665.10. On
Court has decided that the O. this $2.50 an acre land.
hereby protest against the apparent
*tatcd tha‘
The stringless (string) bean bears both projects Grant Smith & Com­
indifference and disregard of your thlS sect,on’ accordln* to assessed
in abundance and is easy to can. One pany, of Portland, placed bids on a
Stick to the Agreement.
Chas. Hall, president of the Coos posed of according to the terms of the
valuation, had received far more of
Honorable Body towards this urgent .,
There has been a tendency on the of the best varieties is Burpee's commission basis, they to receive 10
, ....
the county money in the past few County Good Roads Association, was Chamberlain-Ferris act, and those
need of this community, and we re-
.. '
. 1
per cent on the actual cost of the
, ,, , .
years than any other section, owing over from the Bay Wednesday. He which have not move than 300,000 part of a few lately to disregard the Stringless Greenpod.
spectfully request that immediate ac-
. . . . . . .
, ’
For successional pickings three work, but these bids were not consid­
says that while in Portland attending feet of merchantable timber per acre closing agreement to which they
tion be taken by you to remedy the ^
the fae‘ . that the?
plantings should be made in the sea­ ered by the court.
same, and further
™ d' ^ ^ " e
to the valu- the Good Roads meeting last Satur­ will be opened for entry as home­ signed their names a few weeks ago.
The first planting should be
ation. And in addition to this, there day he made arrangements to have steads as soon as the government If one busines man keeps open all the son.
We emphatically protest against win be spent jn that (Iistrict near,
that leading apostle of the good roads completes its cruise and provides the rest in the same line of business will made at this time, the second one, prolonged and the quality of the
the expenditure of county road or $25,000 from the General Fund this gospel, Frank Terrace, and Sarq^iel necessary regulations, a great many do likewise and thus render the agree­ three or four weeks later, and the beans maintained. Also it is desirable
bridge funds at any other point or year, aside from the work petitioned Hill, address three booster road meet­ people are anxious to find out all they ment null and void. The members of third about the first of July, which and important that the vines have
proposed location and »specially upon f or. In this are incIuded the fo]]ow ings in Coos county about ten days
will give fresh pickings about Sep­ plenty of moisture, otherwise, the
can about the character of these the Military Reserve resent this un­
the project known as the Coos City ing items: The Myrtle Point bridge before the bond election, June 4. Ev­ lands.
patriotic action and have been quite tember 1 to 10. Kentucky Wonder beans will not be so brittle and ten­
is a good late variety, and Dicken­ der. Either a good soil mulch should
bridge, until some adequate relief is $18,000. Graved Ford bridge $5 Boo’ eryone in Coos county knows Mr. Ter-
The following facts in regard free in expressing their opinions of
son’s Yount bears pods of unusual be kept or there should be one or two
given to remedy the conditions exist- and the Hoffman slough bridge which l ace’s ability in a campaign of this to their desirability are from the those who do not keep their word.
ing here as set forth above.
irrigations during the warmest parts
The company has been making length in great abundance.
cost $1300, which has just been com­ kind. Mr. Hill has a large collection report of the cruise made by Dennis
T. T. Mauzer,
The Oregon Pole Lima is one of the of the summer.
of road pictures on slides from all McCarthy, which was completed about good progress and deserves the sup­
Nitrate of soda should be used
In addition to these items the judge parts of the world showing road con­ three years ago, and from the records port of all loyal citizens. But if some best acclimitated butter or lima
W. M. Haekwood,
Stated that probably $1000 or more ditions before and after improvement in the assessor's office:
of the stores and shops remain open | beans, is very hardy and makes a sparingly and care should be used
that the crystals do not come in con­
will be spent this year in graveling and he will have these for exhibition
The total number of acres of the between 7 and 8 p. m. on Monday, good growth even in the coolest sum­
with the leaves or stems of the
Former Commissioner W. T. De- the road between Myrtle Point and at the meetings.
Oregon & California railroad land
ment asked for improved roads up Arago. All told the Myrtle Point
Neither the date nor the place grant in Coos county is 121,000 and that a number of the members must j of fine flavor. It is recommended to beans. One or two applications of
the forks from Myrtle Point “ as far section will receive nearly $25 000 where these meetings will he held can in 1914 this was assessed for $1,840,- attend to business and drop out of the those who want a good winter lima. 75 to 100 pounds per acre each will
as salmon run" and a planked road out of a total of $70,000 of the gen- yet be announced.
Beans planted for canning purpos­ be valuable as a stimulant for in­
591, or at the rate of $11.92 per acre. company.
down the west side of the river to eral fund besides what will be spent
es and for picking green will respond creasing the yield and is not expens­
Probably the major part o f this as­
Levi Snyder, Klihyam Captain. well to applications of manure to the ive. It should be hoed in alongside
from their own district funds.
Death of Mrs. Everett Hatcher. sessment, however, was on the tim­
Captain Levi Snyder, of Portland, j soil, and to applications of nitrate of of the rows.—A. G. Bouquet, Head
K. H. Hansen, of Gravel Ford,
In the matter of the Catching creek
ber these lands carried rather than
arrived in Bandon Sunday evening to soda in order that the yield may be of Vegetable Gardening, O. A. C.
wanted eight miles of road gravelled road the county will spend dollar for
Mrs. Everett Hatcher died at the on the land themeslves.
take charge of the bar tug Klihyam
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. McCarthy classified these lands
for the Port of Bandon. Because of
Frank Nelson, of Norway, on Satur­ as follows:
the fact that there were several ves­
day last. The funeral took place at
Lands suitable for agricultural pur­
two o’clock Sunday afternoon, Rev. poses after the timber and brush are sels due to sail Sunday night Mr.
Snyder answered a hurry-up call and
Thomas Barklow conducting the ser­ removed, 11,240 acres.
the steamer Telegraph was held at
vices. A large crowd of sympathiz­
Lands suitable for grazing after
Coquille until after the arrival of the
ing friends were ire attendance. The the timber is removed, 98,326 acres.
train from Portland so that he could
interment was in Norway cemetery.
Lands more or less rocky, 19,480.
reach here in time. Mr. Snyder is not
It was only a little over two years
Figuring this in percentages, we
ago that Mr. Hatcher preceded her to find that the proportion of these lands a stranger here having previous to 12
‘.he spirit land. She leaves two small fit for farming after they have been years ago been master of the local
He is well ac­
children, one nearly eight years old cleared is only a little over 9 per tow boat service.
quainted with the local bar and the
and the other two and a half, now cent of the total.
Presumably the
people here are fortunate in being
doubly orphaned.
most of this agricultural land is now
able to secure his services.— Bandon
covered with timber and therefore
cannot be opened for settlement until
Settle Their Differences.
Capt. Snyder is a son-in-law of J.
it has been logged off. So it Is prob­
F. Schroeder, of this city.
The differences between O. E. Hill able that little if any more than two
and C. S. Murphy, partners in run­ per cent will be open to entry as
Marriage Licenses.
ning a store at Bridge, under the firm homesteads after the government is
May 1—Thomas Despot and Ger­
This trude A. Kromminger.
name of Hill & Murphy, have been ad­ ready to accept filings on it.
justed. There were one or more suits would amount to 2420 acres or only
May 2— Ernest L. Warner and
•• '
filed in the Circuit court and Jay thirty homesteads of 80 acres each— Della Adora Burch.
Montgomery has been running the and the total may be even less than
May 2—Roy Wyant and Ruby L.
business for the past two months. that.
When it comes to lands fit for grac­
Mr. Hill, who has enlisted in the coast
May 3— Peter Bentson and Rose
Photo by American Press Association.
artillery at Marshfield, has sold his ing after they are cleared the cruise Moran.
Photo by Amsitcmn Press Association.
The Michigan Is a lfi.000 ton battleship. 4W> feet lone. She carries eight interest in the business to Mr. Xtur- showed 98,325 acres or almost three " May 4— Warren Leslie Johnson and
The Utah Is • 21.825 ton warship. 521.5 feet long, n e r main hntterleg
twelve Inch guns and a complement of 8C9 officers and men.
quarters of the whole tract.
But Alice Ansey, both of Coaledo.
consist o f ten twe’ vo lnch guna, and she haa a crew of 1,014 officers and men.
phy, the stock invoicing $7,200.
Many Petitions and Requests
W om an and Two Little Girls
for Roads and Bridges
Are Drowned in River
Are Made
Near Myrtle Point
0. « C. UND
U iteci States Dreadnought Michigan
United States Super-Dreadnought Utah