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R E C O M I*
Coos County
The H erald ’s Special Cooa County
N ews Service
Entered as second-class matter May 8, 1905, at the po st office at
Coquille, Oregon, under act of Congrees of March 3, 1879.1
Riverton Briefs
(H e ra ld ’s Special C. C. N ews Service)
School closed la s t F rid a y , A p ril 27.
Devoted to the material and social upbuilding of the Coquille V a lle y The day w as passed by com pleting
the te s ts and m aking prom otions.
particularly and of Coos County generally.
Each g rade w as prom oted to th e next
Subscription, $1.50 per year, in advance.
Phone Main 381 h igher grade, w ith the exception of
two puplis who w ere prom oted on
In giving up the lease of the Herald and retiring W. W. S m ith has sold his team to
from connection with the paper, the undersigned wishes Steve S tu rte v a n t, who is now the
m an of our little burg.
his friends to understand th at this move is caused by the dray
Miss P e rn a Danielson, who has been
impossibility of doing justice both to the paper and to his aw ay fo r q uite a while v isitin g re la ­
other interests.
Even as small a paper as the Herald re­ tives n e a r Pow ers, is now a t hom e.
M. P e terso n w as out w ith his
quires the undivided attention of its editor and manager au E.
to Sunday g iving his fam ily a ride.
to be successful. The same applies to a picture show. W. W. S m ith will w ork a crew next
And when health conditions prevent a man from working week leveling and sm oothing the
roads in the vicinity of Riverton.
even a full day he must adjust his affairs to existing M iss E lsie P hilpott, hav in g closed
conditions. In severing relations with the subscribers h e r w ork a s p rim a ry tea ch e r in the
R iverton school la s t F riday, le ft for
and patrons of the paper he wishes to thank them for the her
home th e m orning follow ing.
kindness with which they have borne with his shortcom­ S. C. S herrill, who closed his w ork
ings and idiosyncracies and for the loyal support they as principal of th e R iverton schools
27th, w ith his fam ily took his
have given. After sixteen years in the newspaper and d A e pril
p a rtu re T uesday for Bandon, w here
printing business in Coos county, he can retire with the he will spend his vacation w ork in g in
feeling that he has met with uniform consideration at the a mill. Both teach ers have been asked
to ta k e th e school again.
hands of the public, and th a t he has been fortunate in re­ F ish in g is now the p astim e of the
taining the good will of practically every one with whom R ivertonites and the way th ey m ake
he has come in contact. There is especial satisfaction in the “ sh in e rs” shine is n o t slow.
Miss N orth, bookkeeper fo r the
this from the fact th a t he has never made an effort to R iverton Fuel Co., has ab o u t recov­
“ cater” to any person, clique or element, but has expressed ered the use of a frac tu red a rm . She
accidentally fell and caused th e fra c ­
his candid opinion on any subject whenever the spirit tu
moved him. In this last “ editorial” he wishes to express
Ne P lus U ltra.
J. C. S A V A G E , Editor and Business Manager
his sincerest best wishes to the old Herald, to its subscrib
ers and patrons and to its owner, from all of whom he has “H ouse o f G olden W ind ow s”
received the kindest treatment.
The appearance of W allace Reid and
To make any introduction or recommendation of J. C. Cleo Ridgely in a new Lasky fe a tu re is
Savage who takes the reins, would be presumption, as he alw ays a signal for pleasant anticipa­
tion on the p a rt of the public. These
has a longer record in the newspaper field here and is far two sta rs will be seen in th e ir fourth
better known in the Coquille valley than the writer. It co-starring photoplay produced by the
Lasky Company, entitled “ The House
only remains to wish him the best of luck.
of the Golden W indow s.” I t is a P a ra ­
m ount release.
With this number of the Herald begins the service of
the writer as editor and business manager. As to the
general conduct of the paper no promises are made except
th a t it will be handled as capably as is posible along lines
tending not only to the betterment of the paper but so far
as possible to the betterm ent of local conditions. The in­
terests of the Herald and of the community are along the
same lines and the readers of this paper may rest assured
that every thing possible will be done for the good of both.
Without the help of the readers and friends of the
paper as well as the individual friends of the writer no
great betterment of the paper will be possible hence it is
hoped that both will be forthcoming, both in a financial
as well as a moral way. In return, reciprocity is promised
in every particular. Improvements in the general con­
duct and appearance of the paper will be forthcoming in a
direct proportion to the good will expressed by friends.
A helping hand from the citizens of this city and valley
will not only be received with appreciation but the re­
sults will be immediately apparent in not only the appear­
ance but in the news value of the Herald.
In retiring from the editorial desk of this paper, Mr.
Levar goes with the very best wishes not only of the in­
coming editor but of the many friends he has made while
occupying th a t position. It is hoped th at the “ new man”
a t the editorial pencil will receive the same courteous
treatm ent accorded to him during his tenure.
J. C. Savage.
A sks Big D am ages
Jacob Leskela has filed su it in the
federal court a t Portland ag ain st the
Sm ith-Powers company to recover $10,-
000 for a broken leg which he sustained
March 7, 1010. Leskela claims he was
in the employ of the company a t th a t
tim e and th a t the company was respon­
sible for the accident wnich resulted in
his injury.
Black Cam el.
was threatened, he seized the black
cam el, which was the sub ject of w or­
ship and which he th o u g h t would pro­
tec t him from the u n ju st accusation,
and escaped on it th ro u g h enem y
country to the cam p of the w hite
Now B arnes C ircus F eatu re.
C aptain C allahan, seeing the value
the p riest and black cam el would be
to the B arnes Circus, extended shelter
and protection through m any excit­
ing experiences, b rought the M oham et
p riest, w ith iloly Moses, the black
iam el, to A m erica and they a re now
w ith the circus. A s n e ith e r the cam
cl or p riest can speak very good E ng-
lish, th e ir m ost in te re s tin g adven
lures a re likely to rem ain undisputed.
But th e sig h t of the black camel
clears up a long supposed belief that
the black cam el w as to ta lly extinct,
though once believed to be the m other
of al! cumels.
Holy Moses is one of the 1000 a n i­
m al perform ers to be seen in the
B arnes Circus. The only group of
perform ing cam els, dancing and pos­
ing horses, lions, tig e rs, in fact, n e a r­
ly every specie of anim al known to
m ankind a re seen in circus features.
Holy Moses, a curious black cam el
from the stra n g e, sunbaked d e se rt in
th e vicinity of Mecca, is one of the
s ta r a ttra c tio n s of th e Al. G. B arnes
fo u r-rin g wild anim al circus, which
will give tw o perform ances in M yrtle
P o in t on May 7, and tw o in M arsh­
field on May 8.
M ention the black cam el and the
circus press a g en t goes into ecstacies,
fo r about th is ra re anim al is a tru e
rom ance, which connects the anim al
w ith the sacred rig h ts of th e fa n atic a l
M oham m edan sons of th e d esert.
The c ap tu re and p resen tin g to the
public of th is unusual a ttra c tio n
m akes a good story. A p a rty of h u n t­
ers, who a re ever seeking new fe a ­
tu re s fo r th is m am m oth anim al c ir­
cus, including J . C. C allahan, M ajor
A rchibald M ontague, form erly of the
B ritish a rm y ; R obert Stanley, H ans
Z im m erer, Adolph H ochm eyer and
F ra n k W inforest, traveled p ast the
P. C. L evar, having given up the
city of Mecca and, while encam ped a t lease of The H erald, w ith the end of
an oasis one nig h t, w ere aw akened j the m onth of April, all subscription
by th e a rriv a l of an A rab p riest. The accounts a rc payable to the new m an ­
p rie st, who w as riding a black cam el, agem ent of th e paper. All accounts
askel, th e h u n te rs to give him refuge. due up to th e end of A pril for a d v er­
P rie st Forced to Flee.
tisin g and job w ork a re due and p a y ­
T he p riest tu rn ed out to be the Mo­ able to P. C. L ev ar only, who will se t­
h a m e t K ahn of the K bu-H anbal tle all debts incurred by the paper
m osque, who told an exciting story under his m anagem ent up to th at
a b o u t h aving had to flee from the tim e. A ny one h aving such an ac
dw elling place of th e stra n g e religious count will confer a fav o r by p re sen t­
sect to which he belonged, they hav­ ing it a t once.
in g u n ju stly accused him of breaking
P. C. L evar,
a te n e t of th e K oran. W hen his life
J . C. Savage.
Preceding “ The House of the Golden
W indows” is a list of exceptional Reid
and Ridgely featu res. To the motion
picture public they are known as the
two “ R ’s. ” The photoplays in which
they have co-starred are “ The Golden
C hance,” "T he Love M ask,” and “ The
Selfish W om an.” They also appeared
to g eth e r in “ The Chorus L ad y .”
“ The House of the Golden W indow s”
contains a story quite different from
w hat they have done before as th ere is
a delicate touch o f fantasy intertw ined
with a plot of tense human emotion,
love, excitem ent and huppiness.
I t is
w hat has come to be known as a pic­
tu re of happiness in c o n tra st to the
sordid subjects of which there have
been on the screen all too m any.
photoplay also will m ark the first ap­
pearance, w ith these two sta rs, of M as­
te r Billy Jacobs who created such a
favorable impression w ith M arie Doro
in “ The H e a rt of N ora Flynn” and
Victor Moore in “ The Clown.”
E lects O fficers
L ess th a n six ty of the Coquille M il­
ita ry R eserves tu rn ed out fo r drill
and election la s t M onday evening. F o l­
lowing a h a lf h our drill period the
com pany adjourned to th e city hall.
J . E. N orton, chairm an of th e b u si­
ness org an izatio n was m ade com m an-
der-in-chief and H. C. Getz w as elect­
ed captain. Mr. Getz is one of the
a ssista n ts in th e county ro a d m a ste r’s
office, who have been doing th e p re ­
lim inary w ork of p re p arin g p lan s and
specifications fo r the road p ro g ram
Coos county is to c arry out th is sum ­
m er. He is a g ra d u a te of O. A. C.,
and well qualified fo r th e position,
having been an officer in th e m ilita ry
organization of th a t school.
H. A. Y oung and Wm. Brown w ere
elected first and second lieu ten an ts,
Best Remedy fo r W hooping Cough.
“ L ast w in ter w hen m y little boy
had the w hooping cough I gave him
C ham berlain’s Cough Rem edy,’’w rites
Mrs. J . B. R oberts, E a s t St. Louis,
111. “ It kept his cough loose and r e ­
lieved him of those dreadful cough­
ing spells. It is the only cough m ed­
icine I keep in the house because I
have the m ost confidence in it.” This
rem edy is also good fo r colds and
County R oadm aster Murdock in an
interview Friday stated th a t, included
among others, the following recom­
m endations would be made to the coun­
ty court a t its next m eeting: T hat the
county road leading from Coquille up
the Cunningham be improved by elimi­
nating the three bridges within the city
lim its; th a t the long bridge beyond the
W atson farm be replaced with a fill
and th at the short bridge a t the W at­
son dairy barn be rebuilt.
Included in
the recom m endation will be the oro-
vision th a t all the road from the north
end of the H enry stre e t bridge to th>
McCurdy farm be graveled.
In detail the im provem ents to bi
recom mended will mean the filling of
the th ree bridges in the city limits,
with proper culverts to accommodate
the w inter flow of w ater, and the grad
ing and graveling of the intervening
roadway. A t the long W atson bridge
It is sta te d th a t Mr. W atson will give
to the county a rig h t of way for the
fill to the riv h t of the present bridge
and n earer to the hill and th a t the
grade will be lowered to a considerable
ex ten t, thus lessening the am ount of
fill necessary and also lim iting the
width of the rig h t of way.
A t the short bridge the approaches
will be widened out by heavier cuts at
e ith e r end and the hill a t the north end
of the bridge will be m aterially lower­
ed to give as good a view of the road
aheau as possible.
Aside from these
points the road will follow the present
line and grade.
T hat these recom mendations will re­
ceive the supDort of the Commissioners
is undoubted, for the reason th a t this
road is in th e w orst condition of any of
the four roads leading out of this, the
county seat.
W ith this im provem ent
receiving the approval of the county
court and the work finished there will
be a first-class road from the business
center o f Coquille to Fairview and on
to the B rew ster country, one of the
best feeders possessed by this city.
Car Shortage Bad
A v isit to th e low er m ill la s t week
showed the boom full of fine logs and
the decking loaded to capacity w ith
saw n lu m b er and b u t one c a r on the
I siding. A n interview w ith M anager
W ernich developed the fa c t th ere ex-
, sists a sh o rta g e of cars w hich m ay
| compel th e m ill to close down a t a l­
m ost a n y tim e now unless relief is
| fu rn ish ed by the local railroad.
To accom odate th e o u tp u t of the
m ill a t th e p re se n t tim e will require,
so the w rite r is inform ed, a t lea st
th ree c a rs a week and unless these
a re forthcom ing the o u tp u t of the
m ill will of necessity be cut down to
the n um ber of cars available. This
is an u n fo rtu n a te condition and one
which it is hoped will be of sh o rt dur
The “ C hoir G irls,” who begin th e ir
eng ag em en ts ton ig h t a t th e Bijou,
a re a q u a rte tte of re a l a rtis ts . An
gela M ay is a m usical comedy con­
tra lto from Broadw ay, N. Y. A dah
H ow ard is a soprano of comic opera
and both of these sin g e rs a re head­
line perfo rm ers on th e big circuits.
C aruation Sanchez is a re a l Spanish
señ o rita from M adrid, Spain, and is
one of th e g re a te s t of th e youngest
dance a r tis ts now a p p e a rin g in v a u ­
deville. The late st p o p u lar and nov­
elty songs and m usical num bers will
he heard in th eir perform ances. The
comedy sketch,
“W h at th e P ap ers
Say,” is a sa tire of th e p ress and is
full of “songs and p a tte r.” The m an ­
ag em en t offers these a r tis ts a s an
added fe a tu re w ith th e usual special
photo play and comedy p ictu res—
Rogue R iver Courier.
P ro p er F'ood for W eak Stom achs.
The pro p er food fo r one m an m ay
be all w rong for another. E v ery one
should a dopt a diet suited to his age
and occupation.
T hose who have
w eak stom achs need to be especially
careful and should e a t slow ly and
m astic ate th eir food thoroughly. It
is also im p o rtan t th a t th ey keep th e ir
bowels re g u la r. W hen th e y become
constipated or when th ey feel dull or
stupid a f te r eating, th ey shoull tak e
C ham berlain's T ablets to stre n g th e n
the stom ach and move th e bowels.
They a re easy to tak e and p lea sa n t in
P lease Note!
We have received a number of inquiries from students of the
City school and others who are interested in our stenographic
course, and who have expressed themselves as having decided
to take up this work at a later period. For the information of
those who contemplate joining the NIGHT class we wish to ad-
\ise that on account of the limited amount of time in the Night
ichool that we will only be aide to have two classes of stenogra­
phers until these two classes are graduated which will require
about six months. We accordingly urge those interested to join
when the day school opens.
This announcement, of course, has no connection with the Day-
school where students may enroll at any time.
Day and Night Sessions
Open* May 7th. 1917.
Mew Stock--lu st Received
E ’onomy Jar Caps
White Crown Ja r Caps
Mason Ja r Caps
Ja r Rubbers and Jelly Glasses
Econom y Jars—E. Z. S eal Glass T op Jars
Mason Jars—G olden S tate Mason Jars
Fresh Vegetables and Fruit
H ead L ettuce
A sparagus
C elery
C abbage
O ranges
Cucum bers
G reen O nions
A pples
G rape Fruit
T om atoes
A rtichokes
R adishes
Lem ons
Rolled Barley per Sack__________
Shorts per Sack_____________________ 1.80
Middlings per S a c k ___________________ 2.20
Soya Bran Meal per Sack _____________ 2.75
Bran per Sack______________________ 1.20
Could not be purchased in
car lots at the mill today at
these prices.
Flour, Vim and Snowdrift per Bbl. $11.00
W e have the goods — We have the price
A good place to trade
"E L E S S E -
The Busy Corner Grocery
Phone 691 and 541
Front and C Streets
> C S tT rv >
Coquille, Ore
The Busy
.Lumber—b i1 os—Shingles
can get rid of the hard­
est and most disagree­
able part of the week’s
w o r k b y sending the
wash to us.
Guak ^¿leecl
Wisconsin or Stave
If it can be washed we
can do it.
May Day E xercises
Any size from 8x20 ft., 15 tons to
16x36 ft.. 155 tons
Prices on lumber and any informa­
tion on lumber and silos cheerfully jj
The pupils of th e fourth, fifth and
six th grades have been w orking for
evcral weeks on a May day pro g ram
to he given on th e school grounds j
a t th e m ain building th is afternoon,
aftern o o n , May 1, a t tw o -th irty . A
M ay queen has been elected by the
pupils of the classes and she will be
crowned w ith elab o rate cerem onies.
T here will be d rills and songs and
th ree M ay poles will be wound. The
possibility of bad w eather is th e only
hindering fe a tu re . However, unless
it is actu ally ra in in g the pro g ram will
be presented and all frien d s of the
little folks a re cordially invited to be
p resen t. The ord er of cerem onies will
be a s follow s:
O pening s o n g .“ W e welcome th e May.
S ong. . “ Search fo r the May Queen ”
S o n g ..........................“C row ning Song.”
W inding the M ay-Poles, (th re e ).
S o ld iers...........................D rill and Song.
S o n g . . ............... Brow nies and F airies.
’low er Drill.
Tapanese Song.
Song..........................“The B u tte r-F ly .”
O p e re tta ........... “ The G arden of Iris.”
T he G ra m m a r clowns,
lag Drill.
R osebu rg-M yrtle P oint A u to S tage Line
M yrtle Point
7:40 a. m.
R oseburg
6. a. m.
6 hours Running Time
Connecting with Coquille Auto Lines
J. L. Laird
M y rtle P oin t
One side of your P ass Book will show all the money you have
received. The o ther side will show all you have paid out, and
the cancelled checks are your receipts.
This fine arran g em en t is yours if you will open vour check ac­
count here.
Y our account will be given careful and co> siderate atten tio n .
C A P IT A L a n d S U R P L U S $ 6 0 ,0 0 0 .0 0
n' i
DP re ?Ldent
R. E. SH IN E , Vice P resident
L- H HAZARD. Cashier
O. C. SANFORD, Asst. C ashier
Y. M. C. A.
W hereas, no agency, aside from the
school, has done more for the develop­
m ent of C hristian character, m anly in­
teg rity and physical well being among
our boys and young men than the Young
M en’s Christian Association, and
W hereas, The Association in this per­
iod of w ar-tim e stre ss faces unexam -
led opportunities for developm ent and
patriotic service, and
W hereas, It is urgently desirable
th a t the work which the Young Men’s
C hristian Association is doing, and can
do, for our soldiers in the field, receive
the fullest possible recognition and a s­
Now, therefore, I, Jam es W ithy-
combe, Governor of Oregon, do herehy
proclaim Sunday. May 6, 1017, as O re­
gon Y. M. C. A. day, and I ask th at
the m inisters of the sta te on th a t day
m ake special m ention of association
work and association needs with a view
to arousing widespread public in te rest
and support for th e practical and praise­
w orthy operations of this splendid or­
ganization among the young men who
T h e C elebi a te d
EergmannShoe Str. Elizabeth
Awarded Golf1 Medal
P. P. I. E. San Francisco, 1915
Th strongt st and neai j s t w ater-proof
Sh es m ade for Log rers, Cruisers,
Mi .ers, Sportsm en and W orkers.
te n ’s C o m fo rt D ress Shoe#
S tro n g S hoes fo r Boys
M anufacturer by
T heodore Be ‘gm ann
Shoe M anufacl iring Co.
T h u rm an St
P - t r i l a n d . O re g o n
Ask for the Bergm ann W aterproof
sh« - Od.
R é g u lâ t
t l ie C l> ck
San Francisco
and Bandon
Fir«t-c:avf» far»* o;
.{10J 0
U p f r e i g h t , p e r to n ................... 3.00
E. T . K ru se
2 4 C a lifo rn ia S tr e e t, b a n F r a n c is c o
F o r R é s e rv a tio n »
A g e n t, C o q u ille , O re g o n
h a )e gone forth from th eir homes to of Oregon to be hereunto affixed this
render service to their country.
21st day o f April, 1917.
testim ony wheieof I have set my
Hand and caused the Seal of the S ta te