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    D ìe C oquille H erald
VOL. 35,
NO. 28
Is Being Considered and Out­
come Will be Known
Prominent Southern Oregon
Men Interested
Editor McDaniels Says It Is
Coos County’s Chance to
Pull Out of the Mud
Commission Offered Reduc­
tion in Cement Prices
The people of Coos county now have
an opportunity to pull the county out of
the mud. We not only have $362,000 in
bond money in our banks to spend in
bringing certain adopted projects to
line and grade, and this work has so
far progressed that the County Court
will now set about to secure bids for
g ro w e rs w licJj i o .e i s s i l.i t..e un d er- I actual grading In addition to this we
taking was sufficiently great to insure are getting state aid in the form of en­
their support.
gineering and supervision of this work
Wherever the business is large I which we are to do under the bond is-
enough it is desirable to have a field sue And still in addition to this we
man to work with the farmer members, can get all state roads in the county
An important portion of this man’s paved at state expense when Buch roads
time should be devoted to making cer- are ready for paving, providing the pro-
tain that the proper varieties are posed stste road bond issue passes, in-
grown. Market demands change from ; volving $6,000,000 in funds for that
time to time, and it is essential for | class of work alone. Men who have
success that the cannery be able to [ given the proposed plan a most careful
supply the kind of products that are study, men who are not given to form-
most asked for. One safe rule is to ing opinions without due investigation
put up as high-grade products as pos­ most emphatically endorse the bond
sible, and farmers’ canneries always project and are urging their friendB to
feature of commencement week the
should strive to increase the production endorse it. It is the only means before
whole thing will be given in miniature
of the best grades. These usually the state today wherein so much good
with Professor A. F. Reddie, of the
bring far better average returns to the can be accomplished with so little ex­
department of public speaking, as both
producer than cheaper material.
pense to the taxpayers.
producer and audience. Professor Red-
In fact the entire issue will not cost
die's plan is to work out the handling
of the production through the medium
Seniors to Give “Mr. Bob’ the real estate owner a dollar at any
time, unless he should own an automo­
of this miniature. Louis C. Rosenberg,
bile, and in that event his annual li-
instructor in architecture, will work
As the culmination of many weeks of cense fee will be doubled,
R. B. Murdock Returns with out a model for the use of the producer.
hard work under the direction of Miss 1 In addition to all this we still have
Selection of players for leading parts
Good News From Meeting in the pageant is proceeding. Besides
Newell, the seniors of the high school another source from which funds can
will present the comedy, "Mr. Bob,” be obtained, and that is from the fed-
Miss Emma Wootton, of Astoria, who
of Highway Commission
at the Masonic opera house next Satur- eral government to be expended on
will represent the "Spirit of Freedom,”
day evening at eight fifteen. The cast post and forest roads. These funds
and Miss Melba Williams, of Eugene,
is a carefully selected one and each in­ must be matched dollar for dollar, and
who will appear in the "Dance of
dividual is doing his part in fine shape. the bond bill takes care of that, supply­
Gold,” other parts have just been cast
There are seven characters in the ing sufficient funds to meet u!l federal
as follows: Sacajawea, Miss Charlotte
play and the action is so planned that funds allotted this state.
Banfield, of Portland; “ Spirit of the
every part is really a leading part.
But we must remember that to take
Curry County Road Is to be Valleys,” Miss Helen Bracht, Eugene;
of this the bond issue must
Bon is a young medical student who carry, and the big project must be car­
Crosby, Riddle, Ore.; "Spirit of the
makes his home with his Aunt Rebecca ried along with that of the smaller one.
WaterB,” Miss Eyla Walker, Corvallis;
and niece, Katherine Rodgers. Kath­ Automobile owners will pay all ex­
Beginning yesterday, the state as­ "Spirit of the Plains,” Miss Bernice
erine expects a visit from her friend, penses of interest charges and the prin­
sumed all engineering expense for high­ Lucas, Portland.
Marion Bryant, nick named "Bob.” cipal will be retired in 25 years, leaving
W. F. G. Thacher, professor of Eng­
way work done in Coos county under
Phillip has never met Marion, and sup­ a balance of $7,000,000. Automobile
the $370,000 bond issue. This is part lish, is writing a new male chorus for
poses “ Bob” to be Katherine’s fiance. owners should remember that their li­
of the good news brought back by the pageant.
At the same time, Phillip is expecting cense tax will be doubled whether the
Each county of Oregon will be repre­
County Roadmastar R. B. Murdock
a visit from a college chum while Aunt bond issue carries or not. Should the
who returned from Portland Sunday sented in the pageant by some resident
Rebecca and the servants expect an bond issue fail to pass then the funds
after attending a regular meeting of of that county. The work of prepara­
architect to call. When Mr. Brown, a received from license money will be ex­
the State Highway Commission, which tion is to become constantly more in­
law clerk, arrives on the scene, Phillip pended on Oregon’s highways," where
was held in conference with a repre­ tense from now until the pageant spec­
mistakes him for Mr. Bob, Katherine traffic is heaviest, and in this case Coos
sentative of the federal department of tacle is produced on Kincaid Field, as
supposes him to be Phillip’s college county would not get a cent,
public roads and District Forester Cecil. the last outdoor spectacle of any kind
friend, and the servants are certain he The rancher residing off the main
Mr. Murdock states that the future on that historic playground soon to be
is the architect. Around this case of traveled roads will be benefitted for is
of the road program in Coos has as­ superceded by a i.ew field for which the
mistaken identity is woven a very sim­ it not reasonable to believe that 'he
sumed a very rosy aspect and that, un­ money has been made available.
ple plot but a tremendous amonnt of sooner that the main highways are
less unexpected difficulties arise, the
Longest Bible Verse.
comedy. Added to this is the humerous completed the sooner laterals will be
work will go ahead at a rapjd rate from
The longest verse In the Bible, the
byplay between Patty and Jenkins, the built to the outlying districts to serve
now on. He emphasizes, however, ninth verse In the eighth chapter of
as feeders for the road? At any rate
maid and the butler.
that a great deal depends upon the Esther, contains ninety words.
the man who objects to the plan be­
The cast is as follows:
--------------------- s . « » e -------------- — -
sanction by the people at the June elec-'
Arthur Hooton cause the road is not to be built past
Phillip Royson
tion of the six million dollar bond issue. '
Herbert Lukins his door is not reckoning with the ulti­
Robert Brown
The commission also authorized work
Charles Willey mate course to be pursued and will
to start at once on the surveying of j
Marion Schroeder likely be found in lonesome company.—
Rebecca Luke
the Myrtle Point-Roseburg road and
Zelma Strang Harbor.
Katherine Rogers
Co-operative Canning
the attitude of the commission seems
Leanna Curry
Marion Bryant
to be very favorable toward having ac -1
Ada DownB Oregon’s good roads campaign has
tual construction work commenced on
The rooms occupied by Miss Cecilia That a cooperative cannery is un­
The prices of admission will be twen­ been launched. The Legislature’s Com-
that road this year. This is considered
Hoffman and Miss Edna Olson, over the
ty-five and thirty-five cents.
mittee of Eight, three senators and
of utmost importance by road boosters
Busy Corner Grocery, was entered sufficient quantity of high-grade fruit
five representatives, has taken charge.
of this section, for until this road is
some time Saturday night or Sunday,
Contributions of $10 each were made by
completed, tourist travel in this section and $10, belonging to Miss Hoffman, an article by W. H. Kerr in the 1916
Potato Eelworm Bulletin
all members of the committee, and the
is certain to be very light regardless of and the key to the apartment taken.
Yearbook of the United States Depart­
formal request was made of the press
the character of the road system with­
ment of Agriculture. Many canneries,
Miss Hoffman spent the week-end in
of the state that subscription lists be
in the county.
Bandon and Miss Olson visited a friend it is said, have failed because their pri­ bulletin, and you may get your copy at opened in their columns for the collec­
The minutes of the commission also
in another part of the city, and neither mary purpose was to dispose of culls once by sending to the O. A. O. Exten­
■how that they will consider the $60,- of them were in the rooms Saturday and low-grade products, the portion of sion Service, Corvallis, for it. Ask for tion of funds for the county and state
campaigns. The only restriction as to
000 bond issue money to be spent in
night and most of the day Sundav. the crop that could not be sold on the Potato Eelworm Bulletin No. 198. It
Coos this year as match money to be When they came back Sunday evening market in a fresh state. Such low- will show you how to identify eelworm subscriptions was that none from pav­
met by the state in 1918, provided the they missed the key but thought noth­ grade products naturally bring low infested potatoes and also the necessity ing companies may be accepted. Ai!
state funds do not permit its being ing of it until yesterday when Miss priees. The profit in them is not great for preventing the spread of the eel­ ■ubscriptions made for the state cam­
paign are to be remitted to Senator L.
met this year.
Hoffman went to her purse for a $10 and they are difficult to dispose of at worm pest. This pest far outranks D. Cusick, treasurer of the legislature
At their meeting the Commission
bill which she had left in it, only to
committee, at Albany, Oregon. County
also provided for the prompt approval discover that the purse was empty.
of high grades.
potato beetle, and when once establish­
campaign subscriptions are to be han­
The first step, therefore, in the es­
of the plans and specifications of the
Nothing else in the rooms seems to tablishment of a cooperative canning ed in the soil is pretty nearly there for dled entirely by the local organizations.
three Coos county bond issue projects have been molested. A search is being
keeps. Growers are urged to examine
It was the
business should be to make certain that
which were laid before them. It is
. .. sense . of the committee
made for the guilty parties by the po­ the requisite supply of fresh fruit or their potatoes cloBcly for this pest and .. .
also understood that the other projects lice authorities.
to discard all potatoes that shows any that organisât,on of county campaigns
vegetables can be obtained. A cannery indications of infestation. The bulle- be left entirely in the hands of the sev­
will be approved as soon as they are
ahould be operated as continuously tin tells how to detect the eelworms eral counties, and that the sole function
put before the Commission in the prop­
Academy Report’
of the state headquarters is to be the
throughout the year as possible in or -1 when present.
er form.
dissemination of such literature, infor­
der to avoid the expense of idle ma­
While the roads of Curry county were
Those perfect in spelling for the past chinery and idle help. The most suc­
mation, advertising and other service
all left out of the specified roads in the
For and Against Bonds
as may be required by the county or­
cessful cooperative establishments now
bending bill, the Commission has desig­ week were;
Second grade B class—Frankie True, pack a wide variety of products over a
ganizations. The state headquarters
nated the road north and south through
Comments of one hundred news­ also will cooperate in securing speakers
that county as one ef the reads that Avin McQugg. Alton McAdams, Ches­ j long period, some starting with straw­
will appear on the maps of approved ter McQuigg, Jimmie Agostino, Earl berries in May and continuing steadily papers of Oregon on the road bonding for local meetings to discuss the bond­
McQuigg, Wayne Jacobson, Helen Bec­ throughout the year until they close act have been condensed and presented ing bill. There are many excellent
post and forest roads.
speakers in the different counties who
It appears that there is little more kett, Alta Belle El wood, Jean Baker, the season with the packing of late in the Oregon Voter.
Two-thirds of the papers are sup­ are well versed in the provisions of the
that the people of this section could Freda Baxter, Mary Ella Cary, Ruby vegetables in December. If less than
300,000 pounds of raw material are porting the measure vigorously, one- bill and discuss same ably, and the ser­
ask of the Highway Commission and Westgate.
Second grade A class-Dora Thorn­ handled annually, says the article, it is fifth are doubtful but claim to be open- vices of such will be enlisted to visit
their prompt action on these matters
will undoubtedly avoid considerable de­ ton, Flossie Gilpin, Kathleen Vowell, not likely that the proceeds will permit minded, and a dozen are opposed to its neighboring counties, their expenses to
Agnes Pendleton, Velma Stone, kuby a fair return to the producers.
ratification by the people. This propor­ to be paid from the state campaign
lay in the road work of the county.
McAdams, Florence T hrift
Lack of sufficient capital is another tions are: For the bill, 66 ; doubtful, fund.
----------- ----------- -- s > s «
— -----------
To unite all the counties in the state
Third grade—Tommy Toates, L> Nor- cause of the failure of many coopera­ 18; against, 12 .
nie Pownder, Alda Vowell, Robert tive canneries. Such an enterprise re­
Pageant to be Put on
Nearly every conceivable argument campaign, a covention of supporters of
Brown, Ralph Humbert, Charles Mc­ quires more capital than the average for or against the bill is contained in the bond issue has been called to meet
First in Miniature Adams,
George Belloni, Jean Young, cooperative undertaking. Considerable this symposium of editorial expression. at Portland, Saturday, April 7. Mean­
Mella Brandon. Harold Gould, Leona money is required to meet operating
Apparently if the adoption of the act while the legislature Committee will
Universitv of Oregon, Eugene—Long Carter, Royce Richmond, Loretta Wil­ expenses and the returns from canned were left to the editors of Oregon it take charge of the state headquarters,
before the great Oregon historic pa­ son, Gladys Roby, Doris Emery, Clara goods are frequently not received until would be ratified by an overwhelming the immediate work to be under the
supervision of an exe cutive committee
geant la presented to the public aa a CtauaniUer, Lola Morrison,
A as long aa 18 months or more after the majority.
$10 is Stolen
From Girl
Word was received by o ficials of the
Coquill'' Valley Creamery Co. yesterday
from F. E. Conway, manager of the
Buttercup Dairy Products con pany.
stating that everything possible was
beiig done to hasten the completion of
preliminary arrangements leading to a
d hnite decision regarding the location
of a condei-sary in the C 04 u.Uo Valley.
D. Perozzi, of Ashland, who, with
Mr. Conway, and G. S. butler also of
Ashland, w h s in this city Friday and
Saturday, is now in San Francisco con­
sulting with business associates regard­
ing the condensary proposition,
Mr. Perozzi, with whom the writer is
personally acquainted, has been en­
gaged in the manufacture of milk pro­
ducts in Ashland for a good many
years. Mr. Butler is a banker of that
The proposition which has been put
up to Mr. Conway and his associates
and which they are considering, from
the creamery company, is that the
creamerymen agree to take $3,200 stock
in the Buttercup company; the latter
making a cash payment of the differ­
ence in this sum and the appraised
value of the creamery as it now stands,
which would be somewhere near $7000.
The Western World of last week
“The reports published in Coquille
newspapers that T. P. Hanly of Lam-
pa is one of the prime movers in the
Conway proposition for a condensary to
be located at Coquille, is untrue, ac­
cording to W. J. Sweet of the Bank of
Bandon, who interviewed Mr. Hanly
yesterday. He says that upon his re­
turn from San Frandisco Mr. Hanly
was informed of the Conway proposi­
tion while at Marshfield and that he
had agreed to take an active interest
and put up $5,000 towards it providing
it is located in Bandon. Two days
later, Mr. Hanly says, he heard about
the proposition of E. E. Oakes and he
decided that as long as there is a prob­
ability of getting a plant in Bandon he
would not give his support elsewhere
so has withdrawn. However, should it
be found that Bandon will not get a
plant, he believes that a plant located
anywhere in the Coquille valley would
be of sufficient benefit to the whole val­
ley to warrant support.”
To say that the reports "is” untrue,
because since they were published, Mr.
Hanly, after having pressure brought
to bear upon him from various sources
in Bandon, where most of his interests
are, has withdrawn from the new com­
pany, is hardly a shining example of
accuracy. Mr. Hanly was present at
the meeting of the stockholders of the
creamery when it was explained the re­
lation he held to the company.
delivery of the raw material. Thi
means that money b • advanced to
the grower when lie delivers the raw
material, advances of this character
frequently ranging from 35 to 65 per
cent of the value of the produce. The
money required for the purpose may
frequently be secured from banks, if
the plant and equipment are free from
debt when operation» are begun, .f
t his is not the case, however, the banks
may be unwilling to advance much
money. Aa an instance of what is pos­
sible with good credit the article men­
tions a farmers’ cannery in the West
which recently purchased a trainload of
sugar for use throughout the year and
Berured $S5,000 fr m one bank for that
A third consideration of importance
is continuity in the business. A suffi­
cient volume of baseless must be se- j
cured not only for one year but for i
succeeding years, and the contract with
the pro d u cers, therefore, should be
made to run for a considerable period
o f time. It is r ' so d ' i-ib le that the
p ro d u cts and the varioi.-s should be
distinctly specified. Some of the more coo,, r .! >'.■ c ir. ' ries have-
depended primarily upon a few big
PER YEAR $1.50
consisting of Senator W. D. Wood of
Hillsboro, Chairman, Senator E. D.
Cusick of Albany, Treasurer, and Rep­
resentative Roy W. Ritner of Pendle­
ton, Secretary.
A reduction of 25 cents r barrel on
the market price of cement when used
for road work was tendered by the
Oregon Portland Cement Co. to the
State Commission at its meeting just Militia of 18 States Called
held, and the cement people were com­
Out and Appeal is Made
mended for the spirit they showed.
However, the commission insisted that
for More Men
to be thoroughly fair, the cement com­
pany should include cement for bridge
work in the 25 cents a barrel reduction.
The company has the Commission’s de­
mand under consideration, with every
prospect of favorable concession.
Paving promoters who have come in Papers Are Asked to Aid in
Recruiting Men
contact with the State Highway Com­
mission have received little comfort, j
The Commission insists that high prices
for paving, boosted up to reimburse
The President last night signed an
paving companies for promotion ex- executive order directing that the au-
penses, will not be tolerated. The thorized enlisted strength of the navy
state should not be required to pay pro- be increased to eighty-seven thousand,
motion costs, the Commissioners say, He was authorized by congress, in case
and they state further that if paving °f emergency, to direct such increase
bidders do not whittle their prices down ' n enlistment. New ships and ships in
to where these fancy promotion charges reserve are being fully commissioned
are eliminated, the state will buy its
rapidly aa possible and the need is
own machinery and build its own roads imperative for a larger enlistment to
direct by day labor.
man them. There has been a net in-
The word also has gone out that no crease of over six thousand five hun-
patented pavement will be UBed by the dred in enlistment Bince congress re­
Commission unless the promotion and cently authorized an increase, but many
royalty charges are squeezed right more are needed, and needed now.
Will you not emphasize this need by
down to a reasonable profit on the ac
tual work to be done. The Commis- giving special prominence Monday, on
sion flatly states that all standard the first page of your paper, to the
types of paving must be considered in president’s order, and also by making
open competition with each other, and an editorial appeal for new recruits for
that if none of the bids is low enough the navy.
The navy offers exceptional advan­
"the Commission will proceed to do the
work itself by force account after the tages to youi.g men of stuff and ambi­
purchase and installation of its own tion to serve in the first line for na­
paving plant. ” The quotation is from tional defense. In this emergency you
the formal expression of the Commis­ have the opportunity and the privilege
of performing this public service, and
- -• » *
1 am confidently appealing to you for
your cordial and helpful cooperation.
Secretary Navy.
Telegrams similar to the above were
received by nearly all the daily news­
papers of the country, and appeared on
Coquille received a foretaste of war the front pages of them yesterday.
yesterday when Paul Gary and J. C. j
Washington, March 26.- The infan­
Miller, members of the O. N. G., re­
ceived orders to join their commands at try militia of Oregon, Washington, Ida­
the Clackamas training grounds at once, ho, Montana and California has been
Mr. Gary, who belonged to Company M called out and ordered to recruit to its
at Salem, left this morning, accom­ full war strength. The order was is­
panied by his wife, who will go ss far sued at midnight.
as their home in Salem. Mr. Miller, : Washington, March 26.—The militia
who belonged to Company D of Port­ of 18 states, comprising 18,000 men are
land, leaves this afternoon.
to be mobilized at once. The war de­
Chaa. Schroeder received a phone partment requests that no details of lo­
message this morning from Stanley cation or movement of troops be pub­
Bartlett, from Portland, requesting lished at the present time.
that his uniform be sent to him there
Portland, March 26.—Over 1,000 men
that he might join his command. Mr. of the Oregon militia are under arms.
Bartlett had been called east by the All companies comprising the Third
death of his father and arrived in Port­ regiment are at their armories, await­
land yesterday. He is a member of ing orders. Recruiting is reported to
Company B.
be brisk. All companies are ordered to
report for doty at full strength and the
Lakeside May Bond
Third must double its enlistments. The
For School Building Eighth company coast artillery, called
last Friday to guard the bridges, is the
County Superintendent Raymond E. on*y other unit of the Oregon militia
Baker reports that the Lakeside school underarms Seven other companies of
district No. 66 , has posted notices call- co«8t “ 'tillery, troop cavalry and bat­
ing an election to vote on the propoei-
artillery are not yet called but are
tion of voting a $5000 bond issue to expecting orders,
build and equip a modern school build-
ing for that district.
Rear Light for Autos
He ialso reports splendid progress in
the organizing of Boys’ and Girls' In­
G. G. Stewart, a w e ll known Rose-
dustrial Clubs. Norway has recently
formed a club of 26 members and Riv­ burg resident, has word from the Guid
erton has ore of 15 members. A good Motor Lamp Co.,of Cleveland, Ohio, that
size c!ub has also been organized at his invention that he perfected several
months ago, was practically a success.
Principal B. R. Jones of the Broad- This invention is called the "Hack-a-
bent school has been compelled to go Lite” and is an attachment for autos
to Portland for medical treatment and that enables the motorist to beck his
during his absence Mrs. Minnie M. car at night with enough light from
this lamp to asaure him of being safe.
Hermann is in charge of the school.
Miss Harriet Sweet started a term of It is attached to the reverse of the car
school at the Sunnyaide district a week and when this is applied automatically
lights the lamp.
ago yesterday.
Get Orders to
Report at Once