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    Full Text of Harry Lane’s
M uch ^ ritlcized Speech p BARGAINS IN READING MATTER @
5 plead Magazines and t ie
$2 Three
Ccqui.le Herald-Ail One Year $2
The Senate had under consideration fight for him. No; I would not take
the following resolution (S. hes. 351), any chance of being shot at for him.
subm itted by Mr. Stone on February 5: That kind of a citizen is of no value or
W hereas, the President has, for the credit to us; ht puts this Nation in
reasons stated in his address deliver d peril and does not bring anything of
to the Congress in joint session on Feb­ value in return to this country after
ruary 3, 1917, severed diplomatic rela­
tions with the Im perial German Gov­ having been nurtured in it to the age
ernm ent by the recall of the American of m aturity, an j ge when he ought in
ambassador at Berlin and by handing ordinary decenc> to help keep out of
By Taking Advantage of this O ffer You Receive
his passports to the German am bassa­ trouble by using a reasonable amount
dor at W ashington; arid
Whereas, notwithstanding this sev­ of common sense. So I would say to
erance of diplomatic intercourse, the him when he starts for the w ar zone,
President has expres ed his desire to “ My dear brother, we bid you farewell;
The recognized authority in the Northwest on Agricul­
avoid conflict with the Imperial G er­ you may go there if you want; you can
man Government; and
The biggest, best and cleanest paper of its kind in the
W hereas, the President declared in
Northwest States, we recomme ¡d Western Farmer to our read­
his said address th at if in his judgm ent tween the firing lines, but I do not as­
occasion should arise for further action sume any responsibility for your ha, :> -
ers. The regular subscription price is $1 per year.
in the premises on the part of the Gov­ ness or good health. It is right up l
ernm ent of the United States he would you.”
submit the m atter to the Congress and
ask the authority of the Congress to A fter a nation has fought brav ?1.
use such means as he might deem nec­
Better Fruit is published ft Hood River by men who are
well a o a v e the others and ft
essary for the protection of American and
with the needs of the f.uit growers and horticulturists of
seamen and people in the prosecution
of their peaceful and legitim ate e r­ and for as high ideals as its enemies,
Sells regularly at $ I per year.
rands on the high seas; Therefore be it and it should come and say to me that
Resolved, That the Senate approves there is a certain zone about my
the action taken by the President as enemies’ country inside of which no
vet forth in his address delivered before
The Household is one of the best of the monthly home
the joint session of the Congress, as ship will be perm itted to pass with am­
munition or food, I would say to him,
above stated.
Interesting stories, helps for the busy housewife, the
Mr. Lane. Mr. President, I have “ Veiy well, th at suits me first-rate. I
latest fashion and dressmaking advices and many other depart­
been unable to attend the sessions to­ live more than 3,000 miles away from
ments go to make this paper one of the most widely read and
day. I was on com m ittee work all day, you and our people at home need all
best liked papers in its field.
from 10 o’clock until about 3, and I the food we have and more than they
have not heard the argum ents. I find get and it looks like we might need our
myself compelled to decide on a ques­ ammunition after awhile in order to re­
tion which I have not heard discussed habilitate ourselves from a peace foot­
either pro or con.
ing to one of reasonable war prepara­
New, Renewal, or Extension Subscriptions Accepted
As far as I am concerned personally, tion in the event that some other na­
I have felt as a citizen of this coun­ tion may come to dislike us. It is up
In Addition
try that it was the duty of the Con­ to you, gentlem en. I will keep my
gress and the executive departm ent of ships at hom e.”
the Government to keep the people out There is many a family in this coun­
of war a t this time except in case of try today, gentlemen, who under the
SPECIAL ADDED INDUCEM ENT: To all sending acceptance
repelling invasion. The w ar between high cost of living, due in part to the j
of this offer, within ten days, we will include FR EE a Rig, Special 211-
the w arring nations is a horror, the war, are not getting enough to eat.
Page Atlas of The Pacific N orthw est States and of the World. Invalu­
greatest that has ever happened in the Right here within five blocks of this
able for Home, School or Office, this Atlas is far and away the biggest
history of mankind; it has cost suffer­ building where I am talking, or not to
premium ever offered to our readers. A big collection of late, accurate
ing and loss of life and loss of money exceed 10 squares, and all over the
maps, and down to date information of vital interest to everyone. The
to a degree that is almost incalculable. country there are families th at are
Atlas alone is worth more than the price of the entire offer. Call at our
I did not w ant to participate in it. We cutting down on their food supply for
office and see this premium for youiself.
are 3,000 miles from where it is being lack of money with which to pay for it.
carried on, or more than that, in fact, Our first duty is to them. Prices of
on the average. We will have plenty food have gone up so high th at no more
to do if we attend to our own business. can they ea t the amount which is nec­
We should occupy a position of strict essary for their proper nourishment.
neutrality with kindly expression to all They are also going short of clothing
and the hope that they may quit the aud shoes, both in quantity and quality,
useless slaughter and v ith an offer to and children begin to suffer here at whom I believe indorse me in the posi­
freely help them recover themselves home, ajl due in a degree and indirectly tion which I take here and who have
when they do quit, quite regardless of to this great and unfortunate conflict
th at we be kept out of this war.
either or any of the nations and w ith­ which is going on upon the other side prayed
So I say, th at while . have not had
out prejudice to any one of them. That of the ocean, and I have no heart in it time
to be here to listen to this argu­
has been my state of mind ever since or for it.
to the argum ent which m ight
the war began.
I would say to the people of this convince
me that this is not my proper
I love the English and their bulldog country or to the gentlemen who want course
to pursue, they are my opinions
grit. In part they are my ancestors. I to ship merchandise and other articles as one of
you,- representing a people
always did like them. I think I love of value for profit for the support of ju st as good
whom you repre­
the French more than any other of the these other people, th at our people also sent, and I am as any
itx u u u ix x ttx m m
to express
warring nations. They came to our need them, and it may be th at they them at any time not or afraid
rescue in a time of our early history, need them nearl; as badly as do the Vote upon resolution February 8,
and they are such a light-hearted,loyal, people over there. In England the 1917, relative to relaiions with Ger-
patriotic people th at I admire them. I price of bread is said to be cheaper Mr. Lane. Mr President, before I
I CENT statistics show that the number of
admire the Germans for their efficiency than it is in this country for the reason
upon committee work 1 wish to say
women bank depositors is steadily increas­
and steady industry, their deep, hard th at they have cheaper w heat than we go
at I was not recorded yesterday upon
ing. It is a healthy sign of business condi­
study in solving problems of scientific have, because they bought it from us th
the vote on the resolution of the Sena­
tions. There was a time when the number
and economic value to the world, in when the m arket was lower. Our first tor
Missouri (Mr. Stone), and I
of women depositors was practically nil.
which m atters they have led every duty lies here; and our people both wish from
to announce th at 1 would have
With the advent in the business world of
other nation. I like all of those people. need and w ant bread. They are our voted
“ nay” had I been able to secure
so many women it was assured that tlio
I have visited in all those countries as a people, and they are those of our peo­ entrance
Chamber. It seems
number of female depositors would show an increase.
medical student and I made my home ple who will have to fight if we become at owing to to this
some condition of public
Women arc inclined to be more thrifty than men.
in the family boarding houses. There entangled in your embroilment. Our th
affaiis a t half past 4 o’clock in the day
Thrift and banking go hand in hand. Many women in
was never a better woman in the world first duty is to them.
outside doors here are locked and
this community have bank accounts. To those who
than the English woman with whi rr I would say to those who w ant to go the
this body of em inent gentlem en are
have not this appeal is made. Open a bank account
you go to board. There is nobody more across the dead line, where there are locked
do not know who has
today. Once having opened it, add to it. Watch it
kind than the good, motherly old French submarines and Zeppelins th at drop taken it in. upon I himself
to lock us in or
grow. You’ll like the experience.
woman who takes you into her house bombs, “ Go, and God go with you; but lock us out, and I resent
assum p­
and treats you as she would her own go at your own risk. I will not fight tion of power either to the
lock us in or
to save the merchandise of any such out.
When you go over to Germany the American citizens as you are. Go and
Gallinger: Did the Senator try
good old hausfrau delights in stuffing g et killed if you w ant to, but we, the the Mr. door
both ways?
Farmers and Merchants Bank
you, if she can, with good things to people, will not fight for you, or the Mr. Lane.
I tried it both ways. j t mtitiwi
litm t-v.
eat, like your own m other did, and then like of you, or for your cargoes of war I was called out Yes;
and did not g et back
assigns you to sleep between preat supplies.”
thick feather m attresses, which smoth­ I have been at sea a little, and al­ in time to vote.
er you almost to death, but always though I have never served “ before
with the kindliest intention. No msn the m ast’’ I will guarantee to the Sen­
can visit among any of these people ate that I can take a ship out to sea, In the Circuit Court of the Stale of Oregon
without loving them, respecting them, «¿nd if the sinking of th at ship will
and for the County of Coos
U nder New M anagement
and being ready to fight to keep them cause war between this country and M ary A in lta
M orrissey , |
happy and out of the horrors of war. some other nation I can bring a war
this well-equipped hotel, I propose
P la in tiff ,
j Suit in
Those are my sentim ents and have home to you and upon this country in
f Equity
such a manner as to merit pat-
M orrissey , ! for Divorce
been a t all times. I have commiser 10 days. It would he an easy thing to O tto A.
ronage and give satisfaction to the travelii ling
D efendant .
ated with all of them , and only hope do, so easy that I fear it will be done
To O tto A. Morrissey, the above
and pray th at we, as an independent by those who would profit from such an named
Nation outside of their borders, with incident. We are running a g reat risk IN TH defendant:
prosperous conditions, might stay at at this time From motives of selfish­ OREGON, You are hereby required to
and answer the complaint of
home and mind our own blessed busi­ ness anyone may force this country appear
plaintiff in the above entitled Court
ness. We have plenty to do here, and into a war in a week, if we are going the
within six weeks from the
should keep out of tn at trouble.
I to stand upon our rights to act the fool date of the first publication of this sum­
mons, to-wit: within six weeks from
In early days where I came from in any such a manner.
6th day of March 1917; and if you
when a row would spring up among It is the duty of this country, first the
to appear or answer the said com­
men, and they began shooting at one and now, as it has been its duty for fail
plaint on or before the 17th day of Ap­
another, the rule of common sense some time in the past, to say to Ameri­ ril. 1917, the same being the last day
which was practiced by the people who can citizens: “ Go yourself or with of the tim e prescribed in the order of
the plaintiff will apply to
were not engaged in it was to keep out your ships at your peril; go with the publi-ation,
the Court for the relief demanded in
of it, and nobody who was not a born understanding that you are about to her
said complaint, a succinct state­
fool ever rushed in between them to cause the loss of thousands of lives of ment of which is as follows: That the
become a backstop for bullets. We your fellow citizens, who are ju st as m arriage contract heretofore existing
between the plaintiff and the defendant
always left them to fight it out, and good men as you are, and most of them be
annulled, set aside and held for
thanked God we were not mixed up in better, l presume; go if you w ant to naught;
th at the plaintiff be restored
it, and then when the smoke had clear­ make an excursion into the realms of to her maiden name of Mary Alfa Stan­
ed away we gathered the dead up on a w arfare; but go at your own peril. We ley. and for such other and further re­
lief as to the Court may seem meet and I
shutter and sent for a doctor for the will not imperil the happiness and per­ equitable.
wounded; we regretted the occurrence haps the very existence of this Nation Service of this summons is made
and went about our business. At this to fight for such as you.” So also to upon you by publication thereof pur­
time we are confronted with a similar the man who wants to ship for profit I suant to the order of the Honorable 1
es Watson, Judge of the County :
condition, where one nation has said to would say: “ Do you also go, but at Jam
Court of the State of Oregon for Coos
us, “ We arc at war and you must not your own peril. I will see you to the County,
made on the 3rd day of March
trade with such and such a' country,and i 3-mile limit, I will give you a Book of 1917.
A ttorney for Plaintiff.
if your ships are loaded with cargoes Psalms and a God bless you, and ’a 3-6-7t
that will be of value to those people fare ye well to you,’ and then watch
whom we are fighting we will confis­ you fade from vit w and sink into the
Notice of Final Settlement
Pnone 496
cate the cargo and tie your ships up in horizon, and if you come back, well and Notice is hereby given th at the un­
our docks.’’ Then later along comes good; hut if you do not coine back 1 dersigned has filed his final account in ]
the other country and claims that the will not grapple e (her for your body or the m atter of the adm inistration of the —
other enemy nalion is trying to starve your cargo. You well know the risk estate of Darius G. Neal, deceased, and
that the County Court for Coos
them, which they are, and they place yourself, and you nave a right to as­ County,
Oregon, has set Wednesday,
the san e restricti : s upon us, and sume it; hut you I ive no right to push the 11th day
of April 1917 as fhe day,
draw a dead line around their enemy's or drag me into y. ur row. The minute and the County Court Room in the
country and declare it to be a danger you do, you become my enemy, ju st as County Courthouse in the City of Co­
Coos County, Oregon, as the
zone and tabooed.
much as the fon ii ners with whom I quille, for
hearing objections to said final
Any American citizen who would go have no conflict oi anything but kindly place
account and the settlem ent of said es­
to Europe and walk down between the feeling.’*
trenches where they were firing at one That is where I stand on this ques­ Dated this 7th day of March. 1917.
another with th«‘ir machine guns would tion, and w here , Ise am I going to Adm inistrator
with the will annexed
be an ass, and would deaerve to get stand, not only foi myaelf. but for the of the estate of
Darius G. Neal, De­
3-13 5t
just what he would get. I would not * people whom I am representing, and ceased.
The most independent
man on eal th
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