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    T he C oquille H erald
VOL. 35,
NO. 24
suffered defeat at Itandon by a score of
40 to 24. This leaves Marshfield slight­
ly in the lead in the championship race,
while Bandon and Coquille are tied for
second place.
Friday evening o f this week the
hardest game o f the season will be
played when Bandon comes up. At
present they have an excellent chance
for the championship.
Hotbox Causes Flame W hich
Coach Gary’ s line-up for Friday night
Spreads Rapidly Through­
will be the strongest team o f the sea
out Re-Saw Room
son and they will do their best to re­
peat the trouncing which they gave
Handon on their own floor some time
ago. That it will be a fast game, is
assured by the fact that Bandon is
bringing an excursion o f 100 rooters to
boost their team.
Fire Department Does Excel­
The town people -of Coquille should be
lent W ork
out to see this game, which is th e' last
o f the season to be played here.
Fire broke out in the resaw room o f
the Johnson mill shortly after nine
o ’ clock Thursday morning and before
the flames were checked by the mill
hands and the fire department, did
damage amounting to about $2500.
While the cause o f the blaze is not pos­
itively known, it is supposed to have
started from a hot box on some o f the
Let Us Honor Our Foe
(The Record)
If we are to fight the Germans, let
us fight them with weapons o f war—
not with epithets.
There is no need for this country to
descend into the sewer of billingsgate
that has dishonored a large section of
the allied press and public since the
war began.
The first alarm was given by the
train which was just leaving the sta­
England gains nothing by calling the
tion for Powers. Seeing the flames the
engineer stooped his engine and gave Germans “ Huns.” France gains noth­
six or eight short blasts o f the whistle, in, v by dubbing her foemen “ Boches. ”
the last of which mingled with the Russia gains nothing by naming the
Teutons “ swine.”
hoarse screech o f the mill’ s whistle.
Prompt work on the part o f the mill
hands and the volunteer fire depart­
ment, under the supervision o f Chief
H. O. Anderson, was the only thing
that prevented more serious damage
from resulting.
In practically no time
after the lire was discovered the fire
hose with which the mill is provided,
were pouring water into the blaze and
before the firebell rang both city hose
carts were on their way to the mill.
The interior o f the mill was covered
with wood dust and the strong wind
which was blowing ufi the river had
caused the fire to spread rapidly and
by the time water was obtained from
the city’ s fire hose the entire west end
o f the mill was a mass o f flames, and
the occupants ot the buildings across
the railroad track were becoming very
much alarmed as the heat was almost
unendurable along the rear o f these
buildings. In a very few minutes,
however, after the fire department got
their lines working it was apparent
that they were going to be able to con­
trol the fire and that there was only
slight danger to the other buildings.
The hose that was available on the
carts enabled the firemen to play two
streams on the fire and as soon as the
carts had been emptied one of them
was taken back to the city hall and the
spare hose there vsas brought down and
a third line strung. It was only a mat­
ter o f time after tnis until the flames
were all extinguished.
One o f the most striking sights of
the entire scene was to see the 500 feet
o f new hose which the city recently
purchased having such an effective
part in the fire fighting.
This is only one o f a series o f disas­
ters that have been suffered by Mr.
Johnson in the way o f fires; but unlike
the others, the loss this time was cov­
ered by insurance.
The underwriters
have not yet arrived to make an esti­
mate o f the damage done.
The delay,
which is causing much inconvenience to
Mr. Johnson, is due in part to the fact
that the telegraph lines have been
down and communications have been
The loss consisted mostly of belts,
pulleys and the framework on which
these were mounted. It is not thought
that the fire became hot enough to
warp the castings o f the machinery, al­
though the babbet bearings in many in­
stances were melted out.
Mr. Johnson expects to have the mill
in operation again in a day or so, but
will not be able to make repairs in the
damaged part until after the visit of
the underwriters.
W ins in Clean Game
The Coquille high school basket ball
team redeemed themselves to some ex­
tent for the exceptionally rough game
they participated in a week ago, by
winning from Myrtle Point Saturday
night, in a fast, clean game by a score
o f 20 to 4.
The game is considered by
some to be the best that the team has
played this year. It was featured by
fast, sure passing on the part o f the
home team that completely dazed the
visitors. The team lined up with Stan­
ley at center, Crouch and John Ocrding
at guard and Johnson and Lorenz for­
The game Saturday evening was a
sensational come-back on the part of
the re-organized Coquille High basket
ball team. In an earlier game o f the
season Myrtle Point defeated the local
quintet, and fans were expecting a re-
pitition o f the previous game.
the one-sided score o f 20 4 speaks well
for the development o f the boys.
game was a good exhibition o f clean
playing throughout. The visitors play­
ed a fast game, but were out-classed
when it came to shooting baskets.
Captain Stanley and his team all de-
serv - credit for their steady playing.
Friday night the Marshfield team
These nations, or that part o f them
thafstoop to this practice, merely en­
gender hatreds that make peace more
difficult, and detract from the dignity
o f the allies’ cause.
If wai comes, let us remember that
the Germans are not “ Huns”
“ swine.” They are in the wrong; the
conduct of their commanders is indefen­
sible; they have been misled; they must
suffer for the sins o f those who have
misled them.
But we will not advance our military
prowess or enhance our national honor
by calling the Germans names.
We cannot insult the Germans with­
out insulting ourselves.
A foul mouth does not help a just
You admire the schoolboy who can
defend himself if need be with his fists;
you care little for the youngster who
makes faces and sticks out his tongue.
Let us s^t Young America a good ex­
ample. Some New York papers, we
are sorry to say, ha*re adopted the re­
grettable English custom and are call­
ing the Germans “ Huns.” We advise
them to stop it. It is un-American. It
is disgusting. If we are to fight, let us
honor our foemen. Let us fight a war,
not a brawl.
Highway Board to
Be Named Soon
Salem Oregon, Feb. 26. —Governor
Withycombe has before him a long list
o f names from which to pick the new
highway commission created by house
bill 502, which he will sign within a few
days. The commission will consist of
one member from each congressional
district, and when appointed by the
governor, the members will select their
own engineer. The governor will as
soon as possible after the signing of
the bill, name the three men he finds
best qualified for the commission, as
with the going into effect o f the act
the old commission, consisting o f the
governor, secretary o f state and state
treasurer ceases to exist.
The gover­
nor in speaking o f the proposed com­
mission says:
“ The new commission Will handle all
highway affairs. The commission will
select its own engineer and go ahead to
map out its own program and to fulfill
it,” he declared.
“ It is my hope and desire to select
men o f breadth of vision, knowledge of
conditions and men grounded in busi­
ness efficiency to fill the positions on
the commission. When I have found
men whom I believe even up to the
standard I desire to attain and who are
situated geographically as I believe
they should be situated, I will name
them and from thenceforth the respon­
sibilities and duties o f carrying out the
highway construction work o f the state
will lie with them.
“ I intend to offer no recommenda­
tions to them as to their selection of
an engineer; I intend to interfere in no
manner with whatever construction
policies they may wish to carry out.”
W o r k of the 29th Legislature
Salem, Or., Feb. 19.— When the 29th for a bill doubling the automobile li­
legislature adjourns sine die tonight it censes has been passed, and the funds
will givdown in history with much con­ derived from this source will be used to
structive legislation to its credit and al­ match federal highway appropriations.
so an enviable record for economy. The suggestion has been made that
While few consolidations will have been possibly this measure is not constitu­
made, the ways and means committee tional and a precautionary measure has
by terriffically slashing estimated ap­ been passed authorizing the issuance o f
propriations has solved the riddle of bonds if necessary to match the feder­
The bonding bills
keeping the state budget within the al appropriations.
provisions o f the six percent tax limita­ call for the issuance o f $6,000,000 in
bonds for hard-surfacing and Senator
tion amendment.
The first constructive bill passed was Pierce’ s bill increases the highway levy
the “ bone dry” law. This law put the from one-fourth o f a mill to a mill and
Loth probably will be
state absolutely in the dry column so one-.uu
far as the importation o f liquor into the passed by the legislature \oday, carry­
state for beverage purposes is con­ ing the proviso that they Rhall be re­
cerned. In connection with this bill ferred to the people for approval.
With several amendments attached to
there was also passed a search and seiz­
ure measure for vehicles, and it is be­ it, and which it is believed will better
lieved that it will be an effective weap­ safeguard the rural credits fund the ru­
on in the hands o f the peace officers in ral credits bill was still pending in the
preventing the importation o f liquor house this afternoon, but it will be
into the state from California by con­ passed by that body before the day
closes, and the senate, it is believed,
Senator Eddy’s bill, extending the re­ will cone ur in the amendments.
call to school directors, was th> first bill leaves the administration of the
school measure to pass, and it was fol­ fund under the land board, but author­
lowed in rapid succession by Senator izes it to employ appraisers to appraise
Orton’s tenure in office bill for Portland the land, and puts restrictions around
school teachers; representative Shel­ loans made by the land attorneys.
don’ s bill, permitting non-taxpayers to
Two other important measures passed
vote for school directors, and Repre­ are what are known as the certificate
sentative Lauargaard’ s bill, reducing o f public necessity bill and the boom
the terms o f school directors in districts bill. The first strikes at ruinous com­
Af the first class from five to three petition between public utilities by pro­
years, and providing that two shall be viding that, before a utility can enter a
elected at the next election, two at the field already served it must obtain a
follow ing election and one at the elec­ certificate o f public necessity from the
tion after that. Under the present law public service commission.
The com­
school boards o f districts of the first mission is also given power to order the
class nave been close corporations and extension o f the service o f any utility
political machines.
Particularly has whenever it concludes that a district is
this been true o f the board o f the Port­ not adequately served.
Under the
land schools.
All four bills were de­ boom bill the public service commission
signed to liberate the schools from poli­ is given power to grant franchises to
tics and to put them on a standard of boom companies and also to regulate
The first three bills have their tolls. The enactment o f the law,
been signed by Governor Withycombe, it is predicted, will result in the im­
but he is still considering the Laurgaard provement o f many streams in the state
and in opening a market for vast tracts
All four passed, despite the perni­ o f timber which are now without trans­
cious lobby maintained at the state portation facilities.
house against them by the school ma­
The Rogue river fish bill and the
chine. Strong pressure is now being Willamette river fish bill, both of
brought by the school machine and its which will conserve the salmon indus­
henchmen, to prevail upon the governor try and also game fish, were passed.
to veto this Laurgaard bill, but it is i The former passed only after it had
not believed that it will be successful. | been once defeated through desperate
Legislation putting highway con­ logrolling methods in the house. A fter
struction work on a businesslike basis it reached the senate the coercive
has been passed. Heretofore highway methods o f the house and the fish lobby
affairs have been administered by the became so offensive that the body or­
governor, secretary of state, state dered the bill out o f committee and
treasurer and State Engineer Lewis, pussed it an hour later. It closes the
and they have sizzled with politics. Rogue river to seining and set nets.
Under a bill, drafted by the house Senatoi Gill is the author o f the Wil­
committee on roads, highway work in lamette river bill, which extends the
the future will be under the super­ dead line below Oregon City.
vision o f a commission o f three to be
A comprehensive insurance code has
appointed by the governor.
It elimi­ been passed, and the fees o f the insur­
nates State Engineer Lewis, who has ance department have also been in­
been more or less o f a discordant ele­ creased so that more revenue will be
ment, from highway construction work, received from it in the future.
and provides that the commissioners revenue will also be received in the fu­
shall be appoiuted one from each con­ ture from the inheritance tax depart­
gressional district and that the com­ ment, its fees having been increased.
mission shall appoint its own engineer.
A fter having been put through the
Regardless o f whether the people house by log-rolling methods, the anti­
approve a bonding bill for hard-surfac­ picketing bill was consigned to the leg­
ing and a measure increasing the high­ islative cemetery in the senate without
way levy, more money than ever be­ debate. The radical cigarette bill was
fore will be available in the next two finally recalled by the house after it
years for highway construction work, had reached the senate, reconsidered
C. A . Smith Raises W ages Sons of American Revolution
Official notice was posted Saturday
by the C. A. Smith Lumber and Manu­
facturing company at Marshfield that
beginning March first, the wages o f all
employees will be increased. A similar
increase, it is stated, will be granted
the employes o f the Smith-Powers Log­
ging company. The Smith mill em­
ploys about 550 men and the logging
; company between 600 and 700.
Besides the raise in wages, which is
so regulated that it gives the steady
workman remuneration for his thrift,
the company is adopting a bonus sys­
tem, based on the production and in
which all men connected with the saw­
ing and handling of lumber may parti­
The Oregon Society o f the Sons o f
the American Revolution desire to here­
by offer a series o f prizes totaling the
sum o f $50 to the pupils of the public
schools o f the state o f Oregon for es­
says on topics connected with the war
for American Independence.
There will be three prizes awarded:
Twenty-five dollars for the first, $15
for the second and $10 for the third
best essay respectively written by pu­
pils o f the grade or high schools o f the
state on one o f the following topics:
1. The Siege o f Yorktown.
2. The Influence o f Benjamin Frank­
lin upon the American Revolution.
3. The part plaved by the Colony of
.Massachusetts in the American Revolu-
The conditions controlling the contest
are as follows: Essays shall not e x­
ceed three thousand words in length;
shall be written in the pupil’ s own hand
writing on one side o f white paper, and
must be accompanied by a certificate
from the pupil’s teacher to the effect
that the essay is the unaided work o f
the pupil. Essays must be signed by
the writer, giving full postoffice ad­
dress including the county and be for­
warded to Mr. Winthrop Hammond,
Chairman o f the committee. No. 127
Sixth St., Portland, Oregon.
must be in the hands of the Committee
not later than April 1, 1917. Essays
not complying with these requirements
will be rejected. No essays will be re­
Which existing auto ordinances should
he enforced and which ones should be
repealed were among the questions that
came before the city council at their
adjourned meeting Tuesday night.
Mayor Johnson asked for the repeal o f
the ordinance requiring that both head
and tail lights be lighted on automo­
biles parked along the streets at night.
Especially in the well-lighted down
town district was this requirement un­
necessary and was not being observed
or enforced.
Councilm ans. M. Nosier came forth
with the proposition to repeal all auto
ordinances as none o f them, in his op­
inion, were being enforced.
He men­
tioned instances o f speeding where cars
went 40 or 50 miles an hour.
No e f ­
fort he claimed was made to check this
reckless driving and the ordinance plac­
ing a license on cars run for hire, he
said, had never been enforced.
Prizes will be awarded upon the fol­
lowing points: 1. Originality. 2. A c­
curacy o f statement. 3.
Manner o f
treatment. 4. Orthography, syntax
and punctuation.
Neatness and
Regarding the latter ordinance, May­
The prizes are offered to encourage
or Johnson said that he would never
love o f country and the study o f its
order its enforcement; but if the coun­
cil wished to enforce it they were at
liberty to do so. He classed it as a
law, the enforcement o f which would
New Engine Conning
tend to drive people away from the
A new seventy-five ton geared loco­ town and stated that he did not believe
motive, built especially for heavy haul­ in such laws. A new auto ordinance
ing, and which has been six weeks on will be submitted to the council by Mr.
its way from New York, is expected to Johnson at their ne*t regular meeting.
arrive in a few days for the Smith-
Powers Logging company who will use
it on their logging road. The new en­
gine is an oil burner and will probably
be used to do switching and make up
trains at Powers.
A. H. Powers announces that the
difficulty that has been experienced in
getting coal has caused the company to
make arrangements to have all their
engines converted into oil burners.
line service station in front o f their
store and the matter was referred to
the street committee with power to
The ordinance authorizing the city to
and amended so as to apply only to mi­ issue improvement bonds in the sum o f
nors. In this form it passed the sen­ $17,887.86 for the improvement o f Sec­
ate and it will be signed by the gover­ ond and other streets was passed. Un­
der its provisions there will be 35 bonds
Whether Representative Bean’s bill j o f $500 denomination and one o f $387.86.
directing county assessors to put Ore- ! They will be dated February 20, 1917,
gon-Califomia grant lands on the tax and begin to draw interest from that
roll shall become a law, will depend date. Bids for the sale o f the bonds
upon the vtrdict o f the people. It car­ are to be considered at a meeting to be
ries a clause that it shall be submitted held March 10
to them for approval or rejection.
Considerable discussion was indulged
Representative Bean contends that the in regarding the park and bridge ques­
government, in acquiring the lands, tions now before the people o f the city.
succeeded the Ort gon-California Rail­ Mr. Sanford stated that he had been
road company in the capacity o f a land­ informed by L. J. Cary that the park
lord and that as such the government purchase could be taken care of if the
is no longer exempt from taxation. If city could pay the principal at the rate
approved by the people it wiU unques­ o f $400 a year. It is estimated that a
tionably be assailed in the courts, and tax o f one mill will pay for the park in
the question go to the su p rem e^ ou rt five years.
o f the United States for final ajudica-
While no action was taken in the
Through the efforts of Representa­ matter Tuesday night it seemed to be
tive Forbes a sound measure covering the intention o f the council to take im­
the question o f the notification o f de­ mediate steps to acquire the right of
linquent taxpayers will be put on the way necessary for the approaches of
statute hooks. At present the delin­ the bridge across the river.
quent tax list is advertised in the news­ in thi^ matter seems to have revived to
papers, and an attempt to substitute a marked degree since the Commercial
for this law a bill providing for notifi­ Club brought the matter up a week
cation by mail was made.
The senate ago.
passed a bill providing the mail service
for Multnomah county, but allowed the
Coosonians Set Standard
law to remain as to other counties.
A fter giving much study to the laws of
The Coosonians set a new standard
other states, Representative Forbes by which the success o f future public
amended the law so as to provide that dances may be gauged, at the Wash­
delinquent taxpayers should be first ington’ s birthday masquerade last
notified by postal card, and if at the Thursday night.
Not only was it a
end of 30 days they failed to remit, success from the viewpoint o f the
thoir property should be advertised.
dancers; but the many spectators, num­
At noon today only one consolidation bering nealry 200, were furnished i.
bill had passed, a measure reducing the great deal of amusement viewing the
tax commission to a single salaried carnival, which was without doubt the
commissioner, and the indications are most successful event o f its kind ever
that no further consolidation legislation held in the city.
will be passed.
Possibly one or two
Many unique and one or two start­
more may be passed, but it seemed to ling costumes were worn by the dan­
be generally believed that this subject cers, ar.d the entire evening was made
would be referred to a commission to merry by the pranks o f the mischievous
be appointed by the governor, and ones.
whose duty it will be to report to the
The winners o f the prizes were:
next legislature, after a thorough in­
Best sustained character—Mrs. Clif­
vestigation on the subject.
ford Martin and Miss Cleo Martin, first;
The appropriations recommended by Miss Aiiie Phillips and Chas. Willey,
the ways and means committee total second; Mrs. Wm. Donaldson and Mrs.
$6,299,699.75; to advertise the scenic Rilla Nosier, third.
attractions o f the Pacific Northwest,
Most comical character—Miss Clara
$45,000 was appropriated and it is be­ Thornton and Geo. Donaldson, first;
lieved that the expenditure o f this Mrs. A. O. Walker and Claude Gilman,
money will do much toward diverting second; Miss Nellie McQuillan and Miss
tourist travel from California to the ¡ Ruth Thornton, third.
Coast. Twenty thousand dollars was
Most recently married couple—Mr.
also appropriated for the purpose of and Mrs. James Collier.
establishing a limestone industry under
Masquerade dancers coming greatest
the provisions o f the bi'l of Senators distance— Mrs. Claude Moon and Wil­
Ilawley and Eddy.
lard Peterson, both from Powers.
Another important measure is senate
First masquerade dancer to arrive —
bill 224, introduced by Pierce, providing :
Mrs. Clifford Martin.
for the establishment and preservation |
Best sustained character— Miss Vera
o f standards for grain, grain products, |
Perry and Wm. Donaldson.
hay, and regulating warehouse men,
The judges were Nels Osmundson, J.
millers and shippers of grain. Pro­
C. Savage and Dr. G. E. Low.
vision is made in the bill that the pub- j
A fter unmasking at 11 o ’ clock the
lie service commission shall administer j
dance was continued until about 2:30,
it and that the commission shall ap­
every one declaring it the best ever.
point deputies to aid him.
Complete revision has been made of
Another Coosonian dance on St. Pat­
both the military and irrigation laws. rick’s day, March 17, was announced
Senator Wilbur introduced a military last evening, but it is not to have tfle
code which will eliminate politic - fiom fancy frills o f Thursday evening’ s suc­
the national guard and elevate the or­ cessful affair.
ganization to a higher standard.
irrigation code was introduced by Rep­
New Fire Equipment
resentative Laurgaard.
Negotiations Completed
Auto Ordinances up lor
4. Privateers and their work in the
For Building Boat Revolution.
Discussion by Couucil
In an interview with the Times, J.
R. Krumm, representing the Portland
Chamber o f Commerce, has the follow ­
ing to say regarding the building of a
boat at Bandon to ply between here
and Portland:
He says that negotiations were com­
pleted. Bandon people will back the
project to thè extent o f $5,000 and the
remainder o f the capital, amounting to
about $70,000 is to be provided by Port­
land interests.
He says that the ways are to be pre­
pared in the next two weeks and work
on the vessel will proceed rapidly. The
Moore mill is to furnish most o f the
material for the vessel.
Geo. W.
Moore is one o f the Bandon mer. back­
ing the project. Plans are now in the
hands o f the builders and investors at
Portland. Capt. Geo. Ross, who was
first expected to take charge o f the
construction, will not have charge.
The vessel is to be operated between
Portland and Coquille.
PER YEAR $1.50
Other matters which came before the
council was the recommendation of
Chairman o f the Fire Committee, U.
W. Gardner, that the Scenic theater
1 provide an additional exit as a measure
o f safety in case o f fire.
He thought
that swinging doors might be con­
structed on the east side o f the build­
ing with a walk leading to the ground.
Lamb A Von Pegert applied to the
council for a permit toeatablisha gaao-
News of County, State and
National Interest Told in
Brief Concise Form
British Sink Many Vessels
« During Month
Coos Bay coal is being sold in Med­
Portland gets a toy factory witli $30,-
000 capital.
The Oregon legislature actually ad­
journed, leaving $974.65 in the treasury.
Prineville—Oregon Spokesman is the
name o f a new paper to be published
The contract has been let to place
10,000 tons o f rock around the S. P. Co.
008 Bay bridge piers.
St. Helens—Clatsop county lets a con­
tract for four miles o f grading and pav­
ing at a cost o f $62,000.
A Portland broker was recently rob­
bed o f a roll o f hunk notes while sleep­
ing in a chair car trying to save a $2
Pullman fare.
Eugene—The Pacific Telegraph and
Telephone Co. will soon have Marsh­
field connected with this city by a fine
line giving first class service.
Grants Pass—Indications are that this
city will lose the sugar factory built
here last year,' owing to the fact that a
sufficient quantity o f beets cannot be
secured. Many other communities are
after the plant.
The gasoline schooner Rustler is re­
ported to have gone ashore a quarter o f
a mile north o f the mouth o f Rogue
river. The boat lies high and dry and
the cargo is being removed.
The known tonnage o f vessels sunk
by German submarines since February
1 is reported as 423,562 and are listed
as follows: American, 2; other neu­
trals, 52; British, 101; other belliger­
ents, 18; unidentified, 2.
Senator Borah has introduced a reso­
lution appropriating six million dollars
for federal relief in the food situation
and for a future investigation to devise
better marketing and distributing
“ Glass o f dark,” said a Wisconsin
farmer to a Monroe, Wis., bartender,
and having quaffed his beer he laid a
potato on the bar.
“ There, I guess that’s worth a beer”
he said, and started to leave.
“ Wait a minute,” shouted the bar­
“ You’ ve got another beer
com ing.”
To Vote in June
Salem, Ore., Fety 26.—Eight propo­
sitions are to be voted upon by the peo­
ple o f Oregon at the special election,
Monday, June 4. They are:
State issue of $6,000,000 in bonds to
begin construction o f a comprehensive
system o f roads and highways and em­
Water alforjas will probably be used
bracing the entire state.
in the fire protection work o f the For­
Direct expenditure o f $100,000 a y»ar
est Service in Oregon and Washington
for four years to build a new peniten­
the fire season, according to
tiary at Salem.
District Forester George H. Cecil,Port­
To raise pay o f legislators from $3 a
land, Oregon. They consist o f a pair day to $6 a day, extend leg: lativo ses­
of waterprm f panniers or saddlebags sion to 50 days and limit number o f
holding about 21 gallons o f water, and bills that can be introduced by each
are transported on horseback. Any or­ member and each committee.
dinary packsaddle, or in emergency a
To authorize assessors o f Western
riding saddle may be used.
Oregon counties to restore On gon &
This equipment was tried out suc­ California grant land to tax rolls.
cessfully last season on the National
Requiring municipalities to hold their
Forests in Utah, where it was found to primary and general elections on same
be very successful in putting out glow­ day state primaries and general elec­
ing embers, extinguishing fire in down tions are held.
timber, applying water directly
To prov’de for classified assessment
small fires, and putting out burning j o f property with graduated rate o f
It was also convenient for sup­ taxation on property o f different classes.
plying drinking water to fire crews. A
To enable Port o f I’ortiand to build
hand pump is used with the alforjas : or to subsidize steamships and operate
which throws a perpendicular stream line o f steamers to foreign and domes­
about thirty feet.
tic ports.
To prevent repeal o f any parts o f
The water is taken from the top of
the alforjas to prevent leakage and state constitution by implication.
All acta o f the legislature against
from both sides at once, thus keeping
the load properly balanced on the pack- which the referendum is invoked also
will he on the ballot.
Improved methods o f combatting fire
Catches Fawn
are constantly sought by the Forest
Doc Barker, o f Fairview, was in
Service, according to Mr. Cecil, and
He relates
these water alforjas are expected to in­ town one day last week.
crease the efficiency o f the fire fighting quite a story which will no doubt inter­
est our local sportsmen. While driving
• <•> •
down the Sumner mountain s deer was
seen trotting down the road in front o f
Buys Blanco Hotel
the machine. Doc at once gave chase
and soon overhauled the animal.
The transfer o f the Blanco hotel proved to be a last year’s fawn and
from the ownership o f Newman Moon was almost starved to death, which no
to that o f F. E. skinner was completed doubt was due to the snow which has
Friday and the new proprietor has covered the ground for some time past,
taken charge. Mr. Skinner is o f Co­ making it hard pickings for the little
quille and has been in the restaurant fellow. Doc says the deer eats candy,
business since last summer. Mr. Moon, bread and butter and most any kind o f
who took over the hotel a year ago food offered it and has become very
from Emerson Ferry, will remain in tame. The stage driver on the Sumner
business in the city, as a member of line caught the deer’ s mate the next
A per­
the firm o f Moon & Gidley, contractors. day after Doc made his catch.
The hotel will he run on the same plan mit has been applied for to keep the
as before. Times.