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Entered as second-class matter May 8, 1905, at the post office at
Coquille, Oregon, under act of Congrees of March 3, 1879.
Devoted to the material and social upbuilding of th e Coquille Valley
particularly and of Coos County generally.
Subscription, $1.50 per year, in advance.
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Hopes That Ne’er Came True
By Rory O’Moore
And on a barren hillside once I saw,
Its harsh lines softened by the slanting rays
Of the declining sun, a cabin old—
A m iner’s dwelling of the golden days.
Most desolate that wind-swe|>t mountain looked,
Scarred here and there, where prospect holes gape wide,
And, in the foreground, dumps of an old mine,
W hertAnen had blasted at the mountain side.
Their shares of happiness had jum ped to par
And soared above in ju st a day or so—
The vein was wide; the surface colors good—
And there were tons of gold jijpt down below.
So thought the miners and they reared this shack;
Whip-sawed the lumber from the trees around;
Brought wives and kiddies from the settlem ent,
And then they started digging in the ground.
How long they dug the story does not tell—
They lost the lead, a fault, oldtimers said;
A trick of nature to conserve her wealth;
But they searched on for months till hope was dead,
The grub stake they had brought was running low,
And flat the sacks they sought to fill with dust.
Long vacant, now, the cabin on the hill;
Deep marked the tools, about the door, with rust.
The cabin on th at barren hillside stands
A monument to hopes th at ne’er came tru e—
Darkness dims the scars along the slope,
Till, deeper falling, quite obscures the view.
^ We have just received a large assortment of bulk garden •
seeds, and invite you to call and look over the line.
The Portland Journal prints a communication from
A. B. Petersen, of North Bend, in which he takes isstle
with the Douglas county people as to “the utility of the
We have them assorted colors in bulk; also Tall Nastur­
Myrtle Point road in serving the needs of the Coos Bay
tiums. A full line of package garden and flower seeds.
country,” and in which he argues for the proposed route
from Eugene by way of the Siuslaw for a state highway.
It is to be hoped that few Coos county people take such
an exceedingly narrow and illogical view of the situation
as does Mr. Peterson. He says: “The Coos Bay country
now includes nearly half the population of Coos county.”
Grass Seeds
A merican Wonder and
He would thus confine “the Coos Bay country” to the Coos
and Seed Grains
Early Rose Seed Potatoes
Bay water shed. Yet it is a safe bet that he is one of
those Coos Bay boosters who, when an extra good box of
Gravenstein apples from the Coquille valley is sent out to a
fair or exposition, wishes it to be branded as coming from
“the Coos Bay country”,and when the resources and indus­
tries of “the Coos Bay country” are catalogued would in­
clude those of the Coquille valley. The Herald has no
great fight to make on this, but it does object to the idea
From the reports coming from Salem, it seems that
that when the interests of the people of “the Coos Bay the measufe
provides for a new highway commis­
country” are to be considered, only those living on the sion consisting which
Coquille, Ore.
commissioners appointed from the
Front and C Streets
Phone 691 and 541
Coos Bay watershed are to be consulted.
As to the highway proposition, Mr. Peterson voices become a law. In this case; it would seem that the peo­
equally illogical ideas. He says that from Eugene to the of Coos county might very well begin to sit up and
Coos Bay communities is nearly fifty miles farther by way ple
their heads together. If t’.iere be any reason why a
of Roseburg than by way of the Siuslaw, and he seems to put
county man should not be appointed from this dis­
think that this settles it. He fails to look beyond Eugene, Coos
other fellow spring it. It does not appear
Salem, Oregon.
or to consider why Eugene is mentioned at all in connec­ that it let has the occurred
tion with the matter. He fails to realize that Eugene is county man should be considered, and a sentiment has al­ The city is com peting with the farm
young people of Oregon. Unless
simply the point at which a highway from Coos county ready made headway in some parts of the county in favor for
farm life is made more interesting and
would make connection with the network of the Pacific of supporting a man from Roseburg or further south, on attractive,
of the bright lights
highway; that it has no more to do with the case than the theory that he would favor the practicable Roseburg- will continue the to lure
draw more and more of
boys and girls of our state away
Roseburg, which would be the point of junction for the Myrtle Point route, while a Eugene man would pull for a the
from the wholesome country into the
other route. He says that the distance from Eugene is wild chimera of a route from that city by way of the sordid congestion of the ffietropolis.
To help m ake agriculture more inter­
nearly 50 miles less by his route. The distance from Eu­ Siuslaw. While a Roseburg man would undoubtedly fa­ esting
to young people, and farm life
gene cuts no figure. It would be as good logic to say that vor the route we want and have a possibility of getting, more attractive,
there have been in­
the distance from Roseburg to Coos Bay would be 100 it is well to point out that such assurance can not, by any stalled in many schools
courses in agri­
opening the mind to knowledge
miles farther by way of Eugene than by way of Myrtle means, be felt regarding a man from Medford or Grants culture,
which transfo ms m ere drudgery into
Point, and call that an invincible argument in favor of Pass. Such a man could not be expected to favor either enthusiasm
Our A gricultural College, through its
Myrtle Point. Neither town is of any importance in the of these routes, in view of the project which is in the extension
courses and the work of the
matter except as the point at which the highway from back-ground, of building a highway down the coast and county agriculturists,
has been co oper­
Coos county may make connections with the interior route west of the coast range. A route going scuth down the ating w ith the state superintendent
instruction and the local school
of travel. Not enough travel would originate in either coast frem Coos Bay would divert travel from the upper public
to popularize scientific farm ­
town to make it worth while to waste any ink talking Rogue river valley altogether. The through tourist travel authorities
Several Lots of Lumber at
ing knowledge. While this educational
work has resulted in better crops and
about it.
never hit the Cow creek canyon, the Siskiyous and more profits, that is less im portant than
The herald is published in the Coquille valley, but it would
Special Prices
it does for the young people,
towns between. A man from that section might reas­ w hat
desires to consider the highways question from the stand­ the
This work is sustained by state ap­
be expected to hold back the route to Coos Bay al­ propriations. One of these appropri­
point of the whole county, rather than that of the beauti­ onably
has been cut out; the others are
so far as he could, and to use every advantage ations
ful little burg in which it has its birth. In considering of his position
The fathers and mothers !
to forward the cause of the proposed route of Oregon should
to ,
the question of the two routes, we think we speak for the from Grants Pass
Crescent City. In fact, it seems to their legislators th at m ake this it work known
should !
interests of the whole county in saying that there is no the Herald that the to last
be sacrificed so long as it is possible »-•
man we would want on the com­ not
possible sane choice at this time. The route from Myrtle mission would be one from
to economize, and these agricultural ed-
south of Roseburg.
ucation item s will be eliminated unless j
Point to Roseburg is an established stage route. The
legislators learn th at these expenditures !
road is now passable throughout the year for a great part or less of practical politics will enter and the man having are
of g reat benefit to the boys and j
of the distance. The “bad” part is only about 20 miles in the strongest “support” is likely to be selected. Eugene girls of the state. C. C. CHAPMAN
Roseburg-M yrtic Point Auto Stage Line
length, and an excellent grade can be obtained. It is es­ and Roseburg are sure to be found fighting each other’s
timated that $100,000 will cover the cost of a good auto­ candidates, if such are in the field. Coos county would
M yrtle Point
mobile highway from Myrtle Point to Roseburg. From be divided between the two and would accomplish noth­
7:40 a. m.
am delighted to m eet you," said
Myrtle Point to the Coos Bay cities is about thirty ing directly for herself. On the other hand, it would the “ I father
miles. Coos county has provided by a bond issue to make seem that we might reasonably ask the support of both ing hands warmly with the professor.
6. a. m.
a first-class highway between the two points. On the Eugene and Roseburg for a Coos county man. Each “ My son took algebra from you last
6 hours Running Time
you know ."
other hand, the distance from Eugene to the nearest point wants a route to Coos, and each knows that a Coos county year,
m e ,/ said the professor,
on Coos Bay is about 120 miles, and it is practically all man could be depended upon to do all he could for each “ he “ Pardon
was exposed to it, but he did not
J. L. Laird
M yrtle Point
wild country. The existing stage road from the Siuslaw route—the Roseburg, perhaps, first and most practicable, take it." —Christian Register.
to Eugene is only a widened calf trail, passable in sum­
the one to Eugene as soon as there might be a possi­ A curious Insects
as Food.
mer. A new route would have to be laid for the entire and
little book was published The federal farm loan board at W ash­ of this amount, or $100.
distance. The cost is estimated at about $1,500,000. The people that if they fight each other too strongly the re­ der
In England somj» thirty years ago un­ ington, will furnish, on application, a This association then invests this
the title “Why Not Eat Insects?“ blank form of articles of association money in the stock of the Federal Land
last named item alone makes the route merely a matter sult might easily be that a man from some other location, We are
told that spiders, grasshoppers, for such organizations, Then the or­ bank, enabling it thus to increase its
for academic discussion at this time. To construct such a who might look coldly on our desires, might be appointed. the
white ants and grubs were eaten by ganizers m eet and adopt these articles capital so as to make another loan of
busluncn. that the Romans held and sign them and the secretary-treas $2,000 to some other farm er. The bor­
road is entirely out of the question now, and to waste time But both Roseburg and Eugene know that a Coos county caterpillars
in great esteem and that ur^r makes affidavit thereto.
rower gets his investm ent back when
the Panebes of North Reyno de Grando ^his association then elects five or he pays off his loan, or he may turn it
advocating it is to spend energy that might much better man would need no persuasion to stand for road develop­ still
and the directors then in as the last payment on his loan.
be employed in going after something that we can get. ment in this part of the state and to give all possible con­ chelet, the scientist, was also quoted eh me re :t a directors
president, "ice-president, seere- Farm ers are required to form those
of including Insects in our bill ta:y-treasurer,
It is hard to conjure up any way in which a road from sideration to the interests of both Eugene and Roseburg. of in favor
and a loan com m ittee of organizations so th at they eventually
ns an Inducement to over­
Eugene would be of any more benefit to Coos county, or With a united people here to stand behind a Coos county come fare, our and Insular
will control the Federal Land banks.
prejudices against th ee members.
them we ure told that cateridllnra taste As soon as the Federal Land bank of Each loan association votes in the elec­
even to North Bend, than one from Roseburg. The Coos candidate, and the probable support of Lane and Dquglas like
almonds, spiders like nuts, and. as th. t district is read} for business it tion of the directors of its Federal Land
Bay man, going to Portland in his auto, would find the county people, our candidate would have a strong start, for
ants, n little butter and sugar will wi-1 provide this local association with bank. Each association has a loan com­
make them a sweetm eat tit to set be­ ad litional blanks inducing an applica- m ittee which values the land of its mem­
route some hours (not many) shorter—but suppose he and the fact that Coos has asked but few favors from the fore
the kiag.—London Opinion.
ti< n for a charter and blanks for the bers subject to the approval of the land
were going south instead of north, which he is very likely state would also be in his favor.
lo. n com m ittee to use in the work of appraiser and the Federal Land bank.
a; »raising the farm .
to do? One benefit we expect to reap from connection
Each association has a board of direc­
As to who should be chosen as our candidate, that is
\9 soon as the loan com m ittee i9 tors which has the power to exclude or
with the Pacific Highway is from the tourist travel that a matter
it may proceed to appraise admit new member^ by a two-thir s
for discussion. At this writing, he Herald has (By Frank R. Wilson of the Fedeial eh th ; cted
may be diverted to our section, as a side trip. It is re­ but one candidate.
farm s upon which m ortgages are vote. It is through this local loan rt-
We do not need to boost him—only
Farm Loan Bureau.)
to be placed. Its rep' rt, which must sociation that th-» farm er inves's the
spectfully submitted that the Roseburg has a great advan­ to name him—your own
to borrow under the Farm bt unanimous, r".ust accompany the money to be used for increasing the
tage over the Eugene route. The distance would be some boosting. He is comparatively a new comer, but he has Loan act is limited
to farm ers and pros­ si» ned articles of association and be capital stock of the Federal Land banks
filid with the Federi l Land bank of and this is how the farm er comes into
50 miles less, and on the map a short direct route would established himself as an energetic, earnest and effective pective
farm ers.
possession of his own banking system .
look much more attractive to the tourist wishing to visit good roads booster. His ini- ests are scattered over the wish to borrow group themselves into th vt Vhen
this is done the appraiser of Farm ers are perm itted to borrow up
Coos county than a longer one that doubled back on itself whole county and not confined to any one town. The Farm Loan associations, each associa­ th i Federal Land bank will come to in- to 20 per cent of the appraised value of
being composed of ten or more
*ct the security offei ed and a cept or their land and 20 per cent of the ap­
like that from Eugene. The fact that the Roseburg route whole county could unite on him without sectional feeling. tion
farm ers, and each association starting re,ect the report of the loan committee. praised value of the perm anent insured
would bring the traveler first to the Coquille valley need We refer to Charles Hall, head of the Home Telephone with a minimum of at least $20,000 of no one farm er may borrow more improvements thereon.
th in $10,000 nor leis than $100. No It is not necessary for a borrower to
not worry the Coos Bay people. The tourist will go on Co.
president of the Coos County Good Roads Associ­ loans.
To join a farm er merely makes ap­ N itional Farm Loan association may be an actual land owner when he joins,
over to the Bay, anyway, and he will not be prevented ation. and Thank
plication to the secretary-treasurer of at .rt with aggregate loans less than but the landless man m ust use the bor­
from visiting that part of the county by any such methods
the loan association in his community. $2 000
rowed money to purchase land which
If none has been organized he should If John Smith, a farm er, desires to he intends to immediately begin f. rm-
as those which sometimes shut the homeseeker away from
get together the required num ber of be’•row $2,01X1 he invest* in the stock of ina . Another chapter will be devoted
this part of the county when he lights first at Coos Bay. Get the Want Ad Habit borrowers
and organize an association. h u local loan association one-tw entieth i to this feature.
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