Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, September 12, 1916, Image 4

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‘The Three Musketeers”
Portland Editor Writes
Filmed by Triangle
Of Coquille Valley
O regon ha» b u t one N orm al School. T h is school
U located a t M onm outh
E x c e h e n t a s 1» the w° r *
of tht« school It la u tte rly un ab le to aupply but a
am all p a rt of th e n eed for tra in e d teach er» for the
Stft tc
Of m o n th an 6,000 *chool t i i c h i n In the p u b lic i© * ««»*
O regon, but 13 p*r cant nave been tra in e d fo r th e ir
profession of ta a ch in g In N o rm a l School».
It la a well e s t a b lis h e d fact th a t ou r one N orm al
School can n o t supply th e need s of th e e n tire sta te .
T h at 1» W h y we ask for your w ork and vote for the
proposed E a ste rn O regon S ta te N orm al School a t
P endleton, O regon.
E ig h t counties
ountlas In the W illa m e tte V
v a a n lle
ey h
it .
yeare, 203 ♦
te * a * c '*
h e -'■
r, “ w h h o ° have
h>ve Ijr»®
d u rin g the a past
— ‘ five
o r *d u
u - *
M o n m o u th N o rm a l as aga in st 3» fvlorirrtoutr»
*t*d fro m i t the
. . . ..
School g
N o rm a l School
„ ra _ d u a te s fo r the e ig h t leading counties
0 , Dur*ngrnth e r paet five yeare the attendance of <<udenta
from nine W illa m e tte V a lle y counties w as »77 stu d e n t»
as aga in st 91 stu d e n t» fro m nin e of the leading counties
0 t O w ing to the crow ded co ndition of our one N orm al
a t M onm outh and also th e d ista n c e an d ex p en se of
a tte n d in g , stu d e n ts from E a s te rn O regon a re com ­
pelled to go to n eighboring s ta te s to s e c u re th e ir
tra in in g a s teach ers.
O N L Y C O S T S _4_ C E N T S PER SI,O O P
T h e annual m a in ten an ce coat of the proposed State
N o rm a l School In Ea e te rn O reg on • m o u n ts to
2Bth of a m ill or 4 c e n t» on a thou san d d o lla r , of * » x » bJ*
p ro p e rty. Is n't It w o rth thla to have y o u r c h ild re n tra in e d
to b ic o m e u»eful and p ro du ctive citizen *?
Am ong those who stro n g ly en d o rse th e e sta b lish
rnefit of the proposed E a ste rn O regon N o rm al School
are G overnor W ithycom be, J. H. A ck erm an . P re si­
d en t of the M onm outh S ta te N o rm al; W. J. K err,
P re sid e n t of the O regon A g ricu ltu ral C ollege; P. L.
C am pbell, P re sid e n t of th e S ta te U n iv e rsity ; R obert
C F re n ch fo rm er P re sid e n t of th e W esto n N orm al,
and practically all of the leading e d u c a to rs of th e
S ta te J. A. C hurchill, S u p e rin te n d e n t of P ublic In­
stru c tio n , voices th e se n tim e n ts of th o se w ho a re
m ost fam iliar w ith th e need of m ore a d e q u a te N orm al
fa c ilitie s when he says:
• 'O re g o n ', g r e a t ,» » need fo r It» ru ra l s c h o o l» Is the
t e a c h ,“ w ho hae had full p re pa ration to do h e r w o rk ,
t u c h p re pa ration can beat come th ro u g h N o rm a l School
, r *'|n»ru a t th a t the voters of the state w ill aselet In ra isin g
th e sta nd ard of our schools by eetabllehlng a S*a»e N o r ­
m al School at Pendleton. T h e location Is c e n tra l, the In ­
tere st of the people of Pendleton In edu ca tio n m oat axce -
lent, and the large n u m b e r of p u p il» In th e p u b lic schools
w ill g ive ample o p p o rtu n ity to studente to get the a m o u n t
of te a ch in g practice required In a sta nd ard n o rm a l echool.
All th e above ed u cato rs in sis t th a t a S ta n d a rd
N orm al School m u st be located in a tow n of 5000
o r m ore population and having enough g ra d e pu p ils
for teach in g practice.
■ v v o tin g Y E S for N o . 30» you w ill help to g iv e to the
soheol ch ildre n of O regon the came a d v a n ta g e » enjoyed
by th * school ch ildre n of o u r n eigh b orin g state*.
V o te Y E S fo r No. } 0 *.
Eastern Or agon State Norm al S ch ool Committee
By J . H . Q w l n n , Secy., P e nd le t on , Ore .
(P a id ad v e rtise m e n t)
R o se b u rg -M y rtle P o in t A u to S t a g e L in e
M yrtle Point
7:40 a. m.
6. a. m.
6 hours Running Time
Connecting with Coquille Auto Lines
J. L. L aird
M y r tle P o in t
L A D IE S ’
' ‘D ’A rta g n a n ,” t h e Ince-Triangle
Portland Livestock R eporter
play, in which O rrin Johnson sta rs in
All Blend in the Splendid Triangle Kay Bee Production
W ith the advent o f the new railroad
the title role, tells the story of a young
into the Coos Bay country, the valleys
m usketeer who w ent through a series
of thrilling adventures to pro tect the trib u ta ry to it are sure to come into
name of the Queen of France. I t will im m ediate prom inence from a live stock
be shown a t the Scenic th e a tre tonight. standpoint. The valleys of the Sius-
D’A rtagnan (Orrin Johnson), a fiery law, Umpqua. Coos and Coquille have
youth from the provinces, as told by g re a t possibilities, but probably none
Dumas, joins the K ing’s M usketeers of them is more favored than the Co­
By Thomas H. Inc and J. G. Hawks, Featuring
a fte r he has shown his prowess with quille. For m any years the Dem ents
the sword.
He has three staunch a t M yrtle Point have been shipping
friends in this company, Porthos.'A thos high grade beef c attle to the Pottland
and Aramis.
m arket, driving them overland. The
The Queen, (D orothy Dalton) has an Southern Pacific has now agreed to
adm irer in Cardinel Richelieu, but she build a new stock yards a t Broadbent
incurs his deadly enm ity by rejecting for th eir benefit. T here is no reason
his advances.
He finds through his | why the Coquille Valley should not have
spies th a t the Queen has given two as m any cows as the Tillamook country
studs from a diamond necklace to the and once they are there, the hog busi­
F ro m a scenic p o in t of v iew , ” D ’A r t a g n a n ,”
______ Orrin Johnson
Duke of Buckingham.
Thinking to ness is bound to flourish. The visitors
e In c - T r ia n g le d ra m a , is a d e lig e t lo ibe
ruin the reputation of the Queen, the of last week w ere greatly surprised at
Queen Anne of Austria _ . Dorothy Dalton
e w s . T h e re a te s tre e ts S h o w n of n b y g o n e
Cardinal requests the King to ank his the corn grown in the valley and the
P a ris , th e P a lis ol th e G ra n d M o n a rq u e s
consort to w ear the necklace, which is exhibit of County A gent Smith of Co­
M iladi______________ __ Louise Glaum
a g ift from the King, a t the next g re a t quille a ttra c te d much favorable com­
T h e q u a in t old in n s wi h sh a rp ly p itc h e d
Duke of Buckii gham
Harvey Clark
m ent. Many farm ers were anxious to
th a tc h e d ro o ts a p p e a r p ro m in e n tly .
In c o n ­
Through the p re tty wife of a draper know w hat arrangem ents could be
tra s t to th e ru d e n e s s o f th e f u r n is h in g s o f th e
___ ____ . .W alt Whitman
who is a maid to the Queen, D ’A rta g ­ m ade to ship sm all lots of live stock,
in n s a re set som e in te rio rs of tlie K in g s palace
nan hears of the Queen’s predicam ent. e ith e r cattle or hogs, and w ere in­
.3ount De Rochfort
Arthur Maude
T h e c e ilin g s a n d w alls a re d e c o ra te d w ith
He is introduced to her and his cflfer to form ed th a t County A gent Sm ith was
go to England and g e t the diamond quite fam iliar w ith the methods of
b e a u tifu l p a sto ra l scen es, a n d th e f u rn itu re is
studs is accepted.
A fte r num erous comm unity shipping and would be very
ol th e lig h e st p a tte rn a n d c a rv e d in e x q u is ite
fights w ith the p artisans of the C ardi­ glpd to co-operate w ith farm ers any- j
Madam Bonacieux
Rhea Mitchell
fa sh io n
nal, D’A rtagnan gets to England, pre­ w here in the valley who wish to ship in j
sents a le tte r to the Duke, b u t finds a comm unity way. The only th in g ,
th a t one of the studs has been stolen necessary for a fnrm er who owns a few j
Taken from the Story of
from him by a creature of the Cardinal head of livestock is to telephone Mr.
named Miladi. An ex act duplicate is Sm ith, telling him w hat he has and
hastily made a t the D uke’s command about the tim e he would like to ship. I
and D 'A rtagnan takes a ship for France. When a sufficient num ber of farm ers j
De Rochefort, the leader of the band have notified him he will imm ediately I
working in the interest of the cardinal, order a car and advise farm ers to bring \
is on board. He has the youth arrested their hogs into a certain shipping point j
and bound in chains. D ’A rtag n an es­ on a certain day, w here they will be
capes during the night and sw im s to m arked as to ow nership and go for­
shore. He m anages to re sto re the ward to the Portland m arket, with the
studs to the queen, and though she has re su lt th a t every individual shipper will
to exercise some ingenuity to cover the receive as much for his livestock as he
delay, she is finally able to appear be­ would had he a full carload. Those of j
fore the king with the com plete neck­ the excursionists who went to Coos
lace. The cardinal sees th a t he has Bay, to M yrtle Point, to Coquille and
been foiled and gracefully hands over to Pow ers w ere enthusiastic in their
the stolen stud th a t he had obtained expressions of appreciation over the
through Miladi. The king is mystified hospitality shown in those towns. The
by the action of the cardinal, but the w riter was one of those who premedi-
latter explain» th a t he is adding to the tated ly partook of the banquet a t M yr­
tle Point. Enough food had been a s­
D’Artagnan then seeks the maid to sem bled to feed a regim ent of men.
the queen, with whom he is infatu ated , Those of the excursionists who were
and claims the reward of his love. The th ere worked m anfully, but it was an
three m usketeers, who have assisted up-hill job for the tw enty excursionists
the dashing youth, return to P aris and to e at food prepared for five hundred.
seek the Louvre, where they are as­ The following m orning the M yrtle
sured by D ’A rtagnan from the terrace Point people m ust have overslept, as
th at all is well.
there was not a rooster left in the town
—Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons,
Yellow Leg Plym outh Rocks, Buff Co­
chins, Red O rpingtons; in fa ct the col­
ors of the rainbow w ere outdone by the
ifferen t breeds of chickens re p re se n t­
ed on the bill of fare. Many o f us fe lt
th a t we could not look a chicken in the
— its flavor is so different and so
face for many months. Then th ere was
delightfully good;
ro ast pork, roast beef and ro ast veal
with salads of every conceivable kind.
— it can’t bite your tongue;
On top of all this many of the more
— it can’t parch your throat;
husky excursionists ate cake, of which
— you can smoke it as long and
there were m any varieties. One of the
as hard as you like without any
be6t single-handed e aters we noticed
was Friend Staples, (he Portland jew el­
comeback but real tobacco hap-
er, who is also a stock breeder of note;
a close second was Marshall Dana, of
O n th e re v e r s e sid e o f e v e ry P rin c e
the Journal, who was in the hands of
A lb e rt p a ck a g e y o u w ill r e a d :
his friends, and who had the good taste
a few years ago to choose his wife
J U L Y 30 th , 1907"
from the Coquille Valley. B irg er H er­
T h a t m e a n s to y o u a lo t o f to b a c c o e n ­
mann, our form er rep resen tativ e in
jo y m e n t. P rin c e A lb e rt h a s a lw a y s b e e n
congress, made the principal speech of
so ld w ith o u t c o u p o n s o r p re m iu m s . We
welcome, in which he very in te restin g ­
p re fe r to give q u a lity I
ly told of early conditions in the Coos
Bay country. Among o th er things, he
sta te d th a t fifty-five years ago his
fa th e r had told them th a t w ithin five
C opyrlrhl
by K. J. ReytioUU
years they would have railroad tra n s­
portation, and th a t the fruition of his
wishes had come ju st a h a lf century
the national jo y smoke
late. The response was m ade by M ar­
W i n n i f r e d Gr e e n w o o d , S t a r
In the shall Dana, c f the Journal. Those who
h e e r y h o w d y - d o o n ta p n o
~ y O U ' L L f in d
A m e r i c a n - M u t u a l M aa te rpi ct ur e. Da
m u c h o f a s tr a n g e r y o u a r e in th e
JL m a t t e r h o
listened to his informal talk and who
n e c k o f th e w o o d s y o u d r o p in to . F o r , P r i n c e
Luxe Editio n
A l b e r t is r i g h t th e re — a t th e f irs t p la c e y o u
“ D ust” a t the Scenic Thursday night had heard all of the o ther speeches of
p a s s t h a t s e lls to b a c c o ! T h e t o p p y re d
b u g s e lls f o r a n ic k e l a n d th e t i d y re d
the week, agreed that his was the best
tin f o r a d im e ; th e n th e r e 's th e h a n d -
of all of them. He talked in a very in­
a o m e p o u n d a n d h a lf -p o u n d tin
h u m id o r s a n d th e
spirational way, stra ig h t from the
c r y s t a l-g la s s h u m i d o r w it h
Back to Nature
a p o n g e -m o is te n e r to p
heart, and the men a» well as the wo­
th a t k e e p s th e t o ­
men were not above wiping the tea rs
b a c c o in s u c h
A hen is not supposed to have much
b a n g -u p t r im
out of their eyes. L ater on in the a f­
common sense or tact, yet every time
t im e I
ternoon we were able to visit in Co­
she lays an egg she cackles forth the
quille, and fortunately the two hundred
fact. A rooster hasn’t got a lot of in­
’' process patented -
or more people who had gone to Ban-
JULY 3 0 ? 191
tellect to show, but none the less most
don arranged to come to Coquille and
roosters have enough good sense to
p artak e of the luncheon served in the
crow. The mule, the most despised of
W inston S a lem .K C .U S A . | ]
grove. A fte r having had a ta s te of
beasts, has a p ersistent way of letting
people know he’s around by his insist­ Coquille hospitality, the main body of
ent hray. The busy little bees they
buzz, bulls bellow, rows moo and watch they had not been able to m ake Pow ers
T h i» it the rever*« tide of the
dogs bark, ganders quark and doves and Myrtle Point. W hat was the up­
Prince Albert tidy red tin. Read
per Coquille Valley's loss, however,
this ** Patented ProceM*’ meatage-
and pigeons coo. The peacock spreads
to-you and realize *vhat it mean*
his tail and squawks, pigs squeal and
in making Prince Albart to maoh
who had lived in Oregon
robins sing and even serpents know . ,
to your liking.
id never
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Wm.ton-S.lem, N, C
enough to hiss before they sting.
B u t' " r ' J ycars or more had
never been
to the Coos Bay country. All of them
man, the g re atest m asterpiece th a t
N ature could devise, will o ften stop expressed their intention of returning stream of money, not a stream away t) <■ seek cloth and ashes idea of earthly [
The Celebrated
and hesitate before h e'll a d v ertise.— frequently.
from the town but a stream within the life. It m eans the laying aside of be­
liefs w ithout reason.
I t m eans the
Towns Need More Pep
money w ith few er " re tire d ” people' banishm ent of prudery.
It m eans g re a te r comm unity endeav­
who don’t w ant to see the town grow
Editor Best Organizer
or. I t spells cooperation.
I t would
Awarded Gold Medal
The following, from Lew A. C ates'
re su lt in larger payrolls.
I t would
“ The g re atest organizer in the com­ Observer, applies very nicely to condi­
I. E. San Francisco, 1915
“ L ife ,” according to Mr.
m unity is frequently the local editor tions in any small town, as well a» form ula.
H ayter. is not so different from th a t of instead of the installation of fe a r of a
who suggests community im provem ents some large ones
“ L ife ," ac­ hold-up. with the m unicipality doing The stro n g e st and n earest w ater- proof
or its needs and who leads and inspires
In answ ering the O bserver'» ques- the bib le's reference.
m eans the stick-up act. It m eans wide-awake- Shoes ti de for Loggers, Cruisers,
and supports the cam paign th a t results tion "W h at Does Dallas Most N eed "
Miners, Sportsm en and W orkers.
in their achievem ent," said G. Lansing J . C. H ayter took two words instead of
It approves of t h e activity th a t
Hurd, of the Bureau of Organization tw o hundred. He answ ered: “ More man. I t m eans the fu rth eran ce of all brought Schum ann-Heink to Dallas. It
and M arkets, O. A. C., in a recent ad­ p e p .” His answer has caused consid­ ideas th a t tend tow ard a g re a te r and a m eans the g re ater expression of com­
Men’» Comfort Dress Shoes
dress. "W herever we live it seems erable comment and in an interview keener enjoym ent of life: an enjoym ent m unity life in union church services, ;
th a t nothing is worth while w ithout Mr. H ayter defines his answ er: Life,
Strong Shoes for Boys
s tre e t dances, enthusiastic support of
organisation while we are forced to and it more abundantly is the definition. "d a rk t a s t e .” It m eans love of the dram a leagues and singing societies. It
M anufactured by
conclude th at responsibility for lack of
Life in business th a t m akes for a beautiful in all its form s and it means favors such agencies as the Y. M. C. ;
the factors th a t would contribute to m ore "nim ble dollar" and reciprocity an expression of th a t love in an en­ A. w ith its educational, social and '
Theodore Bergmann
i t means m oral equipm ent for grow th. It m eans
our com fort m ust in the final analysis, among Dallas people, is the idea. The deavor to reach the ideal.
Manufacturing Co.
be placed upon lack of organization. constant use of money, not the hoard­
neighborliness and a literal belief th a t 1
We m ust agree with C arver th a t ‘An ing into vaults, is the dream .
N ot the final analysis it m eans efficier cy in the second commandment, “ Ldve thy 6 2 1 T h u r m a n S t
P o rtla n d . O reg c
organized neighborhood can be w hat it banks full of money w ith a city in living I t m eans th e joy of living.
neighbor,” included all men and subor­
Ask for the Bergm ann W aterprot
wills to be, an unorganized neighbor­ w aiting, outside, without knowing the
N egatively it m eans the abolition of dinate life. I t m eans increasing ac­
shoe Oil.
hood ia in a sta te of decadence.’ ”
combination, hut a constantly flowing narrow ness; it m eans the relegation of tivity.
“D ’A R T A G N A N ”
The Cast of D’Artagnan
Wonderful Scenic Effect
The Three Musketeers
Phyllis Hughes
Prof. Jas. Whitehouse
O’Dell and Hart
- T O N IG H T
A 25 cent Show for
5 cents
Come Early
15 cents
Prince Albert gives
smokers such
delight, because
E A lbert
Suede, N ubuck
P a ten ts, and
in goodness and
in pipe satisfaction
is all we or its enthusi­
astic friends ever claimed
for i t !
V e lv e ts
Lyons & Jones
It answers every smoke desire you
or any other man ever had! It is so
cool and fragrant and appealing to your
smokeappetite that you will get chummy with
it in a mighty short time I
W ill you invest 5c or 10c to prove out our say-
so on the national joy smoke?
Bergmann Shoe
|HK hail fellow well met, the mini who spend»
as he goes, is popular just so long as he is
a hail fellow well met, so long us he speutls
as he goes. His fair weather friends leave
him the minute he is in financial distress.
Don’t be one of these kind. If you are
making big money plan to set «side a cer­
tain sum in bank. You’ll find that if adversity comes
a goodly Lank balance is your best friend. If you al­
ready have a bank account make it a point to keep a
healthy balance, a good margin to work on. If you
haven’t a bank account open one with us today.
Farmers and Merchants Bank