Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, September 12, 1916, Image 2

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Real Circus Coining
Sells-Floto Circus, Buffalo Bill Wild
W est Champion Shows of the World,
will exhibit a t Marshfield on Sept. 25.
Entered as second-class matter May 8, 1905, at the post office at
In addition to the usual circus a ttra c ­
A l K elley '« Place
tions th ere will be Frank Gotch, "Cham ­
Coquille, Oregon, under act of Congrees of March 3, 1879.
pion W restler of all the W orld” ’ and
I t happened down a t K elley’s place.
Je ss W illard, “ Heavyw eight Champion
Before the s ta te w ent dry.
of the W orld,” W illard was a cowboy
She came in looking for a job
before he was a prizefighter, and he
And looked about to cry.
will tak e an active p a rt in the perform ­
Devoted to the material and social upbuilding of the Coquille Valley By w hat caprice of vicious fate
ances of the Sells-Floto Circus.
| She cam e th ere I don’t know—
particularly and of Coos County generally.
will ride in the grand review a t the
: I only know her soul was pure
opening of the show, and will be seen
Subscription, $ 1.50 per year, in advance.
Phone Main 381 As freshly fallen snow.
in his original role as a cowboy a t the
head of the Buffalo Bill Wild W est
And Kelley offered her a job
Cowboys, l.a te r, w ith one of his sp a r­
Of singing for the crowd—
With authority comes responsibility. This is as trrue | Lord, how th a t bunch of roughnecks ring pa rtn e rs, he will give an ex h ib i-.
tion o f ring lighting, illustrating how
of your case Mr. Voter (and of yours, Mrs. or Miss Voter, I And jeered
he won the championship from Jack
how the poor girl cowed.
too), as of any other. When you are given the authority I “ W hat will it be, my little d e a r,"
Johnson and the punches given in his
latest light with Frank Moran at Madi­
to vote on constitutional amendments and measures, and Said R agtim e Bill and smiled;
son Square Garden. Frank Gotch will
on proposed laws the responsibility of wise action is also
dem onstrate how he has conquered all
c o n te stan ts and issues a challenge to
imposed on you. Or, if you can’t be wise; you are under “ The little fool is riled .’’
sing you Home Sw eet Home, all the world, and a prize of one hun­
obligations to be as wise as you can. The state goes to | “ I ’ll please,
s ir" —
dred dollars to any one who can “ s ta y ”
the trouble and expense, part of this expense coming out The whole bunch gasped for breath .
for fifteen m inutes.
And then se t up derisive wails;
T here will be two perform ances, one j
of your pocket, to publish pamphlets giving all the meas­ The
girl w ent white as death.
a t 2:00 p. m. and the final one a t 8:00 j
ures you are to vote on, together with arguments for and “ ’Mid pleasures and palaces” —
p. m.
against these measures, compiled by advocates and op­ The jeers and sneers were gone;
ponents who are supposed to be familiar with the sub­ The ragtim e-w eary instrum ent
Shall County Settle Taxe*
Had never played th a t song.
jects. These pamphlets are sent to every registered
voter, for his information, to the end that he may act
with full knowledge of what he is doing. These pamph­
lets are not gotten up in the highest style of the printer’s
art; there are no halftone illustrations inside nor pictures
of shapely and scantily clad females on the cover, and the
stories are not “snappy” nor sensational nor full of those
delightful conceits that make you laugh and grow fat.
The sight of one of these pamphlets, in conjunction with
the idea of really reading it, does not arouse pleasurable
anticipations. At the same time Voter, old man, it is up
to you to read it; not only to read it but to read it atten­
tively, to study it carefully and to absorb the gist of it
with an open and unbiased mind. If you do not do this
you are not a very good citizen, no matter how much
money you have nor what the color of your hair happens
to be. Popular government is really on trial in Oregon,
as it never was before. Results here are being watched
by the people of other states, where the movement toward
a real government by the people may be accelerated or re­
tarded by the results developed here. It is up to you, not
only for your own sake but for the cause of good govern­
ment elsewhere, to do your utmost to vote intelligently on
every measure presented to you. It is up to you to study
these pamphlets. It is up to you to forget whether you
have “always been a Republican,” or whether your “father
was a Democrat” before you. Times have changed;
issues have changed; methods have changed; “Through
the shadow of the globe we sweep into the younger day.’
Play your part; cut out the “dumb driven cattle” stunt;
do your own thinking; find out what you are to vote on;
use your own judgment; and you will be helping to lift
the world to better things.
A communication will be found in this issue from
Judge Hammond advocating the settlement by the county
court of the Kinney taxes on a basis advantageous to Mr.
Waite. It is given for the imormation it may contain,
and for the enlightenment of the people, not because the
editor of this paper is inclined in the slightest degree to
boost Mr. Waite’s interests, or that he wishes to be un­
derstood as endorsing Judge Hammond’s views.
Taxation Sentiment in
the State of California
instead of by his own efforts, should
pay a greater tax proportionately?
Give reasons.
(7) If you sta te in your answ er to
the preceding question th a t you are in
favor of a g re a te r ta x upon unearned
land values, then w hat percentage of
this unearned value do you believe
shou'.d rightly come back to the com­
munity, instead of being retained by
the owner? Give reasons.
(8) Do you believe th a t land held
for speculation should be taxed heavier
than the land used for home, agricul­
tural or business purposes? Give re a ­
R ory O 'M oore
And K elley’s place was stran g ely still,
“ W herever we may ro a m "—
And Rose’s painted face bent low
Above her glass of foam.
“ Be it ever so hum ble” —
She had not heard for years
This song her m other used to sing;
Frankly she brushed the tea rs.
Big Jim Malone, w ith shaking hand.
Set down his glass of hop.
And as for me, I simply prayed
T hat she would never stop.
The girl had quite forgotten us,
H er eyes had ceased to roam ;
She finished in a tea rfu l voice
"T h e re ’s no place like hom e.”
The only sound, a sob from Rose,
As sta rtin g for the door.
She stum bled pitifully across
The saw dust coveted door.
I never saw poor Rose again;
B ut the m orning paper said
“ A girl from down a t K elley’s place
Found in the river, dead. ”
Effective Campaigning
I.ew A. C ates in Polk C ounty O bserver
A m erchant may be willing to spend
some money on billboard and circus-
program advertising and doubtless the
money is not entirely throw n away, but
he puts his firm advertising dependence
upon the new spapers. D uring cam paign
seasons in the p ast The O bserver has
been in the habit of saying som ething
about the value of the service its adver­
tising colum ns may render to candidates
for political office, and this subject is a
p ertin en t one again now.
D oubtless it is a good thing for can­
didates for office to go around and show
them selves to the people whose su f­
frag e s they desire, and the money and
effort th a t it costs is not entirely
throw n away. N evertheless The Ob­
se rv er believes th a t if a man is cam ­
paigning by an appeal to reason and
not placing his dependence upon g litte r­
ing g en eralities or appealing to party
prejudice, th ere is no agency through
which he can g e t so many votes for his
money as by a new spaper advertising
cam paign.
The public cam paign rally is attended
mostly by men who are going to vote
for the candidate anyway. The men
who are doubtful and m em bers of the
opposition don’t go. Every body reads
the new spapers, however, and doubt­
ful voters or m em bers of the opposition
will read w hat a candidate has to say,
if they can do it com fortably a t home,
when they would not stir a step toward
a public hall.
Moreover, w hat one
reads in p rint sinks in more than w hat
one hears in the partisan atm osphere of
a political m eeting. A new spaper ad­
v ertising cam paign costs money, as
does any o th er so rt of compaigning,
but in the long run it is likely to be the
cheapest m easured by the results ob­
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the p ro p e rty bid in by the county m ust
be sold w ithin tw o years for such
price a s the county can get. The law
does not allow the county to hold this
p ro p e rty a fte r it has once acquired it,
Lut it m ust, in th e following July, a t ­
te m p t to dispose.of it a t such price as
th e county co u rt m ay determ ine, but
if not sold then, in the next Ju ly the
county m ust absolutely sell all the
( p ro p e rty for w h at it can g et—th a t is
j it m ust sell to the highest bidder, no
| m a tte r how low th a t bid is. This is
the b a rg a in c ounter sale commonly
known a s the “ju n k sale.” A t this
sale you fix y our own price. T here
a re about 3,000 lots in this Kinney
P ro p e rty —enough for everybody. If
th is p ro p e rty goes to “junk sale” you
can buy fo r 10 cents a lot. A t the
sale held by the county a sh o rt tim e
ago lots th a t cost the county $11.00
sold fo r 9 cents. L ots in Bandon sold
fo r 5 cents th a t cost the county sev­
e ra l dollars.
B ut, “ to re su m e;” when this prop­
e rty is sold by th e sheriff it will be
bid in by th e county, and a t th a t m o­
m ent all tax es, interest, penalties and
costs fo r all subsequent years a re can­
celled. T h at is th e law:
See Sec.
3711 L. O. L. (o u r sta te sta tu te .)
Consider the situation! The coun­
ty h a s foreclosed its first m ortgage,
it has bid in all th e property, it has re ­
ceived no money, and it has on hands a
m ess of law suits to foreclose T ax C er­
tificates fo r the follow ing years a fte r
the land is all gone and tax e s all can­
These cases have cost the
county a lot of m oney and th ey are
now all dead. How is th e county go­
ing to get its $80,000?
Mind you,
th is re su lt would follow ju s t the sam e
if the p ro p e rty w ere bid in by anyone
o th er th an the county, because the law
say s th a t any p u rc h ase r m u st pay the
tax es, in te rest, p enalties and costs for
all subsequent years, w hen he bids in
the property. All claim s of the coun-
>v a re wiped out by the first sale, no
m a tte r to whom th e p ro p e rty is sold.
W hy all these law suits ? E ach case
costs th e county m any thousands of
dollars which can never be recovered.
All the county can possibly g e t out of
th is whole business is the am ount for
which it can sell th is p ro p e rty a t
“ju n k sale.” T here is no dem and for
th is kind of p ro p e rty and buyers will
buy as cheaply as possible. D uring
the tim e th a t the county holds this
p ro p e rty it cannot he taxed.
The California S ta te Tax Commis­
sion is sending a list of questions to
taxpayers. For this action it has been
denoi*u-ed by the San Francisco Chron­
icle in its issue of August 16 for com­
W h at would a business m an or cor­
ing out for the Single tax.
The ques­
poration do under these circum stanc­
tions are as follows:
es ? Some tim e ago th e receiver of
(1) Would you favor the exem ption
the Kinney p roperties offered to pay
from taxation of all factories and m an­
the county the full am ount of the taxes
ufactured products? (E ffort is being
due if the county would forego the
made along this line in several states,
penalties, interest and costs.
particularly New Jersey .)
Give re a ­
county rejected the offer. L ater, Mr.
W aite, who holds a second m o rtg ag e
(9) Do you favor the idea of setting
(2) If most of our public revenue
on these properties, m ade the sam e
continues to come from property ta x a ­
offer. This w as rejected. The two
tion, do you believe any property should taxed for certain purposes (for instance The Best Part of the P%per
county com m issioners, however, of-
be exem pt from paying in some way for sta te or county purposes solely)
O ften it occurs th a t the advertise­ ferred to accept the face of the taxes
its percentage of such tax?
If so, i w ithout regard to the relative burden
of tax borne by the different classes of m ents are the best and m ost im portant and sim ple interest. This offer w as
what property would you exem pt?
p a rt of the paper for the subset iber to opposed by Mr. W atson, b u t on the
(3) Would you favor the discontin - 1 property? Give reasons.
assurance of the com m issioners th a t
(10) Do you favor classifying prop­ read. The news columns satisfy the
uance of the tax on personal property
and the adoption of a reasonable income erty according to its earning ability natural curiosity to know w hat our a settlem ent would be m ade upon this
basis if the money w as forthcom ing
tax in its place? (This has been rec­ and taxing it in proportion to th a t neighbor is doing; b u t the advertising
w ithin a certain tim e, Mr. W aite ai-
ommended by various tax commissions, ability? Give reasons.
tt m pted to raise this am ount; b u t was
reader money.
and has been partially put into opera­
(11) Do you favor a system of indi­
T hat many readers fail to realize unable to do so w ithin the tim e ana
tion in Wisconsin, and recently adopted rect taxation for city and county gov­
was shown lately when two of the the D istrict A ttorney h a s sta te d th a t
in M assachusetts.) Give reasons.
ernm ents, sim ilar to th a t now used by
local stores made special prices for one th e county court would not now ac ­
(4) Do you believe improvements the state? Give reasons.
week on certain goods, in some in­ cept thi3 am ount if tendered.
on land (houses, trees, etc.) should be
stances selling them for about half the
taxed in the same proportion as the
The fact is th a t so m uch money
Print Paper Prices
regular price.
One of these sto re­ cannot be raised upon th is p ro p e rty a t
land itself? Give reasons.
keepers quoted several instances w here th is tim e; but if a se ttle m e n t could be
(6) Do you favor the gradual re d u c-'
tion of taxation upon buildings, trees
The Federal T rade Commission is people came in a day or so a fte r the leached whereby the county would ac-
and vires and the assum ption of that m eeting with a good deal of difficulty sale was over and paid the regular c< pt an am ount th a t can be raised by
tax burden by the land? Give reasons. in investigating the advanced prices price for the goods upon which they giving this property as security, the
(This proposition has been discussed in and shortage of news print paper.
A could have saved half, had they read whole m a tte r could be a djusted. E v ­
New York and other states, and a t­ sta te m en t issued by the Commission and taken advantage of the ad.
eryone in the county is in te rested in
tem pted in Canada. New Zealand and says th a t some publishers hesitate ans­ other words half of the sum they paid th is m atter, and th a t is w hy th is a r ­
elsew here. It is estim ated th at land w ering the Com mission's inquiries,
ticle is w ritten.
in California is assessed a t about one- fearing th a t th eir supplies may be ru t neglect of the best p a rt of the paper.
It is now up to th e county c o u rt to
And, strange as it may seem , this
half of its full value, and it has been off. The A gricultural D epartm ent says
argued th a t if it were assessed a t full th at investigations made by the Forest m erchant does not claim th a t adver­ sto p this useless w a stin g of county
▼slue, improvements could be exempted Service indicate th a t there is plenty of tising does not pay; he has faith in the money. Every dollar expended in the
w ithout increasing the tax rate.)
raw m aterial from which to m anufac­ value of the new spaper as an advertis­ prosecution of these cases is throw n
(6) I t is argued th a t land values in ture paper. The developm ent of new ing medium, and faith in the people. aw ay. W hy not let th e county court
cities and other social centers are paper mills has been held back by the I It is his opinion th a t all th a t needs to j know th a t you w ant these cases set-
greatly augm ented by the amount of uncertainty regarding m arkets, since be done is to bring home to these pros­ ! tied now? I have heard it said, “ If
population, and th a t the community it is thought th a t with the close of the pective buyers th a t the ads a re a valu­ we se ttle these K inney tax e s on a
itself, and not any effort on the p art of war m anufacturers of ammunition will able assistance to them in m aking their com prom ise basis we will h ave to do
the sam e w ith other delinquent ta x ­
the ow ner of the land, gives it the high withdraw as purchasers of many pro­ purchases; then they will read them.
And th a t m erchant is right.
pay ers.” T hat does not follow a t all.
value. I f this is true, do you, or do ducts now uaed by them . Consequently
This is s case of a b a n k ru p t stock th a t
you not, believe th a t a m an who gains new paper m anufacturers are not keen
Have you paid the Printer? | consists of a lot of pro p erty fo r which
this e x tra w ealth from th e community, to run the risk o f decreased demands.
Farmers and Stockmen I
Keep in Touch with the Market
i Our Splendid Clubbing Offer I
Portland Livestock Reporter 1 year $1.50
The Coquille Herald 1 year
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Both 1 year for $2.50
is a semi-weekly
paper devoted to the interests of
stockmen in Oregon and the North­
west. Its articles are timely and its
market reports are up to the minute
and complete. No stockgrower or
dairyman can afford to be without it.
^ livest paper in the Coquille Valley
and is devoted to the upbuilding of
the entire county generally and of
the Coquille Valley especially. County
Seat and Local News covered in a
comprehensive manner.
A paper
with plenty of “ Pep.”
Both Papers Have Able Editorial Writers and
Strong, Constructive Policies
th ere is no m arket.
If this p ro p e rty were tim b er land, ;
fi r instance, th ere would be a m ark et j
fo r it and th e owners could borrow
the money to pay the tax e s by giving
the land a s security. B ut it is not so
here. T his pro p erty has been in liti­
gation fo r y ears and until the tax»?,
have piled up to such an e x te n t th a t
the p ro p e rty will not float the load.
How ever, i t is good policy fo r the
county to com prom ise any claim
w here th ere is no chance to collect tt
by law.
A nother th in g ; th is pro p erty has
l i e n pay in g no tax e s fo r about ten
years. If the county bids it in it will
pay no ta x e s fo r a n o th er tw o years.
If these cases a re com prom ised and
settled th e county g ets the money a t
once and the p roperty rem ains on the
ta x rolls.
This is sim ply a business proposi­
tion. The only question to consider
is w hat is b est fo r the county from a
business standpoint. The county com­
m issioners a re the business a g en ts of
the people of the county. If they
think you w an t them to se ttle these
cases, th ey will do so. T alk it over
w ith them .
School Books?
Yes, We Have Them
School Opened Today—Get Ready Now
Everything the boy and girl need from
kindergarten to college. A complete
supply of the best school tools with
which to do neat and accurate work.
The Rexall Store
W ith n e w b u llilln r* . b e tt e r e q u ip m e n t, a n d
m a n y a d d itio n * to IU f a c u lty , t h e U n iv r ra lty
o f O re g o n w ill b e g in IU f o r ty - f ir * t y e a r. T u e s-
d a y , S e p te m b e r IS , 1 9 1 6 .
/ S p e c ia l t r a i n i n g I n C o m m e r c e , J o u r n a l i s m ,
A r c h i t e c t u r e , L a w , M e d ic i l i e , T e a c h i n g , L i b r a ­
r y W o r k , M u n ir , P h y s l r a l T r a i n i n g n n d F i n e
A rte . L a r g e a n d s tr o n g d e p a r t m e n t s o f L ib e r ­
a l K d u ra tio n .
L ib ra ry o f m o re th a n 6 3 .0 0 0 v o lu m e s , f if ­
te e n b n lld ln g e f u ll y e q u ip p e d , tw o s p le n d id
g y m n a s iu m s .
T u itio n F re e . D o rm lto rle e f o r m e n a n d fo r
w o m e n . K x p e n a e e LW W est.
W rite f o r f re e c a ta lo g s , a d d r e s s in g R e g i s tr a r
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon
in ind for the County o f Coos
Johanne K. Jensen, A
Plaintiff, ! S uit in Equity .
[■ for Divorce
Jorgen L. Jensen,
No. 4601
Defendant. )
To Jorgen L. Jensen, the above
named defendant
E lI f lR N E . O R E G O N
In the name of the S ta te of Oregon, |
you are hereby notified th a t you are .
required to appear and answ er the com- j
plaint filed against you in the abovt en - 1
titled suit, in which Johanne K. Jensen i
is plaintiff and you are d efendant w ith­
in six w eeks from the first publication
of this summons, to-w it: within six
weeks from the 12th day of Septem ber,
1916, the date of the first publication of
this summons, and if you fail to appear
or answ er on or before the 31st day of
October, 1916. the sam e beine the last
The telephone exchange a t Bridge has been discontinued
day of the til e prescribed in the order
of publication, judgm ent f o r w ant
and subscribers i* th a t territo ry will be served by the Myrtle
thereof will Le taken a g ain st you, and
Point exchange. The new issue of the directory being dis­
plaintiff will apply to the court for the
trib u ted contains the listing of all subscribers on the Myrtle
relief demanded in her complaint, a
Point exchange. The form er Bridge subscribers are now
succinct sta te m en t of which is as fol­
tre a te d as Myrtle Point subscribers and there is no toll charge
1st: T h at t h e m arriage contract
betw een them and Coquille subscribers.
heretofore existing betw een plaintiff
and defendant be dissolved and held for
2nd: T hat the plaintiff have judg­
m ent against the d efendant for her
costs and disbursem ents herein.
•>rd: T hat the plaintiff be perm itted
to resum e her maiden name, Johanne
K. Olesen.
4th; T h at Ihe court g ra n t such other
and fu rth e r relief as shall seem m eet
of NEJ, NW} of NW J, all in Section 9,
ami equitable in the prem ises
Service of this summons is made by and S i of SE i, N E ) of SEJ. all In Sec­
publication in pursuance to an order by tion 8, and all being in Township 25
the Honorable G. F. Skipw orth Judge South, Range 10, W est of the W illam­
of the C ircuit C ourt of the S ta te of e tte Meridian in Coos County, Oregon. |
Oregon, for the Second Judicial Dis­ Taken and levied upon as the property
trict, Coos County, dated the 6th day of the said plaintiff, Jordan Schapers,
of Septem ber, 1916, directing the pub­ or as much thereof as may be necessary
lication thereof in the Coquille Herald, to satisfy the said judgm ent in favor of
a new spaper printed and published a t defendant against said plaintiff with
In its Six Schools and Forty-eight De-
Coquille. Coos County, Oregon, once a interest thereon, a t the ra te of 6 per
week for a period of six consecutive cent per annum from the 2nd day of | partments is engaged in the great work
weeks, commencing on the 12th day of December, 1912, together with all costs oi uniting Learning and Labor.
and disbursem ents th a t have or may
F orty-eighth School Y ear Opens
Septem ber, 1916.
A ttorney for Plaintiff.
A LFRED JO H N SO N . J r .,
D egree Courses requiring a four-year
high school preparation, are offered in
Dated a t Coquille, Oregon, A ugust the following.
Notice of SberiA's Sole
12th, 1916.
AGRICULTURE, 15 Departments;
BY viR Tlit of an execution and Order
F irst pub. Aug. 15; last pub. Sept. 12, COMMERCE, 4 Departments; ENGIN­
of Sale duly Issued by the Clerk of the
EERING, H Departments; MINES, 3
Circuit C ourt of the County of Coos 1916.
Departments; FORESTRY, 2 Depart
S ta te of Oregon, dated the 12th day of
A ugust 1916, in a certain action in the
Circuit C ourt for said County and S tate,
wherein Simpson Lum ber Co., a cor­
V o c a t i o n a l C o u r s e s requiring an
Notice is hereby given th a t 'th e un­ Eighth
poration, as D efendant recovered judg­ dersigned
Grade preparation fur entrance
m ent against Jordan Schapers, plaintiff,
are offered in Agriculture, Dairying,
Commerce, Forestry. Home Makers, and
for the sum of One thousand eight hun­
dred tw enty-one and 28-100 Dollars, and the E state of Elizabeth Fouts, deceas­ Mechanic Arts Pharmacy with a two-
costs and disbursem ents taxed at Two ed. and the County Court has set Wed­ year high school entrance requirement.
hundred tw enty-three and 80-100 Dol­ nesday, the 11th day of October, 1916,
SCHOOL OF MUSIC.—Piano, String,
lars, on the 2nd day of December 1912. as the time and the county co u rt room Band and Voice Culture.
Notice is hereby given th a t I will on in the County Court House in Coquille,
Cttal’ ^me and beautiful illustrated
the 16th day of Septem ber 1916, at the Coos County, Oregon, as the place for booklet free.
‘ C<
' | Court
“ House hearing objections to said final account
front door of the
( lounty
Address T*:t R eg istra r ,
Coquille. in said County, a t ten and tho settlem ent of said estate.
l w -7 -la -.6 to 9-,-16)
John L. Fouts and Jacob Fouts,
o'clock in the forenoon of said dav, sell
Executors of the last will and T esta ­
a t public auction to the highest bidder,
for cash, the following described prop­ m ent and of the E state of Elizabeth
Fouts, deceased.
9 12-Gt
OLD NEWSPAPERS- -Cheap ot tbu
e rty . to-w it;
SoutB ) of NW J, N EJ of NWJ, SW*
Hetald officn.
Bridge Exchange Discontinued
Coos and Curry Telephone Co.
THE o m i
SEPTfcMBER 18, 1916.