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    Mr* 0«t* W U o*
T he C oquille H erald
VOL. 34,
NO. 7
Fraterna, and Benevolent Order
w ork in g independently in her own
locality, keeping fresh the m em ory
P E R Y E A R $1.50
of the immortal Clara Barton Mrs
T oo n exh ibited s<»nie
»>m e very hand-
O regon Herd* W in Many
f . a a . m .—Rtvuinr meeting oi Events of Interest Reported
• Chadwick I .oil ¿c No. 88 A. F. A A.
, ,
Blue Ribbons
I some and clever booklets and cards
M.. at Masonic Hall, every Saturday
TOr 1 he tier&ICl.
night in each month on or before the |
i of her own design to use in carry- I
full moon.
L. A. L i l i j b q v i h t , W. M. J
I ing on the w ork.
O regon Buildiug, P. P I K.,
(B> J E. Jones )
R. H. M a s t , Secretary. |
October— N o distinguished visitor
E. — Reguiar meeting of Beulah s h c ’ y M i 'ADOO' s a n n o u n c e m e n t .
• Chapter No. (>, second and fonrtn
W ith in twenty-four hours P resi­ to the great exposition aroused a
Prom a political view point (be
Enday evenings of each month, in Ma­
W ilson
ex President m ore friendly iuttrest than Edison,
sonic Hall
most important news that has re­
Crowds thronged
E mma L i l i j b q v i h t , W . M.
in la- the inventor
cently developtd
in W ashington
A n n a L a w k k n c k Nec.,
partv everyw here
was Secretary M c A d c o 's announce- vor o f putting every man in this
T O. O. F.—Coquille Lodge N o.83,1. O.
they appeared and with no other
1 . O. F., meets every ¡Saturday night ment that in Ins annual report he
n Odd Fellows Hall.
would recommeud the retentiou of stands in the m at.ef of allegiance 1 were ,he curio,,s m,,re fr» n k ly de’
H. B. Mooaa, N. G.
T h e Presi-1 sirou* o f com ,nK in contact.
T h is
the tariff on sugar.
Ou account of to the United States.
J. S . i.AWHKNCE, SeC.
wonder w orker was about the E x -
dent says that “ in the
AM IE R E B E K a H LODGE, N o . * ) ' M r- M cAdoo’s position as a mcm-
th it P0* '1'00 grounds most of the week
1. O. O. F., ineet'i every second and her both of the official and personal are im m ediately at
nr n
i n l i l a i in
n H
it r l Fellows
It'u lliin r u f
th Wodneaday
, ... _
: „„„„„
it j a n d < , n E d i s o n d a > ' a t " , e R,e "
P a d l in i C ustkb . N. G,
fam ily of the President, it is recog
H alf
tival Hall he was given an ovation
A nnik L awkkncb , Sec.
nized that he would not have made
*jel°re accented anybody or
sO Q U ILLE ENCAM PM ENT, No. 881 tb * statement in the (urmal way nel Roosevelt expresses a similar |
Compile J by State Bureau of
Industries and Statistics
In regard to developing kel,i
beds off the Oregon coast on a
large scale lor the puip se of ob­
taining potash, New Yi ik capi­
talists inquire ol Sectetai y of State
Olcolt it it would he pn-v-ible I <r the
slate to cou> 1 act witii the corpora­
a basis laal ..Laid permit 3
I large iuvtsiraent.
Pinni-h Hrotherh ml <oci,-tv of
j Astoria will erect $10,000 garage
Milw oikee will soon adverlise for
bids fo r extension o f water ststem.
Baker— D edging operations in
I Sumpter Valiev lor mining requir­
ing capital of $50 1,000 li.-ing plan-
! ned.
C ^ I. O. O. F., meets the first and third
fnurstlay nights in Odd Fellows Hall.
J. S. B arton , C. ?.
J . S.L awkksce . Sec.
that it was given out without the
. . .
| latter s approval
D uring the past
j few weeks Secretary M c A d o o has
y r NIGHTS OK P Y T H IA S .—I.ycurgus [ been in consultation with many
IN. Lodge No. 72. meets Tuesday nights ieadj„ g
o f both the
In \\. O. W. Hall.
House and the Senate, and it is
K. R. W a t s o n , K R. 8.
O. A. M i n t o s y k , C. C.
known that they have urged in the
r j Y T H l A N SISTERS—Justus Temple
I No. 35, meets first and Third Mon­
day nights ill W. O. W. Hal!.
Mss. G e o r g s D a v i s , M. E. C.
M r s . F r e d L i n e o a h , K. of R
strongest terms that the free sugar
law be repealed, both because of the
Treasury’s urgent need of the
money that the sugar duty will
Tribe No. 40, 1.
O. R. M., meets every Friday night
n W O. W.
brj ng jn
Coan ille
become convinced that it would be
impossible for the sugar growers of
the United States to continue in
W. A -Regular meetings of Bea-
. ver Camp No. 10.580 ill M. W . A. business under free trade conditions.
Hall, Front street, first and third Sat­ On the revenue side it is pointed
urdays in each month.
out that the sugar tariff is provid-
II. B. T o z i k r . Consul.
F. C. T r u r , Clerk.
ing $50,030,000 a year fur the sup­
N. A .— Regular meeting of Laurel port of the government, and that
. amp No. 2972 at M. W. A . Hall, last year one-quarter of all the in­
Front, atreet, Becond and fourth Tuea-
come from tariff duties came from
day n gilts in each month.
M a r y K e r n , Oracle.
sugar alone. With a deficit of over
L a u r a B r a n d o n . Rec.
$30,000,000 for the past three
O. W .— Myrtle Camp No. 197,
. meets every Wednesday at 7:30 months the cutting off of the huge
p. m. at W. 0. W. Hall.
sura derived from sugar would
Lee Currie, C. C.
make a hole in Uncle Sam’s pocket
J o h n L e n e v e , Se c .
that it would be hard to fill.
;'V E N IN G T ID E C IR C LE No. 214,
J. S. B a r t o n , Sachem.
A. P. M ii . i e r , C. of R.
- j meets second ami fourth Monday W I L S O N A D M I N I S T R A T I O N
nights in W . O. W. Hall.
A n n i e B u r k h o l d e r , G.N.
M a r y A. P i e r c e , Clerk.
makes it in a
The building was filled
| to tiie limit and ten thousand waited
These two leaders in public Thought i ou,side' u s l , ° ca,ch * 8litnP,e of
are in entire harmony with the ! ,he no,ed man- His appearance on
views expressed by the most cap­ the inside was a signal for more
able thinkers, both in and out of ooise and f.iendly expressions than
public life; that there is a necessity had ever been heard there belore.
to "smoke out’’ every man who At night, the Exposition fireworks
doea not put the United States were more elaborate than at any
other time, and Edison, in the cen­
above every other country.
ter of the activity, enjoyed it to the
limit. He saw himself in tremen­
Ex-President Taft rarely neglects dous movie pictures there, and then
an opportunity to argue in favor of in a large set piece of fireworks.
a budget system for the United j The enormops scintillator projected
States. Close students of affairs vari-colored streams of light over
agtee that the Taft administration everything at the Exposition, and
was marked by sincere attempts to specially colored lights played upon
systematize the business affairs of the Palace of Fine Arts.
It was a
Uncle Sam. By "the budget sys great demonstration for Edison,
tem" it is meant that the Executive wizard of electricity, a hero of
shall prepare and submit to Con- 1 peace rather than of battle, military
gress estimates of expenditures and ! or political. One of the remark-
proposed revenue, and that Con- able incidents in connection with
gress shall appropriate certain lim- his visit was bis talking over the
ited. sums for the different branches telephone for the first time. Edi"
of work. The system, which Mr. | son, who was quite deaf tor a long
Among those who are con versant
with the plans nffw actively under
way by the Wilson political man­
agers to secure the renominatiou
ana réélection bf the President, it is
-R A T E R N A L AID No. 398, meets the
second and fourth Thursdays iach hinted that there is a special reason
month at W. O. W . Hall.
for the change of front in regard to
M r s . C h a s . E v l a n d , Pres.
It is kuown that the
M r s . L o r a H a r r i n g t o n , Sec. free sugar.
Republicans planned to make a big
ARM ERS U N IO N .— Regular meet­
ings second and fourth Saturdays in
each month in W. O. W . Hall.
F r a n k B u r k h o l d e r , Pres.
O. A. M i n t o n y e , Sec.
Educational Organisations and C lu b s . fea(ure 0f tjje depleted condition of
] lbe treasury, the failure o f the Un-
derwood ta riff to reduce the prtce
0f SUg ar |0 consumers, and the in-
. . . . . .
. . ..
jury which k had caused to the do
LE AG U E — Meets monthly at the
High School Building during the school
year for the purpose ot discussing eitu-
icational topics.
mestic sugar industry. In addition
to this Democrats in Louisiana and
in some of the best sugar states
were in open revolt because oi the
free sugar policy.
It is hinted
that the President and his friends
had in mind that keeping a tariff
on sugar would help to reunite their
own followers aud take away some
of the political thunder of their op­
ponents. At any rate it is consid­
ered in Washington that the Wil­
son administration is definitely
committed to the policy of keeping
the duty on sugar, and it is regard­
ed as one of the wisest steps that
the President has taken. The only
opposition comes from the big su­
gar refiners who were hoping that
B ir d ie S k e e l s , P i e s .
E dna H aklockek . Sec.
K E E L K L liB —A business men’s
K O social
organisation. Hall in Laird’ s
building, Second street.
L. J. C a r y , Pres
W. C. E n d i c o t t , Sec.
C aO President:
L. H. H
I. eo J. C
a ZAR d , Secretary
Transportation Facilities
R A IN S —Leave, south hound 8:10 a.
m. and 2:40 p. m. North bound
9:26 a. m. and 4:26 p. m.
O A T S — Six boats plying on the Co­
quille river afford ample accommo­
dation tor carrying freight and passen­
gers to Bandon and way pointa. Boa ta
eave at 7 :30, 8 :30, 9 :20 and 9 :E0
ami at 1 :00, 3 :30 and 4 :45 p. n .
E_J. L. Laird, proprietor.
parts 5:30 p. m. for
De- free sugar would be put in force in
1“ order that they m ight pet rid o f the
Myrtle Point,carrvmg the United Mates
mail and pasengera.
competition o f home grow n sugar,
w-jOBTOFFlOE.— A. F. Linegar. poaC w h>ch puts sugar prices down and
E master. The mails close as follows: so cuts into the profits at certain
M yrtle Point 7:40 a.m. 5:20, 2:35 p.m.
. .
Marshfield 9:06 a. m. and 4:15 p. in. seasons 01 tne year.
Bandon. way points, 8 :45 a m. Norway
barto n
and\rago. 12:55 p.m. Eastern mail o:20
C l a r a b a r t o n -
p .m .
Eastern mail arrive» 7 :30 a .m . 1 T here ^
g f ( w good woraen ^
City and Countv O fficers
Mayor *
A. T. Morrison
Recorder....................... J. 8. Lawrence
~ 1L H -M ast
Marshal............................. A. P. Miller
Night Marshal........... Oscar Wickham
Water Superintendent....8. A . Epperson
F ire C h ie :....................
W. C. Chase
Councilmen—Jesse Byers, C. T. Skeels
C. 1. Kime. Ned C.Kelley, W . H. Ly-
ons, O. O. Hanford. Regular meetings
first and third Mondays each month.
.Justice of the Peace
J. J. .Stanley
H. W. Dunham
Uounty Judge
James Watson
Conuniaftooers—W. T. Dement, (*eo. J.
S h eriff... : Z Z : Z : : A i f r e d j 5 i n ^ J ? !
Treasurer ..................T. M. Dimmick
Assessor ..............
T. J. Thrift
School Supt............Raymond E. Baser
Surveyor .................. C. F. McCnllock
f . E-
j ■lon
Health Officer
Dr. Walter Culm
Societies will get the very best
I» R I N T I N C J
at the office o f Coquille Herald
Scene from “ TH E 'ID LE R ”
At the Scenic November I Oth
of “The Idler.” Strong,who is determined to avengt
his brother. Years alter in London
"The Idler,” William F ox ’s pro­ Harding, who has married the girl
duction extn ordinary, to De re­ both he and Cross were in love with
before they emigrated, comes face
leased by the Box Office Attraction
to face with Cross and Strong, who
Company, which will be seen at the
have become partners and have
Scenic theatre on Nov. toth, is one "struck it rich.” In order to win
of its author’s, the well-known dra­ Lady Harding for his own Cross
matist, C. Haddon Chambers,great­ allows the evil side of his nature to
est triumphs. "T h e Idler" is Mark get the upper baud of him and plots
Cross, a young man of good family to have Strong kill Sir John in a
who in a wild fit of daredeviltry duel. Strong slaps Harding in the
has emigrated from London to the face in the foyer of the opera house
far west. John Harding, also well­ in order that he may iuvolve him in
born of wealthy parents, but disin­ “ an affair of honor” and avenge
herited, and a poor clerk, is also I his brother’s death by killing Hard­
seeking his fortune in the gold ing. Cross in the meantime lures
fields. One day Hardir.g receives Lady Harding to his rooms where
a letter from a firm of London so­ Sir John comes to seek her.
licitors informing him that his fath­ hides in Mark Cross’ bedroom, but
er has died and that he is now Sir teveals herself at a dramatic mo­
John Harding, Bart. He sets out ment when Harding, shouting
at once to make his preparations “ Curse you, I’ll kill you!” springs
for his return to civilization and to at Cros»^, throat. Her splendid na­
take up the statiou in life that is ture, as shown in her denunciation
rightfully his. But that very day of both men, one as a husband
he becomes involved in a quarrel without faith in his wife and the
with Felix Strong, the young bro­ other as the would-be destroyer of
ther of a miner named Simeon a home, overcomes them with
Strong, and Felix is shot accident­ shame.
They shake hands and
ally during the dispute.
Harding Mark, parting forever with Lady
is accused ol murder but flees to Harding, otders his valet to pack
England in time to escape the ven­ ' his things for he is o ff "on a long
geance ol a posse, headed bv Simeon trail.”
O M A N ’S Study Club. — Meets 2:30
p. in. at city library every second
and fourth Monday.
H a r r i e t A. L o n o s t o n , Pres.
F r a n c e h E. E ppehhon Sec.
P h o to b y A m e r ic a n P ra a a A s s o c ia tio n .
any sort of competition.
The Harry West Jerseys, from
Scappoose, captured all hut two ol
the blue ribbons lor this breed of
Among these was the
champion two-year-old bull. G G
Hewitt and Frank Lougbry, of
Monmouth, contributed to the
West group. The Hereford ani
mals brought down by George
Chandler, of Baker, captured the
big prizes for that class, end Mr.
Looney, of Jefferson, came in for
several winnings, as did W. I.
Domes, of Polk county.
The Por­
ter Red Polled animals won several
first places. Only in the Holsteins
did Washinglon nose us out of any­
thing worth while.
The Stock
Show was not as large as hoped for,
but many fine animals were on ex ­
waa hibition.
Harriet Stanton Blatcb, the prominent suffragist leader whose h u s b a n d
tragically killed by a live wire, has Indefinitely suspended all her activities
for suffrage From every part of the country votes of sympathy have been
sent to ber from s u ffr a g is ts .
On Horticulture day, the open­
ing of Horticulture week, Chief C.
Taft and other statesmen advocate, time, always had an aversion to the N. Ravlin and a bevy ot maidens
is practiced by all large corpora­ telephone and positively refused to fair gave away 4,231 wine glass
While here he talked
tions ot the country, and the theory use one.
samples of loganberry juice and 1,-
to his factory
400 samples of good old Oregon
the countty who refuse to have
in New Jersey, and probably en­
cider. If the Oiegon horticulture
Clara Barton’ s name eclipsed. H er away with the absolutely "hit or
miss’’ plan under which the public joyed the experience more than any booth had been larger and the juice
work, like that o f Florence N ig h t-
other that was his at the Exposi­
inhale, softened and embellished business is transacted.
% tion. He is a very quiet, unassum­ had not failed they could have dis­
the blood-red pages o f war s his- C U M M I N S T H E O N L Y C A N D I D A T E - ing man, grey haired, but with ap­ pensed double the quantity of li­
,o ry
A n d yet, in the great marble
Although most of the “ favorite parent vitality and no little energy. quids, for the palace of Horticul­
p a la c e b e t n g e r e c te d lo r t h e o r g a n i- sons” among progressive Republi­ Henry Ford, great manufacturer ture was crowded throughout the
day. Besides the juices ’ he Oregon
zatj0n in W ashington, there is no cans, are being groomed for the
and philanthropist, was much with
recognition given to Clara Barton. presidential nomination, it is under­ Edison while here aad attracted booth gave potted ferns and cut
T h e Clara Barton M em orial Asso- stood that Senator Cummins, of |
attention on bis own dahlias. It was a very noticeable
fact that many stayed to enjoy the
ciatlon is an active, goin g institu- Iowa, is the only real candidate in
honk. He is reputed to be "the
Oregon exbihiti ot ftuits, and not
{ jon w i;h headquarters in W ashing- j the field, though it is fair to pte-
thinnest” inventor in the world. He
before has the Oregon showing
d a large number of people sume that all the rest of them are
is just a little thicker than two
1 r
been so excellent There is much
propose to provide a suitable me- like Barkis, who was described as
sheets of paper.
fine freah fruit from various sec­
morU1- A m o n * ,he tc ,iv e workers
tions of the state and it is displayed
is Mrs. John A. L ogan , who is the may be made in the case of Justice
g t v jce nresi<ient Qf the assoeia- Hughes, who says he will be “ ding
Oregon milk and beet cattle made to splendid advantage. In connec­
. .
showing in the great tion with Horticulture Week is the
D uring the Grand A rm y !
stock show still in progress. The Fall Flower Show and there are
Encampment an earnest acquisition more elegant of like effect.
to the Clara Barton enthusiasts S T U D Y I N G F O R E I G N L A N G U A G E S . Swiss herd brouget down by Inman now on display great quantities of
of Junction City, had no competi- chrysanthemums, roses, carnations
came from the southland, and the
An interesting phase of the rela­
The | and begonias -chrysanthemums 8
Washington workers were delight­ tions of Americans with European tion and landed everything.
ed to welcome Mrs. E- May Glenn and South American countries, is judges, however, were confident inches across, tuberous begonias be-
tbat the Junction City animals yond the belief of those who have
Toon, of Wilmington. North Caro-
would win anywhere and against sot seen them, aud hot house roses
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lina, who explained how she was
that certainly are lovely.
To answer in a general way
many specific inquiries, it may be
stated here that no fresh fruit
awards have yet been made, and it
is the opinion of Director Ravlin
that there will be no awards made
Dublic before the end of November.
Just as long as any fresh fruit of
any kind is available, the jury of
swards will be too busy to work
nut the voluminous detail of the va­
rious awards.
Simpson Lumber Co. of North
Bend made the largest cut on re­
cord in September tor a North Bend
mill, 3,415,650 feet.
Sumpter— North Pole and Col­
umbia mines now working steadily
with good prospects.
Veneta will have a sawmill in
the near future.
Oregon City has a new bank $50,-
000 capital.
It is announced that construction
will begin at once on standard
gauge railroad from Carnes Station
six miles south of Roseburg to the
big quarries of the Portland Cement
Co on Roberts Creek.
It is rumored that the Smith
Pulp Mill at Marshfield will run
The Dalles— Fill for O W. R. &
N. terminal finished and track lay­
ing will begin in a few days.
All wheat warehouses in St.
Johns filled to overflowing, first
time in years
Jitney fares have been reduced to
six lor a quarter.
The jitneys
might next provide free life inaur-
ance policies to their patrons.
Oiegon City— The Oswego, Dal­
las A Roseburg Railroad, a subsi­
diary ot the Portland Cement Co.
has begun operations preparatory
to the opening of the Oswego plant
of the cement concern. -
Oregon, California and Eastern
filed articles of incorporation and
plans to construct 400 miles of rail­
road in Eastern Oregon.
The Willamette Valley Electric
from Mt. Aiigel to Portland starts
first train service Sunday October
l 7-
It is expected through train ser­
vice from Coos Bay to Eugene will
be given the public May i, 1916.
The largest carload oi apples ever
sent from Hood River has just been
shipped to Petrograd
Allen & Lewis of Portland expect
to build warehouse in Eugene.
Reports say new planing mill to
be built in Roseburg this winter.
A milk condenser plant is talked
for Cottage Grove.
W h at D o You Think?
The North Pole mine in the
The S. P. Co. is now being sued Sumpter district has 40 men taking
tor $30,000 by the parents of the out and shipping large quantities
children who were killed near Cres- of high grade ore.
The S. P. Co. and the city ot
well last April when the driver ol
the auto in which they were riding Corvallis have agreed upon terms
drove directly itr front of the Shasta for a satisfactory franchise (or the
electric system of the S. P. Co. in
The accideut was terrible aud the that city.
Halfway— Contract awarded for
parties afflicted have ona’s sinrerest
sympathy but here again we have construction of municipal pipe line.
Springfield city tax will be lets
the old story, death at a railroad
crossing The track was perfectly for the coming year.
Astoria— After long controversy,
straight for a mile in each direction
and yet a man drove out of his gate | council voted unanimoutly to grant
without looking in ei'her way and Pacific Power & Light Co. street
right onto the track in trout of an car Iranchtse on Franklin Ave.
express train.
The Corvallis Gazette-Times has
What use are whistles, hells and one of the best editorial pages of
safety first signals when people do any paper in the state— wit and
an act like this? It is a terrible ob­ wisdom combined.
ject lesson to others— be careful on
Oregon City passes stringent jit­
railroad crossings
ordinance requiring $5000
bond, $50 quarterly license and
Big Call for Spruce
I' continuous service between 6 a. m.
and 10 p. m
More than 5,000,000 feet of Ore- ! The reduced round trip rate of
gon spruce lias heen sent from 25c granted by the Portland Rail­
Portland to the waning nations j way Light & Power Co. between
within the last three months for use Portland and Vancouver is making
in the making ot military aero­ heavy inroads on the jitney traffic
Orders for additioca especially as the street cars are more
amounts were not filled on account comforUble io cold WMther.
of the great, scarcity of shipping
Reports say that the Hill inter­
space. — American Lumbetman.
ests will spend large sums construc-
Try a Herald want ad for auv ting additional wharves and en-
thing you want to buy or sell.
, larging terminals at Flaw).