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    T he C oquille H erald
VOL. 34,
NO. 5
Another insect of general feeding
his often mr intains colonies
here and there on pple trees, oc­ habits is the white ruaiked tussock
Fraternal and Benevolent Order
curring more especially around moth, which winters on fruit trees
F. & A. M.—Re^'ii I h t meeting of Spraying and Other O p e r ­ wounds where ihe thinner bark is iu Ihe egg stage. The eggs appear
• Chad w ick Lodge No. RH A. F. & A.
The sprayings for the as a frothy mass »and are usually
ations Effective
M.. at Masoi.ic Hall, every Sa urday
night in each month on or before the
San Jose scale aid in destroying deposited beside the grayish silken
full moon.
L. A. L ili . jkqviht , W. M.
Valuable wotk in lbe conliol of these colonics. Spring spraying of cocoon from which the wingless
R. H. M a s t , Secretary.
orebafd insect pests may he accom­ peach as the buds ate swelling, in parent moth escaped.
It will be
E. S.—Regmar meeting of Beulah
• Chapter No. 6 , second and fourth plished dining the fall, winter and addition to its destiuclive action on easy to collect and destroy these
Friday evenings of each month, in Ma- early spring
Certain destructive the scale iusects mentioned, is also pupae and egg masses.
aonic Hall.
insects are held in check only by a very effective check to the so-. Throughout the Middle West,
E mma L i l i i k o v i h t , W. M.
A nna L aw rence S ec .,
spraying during the dormant per­ called peach !wig-borer, or peach aud to a less extent elsewhere, the
O. O. F.—Coquille Lodge No. 53, 1 . O. iod of trees when stronger washes worm, which is very destructive in winter nests ot (be leal crumpler
. O. F., meets every Saturday night mav be used lhan when tlie trees California and numerous arid val­ are conspicuous objects on fruit
n Odd Fellows Hall.
are iu-foliage. Many insec.s of the leys in the West. This spring ap­ trees, especially quince, pear and
H. H. M oore . N. G.
J. 8 . L a w r e n c e , Sec.
orchard spend the winter on the plication ot lime-sulphur to peach is apple. The larvae winter in tough,
a m i e r k b k k a h l o d g e , N o . 20 trees iu the egg, latval or pupal practically a specific for Hie serious horn shaped cases to which are us­
I. O. O. F., meeto every second and stage, and their destruction in the
j fungous disease known as peach- ually attached sevetal dead leaves.
fourth Wednesday nights in Odd Fellows
course ol pruning or other orchard leaf curl. In some sections of the These nests should be removed and
B u n A w n w ow , N .G ,
A n n i e I. a w k e n c b , Sec.
work is practicable and is of much country the pear Psylla is a very burned to destroy the caterpillars
/’'0 Q U IL I4 K F N C AM l’ MKNT, No. 11 importance in keeping them re­ serious pest to pears.
The adults within.
I. O. O. F., meets the first and third
The wotk ot the buffalo tree hop­
hibernate in crevices and cracks ou
Thursday nights in Odd Fellows Hall. % duced
.1. S. B a r t o n , C. ?.
Orchard scale insects as a class the trees, resttmiug activity with per usually attracts the attention of
J. S. L a w r e n c e , Sec.
are best treated after the foliage has the first warm days in the spring. the observant orchardist, especially
nights ok p y t h ia -».—L twtbm dropptd from the trees. This wotk Spring spraying ol pears tor the during pruning
This insect punc­
Lodge No. 72, meets Tuesday nights
may be done iu late fall, during the Sau Jose scale has in addition a tures the young twigs in the course
in W. O. W. Hall.
R. R. W atson , K R. 8 .
winter when tile temperature is very marked value in checking the ol its egg laying, the scars latet
O. A. M i n t o n y e , G. C.
shove freezing, or in the spring be­ pear Psylla.
producing a much delormed aud
P Y T H I A N SISTERS—Justus Tenipie
fore the buds swell to any extent.
The so-called teirapin scale of weakened branch. Care should he
1 No. 35, meets first anil Third Mon­
Spraying of apple, peach, pear and peach, as well as Lecanium scales taken to cut out these injured
day nights in W. O. W. Hall.
M b s . G e o r g e D a w i s , M. E. C.
other trees for the San Jose scale in general, are not satislactorily twigs, with the view to developing
M b s . F b e d L i n e g a b , K. of R
with strong lime-sulphur or other controlled by the lime-sulphur spray new, sound branches.
E l) M E N — Coaoille Tribe No. 46, 1.
O. R. M., meets every Friday night
n W O. W. Hall.
J. 8 . B a r t o n , Sachem.
A. P. M ii . i . e r . C. of R.
W. A. —Regular meetings of Rea- j
. ver Camp No. 10.550 in M. W-. A.
Hall, Front street, first ami third Sat­
urdays in each month.
H. B. T ozier . Consul.
F. C. T rue , Clerk.
A .— Regular meeting of Laurel
R N.
. amp No. 2972 at M. W. A . Hall, j
Front, street, Becond and fourth Tues­
day n ghts ill each month.
M a r y K e r n , Oracle.
L a u r a B r a n d o n , Rec.
-Myrtle Camp No.
W o nieetb
- w.- every
Wednesday at
p. m. at \V. O. W. Hall.
Lee Currie, C. C.
J o h n L e s k v e , Se c .
VKN1NGTIDB C IR C LE N o .. 214,
meets second and fourth Monday
nights in W. O. W. Hall.
A n n i e B u r k h o i . d k h , (J.N.
M a r y A. P i e r c e , Clerk.
ARM ERS UNION.— Regular meet­
ings s e c o n d s o d f o u r t h S a t u r d a y s in
each month in W. O. W. Hall.
F r a n k B u r k h o l d e r , Pres, j
O . A. M i n t o n y e . S e c .
R A T E R N A L AID No. 398, meets the
second and fourth Thursdays each
month at \V. O. W, Hall.
M r s . C h a s . E v l a n d , f’ res.
M rs . L ora H arkinoton , Sec.
l ime Sum s $35,000,000 railroad will run from Seward to Fairbanks, Alaska, aa shown oa the map.
la section of privately owned road which government will buy.
There are various species of
Educational Organizations and Clubs j s u i t « « « "a s h is now very generally hut should be treated with strong
— ,, 7 0 „„¡p ra ctice d by orebardists. and many kerosene emulsion, or with a mis- borers attacking fruit trees which
OM AN S Study Club. —Meets 2:30 J K
p. m. at city library every second | persons ow ning but a small number cible Qtnixablt) oil
This latter is a | may be very effectively searched
and fourth Monday.
¡o f fruit trees in the yard also regtt- general term applied to several tor and destroyed during the fall,
H a k r i e t A. L o n g s t o n , Pres.
larly spray the trees lor the control f commercial preparations which are winter or spring. “ Worming” for
F r a n c e s E. E p p e r s o n Sec.
Lime-^ used at the rate of t part to 18 or the peach borer should be begun in
E D U C A T I O N A L ol this serious insect pest.
LE A G U E —Meets monthly at the sulphur concentrate is used in 20 paths water
early fall and continued until the
High School Building during the school
In addition to routine dormant- trees have all been gone over. This
year for the purpose ot discussing edu­ spraying for the San Jose scale, and
may be purchased of manufacturers tree spraying much good work may is done by cutting away the injured
cational topics.
BihtiiK SK EE ta , Pies.
made at home.
The commer­ be done in the control of orchard bark sufficiently to trace the burrow
E dna H a r l o c k e r . See.
cial article usually has a density of insects by operations during the ! and then removing the borer with
t r o K E E L K LU B —A business men’ s
social organization. Hall in Laird’ s 32 to 34 deg as registered on a leafless period. The codling moth, a knife or hooked wire.
building, Second street.
Baume hydrometer, and in prepar­ the cause of wormy apples, passes to worming the soil should be dug
L. J. C ar y , Pres
ing the concentrate at heme effort the winter in silken cocoons under away from the base of the trees so
\V. C. E n d i c o t t , Fee.
should be made to secure a wash of scales of hark, in crevices and in that the castings exuding from the
o m m e r c i a l c l u b — L eo j . C a r y
j President ; L. II. H a ZA R u , Secretary about this density.
Such a concern knot holes on the trunks and larger burrows tn;.y he seen and assist in
of 1 part to limbs of the apple.
Old trees es- j the more ready location of the
Transportation fa cilitie s
8 or 9 parts of water. Only one pecially should be thoroughly borers. Since many of lbe peach
p R A lN S — Leave, south bound H-.10 a.
I m. and 2:40 p. m. North bound treatment each winter is necessary scraped with a dull hoe or similar borers in the fall are yet quite
9:26 a. m. and 4:26 p. nt.
to hold this pest in subjection, but instrument to destroy the hihernat-i small, very careful work will be
necessary to desttov all of them
riO A T S — Six boats plying on the Co- the application must he very thor- ing codling moth larvae.
dationnw MVrrying0Dlig” tPanTCp ^ n ’ |OUgh’ c0,,in8 »'• parISjif tne twigs,
The apple tree lent caterpillar Alter the trees have been wormed
ger« to Bandon and way points. Boats limbs and branches. This w ork re- winters in the egg stage on various once it is a good practice to go over
eave at
t m' quires a spray pump, and these may orchard trees, as the apple and them again. The earth should he
ami at
now he obtained lor work on al- p;-ach, and especially on wild ctaer- drawn around the base of the tree
Q f AGE—J. L. Laird, proprietor. De- !
most any scale, and range in size ries growing along fences or on before there is danger ol freezing
parts 5:30 p. m. lor Rasi-burg via I m
PER Y E A R $1.50
Quarterly Report on
t cured; short »eight in ice, convtc-
W eights and Measures ,ion sccurtd: maintaining short j
measure gasoliue pumps, held
held tor
tor _
grand jury; m
aintaining s sh
h o o r r t t! Compiled by State Bureau of
The State office of Weights and
Industries and Statistics
measure gasoliue pumps, held for
Measures has issued the following
grand j ur y; m aintaining short mea­
report for the first quarter-year ot
The St. Helen’s Ship Buildiog
sure gasoline pi-tups, held for grand
its operations, and the report indi
Co is busy on a 5-mast auxiliary
ju r y ; short weight in coal, pending.
cates that there is certainly need of
H ay, grain, meats, wood, coal,
the work performed by the office: ,
The Dalles has a new soap fac­
ice" and many other commodities
In order that the general public
have teen inspected with a view of
may have informntion of the work
La Grande— Tacoma capitalists
insuring the correctness of lbe
accomplished covering the first
bought Whited mint for $30,000.
amounts delivered
W h ere dis­
quarter, under the new laws gov­
Ashland ice plant will move to
crepancies have been found it has
erning weights and measures, en­
been the policy of the office to reg­
acted during the Legislative Session
The Oregon cranberry crop is •
ulate the same without resorting to
ol 1915, lbe State Office of Weights
good, price around $10 a barrel
the courts except only in such in­
and Measures submits the following
Ashland— 744 head of cattle
stances as were o f absolute necessity
condensed report:
shipped irom here tecently brought
as an exam ple iu one case, sacked
owners $45,000.
The primary work of the office
flour, due to the use of an inaccur­
was the division of the State'into
A self-oiling trolley wheel manu­
ate scale, was luttnd to vary in
four Weights and Measures districts
factured at Hausser, Oregon, ran
weight from
to iJ 4 pouuds less
as provided by law; the epportion
38.da.vs without oiling
than the m arked weight.
In this
ment of the pro rata expense per
119,000 acres of land has been
instance the firm was required to
county, according to population;
thrown open for settlement in south
re sack correctly the amount in­
the appointment of the District
Central Oregon
volved, some 60 000 pounds.
Sealers, and a general reorganiza­
Spaulding Logging Co. will at­
In general, while the territory to
tion ot the method ot law enforce­
be covered by the District Sealers tempt to colonize its logged off land
ment, with the object in view of
at Black Rock.
is considerable, eight or nine coun­
promoting efficiency and reducing
ties to-each man, much good has
the expense ot operation.
50,000 pounds of cheese in five
accomplished and
That the public throughout the
State might obtain a wider knowl­ all of the counties will have been
Bandon— Prospect of railroad or­
edge ol these laws and a better un­ visited before the close of the year. ders brighteus the lumber market
In conclusion, the state office,
derstanding of their beneficial feat­
ures, a pamphlet of general infor­ taking into consideraiion the fact
An effort is being made for a
that the w eight and measure laws
mation in relation thereto, was com­
bridge across Willamette at Harris­
nave but recently been enacted, has
piled and is being distributed
endeavored( to direct the work in
Specifications and tolerances gov­
Prineville planning big irrigation
the field in such a manner as would
erning the manufacture, sale and
scheme with canal and dam.
accomplish ’ he best results without
use of weights and measures are in
Stotkholders of Cauby Canning
course of preparation, will shortly w orking any undue hardship upon Co. are figuring on starting cheese
our merchants, the vast m ajority ot
be placed in effect, and when adop­
whom ate anxious to cooperate
ted will prevent the sale and use of
Eugene has shipped clover seed
with this office in the enforcement
inferior, inaccurate and faultily con­
east for the first time.$io,ooo worth
ol the provisions of the weight and
structed apparatus.
going in two cars.
Following will be found a sum­ measure laws.
Reports state that Oregon-U* L
Respectfully submitted,
mary of the equipment inspected
sugar company has been organized
and tested, remarks relative to the
to build factory in Rogue River
Deputy State Sealer
same; disposition of the complaints
filed, and reletences made to a case Oregon Loganberries
Crown Point on Columbia high­
or twool particular interest:
will have $20,000 hotel.
A re Genuine Logans
Scales inspected and tested 2,958;
Gold ore running $40 a ton re­
scales sealed 2,465; scales adjusted,
Oregon Agricultural College,Cor­ ported one mile west of Bttncon.
corrected aud sealed 624; scales vallis. Oct. 11.— That the famous
Drainage district being organized
condemned and use not allowed loganberry juice as produced in on Tenmile, Coos Bay.
493; scales incorrect at time of in­ Oregon is made from the logauberry
Marshfield— Reports state that C.
spection 1,117; scales, errors in bal­ and not from the phenomenal hen v
A. Smith pulp mill will soon start.
ance— otherwise correct 560.
is the declaration of Professor C I
Unity — New creamerv nearly
Weights inspected and tested 2,- Lewis, chief of the Agricultural
598; weights found aicttiate 2.375; College department of Horticulture.
Bandon— Manager Thompson of
weights inaccurate and condemned This declaration is substantiated by
the Sixes River mines has crew ot
the men chiefly instrumental in pro- men working on construction of a
Liquid measures inspected and pagating the loganberry and the flume A sawmill is being con-
tested 448; liquid measures accur­
phenomenal berry in this state
j structed, and the cost of the flume
ate and sealed 399; liquid measures
It has been widely reported that and mill combined will be about
inaccurate and condemned 49.
Luther Burbank, the originator of: $150,000.
Gasoline and oil pumns inspected
the phenomenal berry, has said
Toledo— The Geo. W. Moore
and tested 112; g .soline and oil
that the Oregon berry grown and sawmill preparing to resume opera-
pumps sealed 95; gasoline and oil
marketed as the loganberry is not tions; J. B. Miller logging camps on
pumps condemned for rep tirs 17.
Lin ear measures inspected and
touud accurate 250 .
Wood measured upt.11 specific re­
quest— cords 385.
Willi reference to the foregoing
tabulation it -ill be noticed that
624 scales had to he adjusted and
corrected, before sealing; that 493
scales could not be adjusted— Heel­
ing repairs— and were condemned,
or in other words, out ol a total
number of 2,958 scales tested, 1,117
of them were weighing incorrectly
and had to be either adjusted, cor­
rected or condemmd.
rtle Point,carrving the United States fr om the so-callejj bucket pump waste land. T h e eggs are placed weather. T h e same plan should be
In addition, many scales of the
mail and pasengers
suitable for w ork on a le v » trees in in rather conspicuous dark colored \ followed in worm ing the trees in commuting type, having charts of
tyjSTOFFlCJE.— A. F. Linegar, post-j , he yar() (0 Hie large gasoline-power belts or bands around the smaller the spring, at which time it w ill he obsolete construction, were requir­
I master. The mails close as follow.:
M yrtle Point 7:40 a.m. 5:20, 2:35 p.m. rout fits em ployed in exten sive or tw igs.
1 hese are readily observed somewhat easier ¡0 delect lbe borers ed to be re-chatted correctly, or
Marshfield 9:0»> a. in. and 4:15 p. in. ¡-hards
More specific inform ation and may he collected and destroyed because of their increase in size have the computations covered,
Bandon, way points, 8 :4o a m. Norway
, .
. . .
and\rago 12-55 Eastern mail 5:20 on Ihe San Jose scale and the p re -, w ithout much trouble during Ihe Throughout the Central and East­ leaving in use onlv the pounds and
Eastern mail arrives 7 :30 a. m. paratimi at home o f lime sulphur work o f pruning or at other times ern states apple trees should he reg­
ounces for weighing purposes The
{concentrate will be found in Farm- Very effective work in the collec- ularly wormed in the spring and type of scale commonly known as
C ity and County O fficers
¡ers' Bulletin 650
lion of egg masses has already been fall for the ronndheaded apple tree the “family scale,” owing to its in­
M ayor____ ____ __ ______A. T. Morrison
, .
. . . . .
J. 8 . Lawrence
Certain other scale-insect pests accomplished in regions where this borer.
This insect attacks the ferior construction and consequent
* United Status fishery bureau has purchased fur Alaskan servlee the Rone»
Treasurer....................... --- R- H. Mast which may he present on the trees, insect has been excessively ahun- trees near the ground and its in­ inaccut'acy, is not legal for use in velt, which Admiral Roliert E. l ’eary (at top) used tn dlaeovery o f north pole.
A. P. Miller as 'b e cherry scale, oyster-shell dant
In some instances it w ill be jury is indicated by brown patches trade, and the state office has i s s u e d ---
Night Marshal............. Oscar Wickham scale, etc., are also pretty we ell held possible to enlist the interest o f under the bark and the castings instructions that it 'be condemned the'loganberry at all, but is the phe-1
^ Depot Slough again in operation.
Water Superintendent. 8 . V. Epperson | .
reatroent school children, as was done in which often accumulate in some and its further use prohibited.
Heppner— Work on new Mason­
F ire C liie U ...
W. C. Chase m check by this annual trei
| nomenal.
He is further reported
CounciImen—Jesne Byers, C. T. Skeela with
liaue sulphur
T h e M ichigan during tbe winter o f i q i t quantity on the soil. The use ot a
ic building started.
C. I. Kime. Ned C.Kelley, W. H. L y -,
— .
Hill lines will feature Oregon
ons, O. C. Sanford. Regular meetings treatment is also effective against -14
Prizes were offered for the sharp knife and moderately stiff the value of scale inspection, one ol berry is a greatly interior berry,
first and third Mondays each month. |he pear leal blister tnite, which is greatest number ol e g g masses ob- wire is usually sufficient in the
on their diners
the creameries purchasing milk
Jnstice of the Peace .........J. J. Stanley universally present nn pears and in tained, and the total collected in work of worming the trees, in the from the farmers, was unknowingly 1 and that in some manner the phe­
Gardner— Salmon canneries on
Constable ...... .......... -H- W • Dllnhani Home localii ies is a very serious ap- this work amounted to several mil- case o f either Ihe peach borer or using a scale having an error of 4 nomenal became known as the lo- the Umpqua have opened.
Present conditions indicate that
pounds to the 100 in the creamery's ganberry.
Conumssioners—W. T. Dement', G ^ . T ? le P” *' C tr,a in 1,es,ruc,iv* a PPle lion-
«be ronndheaded apple tree borer
lice winter in the egg stage on the
T h e Tall web worm winters in the
T h e work ol the Iruit tree hark favor, causing a const) nt and con-j
According to Professor Lewi* North Bend mills will operate all
.................. A 1 freil^Johnson,*?r! ,p p le ’ esPecial,y on
,he Dewer P " P al stage on apple and various beetle, or shot hole borer, is often siderable loss to the farmers of that ' and 0,her authorities the difference winter.
The Warren Construction Co. is
Treasurer ' Z . . I ’.......... T. M. Dimmick grow th , aud thorough lime sulphur other trees
T h e flim sy cocoon is first detected on trees d u rin g prun-| vicinity. The District Sealer im­ between the berries is not very
SchroTsupC..........Raymond E. Baker sP ,a >in * lor lhe San Jose scale un- easily recognized from the hairs o f in g operations in winter, and steps mediately condemned the incorrect great, but there is enough differ- rushing its bitulithic paving con-
C. F. McC ill lock doubtedly results in the destruction the caterpillar m ixed in with the should be taken as soon as it is dis- i scale and required the installation ence. especially in the vines, to trsets at North Bend.
‘ Health Officer
...F. E. Wilson ol many of these eggs, though the loose silk
Dr. Walter Culin
treatment is not always sufficient to all sorts o f
Societies will get the very best
at the office o f Coquille Herald
obviate spraying after
putting out.
iusects crevices, knot
the foliage is scales, etc.
T u e cocoons
M iddle
sheltered places,
in covered to
in possible
hark rule
trouble, i f !
T h e shot hole borer as a
which are in a
also be state o f decline from any cause.
and searched for tn trash i n the ground, winters in various stages in galler-
Southern States, where the w im ets under boards, in rail feuces, and
are not too rigorous, the wooly ap- similar situations.
ies just beneath the bark.
trees attacked by this insect and
of an accurate one. preventing fu r . | make the two readily distinguish- h. J ^ ^ / ' V y ^ ^ r L e d in 7he
ther losses.
Both fruits
have been giver. nejr future J ^
Following are complaints filed, a working test in Oregon and Ihe
la rgest grain crop the North-
court cases and disposition ol the loganberry has proven more satis- west has ever grown is now har-
| utnt. Maintaining and using scale factory to Ore-’ on .growets.
,. ,
, , , /
. .
About moo men are now work*
out ol balance, held lor grand jury; |
i»g 0I1 the 0teK„ n Kastero Railway
short weight in coal, conviction se-
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from Riverside to Harriman.