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    The Coquille Herald
Entered as second class matter May
8 , IPI'5. at the post otHce at Coquille,
Oreyen, under act ol Congress ol March
8, 1879.
P. C. LEVAR, Lessee.
Devoted to the material and social
upbuilding o f the Coquille Valley par­
ticularly and c f Coos County generally.
Subscription, $1.5« per year in advance
Phone Main 381.
The visit here of E . S. Cantiue,
stale highway engineer, and B H.
Burrell, U. S road engineer, has
not only given much ’ encourage­
ment to our local advocates of good
roads, but it has given them a new
idea of the utmost importance and
one which argues strongly lor the
immediate getting of a wiggle on
Everyone knows of the Pacific
Highway, which is being construct­
ed the length ol the coast and on
which much work is being done in
Calitornia,Oregon and Washington.
This will be the great avenue for
tourist automobile travel, not only
for the people of this coast but for
those lrom all over the United
States, who are becoming more and
more imbued with the wisdom of
the slogan, “ See America First.”
The intention is to make this an all-
the-year-round highway, and to
this end it is absolutely necessary to
avoid the Siskiyou mountains.
T w o routes are available lor the
accomplishment of this object: one
turning west from Grants Pass to
Crescent City, the other turning
west at Roseburg and reaching the
coast by what is practically a water-
level route by way of the Coquille
river. This is far the better route
for the reason that it avoids the no­
torious Cow Creek canyon country
region, which in some respects is
worse than the Siskiyous.
What is practically a water-level
route can be obtained from the val­
ley by way of the Coquille, for the
watershed divide is very low, and a
grade of practically a water level
can be obtained from the headwat­
ers of the Coquille to the open val­
ley at Myrtle Point.
It is hardly necessary to point
out the lesson of the above state­
ment. A moment’s thought makes
it obvious. If the tide of tourist
travel that will flow over the Pacific-
Highway can be brought through
Coos county it means benefits too
large to be estimated.
In view of this, there is only one
rational plan for the inauguration
of the good roads work here, and
that is the one endorsed at the
meeting here a few days ago, for a
trunk line from North Bend to
Myrtle Point. It is true that the
plan resoluted upon contemplated
the extension from North Bend to
Empire, but as a matter of cold
common sense that should be drop­
ped. It was only inserted as a sop
to North Bend and to equalize the
amounts to be expended on the two
sides of the divide which separates
estiug talk Neither of the men were |
acquainted with the conditions ini
this district and so could not slate j
just what style of road they thought 1
would tic the best adapted to this
place. Mr. Burril says that if the j
people wish it a man will be
sent down from the state depart­
ment to inspect our highways and |
to give us an idea of how he thinks
our roads should be constructed, j
Both speakers told about the difler-
ent style* of roads which are being
constructed all over the state and in j
several other states.
Many new 1
DUNK BOTTS, Regular Correspondent
ideas were gleaned from their talk.
(George Bingham!
Saturday morning Mr. Burril and
All Rights Reservd
Jm O aai
E- S Cantine accompanied Judge
Watsou by auto over the Marsh­
The Mail Carrier departed from generations to peruse, provided she
field road and back around by Sum­ Tickville for Hogwallow the other marries.
ner, out past Dora and around by day with a cake of ice, to prove to
Hocks left early
Myrtle Point, so as to get a general -everal skeptics that there ia such a Thursday morning for a visit of sev­
idea of the way we are buildiug thing as ice in summer time
How­ eral days at Bounding Billows. He
our roads.
ever, when be arrived here all the went afoot as this is the only safe
Mr. Burrill and Mr. Cantine ice had disappeared except a very way for a person to reach his des­
were very favorably impressed by small piece. The Depity Coostable tination without acme kind of a
the roads between here and Marsh­ ia at work on the case in an effort breakdown.
field. There are several thousand to find out where it went.
Dock Hocks was seen going to­
feet of new planking being put on
The editor of the Tickville Ttd- ward Bounding Billows last Sunday
the Sumner mountain.
They e x ­
iugs wrote a very strong editorial wearing bis speckled pants. W^e
pressed themselves pleased the way
for the next issue, entitled, “ Turn fear Dock will live to be an old
the .work was being carried on, and
the Rascals Out of Office,” but be­ bachelor, as he has a habit of trying
stated that the grading and work
fore it was published the man he to court too many girlH at once.
were along the same lines as those
was writing about came in and paid
Friaby Hancock ia thinking of
of the Pacific Highway.
up his subscription, and the editor’s
a honeyard near the Rye
This summer the county court
conscience hurt him so be had to
Straw store in the near future. On
has been doing good work and has
tear the article up.
account of the panic he should do
let all the contracts at a low figure
The Hogwallow Improvement So­ n prosperous business.
The lact is they have got a good
ciety met Wednesday night and
The H og Ford preacher had one
deal more for their money than
voted a fund of six dollars for ad­
ever before, and a good deal better
of ihe largest crowds of the year to
vertising purposes. It will be con­
hear him Sunday.
The room was
tributed to the Excelsior Fiddling
so full everybody had to stay
Baud with understanding that they
Woman’s Study Club
through the entire sermon.
are uot to give any public concerts
Tube Mosely, who borrowed the
The W o m a n ’ s Study Club met this summer.
Hill church bell for one of bis
The Hog Ford preacher will de­
yesterday in the city libraty.
! cows to wear, baa been asked to re
This year the club will study the
turn it immediately, in order that
earlier American literature and. trav­ Bouudiug Billows on the second
can be held.
els in the United States, and will Sunday of this month. They are
Improvement As­
finish the course Jn Domestic Sci­
there if he suits the congregation, sociation met last night and held a
Alter a business session Mrs. J he may consider a call to that place, lengthy discussion on ways and
W. Springer, chairman of the liter­ aH they are dissatisfied with the one means to bring up soiuetbiug of im
portance for consideration, but ad­
ary program committee, announced they have.
the following program for the next
Washington Hecks, who has been journed without coming to a deci­
meeting, October 2 5 :
sitting on a stump near the road for sion.
Roll call with Bits from Colonial
Authors. Talk: General Character­
istics of Colonial Literature— Mrs.
Readings from John
Smith and other Colonial Authors
— Mrs. Springer. T alk — The Great
Theologians-— Mrs. Andersou. Dis­
cussion— The Theological Writings
and the Records Compared in Re
gard to Value and Interest.
with Readiugs—Wit and Humort>f
Colonial Days— Mrs
The New England Primer— Mrs.
Kistner. Talk— Literature of the
Revolution—- Mrs. Young.
ings from the Early Poets— Mrs.
Rogers. Reports on Extra Read­
ings. Mrs. R. S. Knowlton, o f the
Domestic Science department next
gave a reading on “ Flies,” which
was received with great interest,
and remarks which would have
crushed every fly within hearing, it
they were possessed of fine sensibil­
ities. The next lesson in Domestic
Science will be Chapter 1 , Part i t ,
of the text book.
T h e name of Mrs. F C. Pursley
Hogwallow News
Sim Flinders says he canDot see
the past several days waiting for
the mail carrier, got out of patienco how some roosters are able to be
yesterday morning and returned around so much In day time after
having set up all night crowing.
While Raz Barlow was over to
see MiBS Flutie Belcher Sunday af­
ternoon, he enjoyed some funny
moving pictures by turning the
leaves of the family album right
The Postmaster says that while it
is true that be has to handle nil the
Fith Smith at last bus high hope mail, he is glad to know that he is
of breaking into public print. He not compelled to read and answer it
has a wen on bis neck and has al­ all.
ready been approached by a patent
The Postmaster will not be both­
medicine firm for bis photo and tea- ered much with flies this summer, as
he has set iu to get them all skeered
Yarn Sims visited Miss Flutie
Belcher Sunday afternoon and wrote
a verse in her plush-back album,
wbicb sh will preserve for coming
School Notes.
Miss Ada Downs, daughter of
the new Methodist minister, en­
rolled as a Junior in the high
school yesterday morning.
'»as added to the membership roll. brings the enrollment up to 78
Coos county into two groups of!
Extra seats have been placed in the
Some Straight Talk.
narrow-minded children
It is
high school rooms until practically
time for this little, petty jealousy
Here is some straight talk from all of the available space is in use.
and pork-barrel trend of mind to be the manager o f the Scenic:
The high school is now in opera­
eliminated, and no doubt the Coos he wants to apologize to you for
tion from half past seven in the
Bay people can be made to see that
some of the horrible junk that he morning until about five o ’ clock in
if there is any money left after has been obliged to show you in the
the alteruoou
The teachers are on
building from North Bend to Myrtle last few weeks, and to assure you
hand at 7:30 and many students ar­
Point it should g o into the exten­ that he has been fully as much dis­
rive at that hour to study.
sion of the line toward Roseburg. gusted with it as you could possibly
classes begin at 8 and the regulai
In that case there is not the slight­ be
It has been something awful. recitations continue until 1 2 : 40 . In
est doubt that we would receive aid At the same time some pictures of
the afternoon the science classes
from the state highway funds and irreproachable quality have been
meet for laboratory work. Students
also from the United States.
Ban- shown. The F o x features are equal
who are behind with their work or
don need not worry, for if the Pa­ to anything shewn anywhere today.
who need special help come in the
cific H ig hw ay can be brought The “ Diamond Iront the S k y ” is
afternoon o! their own accord or
through here she is certain ol being an excellent feature.
The Key- are required to come by the teach­
on the line
She will get her road stone comedies and especially the ers
Typewriting practice contin-
up the valley and her road into | Chaplins are bully.
The ju n k has j ties throughout the day.
Curry county
the regular course
ol events, and she will he in line to
receive greater benefit from the
tourist travel than any- other place
in the county.
Road Meeting.
There was a large attendance at
the road meeting Friday night.
There were several local speakers
who gave their ideas on the build­
ing of roads and there were many
good suggestions offered.
B. H. Burril, senior engineer in
the U. S. Department of Roads,
gave a very interesting and instruc­
tive talk on good road
j come
,j,e universal service.
I t ( those who have regular work in
„ i R be remembered that a change j , he afternoon, many students make
was made to Universal about two
ctice of cotni
t0 the scboo,
rnontns ago, because the General [
Film Co was giving us junk, and 'louse Do™ two to .our or five
aii improvement was hoped for. o ’ clock to do their studying for the
For about a month alter the change next day. 'The teachers always re-
llie l niversal people sent us some main until four o ’clock and usually
splendid pictures; then, in accord­
until five.
ance with the v>rai lice of other Port­
land bran. h<s, they commenced
sending poorer and poorer pictures
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
every week.
This has reached the
by local applications, as they cannot
limit, and a change will he made at reach the diseased portion ol the ear.
There is only one w a y to cure deafness,
once as soon as a new service can he and
that is b y constitutional remedies,
a r r a n g e d fo r.
1 n e m a n a g e r h a s n o * Deafness is caused b y an inflamed condl-
tion o f the m ucous lining o f the Eusta­
chian Tube. W hen this tube is inflamed
you have a rum bling sound or Imperfect
hearing, and when it is entirely closed.
Deafness is the result, and unless the in
flammation can be taken out and this
tube restored to its norm al condition,
hearing will b e destroyed forev er; nine
cases out o f ten are caused b y Catarrh,
which is nothing but an inflamed condi­
tion o f the m ucous surfaces.
We will ffivA One nnmlrrd Dollars for any case ol
lVifn«'«* <> t n sod by cat.irrt»'that cannot ho cored b>
Uall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars free.
F J CTl ItNKY, * 00-, Toledo, Otuu
d r ....
more desire to show
poor pictures
than you have to see them, nor does
lie expect lo build up a profitable
business on poor service
Mo he
craves your patience, as he appre­
sre fifly engineers in the depart­ ciates your patronage, and he pro­
mises a material improvement in
ment in which Mr. Burril is the
the near future.
In the meantime
senior. E. S. Gamine. State High he «-ill show you the best he can
way engineer, also gave a very inter- get.
Fletcher Henstep says if MisB
Fruaie Allsop ever-gets to vote and
has anything to do With the election
returns, he bets they will be padded
B old b y P m g g ls t s , TTio.
Take Hall's Family n ils for constipation.
to recommend a high giade, guar­
anteed and wiucly known mattress.
The customer has double protec­
tion. First, there is the guarantee
of satisfaction which every good re­
tail furniture man offers his trade
Secondly, there is back of every
Heywuod Mattress the guaiantee of
a bouse which, for nearly oue hun­
dred years has built up a reputa­
tion for reliability.
H ave you paid the Printer?
» «»» «
Notice of Executors Sale of Real Property at
Private Sale
Notice is hereby given that in pur­
suance o f a certain order o f the county
court o f t’oos County.Oregon, sitting as
a court for the transaction o f probate
business, made and entered upon the
8th day o f August, 1915, in the Matter
o f the estate o f Sarah J. Ferry, de­
ceased, the undersigned, executor o f
said estate, will sell at private sale to
the highest bidder for cash or in part
for cash and the remainder on credit
as hereinafter stated, in one parcel, and
subject to confirmation or resale by the
county court, from and after the 28th
day o f October, 1915, all the right,
title, interest and estate o f the said
Sarah J. Ferry, deceased, at the time
o f her death, and all the right, title
and interest that the said estate has,
bySoperation o f law or otherwise, ac­
quired other than or in addition to that
o f the said deceased, at the time o f her
death, in and to all that certain real
property described as follows, towit:
The north one-half o f the northwest
quarter, the southwest quarter o f the
northwest quarter and the northwest
quarter of the southwest quarter o f
section 25. township 29 south, range 12
west o f the Willamette Meridian in
Coos County, State o f Oregon.
Terms and conditions o f sale: Cash;
or $500 in cash on the day o f the sale
and the remainder to be evidenced by a
promissory note dated said day o f sale
due on or before one year from date,
drawing interest at the rate o f 8 per
cent per annum, interest payable an­
nually, with provision for attorney fees
in event suit or action is instituted to
collect same or any portion thereof,
said note to be secured by a mortgage
upon said property above described
with usual terms and conditions.
W il l ia m F l o y d
Executor o f Estate o f
Sarah J. Ferry, Deceased.
Notice of Sheriff’s Sale
By virtue o f an execution and order
o f sale duly issued by the Clerk o f the
Circuit Court o f the County of Coos
State o f Oregon, dated the 9th day o f
September 1915, in a certain action in
the Circuit Court for said County
and State, wherein C. M. Caton' as
Plaintiff recovered judgment against A.
H- Olson for the sum o f Eighty-four
and 36-100 dollars with interest thereon
at the rate o f 8 per cent, per annum
from Oct. 19, 1910, and the sum of
twenty-two and 90-100 dollars, with in­
terest the.-eon at the rate o f 6 per cent,
per annum from Oct. 1st, 1913, and
twenty-five dollars Attorney fee and
costs and disbursements taxed at Six­
teen and 30-100 dollars, on the 10th day
o f February, 1915
Notice is hereby given that I will on
the 16th day o f October, 1915, at the
front door o f the County Court House
in Coquille in said County at 10 o ’clock
in the forenoon o f said day, sell at pub­
lic auction to the highest bidder, for
cash, the following described property,
The west one-half o f the northeast
one-quarter, section twelve, township
twenty-four, south, range thirteen west
o f Willamette meridian in Coos county,
Oregon. Taken and levied upon as the
property o f he said A. H. Olson or as
much thereof as may be necessary to
satisfy the said judgment in favor of
plaintiff and against said defendant
with interest thereon, together with all
costs and disbursements that have or
may accrue.
Alfred Johnson Jr.,
Dated at Coquille, Oregon, Sept. 11th
Seed Season is Here
W e ate prepared to quote the following
prices on Seeds:
- 2 0 c
This is an excellent Pasture Mixture
22 1-2c
. . . .
.5 I-2 c
This is all of the best Imported Stock and guaranteed to be
of the highest G ov’t test as to purity and germinating power
store fronts line the “ street" and
■■ach proclaims its individuality in
letters more bold than artistic. For
instance there is the “ Stagger Inn,”
'Spender's Bank,” the “ Log Cabiu,
Saloon,” the old jail, the fire house,
the geueral store and many other
places of business to remind tbe
visitor of ‘‘ the days of old and the
days of gold.”
a long time ws had fur supper a
Mr. Conklin's, grown on his place
wbicb is all bill land. I am of the
opinion that the bill land on the
Marshfield Bamlon road is to lie-
oome noted for the quality of the
potatoes it produces.
Sunday morning I struck out
eatly for Norton’s Gulch, the home
of Mr and Mrs. Ralph Barker,
where Mrs. Fastou w> s visiting — a
five or six miles’ walk.
One of
those perfect uiornin ;s; then when
on the Sunset Bay road you e t c h
sight of the ocean and ita tang add­
ed a spring to your step and its beat
upon the shore a song of life, you
feel it is good to be alive.
To get
a partiul view of tbe coast liue at
Cape Arago light bouse is worth a
long walk, and to enjoy Ihe quiet
charm of Sm set bay is more re­
Aud when Mr Barker takes
you to the view points of Norton’s
Gulch you wonder if there is any
other place where ocean waves ami
rock c n conjure up such a picture.
After breakfa-t Mr. B iker went
with us to “ Shore Acres,” the home
of L J Simpson. The walk is a
beautiful one
Mr. Simpson guided
us through hie gardens an,I we see
the swimming pool that is being
built. As we stood at Ibe front of
the house and look« d at the rocks
that are carved in pictures by Ibe
waves and 1 » held the great expanse
of ocean, and then ua we are taken
through the flower, berry and vege­
table garder s aud st e the beautiful
flowers in greater profusion tbau I
have evei seen b-fore, I can
that * Shore Acres” is oue of
most beautiful places that my
have seen.
It is 19 years sino»
The “Old Road.’
From the early day items iu tbe
Coos Bay News we clip the fol'ow-
ing from Ihe issue of September 20,
The Co s Bay wagon road is pas
salde for wagons from Roseburg b
a p 'iu t in ihe canyon about Iw.
miles east of Cape Horn and three
miles from Laird's.
W Ulov r i-
»eueral supern.tei b u t of the work
and Billy Adams is Ihe blasting
boss. Twenty sevi n men were at
work until Sal 11 ' day last, when
sight left, havji g business engage-
lUents ai Ros. borg, and at present
nineteen are at wrick and eight or
ten more are wanted.
J. B. Fox,
who lately finished tbe Grrvel Ford
oridge for the c unty, will prob
sbly be given tbe loutrscl to build
x bridge wb re thi road crosses the
North Fork
He uade an estimate
of tbe cost of 'onstriiction and
handed Mr Glove, a bid on Satur­
day last, which wa . being consider­
ed wheu our iufoimaut left.
trail is open tbrou *h the canyon lo
Laird’s, ami the in lil came through
over tba trail for toe first time on
Thursday last. It is tbs intention
of the superintendent to have the
road open for stag*» by the first of
next month
saw Golden Gate Paik.
Its law
were beautiful, but there was not
East Fork Items.
mg iu the way of flowers to co
of him.
pare with tbe wealth of color ai
Mr. Gallup ami Son of Riddles beauty at Shore Acres
Raz Barlow is trying to find out
I ara gl
came in last week over the Coos we went to Shore Acres for I g
how far it is by mail from here to
Bay wagon road.
that much richer for all that I si
Mr. and Mrs. Foth and two sons, is mine, for one is rich only to t
a daughter and daughter-in-law, nee extent of - the
__ beautiful
_________ things
Old Established House
Vogel, arrived Sunday from Califor-j »ess, and to the amount of bea
Makes Excellent Mattresses Try a Herald waot ad for an\ ma in their Htudebaker car to visit bis soul may hold. Shore Acr<
thing you want to buy or sell.
the Vogels.
j one of Cooa count ’s big ass
Since 1826 , the firm of H eywood
Born— Monday, Oct. 4, 1915, to | -^^ore Acres ia an experiment
Bros & Wakefield Co. have been
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Miller, a girl.
found famous for their baby carria­
“ Happy Canyon.”
Mr. and Mr* Claughton and fam­
ges, their chairs and their reed and
Administrator’s Notice
rattan goods.
Throughout the
Tbe maps, and the encyclopedias ily who have been living at Bandon
United States, they have established and atlases may fail to define tbe
Notice ia hereby given that the
great distributing points from which location of such a place but any­ bound fur the Willamette or Col­ deraigned by an order of the Con
ol Cooe county, Oregon, has b
these products are sent to the furni­ body who attended the 1915 Round­ umbia river valley where they in
appointed as Administrator ol the
ture stores iu every city and town. up in Pendleton c m tell you all
tate of George K. Baxter deceased,
A few months ago they began to about it and take a great deal of
About a month ago John McVey persons having claims against such
tate are required to present them wi
lost his gold watch and chain while in six months from the date of this
produce mattresses, and alieady pleasure in doing so.
After much tice, with the proper vouchers, to
Haywood mattiesses are becoming
“ Happy Canyon," literally speak­ burning slashing
undersigned at the Baxter Hotel in
recognized as the utmost in quality ing ia tbe institution which the Pen- searching it came to him to look in city ol Coquille, Coos county, Oregor
Dated this 12th day of October 11
at the lowest prices.
People who, dletou people have provided for the a log pile that had not all burned
C h a r l e s E . B a xter
as children, learned to know the entertainment of the throngs which up. He found it, looking as though
Administrator of the Estati
George E. Baxter, Decease.
comfort of H eywood baby carriages gather here during tbe Roundup it had been through a Are, but the
are welcoming an opportunity to week. It is located in a huge pav­ jeweler, Mr. Schroeder, thinks be
buy a mattress on which this same ilion bordering on Main street in will be able to make it go.
Notice ot SherifTs Sale
name appears.
Pendleton but once a visitor enters
Mr. Courtrigbt who bad lived on
B y V irtue ol an execution and o
True to the policy of the institu­ the portals of the pavilion, be very the Howe place and moved to Har­
o f sale duly issued by the Clerk ol
tion, every H eywood Xlattress is promptly forgets the outside world. ney county more th-n a year ago, Circuit Court of the Countv of (
fully guaranteed.
The newspaper Inside he sees a reproduction of died recently after quite a long ¡li­ State of Oregon, dated the 30th da’
September 1915, in a certain actior
announcements stale plainly that one of those eld, rough, frontier nes». He wa» » good neighbor
the Circuit Court lor said County
State, wherein McPherson-Ginser C
every Heywood Mattress is sold towns in which romance and history
E. K Marc; is under the weather pany, a private corporation, aa Plai
under a “ make g o o d ’ ’ guarantee. is so rich. Weather beaten lumber with the grippe.
recovered judgment against E. A.
kett, Defendant, (or the sum of TI
Anyone who buys a H eywood Mat­
John McVey got ptomaine poison hundred eighty-two and 15-100 Doll
tress is sure of satisfaction and ser­
and costs and disbursements taxed
eating ice cream at Coquille about a Fifteen and 20-100 Dollars, on the
vice. The policy ol Heywood Bros. I
month ago that ra lie near knocking day of September 1915.
& Wakifield Co. is that the c u s to - ;
Notice is hereby given that I will
Ihe underpinning out from under the 13th day ol November 1915 , at
mer is always right
If you buy a before It POISONS «O f ( M s orjttactos to BONE
door ol tbe Cmintv Court H<
Heywood Mattress and years from WitktutKRifiorPain
in Coquille in raid County, at lOo’c
Saturday, Oct 2. the writer drove ill I b e forenoon of said day, sell at t
now, should feel thst your H ey ­ No PAT llitil CURED
lie auction to the highest bidder,
Marshfield to John Conklin’s, cash,
wood Matties has not been giving
the following de-criltcd prone
swindle. An Island
vou saiisfaclion, then Heywood plant makes the cu re'
38 feet ot Lot 1 of Block 1
Ihe Bandon road
Bros & Co tviil fie ready to give SCRE on the lip, face^
" nd took ,he the South 38 feet oi l» t 2 of Block
o r b o d y l o n g is
horses for pistille to Mr. Liebie’» the Town id Myrtle Point, accordii
vou a new mattiess without further C A N C E R ! it never
pains until last stage
cost to you
120 - PARE BOOK sent
FREK. 10.000 testi­
Many good furniture stores have monials. Writ! ti Mai _
quickly grasped ihe opportunity to
handle this splendid line ol mat­
A m A [ R and always poisons deep arm-
15 U A n U C n Pit alandi and KILLS QUICKLY
While it is true that the Onewoman in every Tdiesof cancer—U.8. report
We refuse many who wait too long A must die
profits on such a quality line are Poorcured
at half rice
if cancer
if cancer
is is
yet yet
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