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    T he C oquille H erald
VOL. 34,
NO. 4
0r win -«»
««“■ Former Coquille Boy
wav possible, effort will be
Ha» War Experiences
Fraternal and Benevolent Order
Big Day for this State on made to bring Oregon to the fore-
F. A A. M.— Regular meeting of
front. Crowds of OregoniaDs here
Claude Gillham has received the
October 30th.
• Chadwick I-iOdtfe No. 68 A. F. A A.
will help very materially and those interestiug letter given below from
M.. at Masonic Hall, every Saturday
iiialit in each month on or before the
Oregon Building, Panama Pacific who delay their visit for the two E. W. Morgrn, a former Coquille
full moon.
L. A. I. ii . ijkhvibt , W. M.
30 is the boy, who weut to Canada a few
K. H. M a s t , 8 eer?tary. I Exposition,—Oregon Slate Day ail weeks of which October 30
—- ithe Exposition has been set for center will find much ofidterest e x ­ years ago:
E. S.— Reginar meeting of Keulah
• Chapter No. II, second and fourth | M o n d s y , O ctober 30 . Tnis means traordinary at the Exposition. Oct­
Epsom, Sept. 17, 1915.
Friday evenings of each month, in Ma­ that the chief diguilaries, as well as ober 21 st ushers in Horticultural Claude Gillham,
sonic Hall.
the lesser luminaries, of this great j Week, which will be a hummer,
Dear pal: I was sure glad to get
E mma L il ijb u v ist , W. M.
A n s a I . awkisnce S e c .,
eat ot all lairs will don silk tiles and ! and at the same lime the P'all your letter a lew days ago.
I ex
T O. O. F.—Coquille Lodge No. 53,1. O. o t h e r prescribed paraphernalia, | Flower show will be under way. pect you thought I was a bright
1 . O. F., meets every Saturday night
gather themselves into automobiles The Stock Show will be in lull j one for joining the airny but I got
11 Odd Fellows Hall.
H. B. Moo as, N. Q.
aud with Governor Withycombe in blast until the middle of November , fed up with this old slow life so
J. 8 . I. A WHENCE, Sec.
the front car, will follow the Expo- \ and November 2nd is San Francisco : thought I would come over here
a m i e r e b e k a h l o d g e , n o . 20 silion aud Martue bands to the Ore- j Day.
The latter is certain to bring an(j have a little excitement, and
I. O. O. F., meet« every second and
fourth Wednesday nights inOdd Fellows gou building, aud there in the a crowd of 300,000 and the greatest believe me I surejgol plenty of it
E lim A n d c b s o s , N. G,
shadow of the modern Parthenon day of special events and festivity Joined a little over a year ago and
A n n ie L a w r e n c e , Sec.
wax eloquent over tbe glorious of the Fair period.
The weather spent the winter here in England,
/'■ 'OQUILI.E ENCAMPMENT, No. 25 achievements Df ,|le s'ate to the continues perfect, and those who well not all of the winter but the
I. O. O. F., meets the first and third
norihward. Governor Withycombe know San Francisco best say that mfist rainy part. Went to France
rtiursduy nights in Odd Fellows Hall.
. 1 . 8 . B a r t o n , C. ?.
whose business in life it has been to “ settled” wealber may be counted in February, landed on the firing
J . S. L a w r en c e , Sec.
make two blades of grass glow on until near December.
line shortly after. We had it pretty
K . lÁxige No. 72, meets Tuesday nights
in W. O. W. Hall.
R. R. W a t so n , K R. 8.
O. A. M in t o n y e . C. C .
rjY T H lA N SISTERS—Justus Temple
l No. 35, meets first and Third Mon­
day nights in W. 0 . W. Hall.
Mar. G eo rce D a v is , M. E. C. |
M r s . F r e d L in b g a r , K. of R
p K I I MEN—CoQuille Tribe No. 4fi, 1. .
IV O. R. M., meets every Friday night:
n VV O. W. Hall.
J. S . B arton , Sachem.
A. P . M ii . l k r , C. of R .
W. A. —Regular meetings of Rea - 1
• ver Camp No. 10.550 in M. W . A. j
Hall, Front street, first and third Sat­
urdays in each month.
H. R. T o z ik r . Consul.
F. C. T ruk , Clerk.
N. A.— Regular meeting of Laurel
amp No. 2972 at M. W. A . Hall,
Fronti street, second and fourth Tues­
day n glu» in eacli month.
M a r y K e r n , Oracle.
L aura B ran d o n , Ree.
O. W .— Myrtle Camp No. 197,
meets every Wednesday at 7 :30
p. m. at W. O. W. Hall.
Lee Currie, C. C . .
J ohn L e n k v e , Sec.
CIRCLE No. 214,
meets second anti fourth Monday
nights in \V. O. W. Hall.
A n n ie B u r k h o l d e r , G.N.
M a r y A. P ie r c e , Clerk.
Photos by American P re ss Association.
Photographs of Colonel and Mrs. Goethals taken since their arrival In tbe United States,
governor of the Panama canal zone In November.
The colonel retires as
ERS UNION.— Regular meet­
ings second and fourth Saturdays in
each month in W. O. W. Hall.
F r a n k B u r k h o l d e r , Pres.
O. A. M in t o n ye . Sec.
'RATERN AL AID No. 398, meet» the
second and fourth Thursdays each
month at W. O. W , Hall.
M r s . C i i a s . E v i . a n d , Pres.
M r s . L ora H a r rin g to n , Sec.
Educational Organizations and Clubs
W ^ m ^ t city^library ev^r^second
and fourth Monday'.
H a r r ie t A. L ongston , Pres.
F r a n c e s E . E pp er so n Sec.
C ____________
LEAGUE—Meets monthly at
High School Building during the school
year for the purpose oi discussing edu­
cational topics.
B ir d ie S k e e l s , Pies.
E dna H a r l o c k e r . Sec.
rO KEEL KLUB—A business men’ s
V social organization. Hall in L-aird’ a
building, Second street,
L. J. C a r y , Pres
W, C. E ndicott , Sec.
------------------- ---------------- -V------- — -
o m m er c ia l c l u b —i.Eo j . C ary
President: L. H. H a z a r d , Secretary
Transportation facilities
RAINS—Leave, south bound 8:10 a
m. and 2:40 p. m.
9 :26 a. m. and 4 :26 p. m.
boats plying on the Co­
quille river afford ample accommo­
dation lor carrying freight and pxasen
gers to Bandon and way points. Boats
eave at 7 :30, 8 :30, 9 :20 and 9 : t 0 a. m.
and at 1:00, 3 :30 and 4 :43 p. t r . .
where but one has grown before,
quiet for about a month, only lost a
Million Dollar Bonfire
will probably be asked to plant a
few men that the snipe s got and
tree where none has grown before,
one or two that an odd shell put
On September 3d, close to the out of commission. Then alter we
and in the name of tbe great state
of Oregon he may receive a plaque, Tower of Jewels, the Panama-Paci­ had got broke into tl^ie game they
or, more aristocratically speaking a fic Exposition at San Francisco cel­ gave us a couple of weeks’ rest and
“ commemorative medal.”
T h e ebrated its freedom from debt by sent us to Ypres. I guess you pro
guns at the big forts will probably making a bonfire of documents rep- bably read about it in tue papers.
boom, the battleship Oregon may- presenting an indebtedness of more We went in eighteen thousand
let loose some six inch salutes, flags than a million dollars. The occa­ strong and came out eleven thous­
will fly, Oregon cider will flow and sion was celebrated with enthusiam, and, there being only about a third
at no time before or since, will the Judge Taft, former President of the killed. We lost more with the gas
JJnited States, starting the blaze.
that the Germans used on us than
Oregon building be in such gala at-
The Exposition promises to be with shells or bullets; believe me,
After the parade—which the
people at the Oregon building and one of the most successful in hist­ that is hellish dope. I got all that
the Oregon Society of California ory. In point of beauty and the I could handle, was unconscious a
will endeavor to make the largest variety and nature ol exhibits, it is day aud a half and have been in the
and most memorable in Exposition doubtful if it has been excelled hospital tor three months now;guess
history, and all the oiating has been Agents and other employes should it will take a couple of years to
done to tbe delight of the assembled do everything possible to stimulate work out of mi system.
multitudes, Governor Withycombe attendance at the Fair. It not only
Have sure seen something of life
and the chosen few will be carried means added travel, but it means from both sides since I joined the
away to the California building and the gaining of friends. No one army. One good thing we only
there wined and dined until their who has yet visited the Exposition signed on ior the duration of the
stomachs as well as their hearts has failed to enthuse over it. In war and six months after. We get
are filled to ovetflowing.
In the advising patrons about Exposition a dollar te>n a day so that part of it
case of Governor Withycombe, the rates, etc , be sure to invite them to is not so bad, and a fellow gets an
wine will be water, of course, but make themselves at home in the education traveling around the
San Francisco water is of such Southern Pacific building, where, globe like this far better than you
thickness and color that even the free of charge, they will find every­ cau get in the best of your colleges.
diner nearest him will not notice thing for their comfort and much Have been in England, France and
the substitution unless it is an­ for their entertainment. - S. P. Bul­ Belgium, but none of them can hold
nounced. After the least and lau­ letin.
a candle to Canada or the States.
dations of the greatest state in the
Appointed Special Chairman.
Union by the highest officials of the
TAGE—J. L. Laird, proprietor. De­ greatest Exposition that ever hap­
E. O McCormick, vice-president
parts 5:30 p. m. for I:iscburg via
Myrtle Point,carrying the United SiRtes pened, there will be a reception at of the Southern Pacific Company,
mail and pasengers.
which the people gathered here
has been selected as special chair­
Irom the four cornets of the earth
n O n O f f l O K . —A. F. Linegar,
1 master. The mails cloee as follow-,: may have opportunity to greet Ore­ man of “ Safety First:
Myrtle Point 7 :40 a.m. 5:20, 2:35 p.m.
Prevention Day” of tbe World’s In-
Marshfield 9:06 a. m. and 4:15 p. in. gon through its most distinguished
Bandon, way points, 8:45 a m. Norway representative, the Governor, and, jsurance Congress to be held at the
and Arago. 12:55 p.m. Eastern mail 5:20
Panama-Pacific International E x ­
p. in.
Eastern mail arrives 7:30 a. m. incidentally, they will get to shake position on Thursday, October 14.
hands with the president of the E x ­
The Southern Pacific is one ol
City and County) O fficers
position and others next to him in
the leaders, as well as pioneers, in
Mayor................................................... A. T. Morrison
officijl rank
Wbeu the shadows
R ecorder............................................... J. 8 . Lawrence
accident prevention work and was
Treasurer................................R. H. Mast have fallen and the Exposition
Engineer....................... P. M. Hall-Lewis buildings aud grounds have taken awarded the Harriman Memorial
A. P. Miller
Medal by tbe American Museum of
Night Marshal ..............Oscar Wicaham on the irridescent glow that makes
for having made the greatest
Water Superintendent S. V. Epperson
this a dream city, a fairy land, the
Fire Chiei........................... W. C. Chase
advancement in safety and accident
Councilmen—Jesse Byers, C. T. Skeels California building will be the scene
It was also awarded
C. I. Kime, Ned C.Kelley, W . H. Ly­ ol a grand ball at which the Gover­ prevention.
ons, O. C. Sanford. Regular meetings
the highest award by the Exposi­
first and third Mondays each month. nor and other Oregou representa-
tion ior safety first appliances, traf­
Justice of the Peace
J. J. Stanley i
w ill be guests oi h on or
fic promotion, track, equipment
Constable......... ....H■ W . Dunham
tlernen in lull dress and ladies in
and motive power.
County Judge......... James Watson
undress “ creations” will trip the
As a high official of the Southern
Commissioners—W. T. Dement, Geo. J.
"merry ha-ha" and the revelry will
Pacific. Mr. McCormick is deeply
continue until exhaustion aud the i .
interested in the subject of accident
Alfred Johnson. Jr.
dawn of another day demands a
! prevention, and postponed a special
.....................T. J. Thrift cessation
| Eastern trip to accept the special
Raymond E. Raker
School Supt.
C. F. McCullock
All in all, Oregon Day will be | chairmanship,
F. E. Wilson some large occasion, and during the
. ....
D p . Walter Culin
Health Officer
entire time Governor Withycombe
The big Rainier mill has been
------- «i ------------" ------------
and his party are here, there will completely destroyed by fire, loss
; I Societies will get the very best
be things doing calculated to lie of $150,000.
special interest to Oregon people.
It is estimated that the clover
I at the office o f Coquille Herald
At the Oregon building there will seed crop ot Linn county will total
be as much social activity as tbe $200,000 this year.
- : : = 3 C = ---------------- l t ^ ^ = = l t -----------------I B
England needs to wake up and
shake herself if she intends to win
this war this winter or next sum­
I don’ t suppose you will be going
to the fair in Frisco this summer. I
intended coming down home last
fall and going to it in the spring
but when war broke out it screwed
my plans around quite a bit.
not sorry I came over here though
at all.
Well, guess I must close as it is
near dinner time. I sure wished I
was there to go deer bunting.
had some good sport bunting in
Canada after we got settled on the
homestead, but like the mountains
better than tbe prairie any old time.
Be sure and say hello to the rest of
the fellows for me
Your old friend,
P. S. This is my address, ’tis as
long as some old duke's:
E. W
Morgan, No. 13014 5th Batt., Can­
adian Convalescetit.Woodcote Park,
. —
-#• -
W. F. Turnidge wants farmers
around Albany to raise mint and
will take all oil obtained.
Tbe Nashville and Toledo cream­
eries have distributed over $10,000
each to the farmers of that section
the past year.
12 ,
PER YEAR $1.50
Cash Prizes Offered for
man; David N. Mosessohn, pub-
Loganberry Verse lisher of 'Oregon Country,” and
Here is a chance for bright S(U.
dents in the public schools of tbe
state and tbe universities, too, to
make some money.
The Portland Ad Club has de­
cided to start a big campaign to ad­
vertise the loganberry and cteate
new markets for this important
Oregon industry. As the first step
in tbe campaign, it has put up $250
in prizes for the students who sub-
mit the best songs on the subject of
loganberry juice.
The contest starts tight away,
and will continue until the night of
October 21.
That gives contest-
ants a full month in which to whet
their wits, look through the rhym-
iug dictionaries, and send iu their
W. H. P Hill, sales manager of
the Northwestern Electric company. Compiled by State Bureau of
1 hey decided that the song con­
Industries and Statistics
test among students ot the public
Campaign is being made for wa­
school and universities fur the cash
prizes named would be a good way gon road from Eugene to the coast
to start thing* off. They also have a,ld half
tax asked,
other distinctive plans for advertis-
* he ^
chair factory at Albany
ing in view, which they believe will has changed tiom an eight to a ten
»uract attention to Oregon berries hour d*?•
and loganberry juice through the
J . A. Seavey will erect $20,000
in Springfield.
whole United States,
J C. Butcher will establish large
“ The Willamette Valley has as
fine agricultural soil as there is in spray factory at Hood River and
'he world, said Mr. Waggoner manufacture aiseuate of lead.
The Creswell Cannery will man­
lasi night. “ The trouble at present
spray iu that city.
too much of the farming is
Creswell—Reports are that apple
conducted in ;• desultory way The
only general market is for dairy , marhet is looking belter owiug to
| *h°rt crop.
Hillsboro—Committee ot Grow-
ers Association asks equalization
F IR S T P R IZ E W IL L B E $ 1 2 5 .
“ Now there ought to be just' as
board to make reductions of one-
The best song sent to the Port­ good a market aud just as big a third in valuation of farm lands in
land Ad club, Multnomah Hotel, market for the state’s agricultural that vicinity.
Portland, Or., care of the song com­ and horticultural products
Marshfield—School board figur­
mittee, by the night of October 31, ! must get more people out on the
ing on reducing school tax 2 mills;
will win the first prize of $125 j soil, show them how to organize $41,000.
Tbe next best song will take a their efforts for definite results, and
Bandon—New cheese lactory to
prize of $75.
And tbe third best. help them create a market for their
he built at Four Mile.
will win $50.
That should be products.
Beno—Frank Pival expects to
worih the time of anv boy or girl,
“ One of tbe biggest factors in
erect 50 houses here, work to be
or young man or woman, to try for. Oregon’s future prosperity must be giu at once.
The Ad Club intends to have the the settlement and ptoductiveness
Roseburg ciiizens will donate
best song adopted as un official of her agricultural lands, for our
site for tbe big new mill of Kendall
song lor the public schools of the agricultural population now is far
Bros. A town which has shown
state. The prize winning composi- too small for the size of our cities,
the enterprise of Roseburg in going
tion will be published for disiribu-
“ We hope all the public school
alter this big industry is deserving
tion in the schools, with the pic- children of the state and the young
of a briglu future.
tures of the song authors printed men aud young women of the uni-
Portland taxes for 1916 estimated
vetsitits as well, will take an inter­
on them.
at $93,000 more than for 1915. An
Of course it won’t be necessary est in this contest and send us their
effort will be made to cut this
for contestants to compose the mu­ songs.”
amount, however.
sic tor their songs. The words and
Eugene will soon have Coos Bay
verses and swinging chorus are
To make the contest even more coal.
what the Ad Club wauts.
Value of Oregon hop crop this
interesting the Ad Club hopes to
young authors may designate the
get Portland merchants to put up year about $2,000,000 at 10 cents,
tune to which their songs are ad­
additional cash or merchandise
Coos county has been experi-
Contestants should write meating with roads planked length-
ed u ca to rs T o pa ss on
m e r i t s . on on e
0 j t j j e p „ p e r only, and wise and results are highly success-
A committee of five of the lead must submit their names, addresses, tul.
ing educators of the state will pass age aud school with their manu-, Hood River gets a $7500 concrete
on tbe merits ol the songs.
This scripts.
movie theatre 50x100 feet,
committee will meet iu the club j Just to give an idea ol how a
S. P. payroll at Eugene for past
rooms of the Chamber of Commetce song can be written about the lo-j month was $11,304.
shortly after the close of the con- ganberry as a theme, here is one by | Woodburu wants merger of a 11
test, on a date that will be an-! Dean Collins mat was sung by the the telephone lines,
nounced in the papers later.
The \ Ad Club Quartet at the luncheon
O. W. R. & N. Co. payroll at
Q ueer u n ifo rm w h ich w ill perm it a d iv e r to reach a depth o f
m ad e o f an a lu m in iu m a llo y o f g re a t stren gth .
o r m ore feet,
it weighs 480 pounds and
La Grande takes 545 checks.
committee will listen to the songs, last Wednesday:
which will be sung by singers se
lo g a n b e r r y ju ic e .
Construction is being rushed on
lected by the contestants, or by (Tune: When You Wore a Tulip.) ,he new line ° ‘ ,he ° - W R - & N.
singers engaged for the evening
’ Tvvas in a native garden that the ' nto Idarney ^ alley.
One of the big objects of this con­
Blackberry was wed.
Central Point—Farmers and tax-
test is to awaken general interest iu And got his bride, 'tis said, a nice pavers league organized to scrutin-
Raspberry red;
ize raising and disbursement of
a campaign to get commercial or­
ganizations of the state to pay more Aud now throughout the country taxes etc
the people hail her husky son,' . . ’ , ...
attention to the development of The Loganberry, pride of Oregon.
Hood River Apple and Vinegar
Oregon’s agricultural and horticul­ Though some still cling to grape Co. receives gold medal at Panama
juice: or to stiffer drinks,as yet, | fair.
tural products.
Indications are that Hubbard
At its regular luncheon last Wed- The loganberry is the juice that's
coming up, you bet.
shoe factory will soon begin opera­
nesday, members of the Ad Club
tions again.
entertained berry growers, truit
our two lips
Sutherlin—Leona mills operate
cannerymen and loganberry juice
Shall hanker for juleps,
after 8 months idleness.
manufacturers ot the Willamette
Or sigh for beer that flows,
Lebanon Lumber Co. burned
Valley, and learned something
For we can make merry
with lost of $100,000.
about the great possibilities of the
On rich Loganberry,
Right of way deeds are all se­
It’s a drink the whole world
industry as a business asset for the
cured for Sutherlin railroad and it
Ob we are tryin’
is announced work will start at
To imitate Bryan,
once on the grade for tbe Sutherlin,
But honest, we’d like to sluice
To map out a state wide adver­
Coos Bay & Eastern,
Our throats with Oregon’s very
tising campaign with a view to ad­
Pendleton -Cornerstone for new
Best red Loganberry,
vancing this industry and creating
postoffice has been laid.
For that is the juiciest juice.
extensive markets for fresh, dried
-------- —---------
Silverton—New drain and tile
and canned berries, and for logan-
It is announced that Redmond factory has started,
berry juice, a special committee will have new fireproof warehouse
J J. Ellinger has cut tbe fourth
was appointed, consisting of George for handling fa: ra products, size 60 crop ol alfalfa this season from his
E. Waggoner, realty dealer, chair- by 150.
farm near Redmond.