Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, June 22, 1915, Image 4

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A Story of the
T h s Bank a Financial Pow er House
to tho Community.
B y Peter Radford.
“ P A R A M O U N T ?”
Don’t forget the word
I T e le p h o n e S e rv ic e to P o w e r s I
S I T E ARE pleased to announce to our patrons the extension
o f our long distance telephone service to Powers. A
long distance pay station has been established in the Busy
Corner Drug Store at Powers. For connection to Powers
call local long distance operator
Coos and Curry Telephone Co.
Are you looking for real bargains? In the Circuit Court o f the State o f O re­
gon fo r Coos C ounty
Then read our our Want Ads.
in the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
Coos County
W. J.
C onrad
W. J. C onrad ,
E. D. M c A rthur , R.
E. F alconer , R. 0.
F alconer and U n - |
known O w n e r s and
H. G. H illiard and
A . J. H a c k et t ,
E. B. P errin and all | PUBLICATION
P e r s o n s U nknown (
C laiming any R ight j FUBKCLOSUHB
T itle oh I nterest in
To R E. Falconer, R. C. Falconer, H.
the H erein D kscriked
G. Hilliard, A. J. Hackett and Un­
L am »
known Owners the above named de­
To E.B.Perrin and all persons unknown In the Name o f the State o f Oregon:
You are hereby notified that W. J.
claiming any right title or interest
in the herein described land the Conrad the holder o f Certificate o f De­
numbered 33 issued on the
above named defendants
6th day o f January, 1909 by the Tax
In the name of the State o f Oregon:
You are hereby notified that W. J. Collector o f the County o f Coos, State
Conrad the holder o f Certificate o f De­ of Oregon, for the amount of Three &
linquency numbered 14 issued on the Both 52-100 Dollars, the same being the
day o f Dec. 1914 by the Tax Collector amount then due and delinquent for tax­
o f the County o f Coos, State o f Oregon, es for the year 1907 together with pen­
for the amount o f Twenty-six and 87- alty, interest and costs thereon upon
100 Dollars, the same being the amount the real property assessed to you, o f
then due and delinquent for taxes for which you are the owner as appears of
the year 1911 together with penalty, in­ record, situated in said County and
terests and costs thereon upon thé real State, and particularly bounded and
property assessed to you, o f which you described as follows, to w it: I.ots 29-
are the owner as appears o f record, sit­ 30-31-32-33 & 34 in Block 10; Dots 1-2-
uated in said County and State, and 3 & 4 in Block 11; Lots 3-4-5-0-25-26-27
particularly bounded and described as & 28 in Block 21 in Portland Addition
follows, to-wit: South West Quarter of to Handon, Coos County, Oregon.
You are further notified that said W.
the North East Quarter IS. w . q N.
E. J-,) Section Two (2) Township J. Conrad has paid taxes on said prem­
Twenty-five (25) South, Range Eleven ises for prior or subsequent years with
(11) West of the Willamette Meridian, the rate o f interest on said amounts as
Coos County, Oregon.
You are further notified that said W
R ec’ t
J. Conrad has paid taxes on said prem Year’ s Date
No. A m 't Int.
ises for prior or subsequent years with Tax
the rate of interest on said amounts as
1908 March 26, 1909 ^ 4892' $2 16 15
15, 1910 4373 $4 65 15
Y ear’ s
R ec’ t
of 1909
1911 3270 $6 29 15
No. A m ’ t Int 1910
6405 $10 40 15
1912 Dec. 30, 1914 9746 $27 72 12 1911 April 1,1912
7, 1913 6814 $12 96 15
9252 $31 01 12 1912
1914 Mar. 10, 1915
1272 $24 35 12 1913 F e b y . 6, 1914 1914 $14 72 15
Said R. E. Falconer, R. C. Falconer,
Said E. B. Perrin as the owner o f the
la al title o f the above described prop­ H. G. Hilliard and A. J. Hackett as
erty as the same appears o f record, and the owners o f the legal title o f the
each o f the other persons above named above described property as the same
are hereby further notified that W. J. appears o f record, and each o f the oth­
Conrad will apply to the Circuit Court er persons above named are hereby fur­
o f the County and State aforesaid for a ther notified that W . J. Conrad will ap­
decree foreclosing the lien against the ply to the Circuit Court o f the County
property above described, and men­ and State aforesaid for a decree fore­
tioned in said certificate. And you are closing the lien against the property
hereby summoned to appear within six­ above described, and mentioned in said
ty days after the first publication o f ! certificate. And you are hereby sum­
tnis summons exclusive of the day o f moned to appear within sixty days a f­
said first publication, and defend this ter the first publication o f this sum­
action or pay the amount due as above mons exclusive o f the day o f said first
shown together with costs and accrued j publication, and defend this action or
interest and in case o f your failure to ' pay the amount due as above shown to­
do so, a decree will be rendered fore­ gether with costs and accrued interest
closing the lien o f said taxes and costs and in case o f your failure to do so. a
against the land and premises above decree will be rendered foreclosing the
lien o f said t axes and costs against the
This summons is published by order land and premises above named.
This summons is published by order
o f the Honorable John S Coke, Judge
o f the Circuit Court of the State o f Or­ o f the Honorable John S. Coke. Judge
egon for the County of Coos and said o f the Circuit Court o f the State of
order was made and dated this 24 day Oregon for the County o f Coos, and
o f May 1916 and the date o f the first said order was made and dated this 28th
publication o f this summons is the 25th day o f April. 1915, and the date o f the
first publication o f this summons is the
d y o f May 1915.
All process and papers in this pro- 11th day o f May, 1915.
c eding may be served upon the undcr- j All process and papers in this pro­
s ;ned residing within the State o f Or- ceeding may lie served upon the under­
r on, at the address hereafter men- signed residing within the State o f Or-
i egon, at the address hereafter men­
ti >ned.
J ohn C. K e n da ll
At orney for the Plaintiff
J ohn C. K endall
Address 1st N at’ l. Bank Bldg
Attorney for the Plaintiff
Marshfield, Oregon. Address, Marshfield, Oregon.
5-11 -7t
One of the greatest opportunities tn
the business life o f the nation lies
In practical co-operation of the coun­
try banks with the farmer In building
agriculture and the adventure Is laden
with greater possibilities than any
forward movement now before the
American public.
A few bankers have loaned money
to farmers at a low rate of Interest,
and ofttlmes without compensation, to
buy blooded livestock, build s II ob ,
fertilize the land. Becure better seed,
hold their products for a betetr mar­
ket price, etc. The banker fn con­
tributing toward Improving the grade
of livestock; the quality of the seed
and the fertility of the soil, plants In
the agricultural life of the community
a fountain o f profit, that, like Tenny­
son’s brook, runs on and on forever.
Community Progress a Bank Asset.
Bv J. E. Jones with thrity-three illus­
trations, $1.00 net.
Any bookseller will get this for you,
or it will lie sent postpatd by the pub­
lishers, upon receipt of one dollar.
on the investment as these progres­
sive bankers, who made loans to
uplift Industry. The bankers have
always been liberal city builders, but
they are now building agriculture.
A Dcdar With a Soul.
It Is refreshing In this strenuous
commercial life to find so many dol­
lars with souls. When a dollar is ap­
proached to perform a task that does
not directly yield the highest rate of
Interest, we usually hear the rustle
of the ea gles wings as It soars up-
ward; when a dollar is requested to
return at tho option of the borroMer,
It usually appeals to the Goddess of
Liberty for its contracturai rights;
when a dollar Is asked to expand in
volume to suit the requirements of
industry, it usually talks solemnly of
Its redeemer, but soul material has
entered Into the vaults of our banks
and rate, time and volume have a
new basis o l reckoning in so far as
the ability o f some o f the bankers
permit them to co-operate in promot­
ing the business o f farming.
God Almighty’s Noblemen.
These bankers are God Almighty’s
Heaven lent earth the
spirit of these men and the angels
will help them roll In place the
cornerstones o f empires. They are
not philanthropists; they are wise
bankers. The spirit of the builder
has given them a new vision, and
wisdom has visited upon them busi­
ness foresight.
The cackle of the hen, the low
of kine and the rustle of growing
crops echo in every bank vault In the
nation and the shrewd banker knows
that he can more effectively increase
his deposits by putting blue blood In
the veins o f livestock; quality in
the yield of the soil and value Into
agricultural products, than by busi-
gaudy calendars.
Taking the community
It is a sad day for Christianity w en
the church bells call the communicants
together for a political prayer
ing. Such gatherings mark the high
tide of religious political fanaticism,
The Thrice-aW eek Edition of put bitterness into the lives of men;
fan the flames of class hatred and de­
the New York W ork
stroy Christian influence In the com­
The spirit actuating such
Practically ■ daily at the Price of a Weekly. . meetings
- is anarchistic, un-Cbristllke .
No other Newsoaper In the world gives
j and dangerous to both church and
so much at ao low a price
, ,
The success of the nation is In the
The years 1914-15 have keen the most
extraordinary in the history o f modern hands of the farmer.
times. They witnessed the outbreak j
o f the great European wTar, a struggle
Work for the best and the best will
U . S. PR ES S A S S O C I A T I O N
Bond Building
Washington, D. C.
N A T IO N A L . B A N K
IV a n sH c iB a G e n e ra l
B a n k in g
B u s in e «»
Bond of 0 roctoro.
| It nas the night that tho great bliz
K O. Dement, A. J SherMrcx.J,
National Bank o f Commerce,New York City
znrd of 1888 came whirling down iron»
L. ltarloeker, L. H. Hazard,
Crocker W oolw orthN 'l Bunk, San Francisco
the clouds. 1, a medical man, was ou
Isaiah Hack r. It. K. Shine. First Nationall Bank o f Portland, Portland
on the road driving borne In my bugg:
(that was before Ibe day o f autorno
biles) about 1 o'clock In the morning
The snow grew deeper and deeper, am
I began to get uneasy. My horse now
and again would stop aud look abou
him, apparently as one' ay as 1. Dumb
animals, though they are more easily
Is useless money.
I f you
frightened than men, sometimes maul
) have any cash that isn’t work­
test a strong Beuse o f danger under
ing put it to work for you as
what imfy appear ordinary cireurn
you worked for it
Open a
There was a large, square brick
savings account with this bank
house beside the road a few hundred
and your money will at once
feet ahead o f me. 1 could distinguish
its (lark bulk, there being no lights
begin earning interest for you
and will keep at the task 24
Meanwhile 1 was becoming benumb
hours a day, 7 days a week
cil and drowsy. 1 remember reaching
u point directly before the bouse, got
and 52 weeks in the year. Do
ting out o f the buggy and floundering
it today.
to the door. 1 hoped to secure assist
ance to get my horse under cover
This is the last 1 have ever been able
to recall of being out In that terrible
The next thing before me m b s the dom
opening and a man. very pale and ex
cited, saying: "Come in, doctor. We
Mere fearful that you would not get
The house Mas lighted and servants
flbo'lt hurriedly Just as I
had of leu seen them doing in houses
And Auto Line
m here some one uas very ill.
man who'admitted me led me upstairs
Leave Myrtle Point on arrival of
aud into a room where a girl uppur
Ix-at from Handon. Auto to Rock
and from Camas; only 14
eutly ubout eighteen years old lay on
milefe of ftBKUig- Arrives at Kose-
« » f j . My conductor turned down the
burg 7:30 p. m. connecting with
bedclothing, spotted with blood, and
mirth hound train. Arrive Myrtle
revealed towels that were used to stop
Point 4 p. m.
1 cautiously removed
Make reservations in advam e at O vn I
them, but, seeing the red fluid paur
Drug Store, Marshfield.
out, l quickly replaced them.
Merchants Bank
Roseburg Myrtle Point Stage
; There were heavy curtains to the N'ii
dows. Near a fireplace stood two pel
sons, an old woman and a young man
who were looking at me appealingly
and 1 knew they were begging me t
save-the girl’s life. I noticed that the)
dress was old fashioned. They resen
bled each other, aud I guessed the
were mother and sou
The mother
arms were about her boy
Casting a glance at the man stand in
beside me, I saw that he was at mm
the age of the woman with tier so
j *'Ild JudKed tba, h). w.,s ,|U. huelmii
, a|)d fathl>l._ Un „ lullh. (.
„ sv
i (|„ d tllere
h|0od on the hla-.e.
fol.UK,d a|lls|#,, „irpel.v froui II
yOUIlir man's agonized appearnuce. th.
he llad atabb,,d , ht. „ lrl
uo lnslnllm..,ts „Itb me. hut
' Ilwd(,(| m)m. fl>r , s.nv tbat , be ^
was dying
To stanch that flow c
bicod was beyond my skill l replace
the bedclothing anti stood over the b
valid, avoiding the appealing gaze <
the others until it was plain that a i
was over, then turned away
Al'tt *
leaving the room it seems to me now
that I walked Into oblivion, for I wj i
not conscious of anything till l fe t
something hot passing down my thron
I opened iny eyes and saw a man holt
lug me, while another man was holt
|ng a flask.
j don’t suppose that my vision, dream
or whatever it was could have last« 1
0Ver two or three minutes The h u m
saw rm, drive by the house they wer
in, a few hundred yards below, and.
realizing that I was in danger, start« 1
after me. I had left my buggy ante
bewildered by one of the whirlwinds
___ came without intermission. Inni
f„n en \u the snow,
They put me back into my buggy
Fare From Myrtle Point $7.00
Baggage Hand ed
J. L. LAIRD, Proprietor
Office at L a i r d ’s Stag? Barn, My n i e Poi nt , Both Phones
0-MxS4t»43-«S-£>teiS8'r<-01 -Li- 4b*-*- '
j wns
Sails from Coos Bay
Every Sunday at 8 a. m.
From Portland 8 a . m.
Every Thursday at 8 a. m.
Tickets o’t sale at Portland City Ticket Office 6th & Oak St.
P. L. STL RUNG, Agent
Phone Main 181
Sr ii-
, nnd the
next day also
It was sev
st«>ry I had certainly not been In that
house iH'fore. and yet I saw it Just sis
I had seen It when admitted by the
man who had led me to the bed of the
^ r| The pasture way was
sarm, f|U, room was th«» same, and
th«»re stood the great four poster bed-
But the bed Mas made tip, and
tllere was no one except myself pres-
I Inquired tf any murder had lice i
committed there, but no one remen
bored any such occurrence
At tin
. . told
. . that
. . the hotc
same time . 1 was
old—more than a hundred
years—nnd much might have take i
place there that would not he know i
{ < ............... .
What Is my theory? Well, I am *
medical man and In my old age ip i
t(eg1nn!ng to realize that there iu •
so titanic that it makes all others look rise up and reward you.
many things In the universe bryon 1
our ken
I have no theory, but I d>
You live in momentous times and you j
Tenant farming le Just one thing not believe my vision wns a merj
should not miss any o f the tremend - after another without a pay day.
events which are occurring. No other 1
— i
newspaper will inform you with the
promptness and cheapness o f the Thriee-
a-Week editionof the New York World.
Moreover, a year’s subscription to it
: O REG O N a n d W A S H IN G T O N
I U R D I ( » ( ' M l I IH A X D .
will take you far into our next Presi­ U — .
dential campaign.
1 ke » « oth er
B u y o f r o t ir __ *
D irectory o f each City, T ow n *nd
regular subscription price is only $1.00
i’ iBMfi«. A»kfi»rin.rrtr.*.Tr*i
Village, (riving descrip tive sk etch o f
ÎUÏWOND BRANI» 1*11.1.«.f r *5
per year, and this pays for 156 papers.
ye u t known b i Best, S a fe «. Al «ty a R elii'oi«
each place, loca tion , population, tele­
We offer this unequaled newspaper ami
graph. sh ippin g and ban kin g p oin t;
The Coquille Herald together for one
also Classified D irectory, co m p ile d by
year for $2.00.
business and profession-
The regular subscription price o f the
two papers is $2.50.
Have you paid the Printer?
Business Directory
Under New Management
Having eased this well-equipped hotel, 1 propose
to conduct it in such a manner as to merit pat­
ronage and give satisfaction to the traveling
M. M. Y O U N G , Proprietor
blazing, and after another hot
dose I was put to bed. where 1 slept
j 80llnd,y tiI, morning. All that day the
gnow came down, whirling as it fell,
and mnnaged to got the team and me
to tholr ,mllse where a cheerful fire
into part- ( (,niv hours before the road became
nership with the bank, opening #up a passab|e and [ Ku( „w ay
ledger account with progress, making ; Before leaving I expressed n desire
thrift and enterprise stockholders an .
jnj 0
house before which I
the prosperity of the country an hfl(1 |)wn rc,„( Ued
The persons with
asset to the bank, put behind it whom , had
,odged told me that
stability far more desirable than a p was vacant and the key in posses
letterhead hearing the names of all g|on of a man ni)d his wife living a
the distinguished citizens of the com
short distance up tin? road. I begged
The bank is the financial (h(,nl to l)orro„. „ for me, which they
power house of the community and dj(, nnd , w#,nt to the hollse and en.
blessed is the locality that has an tered it
up-to-date banker.
Now comes the singular part of my
R. E. SHIRE, V-Pics
0 . C. SANFORD, Asst. Cashier
o p C O Q U IbL a, OREGON.
on such a basis would severely test
the sanity o f the banker; such trans­
actions would pain the directors like
a blow In the face. A cashier who
would dare to cast bread upon M aters
that did not return buttered side up
In time for annual dividends would
have to give way to a more capable
man. This does not necessarily mean
that the bankers are getting any better
or that the milk o f human klndnesss is
being imbibed more freely by our finan­
While thinking what to do 1 glanced
ciers. It indicates that the bankers are
about the apartment. The furniture
getting wiser, becoming more able fin­
was such as was used during the earl,.
anciers and the banking industry more
! part of the nineteenth century, the bed
competent. The vision of the builder is
crow ding out the spirit of the pawn- I 011
'*»“ «
broker. A light has been turned on ™ uoV, supported by four high pox.
Mount Vernon, the
H om e of Washington usurer ever received as large returns
(From the Washington Herald, April 17)
The beauties of Mount Vernon, and a
short account of its interesting history
are written about in an exceptionally
delightful May in the above-named book
of about fifty pages. The author shows
himself to be thoroughly acquainted
with the subject, and in an easy manner
takes one from Washington to Mount
Vernon, there to depict in detail the
well-marked pointsof the greatest object
of interest. Although the book is writ­
ten from a litterarv standpoint, as is
evidenced bv a concise and graceful
Btyle, it would well act as a guide for
the pilgrim visiting Mount Vernon for
the first time, and especially so for the
visitor who has a deep regard for the
traditions which clothe the nation's
greatest shrine.
Each v'sitor sill be the better «ml
wiser for the reading of this volume and
in laying it aside s ill surely be im­
pressed with great feelings of reverence
for the founder of this republic.
volume is not only valuable for its edu­
cational matter, and as a thorough 1\
good guide, but also as an example of
line book making. The execution is
perfect ;the printers’ art was never better
shown, and the illustiations are such as
to command the admiration of all. It
contains exceptionally s e ll executed
half tones of the Mount Vernon Home,
the Potomac, the grounds, as also of
George and Martha Washington.
the descriptions of the parts of the house
the out-buildings, and the various uten­
sils, the manner of living at Mount
Vernon 100 years ago isplainly painted,
and the difficulties clearly set forth by
comparison with the unbounded re­
sources of our own time.
The story of Washington never can
he told too often. His spirit should ever
permeate the people of the land.
great work he did, stands as an example
for all time, and Ids devotion to Ids
country, his self-sacrificing, his long en­
during toil, and above all his exalted
patriotism, will ever make him the ex­
emplar of the nation. He is truthfully
portrayed by the author of this little
book. It is a book all should read.
Great Blizzard
A. J. SHERWOOD, P k .3.
L H. HAZAFD, C u i* .
That old watch
Photograph outlit of‘
which you are tired
Your eat, dog or shoat
That old wagon, horse or
Churn, wheelbarrow, tools
for which * you
no use
The unused shed that ought
to be torn down
The lot that you don’t need
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Will Do It For You!