Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, May 04, 1915, Image 4

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    The Unarmed
L. H. HAZARD. C ati.*.
Expert A<alv5c® E?@tr ftBa®
A(rt®m®M® ©wia®[p
R. E. SHINE, V.-Prcs
0. C. SANFORD. Asst. Cashier
o p C O g U I D D I , OR B O O N .
T ra n H H C ts a G e n e ra l
B a n k in g
H u ta in e e e
has the
O UR tion bread
among those
highest reputa­
who have used
it for years. This ought to bear weight
with you if you have never tried it.
Buy our bread now.
B A K e R V
B R O S .,
P R O P .
|i1 FAIL to CURE any CANCER or TUMOR I treat
before it POISONS deep glands or attaches to bone
*:o X - R ay o r other
sw indle.
A n Island
triant makes the cures
A N Y T U M O R . L U M P OR
SORE on the lip, face
o r body lon g is CANCER
1 20-PA6E BOOK S e n t Free
Testim onials o f 10.000
W rite to some
L U M P in
I t always p o is o n s deep elands and KILLS QUICKLY
Poor curecf at half price if cancer is yet small
ndnu Old Dr. & Mrs. Dr. Chamley & Co.
4 3 4 4 4 3 6 Valencia S t , San Francisco, Cal.
HNDLY MAIL THIS to someone with CANCER
ARBAGE cans should receive your
attention now. See that the next
cleaning is thorough, that all mat­
ter is removed from the corners and
that none is permitted to remain on
the ground. A good Hushing of tin*
can with a carbolic acid solution—three
tablespoonfuIs of 1 )."» per cent carbolic
acid to each quart of water, permit
ting the excess to remain in the can
will not only destroy any remaining
fly life, in egg or maggot form, but will
ulso serve to act as a fly repellent un­
til the next cleaning, which should I* •
within a few days. Smaller garbage
cans In use at your back door should
receive dally attention with carbolic
acid solution.
H a y I n th « M iddle Ages.
Y giving the fly a swat before he
is a fly millions of the insects will
be in the might have been class
Every one should remove all dirt,
waste t^fNir, manure, old straw and
similar refuse, sprinkle garbage cans
and vaults with chloride of lime or
kerosene and do anything else that
will help to pull the fly's teeth before
he begins his active propagation.
Hay seems to Ueve been little known
In the middle n**es. Stock was win­
tered mostly on straw and leaves. Tus-
ser, who wrote in the reign of Queen
Elizabeth, gives much advice to the
farmer as to the cutting and storing of
green branches, which might serve as
fodder when pasture failed, lie is par­
ticular as to the desirability of saving
the beech cuttings for the milk cow’s,
w’liereas for sheep anything would do.
A miserable dependence it would ap­
pear to us now, but then it seems to
have been looked on, if not as a matter
of course, at least as a thing practiced
by the more forehanded and capable.
There must have been some natural
meadows in England even then, blit
perhaps all tlleir produce was saved
for the horses of kings. As far as I
can recollect, there is no mention of
hay in Shakespeare, if we except Bot­
tom's remark, “ Good hay. sweet hay.
hath no fellow," and even that sug
gests its rarity. By Milton's time. 100
years later, “ The mower w’hets his
scythe" “ And the tanned haycock ir
the mead” were familiar country o*
jects.—From “ A Farmer’s Notebook *
That old watch
Photograph outfit of
which you are tired
Your cat, dog or shoat
That old wagon, horse or
Churn, wheelbarrow, tools
for which you have
no use
The unused shed that ought
to be torn down
The lot that you don't need
When MncDonnell left his home lu
Edinburgn for the wild west in Amer­
ica to engage in ranching he w us
us mild a mannered fellow us ever
Nothing troubled him so much
as to have a difliculty with any one.
On the day of his departure one of his
friends said to him:
“ it seems to me, Mac. that you will
be out of your element iu a couutry
where there is no law except gun law.”
“ Oh. 1 won’t be troubled.” was the
reply. “ I ’ll not offend any one, and If
any oue offends me and 1 have to tight
I ’ll try to arrange for u substitute of
fists Instead of guns.”
“ You’ll not be likely to effect such an
arrangement: you're too strong. Those
fellows won’t care to tackle you iu a
trial of muscle.”
When MacDonnell reached Ills new
home he astonished the inhabitants of
the country by going about without the
customary enormous revolver slung to
his side. lie was warned by friends
that such a course w’as unsafe. True,
the people of the region w’ere a gener­
ous. whole soulcd lot, who respected
any man for doing as he pleased so
long ns he did not injure his neighbor.
But there were men who had come
from thp lowest haunts of vice, w’ho
would not hesitate to shoot any one
they took n fancy to shoot, even if un­
armed Rut MncDonnell refused to be
converted and continued to ride over
his ranch with no other w’enpon than
a lasso.
The only trouble he had was with a
neighboring ranchman named Haw-
kins, who insisted on claiming Mac-
PonnoH’s sheep. For a time, when­
ever there was a question of owner­
ship between them. Mac would give in.
This encouraged Ilnw’ klns to increase
his demands, and it finally became ap­
parent that if Mac did not call a halt
nil his sheep would in time be trans­
ferred to Hawkins’ ranch.
One morning Hawkins rode up to
MncDonnell’s ranch house, called him
out and began to abuse him scurrilous-
ly, accusing him o f branding one of
his (Hawkins*! sheep.
was obliged to stand and take what
w’as said to him, for should he retali­
ate In any way Hawkins was liable to
draw his revolver and shoot him.
Mac waited till lie had finished and
was about to ride away. Then he said
to him:
"Mr. Hawkins, you have grievously
Insulted an unarmed man. I am op­
posed to the use o f firearms, but if you
will give me such satisfaction as may
be afforded in the ring with fists I shall
be obliged to you.”
“That kind o’ fightin’ may do for a
milksop like you, but* it isn’t the kind
we’re used to in this country. When
we fight out out here we fight to kill.”
With that he rode away.
MncDonnell did not take this attack
kindly. Several of his employees, in­
cluding one of his herders, witnessed
the torrent of abuse heaped upon him,
and it galled him to live under the
obloquy of having taken it without a
fight. Besides, lie knew that such a
public insult would be spread abroad,
and he feared that the community
would consider him a coward. Finally
he made up his mind that he must fol­
low the custom of the country, and the
day after the insult the 42 caliber re­
volver of the country appeared at his
Fortunately he dkl not happen to
meet Hawkins for some time. When
he did it was up iu the mountains
back of the grazing lands. Mac was
passing over a path about a yard wide
leading around an almost perpendicu­
lar cliff. Behind him were two of his
Suddenly turning a bend,
Hawkins aud MacDonnell met face
to face and not ten feet apart. Haw­
kins being first o f four men.
MacDounell was a very different
man from the man who had left Scot­
land a year before.
He had been
brooding over the insult he had re­
ceived till he was ready to fight to the
death the man who had given it. He
was very quick in his movements, and
before Hawkins had quite taken in the
situation Mac had drawn his revolver
aud had the drop on his enemy.
“ Mr. Hawkins,” he said, “ I’ll trouble
you to ask the man behind you to re­
lieve you of your revolver and drop It
over the cliff."
Hawkins made no reply for a few
moments, glaring at his antagonist.
“ Suppose I decline," he said pres­
“ In that case I’ll drop your dead body
over with a ball in It.”
Hawkins stood MacDonnell’s glance
and the muzzle of his revolver a little
longer, then told the man behind him
to obev the order. Ills revolver was
dropped over the cliff.
it was followed by Mac’s w’eapon,
and both men stood unarmed.
“ I now propose n wrestling match.
Mr Hawkins, right here. If you can
throw me over after my revolver you
are welcome to do so.*’
“ I decline certain death for both.”
said Hawkins
“ Then turn around with your party
and go back.”
Hawkins made no reply for some
It was quite a distance to a
place where the parties would have
plenty of room to pass. Presently he
turned and directed his party to go
MacDonnell never replaced the re­
volver he had thrown over the cliff,
and Us replacement was never needed.
Board o f D lreotoro.
Queries and Replies Covering M atters of
Importance to th e Man W ho Runs a C ar
In w ashin g a car w ill a m ix tu re of
gasoline and w a te r cut th e grease? If
so, hpw should it be applied?
R.O Dement,
J. Sherwood,
la. Harlooker, L. Fl. Hasard,
Uaiah Hacker, K. K. Shine
H o w can one te ll w h en a m ag net j
needs re m a g n e tizin g ?
When the magnets w ill not lift an 1
No doubt the addition of gasoline to hold about fifteen pounds they a r »
the water in connection with sponging said to be weak. Missing fire at low
the ear will efficiently aid In the cut­ speeds is the result of weak magnet*
ting of the grease. It would have to When this occurs the magnets should
be applied either In a spray or spouge, be recharged.
as these are the only two practical
methods of mixing it in such a way
W h a t aro th e respective a d v a n ta g e *
that it would combine closely enough and disadvantages of th e T head and
head types of m otors?
to form a suitable mixture for clean
in«. Kerosene Is also frequently used j The T head motor, because Its valves
are located on opposite sides, allows o
lu this manner with success.
the use of large vulves, aud hence more
I have a c a r w ith a tw o speed re a r power is obtainable than in tbe L head
axle. W h e n e v e r I go dow n hill or over variety, other things, of course, being
a bum p w ith the clutch out I h ear a* equal. It is usually more costly to con
ra ttle . W h a t is the cause of this?
struct than the L head type and has a
The rattle you mention Is probably more symmetrical appearance. The
from the idle pluiou on the rear axle. T head, however, Is heavier and more
In this axle there are two bevel pinions complicated than the L head design,
constantly In mesh, and one pf these the latter using only one cam shaft and
Is always running Idle, and the partic­ having the valves all ou one side.
ular gear which is delivering the i k > w -
er from the motor depends upon the
W h a t are th e advantages and dis
position of a dog clutch. When the a d v antages of th e v alv e in th e head
car goes over u rough spot with the m otor?
clutch out there is a tendency for the
The chief advantage claimed for the
drive shaft to revolve at an unequal valve in the head motor Is that, for a
rate of speed, due to the inequalities given size, it has more power than an
of the road, with the result that the L head or T head, because of the fact
Idle pinion Is alternately throwyi back­ that larger valves may be used and
ward and forward against the bevel the combustion chamber given a more
gear, with which It meshes, thus mak­ spherical shape. There are a number
ing a rattle. There is always a certain of manufacturing advantages, one **f
amount of back lash in these gears, which Is that the entire combustion
and the amount of noise will naturally chamber may be machined ami given i
depend upon the extent of this play. high polish, thus preventing, to a great
There Is nothing serious about this, as extent, the accumulation of carbon.
the noise occurs only at rare intervals,
The loss o f heat through the cylin
and then is not the indication of trou­ der walls of a motor depends to a great
extent upon the surface of the wall
and in a properly designed valve in the
W ill you kin d ly tell me how to bend
head motor this wall area Is small,
the gasoline and oth er tu b e lines in
compared with that of another tyjH? of
short arcs w irh o u t the pipe fla tte n in g ?
motor of the same size. This reduc­
Copper tubing of small diameter can
tion of w’all area is obtained because
be readily bent Into short curves by
of the absence of valve pockets.
melting rosin and pouring it into the
The main disadvantage of the valve
tube. When this becomes cold it solidi­
iu the head motor, especially one using
ties within the tube, aud the tubing
valve cages, is that the valve seats can
can be bent like a piece of solid cop­
not be cooled as effectively as If th *
per. After the desired bend «has been
sent were a part of tbe casting. This
obtained the rosin can be run out by is true In the cage construction, be
heating the tube with a blow torch. cause the heat, in order to get from
Another method sometimes used is to the vatve sent to the water jackt .
fill tlie tube with sand, but the rosin must overcome the resistance of the
method gives the better results.
Joint between tbe cage and tbe cylin
cfer casting. This tack of cooling would
W h y has a ro ta ry valve engine five
not materially affect the Inlet valves,
or seven cylind ers instead of fo u r, six
ns they are kept comparatively cool by
or eigh t?
the Incoming gas, but It would mean
The odd number of cylinders gives u more valve grinding in the case of the
more even torque in a rotary cylinder exhaust valves.
engine Questions of balance make an
even number of cylinders preferable in
Is it possible to m a in ta in pressure in
the conventional type of motor.
a rea r fu e l ta n k w h en th e ta n k cap is
C orrespon den t*
National Bank o f Commerce,New York Cify
( ’rocker Wool worth N ’ l Bank, San Francisco
First National! Bank o f Portland, Portland
Is useless money.
ing put it to work for you as
you worked for it
Will Do It For You!
Butter W rappers
and your money will at once
begin earning interest for you
and will keep at the task 24
hours a day, 7 days a week
and 52 weeks in the year.
it today.
Merchants Bank
Roseburg Myrtle Point Stage
And Auto Une
I.ctiv* s Myrtle Point H p. m.
A i m e s Kofceburg,..
5 p .m .
Leaves Koteburg...... G a. m.
An. Myit»« P o in tly O p. in.
Make r< h rvalioi.s in advance at Owl
Drug Stole, Marshfield.
C arrying B aggage and United S tates Mail
LAIRD, P ro p rie to r
J. L .
Office at !.nird's L iv e r y limn. M yrtle 1’. int, Itoili Phones
T STf r t kj-t:
nt-'j-t rrtt it
rt a '
Sails fr o m C o o s B ay
Every Sunday at 8 a. m.
F ro m P o rtla n d 8 a. m.
Every Thursday at 8 a. m.
Tickets on sale at Portland City 1 icket Office 6th & Oak St.
pi,one Main 181
--O: -O - - 17 ::r S j 4
4- '.">•
m issing?
Is it possible to s ta rt th e m otor in «
c ar when the self s ta rte r fa ils to w o rk
and the c rank is missing?
When the starter fails and the hand
crunk is not available the best method
of starting the motor is to jack up one
of the rear w heels so that It will turn
without touching the ground. Then
pluce the gear shift lever In high, and
a few turns of the uplifted wheel will
start the motor. Flace the gear shift
lever iu neutral before lettiug down
the jacked up w’ beel or you will have
a runaway on your hands, or at least
the motor will stall, aud you will have
all your work to do over again. Prop­
erly done the entire operation takes
only a few moments.
W h a t ars the com m on causes fo r a
m otor missing fire?
Missing tire may be caused by an
overrick or too lean mixture, by poor
valve adjustment, inaccurate valve or
Ignition timing, leaks around tbe spark
plugs, cylinder plugs, manifolds, etc.,
loose Ignition wires? weak magneto
magnets, water lu fuel, faulty spark
plugs or those with poorly adjusted
electrodes, carbon deposit* in the cyl­
inders and overloading.
In cases of this sort take an old in
ner tube, cut out a piece about eight or
ten inches long, tie one end tightly, so
as to be air tight, then insert the tied
end into the tank. Next remove the
valve connection from the pump, in
Bert the hose in tlie open end of th?
tube and pump until the tube con
pletely fills the hole in the tank. The i
tie the outer end securely. This con
trlvauce will hold several pounds pres
sure in the tank and will last for soui
Is th re e -e ig h th s of an inch too much
play in th e w ris t pin bushing?
Three-eighths of an inch is entlrel.
too much play for the wrist pin bush
ing. assuming that up and down pin -
Is meant There should be so little
play that it cannot be felt by a move­
ment of the w’rist pin.
Can I s ilv e rize glass reflectors?
so, w h a t are th e in g red ie n ts and
w h a t proportions are th e y used?
B la c k s m ith in g
Garage and
Machine Shop
A l l Kinds ot Castings Repaired by Oxy-acetylene Welding
T m E
C . W . G A R D N E R , M A N A O K tl
4 (1 3
An amateur can silverize reflectors,
but it is very difficult to make a good
job of i t The method by which this
work has been carried out is as fol­
lows: First fasten to a block of w’ood
the finest possible grade of emery
With this the reflector Is
W h en I th ro ttle m y c a r down on high
gear it begins to ju m p and je r k as smoothed down to a fine finish. It is
next necessary to have a melting pot
though the clutch w ere slip pin g. T h e
clutch is all rig h t, ho w ever. W h a t can
nnd a thermometer which is capable
be the trouble?
of measuring more than 212 degree».
The Jumping and Jerking action Is Two ounces of lead, two ounces of tin
probably due to the motor missing fire, and four ounces o f chemically pure
caused either by poor Ignition or faulty bismuth are melted together. Eight
carburetion at low engine speeds. Mix­ ounces of mercury are added at 212
tures may be too lean or too rich, there degrees F. and mixed with the melted
may be leaks in the Intake manifold, mixture. This is opplled while warn
or the spark plug points may be too with a smooth camel’s hair brush.
far apart or too near together. Look
at them first and see that they are
W h ic h w ill give th e b e tte r results,
spaced a thirty-second of an Inch apart 60 or 74 te st gasoline?
Then Roe that your vibrators are ad­
As between GO and 74 test gasoline,
justed. I f the trouble Is still In evi­ the GO test fuel lias been found to give
dence your magneto magnets may be the best results as far ns mileage 1 »
kcak and reqifire recharging.
concerned. The gasoline which we got
nowadays Is much heavier than that
W h a t is th a d v a n ta g e or d is a d v a n ­
on the mnrkct, say, five or ten yean
tage of th e c a n tile v e r spring in regard
U n d e r N ew M a n a g e m e n t
Having leased this well-equipped hotel, I propose
to conduct it in such a manner as to merit pat­
ronage and give satisfaction to the traveling
M . M . Y O U N G , P r o p r ie t o r
By ii..stalling a day Morse code telegraph operator at
Marshfield our long distance lines have been relieved
o f much telegraph business. It makes possible a quicker
and better long distance conversation service between
CoqUille and Bandon and Coos Bay points.
to the th re e -q u a rte r e llip tic ?
The main advantage of the cantilever
spring over the three-quarter elliptic
Is that It will give the same carrying
capacity with the proper flexibility
with considerably less weight. Anoth­
er advantage lies In Its slow period of
vibration and the ability to eliminate
rebound to a great extent. The weight
of a cantilever Is nearly nil unsprung
In the disadvantages the principal
one Is that n stiff frame is necessary
aud that a roll is given to the body
when the ear turns a corner.
M A M O V I* ItH A M » .
< M
, \ » k y o u r l l r n v f l i i i fo r A \
D ia m o n d T t r a n < I / ^ \ \
I ’ ll!« in K«-d and Hold mecilllc\^X/
I bo».- . sealed with Blue RtU*m.
T a k e do other. Huy o f y o u r
Ask f r« lll-< |i> rt.TFR S
H i \ M O N D H R A .N il 1*11,1.4, for « 3
yeaf . k nown as Best, Safest, Always Reliai ia
H e r a l d O ffice
Open a
savings account with this bank
C an an e xp e rt gain any advan ta g e
by changing fro m a u to m a tic to hand
control in a b a tte ry ig n itio n system ?
A skilled driver might get hotter re­
sults with a ha ml control of the
spsirk than could he obtained with
the automatic type of Ignition control
for the reason that grade climbing can
be accomplished much easier and ti e
loads of the motor considered. In oth­
er w’ords, the driver can shift his
spark to suit road and motor condi­
tions nnd thus get the highest efficien­
cy at all times.
Coos and Curry Telephone Co.
A re essential to social and business life.
Have you paid the Printer?
O REG O N and W A S H IN G T O N
Business Directory
D irectory o f each City, Tow n end
V illa ge, g iv in g descriptive sketch of
each place, location, population, tele­
graph. shipping and banking point;
also Classified D irectory, compiled b y
business and profession
R. L P O I.K * CO., S E A T T L E
Y o u want to know who
the other man is— where he comes from , what he has been doing, who
his friends and associates are.
The Herald Want Ads.
I f you
have any cash that isn't work­
Is the great medium fo r introductions.
It enables you to form the
acquaintance o f people whom you could meet in no other wav.
will be glad to help you use our columns to extend your acquaintance­
ship and increase your business.
you are and what you are doing.
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