Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, November 10, 1914, Image 2

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    B ig S h o e S a le S ta r ts W e d n e s d a y , N o v e m b er 1 1 th
F . o.
German Cutlery
Pocket Knives 50 cents to $2.50
Scissors 75 cents to $2.00
Boys’ Knives 25 cents
the plaintiff will take judgm ent and de­
cree aftainst you for the relief dem and­
ed in his complaint, a succinct s ta te ­
m ent of which is as follows:
For th e dissolution of the m arriage
contract now existing betw een you and
the plaintiff, and for his costs and dis­
bursem ents in this suit.
Service of this summons is m ade by
publication thereof in pursuance of an
order made by the Hon. John F. Hall,
County Judge for Coos County, Oregon,
dated the 2nd day of November, 1914,
directing th a t service thereof be made
by publication in the Coquille H erald, a
weekly new spaper published in the city
of Coquille, Coos County, Oregon,
i period of six w eeks,
commencing with tne issue of Novem ­
b e r 3rd, 1914.
special arrangement secured by the Coquille Herald, enables us
to oiler to our subscribers for a limited time only The COQUILLE
HERALD for one year with a full year’s subscription to all four
of the above high-grade publications, at the special price of 1.75.
A ttorney for plaintiff.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Ore-
goe in and for the County of Coos
R obert Dollar, T rustee,
S e e ly -A n d e rso n L o g ­
ging Company, a corp-
oration, E. O. Clinton,
and J. E. W heeler as
Every Knife Carries a Guarantee to be Perfect
D efendants. J
Notice is hereby given th a t in pursu­
ance of the decree made and entered
in the above entitled suit in the above
entitled Court, on the 3rd day of July,
1914, I the undersigned, Receiver of all
the m ortgaged property described in
said decree and h e rein afte r described,
pears to be out ol place. T ho u san d s will sell a t public auction to the highest
of people feel that the lesson has bidder for cash, a t the court house
a t the County C ourt House, in
PU B LISH E D EVERY TUESDAY not yet been fully learned, and door,
the C'iiy of Coquille, Coos County, O re­
E ntered as second class m atter May that E u ro p e and the civilized wytld gon, at lo o'clock, in the forenoon of
8, 1905. a t the post office a t Coquille, must be brought to the certain Wednesday the 9th day of Decem ber,
11114, en masse, in accordance w ith the
Oregon, und eract o'. Congress oi March
lcnowlege, before the conflict ends, said decree and or>ler of sale all of said
3, 1879.
m ortgaged property anti prem ises des­
th at peace, when it comes, must be cribed as follows, to-w it:
P . C. LEVAR, Lessee.
All the railroad track, grade, ties
e n d u rin g for all tijne, and th at
etc., -extending from a point on the
never ag ain must there be a great Coquille River near P arkersburg, Coos
D evoted to the m aterial and social
County, Oregon, and about nine and
upbuilding of the Coquille Valley p a r­ war between civilized nations.
one-half miles back into th a t tra c t of
ticularly and of Coos County generally.
tim ber known as the "D oe T ra c t” , the
Subscription, $1.50 per y e ar in advance I BEFORE T H E BULLETIN BOARDS
said railroad being about nine and one
T h e y sing their national airs be- half miles long, and hereby intending
P h on e Main 381.
include all rails, ties, grading, log
i fore the new spaper offices, these landing,
rights of way, franchises for
Those who have been prophesy­ loreign-botn; at other times they said railroad track etc., also, tw o Shay
logging engines, eight S eattle Logging
in g th at the election would prove argue the rights of the contending cars,
six logging cars known as the
this to be a “ Republican y e a r” have armies aud then when some horrible, "Conologue 1 a rs" , four flat cars, one
hand car, tw o push cars,
been amply vindicated. Not only blood-curdling news is being posted all fuel one
and oil on hand
tw o road
in this state but all over the coun­
scraners, ten slip scrapers, six donkey
ith the
try the voters have shown a te nden­ stand d u m b ; as though the terrible Seeley-Anderson Logging ta w m
p in
cy to return to the Republican fold. thin g was unbelievable. But there logging th e tim b er from the “ Doe
r a c t , and all o ther donkey engines
And there is no use side-stepping apparently is no feeling between T
used and belonging to the Seeley-An­
D u r­ derson Logging Company, all w a ter
the fact th at it Beems to have been these men of many nations.
pum ps and w ater system used in sup
a plain revulsion to party and p a rt­ ing a spirited arg u m en t I saw a plying the Seeley-Anderson Camps,
ith shop and all tools, impli
isanship. Whether this is good or
m ents and machinery and appliances of
not is a matter of opinion, d epen d ­ declared: “ I never saw a F r e n c h ­ every
kind contained thereon or there-
ing on the point of view. To those m an and a G erm an , or a Russian, in, all cook houses, logging houses,
and buildings of every
who have been h oping th a t the G. Austrian or E n g lish m a n who had bunkalations
kind and description belonging to the
O. P. would be obliged to show a an y th in g against one a n o th e r . ” said p a rty of the first p a rt mentioned
in said m ortgage and used in connection
disposition to adopt some of the T h e crowd composed of all these w ith th eir logging business, all saws,
newer and more progressive ideas classes approved and he went on: axes, wedges, sledges, and all tools of
every kind and description used in and
before it would be re tu rn e d to pow­ " T h e politicians m ake the wars, about
said logging camp, all goods,
er, it is not particularly encouraging. the bankers finance them , an d the w ares and m erchandise, provisions and
every kind and description
people are fool en ou gh to fight contained of
in and about the cook house,
The heavy majority by which the
th em .” My noisy frieud who said sto re rooms, and store building of the
prohibition am endm ent carried the
p a rty of the first p a rt mentioned in
this made a hit.
said m ortgage; also, all w ire, ropes,
Btate ought to be indication enough
cable, falls, lines, pulleys, blocks, jacks
of the strength of public sentiment.
and all o th er tools and instrum ents or
To Enlarge School House im plem ents used in, around, or shout
As public sentiment is a most pow­
the said logging camp of the p a rty of
erful factor for the success or fail­
e first p a rt named in said m ortgage,
Supt. Baker tells the Herald the th
it, the said Seeley-Anderson Log­
ure of any law, those who believe
P arkersburg school district has vot­ ging Company, and known as the
th at prohibition can be made effect­
logging camp contained upon the “ Doe
ed a ten mill tax for the purpose of T
ra c t ” , and also sometimes known as
ive o u g h t to be much encouraged
building an addition to the school the Bill Creek and Bear Creek Logging
by the result, and all officials who
p; also, eight miles of telephone
house and otherwise im proving the lit* extending
from said logging cam p
have to do with the enforcement of
building, in preparation for makiug to the Coquille River, and elsewhere,
the law can feel that public sentiment
and all telephone poles, insulators, in­
j it a two-rcom school. Au excellent strum ents, and franchises and rights of
is behind them. At any rate, in
| term tiueer direction of J. F B u r k ­ w ay owned by the p a rty of the first
this American community where the
p a rt in said m ortgage set forth and
hart has just been closed, and the used
in connection w ith the property
majority rules it is u p to everybody
school is outgro w in g the present described in said m ortgage wherein the
to accept the situation and to feel
was to m ortgage and convey
building. The school board con­ intention
to th e said p arty of the second p a rt in
as much iuterest in the enforcement
sists of W. J . Hags, W. S, Mack th e said m ortgage, to-w it; the A lfred
of the prohibition law as of any
Johnson Lum ber Company, plaintiff’s
ami F. Vun Leuvin, directors, and predecessor in interest in and to the
other. I t is said th at the best thing
said m ortgage, all of the railroad
T hus Devereaux, clerk.
to do with a bad law is to enforce it ;
franchises, rights of way, and lodging
ent, supplies, provisions, goods,
then the people will got enough of
Try a H erald want ad for any­ w ares ami m erchandise belonging to
it aud change it.
the said Seeley-Anderson Logging
thing you want to buy or sell.
Company, and used in connection with
its logging business in logging th a t
Notice of Final Seltlment
tr a c t of tim ber in Coos County. O re­
known as the "D O E TRACT,’ on
Notice is hereby given th a t the un­ gon,
(Continued from first page.)
dersigned has filed in the County Court Bill’s t reek, in said county and sta te ,
in connection w ith the camp known
for Coos County, Oregon, his final ac- and
ries of the activities of this menac­ eount
in the m a tte r of the adm iniatra- as the "Seven Mile Cam p” on Seven
back of Old Randolph in
ing fleet which hugs close to the tion of the E state of Wm. P anter. de­ Coos Slough
County, Oregon; also, eight hun­
ceased, and said court has set W ednes­
American shore; and people are re­ day, the 25th day of November, 1914, dred thousand (800.000) feet, more or
less, of tim ber lelled and bucked, in
calling that at the time of the civil as the day, ami he County Court Room eluding
all tim ber and saw logs of
in the County ourt House a t the city
war E n gland \vi;h less excuse tli«ti of Coquille, Coos County, Oregon, as j e v e ry kit ind and description now felled
bucked lying in, around, and about
now, maintained a similar super­ th e place for 1. tring objections to said and
final account and the settlem ent of said the said logging cam p and betw een the
said logging cam p and the Coquille
vision of American p its U n d o ub t­ estate.
River, all said property hereinabove
D ated Oct.
edly E o g la n u is within its legiti
described being th a t property th a t is
\ \ . !’.. PANTER.
used in and about and in connection
male rights, but the chances are
A dm inistrator of the
with the operation of the Seeley-An­
E sta te of Wm. P anter,
that its attitude in t ¡icing Sandy
Logging Camp situated and con­
Hook will it >t add to popular ¡mer­
tained on the south side of the Coquille
« » »
R iver in Coos County, Oregon, and
est iu celebrating tl signing of the In th e C iic u it C o u rt of th e S t a t e of being
th a t logging cam p upon th a t
O reg o n for C oos C o u n ty
treaty of Ghent, and one hundred
tra c t of tim ber land known as the
"D oe T ra c t" in the vicinity of Bill.s
years of peace between the United
Creek and Bear Creek, in said County
Stales and the Mother Country.
sta te ; also, all railroad, rails, ties,
Levi Graham . P laintiff, )
etc. contained and being in th a t logging
railroad running from near old R an­
' Lovina O rsha n
dolph up Seven Mile Slough and to the
Defendant. J -Summons
London tells us that E n gland is
known as "S even Mile Cam p"
Lovina Graham , the above named camp
and belonging to the Seeley-Anderson
annoyed at constant talk of media- To defendant:
C om . pany,
- in said county and
lion, and may seek reprisals from IN T H E NAME OF TH E STATE OF state; also,
one logging locomotive,
ve, ten
logging cars, . two donkey engines,
the U nited States in cc mtnetcial
You are hereby notified th a t you are cook house, telephone line, and all live-
matters. Washington asserts that | required to appear and answ er the stock of every nature and description
no plan for mediation has been s u g ­ | com plaint filed against you in the above belonging lo th e said Seeley-Anderson
entitled suit within six weeks from the Logging Company and n >w contained
gested, and the politicians declare d ate of the first pubiicatian of this sum ­ in
or alsiut ana running about the said
th a t our g o v ern m en t, while neutral, mons, to-wit W ithin six w eeks from Seven Mile Logging Camp, in Coos
the 3rd day of November, 1914, and if County. Oregon.
is still inclined to truckle to Great you fail to appear and answ er on or be­
D ated this 2nd day of November, 1914.
Brilian. At the moment any sug ­ fore the 15th day of December, 1914,
R. S tanley D o l l a r .
th a t date being the last day of the time
gestions looking towards peace ap- prescribed in the order of public ition.
»>i Hatff Wi -ij*» %
RcR*** »V tjthtr
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