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T he C oquille H erald
VOL. 33,
— -----------------------------------------------------
Fru.e.n .1 and De ubolent Orders
A A. M.—KegulHr meetiuK of |
A l • . Cl'Uilwick
LO'ltft’ No. 08 A. F. & A.
M.. ut ¿lusu.tic H.»ll. every Sa unlay
night in each month on or before the
full moon.
D. D. I' ikrck , W. M. j
Compiled by State Bureau of
Industries and Statistics
Cottage Grove is to hive a depot
— -
K. *i.— Reguiar meeting of Beulah i
Balter taxes are lo he cut to 5'
• Chapter No. (I, pee.oml and fourth |
Friday eveninga of each month, in Ma- j mills
sonic Hall.
Scio is to have a $10,000 hotel
AI VHY A PlKKCti. \V. M.
this lull.
A nna L awkkkcb •'*ee..
The new Hindu 1 hotel is to cost
l O.O. K —CoqniU® Lodgu Nu,53, l. O.
1. O. 1 ., inet-la t-v.-ry faturday night $40,000.
n Odd 1 . d o » a Hall.
( ’. H. l i kavkii , N. U.
Cottage Gtove is an important
J. S. I. awiumck , Sec-
mohair tuaiket
A \ i . KBBEK a H U »r>QB. S o . 20
Glendale has installed a street
1 (). O. K., nn-vtH every Mcoud and
fourtli Wudiuadav night» in Odd Fellows lighting system
$100.000 Gallier hotel company
A snik L awrknck , 8t-c.
is incorporated at Bandou
( ' O Q U IL I. K ENCAM PM ENT, No. 25
V> l. O. O. F „ mot*!s t lie first mill third
Willamette Valley Southern steel
rhursduv nights in Odd Fellows Hall.
is In be in Molallu this week
J. S. B arton , t!. '.
J. S.L awkknck , See.
The Union Oil Co is to establish
i/ N IO H T H OF P Y T IIIA "'.—Lycnrgus a distributing plant at Albany.
1\. Lodge No. 72. meats Tueaday nights
Tunnel work is progressing on
in \\\ O. W. Hull.
K. K. W at so n , K K . S.
Moss mine in Lake county.
O. A. M in to nyk . C. C.
Alter two years ol litigation the
r jY T H lA N SISTERS—Justus Temple
1 No. 35, meet a liret and Third Mon­ Oregon City municipal elevator is
day nights in W. O. W. Hall.
lie built.
Mss. G kiuok D a v i s , M. K. C.
M rs . F r io L in e o a r , K. of K
The North Plaint hotel, which
K1) M E N —.......idle Tribe Nu, U>, 1. has over fifty rooms, asks lor a liqu­
R O. K. M., meets every Friday night or license.
i n W. O. W. Hall.
J. H. B arton , Sachem.
A 46,000 acre project in Goose
A. P. M iller , C. of It.
Lake valley, I/ike county, is to be
W. A — Hegular meetings of Bea- reclaimed.
• ver Camp No. 10.550 in M. W . A.
J. A Cartright of Portland is in­
Hall, Front street, first and third Sat­
urdays in each month.
vestigating a cannery proposition
C. I). H udson , Consul.
at Ros+burg
L l H . I r v i n e , Clerk.
The Hill steamer line from Asto­
N. A.—Hegular meeting of Luurel
. Camp No. 2972 at M. W. A . Hall, ria to San Francisco is to bo open
Front Btreet, second and fourth Tues­ February 1st.
day nights in each month.
M a r y K k rn , Oracle.
The Stanley-Smith sawmill at
E dna K kli . k y , Bee.
Green Point, Hood River county,
O. W .—Myrtle Camp No. 197, is to be rebuilt
meets every Wednesday at 7:30
p. tn. at W. O. W. Hall.
The Smith Pulp mill at Marshfield
Lee Currie, C. C.
is to run on 24-hour shifts to fill
J ohn I. enkvk , Sec.
Japanese contracts.
meets second and fourth Monday
On December 10 the Stale Land
nights in W. 0, W. H all.«
will consider leasing salt de­
O ra X . M a u r y , G. N.
M a r y A. P ikhck , C le r k .
posits in Lake county.
A Heppner dairy has installed a
'AK M E K S UNION.— Regular meet­
ings second nn.h loroth Saturdays in complete outfit of sanitary and la­
eacli month in \V. 0. W. Hall.
F r a n k B ur k h o l d e r , Pres. bor-saving machinery.
■■ ■■
■■ ■ ■
| park.
Wildly Enthusiastic
Letter from Austria
(North Bend Harbor)
The terrors of the war t from an
Austrian standpoint are told in a
lettei written bv 1 young man now
in Austiii to a relative in North
Bend. Little ha- been beard from
Austria direct tjy the people in this
country and it :« something of a
wonder that the letter to North
Bend ever managed to get through
the mails of Europe The name of
the writer and the North Bend rel­
ative who received the letter are
not given as the latter leared that
even giving the name ot the wtiter
might cause hint some trouble.
The strictest censorship is exercised.
The letter was written from Ver-
"bo.-ka, Dalmasca, which is in A us­
tria Hungary and as translated for
the Harbor is as follows:
“ We know nothing of what is
happening in the war.
No news­
papers can lie sent through the
mail and very lew letters ever reach
their destiny. All talk, even, ol
the war, is prohibited by law.
“ No one knew ol the war
until Sunday night when all of a
sudden the I el Is all over town be­
gan to toll the news.
"Then came the announcement
that within a tew hours all able
bodied men must be ready to go to
war. All were taken from the age
of 18 to 50 iLough many more
were taken both under and above
that age.Many young men had come
home from America to visit and
were takeu to the war.
"Th e next Monday afternoon
they had to march away.
“ These last few hours were worse
than the ’ Frisco tire.
All were
filled with the utmost terror. Some
lost sons, some lost their- sweet­
hearts. In some lamtlies four or
five had beet! taken.
“ As many lamiles had no one to
work iu the fields a law was passed
that everyoue must work, uot only
in your own fields but in those
whose folks could not work.
“ Food is very high, some things
being impossible to buy.”
B y A n n e S h a n n o n M onhob ,
Saturday Evening Post Writer.
W hat he has got out of Life.
W hat he has put back into it.
These are the two tests of every
William Hanley has got from his
open plains life, health and
strength, vigor of .both mind and
body, lie never need liquors or
drugs to brace him up to meet con­
William Hanley has a wholesome
attitude toward life; he believes
in JOY; he belie Vesnin Human Hap­
piness; bis very luce is indicative
of lit is.
William Hanlev is never foolish­
ly optimistic; lie never says trou­
bles do not exist; but lie says, by
heck, if they exist, so do we, and
we’ll rout the troubles; Ihuy are
not too big for us.
William Hanley cannot bear to
see any human being unhappy; he
knows that the way to human hap­
piness is through the right work
with the right returns; he knows
that every self-respecting man* and
woman wants to work out ftis own
prosperity; he believes in the free­
dom of the individual to do this;
but he does not believe in weight­
ing men and women down with
a load of titantic proportions. He
does not believe that this develops
—it crushes.
William Hanley believes that if
every man and woman in Oregon
had n fair income for which fair
service is given, that crime and
drunkenness would automatically
vanish; he believes that POVERTY
is the root of all evil; you can
prohibit murder and robbery and
crime till you art- black in the
face, but you don’t get anywhere
with the human race until you go
♦ 4 444 444444444 444444444444
If you want to know
whether the range is good,
look at the lean enti of the
herd, not the fat ones.
W m . H a n l e y .
back of these EFEEt’.TS and strike
with a broad ax at the cause—•
POVERTY. Frances Willard, the
great W. U. T. U. worker, saw this
before she died; social service
workers arc seeing ¡1 right along.
Men—all men, not a few—must
have a eliance at money- and leis­
ure. When they have this fair
chance he is willing to trust the
innate decency God planted in
EVERY MAN to find its way to
the top.
This is the bigf’ lesson he has
GOT from I.ife.
Here is what he has put back so
O. A. M into nyk , Sec.
Albert Anderson will build a
A record of uprightness and so­
r 'L A T E UN A L AID No. 3118, meets the bridge across Jump-off-Joe creek
F second and fourth Thursdays each
A habit of giving his time and
month at W. 0. W , Hall.
money liberally and privately—not
M rs . C h a s . E v l a n d , Pres.
Canyon City and Prairie City
Mr. Easton’s Opinion
M rs . L ora H arkinoton , Bee.
always at the head of published
Electric Light and Pcwer Compan­
subscription lists—but to people in
Educational Otyanizalions and Clubs ies are to consolidate.
Editor Herald:
A dogged, headstrong, deter­
one-ideatl fight since he
O Q U T l LK E D U C A T I O N A L
The Pacific Tank & Pipe Co., of
The Non-Partisan League of mined.
LEAG UE—Meets monthly at the
was 17 to open up Oregon for set­
High School Building din ing the school Portland, has installed the new Portland, Geo C. Mason, Mgr. tlement. He has furnished to set­
that they might stay on their
year for the purpose ot discussing edu­ water system at Molalli.
have a large ad in the Pacific- tlers
homesteads: Food, work, doctors,
cational topieB.
Electrification work on the P. E Homestead telling the people how nurses, feed for teams, and teams.
He forced the water from the
L una M inak o , Sec.
& E Ry. is to be completed by next to vote no on the proposed mea­ grasp
of California private inter­
r r i j KEE1. K LU B —A busineso men’s spring as by as Eugene.
sures that come belore the people ests into channels for the use of
l \ social organisation. Hall in l.aird’ s
country for Irrigation.
It will be a wise
The Oregon Trunk railroad election day.
building, Second street.
He dug the largcsi irrigation ditch
A. J. SitiRWoou. P.e8.
moved 210 cars ol sheep cut ol the thing for the people of the state to in Oregon; he reclaimed 811,000
F rkii B laulk , S p ..
take little stock in the Non Partisan acres of land—now open to farm­
Bend country this year.
ers; that without this money spent
( ( I M M E R C I A L Cl.UL. L . I I . H a ZA kii
A contract has beeu let for the ex League or its manager for it is a on this land no man cpuld get a
L y President; C. A. H oward ,Secretary
living from it.
tensiou of the Oregon Eastern for sate bet that whatever the League
He forced through the Legisla­
Transportation Facilities
ture bills that would scatter exper­
40 miles from Riverside.
the people to be against it and imental farms and short courses
p K A lN S —Leave, south bound 9:00 a.
O R Hollingsworth and W. B. whatever they are against it is safe through the country districts for
L m. and 3:00 p. tn. North bound
the benefit of ranchers and their
iU:40 a. in. and 4:40 p. in.
Hat’ ley have started an undertak­ for the people to be for it. There wives.
He forced through the Legisla­
OATS—Six boats plying Oil the Co­ ing business al Newport.
are exceptions to all rules, and iu ture the privilege of letting the
quiile river afford ample accommo­
I people vote on a bonding net that
dation lor carrying freight and psssen
The Carraau Manufacturing Co this case the exception is the “ Uni­ would serve to build railroads in
gers to Bandon and way points. Boats
The Oregon. This activity forced the
Portland is turning out talking versal Eight Hour Law.”
leave at 7:30, 8:30, 9:20 and 9:i0 a. m
and llarrimans up the
Department of Industry and Public Mills
and at 1:00, 3 :30 and 4 :45 p. tr._______ machines on a large scale
Work bill is a subject that is entit
from the executive
rAGE —J. L. Laird, proprietor. De­
The new highway being built via
parts 5:30 p. in. for U tscburg via
led to more debate than Ramp and committee of the National Live
Stock Convcnlion rather than be a
Myrtle Point,carrying the United States Falls City and Siletz is to cut the j
Mason can give.
When it comes party to an un j us t leasing plan that
mail and pasengers.
distance to Newport by 16 miles I
give all the big grazing priv­
to the $1500 Tax Exemption, the
rjO STO FFlO E .— A. F. Lincgnr, post-
ileges to the hig interests. Every
other member of the convention
1 master. The mails close as follows:
Myrtle Point 8:40 a. m. and 2:35 p. in. of developement work on the old ; Tax, Consolidating Corporation and got his bite of the pie.
Marshfield 10:15 a. in. and 4:15 p. m.
He gave time and money and his
reliable Btaden quartz mine near Insurance Departments, Propor­
Bandon and wav points,7 a m. Norway
and AragolJ :45* p.m. Eastern mail 4:15 Gold Hill.
tional Representation, Abolitiou of 4
a. m. Eastern mail arrives 10: p. m.
Portland Commercial Club pub the State Senate, Eight Hour law 4 4 WILL EIGHT FOR $ 8 , 000 , 000 . 4 ♦
fishes statistics to show Oregon has for Female Workers, Non Partisan 4
Bill Hanlev pledges himself ♦
C ity 'and C ounty O fficers
fight for that $ 8 , 000,000 ♦
increased 170,091 in population in Judiciary, and all other bills, tht 4 4 to
Uncle Sam owes Oregon; ♦
Mayor............................. A. T. Morrison
people do not ask for advice from 4 Uncle Sam will pay it any -♦
Recorder......................... J. 8. Lawrence four years.
■ B. H. Mast
the “ League” or Mr. Mason, lor 4 time an Oregon Senator really ♦
4 goes after him.
Why not try ♦
Daniels & Boatwright have fin­
City Attorney
L. A Liljeqvist
Engitu-e-.................... P. M. Hall-Lewia ished the brick work on the new K. there is this difference between the ♦ Bill?
A. P. Miller
League and its manager, and Mr. 4
Night Marshal
Oscar WicKham of P. hall at North Plains and the
Water Superintendent S. V. Epperson Monarch Roofing Co. ot Lents will U’ Ren: They stand for the interest
influence throughout Ore­
Fire Chief........
W. C. Chase
of the dollar, he stands for the in­ personal
gon for votes for the women of,
Councilinen —D. D. Pierce, C. T. Hkeels put on the roof.
terests of men. The Peoples Power Oregon.
C. I. Kinie, G. O. Leacli, W. II. Ly­
He now sees that as a private
Oregon and Washington Paper ! Leage is composed ot men who
ons, O. C. Sanford. Regular meetings
citizen lie cannot do for his state
first and*4hird Mondays each month. Mills have gone under one manage
place man above the dollar and this what he could do if hud a voice
meat. This organization with an argument ; gaiust bills on page 99 al Washington. So he is willing to
Justice of the Peace
....J. J. Stanley
go to Congress.
Constable .................... Ned C. Kelley authorized capital ol $13,000,000 of Constutional Amendments and
He has a definite, vigorous work­
has just been completed for the pur Measures is a great warning to the ing plan for unlocking Oregon
NOW. Mr. Hanley is a big man in
County Judge
John T. Hall pose of purchasing the properties people
the East; people listen to him; he
Commissioners—W. T. Dement, Geo. J.
will accomplish ends.
of the Crown Columbia Paper Co.
R A E aston
Oregon is riulies-poor; we have
Janies Watson and ot the Willamette Pulp & Paper
sufficient stored wealth to make
W . \V. Gage Co , operating plants in Washing­
every man prosperous; Mr. Han­
........... T. M. Dimruick
S. E Pearce is the new manager ley’s plan inclmli s realizing on Ihis
T. J. Thrift ton. Oregon and California
the George W. Moore Lumber’ wc.uttn NOW and building roads,
School Supt.
Raymond E. Baker
irrigation ditches, developing har
A. N. Gould purpose is to reducs the operating Co. of Bandon that has bought and hors and gelling men LIVABl.Y on
F. E. Wilson expenses in the paper mills by elim­
l<. the soil. WRONG t.EGISI.A
will operate the plant at Toledo.
Health Officer
Dr. Walter Culin
THIN is keeping men out of work;
inating a duplication of fixed char-
ketq i.ig Oregon tight locked.
| ges, thus enabling them to compete
the llanles program; read it;
A large co-operative creamery is see Gel for
yourself yyhul William
with British Columbia and Norway
Hanley stands for; then gel back
Societies will get the very best
and Sweden, which countries have to be established at Vincent
of this Oregon product known as
William Hanley is strong as a Mis­
I» H I N T I N G
been active in the markets of the
Milton and Freewater are trytng souri mule and senti him lo Con-
Pacific coast since the removal r.f
at the office o f Coquiile Herald
glass for your own prosperity’s
1 to get a new railroad depot.
I the tariff.
■■ '
. . . ...
PER Y E A R $1.50
K. 1! . M aht , be c r .' ta r y.
The lr-e picture show and Re­
publican tally Saturday evening at
the Grand brought out a lull house,
and there was “ standing mom on­
ly” throughout the evening. Even
after the talkfest commenced the
people lingered to see wltai possible
reasons might bt «given why any
one in this part of Oregon should
vote for Hawley for congress. Judge
Sehlbrede took this difficult task,
and acquitted himself very credit­
ably, considering the material that
he had to yvork on His argument
seemed lo be that yvhile Mr. Hawley
had made no showing, he had been
hard at work all the time. He ex ­
cused Mr Hayvley's iailure to get
adequate appropriations for the har­
bors of this district on the ground
that there were a whole lot ot these
hathors, and "poor Hawley” had
110 help, yvhile the Columbia river
had the delegations of several states
legging lor it He brought up the
case ot Mr Hawley’s action in leav­
ing Washington at the lime of the
funeral of the president’s wile,
when it was plainly his duty to be
there, on the ground that he was
on a committee of the Woodmen of
the World and had to attend a
meeting ia Denver to pass on in­
surance matters, or a lot of widows
and orphans would have had to
watt three months for their mouey,
which has a fishy sound, as it seems
more likely that Hawley was afraid
of being docked part cf his salary ol
$75 a month which he draws Irom
the W . O. W. for duties which he
petlorms on time for which he is
paid by the government.
Other speakers were C. I. Rie-
gard and I. S. Smith, the last talk­
ing on the initiative measures, can­
didates Barrow, Pete Watsou and
Armstrong were also briefly heard
It would take a powerful imagin­
ation to call the meeting enthusi­
astic. The utter failure to respond
to Judge Sehlbrede’s pointed pause
alter a prediction that the next
national administration would be
Republican made this apparent;
but tlie judge failed to heed the
warning, and he came a cropper
at the last that must have dazed
him I:i accordance with the time-
honored custom of tormer days, in
which stand patters are still living,
Judge Sehlbrede wished to raise a
cheer at the end of his talk So he
closed with glowing predictions of
Republican success and then said
that as a proof that Republican en­
thusiasm was not dead (or words to
that effect) he would call for three
cheers for “ the Republican ticket
from top to bottom ” ‘ Now,” said
the judge, ‘ All ready—Hip—Hip
— Hooraw.” And not another man,
woman or child in the house opened
his, her or its mouth. Except for
Judge Sehlbrede’ s lusty “ Hoo-raw,”
the stillness was so death like that
one might have heard a pin drop,
—until the big laugh started, while
the judge covered his confusion
and took his seat.
Yet it is a safe bet that not one
old line politician in the house. Re­
publican or Democrat took to heart
the plain lesson that the voters are
sick and tired of the old vote her
straight political claptrap, and that
if the Republican patty wishes to
“ come back” it will have to quit
living in the early eighties of the
last century.
Events o f Interest Reported
For The Herald
(By J . E. Jones)
th e :
h ealth
th e
sherm an
The Taft ot today is an ordinary
sized man, in tnatked contrast to
the Taft of a year and a hall ago.
Dieting and exercise worked the
transformation, and now the tailors
plan the raiment of the former
President, whereas the job might
have been formerly assigned to some
great artist poet, like “ Omar, the
Tentmaker," which has been show­
ing to appreciative Washington aud­
iences Nearly a hundred pounds
ol surplus meat has dropped off
this one human frame, aud any fat
man who can fail to appreciate
what William Howard has done for
the species is overlooking an oppor­
tunity that might make a handsome
gentleman out of a "fat slob of a
man.” And Taft looks the picture
of health—quite different from the
“ fattest President.”
He has con­
quered himself, and remade his life
aud his habits; who therefore will
not say that be is greater than he
who might have taken a city, or
even kept the Republican party out
of debt.
"Old Bill" Taft looks younger
than he did sixteen months ago—
as a matter ot fact he has never
looked “ old” at all. The bald spot
on the back of hi* head is a little
larger; his infectious laugh that he
cannot suppress, even when mak­
ing a short speech, is a little louder
than formerly; but as a private citi­
zen and a college professor he is a
wonderful success, and there is no
difference of opinion on this point,
as there used to be regarding his
grading as a President.
It is surp-isingly strange that
there should be so much diflerence
of opinion as to what effect the
Clayton Omnibus Trust Bill will
have upon "labor " There are all
sorts of charges that there is a pret­
ty confidence came in the mysteries
of the new legislation, which will
ntver be solv.d until the Supreme
Court finally passes out a decision
iu the dim iuture
The oiigiual
Sherman law was a negative doc­
trine for nearly twenty years, but
when it got to work it cleaned a
clear pa:h, and bad big business
was mowed down
The lawbreak­
ers only saved themselves by run­
ning to cover, and hastily changing
skins. We were told months ago
th t the purpose of the new legisla­
tion was to improve this same Sher­
man law, but critics declare that
the effect has been that all the teeth
have been taken out of the old stat
utes, and that by juggling processes
of legislatiou, the new law is yveak
and inefficient.
But this may be
political clap trap II this should
be proved to be the case, it would
not be surprising in view of the fact
that the Congressional elections are
at hand Oue thing is sure, that is
that we have a new Trades Com­
mission law that gives ample
authority for the government to in­
vestigate trusts—and if that is done THE LONESOME MAN IN THE WHITE
intelligently it must produce bene­
ficial results.
Simply because a man happens
to be President is no reason at all
why be should cease to belike other
Former President Taft, should he human beings in the desire to exer­
live several hundred years, will nev­ cise natural freedom. Mr. Taft has
er recover from the bitter feeling “ let the public in” on how he felP
that be has over the pardcu he is­ about this. But how about Wood-
sued to Charles W. Morse, a New row Wilson? Here ia a man who
York banker. Mrs Morse made came to Washington sixteen months
one of the most spectacular fights in ago, with a wile and three grown
recent years to secure the release of daughters. Now that wife, who
her husband, and she successfully was a chum and a helpmate, has
worked upon the sympathies of Mr. passed forever beyond the shadows.
Taft. Army physicians were sent Two ot the daughters have been
to Atlanta and they agreed in the married; and of the happy family
diagnosis of Morse's ailment, and only its head and one daughter are
said that the New Yorker could not together
The White House, to
live longer than six months. But which they came in happiness, and
that was about two years ago and in the expectancy of a beautiful ex­
Morse is one ot the healthiest indi­ pansion of home lile, has become a
viduals on lower Manhattan
It is dreary and lonely abode—it is
said that he has so lar recouped his transformed into the house ot
fallen fortunes that he recently told mourning and silence.
The Presi­
the shareholders of the National dent used to like a couple of even­
Batik of North America that he ing a week at 'the theater and he
was willing to take over all the rollicked about a good deal, and
assets of the company and assume had a good time But it is different
the outstanding liabilities
A clev­ now, and the lonely Woodrow
er writer comments: “ He offered to Wilson shrinks from the public
do it just like that! Pouf goes an­ gaze, and he even refused to enter
other million
In the meantime, into the campaign at)d make speech­
the Reverend Beuck White, who es, as has heretofore been the cus­
devoted his time and money to aid­ tom He seeks forgetfulness of his
ing ihe poor, is at last reports still own unhappiness in bis work, and
cooped up in a 2 x 4 cell on Black­ eagerly welcomes the responsiblities
well’s Island because he asked the and troubles of his office.
pastor in the Rockefeller church a ingtonians know, and understand,
few pointed questions—asked them and as they pass the White House
politically however.”
they rarely catch a glimpse of its
master, for he is hidden in a favor­
ite corner where the curious ran-
The great and near-great states­
Pursley Opens Branch
not go. Ah, 'tis a great thing to
men of the National Capital have
be Prisident of the United State,
F C. Pursley, ol the Coquiile had their ears close to the ground but It Woodrow Wilson could hive
jjabetdashery, has made arrange­ for several weeks, and many ol it for the wishing he would doubt­
ments for opening a branch store at them have been thrown into cold less prefer to be back in Princeton
Myrtle Point and commenced ship­ chills by the distressing sounds that as lie was a dozen years ago, happy
ping the stock up there yesterday. they have heard. One nervous Con­ with a loving family and a modest
The store will be located in the old gressman said that war might be home. But even Presidents are
Pike's , Merchantile building and what Sherman said it was, but be­ not masters of their own destiny
will be in charge of Chas Pursley, ing :• Congressman, obliged to slay and he must go on as the lonesome
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