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    <5JThe Herald, the old estab­
lished reliable newspaper of
the Cotjuille V a lle y in which
an “ ad” always brings results.
V O L . 32,
T he C oquille H erald
C O Q U IL L E ,
Fraternal and Benevolent Orders
F. 4 A. M.—Regular meeting ol
. Chadwick Lodge No. 08 A. F. A A.
M.. at Masonic Hall, every Saturday
nuiht in each montli on or liefore the
full moon.
D. D. P ikiu - k , W. M.
K. H. Masr. Secretary.
S.—Regular meet inn of Beulah
O F, . Chapter
No. 0, second and fourtn
Events of Interest Reported
For The Herald
(By J. E. Jones)
tives of these bodies. Representa­
tives of public lands interests ol the
west have also been looked upon
with favor in Washington. The
people who are most apt to be ac­
cused of lobbying are those who
represent manufacturing and com­
mercial enterprises, and there bas
been some resentment expressed in
regard to this by some of the people
who have been fighting for what
they believe to be the rights of man­
ufacturing and industrial interests.
One manufacturer has complained
that "W hen we send representa-
lives lo the Capital lo keep us ad-
vised upon our own matters, and
present our views in relation
thereto, we are accused of keeping
a secret and dangerous, if not a cor­
rupt, lobby.”
This charge has drawn a response
from the President, who was the
original discover of the “ insidious
Obstreperous politicians have
Friilay evenings of each month, in Ma­ given up all hope ol adjourning
sonic Hall.
Congress, and it is «aid that the
M a b y A. P ik u c k , W. M.
A nna L awrence Se c.,
Democratic leadeis are agreed with
i o . o . F.—OaqstUa Lodga No.63, 1 . o. President Wilson ' ’.at the anti trust
1 . O. F., meet« every Saturilay night legislation tuust be on the statute
n Odd Fellows Hall.
hooks before the final curtain is
C. H. C l ba v k b , N. G.
J. 8 . LAWRENCE, Sec.
rung down on the present session.
AM IK R E B E K a H LODGE, No. 20 Iu Boston, a favorite "humorist"
I. (J. ( F..-meets every second and
has remarked that "when the days
fourth Wednesday nights in Odd Fellows
begin to shorten the heat begins to
E mily H e re by , N. G,
A nnie L a wre nc e , Sec.
In support of the New
/"•O Q O ILLB ENCAM PM ENT. N o . 25 England rbymster it is observed
I. O. O. F., meets the first and third
that since the twenty-second of June
Thursday nights in Odd Fellows Hall.
J. S. B a r t o n , 0. P .
the weather has been so hot in the
J. S . L a w k k n c b , Sec.
National Capital that the pavements ■
i r NIGHTS OF P YT I1 IA S .—Lycurgus have furnished an elasticity that Iobl,y-’
He “ *• that he beI,eveS
l\ . Lodge No. 72, meets Tuesday nights
ought to make the ad-wri ters for tbat tbe rea* reP,esentat' ves °f all
in W. O. W. Hall.
_ „
interests have a perfect right to
K. K . W a tso n , K R . S.
O ’Sullivan’s rubber heels green with
O. A . M i nt ony k , C . C .
their case known at the Na-
euvy, because of their lack of pow
_ | ticnal Capital, but he draws the line
i n Y T H IA N SISTERS—Justus Temple
1 No. 35, meets first and Third Mon­
upon that class ot representatives
tion that a Senator or a Represent
day nights iu W. O. W. Hall.
M rs . G kukgk D a v i s , M . E . C .
ative is a big fat man who finds it who send out form letters and get
M rs . F red L inkoah , K. of R
• perspiring
. -
necessary to mop . his
r r to sign them up” all over
ED M E N — Cooullle Trihe No. 46, 1.
and fire them in upon
O. R. M., meets every Friday night countenance with a handkerchief,
. . . . .
the Capital When the parcel post
in W. O. W. Hall.
about the size of a pillow-case, is a
J. S. B a r t o n , Sachem.
..... c
. , , . . ..
, .
, I was before Congress there were
little far ietched— but the fats and [
A. P. M illkr , C. of R.
hundreds of thousands of such com-
tbe leans who are saving the coun- |
W. A. -Regular meetings of Bea-
. a
• . , . • .,
munications, both lor and against
• ver Camp No. 10.550 in M. W . A. try actually do nourish best in the j _____
Hall, Front s tr e e t , first and third Sat­ shade. Most of them are apt to be 1 the measure.
urdays in each month.
discovered arrayed in light flannel
C. D. H ud son , Consul.
President Wilson appears to be
L l H. I bv in k , Clerk.
or duck suits, and the negligee cos-
N. A.— Regular meeting of Laurel tume is completed with tailored silk ; lbe Pr*nc'Pa* prosperity booster,
, , .
and it does not make much diner-
. Camp No. 2972 at M. W. A . Hall, . . .
and white shoes The net re-
Front street, Becond and fourth Tues­ shirts
. ....
, ence what sort of stories are told
suit is that iu Washington people ;
day nights in each month.
M a r y K e r n , Ora cle .
about hard-tunes, he insists that
appear much as they do in the trop-1
E dna K k u . e y , Rec.
r /,
’ the golden age of prosperity is just
lcs. The older members of Congress
* 1 *
O. W .— Myrtle Camp No. 197. ,
. , .
ahead. The President has turned
• meets every Wednesday at 7:30 have spent their summers at the
, ... ., down suggestions that Congress ad-
p. in. at W. O. W. Hall.
Capital for six years, and with the i .
Lee Currie, C. C.
. . .
.. . ...
journ until the trust bills are coin-
heat to goad them, even the bellig- J
J ohn L e n k ve , Sec.
. ,
. . -Ipleted. After these bills are out of
erents have giveu up the ghost of r
, . ,
the way there will be adjournment
C IR C LE No. 214,
d “
I I , meets second and fourth Monday resistance, and surrendered to the
wishes of the Administration.
In 3,1
nights in W. O. W. Hall.
O r a X. M a u r y , G. N.
fact, a good many of the mighty so-
M a r y A . P ie r c e , C le r k .
Potato Industry
lons aie in an almost comatose cod
'A R M E R S U N IO N .— Regular meet­ dition, and are quite willing to put
Under the Probe
ings second ami fourth Saturdays in
eacli month in W. O. W. Hall.
F rank B ur kh ol d er , Pres.
trust bills, providing they can has­ j University of Oregon, Eugene,—
O. A. M inton yk , Sec.
ten the return to their own baliwicks “ What’s the matter with tbe potato?”
is one of the first questions attacked
r a t e r n a l a i d n o . 398, meets the
and give their attention to their po­
second and fourth Thursdays each
litical fences, which in many cases by tbe Department of Industrial
month at W. O. W. Hall.
Survey in the new School of Com­
M rs . C i ia s . E v l a n d , Pres.
are badly out of repair. Last year
M rs . L ora H arrington , Sec.
merce and Administration at the
Congress bad a continuous perfor­
Educational Organizations and Clubs mance, and there was no vacation, University of Oregon. The director
, ’ ! of the survey, Hon. H. B. Miller, is
o q i T i l l h e d u c a t i o n a l and as the time approaches when
LE AG U E —Meets monthly at the the frost will be on the pumpkin | collecting a vast amount of data on
High School Building during the school
year for the purpose ol discussing edu- and the fodder in the shock, swelt- the e08t of Production, transporta-
tion cost, middleman’s profits, price
cational topics.
eriog statesmen hope to forswear
R e n a A n d e r s o n , Pies.
to consumer, quality of product,
head-achy politics, and renew their
E d n a M i n a k o , Sec.
shipping conditions aDd facts and
T ’-O K E E L KI.UB— A business men’s friendly relations with old cronies figures tending to show the prob­
■TV social organization. Hall in Laird’ s and neighbors. It is a queer sort
able effect on the potato industry
building, Second street.
of a statesman that is not ready to
A. J. S herwood . Pies.
the recent removal of the protec­
F red S l a g l e , Sec.
say “ amen" to the demand of the
tive tariff.
o m m e r c ia l c l u e
l . i i . H a z a r d country that Congress adjourn.
“ Sometimes the potato dealer has
President; C. A. HowARD.Secretary
a fair general knowledge of his par­
Transportation Facilities
The forest service makes the sate- ticular phase of tbe potato business
'R A IN S —Leave, south bound 9:00 a. ment that at least one-twentieth of but this knowlege is not at tbe ser­
m. and 3:00 p. m. North bound
tbe stock bred on the open ranges vice of ei.her the producer or tbe
»0:40 a. m. and 4:40 p. m.
of tbe west dies before it reaches consumer,’’ says director Miller.
{O A TS—Six boats plying on the Co-
The waste in western "We are collecting this material for
t quille river afford ample accommo­ market age.
dation lor carrying freight and p.asen live stock bred on the open rauge is the general good of all concerned,
gers to Randou and way points. Boats
leave at 7:30, 8:30, 9:20 and 9:S0 a. m. is said to add millions of dollars to There is not in existence, anywhere
and at 1:00, 3 :30 and 4 :45 p. m.________ the people’s meat bills, and gives a comprehensive analysis of tbe
TAG E—J. L. Laird, proprietor. De­ one more cause for the high cost of potato industry, such as we are
parts 5:30 p. ni. for Loseburg via
Exposure is the principal ■ working out.
Who knows what
Myrtle Point,carrying the United Slates living.
mail and pasengers.
__ cause assigned for the large death i will be the effect of the recent re­
It is quite inter-1 moval of the tariff?
Who knows
i j OSTOFFICE.—A. F. Lincgar. jiost- rate among stock
1 master. The mails close as follows: estiog to note that the development just how many potatoes
Myrtle Point 8:40 a. m. and 2:35 p. m.
Marshfield 10:15 a. in. and 4:15 p. in. of the west has not materially re- ’ »'ill be shipping to our shores in
Bandon and way points,7 a m. Norway duced the number of animals which one year or two?
What potato
and Aragol2:45 p.m. Eastern mail 4:15
what cou-
a. m. Eastern mail arrives 10: p. m.
the forest service estimates that sev- ditioos he is competing? Thick of
eral million dollars worth of stock the advantage to him of .being able
C ity and County O fficers
Mayor............................. A. T. Morrison is killed annually by wild beasts, to figure the exact cost of plowing,
Recorder.........................J. 8. Lawrence However, during the past eight j of fertilizing, of planting, of culti-
Treasurer...........................R. H. Mast
years forest officers have killed over j vating, of shipping, of marketing
City Attorney
L. A. Liljeqvist
Engineer.................... P. M. Hall-Lewis 35 ooo predatory animals, consist- his products and of knowing how
Marshal.............................. A. I*. Miller
Night Marshal............. Oscar WicKham ing of coyotes, wolves, hears, moun- these costs run in other producing
Water Superintendent S. V. Epperson tain lions, etc.
Another phase districts.
Now, he doesn’t even
Fire Chie,...........................W. C. Chase
handicap is. or if be
Conncilmen —D. D, Pierce, C. T. Skeels
C. I. Kime, G. O. Leach, W. H. Ly­ nrunication from an Arizona Indian has any.
ons, O. C. Sanford. Regular meetings
first and third Mondavs each month. chief, read in tbe Senate a few days | “ The purpose of our Industrial
ago, in which the claim was made Survey Department is to eliminate
Justice of the Peace
.1. J. Stanley that the national forests were al- guessing so far as possible from one
Constable ....................Ned C. Kelley
ready overcrowded with stock. The industry after another in Oregon,
Indian further went on to say that and to give that foundation of fact
County Judge
John T. Hall
Commissioners—W. T. Dement, Geo. J. his people could not compete with which will make Oregon investments
the white man as stock-raisers, and
HU<1 profitable and bring pros-
C lerk .............................. James Watson j
8 •
........................... W. W. Gsge made a plea for money appropria- Perit-'
Treasurer..................... T. M. Dimmick
„ _
_ „
.........................T. J. Thrift I
. .
AH For a Dollar
School Sujit.
Raymond E. Baker | ments of live slock
P h o to s o f y a c h t s by A m e r ic a n P r e s s A s s o c ia tio n .
HE Shamrock IV. Is a very capable craft, according to Impartial experts
who have Inspected her, and there Is no doubt that she will prove a
d an gerou s Cactor In the forthcoming races for the America’s cup. The
ilnes of the challenger have caused considerable comment. She Is a
combination of a scow design end a deep keel boat, with a flattened cut water
Intended to evade certain provisions in the rules irovernlnx the cup contests.
The Illustration shows the Shamrock IV.. at the recent launching. At the
lower .left hand corner Is the America’s cup. At the lower right hand corner
Is tbe Resolute, the prospective defender, built by members of the New York
Xacht club.
Getting Closer to the People How One Home Merchant
Put Outside Competitor
Frank L. Burkholder, general
“On the Run.”
superintendent of the Southern
Pacific lines id Oregon,-is a young
This is no theory framed up in
man who was promoted from dis­ some city guy’s office.
Here is
trict engineer to his present promi­ something that actually happened.
nent position. In his recent tour That is, here is how one merchant
over the lines in Oregon he empha­ put his out-of-town competitor on
sized the fact tbat he and his asso­ the run.
ciates in charge of tbe Southern
It happened in a country town
Pacific properties were anxious to in Ohio. Two carloads of goods—
get close to tbe people aDd do the staple necessities oflife— wire stand­
things the people most wanted dooe. ing on the side track. They had
He says “ Had railroad officials felt been shipped in from Dayton to fill
this way 25 years ago when Vander­ a demand, supplied by an outside
bilt uttered his much quoted words, salesman who had happened to be
’ the people be d----- d,’ much of the in town with the proper bunco to
unfriendly legislation of which tbe "get away with the orders,” — and
railroads now complain would never that, too, at prices a shade higher
have been enacted. Tbe railroads (plus the freight) than the local
and other big corporations have merchants’ quotations on the same
themselves to blame for tbe position articles delivered at the customer’s
the public has taken and for much door. This struck me as rather
of the antagonism that exists. While amazing and I thereupon investi­
government control is perfectly gated the cause of the unfortunate
proper, it has during its experiment­ situation.
al stages gone to such an extent
Dropping into the leading grocery
that money to be used in construc­
store of the town, I inquired why
tion work is hard to get. Unfriend­
they didn’t stop this intrusion into
ly legislation and too much regula­
their trade. "H ow are you going
tion has cut down earnings to such
to stop it," growled the "boss.”
a point tbat it is hard to secure
"Advertise!” I retorted. "Adver-
money to make necessary repairs.
r . „
, tise?” replied the grocer, "why, I ’m
I believe the tide is slowly turning
,.. . .
i one of the best customers our local
and that the people, from whom
paper has. I think I ’ve had some­
the railroads must get money to
thing in every week for nigh on
pay the interest on its loan, will in
twenty years, but I don’t see as I
a few years be willing that the rail­
realize any difference My name is
roads make a fair profit to be turn­
; known anywhere within trading
ed into reasonable dividends and
distance ot here anyhow.” Then I
into construction work. It is now
I lit into him, "Now, my friend, tbat
time for cooperation. Only in this
| is just it. Your name is known
way can the railroads prosper and
well enough But how about your
bring prosperity to those depend­
goods? You know there is advertis­
ent upon them.”
ing and then there is advertising.
One kind spreads your name all
Mineral in Washington
over everything until your goods
are hidden behind your uame.
The output of the gold, silver,
There is no use of your paying the
copper, and lead mitiesin Washing­
local paper for telling the peo­
ton in 1913, according to C. N.
ple what your name is. What you
Gerry, of the United States Geologi-
want to do is to stimulate an inter­
Survey, was valued at $1,053,135,
est in your goods. Put out a ‘ Lead­
compared with $1,120,214 in 1912.
er’ every week. Make the price on
The decrease was due to lower met­
one particular commodity so attract­
al prices and a smaller production
ive that it will draw customers into
of silver and copper. The gold out­
your store.
Once in, they will see
put has a value of $696,275; the
something else they need, won’t
production of silver decreased from
413.538 ounces in 1912 to 331,239
Surveyor........................................A. N. Gould
"Feature your ‘Leader’ in the lo­
F. E. Wilson
Mrs. E. E.Teichgraeber.a d e l i g b t - ounces in 1913 The copper pro­
Health Officer
Dr. Walter Culin
A number of organizations in fu] matron of Emporia, her ebarm- duction likewise decreased from cal paper in a different setting. Be
Wathington have no other excuse little daughter, Laura, and inter­ 1,086,010 pounds iu ig t 2 to 954,081 sure now. Make it different. You
ior existence than to secure favor- rating young son, Oscar, paid their | pounds in 1913. Lead production know, the people never think of
Societies will get the very best
able legislation. Among these are ,,nlU8! *
th* «epubliean office increased from 127 387 pounds in looking for your old Ad, and they
on Wednesday morning to pay 191210202487 pounds in 1913-
couldn't find it if they did. It is
tbe labor and agricultural organiza-,
subscription more than a year There were
productive properties
at the office o f Coquille Herald
tions Yet no one has ever ques- j iD advance.— Iota, Kansas, Repub- of which 12 were placers and 45 obscured by its uniformity and ut­
terly buried in a crowded mass of
lode mines.
tioned the rights of the represent#-1lican.
o'her matter of identical type and
general appearance. And t h e n
what’s'the use. Tne people already
know your name. Therefore, just
for a trial of six weeks, buy tour
times the space. Leave a good va­
cant margin around yourself just for
accentuation, tbat is, just to make
em see you. Aud obove all things,
give prominence 10 the A R T IC L E
aud the SPECIA L PRICE. Make
it appeal to tbe shopper’s frenzy for
bargains, and they will come with
a rush. Never mind your name.
They won’t miss your store. Here’s
why: This same special ’leader’
will monopolize your whole front
window. They can’t get by with­
out noticiug that your store looks
"N ext week focus your forces ou
some other special LEADER, and
so ou for six weeks ”
SEQUEL: He did just as I told
Other live merchants did
CONSEQUENCE: Not another
cat load of foreign goods has been
shipped into that town since! "N u f
said.” — Ex.
Y E A R $ 1 .5 0
Compiled by State Bureau of
Industries and Statistics
Huntington is building a munici­
pal ball.
Hubbard has an artificial ice
Brooks shipped a carload of lo­
ganberries a day.
Eugene may get a box and egg
crate factory.
Geo. Schoppert will build a cheese
factory near Dotph.
Hood River will vote on $75,000
road bond issue July 15.
Molíala will get a $10,000 water
system pumped from well.
Independence merchants demand
establishment of a cannery.
A new creamery will be built at
Hood River on the water front.
Contract has been let fot the new
$2o,oor Grande Ronde hospital.
The State Mining Bureau is to
investigate the Lake county salt
Subscription Laws
The Shamrock IV., America’s
Cup and Yacht Resolute
•JJob Printing— N e w presses
new material and experienced
workmen. A guarantee that
Herald printing w ill please
The East Oregon Lumber Co.
will build a 120,000 mill at Enter­
Mf-st readers of newspap rs aDd prise
m a n y publishers are Dot familiar
Laureljurst, suburb of Portland,
with the laws guveroing Rubscrip-
will have a new $16,000 catholic
tions. Here are the decisions of the church.
United States court ou the subject.
T. B. Breck ot Vineland, N. J.
They will be interesting to publish­
will establish a grape juice factory
ers and many will undoubtedly be
in Oregon.
glad of the opportunity to priDt
The Towsend Creamery Co. has
them for the benefit of delinquent
opened its new plant at Portland
“Subscribers who do not give ex­ costing $130,000.
Ashland voted $175,000 bonds to
press notice to the contrary are con-
aideied as wishing to renew their pipe mineral water into city and
build a sanatarium.
“If the subscribers order a dis­
The Port of Umpqua will enjarge
continuance of their publication the its boundaries in order to make
publisher may continue to send needed improvements.
them until all dues are paid.
Henry Albers of the Albers Mill­
“ If the subscriber refuses to take ing Co. will tour South Africa for
periodicals from the post office to extensions of business.
which they are directed he is respon­
The Oregon Industry League has
sible until he has settled his bill and
been formed to boost Oregon facto-
ordered the paper discontinued.
tories and institutions.
“If subscribers move to other pla
The Georgianna, a new Colum­
ces without informing tbe publisher
bia river steamer, bas been launched
and the papers are sent to the form­
at the Supple shipyard. Portland.
er address, the subscriber is held
The complaint against the Cot­
Grove Electric Co. has been
“The courts have held that refus­
ing to take periodicals from the post dismissed by the Railroad Commis­
office or removing and leaving them sion.
uncalled for is prims facie evidence
of intention to defraud.
“If subscribers pay in advance,
they are bound to give Dotice at the
end of the time if they do not wish
to continue taking it, otherwise the
subscriber is responsible until ex­
press notice with pay ment of all
arrearage is sent to the publisher.”
— | Marshfield Evening Record.
Look Out, Mr. Poisoner
It seems that the dog poisoner
has been perniciously active over
on the Bay and the Record calls
attention to those provisions of the
law which impose heavy penalties
for that sort of thing.
Two sec­
tions of Lord’s Oregon Laws are
given as follows:
Sec. 1969. If any person shall
maliciously or wantonly kill,wound,
disfigure, or injure any animal tbe
property of another or shall willful­
ly administer any poison to any
such animal, or shall maliciously
expose any poison with intent that
the same shall be taken by any
such animal, or shall maliciously or
wantonly in any manner or by any
means, not otherwise particularly
specified in this chapter, destroy, or
injure any personal property of
another, such persons upon con­
viction thereof shall be punished
by imprisonment in the penitentiary
not less than six months nor more
than three years, or by imprison­
ment in the countv jail not less
than three months nor more 'ban
one year, or by a fine of not less
thin $50 nor more than $1000
Sec. 1970 If any person shall
put out or place any poison where
the same is liable to be eaten by
any horse, cattle, sheep, hogs or
other domestic animal of value, the
property of another, with intent to
poison such animal, such persons
upon conviction thereof, shall be
punished by imprisonment in the
penitentiary not less than one or
more than five years.or by imprison­
ment in the county jail not less than
three or more than 12 months, or
by fine of not less than $100 or
more than $moo.
Portland business men will sub­
mit a bill to amend the constitution
to make Single Tax impossible in
Salmon Mountain Mining Co.,
Curry County, has uncovered a
ledge that assays as high as $30,000
per ton.
Engineer Galvani of the Pacific
Light and Power Co. will begin
work at once on the new streetcar
lines in Astoria.
Portland designs to span the rail­
road shops at Holgate Avenue with
a viaduct costing $t 10,000, tailroads
to pay one halt.
Albany has let the construction
of ninth street to the Asphalt Ma­
chinery Co. of Seattle, as part of the
Pacific Highway.
Oregon Manufacturers Associa­
tion will ask for a law to give home
industries a five per cent preferen­
tial in public bids.
Another tax commission is to be
created to revise the Oregon taxa­
tion system after studying the tax
laws of all countries.
The Oregon Power Co. will sup­
ply the Booth-Kelly sawmill com­
pany at Springfield with 2,000
horsepower of current.
The Workingmen’s Compensa­
tion Commission has appointed a
chief medical expert and bought a
skeleton for its main medical office.
The State University School of
Commerce just created will under­
take a study of markets and indus­
tries and development of electric
During the past week final obsta­
cles to conveying the locks and can­
al at Oregon City have been re­
moved, tbe Portland General Elec­
tric Co conceding states paramount
right to water.
The Crescent Manufacturing Co.
ot Seattle is contesting the validity
of the Oregon Pure Food law
against which many hotel and busi­
ness men are protesting. The law
is taken into the federal courts.