Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, January 27, 1914, Image 1

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    fJThe Herald, the o ld estab­
lished reliable newspaper of
the Coquille V alley in which
an “ a d " always brings results.
il jo b Printing— N ew presses
new material and experienced
workmen. A guarantee that
Herald printing will please
V O L. 32,
Fraternal and Benevolent Orders
F. & A. M.—Regular meeting ol
. Chadwick Laxlge No. 08 A. F. A A.
M.. at Masonic Hall, every Saiurday
night in each month on or before the
full moon.
t>. D. P kkcb , W. M.
R. H. M ast . Secretary.
Regular meeting ot lteulah
O K, . g,—
Chapter No. 6, second and fourth
Friday evenings of eacli month, in Ma­
sonic Hall.
M ary A. P ikkck , \Y . M.
A nna L awrence bee.,
Coquille Lodge No. 53,1. O.
I . O. O. O. F., F.—
meetB every Saturday night
n Odd Fellows Hall.
C. H. C l e a v e s , N. G.
J. 8. L awrence , Sec.
N o .20
1. o . O. F., meets every Becond and
fourth Wednesday nights in Odd Fallows
E mily H ehset , N. G,
A nnie L awrence , Sec.
C O Q U I L L E , C O O S C O U N T Y , O R E G O N , T U E S D A Y , J A N U A R Y 2 7 , 1914.
N O . 18
a m ie
lodge ,
e n c a m p m e n t , No. 25
I. O. O. F., meets the first and third
Thursday nights in Odd Fellows Hall.
J. S. B arton , C. I*.
J . S.L awrbnce , Sec.
o q u il l e
(By J. E. Jones)
Condensed for the Quick As­
similation of Busy Men and
Women— General Round-
l p of a Wide cope
Madame Lillian Nordica, the fa­
mous singer, is reported critically ill
Lord Stratbcona, IJigb Commis­
sioner of Canada, died last Wednes­
A new army altitude record of
10.600 feet was recently made at
San Diego.
o f p y t h i a s .—Lycurgus
Mss. GEiHoE D avis , M. E. C.
M rs . F red L inegar , K. of R.
Lincoln Beachey recently looped
ED MEN—Coauille Tribe N o .it , 1. the loop five consecutive times from
O. R. M., meets every Friday night a height of 750 feet.
1 n W. O. W. Hall.
J. S. B arton , Sachem.
A. P. M iller , C. of R.
Under the new tariff, eggs are
being shipped to this contry from
W . A.—Regular meetings of Bea- Germany for the first time.
. ver Camp No. 10.550 in M. W . A.
Hall, Front street, first and third Sat­
The city ol Chicago will finance
urdays in each month.
of grocery stores and coal
C. D. H udson , Consul.
L l H. I rvine , Clerk.
yards to sell at cost to the poor.
N. A.— Regular meeting of Laurel
In Norway the government is
. Camp No. 2972 at M. W . A . Hall,
Front street, second and fourth Tues­ about to utilize the plentiful water
power by electrifying the railroads.
day nights in each month.
M ary K ern , Oracle.
The son of the late J. Pierpont
E dna K eli . ey , Rec.
O. W .—Myrtle Camp No. 197. Morgan says that the $60,000,000
. meets every Wednesday at 7 :30 worth of art treasures left by his
p. m. at W . O. W . Hall.
father will not be disposed of.
Lee Currie, C. C.
J ohn L eneve , Sec.
South Bend, Wash., will limit
VEN1NUTIDE CIRCLE No. 214, employment on city work to Ameri­
meets second and fourth Monday can citizens or those who have
nights in W . 0 . W. Hall.
O ra X . M aury , G. N.
taken out their first papers.
M ary A. P ierce , Clerk.
A British submarine which drown­
ARM ERS UNION.— Regular meet­
her crew by failing to come up
ings second and fourth Saturdays in
was located alter a long search, in
each month in W. O. W. Hall.
F rank B urkholder , Pres.
200 feet of water.
0 . A. M intonye , Sec.
Kaiser William has issued an
r a t e r n a l a i d no . 3»8, meets the
fordidding officers in the Ger­
second and fourth Thursdays each
man army from taking the arm of
month at W. O. W . Hall.
M rs . C has . E vland , Pres.
a lady when walking with her.
M rs . L ora H arrington , Sec.
St. Louis is to have two women
Educational Organizations and Clubs judges in the police court, to bear
O Q U I L L E E D U C A T I O N A L cases in which women and girls are
LEAGU E—Meets monthly at the on trial.
High School Building during the school
The Cross of the Legion of Honor
year for the purpose ot discussing edu­
cational topics.
been bestowed upon Sarah
R ena A nderson , Ptes.
Bernhart.The first woman to be so
E dna M inakd , Sec.
O KEEL KLUB—A business men’ s honored.
social organization. Hall in Laird’ s
In Montclair, N. J., the public
building, Second street.
schools have courses for house­
A. J. S herwood , Pies.
F' red S lag le , Sec.
wives— cooking, marketing
OMMERCIAL CLUB J. E. N orton household work.
President; J. C. S a » age , Secretary
Life in the army is now shown
moving pictures exhibited free
Transportation Facilities
aimy officers un^ler orders from
RAINS—Leave, south bound 9:00 a.
m. and 3:00 p. m. North bound the war department.
i O :40 a. m. and 4 ;40 p. m.
It is proposed to establish a sub­
OATS—Six boats plying on the Co­
quille river afford ample accommo­ merged weir or dam at the outlet
dation lor carrying freight and psssen ot Lake Erie for the purpose of rais­
gers to Bandon Htid way points. Boats ing the water in the Great Lakes.
I eave at 7 :30, 8 :30, 9 :20 and 9 :o0 a. m.
and at 1 :00, 3 :30 and 4 :45 p. rr„
A Russian aviator has built an
TAGE—J. L. Laird, proprietor. De­ aejoplane weighing three ions, hav-
parts 5:30 p. m. for Roscburg via i lg engines ol 400 horsepower, and
Myrtle Point,carrying the United Slates
capable of carrying 20 passengers.
mail and pasengers.
OSTOFFICE.—A. F. Linegar, post­
A flotilla ot French aeroplanes
master. The mails close as follow s:
will make a 1400 mile flight across
Myrtle Point 8:40 a. m. and 2:35 p. m.
Marshfield 10:15 a. m. and 4:15 p. m. the desert of Sahara, starting from
Bandon and way points, Norway and Oran, Algeria, and landing at Tim-
Arago 12:45 p. in. Eastern mail 4:45
a. m. Eastern mail arrives 10: a. m.
More than 120 million board feet
City and County O fficers
of timber was given away free last
M a yor................................A. T. Morrison year by the government to settlers
R ecorder.......................... J. 8. Lawrence
Treasurer................................ 'R. H. Mast and miners living in or near the
City Attorney................ L. A. Liljeqvist
national forests.
Engineer....................... P. M. Hall-Lewis
Marshal........................... C. A. Evernden
Wild horses are doing much dam­
Night Marshal..................... John Hurley
Water Superintendent S. V. Epperson age to settlers in western Alberta
Fire Ohie:........................ Walter Oerding and eastern British Columbia, kill­
Councilmen—D. D, Pierce, C. T. Skeels \
W. C. Laird, G. O. Leach, W . H. Ly­ ing domestic horses and leading
ons, Leo J. Cary. Regular meetings away valuable mares.
first and third Mondays each month.
Now Colombia wants $25,000,000
Justice of the Peace.......... J. J. Stanley as compensation for the canal strip,
Constable........ .................. v • ivciiey
and to be made a partner in the ca­
nal without investment as compen­
........... John T. Hall
County Judge
Com m iseioners—W. T. Dement, Geo. J. sation for her fractured “ honor.”
Algin, a new product ol seaweed,
............ ........ James Watson
. . \V. W. Gage is now used in the manufacture ol
Sheriff ....................
...... T. M. Dimmick
T. J. Thrift non-inflamable cinematograph films
School Supt............ Raymond E. Raker and in the treatment of paper to
A. N. Gould
F. E. Wilson make it water, flame and germ
Health Officer............. Dr. Walter Culin proof.
Rev. W- F. Ineson, pastor of the
Methodist church at North Yakima,
Wash., is in a peck ot trouble be­
cause he announced that he did not
believe the story of Jonah and the
I whale literally.
THE __________
Events of Interest Reported Writer in Liquor Journal Thinks Nation-Wide Prohibition You Must Make Report Be­
for The Herald
fore Mar. First
is Coming-Says it is Liquor Dealers’ Fault
A Copenhagen brewer, recently
Lodge No. 72, meets Tuesday nights deceased, has left $40,000,000 for
in W. O. W. Hall.
art purposes.
R. R. W atson , K R. 8.
O. A. M intonyb , C. C.
The latest craze in Washington,
t j YTH IAN SISTERS—Justus Temple
C., society is the study of psy­
1 No. 35, meets first and Third Mon­
chology and ethics.
day nights in W. O. W. Hall.
n ig h t s
P E R Y E A R $ 1 .5 0
The following extraordinary art­ ! it must go it will be banished.
T H E W A R G A M K IN A C O U N T R Y OK icle appears in tbe National Liquor
We are not discussing the beuefit
Dealers’ Journal. For that reason, or justice of prohibition, but its pos­
we pronouncs it extraordinary sibility and its probability in pres­
1 here appears to be a new oppor­
as showing that the more intelligent ent circumstances.
tunity for the “ oldest inhabitent,”
of the friends of the liquor dealers
To us there is “ the handwriting
or the “ only survivor” of the Fiji-
themselves are at last seeing the on the wall,” aud its interpretation
Australian war to fix the time when
bandwriting on tbe wall, and that spells doom.
tbe American lords of the army and
they realize that the threatened e x ­
For this the liquor business is to
navy did not bemoan the unprepar­
edness of our fighting machines, tinction of the liquor traffic is the blame; it seems incapable of learn­
and the lack of men,to properly up­ fault of the liquor dealers and no ing any lesson of advancement or
one else. But the article must be any motive but profit.
hold the peace aud dignity of our
read to be appreciated. It runs as
To perpetuate itself it has formed
great country. This we are re­
with the slums that repel
minded by the declaration of Gen­
When the people decide that it all conscientious and patriotic citi­
eral Wood, chief of the staff of the
army, is just simply tee-rri-b-l-e-- must go it will be banished.
It deliberately aids the most cor­
pl 11s a big T and a vowel. Ah, but
but let us hail the Senator from ters stand publicly on the great rupt political powers, and backs
Oregon, who adds a dash ol hope liquor question— a look at things as with all of its resources the most
to his remorse.
"A n army with they are. It is always best lor nor­ unworthy men, the most corrupt
mal people to look at things as they and recreant officials. It does not
out adequate material for war is
are. Reality may be obscured tith e aid the purification cf municipal,
useless.” says Senator Chamberlain,
sick or feeble-minded in certain cir­ state or National administration.
and he adds that he believes in pur­
cumstances, but deception is a poor
suing a liberal policy toward tbe
Because it has to ask immunity
army. While the generals of the
ship with blinded eyes only leads for its own lawlessness.
army are bewailing the conditions
the way to ruin, and self-deception
That this condition is inherently
in their end of the war game, the
is tbe worst of all.
inevitably necessary we do not
Admirals of tbe navy are crying
Let us look at things as they are, believe, but it has come to be a fact,
enough tears to float one of those
to pass on
extra ten million dollar ships that and in the face of the enemy dare and the public, which
to consider and concede their tbe matter in its final analysis, be­
they want Congress to vote. The
strength. Knowing his plan ot bat­ lieves anything bad that anybody
Sectelary of the Navy declares that
tle, we can better arrange our forces can tell it ol the liquor business.
we are going to have an "air navy”
for his defeat; rightly estimating
Why? Let the leaders of the
along with other instrumentalities
his strength, we can better provide trade answer.
of destrdctiou, aud be wants to sup­
Other lines of business may be as
ply every ship with a flying ma­ to meet it.
The prohibition fight henceforth bad or even worse, but it is not so
Senator Burton of Ohio
will be Nation-wide, aud contem­ plainly in evidence.
points out that about one-third ot
plates writing into the National
The case of the liquor traffic is
all the money raised by the govern­
for adjudication by the
ment goes into the war game, or in
paying the damage, through pen­ manufacture and sale of all alcohol­ American people, and must be
ic beverages. To accomplish this ready for trial.
sions, etc. And he wonders why,
Other cases may be called later,
as do millions of others, since we result will require the ratification
are a people of peace! Still, “ won­ of 36 out of the 48 states in the but the one belore the court cannot
be postponed. But, as in the past,
dering" counts lor little, since the
the men most concerned are play­
gentlemen whom Uncle Sam deco­
rates with his finest gold cord and through state prohibition— Maine, ing for postponement, not for ac­
tassel are able to demonstrate any Kansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, quittal. Is it because they fear the
Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, weakness ol their defense that they
day in the week how onr “ niggard-
ly ” goverment has impoverished the North Carolina, West Virginia. fear to go to trial?
There are billions of property in­
army and navy so that mostly any The last five have been added with­
and an industry of great
old tenth-rate power could lick the
In addition to these there are 18 employing and taxpaying ability;
boots off us. There is hope though,
since that red-headed Congressman states in which a major part of the but when the people decide that the
from New York, Fitzgerald is about people live in territory made dry by truth is being told about the alco­
due to arise again and make a local option, in which we may be holic liquor trade, the money value
statement. A twelve month ago he assured prohibition seutimeut pre­ will not count, for conscience
aroused puts the value of a man
blew the foam from the high seas dominates.
If tbe people in these states who above all other things.
which broke over his banquet
The writer believes that prohibi­
“ schooner” and told an assembly are opposed to the liquor traffic de­
is theoretically wrong, but he
of military and naval men some­
knows that theories, however well
thing like this: “ You said that if doubtedly ratify a National amend­
sobstantiated, may be overthrown
we would build the Panama Canal ment.
by conditions, as has often been
it would be easier to protect onr
seacoast: now you want the num­ against prohibition is that it is not done in the world’s history.
In this country we have recently
ber of ships doubled; you said for effective; that “ prohibition doesn’t
aside one of the fundamental
the same reason we would need
This is not basic or moral; the theories ot the framers of our Con­
fewer soldiers, yet you want to put
50,000 troops on the isthmus. For fact of failure to enforce is no argu­ stitution in going from represent­
heavens sake why don’t you play ment against even the expediency, ative to direct government; we are
fair, and tell the truth, about what much less agaiust the moral issue on the verge ol universal instead of
male suffrage, and there is a spirit
you do need— and what you simply involved.
Ultimately all questions must be abroad which recks little ot tradi­
want?” Fitzgerald belongs to Tam­
many Hall, and equally deplorable settled by moral standards; only in tion, of precedent, or of vested
is the fact that he is a New i York this way can mankind be saved rights; and on liberty used licen­
But let jossticks be from self-effacemeut. Tbe liquor tiously and destructively it will
burned before his tabernacle in traffic cannot save itself by declar­ work short sbrift.
Prepare the defense, Iriends;
thankfulness that he is chairman of ing that Government is incapable
your case ready for court;
the committee of appropriations in
sents; when the people decide that the trial caunot be postponed!
the House of Representatives.
Bidding them not to remember
how he succeeded in convincing
the best medicine men of the army
Standardization in the postoffices
and navy that he “ couldn't live six
the country is aimed at by Post­
months,” and thereby securing a
General Burleson, who has
pardon from prison,— former Ban­
selected some of his best postoffice
ker Morse of New York, has asked
inspectors to tour the country, es­
Congress and the Department of
tablishing uniform methods of
Justice to investigate the matter of
handling mail in some of the larger
his conviction. He alleges in sub­
stance that be “ wasn't any worse”
than the rest of the big plungers in T U B E R C U L O S I S A N D C A N C E R C U R E S
Secretary Lane’s energy in cor­
the New York finicial game in 1907,
but Morse went to the pen and the nering the radium beds so that
can gel
others did not.; When Al. Jennings everybody
was restored to lull citizenship after worth, and thereby get rid of
having been pardoned from prison his cancer, a la Congressional style,
where he was serving a sentence meets with the approval of the na­
for train robbery, it was just after tion. Along with this comes a
he had helped pull off a moving story that the public health service
picture stunt at the White House oft.he federal government is optimis­
showing how a wolf could Ire caught tic over experiments being conduct­
by hand Now Jennings is talking ed in New Mexico by which air is
of running for governor of Okla | pumped into tbe patient’s pleural
hotna. Washington admired the i cavity every day or two to maintain
Jennings nerve, just as New Yorki pressure, and the result observed by
The lung,
does that of Morse, who indepen­ meaDs of tbe X-ray.
dent of his recent Washington ex­ figuratively speaking, is put into an
cursion, is getting together a lew “ air splint’’ aud nature is given a
little “trusts” and syndicates at the chance to cure.
For the Home Town
County Treasurer Dirmuick has
received from Milton A. Miller, col­
lector of Internal revenue at Port­
land a supply of blanks relative to
the income lax The law provides
that this return shall be made by
every citizen of the United States,
whether residing at home or abroad,
arid by every person resiJing it tbe
United Stat, though not a citizen
thereof, having a net income of
$3000 or over for the taxable year,
and also by even nonresident alien
deriving income from property own­
ed and business, trade, or profession
carried on in the United States by
The law as to failing to make
returns is as follows:
“This return must be filed on or
before the first day of March suc­
ceeding the close of the calendar
year for which the return is made.
“The penalty for failure to file
tbe return within the time specified
by law iB $20 to $ 1000 . In case of
refusal or neglect to render the re­
turn within the required time (ex­
cept in case of sickness or absence),
60 per cent ehall be added to
amount of tax assessed. In case of
fa'ao or fraudulent return, 100 per
cent shall be added to such tax, and
any person required by law to make,
render, sign or verify any return
who makes any false or fraudulent
return or statement with intent to
defeat or evade the assessment re­
quired by this section to be made
shall be guilty of a mis lemeanor,
and shall be fined not exceeding
$2000 or be imprisoned not exceed­
ing one year,or both, at the discre­
tion of the court, with tbe costs of
“ When the return is not filed
within the required time by reason
of sickness or absence of the indi­
vidual, an extension of time, not
exceeding 30 days from March 1 ,
within which to file such return,
may be granted by the collector,
provided an application therefor is
made by tbe individual within tbe
period for which such an extension
is desired.’’
Regarding the income of farmers,
the law provides:
“The farmers, in computing the
net income from his farm for big an­
nual return, shall include all mon­
eys received for produce and ani­
mals sold, and for the w o l and
bides of animals slaughtered, pro­
vided such wool and bides are sold,
and he Bhall deduct therefrom the
sums actually paid as purchase mon­
ey for the animals sold or slaught­
ered during the year.
When animals were raised by tbe
owuer and are Bold or slaughtered
he shall not deduct their value as
expenses or loss. He may deduct
the amount of money actually paid
as expense for producing any farm
products, live stock, eto. In deduct­
ing expenses for repairs on farm
property tbe amount deducted must
not exceed the amount actually ex­
pended for such repairs (luring the
year for which returni s made. The
cost of replacing tools or machin­
ery is a deductible expense to the
extent that the cost of the new arti­
cles does not exceed tbe value of
tbe old.”
An unmarried individual or a
married individual not living with
wife or husband shall be allowed
an exemption of $ 3 , 000 .
husband and wife live together they
Bhall be allowed jointly a total ex­
emption of only $ 4,000 on tbeir ag­
gregate income.
If the town has a lot of vacant
stores, idle factories, mills running
on half time, there can be no sub­
stantial value to property. There­
fore, to keep the stores rented, the
dwellings occupied and a general
good tone to property values it is
necessary that you give to your
home people your entire support
Patronizing mail order houses is
» #■ » ------------------ —
not altogether limited to poor peo­
ple or to farmers or to people who
It's no honor to“ hold the record’
do not know the hurt they are do­ in jumping at conclusions.
ing the home town, but it is a com­
If a man is square, it is easy to
mon practice among certain well-
kuown, well-to-do men. I believe put up with his sharp corners.
this is more the result of thought­
It is evident that the wild-cat
lessness and of being misled bv em­
bellished and highly exaggerated real estate schemes which will give
descriptions than through a spirit a black eye to this section with the
of antagonism to the home mer­ advent of the railroad are already
chant. Moreover, I firmly believe beginning to bob up. We note in
! the Portland Telegram a display ad-
that when you think over this mat­
! vertisement of lots in “Coos Bay Ui-
ter seriously and carefully analyz­ ' ty," from $50 up and on terms of $3
ing it in every detail, hereafter you | to $5 per month. Did any one in
will give your home merchant your j Coos county ever hear of “ Coos
1 Bay City?" Don’t all Bpeak at once.
trade.— Herkimer County News
Transpiring in Oregon Boiled
Down to Least Number of
Lines and Yet Make the
Subject Understood.
A good roads league is being or­
ganized in Clackamas county.
Parisian dancing masters are now
teaching 200 steps of the tango
R. R. Turner has been appointed
Receiver at the Roseburg land of­
The State Federation of Labor
held a convention in Astoria last
Extensive logging operations
have begun in the Whitman nation­
al forest.
Plenty of rain and snow in the
Gold Hill mining district insures a
good season.
Members of the Portland fire de­
partment will hereafter have one
day off in six.
The Portland police department
took care of 175 homeless men one
night last week.
The Oregon Short Line railroad
has asked permission to close its sta­
tion at Copperfield.
James Henry McFarland, a resi-
den of Lane county since 1853, died
last week at Cottage Grove.
League is fighting LaFollette’s sea­
man’s bill, now before the House.
A $ 150,000 fire occurred at the
plant of thb Portland Lumber Co.
in that city last Wednesday night.
Tbe new court house at Hillsboro
is now being occupied, though it has
not yet been accepted from the con­
A party of 25 American teachers
will go to Germany in April to take
a course in the trade schools of that
The Day’s Creek Telephone Go.,
in Douglas county, give free service,
not only to its subscribers but to
Governor West and C. T. Good­
win, prosecuting attorney of Baker
county, have been having a hot
newspaper war.
Portland 10-year 6 per cent im­
provement bonds were scrambled
for by many bidders at premiums
ranging from 2.56 to 3.681.
The recent storms uncovered fresh
agate beds on the beach in Tilla­
mook county, and the gem hunters
have been reaping a harvest
F. M. Gill, of Dufur, aspirant for
the Progressive nomination for gov­
ernor, announces his belief that the
Btate Senate should be abolished.
Tbe LaGrande commercial club
has filed with the Railroad commis­
sion a complaint agaiust the rates
charged by the lighting company
in that city.
J. N. Teal has been appointed by
the Portland chamber of commerce,
to go to Washington and lobby for
a bill providing $ 1 , 600,000 for an­
other bar dredge for the Columbia.
Two young couple of the U. of O.
at Eugene lost their way while re­
turning from a trip to Spencer’s
butte, and thinking they heatd a
cougar they spent the night in a
Tbe recent high waters and
storms have given a big impetus to
the sentiment for good roads in
Washington county, nnd the farm­
ers are finding out that permanent
roads are the cheapest.
The Oregon Lumber Company
has applied for au injunctiou to pre­
vent the farmers from using the
waters of the east fork of Hood
river, alleging that it necessitates
the shutting down of their sawmill.
The state Federation of Labor at
its convention in Astoria passed a
resolution in favor of abolishing the
U. S. Senate, on the ground that it
is "a useless, when not positively
mischievous, body and adds greatly
to the expense of the government”