Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, November 11, 1913, Image 2

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    to bis coffers,
rau !• ' j *rself as
PUBLISHED EVE K Y TUESDAY a town that bas ber mit out for
Vo one cau blame Carne­
Entered as second cliut matter May
8 , 1005. at the poet ottiee at Coquille, gie if be thinks that the people of
Oregon, underact of Conereee of Mardi America are a lot of cheap and
S, 1879.
short sighted guys who are willing
P. C. LEVAR. Lessee.
to be robbed in general if they are
occasionally given a hami-out in
Devoted to the material and social
upbuilding of the Coquille Valley par- particular.
ticularly and of Coos County generally.
. ----- ----- ---- =
Subscription, $1.50 per year in advance
The Bandon Suif makes a per-
~ sonal attack on one of Coquille's
Phone Main 364.
_________ most respected citizens because he
CHANCE FOR A DEADLOCK *s a^e£etf t0 have takeu au interest
in the Bandon ‘‘ wet or dry” elec­
The Herald is iu favor of good
tion—on the dry side. Had he cast
roads and is willing to give what­
his influence with the wets of course
ever support is in its power to the .
,. ,
. . . .
it would have been perlectly legitl-
bonding proposition. Let no one,
. . .
.. . , .
. . .
mate for him to butt in. It might
therefore, think from whst is about
. . . . . .
to be said that it is "knocking" the -** B gJ0<1 ldea :° r ,he ht»UCr ,nter’
'estsand their organs to make up
good roads movement. But to the
. . . . . . . .
their minds that the Prohibitisuists
mammoth brain behind this type- .
. '
have as much right to their opin-
wnter it looks as though an irrecon- .
i i i i .
,ons as the rest of us.
enable deadlock acre scheduled t o ;
i i i -
‘ hey might find it profitable to real-
show up light m ihe bonding
, r
. ,,
lze in time that if they don't cut
campaign. The announcement that
, out some of the rough, stuff they
Douglas county will not carrv out
, u -i. . ..
are going to be put out of business
the plan agreed on and build to the . ?■
iu this county.
county line on the Middle fork,
bnt will build down the Umpqua
The "Mexican sit uation” seems to
river to its mouth and there connect be cotuiog to a be ad witb a tolerable
with a road from Cooa Bay, will put degree of celerity, and it looks as
an entirely different look on the though Huerta would have to “ fish,
whole proposition in this part of cut bait or go -ashore'’ very soon.
the county. It is evident that the Whether Prescient Wilson and Sec­
new plan will suit Coos Bay as well retary Bryan » re handling the situ­
the old one, but it will not suit the ation wisely or otherwisely is a
as River,and that fact will very soon ¡question a b /,ut which most of the
become apparent. A route from people kno w very little, so what’s
the interior which comes in to Coos the use to butt iu?
Buy through the heart of the Co-
Harry K. Thaw bas been ordered
quille country, and a route which
reaches the Bay without touebiug deport* d from New Hampshire for
Coquille territory, are two entirely coDfi a ¿meot in tbe Matte wean asyl­
different propositions.
The first um ?rom which he escape.
would receive the support of the cb *Tge on which extradition is
people in this part of the county; fi ranted is conspiracy, iu connection
witb hise scape. Now we will see
the other will not. It is true that
how long before be lands in his old
if Douglas will not build to the line
on the Middle fork route it woul 4 quarters
Plans for University
The Coquille Herald
University of Oregon Eugene,
Nov. 10— A great state university
for Oregon, witb an immense
student body, a high standard, as
good a faculty as can be gotten to­
gether, and a system of dispensing
know siege that will revcb the state
at large, not merely tbe limited
nuinber on the campus, is the plan
of President P. L. Campbell of tbe
University of Oregon. It is a plan
made possible by the favorable vote
o f November 4 upon the University’s
building appropriations.
it bas be 6 n started.
In a statement just before be left
for Washington, D. C„ to make an
address before tbe National Associa­
tion of State Universities, President
Campbell gave an inkling of his
Here are some excerpts
from his statements:
"Tbe reward of all these citizens
Bhould be found in a strengthened
and broadened system of highbr ed­
ucation in Oregon which will rapidly
advance the state to a position edu­
cationally second to noDe in the
"Tbe University can confidently
bid for the best men the country
produces as members of its faculty
Oregon has recently beeD unusually
fortunate iu securing men of the
very finest type, but such good luck
cannot be counted on steadily unless
there are reasonable expectations of
permanent University growth.
Patronize the Movies
contemplate clearing all defects in
the titles by suit and tbe placing of
the properties on the market in the
most advantageous manner.
P K K 8U Y T E R IA N C H U R C H .
Coquille bas seen some great pic­
tures within tbe last few day*. Tbe
Pendleton Round-Up, she am at the
Scenic Saturday night was the best
Round-Up picture, so far, and it
filled the house.
Last night, Sarah Bernhardt in
“ La Tosca" gave us a chauce to see
the great Frenchwoman in the per­
formance which she calls her master­
Those who had seen ber
“ Queen Elizabeth” picture pro­
nounce “ La Tosca" far tbe better.
It shows the divine Sarah to much
better advantage. As a cold matter
of fact, toe main interest of the
picture centers iu ihe sight of Bern­
hardt in action. It is impossible in
two reels to give any adequate con­
ception of Sardou’s tragedy, aa the
picture can only touch th t high
places, and one must be familiar
with the story to get the full
benefit of the picture.
as showing the greatest actress of
the age and the most wonderfully
youthful old woman in the world it
is well worth while. The only fault
that could be found witb the presen­
tation last eveuiug was that the
operator raD the first reel so insane­
ly fast that be completely spoiled
tUe effect. This is a fault that is
entirely too common.
Services Sunday at 11 a. m and
7 :30 p. m.
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Frank H. Adams, Paste r.
We carry a stock in which the most econom­
ical or the most fastidious taste can fint its
choice. All grades, styles and all prices
From a good Wire Brush at 25c, up to
the finest imported French Bristle
ft t Church
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Preaching at 11 a m. and 8 j
Prayer meeting Thursdays
8 p. m. C H. B r y a n , Pastor
We call especial attention to a
Genuine Imported French Brush
Christian Science Society
Corner Third and Hall streets
Services at 11 a m. next Sunday
Subject lessou sermon, “ Mortal and
Sundav School 10 a. m.
Wednesday evening meeting 9:00
with solid back and 15 rows o f puae bristles at
M. E. Church South
Sunday school at to. a m.
Preaching Sunday 11 a. m
Francisco and vicinity.
rather put /
tbe building of a sys­
The Herald is Thanked
tem of go f ,d roadg indefinitely than
to help j
,t through a project from
The Herald is in receipt of the
which it would seem that Coos Bay following night letter from Presi­
get the main benefit. It is dent Campbell, of the State Uni­
no use to tell the people of the Myr- versity:
Eugene, Oreg., x 1 - 5-13
tle Pc ¡nt territory that a connection
the interior by way of Coos Editor Herald,
Coquille, Oreg.
and the Umpqua will do them
Farmer’s Week
Your friendly attitude toward the
aa much good as n direct route by
December 8 to 13, 1913
* .ay of the Middle fork
It ¡ b not University during the late struggle
This will be a notable event in the
true and everybody knows it. They bas been greatly appreciated. The
educational history of Oregon.
Farmer’s Co-operation will be the
may Dot blame the Coos Bay people University can now move forward
leading topic of a stimulating series of
for the determination of Douglas immediately in its program in giv­
lectures. The week will be crowded
county to abandon the old plan— ing a far broader and more practi­
with discussions, and demonstrations in
and then again they may. In any
everything that makes for the welfare
case, any o b lig e of plan, from what­
of the farmer and home-tnaker.
ever cause will arouse the greatest
Winter Short Course
bitterness in that section and will Saves Child from Runaway
January 5 to 30 1914
meet witb opposition that is liable
The College has spared no effort to
make this the most complete short
to kill tbe whole prodject.
(Gold Beach Globe)
course in its history. A very wide
As a matter of fact, taking it for
Just as the last papers were being
range of courses will be offered in
granted that tbe position now taken pulled off the press last Tuesday,
General Agriculture, Horticulture. Ani­
by Douglas county effectually kills the populace of the town was
mal Husbandry,Dairying,Poultry Keep­
V ..... now pretty your nair now is, it can be I
the project of connection with the thrown into a fever heat of excite­
ing, Mechanic Arts, Domestic Science
cut into railroad ties, and that made to look even better
by using Har- [ at,d ” • •'! Lttller that 01 being the and Art, Commerce, Forestry, and
interior by way of the Middle fork ment for a few minutes, occasioned be
, mony Hair Beautifier. To those who first ladies to serve ou an election
Music. Numerous lectures and discus­
aod leaves us no choice as to the by a ruu-away team up Main street that is not suitable for ties will be mourn because the hair is stringy, dull,
connection we may make with tbe The team belongs to Ash Moore
. ,
, Beautifier will prove a real blessing and
at home and abroad, will be a leading
outside, the scheme it still a good and took fright by the Packing wood, etc. In addition to this work pleasure. It seems to polish and bur-
feature. Make this a pleasant and pro­
East Fork Items
one. The county needs a system of house, at a beef being loaded in to
fitable winter outing. No tuition. Ac­
. , .
. soft and more easy to put up in grace-
Elk and ful> wavy f„lda tJhat ..9ta; putf - It
good roads for ber own use leaving the wagon. Mary, the little tour in the woods between
Mrs. Fredericks and Miss Habir- commodations reasonable.
the oily smell of the hair
rates on all railroads.
out tbe consideration of tourist tra­ year old girl ol D. M Moore’s was Sixes. With this industry and the overcomes
with a dainty, true-rose fragrance, j ger have received m telegram that
H. M. TENNANT, Registrar,
vel altogether. Tbe trunk lines al­ in the wagon at the time. The team mining development on Sixes, the very pleasing to the user and
ia those [ tbeir mother is very 6 ick and Miss
Corvallis, Oregon.
ready planned for the system inside ran up the hill to the county road
Very easy to apply—simply sprinkle Haberger bas gone home to Chicu,.'
Farmers’ Business Cources by Cor­
of the county should be built— and
a little on your hair each time before
the bridge headed tion is unusually good.
Mrs. Clara Bunch and family respondence without tuition.
brushing it. It contains no oil, and will
must sooner or later be built, nDd through town towards the river
' not change the color of the hair, nor have returned to theie farm, E. E.
Manager Green Goes
the sooner the work iHdone the bet- As they passed tbe Blacksmith shop
darken gray hair.
Fredericks and family who have
To keep hair and scalp dandruff-free
ter for the people who are now here Mr. Sobert. foreman of the Clarno
and clean, use Harmony Shampoo. This been on Mrs. Bunch's place for t to
But it is going to take a little "cam- place, who happened to be at tbe i D. C. Green, manager of the Ore- Pure liquid Shampoo gives an instanta- months, have gone to the Coquil e
neous rich lather that immediately pen-
pnign of education” to show the , shop to get his horse shod, rnount- gon T
I ower Com pany in Coos, has etrates to every part of hair and scalp, valley.
peopie of this part of the county i ed his hor«e «nd ran along side of been promoted by the H. M. Bylies- insuring a quick, thorough cleansing.
Four women cast their bil'ots in
. . .
.. Washed off-list as quickly, the entire
that they are not being film-flam - 1 tbe wagon and getting hold of the , by Co.,
and will go to Everett, operation takes only a few moments. Dora precinct.
lines brought the team to a bault Wash., to take charge of that dis­ Contains no;hing that can harm the hair;
Fred Baker and Dave Crowiet
leaves no h. rshness or stickiness—just
io front of the hardware store. ] trict While this is a gain for Ever- a sweet cleanliness.
are lavirg puncheon corduroy in
Both pr nnrations come in odd- Brewster valley and there is no I
Marshfield has learned from the The child was rescued unhurt ex- ott, and undoubtedly for Mr Green
Carnegie Library board that not cept a few slight bruises.
Had it it is a distinct loss for Coos, and his spnrdder tcp ir™armony Hafr^Beaiffh 1 question that part of their j b is
more than $ 12,500 will be donated not been for tbe courage and e x - ! departure will be greatly regretted fier- fLOO. Harmony’Shampoo, 50c. I goft one
Again open under
toward a library building in that pert horsemanship of Mr Sobert. here. He w.ll be succeeded by
R e i ^ v ? " " ^ m o n e y e d "“ sSldln
Mrs E N. Harry went to Arizo
new management
town This sum will be accepted, the child would have doubtless been M JenuiDgs, who was formerly in ,his conjmw ity only at our store-The na with Pe-irly Crowley and
and eventually a building will arise killed and the team badly crippled charge at Marshfield and who h .s LOOn'leadim dr^%tore?fn {¡¡T u n to d !
----------- ---------------
Give us a call
there o commemorate the name of it not killed, and the wagon detnol- been at EugeDe for the past t» States. Ca iada and Great Britain,
Myrtle Point Pointers
the m .n who is buying immortality isbed. As it was, Mr. Sobert barely years. The change is expected to n I'^ n ' Bost.'-a wficrc*"the'" many°(- 0 !c-
by giving b«" k part ot tbe money escaped injury '■ tween the wagon take place about the middle of thi- Grated Harmony Perfumes and Toilet
A. Hogue returned on Monday
made. Fuhrman’s
wh.cb tbe people of this country,
and Moore’s store porch.
Preparations are made.
country ^and
1 last from a two weeks visit to 8 an
Pharmacy, Coquille, Oregon.
Oregon Agricultural
back to their ranch Saturday.
The Ladies Aid of tbe Chriitlian
B. Shull is improving but still
church gave a dinut r ou election unable to sit up.
Epwotth League at 6:45 p m.
Prayer meeting Wed. 7:30 a. m day which netted them $28.00.
Mrs Walters of near Coquille is
Choir practice Thurs. 7:30 a. m
C Feusler of Marshfield who was visitibg with Airs G. O. Lowe
A T homas , Pastor.
called here to be with hia brother’s
Mr. and Mrs Lester Dement be­
family during their late bereave­ came the proud) patents of a l(l£
ment, returned on Thursday, Mrs. pound boy on the 4th inst.
Services first and third Sundays
Fensler aud little daughter going
of each month
Sunday school
home Saturday.
every Sunday at 10 a. m.
Miss C. Crawford, mother and
You are hraitlly w > 1 « t i .
siBter Vera leave the last of ibis
week for Portland.
Max Dement and family wire!
Bib.e school at 10 a m.
Christian Endeavor at 0:30 p Pm. Coquille visitors ou Friday going
Prayer meeting at 7:30 p.m . each
Notice of Sale of Tide Lsnds
Preaching at 11:00 a. m. and 7:30.
p in.
You are cordially iuvited to «1
Notice is hereby given that the State-
Land Board of the State of Oregon will
these services
sell to the highest bidder at its office in
T. B McDonald, Mli.iau the Capitol Building at Salem, Oregon*
on November IS, 1918, at 10:00 o’clock
A. M., on said Jay. ad the State’s inter­
est in the tide and overflow lands here­
The perplexing question bad m i sen inafter deacrii d. giving, however, to
many times during their brief in tri the own, r nr o v r.ers of any lands abut­
ting or frontir, on such tide and over- '
menial experience, and again Mrs flow lands, the preference right to pur­
Flint asked her young husband I In chase said tid. anil overflow lands at
thought they could get along wlfhoiu the highest price offered, provided such
the cook.
offer is made in good faith, and also pro­
"1 think so. dear.” he answered viding that the land will not be sold for,
"Why. If the worst comes you can do nor any offer therefor accepted, of less
the cooking, aud I can get my ui'als than $7.b0per acre, the I oard reserv­
the right to reject any and all bids.
at a restaurant."- I 'enter Republican ing Said
lands are situate in Coos County,
Oregon and des ribed as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at a point on the section
Kills Odors
line, 132 feet oust of meander corner at Kills Germs
highwater. on left hank of Isthmus
Slough, on line between Sections II and
(From the Port Orford Tribune)
strongest Lye in
14, T. 26 S.R. .3 W of W. M. Thence.
Mrs. M A. Nielsen was the first S.12”15'E. 127 feet along high water “
the New Sifter Can
10'E. 137 ..................................
woman to cast her vote in Port Or­ S.34’
S. 9’55'E. 660 “ “
L IT T L E Babbitt’s Lye and
S. 5°29'E.1755 “ “
“ more
ford prcinct.
a lot of water will keep your
or less to south boundary of Lot 7, Sec.
Fishing has closed at Rogue river. 14. East 10 fee to low water on left home and barn free o f all germs
The silverside run was a disappoint­ bank of slough. Thence N. 5°22'W. and odors.
1755 feet along ow water line, thence N.
ment and it is cl-imed that no 9"26'W. 660 feet along low water line, Why not try it today ?— and see
thence N. 27°30’W. 127 feet along low- for yourself how easily, cheaply
money was made handling them.
water line, thence N. 1" W. 125 feet and thoroughly it does the work.
Dr. C. W. Robbins, who hails along low water line more or less to
Write for booklet showing many
between sections 11 and 14, thence
from the tar away New England line
Valuable presents for the
West 63 feet more or less along said
Write for Catalogue
states, arrived in Port Orford last section line to place of begining, and
containing .95 acres of tide land front­
Highemt in Strength | / 4 _
week and has decided to locate here. ing
on Lots 7 & 8 , Section 14, T. 26
B u t N o t in P r i c e
I v v
Thq young people played their S.R.13W.
Applications and bids should be ad­ You Use Less
first game ol basketball the first tbe dressed to G. G. Brown, Clerk State
Tbe girls will organize a
B . T . B A B B IT T
ed “ Application and bid to purchase P.O . Box 177»
team as well as tbe boys and it is tide land.”
G. G. Brown,
their hope that some of the other
Clerk State Land Board.
towns of the county will wake up Dated Sept. 11, 1913.
and support a couple of teams so 9-16-9t
The Vitagraph featuie shown last
"With the University now free
evening, in which a real live tiger
from tlie harassing distractions of
campaigns and allowed to concen­ played one of the leading roles was
trate all its energies, with hope and a thrilling and surprising showing of
■■ problems o , f , extraordinary
renewed , courage, on its
° of one ' of the
higher efficiency aDd broadened i fiercest, most treacherous and least
tameable animals It took several
service, it cau very soon to become
for Julia Swayue Gordon to
a principal factor in the state's de-
make friends with "Prince” at the
“The whole sjstem of higher edj Vitagraph studio, and none of the
ucation in Oregon is now in a posi­ other Vitagraph actresses were pull­
ing for the job of under-study.
tion to make remarkable advances.’’
It is said that the first public ex­
Prosperous Curry
hibition o f Moving pictures was at
Koster & liial’ s Thirty-fourth
A gentleman who just returned Street Theater, New York City, on
from a trip to Port Orford and vi- April 23 , 1896
The machine was
cioity reports that tbe road for an Edison Vitascope. and the films
about twelve miles south of Bandon were forty feet long.
is in a distressing condition for
James J. Corbett and Mrs. Fiske
travel at this time. However, much
have broken into Moving pictures,
good work bas been done in the
the latter appearing in a version of
last few years in the way of
“ Tess of the D ’Urbervilles.”
straightening and improving tbe
This visitor was much
Farmers’ Week Courses
struck witb the evidences of growth
The Farmers’ Week course at the
and prosperity in Curry county, as
shown by the changes since his last Oregon Agricultural College begins
several visit years ago.HeJsaw many on .Monday, December 8 th, 1913,
new farms opened up,new farm res­ and tbe Short Course will extend
idences and large barns, and every- from January 5tb to 30th, 1914 As
hing indicating substantial develop­ indicated by the ad in this issue, the
College bas endeavored to make
ment ot tbe country.
these events of first importance di­
Working Up the Cedar
rectly to the farmer and indirectly
to every other citizen in Oregon
Tbe cost to the State will be consid­
(Port Orford Tribune)
An important sale was made re­ erable, but will be insigniticHnt in
that outside games can be arranged
cently when E. J, Loney purchased proportion to the results if a large
A. Adolpbsen came down from
all o f L. Knapp’ s timber, in the attendance is secured.
several days ago. and is
vicinity of the cemetery. The sale
Measles in Curry
now engaged in tearing down the
involved a consideration of $ 5000 ,
old mill on Elk river which will be
and the timber that changed hands
. , .
Our pnmarv school teacher Miss moved out to Sixes and put up at
is estimated at about 4 , 500,000 feet j T ,
, ,, „
” . .
Lusk, Mrs. Fred Caughcll, Harry the mines. A. J Marsh bought the
a good percentage of which is white \
mill several months ago, and recent­
cedar. Mr. Loney now has seven
Hles victims. Each however are about ly sold it to C E- Inman of the
men on the land cutting railroad
got the best of the disease and will Sixes mining company.
tie and expects to add about three
soon be around again. Mrs. C. D.
more to this number for the wi*ter,
Lamson is teaching Miss Lusk’s
(Gold Beach Globe)
aud when summer opens be will
school during the latters illness.—
The Rustler returned from Eure­
run a crew of twenty or more cut-
Gold Beach Gazette.
ka since our last issue bringing in
ters. It is his intention to utilize
forty thousand feet ot lumber for
all of the timber. Tbe fir and green T 0 ImproVe Pretty Hair
our local druggist R. E Ynorr.
cedar will be hauled to tbe mill in
an d B e a u t if y , H a ir
Mrs. C- D. Lamson gained the
town, several men now being en-|
this morning of being
gaged in cutting logs that M. T.
Harmony Hair Beautifier, a delight
Wright is delivering at the mill. ful liquid hair dressing, is just what it the first lady to cast a vpte in Gold
be folly for this county to sper
The Kinney Case
money on a bard surface road
that point. At the same time. ¡j
Now that election is over, the
wag on that very proposition of
Kinney case again occupies tbe at­
Myrtle Point route that the V .lver tention of the Coos Bay public to
people were willing to uuite w^jj quite an extent,'and last Friday’s
the people of the Bay, and when Record bas this to say:
that part of the plan is elir ujnated
Attorney E- R. Bryson said today
it will be found that thf ) get-to­ that all interests in tbe KinDey mat­
gether spirit will not be tt
vocjfer. ter are working harmoniously in­
ously manifested on this ■ gi(j e c| the cluding Major Kinney and repre­
sentatives of all the principal lien
There is and has b< , u for yearg 8 holders and creditors and there is
feeling on the Coq a' llIe that "Coos every prospect of a solution of tbe
Bay wants to hog
.-1 an><< and this entanglement in a manner which
feeling often fii ^ g ezpresaion in will be to the interests of all con­
Wbetb fir the {eeling ¡B cerned. Tbe plans being arranged
justified by the Record or not is be­
side the ques 1 ¿jon aj tbis time. It
exists and m ^ be reckoned with.
Ihere are I / un(j re(js 0f people, in
this part of
the couDty who would
Of Interest to Those Who
Le ave
y o u r call w ith
Big Ben, he’ll call you
on the dot at any time
you say.
And if you roll over and
try “ just-one-more-nap,”
he’ ll repeat his call 30.sec­
onds later and keep on call­
ing until you’ re wide
Big Ben stands 7 inches tall—
He’ s heavy, massive, handsome.
He’ s got a great, big dial you can
easily read in the dim morning
light, a sunny deep toned voice
you’ ll hear distinctly on your sleep­
iest mornings.
I’ ve placed him in the window
Look at him whenever you go by
T h e Je w eler
C O Q U IL L E ,