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    The Coquille Herald
Entered as second cla«8 matter May
8, 1905. at the post otfice at Coquille,
Oregon, underact ot Congress of March
3, 1879.
P. C. LEVAR, Lease*.
Devoted to the material and social
upbuilding of the Coquille Valley par­
ticularly and of Coos County generally.
Subscription, $1.50 per year in advance
Phone Main 354.
The old comedy stunt called
“ Stopping the Paper” was pulled
off in the Herald office several times
last week. It wasn’t any surprise,
however. It will be remembered
by the subscribers who happened to
read the editorials in the last issue
that some criticism was made of a
petition that had been circulated in
town. Fault was found with this
petition on two counts; first, be­
cause it departed very tar from the
truth by representing moral condi­
tions here to be at least ten times
worse than they are, and that if
these slanderously false statements
should be circulated on the outside
it would certainly tend to keep any
desirable class of citizens from com­
ing here to live: second, because
the writers of the petition, wishing
to refer to a “case” which had beeu
the subject of street talk but in
which no public official action had
been taken, evidently lacked the
nerve to mention the man involved
by name, but were so far lost to any
proper sense of decency as to bring
in the name of the girl to be ban­
died about where ever the petition
should be read, whether the case
were ever prosecuted or not.
That these considerate gentle­
man were anxious to have the peti­
tion carrying this girl’s name given
as wide publicity as possible is
shown by the fact that the petition
was brought to this office and that
the suggestion was made that we
publish it, as the other paper was
going to publish it. It is gratify­
ing to note that the editor of the
Sentinel, in publishing the petition,
sidesteps the young lady’s name.
But get back to the comedy: We
didn’t know the name of a single one
of the writers or circulators of the
petition—though we had seen two
of the latter in action—but we were
not to remain forever in ignorance.
The paper came out Tuesday even­
ing. About 9 o’clock Wednesday
morning the Rev. F. H. Adams
paid this office a p'.easaut call, paid
his subscription and ordered the
paper stopped. Now we had never
sized this gentleman up as pinhead
and it really didn’t occur to us to
put two and two together, so we in­
advertently and innocently asked
him if he was going away. (If that
wasn’t comedy, what was it?) His
reply that he wasn't but he didn’t
want the paper any more, sent us
back with redoubled industry to
the task of writing a receipt for 50
cents, and a great calm fell over the
Taking his receipt, Mr.
Adams departed, but it was only a
few minutes until he came back in
some excitment, having lost bis re­
ceipt already. As it seemed pos­
sible that this might be the first
subscription receipt he ever had
and he wanted to keep it as a curi
osity, he was cheerfully given a
No further cataclysms overtook
the paper Wednesday, but bright
and early Thursday morning the
Rev. C. H. Cleaves blew breezily
in, paid up and ordered his paper
stopped. We didn't ask him if he
was going away.
He had scarcely departed when
oue who announced himself as Dr.
Hoag, and who had been oue of the
circulators of the petition, came in
with a blank check in his hand
This he filled out for the amount of
his bill, ordered his card out of the
paper and the paper stopped, and
made his getaway before the moral
atmosphere of this office could get iu
its deadly work on him, declining
to wait for a receipt.
At this writing it seems that the
comedy may be confined to the
three acts, which will be perfectly
satisfactory to the management.
Surely the woods were full of
comedy last week What could be
more in the line of a farce than this:
Circuit court being about to con­
vene, certain guardians of the public
morals, who evidently believe in the
efficacy of bunting ducks with a
brass band, get up a petition repre­
senting moral conditions in this
town to be something so rank that
no decent people would conceivably
want to come here. They refer to a
case of alleged attempted assault
about which rumors have been rife
on the street; and in referring to
this case they have neither the cour­
age to use the man’s name nor the
decency to refrain from using the
girl’s. They direct this to District
Attorney Brown and the members
of the grand jury. They get out
and rustle up a lot of signatures
from people who evidently do not
fully realize that they are giving
their own town a certificate of deep
moral degradation when they sign
it. Theu a bunch of them go sol­
emnly before the grand jury—what
for? To assist the grand jury in
ferreting out some of the high
crimes and misdemeanors which
they assert are so commou? To
offer some evidence wbiuh would be
good in a c o u ^ o f law for the con­
viction of a criminal? To tell the
grand jury of some one who would
be able to give evidence in some
of the cases which these people are
talking about? Ob, no! None of
these things. To present the peti­
tion. To assure Prosecuting Attor­
ney Brown and the members of the
grund jury that they need not be
afraid to go ahead and perform
their duty; to assure them of “our
sympathy and support;” “as an ex­
pression of public sentiment con­
ceived for tne sole purpose of en­
couraging and assisting” them in
the performance of their sworn
duty. If a single one of these men
told the grand jury one solitary
tbing that would be of any assist­
ance ^whatever to it in the perform­
ance of its duties: if a valuable sug­
gestion was made by one of the
visitors; if it was, in fact, anything
but a grand stand play the fact has
not leaked out of tbe jury room.
Where, then does the comedy come
iu? Why partly in the immense
seriousness with which these people
have gone through their little Btunt;
in their solemn visit to assure the
prosecuting attorney THEY are be­
hind him; in their failure to sense
the fact that the mere assumption
that be needs such jacking up would
be a reflection on bim if it came
from people who knew what they
were about; in the ignoriug of
Deputy Prosecuting Attornev Lil-
jeqvist, who, is the most energetic,
efficient, honest and fearless attor­
ney who has ever occupied the posi­
tion of prosecutor in Coos county,
and the going over his head to his
chief—because Lil. does not tell
everything he knows to every old
granny who comes to him; in the
assumption that the members of the
grand jury—solid citizens drawn
from different parts of toe county—
are asking for the “sympathy and
support” of a few residents of this
town to give them the requisite
courage and energy for the perform­
ance of their duty, or that they would
look with anything but somewhat
anaoyed tolerance at any such antics.
More comedy might be seen iu tbe
utter unconsciousness of these peo­
ple that the case that was causing
them the mental perturbation had
been all lined up by Mr. Liljeqvist
loug before they got so busy with
their petition; that he knew exactly
what be was about all of the time,
and when the time came for the
grand jury to take up the case it
was taken up and disposed of with
neatness and dispatch, and their
great hullabaloo cut no figure in
the matter, one way or the other—
neither accelerated nor retarded
the movement of justice by au hour.
North 37*j degrees East along the
boundary of Asa Myer’s land 22.90
chains to the bank of the Coquille river:
thence with the meander of said
stream, up stream 8.50 chains to a
point; thence South 371, degrees East
Agriculture, which is to be given 16.11 chain to township line; thence
W est 5.60 chains to a point; thence
for the first time in the examination South 18.79 chains to a point; thence
est 12.72 chains to a point, the South­
May 8 -Í), 1913:
east corner of Asa Myer’s land: thence
Twelve questions will be sub­ North 22 degrees East 20.20 chains to
mitted from wuich the pupil may the place of beginning, and containing
33 acres, more or less.
choose ten.
Save and except from the second
If the pupil has a gardeu or has tract above described 2 acres more or
less in the Southwest corner thereof
done any creditable work in agri­ heretofore conveyed to Oleff Reed and
by him conveyed to Amelia
culture, the teacher may give 30 per
cent for such work. In this case the
Third: Amelia Lafferty and Walter
pupil need answer only seven ques­ Thelin owning the following tract of
Beginning at a point 18.79chains
tions out of tbe ten submitted.
South and 1 chain East of the ‘4 post
If a pupil fulls low in tIns subject, on Township line between Section 31,
the county superintendent may add Township 28 South of Range 12 West
not more than 25 per cent for a of theW illamette meridian,in CoosCoun-
ty, Oregon, and Section 6, Township
creditable exhibit at a county, dis 29
South of Range 12 West of Willam­
trict or state fair.
ette meridian in Coos County, Oregon,
running North 5 degrees East 27.50
County School Superintendent chains to CoquiMe river; thence with
and along low water line of said river
up stream to a point where Reed's and
Hoover’s line intersects said river;
To the Honorable County Court for thence South 38 degrees West to a
Coos County, Oregon:
point 5.25 chains East and 18.79 chains
We the undersigned persons hereby South of J4 post on Township line on
petition your Honorable Body for the line between Sections 31 and 6 in Town­
organization of a Drainage District to ship 28 and 29 South of Range 12 West;
he named and known as West Norway thence W est 5.25 chains to tne place of
Drainage District and Numbered 8, and beginning; also beginning 10 chains
respectfully show the following state W est of the Southeast corner of the
of facts, to-wit:
Northeast quarter of Section 6 in Town­
ship 29 South o f Range Range 12 West
That we comprise more than twenty- of the Willamette meridian, in Coos
five per cent, of the owners of a body County, Oregon, thence West 30 chains;
of land susceptible of one system of thence North 20 chains; thence East 30
drainage and desire to drain the same chains; thence South 20 chains to the
for the improvement of agriculture place of beginning, and containing in
and to prevent the overflow from Mood both parcels herein described 113 acres,
waters or any possible rise of the sub­ more or less.
surface of the waters thereof, the
Fourth: Jesse D. Clinton owning the
boundaries of which said body of land following described tracts: Beginning
are described as follows, to-wit:
3.70 chains East of the section line be­
“ Beginning at a point 10.10 chains tween Sections 5 and 6, Township 29
North and 3.70 chains East o f the South, Range 12 West, Willamette
Southwest corner of the Northwest Meridian, Coos County, Oregon, 13.27
quarter of the Southwest quarter of chains South of the North boundary of
Section 5, in Township 29 South of said township at a cedar p o s ts 1.; inches
Range 12 West of the Willamette square, 2'4 feet long driven full length
meridian, in Coos County, Oregon, and in the ground, running thence South 52
running thence South *58 degrees East minutes East parallel with the section
13.70 chains along County road; thence line 7.22 chains to a cedar post driven
North to low water line of the Coquille in the ground, thence East 10.00 chains
river; thence with-and along low water to a cedar post marked C. S., thence
line down stream to a point North 5 North 52 minutes West 2.18 chains to a
degrees East 27.50 chains and East 1 cedar post marked C. S., on the left
chain from the Southwest corner of the bank of the Coquille river, thence down
Northwest quarter of the Northeast said bank of said river North 67 degrees
quarter of Section 6 in said Township West 1.08 chains, thence North 37'...
and Range: thence South 5 degrees degrees W est 4.00 chains, thence North
W est 27.50 chains; thence West 1 chain 14 degrees West 1.50 chains to a cedar
to quarter quarter section corner; post marked C. S., thence West 6.30
thence South 20 chains to the center of chains to the place of beginning, con­
said section 6; thence East along quar­ taining 6 acres;
Also beginning 3.70 chains East and
ter section line 30 chains; thence South
parallel with the section line between 20.49 etiains South of the N. W. corner
sections 5 and li to the middle of the of Section 5 in Township 29 South of
County road; thence along said County Range 12 West of the Willamette Meri­
road South 57'a degrees East 400 feet; dian, Coos County, Oregon, running
thence South 67 L, degrees East along thence South to a point 10.10 chains
road 617 feet to the place of beginning, North and 3.70 chains East of the S. W.
of S. W. ' j of
containing 290.18 acres, more or less, corner of the N. W.
save and except from the above de­ said of said Section 5, thence 8outh
chains along
scribed body of land one acre belonging
to School District No. 80, described as County road, thence North to Co­
follows, to-wit: Beginning at a point quille river, thence down said river
on North line of the County road 494 to a point 13.70 chains East of the West
feet South and 217 feet East of the line of section 5, thence South 2.18
quarter section corner between Sections chains, thence West 10 chains, to place
5 and 6, Township 29 South of Range of beginning, containing 39 acres, more
12 West of the Willamette Meridian, or less.
and running thence North 67'e degrees
That a general description of the
W est along North side of County road
proposed Drainage
268.7 feet; thence North 14 degrees
East 183.4 feet; thence South 67'.., de­ system is as follows: Variation 22 de­
grees East 217 feet; thence South to grees East. Commencing at a point
marked by a willow stake set in the
the place of beginning.
ground on the Southerly bank of the
That the approximate number of Coquille river distant from low water
acres in the said proposed Drainage line 50 feet, and from which a myrtle
tree 5 feet in diameter bears South 69 de­
District are 289.18.
grees East 140.5 feet and running thence
That the names of the owners of North 28 degrees 42 minutes West 50
each tract of land included in said pro­ feet to low water line in the Coquille
posed Drainage Distrct, and the tracts river, and from first named point run­
of land owned separately by them are ning South 28 degrees 42 minutes East
482 feet to a point marked by a stake
as follows, to-wit:
First: H. L. Carl owning the fol­ driven into the ground; thence South 43
lowing tract of land: Beginning at the degrees 24 miuutes East 140.7 feet to
Northwest corner of Jesse D. Clinton’s the line between Townships 28 and 29
land, the same being situated 668.3 feet South, and of Range 12 West of the
South and 244.2 feet East of the corner Willamette Meridian, Coos County,
of Sections 5 and 6, 31 and 32 in Town­ Oregon, at a point on said township
ships 28 and 29 South of Range 12 West line which is 1865.5 feet West of the
of the W illamette meridian, in Coos corner common to Sections 31 and 32 of
County, Oregon, and running thence Township 28 South, Range 12 West,
South parallel with the line between and Sections 5 and 6 of Township 29
Sections 5 and 6, Township 29 South of South, Range 12 West of Willamette
Range 12 W est o f the Willamette meri­ meridian, and continuing thence South­
dian 2481 feet to the middle of the easterly in a direct line to a point which
County road; thence North 67,'a degrees is 660 feet West and 1234.5 feet South
W est 617 feet along County road; | from the corner common to Sections 31
thence north 57 degrees West 400 feet and 32 Township 28 South, Range 12
along County road; thence North paral­ West of tbe Willamette Meridian and
lel winh the line between said Sections Section 5 and 6 Township 29 South,
5 a n d 6 between the land of II. I,. Carl Range 12 West of the Willamette Meri­
and S. L. Lafferty and Carl and P. S. dian; thence i-outh 990 feet more or
Robison 2700 feet to the line between less, to the low contour line of foothills;
Townships 28 and 29 South of Range 12 thence in an Easterly direction along
West; thence East along said Township said low contour line of foothills
line 423 feet to Robison’s Southeast 1250 feet to a point 594 feet Easterly
corner; thence North 36 degrees East from the line between Sections 5
along the line as now fenced between and 6 of Township 29 South, Range
the lands o f Carl and Robison 1230 feet 12 West of the Willamette Meridian,
more or less to low water line of the and terminating at last named point;
Coquille river; thence Southerly along
low water line up stream to a point due
That the general character of said
East of the place of beginning, thence proposed drainage system is as follows:
West 350 feet to the place of beginning, one main ditch along the above men-
containing 74.78 acres, less one acre ■ tioned route with a floodgate at or near
conveyed by H. L. Carl to School D is-! the mouth of said ditch, and with such
trict No. 80. Coos County, Oregon, and • such laterals or feeders as may he
particularly described in paragraph I of : necessary, practical, or convenient for
this Petition, all of said land belonging the successful drainage of said proposed
to said H. L. Carl Petitioner, B. F. district.
Wyatt has an option to purchase.
Second: Price S. Robinson owning) That Wednesday, the 7th day of Mav.
the following described tracts: Begin- 1913, at the County Court Room is here-
ning 15.12 chains North and 9 links by designated as the time and place for
West of the Sontheast corner of Sec-j the hearing of this petition;
tion 31 in Township 28 South of Range 12 j
West of the W ^am ette meridian ini That the land embraced in said pro-
Notice to Teachers
following plan will govern in
grade examination iu
P K E S B Y T K R IA N <.; h CRCH.
Services Sunday at 11 a. at and
7:30 p. m.
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Frank H. Adams, Pastor.
N. L Church
Sunday school at to a. m.
Preaching at 1 1 a m. and 8 p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursdays at
8 p. m. R oy L. C l a r k , Pastor.
Christum Scieuce Society
Corner Third and Hall streets.
Services at 11 a. m. next Sunday.
Subject lesson sermon “Everlasting
Wednesday evening meeting 7:30.
M. L Church Soath
Services next Sunday as usual
Sunday school at 10 . a. m.
Epworth ^eague at 6 : 4 5 ’p m.
You are invited to be present.
C. H. C leaves , Pastor.
Services first and third Sundays
of each m onth.
Sunday school
every Sunday at 10 a. m.
Y oa a re h e a rtily w ilet
HMtour s r Wie. a v « , 4, w**n
Sunday school at 10 a m.
Christian Endeavor at (5:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting, Wednesday even­
ing of each week at 7:30.
You are cordially iuvited to all
bese services.
Preaching services at the Chris­
tian Church both moroiug and
evening the first Sunday in May.
The membership is especially urged
to be present at the morning ser­
vice on that day.
T. B. McDonald, Minister
every one else is freely partaking
of forbidden fruit, and they con­
clude that it would be no worse for
them than for others. A descendant
of the monkey, man is still an imita­
tive animal and prone to do as he
thinks others are doing. An evil
example will offset many good pre­
cepts, especially with young people
whose characters are not fully
formed. For this reasoD, a grand
hurrah to tbe effect that immorality
is the rule, instead of the exception,
does infinitely more harm than
That every one should ip bold e
courts and officers in the enforce­
ment of law goes without saying.
The restraining influence on others
of the swift and certain punishment
of convicted offenders is beyond
calculation. As the chances of im­
munity increase the boldness of the
would-be offender grows, but very
few would care to go up against the
certaiuty of punishment. It is tbe
uncertainty that offers encourage­
ment to those of evil propensities.
So it is gratifying to see the energy
and fearlessness with which Deputy
Prosecuting Attorney LiljeqvUt and
the grand jury have taken hold of
the cases brought to their attention.
May nothing block a conviction in
the case of any guilty «ne, and may
the punishment imposed be a salu­
tary warning to other unprincipled
scoundrels, so that where moral
stamina is lacking the fear of con­
sequences may take its place.
The ministers ot Marshfield seem
to have taken a sensible staud in
the matter of raising the moral
standard of that town. They have
held a private conference with the
members of the city council and
amicably discussed ways and means
of clearing out some of the vice
with which the place is afflicted. It
is understood that the meeting was
harmonious and that all agreed
that a change for the better
was greatly to be desired. It
is stated that one result of the con­
ference will be that instead of de­
voting all their attention to the
fallen women, the administration
will now turn its attention to rid­
ding the town of a lot of their male
parasites. This is well, for far be­
low tbe scale of the unfortunate
women are the things in the guise
of men who live on the wages of
their degradation. It is too bad
that the law seems unable to inflict
any worse punishment than the en­
forcement of the mandate to “move
Let no one suppose, because The
Hearld criticizes certain methods
of fighting immoral tendencies, that
the paper is not entirely in sym­
pathy with every rational attempt
to find a solution for the evils which
beset us. No one can enlist in a
more worthy cause than that of
throwing every possible safeguard
around the purity, innocence and
virtue of our voung people. But it
is useless to blink tbe fact that the
problem is the most complicated
that confronts us today. The solu­
tion does Dot lie in the staging of a
periodical comic opera just before
the meeting of the circuit court.
While that may bring a certain de­
gree of fame, and even of commen­
dation to the actors, it does not
touch the underlying cause. On the
contrary, it does tend to familiarize
the people with the idea that the
whole fabric of society is rotten;
that fractures of the moral law are ! This is to certify that all druggists
so common that he or she who of- j are authorized to refund your money if
Foley’s Honey and Tar Compound fails
fends is only following the general to cure your cough or cold. John
example. No belief conld be worse Bernett, Tell, Wis., states: *•! used
Foley’s Honey and Tar Compound for
with which to inocculate tbe minds five years, and it always gave the best
and always cures a cough
of the rising generation. Let young
or cold.” Refuse substitute«. Fuhr-I
people once become convinced that man Pharmacy.
4 inches J k
t^ o and one-ha,^ f e e t '
i «
! S
the same
West l ‘% chains; thence N o r t h ! de- ^ o V t ^ v T o ^
grees East 2.26 chains; thence South j and for the development of said land,
45'.. degrees East 4.06 chains; thence
. .
_ , .
South 37 degrees W est 2.40 chains t o 1 , That Petitioners, Price S. Robison,
the place o f beginning, containing 1.10 Jesse D. Clinton and B. F. Wyatt are
acres of land in Sections 31 and 32 in three persons, qualified and competent.
Township 28 South o f Range 12 West an<l desire to serve as Trustees for the
of the Willamette meridian:
first year from the date of the forma-
Also commencing at the quarter tion of said drainage district, and until
quarter section post situated on the their successors are chosen1 andIquali-
Township line between Townships 28 fied.
and 29 South of Range 12 West of the j
Willamette meridian, 20 chains West
{*■ F. WYATT,
of the corner of Sections 5 and 6, 31 i
“ . L. CARL,
and 32. running thence north 3734 de-
n p I-.rnM ,
grees East to a certain willow tree r i A i t V*
situated on the left bank of the Co- BOUNTY OF C-OOs, t
quille river, thence up stream 18 rods
L Jesse D. t hnton, being first duly
to a point; thence South .37 \ degrees sworn depose and say that I am one of
West 22.90 chains to Township line; the Petitioners named in and making
thence South 22 degrees West 20.20 the foregoing Petition asking the < oun-
chains to a point; thence W est 14.40 ty Court of Coos County, Oregon, to
chains to a point; thence North 3734 form the West Norway Drainage Dis­
degrees East 23.60 chains to the place trict that I have read said petition,
know’ the contents thereof and the same
of beginning, containing 26.30 acres;
Also commencing‘at a point situated is true as I verily believe.
on township line between Townships 28
Subscribed and sworn to before me
and 29 South of Range 12 West of the
W’illamette Meridian, said point being this 7th day of April 1913.
15 chains W est o f the corner to Sec­ [ s e a l [
Notary’ Public for Oregon.
tions 5, 6, 31 and 32, running thence
Ailing Skin K. Halverson
Eczema, P s o r i a s i s , Dandruff, Pim­
p le s. skin t r o u b l e s of a n y kind— W A S H
T H E M AW AY w ith
D. D. D. Prescription for Eczema
T h i s in il d wash w i l l b r i n g you in­
s t a n t relief from t h a t a w f u l itch.
P r o v e it w i t h a 50c b o tt le . W e guar­
a n t e e t h e i t g u l a r |1 .0 0 si z e buttle to
e n d y o u r d i s t r e s s a n d begin your cura
o r y o u r m o n e y bu c k .
L>. U D . S o * »
h e l p s , t o o ; a s k us.
haa installed a modern Steam Pres­
sing machine, and is prepared to
serve his trade better than ever.
Bring me your work.
See my display of suitings fur spring
and summer. New and nobby p it-
terns at lowest prices.
Bring your Repair Work to me.
Front Street
C. J . F U H R M A N , Druggist
In the Circuit Court of the State of
O iegon for the County of Coos
H. L. Carl.
Hans K. Reed, Christina Oil­
man and Lena Hall, formerly
Lena Thelin, including all the
heirs at law of Oloff Reed, (also
known as Olaff Reed or Or loft
Reed). Deceased, the unknown
heirs of Nickalai Reed, (also
known as Nickolia Reed) De­
ceased, Asa Myers, Andrew
Hoover, Willis A. Hoover,
Laura Robison, Aaron J. Alv-
ers, Albert Myers, John E.
Myers, Ed. J. Myers, Lucious
L. Myers, Ralph A. Myers,
Daisy Clinton ami Mary Murry,
including all the heirs at law of
Aaron Hoover, deceased, Price
S. Robison, .Ies8e I). Clinton
and S. L. Lafferty and his wife,
Amelia Lafferty, Jennie Schet-
ter, Albert Thelin, Walter
Thelin, Alice Baldwin, Alonzo
Thelin and Arthur Thelin in­
cluding all the heirs at law of
John Thelin, Deceased, Anne
Bark low, widow of S. S. Bark-
low, Deceased, James II. Hark
low, Sarah Randelman, Nathan
E. Barklow, John D. Barklow,
LauriuJlroadbent, Bertha Snell,
and Alta Abbott, including all
the heirs at law of S. 8 . Bark-
low, Deceased, Edward Rack-
leff, Ralph R. Rackleff, Charles
Rackleff, George Kaekleff, Lv-
man Rackleff, Owen Rackleff,
Annie Lehmanowsky, E l l e n
Angel, Rose Butler, Frank
Trip]», Ollie Shaw, Rachael
Schroeder, Rose So wash, Laura
Huntley, Emily C. Schumacker,
Beatrice Beattie, Mary Simons,
George Clark, and Edward
Clark, including all the heirs at
law of William Rackleff, (also
known as William Rackliff) De­
ceased, and also all other per­
sons or parties unknown claim­
ing any right, title, estate, lien,
or interest in the real estate de­
scribed in the complaint herein,
Defendants, j
Str. Elizabeth
Regular as the Clock
San Francisco
and Bandon
First-class fare only............... $7.50
Up freight, per ton
... 3.00
E. & EL T . K ru se
24 California Street, San Francisco
F o r R eserv atio n s
A gents, Coquille, O regon
To Lena Hall, Alonzo Thelin, Arthur
Thelin, Albert Thelin, Walter Thelin,
Alice Baldwin, Andrew Hoover, Mary
Murry, Bertha Snell, Ollie Shaw, Emily
C. Schumacker, Beatrice Beattie, Marv
Simons, George Clark, Edward Clark,
Rose So wash, Annie Lehmanowsky, and
the unknown heirs of Nickalai Reed,
and also all other persons or parties
unknown claiming any right, title,
estate, lien, or interest in the real
estate herein described, Defendants.
In the Name of the State of Oregon :
you and each of you are hereby notified
that the plaintiff, If. L. Carl, has com­
CLA U D E C. M OON, P rop.
menced a suit in the Circuit Court of
the State of Oregon, for Coos County,
against you, impleaded with others,
and that in pursuance of an order made
and entered in said cause and court by
Honorable John S. Coke, Presiding
Judge of sail! Court, on the 31st day of
March, 1913, you and each of you are
hereby required to appear in said cau-e
and court and ansuer tbe complaint of
the plaintiff tiled therein, on or before
six weeks from the first publication of
this summons, which first publication
will he upon the 1st day of April, 1913,
and that for want of answer tUeieto, on
Will Accept
or before said time, the plaintiff will
apply to the court for the relief de­
manded in the Complaint, a succinct
statement of which is as follows: that
it he declared and adjudged that the
plaintiff is the owner in fee simple of
the following described real estate,
situated in Coos County, State of
Oregon, to w it:
The Southeast I4 of Section 6 T. 29
South, Ranee 12 West of the Willam­
ette Meridian, in Oregon, containing
1(10 acres.
Also. Beginning at the N. W. corner
of Jesse D. Clinton’s land, the same
being situated 668.3 feet South and
244.2 feet East of the corner of Sections
5, 6, 31 and 32 Townships 28 and 29
South, Range 12 West of the Willam­
ette Meridian. Coo;i County. Oregon,
and running thence South parallel with
the line between said Sections 5 and 6
of T. 29 8., R. 12 West 3292 feet to the
quarter quarter section line running
East and West through the S. W.
said Section 5, thence West 244.2 feet
to the line between said Sections 5 and
6 at tbe quarter quarter section corner;
thence North along said section line 1320
feet to the
section corner; thence
West 660 feet to the line between Carl
anti S L. Laferty: thence North parallel
with the section line between the land
of S. L. Laferty and Carl and I*. S.
Robison and Carl 2040 feet to the line
between Twps. 28 and 29 S., R. 12
West; thence East along T. line 423 feet
to the s. E. corner of Robison land;!
thence North 36 degrees E. along the ;
line as now fenced between the lands o f '
Carl and Robison 1230 feet, more or I
less, to low water line of Coquille River;
thence Southerly along low water up*
stream to a point due East of begin-'
ning; thence West 350 feet to the place
of beginning, being a part of Lot 8 of YO U R LA C E C U R TA IN S
Section 31 and a part of Lot 1 of Section
3 2 of T. 28 South, Range 12 West and a
part of Sections 5 and 6 T. 29 S., R. 12
W. Containing 75.76 acres and con­
taining in all 235.76 acres, more or less.
Save and except from the above de­
will need laundering this
scribed I. nd one acre heretofore sold by !
Send them to
H. L. Carl to School District No. 80 as ;
follows: Beginning at a point on North
Quilts at
line of the County Road 494 feet South
and 217 feet East of the 11 section
15 cents, Comforts at 25
corner l>etween Sections 5 ami 6 above
mentioned and running thence N. 67‘a
We will wash
degrees W. along North side of County
your Wool Blankets for
Road 268.7 feet; thence North 14 de­
grees E 183.4 feet; thence South 671
you better than you can
degrees E. 217 feet; thence South to
place of beginning.
do them and for the
And that you, and each of you, have
no estate, right, title, or interest what­
small charge o f 25 cents.
ever in or tosaid premises, or any part
Send the entire fam ily
thereof, and also that you, and each
and everyone of you, he forever de­
wash and be rid of the
barred from asserting any claim what­
ever in or to said land or premises ad­
of the home
verse to the plaintiff, and (or such
other and further relief as to the Court
work. : : : : : :
may seem equitable.
Dated this 1st day of April, 1913.
L A. R o b e r t s , |
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Rending at Myrtle Point, Oregon.
♦ • ♦
The Sportsman
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