Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, April 22, 1913, Image 2

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    1 cance of this port” is almost pathe-
The Coquille Herald I tic.
Entered as seiond class matter May
8, 1906. at the post office at Coquille,
Ore|(on, underact of Congress of March
8, 187».
P. C. LEV AR, Lessee.
Devoted to the material and social
upbuilding o f the Coquille Valley par­
ticularly and o f Coos County generally.
Subscription, $1.50 per year in advance
Phone Main 354.
in the said estate arc hereby notified
and required to he and appear at said
time and place so appointed tor the
hearing of said final account and then
there show rau-e if any exists why
said final account should not lie allowed
It is hard for Portland to
realize the fact that she is not a sea­
port at all; that it has only been the
absence of any other port from
which distribution to the Oregon
Services Sunday at 11 a. m and
territory could be made that has | 7 :30 p. m.
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
enabled her to pose so long as a
Frauk H. Adams, Pastor.
place where sail and rail meet.
With a bad bar at the entrance and
M. E. Church
a hundred miles of tortuous and
Sunday school at io a. m.
shilling river channel to navigate,
Preachiug at 11 a m . and 8 p. m.
it is a wonder that deep sea vessels
Prayer meeting Thursdays at
have reached Portland at all
All 8 p. m . R o y L. C l a r k , Pastor.
ol Portland’s wealth and prestige
can not hold her trade when a real
Christian Science Society
Corner Third and Hall streets.
seaport with rail connection with
Services at 11 a m. next Sunday.
the interior is opened to dee-sea
Subject lesson sermon “ Probation
The real seaport of
after Death.”
Oregon is and will be down in this
Wednesday evening meeting 7:30.
neck of the woods, and the next
few years will see that fact more
M. E. Church South
Services next Sunday as usual
widely recognized than it is uow.
Sunday school at to. a m.
Epwoith League at 6:45 p m.
(Port Orford Tribune)
You are invited to be present.
C. H. C le av e - , Pastor.’
The sad and tragic death of 14-
year old Erma Knorr at Marshfield
should sound a warning note to
Services first and third Sundays
over indulgent parents of boye as
o f each
Sunday school
wells as girls. Children of tender
every Sunday at 10 a. m.
years should be under the surveil­
You are hvaittly w i I m i 1.
lance of their parents at all times, uWtt'Jtf1
\i V\1>. MlU'M. 4, Mr 1 «
and especially so at night. When a
youDg girl is allowed to run the
Sunday school at 10 a m.
streets after dark in all kinds of
Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p.
company, it is not surprising to
Prayer meeting, Wednesday even­
hear that she has gone wrong. And
ing of each week at 7:30.
the same may be said cf boys. In­
You are cordially invited to all
dulgent and thoughtless parents bese se rvices.
T. B. M cD onald, Minister
will let their boys frequent pool
rooms and other lounging places,
and then stand appalled with horror thongh working indirectly, is as
when they find that their boy has responsible and prufits as much
acquired bad habits or committed from the traffic as tbe retailer who
some crime. More companionship handles his finished product.
Your local merchant perhaps can­
between parent and child, and more
interest on the part of the former in not give you as many bargains as
selecting good companions and clean the mail order slave-driver and
associations for their children would soul smasher, for he has to pay liv­
do wonders for the morals of the ing wages to his employes. He has
youth of the land. The death of moreover, to pay taxes aud improve­
Miss Knorr is shocking in the ex­ ments, to help build up the town
treme, but let it be as a beacon and indirectly add to your own pros­
light to warn other parents of the perity— which must rest on the
pitfalls which lie in the paths of prosperity of the community.
Salves Can t Cure Eczema
In reg ard to skin diseases, m edical
and approved, said eslate forever and 1 antiioi
ill* s a re now a greed on tills:
filially settled and said administrator
D on’ t im p rison the disea se germ s in
discharged and his bondsmen e x ­ y o u r skin b y the use o f g re a sy salves,
and thus en cou ra ge them to m u ltip ly
true euro o f all ecze m a to u s diseases
Dated this 1st dav of April, A !>. A
can be b ro u g h t a bou t on ly b y u sing
th e hea lin g a gen ts In the fo r m o f a
Administrator of the Estate of (ieo. M. liquid.
Payne, deceased.
To the Honorable County Court for
Coos County, Oregon:
We the undersigned persons hereby
petition your Honorable Body for the
organization of a Drainage District to
be named and known as West Norway
Drainage District and Numbered 8, and
respectfully show the following state
o f facts, to-wit:
A sim ple w a sh : A com p ou n d o f Oil
o f W in tergreen , T h y m ol, and o th e r in-
redlents as com b in ed in the D.D.D.
T h is pen etra tes to the
Third: Amelia Lafferty and Walter
Thelin owning the following tract of
land: Beginning
at a point 18.79 chains
A petition has been circulated
Í South and 1 chain East o f the
between Section 31,
and quite numerously signed in
Township 28 South o f Range 12 West
That w e comprise more than twentv- o f the Willamette meridian, in Coos Coun­
towD, addressed to “ Prosecuting
five per cent, o f the owners o f a body ty, Oregon, and Section 6, Township
Attorney Geo M Brown,” urging
o f land susceptible o f one system o f 29 South o f Range 12 West o f Willam­
drainage and desire to drain the same ette meridian in Coos County, Oregon,
the prosecution of all cases of vice
for the improvement o f agriculture running North 5 degrees East 27.50
and assuring the prosecuting officer
and to prevent the overflow from flood chains to Coquille river; thence with
waters or any possible rise o f the sub­ and along low water line o f said river
of the sympathy and support of the
surface o f the waters thereof, the up stream to a point where Reed’ s and
signers in any effort he may make
boundaries o f which said body o f land Hoover’ s line intersects said river;
are described as follows, to-w it:
in that direction. It is to be hoped
thence South 38 degrees West to a
that no copies of this petition may
“ Beginning at a point 10.10 chains point 5.25 chains East and 18.79 chains
North and 3.70 chains East o f the South o f l4 post on Township line on
find their way to the outside world,
Southwest corner o f the Northwest line between Sections 31 and 6 in Town
for the picture therein drawn of the
quarter o f the Southwest quarter o f ship 28 and 29 South of Range 12 West;
Section 5, in Township 29 South o f thence West 5.25 chains to the place o f
moral atmosphere of this city would
Range 12 West o f tne Willamette beginning; also beginning 10 chains
be enough to turn away any one
meridian, in Coos County, Oregon, and West o f the Southeast corner o f the
running thence South 68 degrees East Northeast quarter o f Section 6 in Town­
who had thought of bringing a wife
13.70 chains along County road; thence ship 29 South o f Range Range 12 West
or family here to make a home. The
North to low water line o f the Coquille o f the Willamette meridian, in Coos
thence with and along low w ater County, Oregon, thence West 30 chains;
fact that the petition is signed by
line down stream to a point North 5 thence North 20 chains; thence East 30
people well up in the community
degrees East 27.50 chains and East 1 chains; thence South 20 chains to the
chain from the Southwest corner o f the place o f beginning, and containing in
would be taken as a proof that
Northwest quarter o f the Northeast both parcels herein described 113 acres,
moral conditions here are somewhat
quarter o f Section 6 in said Township more or less.
Fourth: Jesse D. Clinton owning the
and Range; thence South 5 degrees
below those of the late lamented
West 27.50 chains; thence West 1 chain following described tracts: Beginning
Barbary Coast in San Francisco,
to quarter quarter section corner; 3.70 chains East q f the section line be­
thence South 20 chains to the center o f tween Sections 5 and 6, Township 29
which was supposed to be about the
sayi section 6; thence East along quar­ South, Range 12 West, Willamette
wickedest place in the world. Now
ter section line 30 chains; thence South Meridian, Coos County, Oregon, 13.27
parallel with the section line between chains South o f the North boundary o f
this may be true— these people
sections 5 and 6 to the middle o f the said township at a cedar post 3l._. inches
ought to know— but with all due
County road; thence along said County square, 2 b. ieet long driven full length
road South 571 ... degrees East 400 feet; in the ground, running thence South 52
respect for the religious and educa­
thence South 67'. degrees East along minutes East parallel with the section
tional lights who make the assertion,
road 617 feet to the place o f beginning, line 7.22 chains to a cedar post driven
containing 290.18 acres, more or less, in the ground, thence East 10.00 chains
the editor of the Herald most em­
save and except from the above de­ to a cedar post marked C. S., thence
phatically disbelieves it.
After a
scribed body of land one acre belonging North 52 minutes West 2.18 chains to a
to School District No. 80, described as cedar post marked C. S., on the left
residence of some ten months here,
follows, to-wit: Beginning at a point bank o f the Coquille river, thence down
he believes that this is a pretty de­
on North line of the County road 494 said bank o f said river North 67 degrees
feet South and 217 feet East o f the West 1.08 chains, thence North 37 b,
cent litile place. It is to be regret­
quarter section corner between Sections degrees West 4.00 chains, thence North
ted that some of our good people,
5 and 6, Township 29 South o f Range 14 degrees West 1.50 chains to a cedar
12 West o f the Willamette Meridian, post marked C. S., thence West 6.30
in their zeal for better things,
and running thri.iv North 67L_. degrees chains to the place o f beginning, con­
should think it necessary to repre­
West along North side o f County road taining 6 acres;
Also beginning 3.70 chains East and
268.7 feet; thence North 14 degrees
sent present conditions as ten times
East 183.4 feet; thence South 6 7 de­ 20.49 cnains South o f the N. W. corner
Section 5 in Township 29 South o f
worse than they are. Vice can not
grees East 217 feet; thence South to
Range 12 West o f the Willamette Meri­
the place o f beginning.
be stamped out any too soon or too
dian, Coos County, Oregon, running
effectually, but even when working
That the approximate number o f thence South to a point 10.10 chains
Rem em ber, n ext time y o u Bend acres in the said proposed Drainage North and 3.70 chains East o f the S. W.
in the cause of morality one is still their children which it is their duty
corner o f the N. W. l Á o f S. W.
District are 289.18.
to a mail o rd e r house fo r som e­
said o f said Section 5, thence South
under some obligations to respect to guide the youthful steps around.
That the names o f the owners o f 68 degrees East 13.70 chains along
th in g you can bu y at h om e, you are
the truth.
each tract o f land included in said pro­ County road, thence North to Co­
n ot on ly sen d in g ou t o f the cou n try posed Drainage Distrct, and the tracts quille river, thence down said river
m oney that will never com e back o f land owned separately by them are to a point 13.70.chains East o f the West
Further, it is, to say the least, an
line o f Section 5, thence South 2.18
as follows, to-wit:
(Medford Mail Tribune)
but con trib u tin g y o u r m ite to the
exh ib ition o f obtuseness, poor taste
First: H. L. Carl owning the fol­ chains, thence West 10 chains, to place
Every time you send away for
prosp erity o f th e w hite slave traffic lowing tract o f land: Beginning at the f beginning, containing 39 acres, more
and lack o f con sid era tion to drag
Northwest corner o f Jesse D. Clinton’ s or less.
the m isery o f hum anity.
the name o f a y o u n g lady into
land, the same being situated 668.3 feet
South and 244.2 feet East of the corner
That a general description o f the
tlaia petition, especially as the gain, you are encouraging white
f Sections 5 end 6, 31 and 32 in Town­ route o f the said proposed Drainage
One of those moving pictures o ships
“ ca se” referred to is one in which slavery and helping send some soul
28 and 29 South o f Range 12 West system is as follows: Variation 22 de­
the Willamette meridian, in Coos grees East. Commencing at a point
n o official action has been taken,
Oregon, and running thence marked by a willow stake set in the
The economies you reap the ben­ tbe whole moving picture business South parallel
and perhaps none will be taken.
with the line between ground on the Southerly bank o f the
T h e mention o f the g ir l’s Dame efit of, the few cents you may save is advertised to be shown at tbe Sections 5 and 6, Township 29 South o f Coquille river distant from low water
Range 12 West o f the Willamette meri­ line 50 feet, and from which a myrtle
is entirely uncalled fo r and it is by your thrift, come out the wages Royal. It is a great special feature dian 2481 feet to the middle o f the tree 5 feet in diameter bears South 69 de­
d on e in such a way thut one not of some fragile girl trying to earn recording the exploits of the Dalton County road; thence N orth 67* ¿ degrees grees East 140.5 feet and running thence
West 617 feet along County road; North 28 degrees 42 minutes West 50
acquainted with the ru m or to which a living, and help send her' down­ gang of desparadoes and cutthroats, thence north 57L_. degrees W est 400 feet feet to low water line in the Coquille
County road; thence North paral­ river, and from first named point run­
reference is made w ould su p p ose
lel winh the line between said Sections ning South 28 degrees 42 minutes East
that the youDg lady herself, instead
5 and 6 between the land o f H. L. Carl 482 feet to a point marked by a stake
o f b ein g an alleged near-victim , hud chiefs asserted at the Illinois inves­ licensed manufacturers seems to and S. L. Lafferty and Carl and P. S. driven into the ground; thence South 43
Robison 2700 feet to the line between degrees 24 miuutes East 140.7 feet to
herself been gu ilty o f som e ^heinous tigation now under way that $7.25 have cut out all such pictures, but Townships 28 and 29 South o f Range 12 the line between Townships 28 and 29
offense. I f the parties w ho drew a week was sufficient to keep any tbe independents still put it over, West; thence East along said Township South, and o f Range 12 West o f the
line 423 feet to Robison’ s Southeast Willamette Meridian, ( ’oos County,
up the petition lacked the nerve to woman. He divided the expendit­ without regard to, tbe moral effect corner; thence North 36 degrees East Oregon, at a point on said township
the line as now fenced between fine which is 1865.5 fe e t West o f the
use the name o f the man in the
the lands o f Carl and Robison 1230 feet corner common to Sections 31 and 32 of
case, they m igh t at least have had
Some one tried to shoot the king more or less to low water line o f the Township 28 South, Range 12 West,
the grace to leave out the name o f fare 60 cents, lunches 70 cents, of Spain last week. Judging from Coquille river; thence Southerly along and Sections 5 and 6 o f Township 29
low water line up stream to a point due South, Range 12 West o f Willamette
the girl, even th ou gh they co u ld church 10 cents, sickness 60 cents, that monarch's appearance in the East o f the place o f beginning, thence meridian, and continuing thence South­
West 350 feet to the place o f beginning, easterly in a direct line to a point which
use it with apparent safety to th em ­ board aud room $4, total $7.25.
Paths Weekly, the fellow was hunt­ containing 74.78 acres, less one acre is 660 feet West and 1234.5 feet South
This schedule is for bare necess­
by H. L. Carl to School Dis­ from the corner common to Sections 31
ing pretty small game.
trict No. 80. Coos County, Oregon, and and 32 Township 28 South, Range 12
ities of life— pretty bare at that. A
particularly described in paragraph I o f W est o f tbe Willamette Meridian and
girl would have to have the thrift
The Scenic is advertising pictures this Petition, all o f said land belonging Section 5 and 6 Township 29 South,
of a Russell Sage to exist on this of the Ohio floods for this week. to said H. L. Carl Petitioner, B. F. Range 12 West o f the Willamette Meri­
(Portland Telegram)
Wyatt has an option to purchase.
dian; thence South 990 feet more or
Second: Price S. Robinson owning less, to the low contour fine o f foothills;
In the
W . R. Grace & Co announce wage. She cannot afford even the That shows enterprise.
the following described tracts: Begin­ ti.ence in an Easterly direction along
ordinary course it would take sev­ ning 15.12 chains North and 9 links said low contour fine o f foothills
that they plan to extend their New
West o f the Sontheast corner o f Sec­ 1250 feet to a point 594 feet Easterly
York steamship line to the North peanuts or a package of chewing eral months to get them here.
tion 31 in Township 28 South o f Range 12 from the fine between Sections 5
What happens to her if she
Pacific the coming summer, and gum
West o f the Willamette meridian, in and 6 o f Township 29 South, Range
Coos County, Oregon, at a cedar stake 12 West o f the Willamette Meridian,
improve the service' when the is sick for a week or two? That
Notice to Creditors
Notice is hereby given that the under­ 4 inches square tw o and one-half feet and terminating at last named point;
Panama Canal is open. Their an­ millioniare female slave driver ought
signed has lieen appointed administra­ long driven two feet in the ground,
nounced ports of call do not include to be made to live on $7.25 a week trix of the estate of James L. Thomp­ running thence North 60 degrees West
That the general character o f said
proposed drainage system is as follow s:
son, deceased; all persons having claims
Portland or the Columbia River.
against said estate are hereby required West 1.96 chains; thence North 40 de­ one main ditch along the above men­
Other lines have done likewise. Too his belly but not his soul— be hasn’t to present the same, together with the grees East 2.26 chains; thence South tioned route with a floodgate at or near
proper vouchers therefor, to the under­ 45Lj degrees East 4.06 chains; thence the mouth o f said ditch, and with such
many tail in recognition o f the com­ any.
signed at Coquille, Coos County, Ore­ South 37 degrees W est 2.40 chains to such laterals or feeders as may be
mercial significance o f this port.
gon, within six months from the date of the place o f beginning, containing 1.10 necessary, practical, or convenient for
acres o f land in Sections 31 and 32 in the successful drainage o f said proposed
This community in sheer self-pro­ Governor O ’Hara shows that there this notice.
Witness my hand and dated this 15th Township 28 South o f Range 12 West district.
o f the Willamette meridian:
tection must change the order. It are 50,000 woman and girls work­ day of April, A. D. 1913.
Also commencing at the quarter
That Wednesday, the 7th day o f May,
is not opportune to criticise those ing in Chicago for less thnn $5 a
quarter section post situated on the 1913, at the Tounty Court Room is here­
ownship line between Townships 28 by designated as tne time and place for
who have been responsible for con­ week—and yet these mail order de­
L. Thompson , deceased.
and 29 South o f Range 12 West o f the the hearing o f this petition;
----------- - .» » «
ditions of the past. Portland must partment store Jews say there is no
Willamette meridian, 20 chains West
Notice of Final Account
o f the corner o f Sections 5 and 6, 31
face the hard, cold fact that the connection between poverty and
That the land embraced in said pro­
and 32, running thence north 3734 de­
existing order ot things is not
Leod Admmif»tratrix of the Estate of grees East to a certain willow tree posed drainage district is river bottom
that much o f it is covered w ith wa­
bringing to this city nearly her conditions that mak> s them millions. John K McLeod, deceased, that said Ad­ situated on the left bank o f the Co­ and
ministratrix did upon March 29th, 1913, quille river, thence up stream 18 rods ter during a greater part o f the year,
share of the new shipping business.
Hie her final report and account in tlie to a point; thence South 3734 degrees and it is necessary to drain the same
for the improvement o f agriculture and
Personal, peculiar or clique inter­ less degree, in Portland—in every matter of said estate, and that the Hon. West 22.90 chains to Township line; ! and
for the development
o f said land;
Judge of the County Court of Coos thence South 22 degrees West 20.20
ests must give way to the over­ city where bargain counter econ­ county, Oregon, made an order on chains to a point; thence West 14.40
April 3rd, 1913, fixing May 12, 1913 at chains to a point; thence North 37:,.í | That Petitioners, Price 8. Robison,
whelming need of the whole com
10 o ’ clock a. m. as the time, and the degrees East 23.60 chains to the place Jesse I). Clinton and B. F. Wyatt are
munity, until Portland is auimated employes. Thousands upon thous­ Court house in the City of Coquille, o f beginning, containing 25.30 acres;
three persons, qualified and competent,
Also commencing at a point situated and desire to serve as Trustees for the
with the proper commercial life, ands of women underpaid, underfed, Coos County, Oregon as the place for
hearing objections to said final ac­
township line between Townships 28 first year from the date o f the forma­
reaps a lair percentage ol new busi- surrounded by temptation-- is it any count and the settlement of said Estate. on
and 29 South o f Range 12 West ot the tion o f said drainage district, and until
Meridian, said point being their successors are chosen ami quali­
ness, and cannot be passed un­
M ary M c L eod
15 chains West o f the corner to Sec­ fied.
heeded when a new steamship line j "ploocior, prospers?
Ad mini strati rx tions 5. 6, 31 and 32. running thence j
North 37J.| degrees East along the
seeks tonnage in the Pacific North-
'Vhy aP 0Dl1 millions trying to!
boundary o f Asa M yer’ s land 22.90
west. All this Is possible. Broad-j fomedy the rosult when the cause]
Notice o f Final Settlement
chains to the bank o f tne Coquille river;
gauged community effort will bring ! ' H h‘ft severely alone? M by all the
Notice is hereby given that the under­ thence with the meander o f said STATE OF OREGON,! ^
r stream 8.50 chains to a COUNTY OF C OOS, f “ '
the results
efforts to redeem tbe fullcD and ut i signed, A. M. sfnnott, as Adm inistrator. stream, up
I, Jesse D. C linton, being first duly
of tbe Estate of George M. l’ ayne, d e - ' point; thence South 37 , degrees hast
.tho same lime keep factors of im -1 ceased, has filed his final account of 16.11 chain to township line; thence sworn depose and say that I am one of
the Petitioners named in and making
The above, fro«) ihe Portland mortality in operation? Why per -1 the administration of said Estate with West 5.60 chains to a point; thence the
foregoing Petition asking the Coun­
the Clerk of Connty Court of Coos I South IS. 79 chains to a point; thence
Telegram, is significant and in line seeute the scarlet woman and honor! County. State of Oregon, and that the West 12.72 chains to a point, the South- ty Court o f Coos C ounty, Oregon, to
West Norway Drainage Dis­
with a hundred other things that with riches and position the over -1 9th dav of Mav. A. D. 1913, at the hour oast corner o f Asa Myeris land; thence trict the
that I have read said petition,
of 10 o ’clock in the forenoon of sa <l day. North 22 degrees East 20.20 chains to
ought to set Portland as well as )ord creating her?
at the County Court Room, in the the place o f beginning, and containing know the contents thereof and the same
is true as I verily believe.
some other communities to think­
The white slave law should be ex­ Court House, at Coquille, in said Coos 33 acres, more or less.
Save and except from the second
County, have been appointed by said
The Telegram’s naive ad­ tended to include the slave creator Court, as the time and place for the tract above described 2 acres more or
Subscribed and sworn to before me
7th day o f April 1913.
mission that "to o many fail in rec- as well as the slave dealer—for the hearing of said final account, aud for less in the Southwest corner thereof this
heretofore conveyed to OlefT Reed and [ M A L [
the final settlement of »aid estate.
pgnition of the commercial signifi-, wholesale soul
destroyer, even
Notary Public for Oregon.
Now therefore, all persons interested and by him conveyed to Amelia (
disease germ s and d e stro y s them, then
sooth es and heals the skin as nothing
else has ever done.
A 60 cen t b ottle w ill s ta rt the cu re
and giv e you instant re lie f.
W e have m ade fa st frie n d s o f m oro
than one fa m ily b y recom m end atin g
this D.D.D. P re scrip tio n to a skin s u f­
fe re r here and there, and we w ant you
to try it now on our p o sitiv e pay gu ar­
D.D.D. Soap keeps the p orta
clea n ; a sk us.
C . J . F U H R M A N , D r u g g is t Z
In the Circuit Court of the St ite of
Oregon for the County of Coos
H. L. Carl.
Hans K. Reed, Christ;na Oil­
man end Lena Hall, formerly
Lena Thelin, including all the
heirs at law of Oloff Reed, (also
known as Olaff Reed or Oiloff
Reed). Deceased, the unknown
heirs of Nickalai Reed, (also
known as Niekolia Reed) De­
ceased, Asa Myers, Andrew
Hoover, Willis A. Hoover,
Laura Robison, Aaron J. My­
ers, Alliert Myers, John E.
Myers, Ed. J. Myers, Lucious
L. Myers, Ralph A. Myers,
Daisy Clinton ami Mary Murry,
including all the heirs at law of
Aaron Hoover, deceased, Price
8. Robison, Jesse D. Clinton
and S. L. Lafferty and bis wife,
Amelia Lafferty, Jennie Schet-
tur, Albert Thelin, Walter
Thelin, Alice Baldwin, Alonzo
Thelin and Arthur Thelin in­
cluding all the heirs at law of
John Thelin, Deceased, Anne
Barklow, widow of S. S. Bark-
low, Deceased, James H. Bark
low, Sarah Randeluip.n, Nathan
E. Barklow, John I). Barklow,
Laura Broad bent, Bertha Snell,
and Alta Abbott, including all
the heirs at law of S. S. Bark­
low, Deceased, Edward Rack-
leff, Ralph R. Rackleff, Charles
Rackleff, George Rackleff, Lv-
man Rackleff, Owen Rackleff,
Annie Lehmanowsky, E l l e n
Angel, Rose Butler, Frank
Tripp, Ollie Shaw, Rachael
Schroeder, Rose So wash, Laura
Huntley, Emily C. Schumacker,
Beatrice Beattie, Mary Simons,
George Clark, and Edward
Clark, including all tlie heirs at
law of William Rackleff, (also
known as William Rackliff) De­
ceased, anil also all other per­
sons or parties unknown claim­
ing any right, title, estate, lien,
or interest in the real estate de­
scribed in the complaint herein,
To Lena Hall, Alonzo Thelin, Arthur
Thelin, Albert Thelin, Walter Thelin.
Alice Baldwin, Andrew Hoover, Mary
Murry, Bertha Snell, Ollie Shaw, Emily
O. Schumacker, Beatrice Beattie, Mary
Simons, George Clark, Edward Clark,
Rose Sowasli, Annie Lehmanowsky, and
the unknown heirs of Nickalai Reed,
and also all other persons or parties
unknown claiming any right, title,
estate, lien, or interest in the real
estate herein described, Defendants.
In the Name of the State of Oregon :
you and each of you are hereby notified
that the plaintiff, H. L. Carl, has com­
menced a suit in the Circuit Court of
the State of Oregon, for Coos Count},
against yon, impleaded with others,
and that in pursuance of an order made
and entered in said cause anil court by
Honorable John S. Coke, Presiding
Judge of said Court, on tbe 31st day of
March, 1913, you and each of you are
hereby required to appear in said can e
and court and answer the com plaint of
the plaintiff file l therein, on or before
six weeks from the first publication of
this summons, which first publication
will be upon the 1st day of April, 1913,
and that for want of answer thereto, on
or before said time, the plaintiff will
apply to the court for the relief de­
manded in the Complaint, a succinct
statement of which is as follows: that
it be declared and adjudged that tbe
plaintiff is the owner in fee simple of
tire following described real estate,
situated in Coos County, State of
Oregon, tow it:
The Southeast
of Section 6 T 29
South, Kanue 12 West of the Willam­
ette Meridian, in Oregon, containing
160 acres.
Also. Beginning at the N. W. corner
of Jesse D. Clinton’ s land, the same
being situated 668.3 feet South and
244.2 feet East of the corner of Sections
5, 6, 31 and 32 Townships 28 and 29
South, Range 12 West of the Willam­
ette Meridian, Cooa County. Oregon,
and running thence South parallel with
the line between said Suctions 5 and 6
of T. 29 8., R. 12 West 3292 feet to the
quarter quarter section line running
East and West through tbe 8. W.
said Section 5, thence West 244.2 feet
to the line between said Sections 5 and
6 at the quarter quarter section corner;
thence North along said section fine 1320
feet to the
section corner; thence
West 660 fret to the line between Carl
and S. L. Laferty; thence North parallel
with the section line between the land
of S. L. Laferty and Carl and P. S.
Robison and Carl 2640 feet to the line
between Twps. 28 and 29 8., R. 12
West ; thence East along T. line 423 feet
to the s. E. corner of Robison land;
thence North 36 degrees E. along the
line as now fenced bet ween the lands of
Carl and Robison 1230 feet, more or
less, to low water fine of Coquille River;
thence Southerly along low water up
stream to a point due East of begin­
ning; thence West 350 feet to the place
of beginning, being a part of Lot 8 of
Section 31 and a part of Lot 1 of Section
32of T 28 South, Range 12 West and a
part of Sections 5 and 6 T. 29 S., R. 12
VV. Contai ing 75.76 acres and con­
taining in all 235.76 acres, more or less.
Saye and except from tbe above de­
scribed 1 nd one acre heretofore sold by
H. L. Carl to School District No. 80 as
follows: Beginning at a point on North
line of the County Road 494 feet South
and 217 feet East of tlie
corner between Sections 5 and 6 above
mentioned and running thence N. 67 12
degrees W. along North side of County
Road 268.7 feet : thence North 14 de­
grees E 183.4 feet; thence South 6712
degrees E. 217 feet; thence South to
place of beginning.
And that you, and each of you, have
no estate, right, title, or interest what­
ever in or tosaid premises, or any part
thereof, and also that you, and each
and everyone of you, i*e forever de­
barred from asserting any claim what­
ever in or to said land or premises ad­
verse to the plaintiff, and for such
other and further relief as to the Court
may seem equitable.
Dated this 1st day of April, 1913.
L A*. R o b e r ts ,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Residing at Myrtle Point, Oregon.
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