Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, April 15, 1913, Image 2

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    Being a Socialist, Dr Loach natuial-
ly has a fight on with all defender*
PUBLISHED EVERT TUESDAY i of the establish* i orJer, and he
; seems to have the nerve to go down
Entered as aecuiul clans matter May
in hia pocket to prepogate bit ideas.
8, 1905. at the poet office at Coquille,
Oregon, under act of Conttreu of .March That i* the trouble with those So­
S, 1879.
cialist fellows; they are willing to
spend money for the dissemination
P. C. LEVAR, Leaaee.
of what they believe to be right
Devoted to the material and social
upbuilding o f the Coquille Valley par­ principle«, an I they do Dot always
ticularly and o f Coos County generally. ! look first to see how that particular
Subscription, $1.50 per year in advance
I money is going to get back into
their pockets again. This makes it
Phone Main 354.
difficult to “ stamp out’’ their here­
sies, as will be seen by the stand­
It seems that the Coos county patters with increasing frequency
baseball situation has resolved itself as time passes
The Coquille Herald
into a deadlock. The bone of con­
tention is the number o f outside
professional players to be allowed
on a team. Marshfleld, North Bend
and Bandon wish to leave that mat­
ter wide open and let each town put
on as many outsiders as it can afford
to pay for, while Coquille aud
Myrtle Point wish to limit the num­
ber to two, or at most three
case of “ no limit” the two towns
last named will not come Into a
league. This would leave the other
three up a tree, lor a three league
team of Bandon, Marshfield and
North Bend could not be worked
out as a practical proposition
Looking at the matter from the
standpoint ol the spectator who lik­
es to see a good ball game but is
not interested in the betting ring,
it would seem that Coquille and
Mvrtle Point are right. We have
good players among our local boys.
They will put up a game that is
realv as interesting to the ordinary
spectator as game played by a lot of
outsiders whom nobody knows and
in whom no one feels any personal
interest, if not more so. Further,
the teams are more likely to be
evenly matched. When it comes
to be a matter of seeing which town
can raise the most cold cash with
which to hire a professional team,
it is no reflection on the two up­
river towns to say that they are not
in it with Marshfield, and probably
not with Bandon, They are wise
to refuse to go into that sort of a
competition. And if there is any
money in it for the players, it had
better go to our local boys than
to a lot of imported booze-guzzlers
who will lie around the saloons all
the week and end up with a big
jam Saturday night which will
leave them in no condition to play
the uext day. That has been the
prevalent style of outside players
seem on the Coos county diamonds
in the past and the people have
been thoroughly disgusted with that
very thing.
liven the man who wishes to
risk a few dollars on the result of
the game has a better chance for a
square deal from the local players,
for when a bunch of the hired out­
siders go out on the field it is al­
ways a question whether the game
will be on the square.
If these two towns stand to their
guns they will probably carry their
A . S. Hammond tekes issue with
the Oregonian when that paper
speaks in a complimentary way of
Theodore Roosevelt and proceeds to
lambast the colonel in the most ap­
proved stand-pat style
He says
that he once believed in Roosevelt.
No doubt. All the old-timers be­
lieved in Roosevelt as long as he
could be used as a cog in the ma­
chine and bis great persona) popu­
larity could be prostituted to the
uses of the Gang. Hammond says;
" I have lost all faith in him.” Sure
thing. All of the push tost faith in
Roosevelt at about the same time
— when he would
no longer
“ stand in.” But when Hammond
presumes to speak for the people he
is amusing. If he were to speak for
the people of Taft he would prob­
ably represent that well-meaning
old smoothbore as a popular idol.
Itch! Itch! Itch!
C onstant itch.
In tolera ble Agony,
E C'/KM A!
A few d rop s o f a m ild, sim ple, wash
— instant
re lie f— a ll
d istre ss
D. D. D. Prescription lor Eczema
Sounds too go o d to be tru e ?
guarantee it.
The first fu ll size bottle free i f D.D.D.
cannot reach y o u r case.
F o r your
co m fo rt's sake, it is w orth a trial.
C om e in and let us tell you abou t i t
A lso abou t D.D.D. Soap— it help«.
C. J. FUHRMAN, Druggist
had ever Been a Chinaman, that it
was amusing. Then, the film shown
here had evidently aeen its best days
before the war; and to finish the
thing off in proper shape the title had
been lost off and the operator made
a bad guess and ran the last reel
second and the second reel last.
On account of the delay in the
arrival of the. Breakwater, the Scenic
was obliged to use some repeaters
ou Saturday and Sunday uights.
They were good, however, and one
in particular was well worth seeing
the second time. This was the Vita-
graph, “ Two Men and Two Women,
with Julia Swayne Gordon and
Edith Storey, Eaile Williams and
Harry Northrup in the cast, making
one of the best dramatic pictures
seeu here in months.
Notice of Final Settlement
Notice is hereby given that the under-
signed, A. M. Sinnott, as Administrator
of the Estate of George M. I’ ayne, de­
ceased. has filed his final account of
the administration of said Estate with
tne Clerk of Connty Court of Coos
County. .State of Oregon, and that the
9th day of Mav, A. 1>. 1913, at the hour
of 10 o'clock in the forenoon of sa d day,
at the County Court Room, in the
Court House, at Coquille, in sai l Coos
County, have been appointed by Haul
Court, as the time and place fur the
hearing of said final account, aud for
the final settlement of said estate.
Services Sunday at 11 a. m and
Now therefore, all persons interested
7:30 p. m.
in the said estate are hereby notified
and required to he and appear at said
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
time and place so appointed lor the
Frank H. Adams, Pastor.
hearing of said final account and then
and there show cause if any exists why
said final account Bhouid not be allowed
M. E. Church
and approved, said estate forever and
Sunday school at ro a. m.
finally settled and said a Imiuistrator
discharged and his bondsmen e x ­
Preaching at i r a m.
Prayer meeting Thursdays at onerated.
Dated this 1st day of April, A. D.
7:30 p. m.
Next Sunday evening Dr. J. T Administrator of the Estate of Geo. M.
Abbett will be with us and will
Payne, deceased.
► »••-<-- ---------
preach and administer the sacra­
R o y L. C l a r k , Pastor.
Notice to Creditors
Notice is hereby given that the under­
signed has been appointed administra­
Christian Science Society
trix of the estate of James L. Thomp­
son, deceased; all persons having claims
Corner Third aDd Hall streets.
against said estate are hereby required
Services at 11 a m. next Sunday. to prepent the same, together with the
Subject lesson sermon “ Doctrine proper vouchers therefor, to the under­
signed at Coquille, Coos County, Ore­
of Atonement.'’
Wednesday evening meeting 7:30. gon, within six months from the date of
this notice.
Witness my hand ami dated this 15th
day of April, A . D. 1913.
M. E. Church South
Services next Sunday as usual
Administratrix of the estate of James
Sunday school at 10 . a. m.
L. Thompson, deceased.
acres in the said proposed Drainage line 50 feet, and from which a mvrtle
District are 289.18.
tree5 feet in diameter bearaSouth 89 de­
grees Fast 1 Id.5 feet and running thence
That the name* o f the owners o f North 28 degrees 42 minutes \\ eat 50
each tract of land included in said pro- feet to low water line in the t'oquille
F arm ers , A
posed Drainage Distrct, and the tracts river, and from first named point run-
of land owm ed separately by them are ning r-outh 28 degrees 42 minutes East
as follows, to-wit:
482 feet to a point marked by a stake
rl owning the fol-1 driven into the ground; thence “ outh 43
First: H. L
lowing tract o f lard: Beginning at the
Northwest corner o f lease D. Clinton's
i land, the same l.i-mg situated 668.3 feet
\ South and 244.2 feet East o f the corner
i of Sections 5 and 6. 31 and 32 in Town
ships 28 and 29 South o f Range 12 West
o f the Willam- tn meridian, in Coos
I County, Oregon, and running thence
South para'lel with the line between
Sections 5 and 6, Township 29 South o f
Range 12 West of the Willamette meri
dlan 2481 feet to the middle o f the
County road; thence North 67t» degrees
West 617 feet along County road;
thence north 57' degrees West 400 feet
along County road; tnence North paral­
lel winh the line lietween said Sections
5 and 6 between the land o f H. L. Carl
and S. L. Lafferty and Carl and P. S.
Robison 2700 feet to the line between
Townships 28 and 29 South o f Range 12
West; thence Eu.:t along said Township
line 423 feet to Robison's Southeast
corner; thence North 36 degrees East
along the line as now fenced between
the lands o f Carl and Robison 1230 feet
more or less to low water line o f the
Coquille river; thence Southerly along
low water line up stream to a point due
East o f the place o f beginning, thence
West 350 feet to the place o f beginning,
containing 74.78 acres, less one acre
conveyed Dy Ifr L. Carl to School Dis­
trict No. 80. Coos County, Oregon, and
particularly described in paragraph I o f
this Petition, all of said land belonging
to said H. L. Carl Petitioner, B. F.
Wyatt has an option to purchase.
Second: Price S. Robinson owning
the following described tracts: Begin­
ning 15.12 chains North and 9 links
West o f the Southeast corner o f Sec­
tion 31 in Township 28 South o f Range 12
West o f the Willamette meridian, in
Coos County, Oregon, at a cedar stake
4 inches square two and one-half feet
long driven two feet in the ground,
running thence North 60 degrees West
2.50 chains; thence North 22's degrees
West 1.96 chains; thence North 40 de­
grees East 2.2« chains; thence South
4512 degrees East 4.06 chains: thence
South 37 degrees West 2.40 chains to
the place o f beginning, containing 1.10
acres o f land In Sections 31 and 32 in
Township 28 South o f Range 12 West
o f the Willamette meridian;
Also commencing at the quarter
quarter section post situated on the
Township line lietween Townships 28
and 29 South o f Range 12 West o f the
W'llamette meridian, 20 chains West
of the corner o f Sections 5 and 6, 31
and 32, running thence north 37?4 de­
grees East to a certain willow tree
situated on the left bank o f the Co­
quille river, thence up stream 18 rods
to a point; them e South 37\ degrees
West 22.90 chains to Township line;
thence South 22 degrees West 20.20
chains to a point; thence West 14.40
chains to a point; thence North 37*4
degrees East 23.60 chains to the place
o f beginning, containing 25.30 acres;
Also commencing at a point situated
on township line between Townships 28
and 29 South of Range 12 West o f the
Willamette Meridian, said point being
15 chains W est o f the corner to Sec­
tions 5, 6, 31 and 32, running thence
North 37?4 degrees East along the
boundary o f Asa Myer’ s land 22.90
chains to the bank o f the Coquille river;
thence with the meander o f said
stream, up stream 8.50 chains to a
point; thence South 371, degrees East
16.11 chain to township line; thence
West 5.60 chains to a point; thence
South 18.79 chains to a point; thence
West 12.72 chains to a point, the South­
east corner o f Asa Myer's land; thence
North 22 degrees East 20.20 chains to
the place o f beginning, and containing
33 acres, more or less.
Save and except from the second
tract above described 2 acres more or
less in the Southwest corner thereof
heretofore conveyed to Oletf Reed and
and by him conveyed to Amelia
, degrees 24 miuutea East 140.7 feet to
" line between Townships 28 and 29
Mouth, and o f Ran^e 12 West o f the
Willamette Meridian, Cooa County,
Oregon, at a point on said township
line which is 1865.5 feet West o f the
corner common to Sections 31 and 32 o f
Township 28 South, Range 12 West,
and “ ections 5 and 6 o f Township 29
South, Range 12 West o f Willamette
meridian, and continuing thence South­
easterly in a direct line to a point which
is 660 feet West and 1234.5 feet South
from the corner common to Sections 31
and 32 Township 28 Moutli, Range 12
\\ est o f the W illamette M eridian and
Section 5 and 6 Township 29 Mouth,
Range 12 West o f the Willamette Meri­
dian; thence Mouth 990 feet more or
less, to the low contour line o f foothills;
thence in an Easterly direction along
said low contour line o f foothills
1250 feet to a point 594 feet Easterly
from the line lietween Mections 5
and 6 o f Township 29 Mouth, Range
12 West o f the Willamette Meridian,
and terminating at last named point;
That the general character o f said
proposed drainage system is as follows:
one main ditch along the above men­
tioned route with a floodgate at or near
the mouth o f said ditch, and with such
such laterals or feeders as may be
necessary, practical, or convenient for
the successful drainage o f said proposed
That Wednesday, the 7th day o f May.
1913, at the I’ounty Court Room is here­
by designated as the time and place for
the hearing o f thi^petition;
That the land embraced in said pro­
posed drainage district is river bottom
and that much o f it ia covered with wa­
ter during a greater part o f the year,
and it is necessary to drain the same
for the improvement o f agriculture and
and for the development o f said land;
That Petitioners, Price M. Robison,
Jesse D. Clinton and B. F. Wyatt are
three persons, qualified and competent,
and desire to serve as Trflstees tor the
first year from the date o f the forma­
tion o f said drainage district, and until
their successors are chosen and quali­
I, Jesse D. Clinton, being first duly
sworn depose and say that I am one of
the Petitioners named in and making
the foregoing Petition asking the Coun­
ty Court o f Coos County, Oregon, to
form the West Norway Drainage Dis­
trict that I have read said petition,
know the contents thereof and the same
is true as I verily believe.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 7th day o f April 1913.
[ seal [
Notary Public for Oregon.
(in bulk)
(for treating seed before planting)
(lor spraying fruit trees)
n o w l t o n ' s
D rug S
Mrs. Housewife
If you want the BEST in
Wellman Brands
WELLMAN stands for absolutely the BEST of
If you buy Wellman, Silver Thistle or Park Brands
you are assured of a good article.
Stands for the Best Grade of Swift’s Ham
and Bacon.
Ask your Grocer for these
Brands. If he doesn’t have them, ask him
to call up
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of C oos
H. L. Carl,
Hans K. Reed, Christina Oil­
man and Lena Hall, formerly
Lena Thelin, including all the
heirs at law of Oloff Reed, (aDo
known as Olaff Reed or Oiloff
Epworth League at 6:45 p m.
---------------- . « » a---------------
Reed). Deceased, the unknown
You are invited to be present.
Notice of Fine' Account
l.eirs of Nickalai Reed, (also
C. H. C leaves , Pastor.
known as Nickolia Reed) De­
Notice is hereby given by Mary Me
Leod Administratrix of the Estate of
ceased, Asa Myers, Andrew
Hoover, Willis A. Hoover,
John K McLeod, deceased, that said Ad­
S T . JA M MS E P IS C O P A L .
Laura Robison, Aaron J. My­
ministratrix did upon March 29th, 1913,
Services first and third Sundays fl’ e her final report and account in the
Albert Myers, John E.
Third: Amelia Lafferty and Walter
Sunday school matter of said estate, and that the Hon. Thelin owning the following tract of Myers, Ed. J. Myers, Lucious
Judge of the County Court of Coos land: Beginning at a point 18.79chains L. Myers, Ralph A. Myers,
every Sunday at 10 a. m.
county, Oregon, made an order on South and 1 chain East o f the
post Daisy Clinton and Mary Murry,
April 3rd, 1913, fixing May 12, 1913 at on Township line between Section 31, including all the heirs at law of
Ton are hraitlly wile »»'.
10 o ’clock a. m. as the time, and the Township 28 South o f Range 12 West Aaron Hoover, deceased, Price
r + i r . w t y iitbs. S'ji It 1, in 1 «
Court house in the City of Coquille, o f the Willamette meridian, in Coos Coun­ S. Robison, Jesse I). Clinton
Coos County, Oregon as the place for ty, Oregon, and Section 6, Township and 8. L. Lafferty and his wife,
hearing objections to said final ac­ 29 South o f Range 12 West o f Willam­ Amelia Lafferty, Jennie Schet-
count and the settlement of said Estate. ette meridian in Coos County, Oregon, ter, Albert Thelin,
Sunday school at 10 a m.
Dated this 4th day of April, 1913.
running North 5 degrees East 27.50 Thelin, Alice Baldwin, Alonzo
Christian Endeavor at 0:30 p. in.
M ary M c L eod
chains to Coquille river; thence with Thelin a id Arthur Thelin in­
Prayer meeting, Wednesday even­
Admmistratirx and along low water line o f said river cluding all the heirs at law of
-------a sR> e ■ ■ .--
ing of each week at 7:30
up stream to a point where Reed’ s and I John Thelin, Deceased, Anne J-
Hoover’ s line intersects said river; j Barklow, widow of S. S. Bark-
You are cordially invited to all
thence South 38 degrees West to a low, Deceased, James H. Bark
To the Honorable County Court for
j low, Sarah Randelman, Nathan
Some folks find it cheaper to liese se rvices.
P" •int 5.25 chains East and 18.79 chains I E. Barklow, John D. Barklow,
T. B. McDonald, Minister Coos County, Oregon:
outh o ■ f % ■ post
on Township
stop the paper th«D to pay up.
We the undersigred persons hereby
line between Sections 31 and 6 in Town- Laura Broadbent, Bertha Snell,
petition your Honorable Body for the ship 28 and 29 South o f Range 12 West; •and Alta Abbott, including all
The North Bend Harbor com­
thence West 5.25 chains to tne place o f | the hairs at law of S. S. Bark-
be named and known as West Norway beginning; also beginning 10 chains j ' low, Deceased, Edward Rack-
plains that some one lias robbed
Drainage District and Numbered 8, and
West o f the Southeast corner o f the leff, Ralph R. Rackleff, Charles
the grave in which the big hammer O f Interest to Those W ho respectfully show the following state Northeast quarter o f Section 6 in Town- ^»ckleff, George Kackkff, Ly-
o f factH, to-wit:
ship 29 South o f Range Range 12 West ; ,*ian. Rackleff, Owen Rack eff,
was recently buried with such im­
Patronize the Movies
o f the Willamette meridian, in Coos ^ nn,f Lehmanowsky, E l l e n
That we comprise more than twenty-
pressive ceremonies, aud thut the
County, Oregon, thence West 30 chains; Angel, Rose Butler, Frank
five per cent, o f the owners o f a body
thence North 20 chains; thence East 30 Tripp, Ullie Shaw, Rachael
tapping of the hammer is still
While do a bsolutely great pict
chains; thence South 20 chains to the Schroeder, Ro9e No wash, Laura
Huntley, Emily C. Schumacker,
heard in the land. It will take ores have been show n here recently,
for the improvement o f agriculture place o f beginning, and containing in Beatrice Beattie, Mary Simons,
more tnau one burying to put the many g o o d ot:ea have beeD seen, and to prevent the overflow from flood both parcels herein described 113 acres, (ieorge Clark, and Edward
waters or any possible rise o f the sub­ more or less.
Clark, including all the heirs at
hammer permanently out of com­ and the average has been high.
surface o f the waters thereof, the
Fourth: Jesse D. Clinton owning the law of William Rackleff, (also
mission over tin re.
Charming Mabel Trunelle, who boundaries o f which said body o f land following described tracts: Beginning known as William Rackliff) De-
are described as follows, to-wit:
3.70 chains East o f the section line be-
b e-j ceased, and also all other per-
hasu’ t been seen in licensed pictures
“ Beginning at a point 10.10 chains tween Sections 5 and 6, Township 29 ; sons or parties unknown claim-
The Marshfield Chamber of Com­
j ing any right, title, estate, lien,
for over a year, has returned to the
merce has turned down Major Kin­
Southwest corner o f the Northwest Meridian, Coos County, Oregon, 13.27 or interest in the real estate de­
Edison company and will tie seen quarter o f the Southwest quarter of chains South o f the North boundary o f scribed in the complaint herein,
ney’s suggestion of maintaining a
at the Scenic tonight for the first Section 5, in Township 29 South o f said township at a cedar post 3 4 inches !
booster in Portland for turning this
Range 12 West o f tne Willamette square, 2,4 leet long driven full length !
time since her return. This is meridian, in Coos County, Oregon, and in the ground, running thence South 52 |_To Lena Hall, Alonzo Thelin, Arthur
way some of the immigration com­
running thence South 88 degrees East minutes East parallel with the section Thelin, Albert Thelin, Walter Thelin,
good, in lact, bully.
ing into Ibis state. They think it
13.70 chains along County road; thence line 7.22 chains to a cedar post driven Alice Baldwin, Andrew Hoover, Mary
Maurice Costello has been seen in North to low water line o f the Coquille in the ground, thence East 10.00 chains Murry, Bertha Snell, Ollie Shaw, Emily
would lie unwise to spend any j
several pictures in which his work river; thence with and along low water to a cedar post marked C. S., thence C. Schumacker, Beatrice Beattie, Mary
money for that purpose at this time. 1
line down stream to a point North 5 North 52 minutes West 2.18 chains to a Simons, George Clark, Edward Clark,
was line, and bis two little daugh­ degrees East 27.50 chainB and East 1 cedar post marked C. S ., on the left Rose Sowash, Annie Lehmanowsky, and
It is evident that there is no one 1
ters, Dolores and Heleu, the two chain from the Southwest corner o f the bank o f the < 'oquille river, thence down the unknown heirs of Nickalai Reed,
among the push just uow who
Northwest quarter o f the Northeast said bank o f said river North 67 degrees and also all other persona or parties
sweetest little fairies on the screen, quarter o f Section 6 in said Township West 1.08 chains, thence North 37*... unknown claiming any right, title,
wants the job.
and Range; thence South 5 degrees degrees West 4.00 chains, thence North estate, lien, or interest in the real
have betb appeared witn him.
West 27.50 chains; thence West 1 chain 14 degrees West 1.50 chains to a cedar 1 estate herein described, Defendant«,
The fifth installment of “ What to quarter quarter section com er: post marked O. S., thence West 6.30
In the Name of the State ol Oregon:
The Sentinel calls down the Ban­
South 20 chains to the center o f chains to the place o f beginning, con- you and each of you are hereby notified
don Hecorder because the latter j Happened to Mary'’ included scenes said section
that the plaintiff, 1!. L. Carl, has com-
6; thence East along quar­ taining 6 acres;
Also beginning 3.70 chains East and menced a suit in the Circuit Court of
asserts that its job department is taken in England on the visit made ter section line 30 chains; thence South
the State of Oregon, for Coos Count;,
"bitter equipped than any other there last f ill for that purpose by sections 5 and 6 to the middle o f the o f Section 5 in Township 29 South o f against you, impleaded with others.
otfice in the Coquille valley”. Is some of the Edison players includ­ County road; thence along said County Range 12 West o f the Willamette Meri- and that in pursuance of an order made
South 571.. degrees East 400 feet; dian, Coos County, Oregon, running ami entered in said cause and court by Catrs starting in to refuim ing Mary Fuller Miriam Nesbitt and road
thence South 871.. degrees East along thence South to a point 10.10 chains Honorable John S. Coke, Presiding
the craft? He must know that the He- Marc McDermott. "F og,” recently road 617 feet to the place o f beginning, North and 3.70 chains East o f the 8. W. Judge of said Court, on the 31st day of
containing 290.18 acres, more nr less, corner o f the N. W. % o f S. W. 1, of March, 1913, you and each of you are
corder only used the stock lie which shown here, in which those three save and exetmt from the above de­ said
o f said Section 5, thence South hereby required to appear in said enu'-e
scribed body o f land one acre belonging 68 degrees East 13.70 chains along and court and answer the complaint of
is the common property of all prin­
. . . . No.
. . described
--¿ J as
County road, thence North to Co­ the plaintiff filed therein, on or be'ore
ters. Probably the .Sentinel uses the other side, aud otberB will fol follows, to-w it: Beginning at a point quille
river, thence down said river six weeks from the first publication of
on North line o f the County road 494 to a point 13.70 chains East o f the West this summons, which first publication
it, too, on the sly, although they all low
feet South and 217 feet East o f the line o f section 5, thence South 2.18 will be upon the 1st day of April, 1913,
About the funniest thing—it
ought to know that the Herald
10 chains, to place « '‘ <1 that for want of answer thereto, on
quarter section corner between Sections chains,
___ West
. H _____
! o and 6, Township 29 South o f Range | o f beginning, containing 39 acres more nr before said time, the plaintiff will
office is the best equipped of any in way — ever aeen here waa "The
apply to the court for the relief de­
low Peril,” Hhown at the Koyal in
the valley.
manded in the Complaint, a succinct
and running thence North 67l* degrees
c iinection with the “ big show.” It West along North side o f County road 1 That a gi neral description o f the statement of which is as follows: that
he * led a red and adjudged that the
said proposed Drainage
The Herald has been handed a w s intended as a very serious
East 183.4 feet; thence South 67’ 8 de- System is as follows: Variation 22 de- plaintiff is the owner in fee simple of
copy of still another
Bandon diainalic picture, but it was so ut- grees East 217 feet; thence South to grees East
( ’ommencing at a point the following described real estate,
marked by
the situated in Coos County, State of
publication, entitled “ Juctice" ami t<ilj idiotic in plot anil so iocon- the place o f beginning.
| ground on the Southerly bank o f the Oregon, to wit:
published by Dr. B.
K. Loach gruoufl in detail, to any one who
That the approximate number o f i Coquille river distant from low water
The Southeast
of Section 6 T. 29
t t e n t io n
| They Will
Supply The Goods |
Advertise in The Herald
Is an important factor
in a Grocery Business
of the first class. W e
make a point of abso­
lute cleanliness in the
store and in the stock
I Drane's Store
South. Range 12 West of the Willam­ ning; thence West 350 feet to the place
ette Meridian, in Oregon, containing of beginning, being a part of Lot 8 of
: Section 31 and a part of Lot l of Section
160 acres.
Also. Beginning at the N. W. corner 32 of T. 28 South, Range 12 West and a
of Jesse D. Clinton’s land, the same part of Sections 5 and 6 T. 29 S., R. 12
being situated 668.3 feet South and W. Containing 75.76 acres aud con­
244 2 feet East of the corner of Sections taining in all 235.76 acres, more or less.
5, 6, 31 and 32 Townships 28 and 29 Save and except from the above de­
South, Range 12 West of the Willam­ scribed lend one acre heretofore sold by*
ette Meridian, Cooa Connty. Oregon, H. L. Carl to School District No. 80 aV
and running thence South parallel with follows: Beginning at a point on North
the line between said Sections 5 and 6 line of the County Road 494 feet South
of T. 29 8., R. 12 West 3292 feet to the and 217 feet East of the
uarter quarter section line running corner between Sections 5 and 6 above
East and West through the S. W. *4 of
said Section 5, the ce West 244.2 fee' degrees VV. along North side of County
to the line between said Sections 5 and R >ad 268.7 feet; thence North 14 de­
6 at the quarter quarter section corner; grees E 183.4 feet; thence South 67
thence North along said section line 1320 degrees E. 217 feet; thence South to
feet to the
section corner; thence place of beginning.
And that you, and each of you, have
West 660 feet to the line between Carl
and S. L. Laferty; thence North parallel no estate, right, tit'e, or interest what­
with the section line between the land ever in or to said premises, or any part
of S. L. Laferty and Carl and I\ S. | thereof, and also that you, and each
Robison and Carl 2640 feet to the line and every one of yon, be forever de­
between Twps. 28 and 29 S., R. 12 barred from asserting any claim what­
W est; thence East along T. line 423 feet ever in or to said land or premises ad­
to the S. E. corner of Robison land; verse to the plaintiff, and for such
thence North 36 degrees E. aiong the other and further relief as to the Court
line as now fenced between the lands of may seem equitable.
Dated this 1st day of April, 1913.
Carl and Robison 1230 feet, more or
L A. R oberts .
less, to low water line of Coquille River:
Attorney for Plaintiff.
thence Southeily along low water up
Residing at Myrtle Point, Oregon.
stream to a point due East of begin­